Kamala Harris Pursued Pro-Lifers To Put Them in Jail – “Prostituted Her Power” 

Kamala Harris Tried to Put Pro-Lifers in Jail Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts

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Five years ago, it was former California attorney general Kamala Harris (now senator and VP candidate) who launched the investigation into the work of Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress, after these citizen journalists discovered and produced videos documenting Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

Under California law, conversations that “may be overheard” are, by definition, not “confidential” and can be recorded without consent. The recorded abortionists admitted under oath that their conversations with Merritt and Daleiden could be overheard by others in the public spaces where they were recorded, and they took no steps to prevent others from overhearing their candid discussion of what Planned Parenthood does behind closed doors. Therefore, the undercover videos produced by Merritt and Daleiden did not violate California video recording law.

But that did not stop Planned Parenthood and Harris from wielding a politically motivated prosecution against the two citizen journalists.

In 2015, the Center for Medical Progress began releasing the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood executives discussing selling aborted baby parts. This is the same year that the former attorney general received $81,215 in campaign donations from the abortion industry…

When Joe Biden recently announced that Harris was selected to be the vice-presidential candidate, the abortion organization publicly stated, “Planned Parenthood Action Fund is thrilled to congratulate Senator Kamala Harris on her nomination to be vice president on the Democratic presidential ticket. Throughout her career, she has been a steadfast champion for reproductive rights and health care. With this selection, Joe Biden has made it clear that he is deeply committed to not only protecting reproductive rights, but also advancing and expanding them.”  Source – Emphasis added

Below, a short interview with one of the pro-lifers who was pursued by ruthless Kamala Harris  for his undercover expose of Planned Parenthood’s evil work…


Clearly, the unborn and the infant-survivors of abortion are not going to be safe under a Biden/Harris administration, should they succeed in stealing the  USA election. 

Do Catholics who voted for these evil-doers comprehend the gravity of what they have done?  

And why were the US Bishops not shouting warnings from the rooftops?  Silly question:  let me answer that one myself – because they’re about as Catholic as – well – Joe Biden.  That’s why.  The real – and very interesting – question is this; why are the pro-life organisations not demanding that the Bishops (on both sides of  The Pond)  speak out to defend unborn human life and to insist that no Catholic may vote, in good conscience, for anyone who supports abortion?   

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  1. Ed I personally didn’t think that you could find a more Evil Woman in Western Politics than the Hilderbeast ( I was wrong very wrong ) this Evil Woman is Head and Shoulders above Hilary in Evil .I of course call Her Mrs Willie Brown for a reason and were I not on here I would most certainly call Her what She really is and it starts with a W a very large W .She am positive got to creepy Joe in probably the same way She got to Willie Brown ,it most certainly wouldn’t surprise me as She has absolutely no Scruples . Her eagerness in wanting to Murder Children both Unborn and Just Born is really beyond any decent belief .One doesn’t have to be Pro Life to see the Evil in this Horrible Woman . Al never forget the ordeal she put not only Judge Kavanaugh through but also his Family when she organised all of those Bitch Witches when He was being sworn in .Also She was the chief pusher of Feinstein when she constantly harassed Judge Kavanaugh during the terrible of lies from that Puppet Brass Neck Ford . The other real question that has to be asked surely by the Good Americans is- If it were Not For Abortion – This Terrible Woman would probably be Anonymous ,that in itself is a terrible indictment of Her Morals and Character .

    • Faith Of Our Fathers,

      I couldn’t agree more. She is a really wicked woman. I found this video about how corrupt she is – it can’t get much worse and they say it’s her who will actually be President if they win the election not Joe Biden who can hardly string two sentences together. This has all been planned, a long time in the planning, actually.

      • That’s the first av seen that Video although I had read most of the Evil I didn’t actually know She went out with The Real Mrs Willie Brown along of course with Mr Willie Brown .As we say in Scotland you couldn’t mark Harris with a Pick .

        • Faith Of Our Fathers,

          Excuse my ignorance but I don’t know who you mean by “The Real Mrs Willie Brown and Mr Willie Brown. You’ve said this in a few comments, so would you mind telling me who they are.

