UK: Discredited Govt “Experts” Want Another Lockdown – Forget Christmas…

The above clip is from Sky News/Sophy Ridge on  Sunday, today 18/10/20.


The above member of SAGE is fairly confident about continuing population compliance; is his confidence misplaced? Or, is it likely that the majority of the peoples of the UK will continue to trust the “experts” and do as they are told – leaving the fight to restore our freedoms to those with thinking brains and fully developed spines?   

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  1. Well, since SAGE means Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. I would have thought the “emergency” must be over by now and we could get back to normal life, but this seems to be a permanent “emergency”. This report from August says that we will need regular vaccinations – I think this is the plan. I’m not taking even one of those vaccinations never mind regular ones. If Donald Trump could recover in a few days without any vaccine, it’s obvious that a vaccine is not essential.

    About the topic question – I think things will go on as at present, with most people going along with everything and only a few brave people speaking out and organising protests. They’ll be called “extremists” but I prefer the to the sheep. TBH.

    • Laura,

      It is chilling to note how cleverly the powers-that-be moved us gradually from a three weeks lockdown (to flatten the curve) to speaking now in, not weeks or months, but years.

      I actually wonder if anyone – apart from the “extremists” – actually cares any more…

  2. One thing for sure “Sky News UK” is nothing like its counterpart in Australia sadly! However when I shop in supermarkets his confidence doesn’t seem to be misplaced. Except for maybe one or two others, they are all compliant.

    Dr Vernon Coleman asks the same question in this video regarding compliance (not long posted on previous thread but very appropriate to this one as well). He asks “why many young healthy men are such cowardly compliant ignorant wimps, is it because they have no guts or too stupid to ask questions.”

    If the link to Dr Vernon Coleman’s latest ‘Brandnewtube’ regarding Covid 1984 deaths can’t be accessed from the above clip, then I have reattached a link below.

    • Francescomarta,

      A very interesting video from Vernon Coleman – I’d forgotten that he was a GP and hadn’t realised he’d been a Fleet Street journalist, and certainly didn’t know that he’d given up both jobs rather than remain silent about important issues.

      His lack of sympathy for those who use employment and fear of losing jobs as a rationale for remaining silent, is, therefore, understandable… But, so, too is the fear of losing jobs… I wonder how he managed to survive in between employment, or maybe he had no or very few financial commitments – no idea.

      Anyway, another interesting video from him. Thank you for posting that.

      And, by the way, I think it’s now useful to post the same material on more than one thread, as we have so many Covid discussions open at the same time. So, thank you for posting this elsewhere, as well.

  3. It’s quite obvious that the smirking, smiling toad in the video above is sitting there lying through his teeth, which is why he’s smiling and smirking. Who are these “SAGE” people and why are they for the most part anonymous.

    One thing is for certain, as Editor, points out, who ever they are they are utterly discredited and quite possibly utterly corrupted as well.

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a 7-year old can now see by the official statistics and various declarations, not to mention the affirmations of very senior respected opposing scientists, that the Covid-19 pandemic and testing for it is fake, the real end being to hand global control of our future over to Communist China, from whence the manufactured virus came in the first place. There are no more admissions to hospital in the UK now than there were this time last year at the beginning of flu season and there are certainly very few in ICU wards, as has already been established. They are simply lying and using the media to spread the lies and maintain the terror in people’s minds while they make the transition from democracy to Chinese totalitarianism. Sadly, too many ordinary people believe the lie and are walking blindfold into their worst nightmare. By the time they actually realise what has happened it will be too late to go back, Beijing will already have signed the deeds to Britain and so many other once-free countries.

    Well, Our Lady of Fatima has been dismissed by our Pope and bishops – her request for a consecration of Russia despised and denied – so now the outcome that she predicted, a complete fall of the world under the “errors of Russia”, one of which is the empowerment and expansionism of Communist China. Most nations also deserve it for abandoning their God and Creator to embrace abortion, homosexuality, materialism, consumerism and all those other ingredients of past hedonistic pagan societies. Now comes the scourge that will bring some to their knees and others to their destruction.

    • Athanasius,

      It is the speed with which we have been overtaken by Communist governance that I find utterly terrifying.

      In 1917, before there was any such thing as a Communist country, Our Lady was sent by God to warn us that it was coming, and she was armed with the solution – the consecration of Russia – that is, the giving back to God of the very first nation to reject Him publicly in its governance, instituting totalitarianism in its stead. It’s incredible to think that only a short time after those apparitions in 1917, Communism was established in Russia, as foretold. Chilling.

