Covid-19: Lockdown In Wales “Psychotic & Deranged” – Or the New Normal? 


Here’s one of the commentators underneath the above video on the YouTube platform…

“I think we should be looking for an insanity vaccine for the government because covid19 is not the threat to the people, government is.”

That was very strong stuff from Brendan O’Neill of Spiked Online – do you agree with him?   Is this how we are all going to be living from now on unless, as he says, we push back now?  Are YOU going to “push back”?  Break a rule?  Refuse to pay a fine? Risk imprisonment?  

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  1. This short video has just arrived in my inbox and looks very interesting – Ireland has also entered into a second severe lockdown. There’s a pattern here…

    • Editor,

      Those graphs tell the real story – it’s a wonder the majority of the population is still believing the propaganda. If only they knew. All these lockdowns and absolutely no difference in the deaths. It’s amazing.

  2. Dear Editor,
    There is some hope though. A guy called Gwilam Owen (may not be his real name) has apparently been tearing down plastic (made from dreaded oil) sheeting from “non essential” items in Tescos Bangor shop.
    No doubt he will be severely punished by the politburo.

    • Patrick,

      Good for him – maybe he’s on YouTube. Maybe you could check that out, as I’ll be doing a disappearing trick moments from now (which will NOT be available on YouTube 😀 )

  3. Banning books, birthday cards and clothing (especially children’s clothing) as non essential items is downright ridiculous. What idiot in the Welsh Government came up with that idea?

    I agree with Brendan O’Neill in that, ‘You cannot stop a virus, by banning the above items’. The “New Normal” is a terrifying dystopian nightmare, and, is set to become a permanent feature of life for everyone around the globe. That the economy in Wales along with every other country are being devastated. And the fear factor over the Covid-19 is being taken to new heights in readiness for the World’s Elite in the spring of 2021 and the ‘Great Reset’.

    On the matter of banning books it reminded me of Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, which was translated onto the Big Screen as a movie. In this dystopian world books were burned. But then, knowledge is power.

    • Theresa Rose,

      Brilliant concise summary of the Welsh situation.

      I took the liberty of copying the YouTube link from the browser to publish the actual video into your post, rather than the link – hope you don’t mind. I do that whenever possible, as I am always suspicious that not all bloggers visit the links, lazy blighters!

      • Editor,

        Trust me not to copy the actual video link, but thank you for doing it. I was too anxious to show that small piece of the movie. Hopefully all bloggers will visit the links.

    • Theresa Rose,

      Thank you for posting that video. I read a lot of Ray Bradbury when I was young, but had no idea what he was really getting at.

      As for the Welsh “government,” these European leaders seem to be competing against each other to see who can come up with the most irrational and outrageous tyrannical measures, based on outright lies posing as science.

      But there is a pattern here, which follows the pattern of large corporations who implement the decisions of the Bilderbergers, etc. They, as well as government leaders, are like dominoes. When one surrenders to the madness, the rest follow suit.

      I am certain there must be more than that, however. There must be veiled threats behind the “requests.” Perhaps with a reminder of what happened to Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro – who, not long after rejecting one of Henry Kissinger’s “requests” regarding the Italian economy, was kidnapped and murdered by the Red Brigades.

    • Theresa Rose,

      I agree – Wales has truly lost the plot, banning books and birthday cards. How many children and teenagers who are celebrating birthdays right now will be very disappointed at no cards, not to mention adults celebrating “big number” birthdays. I don’t know the name of the first minister of Wales – I know it’s a male – but he is very hard hearted to have gone OTT as he has.

      I loved the video!

  4. That was a great video from Sky News Australia again. I like Brendan O’Neill, he is usually quite outspoken, and it was great to hear him talking about the totalitarianism here right now.

    Wales has really lost the plot. I’ve never seen anything like it. Their PM is an elderly man – you would think he had more sense.

  5. Listen to Dan Wooton talk of the up and coming lockdowns in both Wales and Scotland. We are basically living under Marxist governments. And, no matter what we will still be living side by side with the corona virus. With Nicola Sturgeon it is a political matter for her gain.

  6. In Britain the flue vaccine has been advocated for the elderly, that is people 65 years annually. In the UK, the flu vaccine season begins in October (this being our autumn and heading to the winter months. Am sure there are people of other age groups who might have specific health conditions who also might be given this vaccine.

    I have found this article about the flue vaccine, and, it mentions the pharmaceutical industry and the use of fetal cells – that is cells from aborted babies

    As you see in the link the question asking is this a good or bad idea. And presumably they have still to develop the Covid-19 vaccine.

    So far up to now people can refuse a vaccine. But how long will it take for a vaccine to become mandatory. And, what consequences might be imposed upon the population who refuse vaccines in the near future?

  7. “I think we should be looking for an insanity vaccine for the government because covid19 is not the threat to the people, government is.”

    That was very strong stuff from Brendan O’Neill of Spiked Online – do you agree with him?

    The answer is “Yes” especially when you watch this video. This video should be sent to as many contacts as possible!

    • Francescomarta

      This video is absolute confirmation that great evil is at work in our government and in the media right now. I understand why Dr. Yeadon was reluctant publicly to “speculate” about why the government, the scientists and the media are lying to the British people, but I suspect he knows why.

      This is definitely a programme operated by and run from Beijing to systematically eradicate democracy from the face of the earth while at the same time enrich the demons of big pharma whose money and power are indispensible to the success of the Chinese plot being globally directed through the Marxist Secretary General of the WHO.