          • Lily You posted the Video where it tells all of the Evil Kamala. She went out with a Married Man called Willie Brown who lets say gave her a little help up the Political Ladder for being such a good Mistress Harris was in Her 20s and Willie Brown in his 60s of course there is nothing wrong in that as long as it’s for the right reasons. As it said ( and I didn’t know this ) Willie Brown would actually go out on The Town with Harris on one arm and his Wife Mrs Brown on the other arm . Once Willie had served His Purpose and gave Harris what She wanted She cast Willie aside. Now their ,as I have said and am sure your Worldly enough to know a Word for Harris. As for calling Her Mrs Willie Brown well that’s what us Scots would call sarcasm .

  2. Just watched The Remnant latest Video and Michael Matt makes a great point .When J.F.K was voted President the fear was would he be too much of a Catholic and would The Pope interfere in his Decisions .Now its reversed and the Never Trumpers want Joe and Francis to work together. And we all know they just Hate President Trump because hes more Pro Life than Francis. God Help The Children if those two Demonics get Fraudulently into Power .

    • FOOF,

      That is, indeed, a great point – that the media were concerned that JFK would allow himself to be influenced by the Vatican, whereas now the media is delighted to have Biden influenced by Pope Francis. Says it all, really.

  3. That photo of a 5-minute old infant really brings home the Satanic nature of abortion. It is, as another publication recently highlighted, “child sacrifice”. Absolutely incredible that any society calling itself civilised should approve of such degenerate evil, which is certain to bring the wrath of God down on a world largely in the service of Lucifer. Inhumane is not sufficiently appropriate to describe the abortion industry.

    • Athanasius,

      “Inhumane” – as you indicate – is the understatement of the century. Future generations will look back in horrified amazement that Governments legally sanctioned the murder of babies, with the only people prosecuted, the pro-lifers who tried to expose the extent of this evil and sought to overturn the evil law which permits this slaughter It is truly diabolical.

  4. Why are the U.S. Bishops not shouting warnings from the rooftops? That’s an easy one, Editor:

    1. They are afraid of the Dictator Pope.
    2. They owe their posh jobs to the Dictator Pope.
    3. Both 1. and 2.
    4. They are in bed (sometimes literally, if you catch my drift) with the Democrat Party, and benefit financially – and probably sexually – from that connection. Think McCarrick.
    5. They have drunk the Cardinal Bernadine Kool-Aid, aka the “seamless garment” scam, which makes abortion just another issue on the list, not a priority.
    6. All of the above.

    As Sir Alec Guinness once put it:

  5. This is a very interesting and encouraging short interview with Sidney Powell, who is on Trump’s legal team…

    Another very short interview on the same subject…

    • Editor,

      Sidney Powell is one cool customer! Deo gracias! I hope she and the rest of the Trump legal team are prepared for a firestorm of smears, attacks, lies, distractions, and riots – i.e. the full panoply of leftist tactics – to try to prevent “the Kraken” from being released. In fact, I think she and the rest should hire some bodyguard protection, because our enemies will stop at nothing.

      Oh, forgot one tactic: the media will suppress the evidence when it is released to the public. Hunter Biden’s laptop was practice.

      • RCA Victor,

        Interesting, your comment about the smears etc to follow – I had no sooner finished watching the first video (Lou Dobbs interview) when I saw this one trashing it, and calling Dobbs an “irrelevant”. The furious presenter is so sure that there is nothing in this, that I wonder why he looks so worried… 😀

    • BTW, did you notice how Dominion’s denial was phrased? “…that their voting machines caused any voter fraud in any swing state.”

      No, machines don’t do anything by themselves, Dominion. They have to be programmed by humans – corrupt humans – to tell them what to do. And why was your denial restricted to “swing states”?

      These corrupt scum are experts at “plausible deniability.”

      I’m surprised Lou Dobbs wasn’t silenced in the middle of his interview – that was Fox, after all….

