The Great Reset & The Disgraceful, Inexcusable Ignorance of Politicians…

The Great Reset will undeniably and deliberately have extreme and possibly dire repercussions”. “‘You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy’ is just one of their marketing slogans”…  (Rowan Dean, Outsiders.)


Is it possible, or likely, that our politicians are going along with the Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions because they actually do not know about the World Economic Forum Great Reset plan to introduce totalitarian governance around the world? Could it be that they really don’t recognise the fact that we are being programmed to obey Government diktats, using “the virus” for practice?  Is it actually possible that the politicians across the UK are every bit as ignorant as Jacqui Lambi, the Australian Parliamentarian featured in the above video?  Given that the information is freely and widely available across the internet – beginning with the World Economic Forum’s own website – there is no excuse whatsoever for the continued idiocy of treating all talk of The Great Reset as a mere “conspiracy theory”. 

As an aside, I repeat my oft-voiced opinion that the person who dreamt up that term has to be the cleverest person in the world – a top class genius – because it shuts down all discussion and prevents investigation into anything.  Just dismiss something (say election fraud in the USA)  as a “conspiracy theory” and the problem goes away.  Well, in most cases 😀  In short, there’s certainly a conspiracy surrounding The Great Reset but there’s nothing theoretical about it.  

Sincere thanks to Rowan Dean for his concise and accurate presentation of the facts; it may be worth emailing this video, if not the entire discussion thread, to your local and national politicians.  They should have no excuse in the future to claim such ignorance.  Jacqui Lambi, gerragrip!

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  1. Excellent commentary by Rowan Dean! I suspect neither Jacqui Lambi nor the rest of the Australian Parliament are ignorant or lazy regarding the Great Reset. In Lambi’s case, she reeks of a propagandist throwing smears around to hide the real agenda. In the case of the Aussie Parliament, I suspect all of them are indeed fully aware of what the Great Reset entails, but are too cowardly [in the face of threats] to resist, or have been promised enough money to ensure their cooperation.

    That, after all, is how the Communist New World Order invariably succeeds: threats (backed up by assassinations) and monetary rewards.

    As for the term “conspiracy theory/theorist,” I’ve found that a good counter to this is to say that I am a “conspiracy FACT-ist.”

    • Victor I have to ask where these useless idiots will be seated at the Table, unless of course they use the King Arthur Tactic and make it Round, so as to speak, their wont be a Head Bummer . One thing is clear none of the ones seated at the Table will suffer from Humility, and Ego is a great way of separating useful Idiots .Their is great examples of this in Scotland Especially in my earlier years . It wasn’t the Best Worker that should have been promoted but the one 90% of the time who had the Biggest Ego .Or as we say in Scotland the Biggest Heid ( AKA Head ) . Am certainly no genius as most of my posts certainly suggest but neither am I a Dumpling ( a Scots Idiot ) . Once on a Bank Job ( not a robbery ) where it had 8 floors and 3 staircases the wiring of them was given to me .The Heid Bummer asked and I told him how I was going to do it . I could tell by his Coupon ( Scots for Facial expression ) that he just didn’t understand . This way of promoting people held Scotland Back until of course lots of Catholics sold their Souls and joined The Heid Bummers at their weekly Masonic Lodge Meetings .I would take an Educated Guess and say without a Doubt .That everyone invited to this Charade will be a Mason ,and that includes all of the ones who will arrive from Rome .

    • RCA Victor,

      I’d have to disagree with you about the politicians not being ignorant – I am convinced that my MP and MSP hasn’t a clue about The Great Reset. They take some beating, but I honestly do believe that they either never heard of it or wrote it off as a conspiracy theory. I don’t see either of them going to the WEF website to check it out. Johnson will know as will Nicola because they must be getting big bucks to carry out their orders to keep us under close surveillance but the lower politicians, I don’t think so.

      • Laura,

        What leads you to believe they haven’t heard of it? And if they really haven’t heard of it, why not send them some evidence from the horses’ mouths? (so they can’t dismiss you as a conspiracy theorist)

        • RCA Victor,

          I must say that the impression I get from listening to even the best of the MPs is that they really don’t know “the big picture”.

          For example, Sir Desmond Swayne MP puts up a good fight in the Westminster Parliament, objecting to the Covid-19 restrictions, and arguing for our liberty to be restored, but he does so quite light-heartedly, clearly enjoying being centre-stage, and with no sign of the kind of seriousness that you would expect from someone who understands that there are sinister forces at work here. No. He is rightly critical of Government policy which he says is disproportionate, but there is no sign at all that he knows about The Great Reset, let alone that it troubles him.

