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  1. It is so good to hear someone in Scotland speaking out about this terrible tyrannical way of governing us, in the name of a virus which is not at all deadly. We were told at the start that most people would recover who were infected, so what all the fuss is about, I can’t work out. I second the call for the consecration of Russia – that is really beyond urgent now.

    Just being nosy, but I notice that the setting for this video is different from previous videos. Has Catholic Truth moved to a new address? It looks very posh, LOL! It’s very professional, too, beautiful scenic slides and I was proud to see the Scottish flag. Well done, to all involved.

    • Josephine,

      It is a bit puzzling that they were so insistent on the fact that the virus was not dangerous to the majority who became infected, while at the same time imposing the drastic restrictions. That is puzzling indeed. I assume it was a way of keeping an uprising at bay, emphasising the concept of just being careful, keeping the “spread” of the virus at bay. Whatever the rationale, it’s certainly worked.

      You are right about the setting – I was invited to do the filming at the home of a close relative, partly for practical reasons to save time, as we’d arranged to do the filming after Mass on Sunday and accepting the invitation saved me from having to travel to and from from various locations – long story but that’s the gist of it.

      My 17 year old Great Nephew is to thank for the professional presentation – I wasn’t crazy about the “vintage” part of it but he’s enthusiastic about trying out various things, so who am I, who know as much about graphics and presentation of videos, as I do about, er, infectious diseases 😀

      Anyway, thank you for your kind comment. The video-master will be delighted.

      • Editor,

        We have Nicola Sturgeon announcing one new Covid death

        All the talk about “cases” and “testing positive” is really misleading, as that article from Dr Malcolm Kendrick which you recommended in the video makes very clear. I’ve copied some stuff from his article about the terminology, to post here:

        “To start with, we have the mangling of the concept of a ‘case’.

        Previously, in the world of infectious diseases, it has been accepted that a ‘case’ represents someone with symptoms, usually severe symptoms, usually severe enough to be admitted to hospital.

        However, now we stick a swab up someone’s nose, who feels completely well, or very mildly ill. We find that they have some COVID particles lodged up there, and we call them a case of COVID. Sigh, thud!

        A symptomless, or even mildly symptomatic positive swab is not a case. Never, in recorded history, has this been true. However, now we have an almost unquestioned acceptance that a positive swab represents a case of COVID. This is then parroted on all the news channels as if it were gospel.”
        https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/ (you have to scroll down to get the article about “terminology really, really matters”.)

        The problem is that the media is going along with the government and spewing out the propaganda without doing any challenging. So much for investigative journalism!

        I’ve now watched the video again – it’s really very good!

  2. Josephine,

    I daresay Editor was doing her version of Dennis Prager’s fireside chats! (Without the dog…)

    Seriously though, this is excellent, and I hope it finds a wide audience. Just out of curiosity, what religion is Sturgeon? Obviously not Catholic!

    How ironic that her title is “First Minister”: a minister is supposed to minister to people, not put them under her thumb by creating a bizarre dystopia.

    I’ve lately noticed something interesting that occurs during my walks to and from my parish: it is almost always the women who, approaching from the opposite direction, give me a wide berth by veering off onto someone’s lawn, or even out into the street, to avoid passing by me on the sidewalk (and they rarely say hello). The men, on the other hand, do nothing except smile and say hello, and keep walking straight ahead.

    Have you bloggers noticed that women are more likely to be compliant with the fear programming than men?

    One more thing, about this “stay at home” business: years ago, when I first started reading about the globalist conspiracy, I came across an old speech from, I think, the 1930s or thereabouts. I don’t remember who gave it – might have been one of the Rockefellers – but one of the themes was that the elites just wanted everyone to stay home, don’t worry, and leave everything to them!

    So the “stay at home” edict has been a central part of their plans for a long time. In fact I’d say we were gradually introduced to it via “telecommuting” (working from home), and lately, within the past 2 years, being able to order your groceries from home and pick them up at the store, without having to go in. How convenient that this service appeared just in time to be established for a lockdown…

    • RCA Victor,

      I laughed about the “Dennis Prager Fireside Chat” – in fact, when we were planning the video, our video-master, my 17 year old Great Nephew, who introduced me to the Dennis Prager Fireside Chats, was keen to do something different from our previous presentations.. He knows that I prefer to sit at a desk/table, but he wanted me to sit in an armchair. I joked that he was trying to make me into a female Dennis Prager but the trouble is, I don’t have a fireplace. The whole family then chorused “But we have a fireplace!” In the end, since it was going to save a lot of time if we filmed the video at their home, I gave in, but pointed out that while Dennis begins with “This is my home and this is my fireplace” I would need to begin “This is NOT my home, and this is NOT my fireplace”! I drew the line, though, when my 7 year old Great Niece came running over, just before filming began, with a toy dog to lay at my feet! Absolutely priceless.