      The warning was clear; if the Pope did not do this consecration in the manner set out by Our Lady, Russia would spread her errors, chief of which is Communism. And what has Russia done? Spread her errors – primarily Communism and primarily to China, now the foremost threat to the entire world.

      I can’t help wondering what Papa Benedict is now thinking, he who answered a question about the Consecration put to him in an interview, that in his opinion, it was much too simple [to be true] – he, obviously, being of far greater intellect than Our Lady. Wonder what he’s thinking now…

      • Editor

        Although it all appears to have happened very quickly in our eyes, these evil people have been planning this crime against humanity for a very long time. The only crumb of comfort we have right now is the prophecy, from Quito I think, saying that when all seems lost for us that will be the moment of our victory. We know infallibly that Our Lady will win in the end.

        • Athanasius,

          I think Yves Dupont’s compilation book Catholic Prophecy contains a few that state that the forces of evil will not be given enough time to complete their plans.

          I hope that’s a reference to their vaccine plans!

          • RCA Victor,

            I’m afraid I’ve given a huge thumbs down to that book in the upcoming November newsletter. Won’t be long now, I hope, until it’s out and about, but in the meantime, I do recommend that you reconsider taking it seriously.

                  • Athanasius,

                    I was glad to see those figures but I think he’s long made it clear that he thinks Fauci is an idiot. I call him an Covidiot (but then that’s what I secretly call everyone who is going along with the propaganda!)

                    There, I told you I can’t keep a secret!

                • Editor,

                  Gazing into my crystal ball, I foresee that you will target Yves’ predictions and analyses of the prophecies he cites. If I remember correctly, he would have been better off just compiling the prophecies.

                  Meanwhile, don’t walk under any ladders or in front of any black cats…

                  But speaking of intelligence, here’s one for you:

                  A man in a horrible motorcycle accident meets with his surgeon in the hospital. The surgeon informs him that he will need a brain transplant due to his extensive injuries, and offers him several pricing options.

                  Option #1: $5,000 for the brain of a ditch-digger.
                  Option #2: $25,000 for the brain of a rocket scientist.
                  Option #3: $100,000 for…

                  “Wait a minute!” interrupted the patient. “Why is Option #3 so expensive?”

                  “Well, replied the surgeon, “that brain belonged to a soprano from the Metropolitan Opera, and it’s never been used…”

          • RCAVictor

            I don’t think I’ve read that book but will anticipate Editor’s apparent thumbs down of it. The prophecy I referred to was elsewhere but I cannot for the life of me remember where. I’m having a Sleepy Joe moment!

        • Athanasius,

          Yes it was Quito: “But when [evil] seems triumphant and when authority abuses its power, committing all manner of injustice and oppressing the weak, their ruin shall be near. They will fall and crash to the ground…..”

          “To try the faith and trust of these just ones, there will be times when all will seem lost and paralyzed. It will then be the happy beginning of the complete restoration….”

  4. I think that not only SAGE, but all the worldwide tentacles of the NWO are supremely confident in their ability to pull this off, by continuing to blanket the world with lies, threats, false compassion (concern for our health), and confusion. Not to mention plenty of money being spread around to keep mouths moving in the approved manner.

    But I also think it is important to keep sight of the big picture: “The Great Re-Set.” The poorly disguised Nazi, Klaus Schwab, continues to blather about it, especially about the upcoming World Economic Forum meeting in January to plan their next steps. The co-sponsor of this event appears to be the Prince of Wales! (What a fall from having a WWII battleship named after his title! Perhaps we can console ourselves that having escaped destruction by the Bismarck, the old Prince of Wales was sunk by Japanese bombers in the Pacific.)

    Whatever this “Great Re-Set” is, it does not bode well for humanity, despite all the vaguely benevolent-sounding verbiage being cranked out about it. We are presented with the usual leftist green buzzwords, like:

    -“a more fair, sustainable and resilient future.”
    -“a new social contract centred on human dignity [and] social justice.”
    – “climate change could be the next global disaster”
    – “decarbonize the economy”
    – “we need to put nature at the heart of how we operate.” (Oops! Your Freemasonry is showing, Sir Prince of Wales!)

    And just in case anyone was not satisfied with the above slogans, here’s the kicker:

    “The global health crisis has laid bare the unsustainability of our old system in terms of social cohesion, the lack of equal opportunities and inclusiveness. Nor can we turn our backs on the evils of racism and discrimination.”

    (Ironically, it is the global health crisis which has exposed something quite different: not the unsustainability of our “old system,” but the treachery of our so-called leaders and the identity of their real bosses.)

