Covid-Con Continues As UK Population Keen For Even Less Liberty – Pollsters…

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson today warned that a vaccine will not deliver a ‘knockout blow’ to coronavirus as Tories insisted he must not use the prospect of jabs to keep the country in lockdown longer. (From YouTube, 11 November, 2020)


How incredible is this: pollsters claim that a significant number of people in the UK are willing to continue the lockdown lifestyle indefinitely, with even tighter Government control over their lives. The question has to be why?   Is it, as some of us would argue, the lack of God in the lives of these terrified (of a virus!) people; indeed, is it the absence of God in the countries of the UK,  the absence of God in all national institutions?

We hear the Americans say, almost routinely, “God bless America” – have you ever heard anyone said “God bless the UK”?  Or any constituent part of it – God bless Scotland, for example?  Never.  So, there’s a clue.  Lacking God, empty souls, Godless societies, must make the most of this life and if that means NOT living life to the full, but living in fear of a Covid-19 death (highly unlikely unless  you’re over 85) then, so be it.  Crazy or what?   

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  1. Editor

    What jumped out at me immediately is that the “pollsters” are the ones saying how a majority are happy with lockdown. Hmmm! Did not the pollsters in the U.S. speak of a “blue wave” in the election, just as they did in 2016? The pollsters are clearly part of the false narratives being fed to people by the NWO elites. I’ll bet most of them are financed by George Soros somewhere along the line.

    • Athanasius,

      Of course, that’s very true. I wouldn’t have paid the slightest attention to this claim but for the fact that I know some people myself who tell me that they are perfectly prepared to live like this until certain that “the virus” has gone away. When I expressed surprise and asked: “Indefinitely?” heads nodded. It is amazing. Just amazing. You have to make the decision whether to laugh or cry… I hope this helps… !

      • Editor,

        Yes, I’ve met those types as well. I think the general public though only comply because they’re afraid of the threats for non-compliance. Most people I speak to, especially after 7 months of this, are utterly sick of it.

        • Athanasius,

          I sincerely hope you are correct – “utterly sick of it” is great. And I do meet some people who indicate that they are “non believers” but I still see the fear around me. Yesterday, for example, I had an appointment at an NHS clinic and honestly, you would truly think people were dropping dead in the street the way the precautions/restrictions were in full view and I was rushed in and out as fast as possible – with nobody else in the waiting room. Incredible. For the record, this was a non-serious – routine actually – matter so you’re stuck with me for a bit longer (I hope!)

          The constant bumping up of the numbers of “cases” to give the impression that this means infections when it doesn’t, is truly diabolical and it is this that keeps alive the fear. I’ve yet to find anyone in the news outlets explain the difference. The announcement yesterday that the UK has had 50,000 deaths is being used to keep the terror going

          So, while I agree that there is an increasing number of more informed people who are fed up with this nonsense, too many of them are still allowing themselves to be manipulated into believing the baloney. And even those who know it’s a load of nonsense, still go along with it all, even wearing a mask so prevent annoying others and/or being reported (shop worker). It’s all very grim.

          Here’s Dr Kendrick, underlining the craziness of it all:

          “As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.1

          Yes, the 19th of March. The UK went into lockdown on the 16th of March [Error, this should be the 23rd march], and three days later COVID was no longer a high consequence disease. The only disease in history which has required lockdown, including the obliteration of many basic human rights, and the trashing of the entire economy. Yet it is not a disease of high consequence?”

          Utter madness.

        • Athanasius,

          I agree – people really are fed up of the whole thing, even people wearing masks have told me they think it’s all about something-and-nothing, a very horrible flu but nothing more. It’s what to do to get out of it that is the problem. The politicians are never going to admit getting things wrong and most people won’t rise up and protest. There is just no way out.

        • Editor,

          I’m curious about this expression “spot on,” which seems to be common on your side of the pond. Where did this come from? Whenever I see it I always check what I’m wearing to see if my washing machine missed something….

          And if there’s a “spot on,” is there also a “spot off”?