      Sturgeon’s religion? Pounds sterling, I would say. I really don’t know if she is a regular in any church but she was married in the Church of Scotland in Glasgow. As we know, of course, that means nothing since we have people who turn up at churches, including our own, for weddings, baptisms and funerals, but not a lot in between.

      Actually, I think there IS something in what you say about the difference between men and women. It’s always women who just about cross to the other side of the road to avoid mask-less me (and I know this happens to other people as well) while men don’t seem to be quite as terrified. There is the odd exception – I’m thinking of the male whom I mentioned on a previous thread a good while back, who was wearing a face-covering that put the ordinary mask, goggles and visors to utter shame. He was racing around the supermarket with his trolley obviously desperate to get away from everyone and back home! Incredible. Then, there was the bus driver who called the police on a man and his son who had exemptions due to suffering from asthma, and refused to wear a mask – I’m almost certain that driver was male. Not sure whether he should be categorised among the fearful or the officious brigade. Generally speaking, though, I think you have a point in saying there seems to be more compliance (more fear) in the female, as opposed to the male population. I hadn’t really thought about that before, but it’s striking me as making sense. I knew you’d make sense eventually. 😀

    • RCA Victor,

      Dennis Prager, eat your heart out, LOL!

      I think it was a good idea to make this video a bit different from the others, although I can see what editor has said about preferring to sit at her desk – I’m not sure which I prefer, actually. I think both have their own place – the formal, professional look at the desk or the more informal armchair at the fireplace. Anyway, the one thing that Dennis lacks is a Scottish accent, so it’s not as if viewers will confuse the two of them, LOL!

      About the possibility of a difference between men and women in the fear of Covid – yes, I think you maybe have a point. I’ve not looked particularly for a difference but I do notice that I get looks drawn by women for not wearing a mask (I’m exempt), whereas the men don’t do that. On the other hand, the females at the checkouts in the shops don’t treat me like a danger to health, so I’m really not 100% sure about this.

      • Josephine,

        I know what you mean by getting looks drawn by women for not wearing a mask, and not from men.

        I recently went into a Body Care Store without wearing a face mask. The reaction of the two female assistants amused me. They moved so quickly to other parts of the store. It was a good sized store and I was the only customer. It took me about 5 minutes to get the articles I wanted and paid for them. Neither said anything to me, yet both wore full face shields similar to the one in the link below.



        Congratulations, to your Great Nephew for the professional presentation in this video.

        • Theresa Rose,

          Every time I see one of those visors I have to stop myself from bursting out laughing. It’s so ridiculous – as if that could possibly protect anyone against a virus! Also, what you describe in the Body Care Store is very typical. There is real fear out there, as Editor says in the video. I find it really hard to understand, because we were told at the start that the virus is harmless to most people who get infected, so why are people so scared? It’s beyond me.

          A few people have said to me that if you see someone dying from Covid you would see how terrible a death it is, but that’s true of lots of illnesses. I think it boils down to lack of true faith in Almighty God.

  3. What they did to Markus Meechan (Count Dankula) was so cruel. I have lost faith in the Scottish police and Scottish judiciary. Puritanism is alive and well in the Scottish political establishment. SNP want to create a new Cromwellian commonwealth founded on Puritan revolutionary Whig ideology. Same old enemies. They want to finish what they started … The destruction of Catholic civilization!

    • Miles Immaculatae,

      Yes, and when I wrote to an SNP MP who stood up in Parliament and cited the Declaration of Arbroath as justification for independence to remind her that the Declaration was written in the context of Scotland as a Catholic nation, I did not receive as much as an acknowledgement, never mind a reply.

  4. I’m really delighted to see a video showing that not everybody in Scotland is being unquestioning during this terrible time of exaggerated crisis. There have been videos on this blog of Americans speaking out, and English people speaking out but so far, nothing and nobody in Scotland, so that’s brilliant. Catholic Truth is first to stand up to the tyranny! In all truth, it should be the bishops doing so but that’s all part of the problem. Also, I bet a pound to a penny that there will be traditional priests saying it’s not the place of any woman to speak out like this, because clericalism is a feature of the traditional societies. It’s all so disoriented, everywhere. They key thing is, God will be pleased with this effort, IMHO.

    I loved the scenery and the Scottish flag – and the them tune from Braveheart! The CT video master is a treasure!