          I think the majority really do think that this is about a virus, and that the Governments are doing their best to “stop the spread”! There is no sign that any of them are aware of anything going on behind the scenes. It’s crazy, I know, but I think that Laura is right about this.

          I agree that we ought to all send the “Great Reset” information (especially the above video) to our representatives – in fact, I did send The Great Reset (Michael J Matt’s version) to a number of MPs and my own MSP – explaining that this was one of many videos explaining the subject matter – but heard nothing back. I have no doubt that I’ve been categorised as a conspiracy theorist. But that’s fine – I’ll settle for that; it beats being labelled a conspiracy nut 😀

          What about in your neck of the woods – do your political masters know about The Great Reset? It’s now been raised in the Australian Parliament – what about the US Congress and/or Senate? I’m not sure how that works, but it would be great to see it raised in the USA. I would imagine that Donald Trump will know – but then, he seems to be going along with the “we need a vaccine” mantra, so maybe not. What thinkest thou?

          • Editor,

            The omission of the big picture doesn’t necessarily mean they are not aware of it. I think there are two possibilities: one, they are aware of it but don’t dare bring it up publicly for fear of being ridiculed, or worse. Two, they really are not aware of it, or dismiss it as rubbish when someone tries to inform them. Being rather cynical about the ways of politicians, esp. regarding following orders and watching their backs, I tend to favor the first explanation.

            I’ve emailed my Congressman and two Senators several times about the big picture, and one of them even left a message on my phone thanking me for my vigilance! The other two, however, just respond with generic emails.

            As for President Trump’s support of vaccines, I can’t explain it. Maybe he thinks it’s a hill not worth dying on. Or maybe he’s just waiting for the public health bureaucrats to destroy themselves – for example, Anthony “flip-flop” Fauci just came out with another laughable statement which I suppose was intended to be authoritative. He said that we should keep wearing masks even after taking a vaccine! In other words, this is a cradle to grave diktat. Big Brother has spoken! Or was that Ebeneezer Scrooge?

            • RCA Victor,

              Here in the UK, though, there is still a culture of deference at some levels which reveals itself in various ways. I just cannot imagine Sir Desmond Swayne MP, for example, even imagining that Boris would be hand-in-glove with the globalists at the WEF.

              Honestly – I know it sounds crazy, and I can be crazy, I sure can, but there really is a kind of inbuilt belief that the Doctrine of Original Sin isn’t really real, if you get my drift. Nobody – no politician – could (in the way of fallen human nature) tend towards wrong-doing, not really. They’re all jolly good chaps, and the PM is just a tad too protective over this virus thingy. That seems to be all there is to it, in the general view of those who object to the lockdowns and restrictions; there doesn’t seem to be any awareness at all of anything more sinister.

              Needless to say, I’d dearly love to be wrong and perhaps MPs like Swayne are simply keeping their powder dry but, really, he, and anyone else who does know about it, should be putting The Great Reset into the parliamentary record if only for posterity. I know, I know, why should we worry about posterity – what has posterity ever done for us…

              The old ones are the best 😀

              • Editor,

                I’ve now got the impression that the substance of British politics is about as deep as a wading pool, where they sit with their rubber duckies and discuss nothing but their favorite brand of tea – or scotch…

                How did they ever come out on the winning side in WWII? Was Winston Churchill just a one-off among a government of fops?

                • RCAVictor

                  Sadly, UK politics has come a long way since the days of WWII and Winston Churchill, a long way along the China road, if you know what I mean. Like the U.S. before Trump, and now quite possibly after Trump, our country was sold out a long time ago to Communism by elitists for whom money is more important than God and country.

                  The UK’s politicians are not “fops”, their traitors.