      • Yes, RCA Victor, but Fox still retains Tucker, Sean Hannity and “The Five” as well as Lou Dobbs, so perhaps they will return to base, as a result of the crisis management meeting which they were forced to call last week after losing so many viewers to Newsmax (and probably other pro-Trump networks). Will be interesting to watch this pan out…

    • Editor

      Yes, this is the great hope at the moment. If the Trump team can expose this computer fraud, which is massive, then the game is over for Biden, Pelosi and so many other high profile politicians and media people in the U.S. I read a story that even Democrat politicians complained about this fraudulant computer system back in 2018 but, like the Hunter Biden laptop, the information was suppressed by the deep state. It will now hopefully be forced out into the open.

        • Editor

          Yes, I watched that video in the wee small hours and found it very encouraging. This is actually massive and has potential global consequences. What we’re beginning to see emerge is Venezuelan and Chinese interference in the U.S. elections through the activities of Socialist agents within the U.S. If Trump manages to expose this with real evidence to overturn the election then we will see a huge scandal break out in America and globally. There will be multiple high-level arrests and trials in the U.S. and China will be cut adrift. Then, Trump will call upon all nations in Europe to make a choice – side with the U.S. of side with China and become an enemy of America. I wonder what the weasel BoJo will do when called out and given a stark choice.

          By the way, it will be the end also of the China-driven Covid-19 fake pandemic and lockdowns and “the Great Reset” will be off!

  6. And now for a little light relief… Note: I would not usually make fun of anyone afflicted in the way that Joe Biden is clearly afflicted, but he has a very long record of being a corrupt politician, and so, given the fact that he has sought the presidential office despite his manifest poor mental health, while, in fact, denying it and covering it up with the aid of the equally corrupt mainstream media, he is – as is any other public official – fair game. As you will see, Alan Jones of Sky News Australia just can’t contain his amusement – me, neither… 😀

        • Editor

          Yes, I think Trump knew that once he started draining the swamp a lot of people would turn hostile, some even posing as friends. As with this country, there are many politicians who are not so much corrupt as bought over by their comfortable salaries and easy life. They don’t want to risk that – People like Jacob Rees-Mogg, the pretend Catholic! I still remember his sister Annunziata selling our Nigel Farage after infiltrating his Brexit Party to get inside info for Boris. Shocking traitors.

  7. Editor,

    I’ve watched your three videos now. The first two give great hope that the election will turn in Trump’s favour – that lawyer was fantastic, she knows her stuff. The Biden one was a scream. I did actually LOL!

    • Lily,

      Me, too – I laughed heartily. It’s beyond belief that such a clearly mentally unwell man should be considered fit for the office of President of the USA, Commander in Chief – completely incredible. Talk about the lunatics running the asylum.

      However, if the fraud wins out, then in a very short space of time, we’ll see Biden disappearing again (if that’s not a contradiction in terms!) with Harris doing the job.

  8. Yes Ed if one didn’t Laugh then we would Cry . Their was one thing up with that Video, I didn’t see the Horrible ( O I better use her correct name of 30 years ago ) Miss Willie Brown pulling the strings connected to his Jaw Bone .Of course maybe She was having a Coffee Break with her sister. Since we,r on a little light heartedness did you hear the one about Kamala Harris and Her Sister. It was a lovely sunny Day, and I think to avoid a yellow card al stop at this point .Am sure youv heard it anyhow .

      • Meto of course that Meto is not to be confused with Metoo . If you get my Gist . I hope you do for I certainly don’t .In fact I think am maybe losing the Plot. In the last 3 nights I have been ( well its probably my imagination ) heard Noises . Pardon my French but if a Mouse let off Wind it would awaken me, av not been blessed throughout my life of being a good sleeper. Maybe it goes back to when I was a Child and we slept 4 in a Bed 2 at the Top and 2 at the Bottom . Going to sleep especially in summer time was no bother .A couple of whiffs from my Brothers feet and I was out like a light . In fact in those days when the Dentists used to use Gas to put you to sleep to pull your teeth the Gas didn’t work on me .My I still remember awakening and the Poor Dentist getting a fright .Anyhow to the present noises .As av recently had a little spiritual awakening maybe its those pesky idol evil spirits. I was even armed last night and had Holy Water by my bedside .Have you ever had that feeling your on your own but your not alone .

