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  1. Editor

    This is what happened to Dr Heiko Schoning soon afterwards, the government made sure he never got to speak at the rally.

    • WOW!

      Francescomarta, thank you so much for posting that – how dare they! I hope the Covidiots who still believe the Government propaganda start to open their minds to the reality of what is going on – that we are, without a shadow of a doubt, living in a police state. If I’m questioned or stopped by the police now, which I fully expect to be from what I’m hearing around me, the very first thing I plan to say is that I am now afraid of police officers, is that what they want, does that give them job satisfaction? I’ll let you know when my court date comes up! If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry.

      I know you attended the protest last weekend – were you there today?

      I’m having to abandon ship right now, but look forward to hearing more from you about the protest, assuming that the answer to my question is “yes”!

    • This video of the doctor being arrested just goes to show that individuals do not have freedom of speech in this country. Only large organisations have freedom of speech. The main stream media can say whatever they want and get away with it. Individuals will be silenced.

    • Yes, it is shocking to watch. Would have been good to have another first hand account but who knows, maybe someone will pay us a surprise visit. And there are a number of short videos online which we can post in due course.

      One thing is certain. Things are worsening very rapidly.

  2. I was very impressed by Dr. Schoning. What was the charge against him, that caused him to be arrested? Or did they arrest first and make up a charge later?

    This is truly disturbing.

  3. This situation is starting to remind me of Hollywood movies about “sleeper cells” i.e. networks of terrorists disguised as ordinary citizens, attracting no attention whatsoever, until they are activated.

    Who are the sleeper cells of the scam-demic? Most of the politicians and government bureaucrats of the West, formerly disguised as ordinary (though liberal to far left) elected officials and faceless paper shufflers – until now, when they have been activated by a phony pandemic and are following the tyranny roadmap instructions to a “T.”

    The only question I have is, who is giving the orders? And what threats have been issued should those orders not be carried out?

  4. Am I misinterpreting Boris Johnson’s address to the United Nations General Assembly or is he pushing forward the agenda for one world government?

    • Editor

      It is beyond question that Boris Johnson was pushing the NWO in that address, absolute globalist and elitist control. What really grated about that was the Scriptural references he quoted in support of a work that is straight from Hell.

      I also noticed a number of indirect rebukes of President Trump and his policies. For example, he praised efforts on climate change, calling for increased action, knowing that Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate agreement because of the damage it was doing to trade and the economy. He then spoke of Covid-19 as having originated in bats or pangolins knowing full well, as Trump has literally verified, that it was manufactured in a Chinese laboratory. The final insult was referring to the Secretary General of the WHO as “my firend Tedros”, again knowing that Trump holds this former Marxist Guerrilla fighter and Health Minister of Ethiopia (very intimate with the Clinton Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) responsible for silencing the Covid outbreak on China’s behalf.

      It is very clear by these comments that Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have nothing in common. Trump is an honest Patriot and Johnson is a cultural Marxist and globalist pretending to be a conservative. I have no doubt that Trump will take the hint from Johnson’s UN address and step back from any significant trade deal with the UK. I would if I were Trump.

      On a slightly different note, kind of anyway, I read today in the Mail on Sunday that Nicola Sturgeon has awarded a massive contract for wind turbines to a State controlled company in Communist China, denying desperate pleas from a Scottish company (Biofab) to award the contract to them. Biofab has been surviving on tax-payer funding for the past year and simply had to get that business to stay viable as a company. Sturgeon chose to give the business in stead to the Chinese. This is the woman who speaks of Scottish Independence and the rights of the Scottish people. Her utter hypocrisy and deceit is barely credible. I hope the SNP fanatics are taking note. What did they expect from a duplicitous Marxist.

      • Athanasius,

        News flash for Sturgeon: wind turbines are a complete waste of money, generate very little energy, and their cost-effectiveness is well into negative numbers. But it turns out that they also generate large volumes of toxic waste:


        The globalist push for “green” energy, as with all the other items on their agenda, is a complete scam.

        • RCAVictor

          I think the Socialist hippies know this already. It’s not about saving the planet, it’s about them controlling the world and filling each others pockets with taxpayer money under the guise of saving the planet.

      • Athanasius,

        I’ve just posted your comment on the American Breitbart site where I’ve been commenting this past day or so (having so much time to spare, you know…)
        RCA Victor posted the link (perhaps on the previous thread) but I’ve been caught up with them, all such nice bloggers completely in tune with our refutation of the tyranny.

        I know they’ll love it and the more Americans we alert to the truth about the Boris & Nicola Show, the better.