                • Victor we all know that Britain never won any War and if it wasn’t for the Americans I would be called Herr Faith of Our Fathers . Actually I might as well get used to it because after The Great Reset I may well indeed be called that . Also as for WW2–I love the not so Wild Conspiracy Theories . Again Mr Churchill was maybe loved by the English, but was Loathed by the Scots, especially of course The Scotch Irish who remembered not only Gallipoli ( his Baby ) but the awful cruelty by the Still Detested Black and Tans in our Irish Heritage. Not only that but Hitler really wasn’t wanting to Fight The Brits we all know Britain was a Side Show a bit like St Pauls thorn in the flesh ,no Russia was the big Prize and he even thought the Brits may have joined with him. He wanted Russia of that there is no doubt and had Japan Invaded from the East, whilst Hitler Invaded from The West, the outcome would have been that we would never have heard of a Man called Nikita Khrushchev .Also and not a lot of people know this ( am sure your not one ) Churchill Bombed Germany first. This is where the Problem will come up with The Great Reseters . Ego, the same thing that cost Germany and Japan the Land of Russia . They probably both wanted it .But Hitler wanted it for Himself whilst the Greedy Ego Maniac Japs wanted America and Australia .The Reseters are probably actually arguing at this time if the Toilets will be Genderless. Am sure Mr Obama will want that problem cleared up before anything starts .

              • Editor,

                And speaking of sinister, where is the awareness amongst these blithely ignorant, happy-go-lucky MPs of the very sinister nature of your lockdown protocols? Not to mention the very sinister nature of your police enforcement of said protocols?

                Is the “virus” the only thing that is sinister to these people?

  2. Speaking of money and threats, I wonder how much a role they have played in Pope Francis’ surrender of the Church to the globalists. We already know about widespread rumors of large amounts of cash being payed by the Red Chinese to the Vatican in exchange for recognition of the “Patriotic Church.” That brings to mind the mysterious fellow in Malachi Martin’s Windswept House/i> who went quietly about ecclesiastical circles looking for clergy who were corruptible with money.

    • RCA Victor,

      Knowing that the Vatican has taken money from the Chinese Communist Party in apparent exchange for abandoning the Catholic community there, nothing but nothing would surprise me; Francis is committed to the Communist goals of The Great Reset so I think there can be very little doubt that he will be paying his share using our money, towards the introduction of “green” policies, and totalitarian governance across the globe.

      Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

  3. The Aussie Commentator talks about Tools .I would prefer to call some of these useless politicians an anagram of Tools and thats Stools and of course am not talking about the ones that we sit on . Still as Catholics am not surprised that our Pope ( if hes working today ) doesn’t come out with an Infallible Statement to tell us all that One must give up all to Follow Our Lord Jesus Christ. Although all the Money and Possessions of course must actually be given to Francis .Am sure of course the brilliant man that he is has probably got that in place . Nothing surprises us now . I suppose once, or if we ever get back to normal am sure John Lennons Imagine will be the Number one Hymn . Speaking of John Lennon ( and one has to make sure they don’t call him Lenin ) he imagined us all having no possessions . Of course again that didn’t include him as I remember in the late 6os John saying he wasn’t a Rich Man ,as he was down to his last £ 60.000 . It gave us all a gee up to know that My Family and I were in the same Boat . Especially at night when we were sleeping 3 in a Bed .

      • Thanks for the Compliment your giving me a Big Heid and I may go back to the 5 Chapters of My Book of Life that I wrote , about 6 years ago .I doubt very much if it would get anywhere though, too much of an Angeles Ashes theme about it and God Rest Him and I hope he came back to The Faith, but one manuscript in the Frank McCourt angle am sure is enough for anyone . I was told years ago before Frank got in before me to write a Book, unfortunately I said I may do so when I retire .But we all get older and forget many things and many anecdotes in life . God Bless and Take Care .

          • Nice one Ed, on that their is only one problem .I love watching Old Films like The Norman Wisdom ones. Speaking of Norman .He was offered the Some Mothers Do Have Them before Michael Crawford but turned it down because the scripts so to speak were too near the Bone .I think that’s called Principles although that’s a bygone word of which am sure The Reseters will remove from Our Dictionary. Whilst am on that subject Patrick McGoohan turned down the very Lucrative Role as James Bond for the very same reason. Patrick said as a Practicing Catholic he could not in good conscience accept the role as there were too many Sexual Scenes .Those damned Principles again cost the Man a Fortune. Anyhow I digress. In fact I wasn’t even sure what the Topic was. Now where did I put those ——-Glasses .O silly me av got them on .

  4. Is part of the Great Reset getting the public used to interference/control in Government affairs from unelected people – like Carrie Symonds, Boris’s girlfriend – who isn’t even on the Government payroll? You can forget Brexit if she has anything to do with it. And, apparently, she’s a ‘eco-freak’ and ‘trans’ rights champion as well. It appears what Carrie wants, Carrie gets. Where have we heard that before? There seems to be an epidemic of spoilt women who snare influential men in order to dictate their agenda to the rest of us. Boris Johnson certainly needs to be reset – straight out of the door of No 10. The cat at Downing Street has more political nous.