          • Now now Victor you know that you cant make Jokes unless of course its against us backward Catholics as Mrs Brown calls us .O BTW am in 2 minds whether to put that De Camptown Ladies on Facebook . The Zukerberg mob have in their wisdom let me out again after Facebook Jail and av no doubt that al be handcuffed again as I was going to put it on as a Tribute to Mrs Willy Brown . The only thing that actually worries me is that our thought Police actually may put me in real Prison .After all as it has been mentioned they don’t go after Robbers .Muggers. And Drug Dealers . In fact our Prisons will soon be empty, or they will be filled with the likes of us, who after all as far as The Rotten S.N.P and BBC are concerned are the real Criminals . O and we all have Phobias . Well actually in my case that’s True . I was in a really bad crush at a Celtic v Rangers game in 1966 and have had Claustrophobia ever since .O going back to then The Celtic had a Coloured Player who was always reminded by 40.000 Rangers Fans when Celtic played them whos name was Paul Wilson . Among other things I cant repeat on here the 40.000 of them chanted in unison– Wilsons a Darkie —Now before every Football match here the Hypocritical Football Players do a Colin Kaperknickers take a Knee . Your SPOT ON it would give you the Boak . BTW to explain the Boak its something we get when we hear Apostate Bishops speak of Truth.

            • Faith of Our Fathers,

              Here’s how you can get away with posting that Camptown Races video on Facebook: write a caption above it that bemoans the blatant racism and white privilege of years past, especially in the entertainment industry, and then give the video as a horrifying example…

              They’ll make you a top hate crime investigator in no time at all!

          • RCA Victor,

            You’re keeping me busy today – I’ve just come from checking up on your comment about Jacob Rees-Mogg but I’ll find that and answer in the proper place.

            “Spot on” is a term which I’ve used for years but had no idea that there must be an origin for it 😀 I just assumed it meant what is says – that something is “absolutely correct… on the mark” Whatever.

            However, in order to ascertain the truth of the matter I searched and found this, with which I will bow out (meaning “go” – “depart”! 😀 )

            The origin is military. “Spot on” has a short entry in Eric Partridge, “A Dictionary of Catch Phrases American and British”: “Right on the spot, orig. dead centre on target: RAF: WW2 and after. Adopted by civilians in UK, in Aus., in S. Africa.

          • RCAVictor

            I can’t be certain but I think the term comes from that little red spot on a dart board called the bulls eye. If you hit that, you hit the spot. At least that’s my take on it.

  2. I think more people are feeling hopeless about this situation. One man from Stirling was on a radio show this morning saying this and he said Nicola Sturgeon and Boris just refuse to give an end-date. He also mentioned that he hears talk of the Queen’s next jubilee celebrations as if party bashes will be OK then – so that’s in 2022! His business is failing. It also came out in that discussion that pubs in his area can open from 12-6pm but not sell alcohol! Where’s the logic in that?

    In another radio show I heard a discussion about testing which is interesting. This is it –

    • Lily,

      I hadn’t realised the Queen was due to celebrate another Jubilee, so I’ve just searched and the man from Stirling is right…

      Below, a report which is curiously absent any warnings that this four day national celebration may be subject to Covid-19 restrictions. Indeed, the only mention of Covid is the caption underneath the photo of the Queen at the Cenotaph event on Sunday – but the article itself refers to the Jubilee as being a “four-day extravaganza.” Hardly likely if there is (anti) “social distancing” in place and masked faces.

      So, what is it that we are not being told – does somebody know something(s) that we don’t know?

    • Lily

      I think it became absolutely clear with Boris’s eager congratulations to Biden and a subsequent comment that their phone conversation was “refreshing” that Johnson is definitely a NWO puppet, as is Sturgeon. I’ve said before that both are willing partners in the greatest crime ever perpetrated against humanity. They know there’s no killer virus but they obey orders from the high Lodge!

  3. Desmond Swayne is a very courageous man who actually answers emails. Where are the other “honest” or “christian” or principled politicians? And the Catholic ones? Where’s Rees-Mogg? why are they going along with this infringement of our liberty or are they brain dead? It will be dragged out until we can be all mandated to have the vaccine “for the greater good”. Bah, humbug!

      • Editor

        Ah yes, Rees-Mogg! Just another superficial pretend Catholic, I’m afraid, except with a posh voice to make him sound more convincing. He’s a big part of the establishment.

    • Crofterlady & A & E,

      Hmmm….I remember posting last year my opinion of Rees-Mogg (that I thought he was a phony), and was chastised for it by another blogger. Glad to see my opinion is shared by all of you!

      • RCA Victor,

        I have just scrolled quickly through the three threads we ran on Jacob Rees-Mogg and I wouldn’t characterise the comment to which you refer as “chastisement” – Westminster Fly, out of us all here, is the blogger closest to JRM geographically (i.e. he lives in the south of England!) did express some disagreement with you, as follows:

        RCA Victor
        I think your impression of JRM is way off the mark. Don’t mistake his behaving in a calm and recollected manner for a lack of passion. I think he loves his country as much as Donald Trump loves the USA. And probably loves / loved his grandmother even more! (I’m not sure if she is still alive).