    • Editor,

      That’s the first time I’ve heard BJ speak. I must say he is certainly more eloquent than his hairdo would let on, but what comes out of his mouth is a sheer inversion of reality and unadulterated rubbish.

      He calls for honesty by embracing and accepting lies. He wants the truth that “someone once said” (sic!) would set us free, but won’t touch the truth with a 10-ft. pole. “We all have a right to know” about the virus, but the right to know, courtesy of himself, has been smothered and threatened with punishment, and instead we only have a right to know the government line.

      The WHO is “the one body that marshals humanity against the legions of disease.” Is this the same WHO that covered up the origins and nature of the disease when it was first reported; the same WHO that has repeatedly flip-flopped on masks, quarantines, treatment, infectiousness; the same WHO that’s endorsed and called for a “new normal” as if life on earth could never recover from a mild form of the flu?

      And Bill Gates “amazing prediction” 5 years ago about an imminent pandemic has come true? What about Anthony Fauci’s similar prediction in 2017 – wasn’t that “amazing” as well? Or was it simply the hubris of the globalists predicting what they themselves have set in motion?

      I did not go past the 5-minute mark, as I’m already too deeply disgusted by this globalist useful idiot patting his globalist masters on the back, and with his lips firmly implanted on their posteriors. It’s no wonder that Hollywood’s actors are constantly giving themselves awards – they are just imitating the behavior of their puppet-masters.

      Just when did you sell your soul, Boris?

      • RCA Victor,

        Terrific – so many nails on heads in there.

        As for Boris selling his soul – while at the same time having his baby son baptised a Catholic. Honestly, you just could not make this stuff up.

    • Patrick,

      It’s very true but also very difficult – the police have us all living in fear because they are committed to implementing the Government’s dreadful restrictions. As I’ve heard more than one person say, “I just can’t afford the fines”.

      Who could possibly pay those dreadful fines – up to £10,000 for doing something that was, until recently, perfectly legal.

      I’d like to know what happens when we refuse to pay the fines and keep ignoring the notices. Would they force us to sell our homes, for example? Really?

      I may just have to invest in a tent, then. And I hate the thought of camping!

    • Athanasius,

      That is indeed a very thorough article, though much too restrained in my opinion. At least, though, civil discourse, which is much better than I can do!

      I would question, however, this statement of his:

      “This is all about covering politicians’ backs. Ministers cannot retreat from the policy of coercion without implicitly admitting that it never was a good idea.”

      It may be about that at a lower level, but the real intent at the point of origin is not about covering backs, but stabbing freedom in the back via a medical dictatorship.

      • RCA Victor,

        I’ve not had time to read that article yet, but you have hit yet another nail on the head. While there are increasing numbers of people objecting to the lockdown, there is hardly anyone who actually knows what is really going on at the very top. They would still look with raised eyebrows and say “conspiracy theory…”

      • RCAVictor

        I’m sure Lord Sumption has different thoughts in private but he can’t write them in public, not if he wants to get some kind of message out there via the press. He’s being diplomatic – it’s a virtue I have not personally been able to master!

  5. In this link from the protest yesterday, Anna Brees interviews about 6 or 7 people as to why they are attending. Answers include a protest as we losing our freedoms. That imposing the lockdown was based on a scam. Well you will see what they say.

    I am glad that so many attended.


      Excellent video by Anna Brees and I have just found this one by Anna on the release of Dr Heiko Schöning, speaking from Wandsworth Police Station.

        • Crofterlady,

          I do apologise for not answering much earlier about the video in question. The video you are asking about is the one of Dr Heiko Schoning speaking outside Wandsworth Police Station on Sunday 27/09/2020.

          I do not know exactly what time the video has been taken off the air, or by whom, or exactly what time, but it did go up initially. Unfortunately I cannot find it despite my searching for it. It seems the authorities do not wish it to be seen. So far I can only post this below in written form.


          As I understand it, Dr Schoning was arrested at Trafalgar Square on Saturday prior to him speaking to the protestors. But according to the above, he was arrested after speaking to the protestors. He was released on Sunday, presumably 24 hours after his arrest.

          I strongly suspect the ways things are the authorities want to silence anyone who does not agree with their take on events, either about Covid 19 and the way things are being handled by the government.

          If I do find the video again I will surely post it.

  6. It looks like the video of Dr Heiko Schoning statement outside Wandsworth Police station has been censored, so he must be telling the truth.