    If you peruse the article I’m posting below, you may also notice the striking resemblance with how the Pope’s fraudulent “Youth Synod” was conducted – in the paragraph about halfway down, beginning with this:

    “To do so, the World Economic Forum will draw on thousands of young people in more than 400 cities around the world (the Global Shapers Community)…”

    Ah yes, the clueless young will save the Church! And they’ll even save the planet!

    Don’t know about you folks, but my tolerance curve for this arrogant excrement is thoroughly flattened. I do hope that Robert Kennedy, Jr., the German doctor who was arrested in Trafalgar Square, and all the other leaders of the resistance are planning some massive demonstrations at the site of the WEF January meeting.

    Meanwhile, back to “confidence.” Here’s what St. Paul says about it in 2 Corinthians:

    “And such confidence we have, through Christ, towards God. Not that we are sufficient to think any thing of ourselves, as of ourselves: but our sufficiency is from God.”

    • RCA Victor,

      A very surprising fact – it seems to me – is that the elite talks openly about “The Great Reset” – incredible.

      For the sake of any first time visitors to this blog, here is a very clear explanation of the nature and purpose of The Great Rest… There are a number of other videos on YouTube, not “religious”, but this is my favourite because it treats of Trump’s role in all of this – which, I think is key to understanding the apparently sudden ruse to impose this virus from China and keep us all essentially under house arrest for the foreseeable future…

      By the way, as our Chief America Correspondent, I’m wondering if you would confirm or deny my own gut feeling about Trump seeming to fall for the virus/vaccine story. Athanasius mentioned this somewhere – if not in his post above, somewhere else, but I’m time-challenged so won’t take time to search…

      My guess is that he knows perfectly well about the Bill Gates/Fauci et al plans for “regular vaccination” and a forced vaccination programme (albeit “forced” by devious means – having been vaccinated or not will decide our access to various goods and services, travel, for example)…

      So, Trump knows what they are up to, I’m guessing, but he needs to play along to a certain extent, not least because lots of his own supporters will have fallen for the “vaccine” narrative. I think Trump needs to get back into office for that second term, so that then he can pull the plug on the lot of them.

      Am I right? Wrong? Kinda right? Totally wrong? Is that your phone ringing?

      • Editor,

        Yes, they talk about it openly, but in language so vague that it could mean almost anything. Seems like they took lessons from the hijackers at Vatican II – use vague language that can be interpreted as they wish, later. How long before we start hearing about the “Spirit of the Great Re-set”?

        As for Trump and the virus/fake test/fake case/fake death count/very real vaccine scam (whew!), I agree with you. I think he is keeping his powder dry until he is re-elected, and then we’ll hopefully see a “medical bureaucracy massacre” with the corrupt lot of them signing up for unemployment benefits.

        As for my phone, I’ve turned it off for the evening. Mailbox full, please try again later, all our customer service representatives are busy helping other conspiracy theorists. Your projected wait time is… 16 hours…

        • RCA Victor,

          Now that you’ve confirmed my gut feeling about Trump and the virus/vaccine, I will sleep like a baby.

          As for your concluding paragraph… Priceless!

      • Editor & RCAVictor

        Trump, I hope, does realise that the Covid-19 pandemic is fake. My further hope is that if and when he wins re-election he immediately sends Fauci for criminal trial and shuts the lie down once and for all. If he persists with the vaccine thing then he’s just playing right into the hands of Gates and his Chinese enablers. I really hope he doesn’t do that.

          • RCA Victor,

            Well that puts paid to Fauci’s claim about not being “a political person” and The American Thinker is right – he ought to demand that the democrats stop using him in their campaign – or else stop harassing the Trump campaign for merely quoting him accurately.

            He really is a cowboy.

          • RCAVictor

            Both Fauci and Birx need jailing as willing participants in this massive global hoax. Fauci probably got a call from Gates when Trump used his words telling him to get on to the media immediately and undermine what was just said. Fauci’s CDC is in receipt of Gates Foundation payouts, or bribes to you and I, just like the WHO, the BBC, UCL where Professor Neil Ferguson hangs out, and so many others. Yep, Gates has the lot of them bought. I wonder, though, if he bought them out with Chinese Yen??

            • Athanasius,

              I believe I’ve read somewhere – actually several times – that Fauci has a financial interest in the vaccines currently under development. I was so shocked at that news that I had to go lie down….