      If Donald Trump loses the U.S. election, as I strongly suspect he will, then it will be open season on the world and life as we knew it will disappear into obscurity. If Trump wins, however, then there’s a real chance the virus will suddenly vanish as he begins to look deeper into its origin and effects, as he surely will. He already has Fauci’s card marked and I think he has caught on that something really sinister has been happening.

      My fear, as I say, is that massive electoral fraud will take place in this election to ensure a victory for Socialism. I believe it has been well planned for a long time and I will be shocked if Trump survives it. I have never wanted to be more wrong about anything in my life and I will rejoice if I am proved wrong. I just cannot get that interview with Sister Lucy out of my head in which she confirmed that America would fall under the Communist yoke.

        • Editor

          I so hope they’re right but I have this really bad feeling about the way Biden feels he doesn’t even need to hold rallies. Something stinks to high heaven about these mail-in votes and the over-confidence of Democrats who no one with an ounce of common sense would ever vote for.

          As I say, I hope I’m being very overly pessimistic but I watch everything that’s going on and it doesn’t add up.

          • Athanasius,

            I certainly think the Dems will try to cheat the election but my feeling is that there will be a landslide for Trump which cannot be denied. Whatever they try, he will remain in post until it’s sorted out, so they’re only prolonging their own agony. Idiots.

            Keeping Joe Biden out of sight is about the only safe strategy – he makes a fool of himself every time he’s on the loose, and when they have rallies advertised, very few turn up. Kamala Harris was speaking into thin air at a “rally” yesterday (and I’ve seen a few where she’s just about on her own). It’s amazing. They know they are going to lose, so they will try to jam the works, no doubt, but I’m reasonably confident that Trump will win by a huge landslide. I’m with the Australians on this!

            • Editor and Athanasius,

              I also think Trump will win decisively, but I think that victory will not become known or “official” for several months, and will have to be decided by the Supreme Court because of all the Democrat skulduggery. Thank God Judge Barrett, whatever her faults, now sits on that court.

  8. Some very important information from the Video above with Dr Mike Yeadon is that the deaths from Respiratory disease in the UK in the last 5yrs is at its lowest! He also states that Mandatory Vaccination is illegal under International Law and anyone who finds themselves being coerced can sue their perpetrator.

    .Once again, please circulate this Video widely.

    • Francescomarta

      Look up the Ethical Principles of Nuremberg – that’s the international law Dr. Yeadon is correctly referring to. That law has already been broken since we were all placed under scientific experiment back in March, which is precisely what happened and why politicians from the PM down keep saying “we follow the science”. Their problem is that they have subjected all of us to everything from pseudo science to speculative science to science fiction, none of it established science, which has been ditched for the great experiment.

    • Francescomarta,

      One of the two – Dr Yeadon or Anna Brees, can’t remember which – said “this is not going to end well.”

      Absolutely, it is not going to end well. It’s not going to end at all, for a very long time. We have lost our freedom and something spectacular will have to happen before we get it back.

      I’m almost afraid to mention the Consecration of Russia again, not least because of the news today that Pope Francis has cancelled his public Christmas Masses despite having just attended an “ecumenical extravaganza”…

      It’s just a persistent downhill spiral… No end in sight.

      • Editor / Athanasius

        The German Lawyer (mentioned in a previous thread) and other Lawyers should take a good look at this International Law referred to by Dr Yeadon, possibly form a large pressure group to press Governments and Airlines globally when ‘Covid Passports’ are introduced. This pressure group could even look into the wearing of masks! Maybe start suing any Bishop, Priest, or Cardinal who forced parishoners to endanger their health by insisiting on mask wearing in order to receive the sacraments. The Science to all this is so fake, it shouldn’t be difficult for such Lawyers. In the meantime we will just carry on trying to wake up the public.

        Of course the remedy to all this is the Consecration of Russia and as mentioned it will not happen with Bergoglio. He has cancelled his public Christmas Masses but this shouldn’t surprise us, he is following a Demonic blue print as is the UK Goverment with the ‘scamdemic.’

        “Viva Christo Rey”

    • Athanasius,

      You beat me to it, but WOW is right! If Klaus Schwab and his magic circle of Moloch-worshippers succeed, we are going to have a global case of Klaustrophobia….

      • RCAVictor

        Absolutely right! I have now sent the link to Jacob Rees-Mogg, Leader of the House of Commons who proclaims to be a Catholic. He has never responded to any of my previous communications so I don’t expect an answer anytime soon!

  9. It must be me. I see threads on the sidebar for USA election, New Cardinals etc and yet the comments relating to both are either here, on the Wales thread or the Scotland thread where Crofterlady has posted a question about the Vigano letter. I’ve deleted that now, since I’ve replied to her by email.

    If bloggers choose to post on any thread, that’s a pity because important material gets lost. The last place I would search for a letter from Archbishop Vigano is on a thread about lockdown in Wales or Scotland.

    Having said that, I really do give up!

    • Editor

      Yes, it’s you!

      Seriously, I looked for what I thought was the best place to post news of Archbishop Vigano’s letter and selected this thread. I should have used that sidebar but it didn’t occur to me. Sorry about that.

      • Athanasius,

        Forgiven. I’ve just watched the video of the letter and it is excellent so I’ll post a fresh thread on it, as we’re very close to the USA election now.

        • Editor

          Let’s hope it shakes a few Democrat-voting Modernist Catholics out of their comfort zone. I call them Catholic out of courtesy but it’s nominal really since Socialists can’t be Catholic as well.

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