    Dr Heiko Schoning has been released from Wandsworth Police Station UK today after his arrest yesterday before he was able to deliver his speech at the anti-lockdown protest in London 26th Sept. In the video he reminds us that there is no free speech anymore in the UK even at Hyde Park Corner as the truth has now been suppressed. He mentioned a book which is a best seller in Germany called “Covid19 False Alarm” which is now available in English, sorry did not get the author’s name. He also points to a Web-Site for update and listen to speeches on the current fight against tyrannical Governments, see link below

    English versions – ACU 2020
    A20 Chief Inspector Michael Fritsch in the extra-parliamentary corona committee of inquiry

    The next anti-Lockdown rally in Berlin will be on 10/10/20 and asks us to save the date for this very important event “Berlin invites Europe” to this event as millions attended before, Robert Kennedy jnr was present along with other famous people. He warns us to “WAKE UP AND THINK MANKIND”

    • Francescomarta

      Thanks for this update and the link, I’ll check it out shortly. It’s true though, our liberty has been taken away completely. The Covid-19 scam will one day go down as a crime against humanity and these modern day Hitler’s and Stalin’s who have implemented it will go down in historical infamy. Then, of course, they have God to meet at their eternal judgement!

      • Athanasius,

        I sincerely hope that day is not too far off, when these politician-scammers are brought to account – any justice and they’ll end up in prison for a very long time.


        Couldn’t agree more. I managed to find another clip of Dr Heiko Schoning statement outside Wandsworth Police station

  7. To add to the contrast between Boris Johnson and President Trump’s view on this one world order and communism here is a clip from Trump’s address to the United Nations (which he repeatedly refers to as an ineffective organization) as he brings the attention back to the communist troublemaker: China.

    This is consistent with his brilliant speech last year at the UN, where he slammed Venezuela and others right in front of their leaders:

    • Catherine,

      Thank you for posting those who videos – fantastic. But for Donald Trump, we’d have no hope at all, under God and Our Lady of Fatima.

      God bless America!

  8. This is a video of the entire protest – note that the organiser leads a prayer for the policeman who lost his life in London this week, AND he then calls for a minute of silence to think of all police and all people affected by the lockdown. Hardly dangerous maniacs…

  9. Just received this link from an acquaintance in Bristol, UK, Test & Trace is now alive and well in our Catholic Churches. The Web-site informs Parishioners that they can scan in if they have a mobile phone, but if not they will have to give their details which can be released to the NHS on request and stored for up to 21 days.


    They are collaborating with the Communists!

  10. I put a video link by Dr Vernon Coleman earlier but seems to have disappeared, however the video can be found by clicking on link via YOUTUBE. Very important information, please pass on to as many people as possible!

  11. More news from Sweden. “Sweden is completely normal, no social distancing, no mask wearing in the streets and the shops, business’s are open, streets are bustling with crowds of people, Pubs and Bars are doing normal business, no restrictions, life is normal there.” From video below

    So why is Boris destroying business’s and people are dying with his ‘lockdowns’ here? The Mail Online said in an article last week that an estimated 75,000 people have died in the UK because of the lockdowns?

  12. If things are bad here, just thank God we’re not living in Australia – sunshine and beaches or no sunshine and beaches! Here’s one of my all-time favourite TV newsmen…

    • Editor

      Certain people during this crisis have risen to the challenge and have shown great integrity. For example Anna Brees, Kate Shanirani, Dr Vernon Coleman and many many more. Alan Jones in Australia is up with the best of them.

  13. I thought I would share: I have just been in the Foodware House – Iceland in Glasgow area, where a young man was ‘accosted’ by another ‘officious’ customer telling him off saying he was skipping the queue. He apologised but she just continued to tell him off and swearing at him more than once and the other person with her (a female) stuck her fingers up at him. Who does this customer think she is telling off another customer and in such an unpleasant manner too. The queues in the shops are confusing with no one in charge of directing people to the appropriate queue when the shops are so busy, People also don’t want to lose their place in the queue. The additional queuing rules due to covid are ridiculous. Its important to note that the other shops nearby have different systems for queuing, for example, one shop can have a single queue whereas others allow say 6 queues per till. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell another customer off. The man made a mistake, he didn’t do it deliberately. he was humble enough to apologise. I think the shop owners need to take the financial impact of covid and employ more people in to direct customers in the queues. Aldi shops is the worst for in where I live. So it was a bit like an episode of East Enders or such like. These Covid rules are causing so many different problems in every day life. I’m sure others have experienced conflicts in shops where people and being officious! Its not acceptable. .

    • Catherine,

      This scamdemic has given licence to everybody and anybody to boss everyone else around, it is infuriating.

      I have just emailed my MP and MSP as follows – self-explanatory….