  5. Scotland is not a free country and things could get worse. I would urge all readers and bloggers to watch this Video, sign and promote as widely as possible as we only have up to the 18/09/20, this Friday, for any consultation to take place on the changes and distribution of the Covid19 Vaccine in the UK. This will allow amongst other things non qualified Professionals to administer the Vaccine.


      • Editor

        The video is excellent and I’m glad that you made the Consecration of Russia central to the message. I don’t think anyone saw the advancement of communism coming from our own government.

        • Francescomarta,

          Thank you for your kind comment. And you are so right – none of us saw the Fatima prophecy about the spread of communism coming via our own Government. It’s truly amazing.

  6. I was so pleased to see Fatima promoted, and the Consecration of Russia placed centre stage in that Catholic Truth video – bravo! That makes it stand out from everything else I’ve seen.

    There were a lot of important points, I thought, especially about the masks being a visible way of checking that the population is compliant. I met most people haven’t thought of that.

    There’s no question about it, Scotland has lost its freedom and we are not going to get it back anytime soon. It’s really quite frightening that so few people realise this.

    • Laura,

      I forgot to say in my comment just now that I was also very pleased at the bits about Fatima in the video. It’s never mentioned by priests – it’s beyond belief, really, when the Fatima warnings are coming true, so clearly, at this time. For all the times I’ve quoted that “Russia will spread her errors” it never once occurred to me that they would spread to Scotland!

  7. I liked the video a lot – the presentation would stir the heart of any true Scot, LOL! The theme from Braveheart was a winner!

    I think anyone listening to the points made, objectively, would have to agree that we are no longer living in a free Scotland, very sad though it is to admit.

    The point about the NHS being there to protect us, not the other way around, is exactly right. It’s a wonder people fell for that so quickly.

    Congratulations to the CT video master – he’s obviously a very skilled 17 year old.

  8. Editor

    A great video tying all the threads together, especially the Fatima element. If people only understood that the present misery they suffer under today’s Socialist governments, always promising them a happier life while enslaving them under totalitarian control, is supernatural in origin. What is happening under Nicola Sturgeon and so many other Communist leaders of her ilk around the world is linked directly back to the “errors of Russia” as fortold by Our Lady at Fatima back in 1917. The entire world today is culturally Marxist and the police state is almost everywhere established. Indeed, as we have seen in America, whenever someone challenges the control of these Communist elitists they are prepared to unleash urban terrorism on the streets.

    I maintain that the primary target behind this Covid-19 scam is Donald Trump, who rejects the Communist NWO. He is universally detested by left wing governments and the media whose puppet master resides in Beijing and they have concocted this plague business in election year to destroy the strong economy Trump had built, while unleashing anarchy in the various states to further indermine his chances of re-election.

    They don’t really need to control the populations in the way they are doing now, since they have had the godless majority dancing to their tune for a long, long time. No, this is about Donald Trump and the virus will disappear if Trump is re-elected come November, it will be of no further use to them.

    In the meantime, all we can do is continue to speak the truth as per the official statistics and declarations that show this virus to be a political tool in the hands of very dangerous and unholy people, as Our Lady predicted for our time all those years ago. And we need to impress upon Catholics in particular that their bishops have sold the Church, and them, out to the NWO by its silent compliance with the present unlawful and unconstitutional crimes of our Communist-run governments.

    • Athanasius,

      I found your comment lurking in my admin file, right after I posted my comment of thanks to everyone.

      I definitely agree that this virus is all about preventing a Trump victory, but I still can’t see any of our leaders handing back their “emergency powers” – can you? Hasn’t Boris Johnson just asked Parliament (or is about to do so) for an extension of those emergency powers for another two years.

      Whatever the immediate reason for the removal of our freedoms, I can’t see them ever being properly restored until after the Consecration of Russia. Can you?

      • Editor

        You probably have a point there, they are very unlikely to hand back their newly acquired dictatorships, unless the people, as I expect will happen eventually, rise up against them. That’s the weakness of Communist dictatorships, they always push too far and eventually get overthrown.

        Britain actually needs to replace its entire political setup, it’s so corrupt. We need to disolve devolved parliaments for a start and go back to centralised government in Westminster, at which point we need a true Conservative to lead, not Boris Johnson, a cultural Marxist pretending to be conservative.

        These Scottish and Welsh assemblies are the creation of Communists and their purpose if to fragment the UK. You know the old adage “divide and conquer”! Both the Scottish and Welsh parliaments are Communist cancer cells in the British body politic, eating away at the sovereignty of our United Kngdom. I mean, imagine empowering a non-entity like Nicola Sturgeon who, in saner times, would have been lucky to land a job in parliament as a cleaner.