  9. I havent had time to look at all these obviously very revealing videos that show you just how horrific it would be to get these 2 in but dont think these evils are only happening in The USA look at messrs Johnson and Hancock and their DIY Abortion debacle here
    However going back to The USA and all the wonderful pro life work President D Trump did [please do write to him and thank him and encourage him in this huge battle of good and evil}
    Camel a is one terrible female and Biden with all their appalling cohorts of failed old stale loony leftie ex presidents and their partners ugh lets just HOPE and Pray ……Donald Trumps Lawyers show it all up for what it is and prove of all the Electoral ills
    The press never speaks of all the positive things D Trump has done for The USA ……..and yes yes yes it is time Catholics and Their Priests etc SPOKE OUT ……….Worldwide are they really that scared to upset The Loony left ?…….Bless D Trump

    • Wendy,

      You are right to remind us of the evil of abortion here in the UK and that it is being expanded whether through DIY abortion kits or the calls in Parliament for the “decriminalisation” of abortion which is a euphemism for infanticide – as evident in the poster at the top of this thread. Scandalous.

  10. I simply cannot understand those who can vote for such immoral politicians with inhumane views.

    Never mind Catholics, how *any* thinking person could do so baffles and horrifies me.

    The democratic party is certainly a force for great evil.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      That is because many of them are outright satanists. There have been several articles this year about witches’ covens casting spells on Pres. Trump. Now why would they do that, unless they have close friends among Trump’s enemies?

  11. From Human Life International – the following sobering extracts from article: Defending Life after 100 Years of Legal Abortion by Fr. Shenan J. Boquet…

    In her apparition to Sister Lucia on July 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima told her, “Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated.”…

    As Pope…John Paul II, a great opponent of the communist ideology, wrote in Centessimus Annus: “[T]he fundamental error of socialism is anthropological in nature. Socialism considers the individual person simply as an element, a molecule within the social organism, so that the good of the individual is completely subordinated to the functioning of the socio-economic mechanism.”

    Such a view of the human person comes with innumerable pernicious consequences, of which the horrors of the Gulag are but one example. As I have often observed, the entire culture of death rests on the rotten foundation of the denial of the intrinsic, God-given worth of every person.

    It should come as no surprise, then, that the communist Soviet Union was the first nation in the world to legalize abortion, in 1920. In just two days, we will be commemorating the grim 100th anniversary of Lenin’s decision to allow child-killing in the Soviet Union – November 18, 1920…

    Within Russia, the effect of the legalization of abortion was catastrophic. In time, Russia would earn the horrific distinction of having the highest abortion to live birth ratio in the world – at a staggering three to one. That is, for every one baby that was born alive, another three babies were aborted.

    The number of abortions in the Soviet Union eventually reached such staggering heights that Josef Stalin outlawed abortion in 1936. This was not because he respected human life, but rather because he saw that it was weakening his nation and decimating the population of Russia, which was already dropping due to the various purges and the starvation of millions. Even after Stalin’s decision, however, illegal abortions continued on a wide scale, until abortion was legalized again after his death in 1954.

    In the wake of the Soviet Union’s decision to legalize abortion on an industrial scale, child-killing has spread like a malignant cancer. Over 130 nations have legalized abortion, sanctioning the murder of over 40,000 unborn children every day globally. Since the U.S. legalized abortion, it is estimated that 62-67 million innocent unborn children have lost their lives to the violent crime of abortion.

    Abortion is the number one cause of death globally…

    There really isn’t any need for further commentary from me, so I will simply repeat the author’s concluding words: Ultimately, there is only one answer to the abortion holocaust: We must turn back to God. It is up to each of us to set an example of repentance, amendment, and conversion.

    • Signed, Wendy.

      Would you mind, though, not posting everything prolife on here – we still have our usual pro-life thread and that makes it easier to find pro-life links and articles when anyone goes looking for them.

      This thread is really about the USA election, highlighting the pro-abortion “credentials” of Biden and Harris.