      I have just seen the headline on BBC Breaking News, 30 September, 2020, that “seven people died after receiving a positive test in Scotland in the past 24 hours.” This, we’re told, is the highest number since July.

      I would be grateful to have the following information, to allow me to make an accurate assessment of the significance of these latest “deaths”.

      1) Were the seven people (or any of them) hospitalised at the time of death?
      2) Did any of the seven people who died in the past 24 hours, suffer from any other condition?
      3) How many people in Scotland died in the last 24 hours from anything else, anything at all.

      I look forward to your reply.

      May I also mention that during Prime Ministers Questions in the UK Parliament today, the SNP leader mentioned a survey which shows that a very small number of Scots trust the Westminster Government. I think you may be interested to read/follow what I believe to be the only blog in Scotland where there is an alternative narrative offered, to that pressed by the media on the Governments’ behalf (the Governments of the UK including the Scottish, Welsh and Irish Governments).

      There are many indications on this blog (link below) that there is huge distrust of the Scottish Government led by the Marxist Nicola Sturgeon https://catholictruthblog.com/ In just about every discussion about the scamdemic, we find Scots expressing exasperation and concern about the dictatorial First Minister.

      I would appreciate the answers to the questions posed in this email, as a matter of some urgency.

      Thank you (Signed).

      I should have added “age” of the deceased to my list but it didn’t occur to me at the time. If they reply with the answers, then the age should be clear enough, I hope.

      I urge everyone who reads this blog to ask those kind of questions of their political representatives – just expressing anger or concern brings a non- response but if we ask hard questions, the penny might drop that we’re not ALL unthinking sheep. Oh, and note – as I’ve said on this blog many times, I stopped watching the BBC et al news broadcasts some time ago but having read about the growing rebellion among Tory MPs and having watched the excellent performance in Parliament of Sir Desmond Swayne MP (thanks to video posted on this blog a day or so ago), I decided to tune in to PMQ’s while having my lunch break – more breaking news: none of the “rebels” were present. Presumably they had to allow others in for PMQs this week, under the social distancing restrictions. Crackers!

  14. Just thought the readers might like to know that the Army is now knocking on doors in Birmingham, UK asking people if they want to be tested for “Covid 19.

    According to the link below a tweet warns that the test is actually the Vaccine, as there is a greater awareness of the danger of the new different Vaccine which actually goes into our DNA and people will not voluntary take it!


    Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!

    • Francescomarta,

      I’ve watched the video and it is really very worrying – who want’s the military appearing on the doorstep in this way? More and more of us are very nervous of the police, so soldiers – no thanks. No offence; if we’re invaded by a foreign power, they’ll be our heroes, but in this police state scenario in which we find ourselves today, definitely no thanks.

      Not had time to study the Patreon link but will do. I sincerely hope, though, that it’s not the case that the “test” is actually a vaccine. Goodness, whatever next. I’m going to be The Sceptic on that one – for now, at least.

        • Athanasius,

          Yes, frightening – but I wish these video-makers would stop dramatizing. Half the time the music throughout a presentation is either distracting or positively prevents those of us with less than perfect hearing, from hearing everything clearly. It can be like trying to hear what someone is saying through a mask while an orchestra is playing in the background…

          Having offloaded that irritation, I do agree with you that this is something else to add to our worry list. The utter corruption is literally hiding in plain sight everywhere.

    • Francescomarta,

      I’ve now visited both links – I’m still sceptical, though, not least because there is no source given for the image with the warning about the test being a vaccine and the note at the foot of the image referring to compliance.

      I’m also struggling to see the connection between their business enterprise and the vaccine meme or whatever it is. Call me a slow coach if you like dare but I just don’t get it (although, worry not, I definitely won’t be getting the vaccine, in any event!)

    • Francescomarta,

      Thank you for that – I’ve now emailed Tobias Ellwood MP, with copies to Sir Desmond Swayne MP and Steve Baker MP (counted among those who are allegedly rebels against the Covid impositions) as well as my own MP.

      MY EMAIL:

      I am appalled to discover your support for a forced vaccination programme – and that, for a virus which is harmless in the majority of people infected. Incredible.

      It is outrageous that our God-given freedoms have been removed by politicians the world over, with the UK being – if anything – a leader in oppressing us.

      Be assured that any attempt to force vaccination on the people (incredibly compliant so far, to my horror) is more likely than not going to backfire.

      I, for one, will never accept this vaccine. I don’t accept the annual flu jab – which, note, hasn’t cured that virus – and I am definitely never going to accept this one, manufactured for political purposes.