        In each of the three discussions, the topics were precisely JRM’s weakness in publicly upholding the moral law, without apology.

        I’ve never been a fan because of this. One of the first things I learned as a schoolgirl at a Catholic school when they actually did teach the Faith, was that it just wasn’t enough to attend Mass – important as that is, self-evidently. JRM could be a shining light in Parliament today but he’s not. He can be a laugh, but he’s at no risk of becoming a second Saint Thomas More.

        • Editor,

          Thank you for looking that up, and my apologies to WestminsterFly. I didn’t remember who “chastised” me, but I’m sure WF had reasons for disagreeing.

          At any rate, my first impression of JRM – i.e. being thoroughly unimpressed – remains, although my only information about him comes from our discussions. Where is he regarding lockdowns and Boris? The corrupt Cardinal Nichols? Not to mention – Catholic Tradition?

          There is a conservative internet personality over here, who calls his website “Louder with Crowder,” who likes to get out into the real world to interview people. He invariably sets up a table at a busy street corner with a large politically incorrect sign to invite reactions.

          So adapting his approach, here’s my sign:

          “JRM is not exactly a Militant Catholic. Change my mind.”

  4. Editor, the Jubilee bash will happen because they’re planning for the “plandemic” to be over by then BECAUSE we will all be vaccinated! Just as the outbreak was planned (or at least taken advantage of), so the end is planned too. All of us little microchipped automatons.

  5. I’m with Athanasius on these “polls.” It would be very revealing to find out:

    1. Who conducted these polls.
    2. Who paid for them.
    3. What questions were asked.
    4. Who was interviewed, and how the interviewees were chosen.
    5. How many were interviewed.
    6. By what means (phone, face-to-face, etc.)

    And then, since we’re also discussing electronic manipulation of votes in the American election:

    7. What machines and/or software calculated the poll results?

    Seven always was my lucky number…

    • RCAVictor

      It’s money from the Left that runs these polls and that’s why they always strangely predict runaway victories for the Left.

    • RCA Victor,

      Regarding how the interviewees are chosen (for polling) I’ve heard two different answers. Firstly, that the pollsters telephone a random selection of registered voters; I’ve also been told by a friend who is usually right about everything (she tells me) that anyone can register with a polling company to take calls from them. I’m not sure of the answer but one of these seems possible if not likely… 😀

  6. I have become increasingly suspicious of pollsters. The only poll I would give credence to are ‘exit polls’ after a general election, they can be quite accurate. I suspect the poll claiming UK would like to continue the ‘lockdown” is government backed dissemination. The government is using communist propaganda at every level (see attached).

    As for nearest example to “God bless America” Ive heard. I think I can remember someone on television or a film saying “There goes Her Majesty, Gord Bless err,” but that’s about it I’m afraid.

    Talking of ‘government communist propaganda,’ as of Monday, UK cyberwarfare units tasked with “antiterrorism” and “counterterrorism’ have been given instructions to persecute and hound Anti-Scamdemic information and social media accounts and websites. British and American state intelligence agencies are “weaponizing truth” to quash vaccine hesitancy as both nations prepare for mass inoculations, in a recently announced “cyber war” to be commanded”

    ‘Covid passports,’ or ‘freedom passes’ are getting a step closer (see video)

    Meanwhile many Bishops, Priests and Heads of Catholic Schools are still pushing for masks to be worn even though it is very clear now they are slow killers. It is important to note for Lawyers what is being said by Bishops, Priests and Schools, either verbally or by newsletter, for future prosecutions. The video attached below explains clearly that Bishops, Priests and Heads of schools who push ‘mask wearing’ cannot say “they were obeying orders” as their excuse! See video below for details

    • Francescomarta,

      That’s all terrifying stuff from you. But as I said up above, it’s what can we do about it that is the problem – we can’t do a thing. We’re not allowed to even express an opinion or we’re in trouble.

      I’m also bothered about the constant reports of “spikes” and increased “cases” and “deaths”. But do we actually know if cases means actual infections or just testing positive which can mean you have something left from a previous cold or flu, not necessarily Covid, and if the deaths are from Covid or just someone who tested positive when in hospital with something else.

      I don’t think we are being given the answers to these questions or if I’m just missing them. Does anyone know?

      • Lily

        Expressing your fears on Catholic Truth Scotland is doing something I assure you. Blog sites like this are essential as the Bishops in the UK have abandoned us to the global scam and are complicit in its evil.