    • WF,

      I absolutely agree with every word. And Nigel Farage mentions Carrie too in the short video below, where he talks about Boris’s inability to make decisions and warns us that Brexit is in danger of not happening. If Boris lets us down, he will find his majority going through the floor at the next election…

      • Editor

        Yes, Nigel is watching every move with Boris and it looks like Brexit will soon be off the menu. Isn’t it strange how this all happens after Biden is named by the media as the President-elect of the U.S.?

        I don’t believe Boris is a man easily led, I think he’s a very clever calculator and a globalist who is set on destroying the UK economy and selling out our sovereignty to the NWO, both the Brussels and China manifestations of it.

        I foresee a people-power uprising in the UK and a new form of politics emerging that will put these enemies of the people out of business once and for all. Nigel Farage knows well how to organise resistance!

        • Athanasius,

          Well, I hope you are right. Nigel has been very slow on the uptake about this virus “crisis” – even now, I don’t know if he really understands the full significance, Great Reset etc. He is fixated on Brexit but without fully seeing the whole picture. I hope I’m wrong.

          Also, Scotland is even further back in the “I get it now” queue.

          Listening to Radio Scotland when driving this evening, I was just astounded at the presenter’s tone – obviously thrilled to bits – as she discussed what the latest “new” restrictions will mean, lifting some of us into a higher level… With delight the report began along the lines of “well, let me just remind us all of what we were allowed to do in level one…” I switched off right there.

          The incredible readiness to accept that Mzzz Sturgeon can tell us what we are and are not “allowed” to do, just takes away my breath. Again. I never cease to be amazed at the compliance in Scotland where we’ve not had a single protest remotely like the London gatherings which drew thousands to Trafalgar Square.

          Anyway, let’s hope Nigel sees the big picture sooner rather than later. Then he would, I believe, make his presence felt on the political stage.

        • Athanasius,

          I was told the other day that there are some old Catholic prophecies about civil war in England and France, though I don’t know what prophecies were referenced.

          At any rate, if lockdown Boris keeps it up, and if Macron does the same, it seems likely that those prophecies will be fulfilled.

        • I agree with your assessment re Boris Johnson.

          You may find this edifying, watch about 4.50 onward.

          Here this man Vaccha tells how, back in 2019, he advised Boris how to clear obstacles from Brexit which Boris ignored ; so Boris has no excuse. “By the pricking of my thumbs Something wicked this way comes.”

          • PS This was meant as reply to Athanasius with who I know for a fact is correct about this : “I don’t believe Boris is a man easily led, I think he’s a very clever calculator and a globalist who is set on destroying the UK economy and selling out our sovereignty to the NWO, both the Brussels and China manifestations of it”.

    • I agree with you 100% that lots of women go around trying to snare older and especially uglier men, who lets face it wouldn’t get a Nod off of a Rocking Horse had they not Power and money. Of course one wouldn’t Put Sparkle and Harris among them as that would be presumptuous . I don’t know if I shared this before .I was blogging with a Nurse who right off said she had a Degree .Now I know not if it was a Masonic Degree as she didn’t say . But am sure it was along the line of well am more intelligent than you .Anyhow Her beef was really about Beef and why we eat it .She also said that the cruelty to Animals was Terrible . As one who has worked in Slaughterhouses I said that Animals killed for the food chain were treated as well as could be up to Slaughter and probably treated better than Aborted Babies .She then said that we were all entitled to our opinions as we lived in a Free Country .I said if its free why may my opinions bring Police to my door .She cut me off at the pass .

  5. I don’t know why folks talk about “the next election” because, if this crowd get their way, there won’t any “next election”!

  6. “The Great Reset” videos/articles are so widely publisied even reaching the front cover of the Time magazine, that all MP’s can no longer claim ignorance of its existence and consequences to the World as we know it. These MP’s have deliberately allowed the deep state to form the crucial nexus between sovereign Governments and the financial world in which they derive their revenue stream and by extension, their power, to form a New World Order.

    The village of Lecarrow in Co. Roscommon Ireland have trialled a “Health Passport app” that will store your recent test results and can display your ”VACCINE STATUS.”
    This allowed the villagers to go about their daily life without which presumably you can’t visit a hospital, attend school, travel on public transport, visit health care centres and access your work place.

    When the ‘Health Passport app’ arrives here will Priests be advising us “no Health ‘Passport app’ no Sacraments” ?