      Please look at the facts about this virus yourself. Do NOT believe the mickey mouse “experts” surrounding Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon – the World Health Organisation, remember, is a puppet of Communist China.

      Forgive me if this comes across as rude, not my intention, but I find myself asking all the time, if any of our politicians have any brains at all. As a retired teacher, I am dismayed at the absence of any critical thinking in the population at large. Having taught in both England and Scotland, I no longer believe that we have the best education systems in the world. Far from it. I am incredulous that MPs have given Boris an extension to his “temporary” powers when there is patently no need. People in Sweden are walking about and going about their lives as we used to do before this “scamdemic”. We have no idea how many people have actually died solely due to this virus. Very few, according to the figures already published.

      I would urge you and the other MPs copied into this message to please wake up to the reality of what is going on, and how the elite in the World Economic Forum are using you to “reset” the world – in the mould of Communism. That is what is meant by the term “New Normal” and “New World Order”. This is why they detest President Trump – the only world leader who is “on to them” and they know it; hence his four years of Hell to date. We, at Catholic Truth are praying for his re-election as we prayed for the Brexit vote; ironic in that we were desperate to get away from the shackles of Brussels, only to find ourselves in brand new shackles imposed by our own Governments! Laughable, really, if it weren’t so serious.

      Please wake up! Help us! Below, a five minute clip setting out the plan to “reset” the world – not something any Conservative MP should support.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se9rkxUK8zU and for information to counter the Government propaganda visit https://catholictruthblog.com/ Ends.

      • Editor

        Outstanding email that summarises this hoax and I’m sure many commentators on CTS will be sending something similar to Ellwood and their own MP’s.

        More information for our readers regarding MP Tobias Ellwood. Not only is he calling for the Army to play a greater role in the fight against the “Pandemic” by wanting them to distribute the Vaccine, issue “Immunity Passports” and control the narrative. He is also a reserve in the 77th Brigade who are involved in information warfare, they edit Videos, record podcasts and write posts.

    • Francescomarta,

      I’ve just watched that Dr Coleman video on Brandnewtube (which I didn’t know existed) I do hope he is correct- Justice would be served if the politicians and health “experts” responsible for all the suffering they have caused by hyping up this virus “crisis” end up in prison. That would definitely be justice.

        • Editor / Lily / Catherine

          I wonder if “Mandatory Vaccines in three months?” could the idea for the next thread as we are getting ever nearer to NWO end game of depopulation via Vaccines.

          “NHS Managers have been told to produce Coronavirus mass vaccination plans for the end of October in readiness for a possible Vaccine this Winter” see link below


          As we are aware from a previous post troops are now on the streets of the UK knocking doors, issuing tests for “Covid !9”, what exactly are these PCR tests detecting as its inventor Dr Kary Mullis informs us that they are not be used for detecting infection! Incidentally he died just before the Plandemic broke out, how convenient, see link below for more information.

          • Francescomarta,

            I did consider a “military” thread to post today, but couldn’t find anything up to date – everything on YouTube came up dated months ago, and mostly in the USA.

            Anyway, I’d wanted to have some commentary on the Vatican financial scandal so that’s just gone up. I will however, post something very soon on this important subject. So, hang in there!

            There is a lot of information coming in, too, relating to the publication of Father Dunn’s letter, so there may be something new on that front quite soon – however, there’s nothing to stop me posting more than one thread at any given time; wouldn’t be the first time, so – as I say – hang on in there!

            It is becoming increasingly frightening. We are already in a police state – that is now beyond question. So, again, in case you missed it first and second time… hand on in there!

            • Editor

              Thanks for considering it and the Cardinal Pell story has taken a very intriguing turn with the Vatican Bank and money transfer to Australia!

              • Francescomarta,

                Yes, a very interesting turn.

                I’m about to post a new thread which – in movie terms – is something of a spin-off from Father Dunn’s letter!

                So, it’ll take a few more days but we will get to that military thread. How can I put it… O yes, “hang on in there!”

  15. More troops on the ground in Birmingham, UK dropping off “Covid 19” self-test kits to households and then collecting them an hour later and they have the audacity to tell us not to be alarmed! If this does not wake up the sheeple, nothing will!




  16. Please see below from the BMJ(British Medical Journal) about “Operation Moonshot”

    “Operation Moonshot is the name of the UK government’s newly proposed covid-19 mass testing scheme. The plan, revealed by The BMJ, involves an expansion of testing from the current hundreds of thousands of tests each day to 10 million a day by early 2021”

    It also states “They say that Moonshot has been described by the prime minister as the “only hope for avoiding a second national lockdown before a vaccine, something that the country cannot afford.”


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