    • RCAVictor

      Their over confidence is often their undoing, they get so arrogant that they alert everyone to what their up to thinking they can’t be touched. That’s usually when the masses get their eyes opened and turn the tables. I say usually because I’m not so sure this time around given the general lunacy of mask wearers still in the population. We can but hope!

  5. WOW! Look at this – just caught this as I was closing down… The Manchester local politicians who have been showing their displeasure at the latest restrictions, are being… er, how can I put this, tactfully… bribed

    one hundred million quid?! From where is all this money coming?

    And is this how things have been done throughout? Does this explain the unanimous support across, not only Parliament, but the Parliaments / Assemblies of the so-called “four nations”? No opposition from anywhere, MPs, MSPs, Welsh and North of Ireland Assembly members… media?

    I know what I think – a bribe by any other name (to kinda quote Shakespeare) is still a bribe

  6. Politicians are a waste of space if the imagine that their precious lockdowns will control the virus. It simply will not. But, lockdowns has caused adverse effects on the mental and physical health of people.

    One individual in the comments section has listed what should not be done. Not, that politicians will care as long as they have the utmost control over the majority of the population.

    NO masks. NO testing on healthy people. NO track and trace, NO vaccine. NO lockdowns. NO fear either. Well, I would agree with that.

    • Helen,

      That really does sound like something in the category of “conspiracy theory”. Having said that, I detest the concept. The person who juxtaposed those two words (conspiracy and theory) very cleverly hit on a way of shutting down all investigation and discussion.

      I just know that so many people are totally brainwashed and cannot believe that the governments of the UK would try to control us (er, yes, they’re that naïve), that to tell them about the doctor’s claims regarding the ingredients of the forthcoming proposed vaccine would be a step too far.

      However, I’d like to learn more – hear what others think.

  7. And from Australia from the Bolt Report, Daniel Andrews is still whipping Victorian Society to death with a 15 week lockdown, or near enough 15 weeks.

    Australians are having a terrible raw deal. The economy is suffering, and heavens knows how deep the mental and physical health of Victorians are suffering. I would imagine that those in Victoria will be glad to see the back of Daniel Andrews, when it is time to vote again.

    • Theresa Rose,

      Great interview. Daniel Andrews is such a dictator – I was glad to hear the former premier say he won’t be returned at the next election, despite (amazingly) enjoying popularity now. That really leaves me speechless. No sarcastic replies, please and thank you!

  8. RCA Victor,

    Just came across this article this morning, I cannot remember if you have posted it elsewhere.

    It seems to me, that Deep State is working to ensure Joe Biden wins the election by fair means or foul. Destabilization of the process of the election is a criminal act. No good will come of it if they are successful. It is worth reading again if only to remind ourselves of what people will do to ensure a communistic outcome.

    • Theresa Rose,

      No I hadn’t posted it before, and that is quite a bombshell – and quite an informative-looking website. Thank you very much for that post!

      Yes, your statement about the Deep State is 100% correct. This country, along with most of the rest of the world, is in the hands of evil, depraved, ruthless men, drunk with power and money. Worse than drunk, actually: they are in a satanist-induced state I’d call hallucination (which is several degrees, at least, worse than our favorite traditionalist phrase: diabolical disorientation).

      We have three consolations, at this point: one, Our Lady will crush them (and we need to storm Heaven with that request); two, most of them are completely incompetent; three, here in America, at least, the number of private and public researchers exposing this corruption has grown into a veritable army. It is too large to silence, and much smarter than the satanists.

      • RCA Victor,

        It was just by chance that I found this article, and, it is something that I will need to read over and over again but it is well worth reading.

        You are absolutely correct in that we need to storm Heaven, The sooner that the Consecration of Russia happens that is when we will see Our Lady crush them.

  9. It’s a disgrace that they are now targeting Christmas, as they shut us down before Easter. I’m completely disillusioned with these politicians. How they can sleep at night, beats me.

    • Helen,

      Goodness knows what lies ahead of us in Scotland – maybe permission to buy a pair of socks will be the least of our worries.

      Once we know what Nicola Stalin has decided, I’ll post a fresh thread on the topic. I’m still waiting for concrete evidence that it’s possible for any Government to “suppress” or rid us of any virus.

      If they can do it with this one, why didn’t they set about getting rid of the annual flu virus – years ago?

      None of this makes sense until the penny drops that it is not ABOUT a virus.

      Playing a word association game in the future, folks will be associating “Covid-19 Virus” with “Bribery”. – how do I know? Because I’m already making that association. Big time.

    • Well, would you believe it – I came in to post that exactly same video – but on the new thread, so I’m off to post it there. Not to worry, the more widely available all our material is, the better.

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