    Lastly an arrest warrant has been issued for Matt Hancock see link below for more details

    • Francescomarta,

      I’ve only now read the first link on your comment – the link to a Fox News report on Laura Ingraham’s report about Joe Biden and the Great Reset. I was struck by the final paragraph which I’ve copied here – I think it applies to the UK as well:

      “”Because that is how we are going to get to a world that is fairer and more equitable. Unfortunately, it’s going to require you to work harder for less. Less money, and less freedom. And now what’s more frightening: Getting COVID, or living in that America?”

      It makes me think of the new thread, what is worse dying of Covid or losing our freedom. What is the point of life under a tyranny? Maybe that’s why there has been a huge increase in suicides, not that I’m condoning that. We should never lose hope, God will provide.

  7. Thanks Francescomarta, but I’m still struggling to believe it. How about Talk Radio, are they reporting it? The links you provide mean nothing to me. Never heard of them. That doesn’t mean that they are not genuine, just unknown to me.

    • Helen/Francescomarta,

      I’m afraid I pay no attention to these claims of arrests, warrants etc. When it actually happens, we will all know, there will be no need to go to a website somewhat obscure – it’s safer, in my view, to steer clear of anything that is too easily labelled “conspiracy theory”.

      Having said that, I’ve not studied the link(s) – just a feeling that if there were anything seriously afoot, we would all know about it. I mean, People’s Union of Britain v Matt Hancock doesn’t tell us anything, really – WHO is behind this action, names of lawyers etc.

  8. And, no surprises here, Joe Biden has bought into The Great Reset. He’d even used their “build back better” slogan during his (sort of) campaign, in case you didn’t notice…

      • RCA Victor,

        “Can I say ‘globalist stooge’?” Just about! Not easy.

        Here’s another tongue twister – it concludes with the, to me, incomprehensible symbol for an online smile. I still use the funny smiley face, as those of you who email me will notice. I just cannot understand why that was ditched in favour of the semi-colon and ) although I have to confess that I’ve not made an in-depth study of the matter 😀

    • The evil is right out in the open now with “The Great Reset”. Now we see why they weaponised Covid-19, a flu virus that is no real threat to life for the majority of the world’s population. As I said earlier, President Trump is the last human hope of stopping the completion of Communist China’s takeover of the world. If that fails then we may expect that God has an alternative planned victory that will very swift and severe on the architects of “The Great Reset”, we may rest assured.

      • Athanasius,

        It’s incredible how open they are being. One of the most astonishing examples, aside from the WEF website and video, is the statement from the top UN economist, Jeffrey Sachs, that “the only thing standing between us and the New World Order, is Donald Trump” with George Soros saying, at the 2019 Davos conference, that they regard Trump as a “temporary problem” (or phenomenon, not sure term which he used, but the inference is the same) – maybe he knew even then, back in 2019 about the planned election fraud.

        • Editor

          I think Jeffrey Sachs was the guy I saw in a video at a Vatican conference of some kind where he made incredibly insulting comments about Trump and Trump’s America while a prelate next to him sat and grinned. Soros, as we know, has poured millions of Dollars into the election for Biden and has helped finance BLM and Antifa. That bitter and twisted old devil’s disciple should have been tried and jailed years ago for esponiage in various countries, he’s rotten to the core.

        • Ed your correct about Sachs especially that speech from The Vatican with that Fool of a Cardinal sitting at his right Nodding like a rocking horse every time he mentioned The Evil from the U.S.A .only of course of President Trump .As has been mentioned on your latest Blog they don’t even try to hide the Evil Persecutions that their going to put us under .Again of course it also goes back to the Evil that is Soros who WE all know has an important interview with Lucifer coming up .That of course maybe on going whilst hes still alive and most probably is, especially when we see the pure evil that seems to emanate from him .Again going back to ignorance of Catholics .Soros like Satan never seems to be mentioned and if you bring his and Sachs name up with fellow Catholics and ask them .Why should Pagans and Satanists be allowed to speak at The Vatican ?.One actually tried to excuse it by saying to me ” Did you not know that Jesus sat and dined with Sinners ” ,although he did admit he knew not who Soros or Sachs were .I also ask them why is the likes of Bono so popular with Francis .Someone said maybe its because he takes the chewing gum named after him. BONOMINTS .Actually the last bit of course was a bit of Sarcasm from me as that would most certainly make them run off their Stools .

          • FOOF,

            When Christ dined with sinners it was to tell them that they must stop sinning. Not to reach a compromise, not to “dialogue”.