        As for reports of “spikes,” “cases” and “deaths,” commentator ‘Catherine’ has downloded an outstanding YouTube video below on this same blog thread, its called “Are We Being Told the Truth About COVID-19” by Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi. Its about four comments below this one you can’t miss it.

        • Francescomarta,

          Thank you for your reply. I do appreciate being able to comment here, but I also feel helpless about doing anything practical to fight the lies we’re being told.

          I did watch Catherine’s video and it is really excellent. I will try to make sure as many people as possible see it, as well.

    • RCA Victor,

      I’ve just seen that report and video – it answers my question above! I am very suspicious of the panicky reports about spikes in cases etc. This whole experience is horrendous, and very frightening.

    • RCA Victor,

      What I can’t understand about that report and video is why the Twitter CEO hasn’t censored it. That billionaire must be a good friend of his because he’s saying much more damning stuff about the tests than others who have been deleted for less.

  7. This video is very good, please watch. It is 60 minutes long and very simple to understand.

    This Professor and specialist in microbiologist and infectious diseases. This video is very clearly ad simply explained. It is 60 minutes. He explains that there is no pandemic. He talks about how viruses work in a very simple way. He explains the dangers of the Covid vaccine. He also says there are 35,000 physicians and scientists who have signed the Great Barlington Declaration along with the Professors of Oxford, Stafford and Harvard. It’s an eye-opener. His video is easy to understand. I plan to get his book which he will not make a profit on.

    • Catherine

      This is an exceptional video on how the government is lying to us and fooling the gullible into wearing masks and the deliberate push towards dangerous Vaccines.

    • Catherine,

      I’ve just finished watching that video – it’s really excellent.

      The doctor’s/professor’s warning about the dangers of this vaccine, which, as he explains, cannot possibly be tested in the normal way, is terrifying. Terrifying that, despite knowing this perfectly well, the Governments of the UK and their unconscionable “experts” are determined to force it on us anyway. The possible side-effects are horrendous.

      As for his final answer to that all important question – RCA Victor will be pleased to hear it. That’s definitely a step in the right direction; we’d prefer that he offer an answer but to at least ask the question is an improvement on other commentators who don’t seem to even notice that there IS a question.

      And with that teaser, I’ll simply repeat my opening praise – an excellent video. That you for posting it.

    • Catherine, thank you so much for uploading this educational film. Just finished watching it, but kept stopping it to email it to people I know and others in power that I do not know.
      The professor is such a naturally gifted teacher – even I understood it easily, and that is saying something.
      He says everything I have thought about this outrageous abuse of power we have seen from our own and governments around the world. He also talks about the Great Barrington Declaration signed now by far more world experts than those “advising” governments. He also refers to the lawsuits that are beginning in Germany and here in the UK. Thank God.

      • Graeme Taylor,

        I agree that the Professor is a very good teacher – I could understand him, no problem. It’s a great video but terrible to think that our political leaders are lying to us about something so important, pretending that our lives are at risk when they’re not, just so they can control us. That’s frightening.

        • Lily, indeed it is terrible that both Nichola and Boris (opposed to each other on everything else) are in lockstep on the virus. Is it freemasonry? the all too allure of financial reward? simple godlessness? or just wickedness? – as neither of them are unintelligent individuals?
          I do not know the answer, but I do know it is not of God.

  8. I’m almost halfway through this excellent video, and I’m really touched by this scientist’s humble sincerity and compassion for his fellow creatures. That’s pretty rare, I think.

    There is still one thing I don’t understand, though. Most, if not all of the truth-telling doctors and scientists have told us that while healthy people should not be wearing masks, it’s OK and even desirable for frail, sick elderly and those around them who are sick to wear them.

    Here’s my question: if masks weaken our immune systems and raise our blood pressure due to oxygen deprivation, and also make us vulnerable to infections that collect inside the mask, then why should anyone wear them? In fact, isn’t it even more deadly for frail, sick elderly to wear them than for healthy, younger people?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    • RCA Victor,

      That’s a very good point. I think it’s human nature to want to seem very reasonable and not be dismissing masks, that’s probably part of it. But I agree with you, if they are dangerous (and the thread on the brain damage caused by wearing masks, which is irreversible was terrifying) then nobody should be wearing them.

      That is a weakness in that video which I hadn’t really noticed. Thanks for y our “inquiring mind”!