            Gimme strength!

  9. Personally I think politicians, the major ones at least, have been stringing us along, careful not to “scare the horses” until the time came (now) to spring the trap; and that they know full well what they’re doing. Some, particularly Tory, politicians(I’m not mentioning any names) are very good at posturing and playing “good cop bad cop” if you see what I mean. I hope Swayne isnt one of them as I have just written to him about all this just in case he really is in the dark.

    • Mary

      That’s brilliant. Let’s hope your letter, added to the communications he’s received from Athanasius and my unworthy self (at least – maybe others have written as well, who knows) will make him now look seriously into the whole situation. We’ll keep an eye on him in Parliament and hopefully report good news on that front.

    • Mary,

      “…they [politicians] know full well what they’re doing.”

      I agree with you completely, and I think they are anything but ignorant. One of our bloggers – I think it’s Margaret USA – is fond of posting a Franklin D. Roosevelt quote:

      “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

      • Yes, RCA Victor,

        The men at the top know – as witnessed by the Premier of Canada (see extract in the Tucker Carlson video at the top of the blog – latest thread) but the minions, the MPs who vote through every piece of legislation put before them as per instructed by their immediate bosses, and who are better paid that the Joe and Josephine Bloggs whom they are supposed to represent (and they want to keep it that way – both being representatives in their areas and better paid) – I doubt if the hundreds of those guys and gals know the truth of what is going on or at least, the full extent of it.

        Too risky. Like every other profession they will be at the mercy of the powerful, told whatever is deemed appropriate to keep the totalitarian train running smoothly; that is, whatever they are told will be on a “need to know basis”.

        • Good point, Ed. I suppose the secret society model of dozens of concentric circles (the closer you get to the center, the more you know) is at work here.

          Sort of like this:

  10. I listened to another excellent interview on this morning’s Julia Hartley-Brewer show, where she questioned the use of masks, pointing out that there is no evidence from any study that they affect the spread of the virus. I have emailed the show as follows:

    Julia Hartley-Brewer is about the only person in the UK asking lots of key questions about “the virus”. There is strong evidence that wearing masks causes irreversible brain damage – we have been discussing this on our blog at this link

    We discuss all the important questions, especially the central question – why are Governments around the world taking away our freedoms, given to us by God and which they have no right to take away. Is there big money involved? Are Governments effectively being bribed to impose these dreadful restrictions? There’s certainly evidence that this is the case – again discussed on our blog

    Julie Hartley-Brewer is impressive (as we’ve discussed on our blog!) because she began by accepting the Government’s actions but changed her mind, based on the evidence. I’m praying that she will continue to question until she gets to the point where she realises that the World Economic Forum is not kidding when it talks about taking advantage of this virus to “reset” the world; one of its slogans is “You’ll own nothing but you’ll be happy.” Worth reflecting on who, then WILL do the “owning”.

    I’d be grateful if this message could reach Julia. I’m not interested in having our blog advertised, I simply want her to be aware of the tons of information available there. If she uses that information/evidence without mentioning Catholic Truth, I’ll be delighted.

    God bless.

  11. I agree about Julia Hartley-Brewer, an intelligent and critical thinker. I watched her this morning also. I’ve now completely switched from all MSM to Talk Radio and a few others from time to time.

    • Helen,

      I don’t know what you mean – I only know Sweden refused to lockdown and has been living normally like we used to do and there are no problems, no huge numbers of Covid deaths. Belarus is a place with riots on the street, claiming their President is illegitimate. I don’t know much about that but I never forget that George Soros has a way of paying mobs to riot (as he did in the USA leading up to the election) and if Belarus refused to play the Covid and lockdown game, that may be the price he’s paying but I really don’t know that for sure. Just a guess.

  12. I hope all the politicians who have been lying to us about everything, the “cases”, the masks, the social distancing, all of this nonsense, the lot, end up in jail, every one of them, whether they’re major politicians or the local MP, I don’t care. They all know what they are doing is totally unnecessary. If not, how come so many of them don’t keep the rules? This lawyer is right to call this whole scam crimes against humanity and I hope his legal action brings us all some justice for the loss of our liberty these past months which will become years, I am sure of it. They’ve all said, Boris, Nicola, the man in Wales, don’t know his name, that we cannot go back to life as it was before the pandemic. They’re crooks. They should be in jail. We need to reject their “new normal”. I want the old normal back and I think most people would, given the choice.