    • RCAVictor,
      my take from what the professor was saying was when medical and care staff are working with people who are contagious – health care staff should wear their PPE (normally gloves and an apron) but includes a mask when there are concerns about virus contagion.
      So a doctor examining such a patient would also wear a mask when dealing directly with his or her patient, as would a nurse as they are in close proximity when carrying out their work. Then they should remove PPE and wash their hands.
      That is normal established practice when there are serious contagion issues.

      • Graeme Taylor,

        Thanks, but I was asking about elderly, not doctors and nurses. Why is it OK for the elderly to wear masks, if they are so dangerous to your health – and presumably the older you are and the more frail you are, the more dangerous?

    • RCA Victor, at 24.30 mins approx the professor gives an example of why the elderly should not wear masks? Maybe I am missing something?

    • RCA Victor,

      That was chilling to read. Unless huge numbers of us rise up and refuse this vaccine, there will be loads of damage done. It takes years to know if a vaccine is successful and yet they want to foist this on us asap – and I believe they’ll find a way to force it.

      I just cannot stand Boris Johnson now – he is an extremely dangerous man as Sturgeon is a very dangerous woman.

    • RCAVictor

      We can see how they’re closing the net on free speech. But they have clearly not planned for a Trump overturn of the election and the many high-profile prosecutions for treason to follow. If Trump is successful in his fight then it’s all over for these beasts of darkness.

      • Athanasius,

        I saw something yesterday which lifted my spirits immeasurably. I was driving home from an appointment when I came upon a woman standing beside her parked pickup truck, waving a huge flag that said


        She was referring, of course, to Trump lawyer Sidney Powell’s statement the other day regarding the imminent release of massive evidence of vote fraud.

        I beeped my car horn at her several times in support. I think the sleeping giant has awakened…

        • RCAVictor

          That was probably Nicola Sturgeon. I hear she’s a very avid supporter of Trump (not)!!

          Seriously though, that is just one of many signs of things to come with President Trump’s supporters.

    • RCA Victor,

      What do you mean, IF this blog gets too popular?

      You spoilin’ for a fight?! 😀

      Seriously, the following extract is of much concern:

      One week after the 2020 presidential election, The Conservative Treehouse received the following notification:

      …”given the incompatibility between your site’s content and our terms, you need to find a new hosting provider and must migrate the site by Wednesday, December 2nd.

      WOW! Well, some years ago, our website was hosted by a free provider and after one of our reports into clergy misbehaviour they pulled us down unceremoniously. I only found out after receiving emails from people who were trying to access our site and getting a message to the effect that we were no longer online. When I contacted the provider, I was told that they had received a complaint about our content – when I say “a complaint”, they had received a legal threat. They pulled our website without ever contacting our webmaster or my unworthy self.

      Webmaster went to work and found a couple of providers who would not be so easily intimidated. Ironically, I believe, one was in Russia and the other in the USA. We decided to give the business to our cousins in the USA but not before webmaster had spoken to them, told them about this scoundrel who had been exposed in our newsletter. He was assured that this would not happen with them, no legal letter would bother them because “attorneys are entitled to their opinion” but not a lot more.

      My message, therefore, to those who are undoubtedly worried about just how much Catholic Truth knows about the various ongoing – if unreported to date – clergy (including seminarian) scandals, especially in the Archdiocese of Glasgow, Paisley, Motherwell, you-name-it, is, put your moral lives in order and live as professional if not saintly seminarians and priests; that’s the surest way to avoid bad publicity. You know it makes (eternal) sense…

      • “ He was assured that this would not happen with them, no legal letter would bother them because “attorneys are entitled to their opinion” but not a lot more.”


        Editor: Well, unfortunately, and I say this with whatever respect is due to you, your comment isn’t too interesting. I can never understand people who don’t explain their meaning. As a qualified teacher of English myself, it puzzles me. Were you not taught to write, clearly explaining what you mean to say? I usually ditch these daft one-word comments but this one suits my purpose – you won a watch, as the saying goes “Bella”… Now it’s time to move on. You just have to love my jokes. The timing is usually perfect and if it’s not, well, time to cut me a bit of slack…

        So, why does your “interesting” (not) comment suit my purpose? Well, I forgot to mention that after we’d switched to the (much) better provider, the same person (and I use the term loosely) responsible for having our first website pulled wrote to the new provider to complain again, but was sent packing. They kept their word; lawyers are free to hold their opinions like the rest of us, but they won’t succeed in shutting down free speech. That was then, of course, who knows now – at least regarding political free speech. Not a lot of concern around about heretics and schismatics, let alone unfaithful priests. So, you can rest easy…