        It will all come to pass in God’s good time, these evil dictators will be disgraced and called to account for their wicked deeds. Until that happy day we will just have to grin and bear them, although without sacrificing our freedom to their dictatorial and criminal demands. We also need to restructure policing in our country, it’s a force that has become the strong arm of ideological government, forgetting that it exists by consent of the people for the poeple. Completely corrupt and in need of serious restructuring.

        These observations are really just to point out the practical decay nations face when their governments turn from God to become Communist/Masonic, the people always end up enslaved by them.

        Anyway, I meant to congratulate your great nephew for his excellent video work. Fantastic work for a lad his age. Well done to him.

        • Athanasius,

          Absolutely right to note that we are in this state right now because our leaders have, for years now, turned their backs on God. And now that we are in a seriously developing phase of that rejection of God, we can console ourselves with St Paul’s warning that “God will not be mocked”.

          • Just listened to the Scottish news headlines prior to writing this respons. You’re absolutely right, this is just the beginning of the “New Normal”. Democracy has gone and this despotic totalitarianism is here forever, backed by a police force turned rogue on the nation. As long as a sinlge soul has a runny nose in Scotland the lockdowns will continue and get worse. Absolutely unconstitutional and criminal behaviour from those who are supposed to uphold freedom and liberty.

            This is what would happen if more people actually took the corrupt political leaders to court, providing solid facts against their Marxist propaganda:


  9. Thank you to everyone who has commented so far – I’m glad our video-master is appreciated because he put in hours of work to produce the video yesterday. We had unforeseen problems, one after the other, so it took much longer than anticipated to get everything done and dusted. Nicky has summed it up beautifully by noting that “he’s obviously a very skilled 17 year old”. And then some!

    Here’s a video from Victoria, Australia, yet again showing their heavy handed police methods. I think we’re not seeing that here so much (Piers Corbyn excepted) due to the almost total compliance of the entire population.

  10. Editor,

    I meant to also congratulate you on your “camera-side manner,” as it were. You appeared to be very relaxed and not at all insecure about being filmed. The whole thing was really brilliant: Catholic and common sense content, appearance, music, filmography. Time to add a boatload of zeroes to your nephew’s paycheck!

    One thing, though: remember when Christopher Ferrara called Deborah Birx (Dr. Fauci’s side-kick) the “scarf lady”? A word to the wise…

    • RCA Victor,

      If you mail your autograph book, I’ll return it with a signed photograph!

      Truth is, I was amazed to see the pictures of me in the introduction – especially where I was taking a drink of water (honest)… Video-master said he didn’t tell me he was recording at that point precisely so that I would look relaxed! I said he had set me up for a few questions about what exactly was in the glass, but I have to say, pleasantly surprised that nobody has insinuated the worst… 😀

      Never mind my nephew’s paycheck – I’m just relieved that you aren’t asking for a pay rise after all those compliments!

      PS If you’d seen the earlier versions of the video which we had to replace for various reasons, my commentary on Nicola Sturgeon in those recordings were way and beyond Christopher Ferrara’s dubbing Dr Birx the “scarf lady”, believe me, “lady” was not the word which my original comments conjured up about our First Minister. I was really cheeky in those. Happily (I think…) because it was unscripted, I omitted things I’d said in previous versions, sometimes deliberately, sometimes accidentally, through forgetfulness, which, video-master assures me, is just as well. Did I ever mention that, as I get older, my memory is getting worse? Then again, my memory is getting worse…

      • Editor

        I’m glad you clarified that it was water you were drinking, just in case any SNP puppet suggests it was gin!!

        • RCA Victor,

          Well, I’ve had so many conversations and seen so many videos about the USA election that I actually called Ms Sturgeon the “First Lady” at one point 😀

          Maybe I shouldn’t talk so much about everyone else being brainwashed 😀

  11. Good video Editor. In a similar vein there is this one:- “COVIDOCRACY: Trump vs. Fauci, Sachs, Bergoglio & Stupid” https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/5055-covidocracy-trump-vs-fauci-sachs-bergoglio-stupid

    I think the most shocking thing I’ve seen in England so far is when the police pepper sprayed and beat up a man on a train for not wearing a mask, when he told them he was medically exempt:- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8701013/Father-five-pepper-sprayed-rail-police-claims-innocent.html It really is getting like Soviet Russia. Ironically, when you need the police to investigate a real crime, you can never get hold of them.

    Consider the words of Our Lord and Our Lady to Sister Lucia from post-1917 Fatima revelations – they are very relevant for today:- https://sspx.org/en/news-events/news/private-heavenly-apparitions-sister-lucia-fatima-1925-1952

    • WF,

      I really appreciate that link to the SSPX page detailing the later apparitions of Sr Lucia. As you say, very relevant to our situation today. Thank you for that. I will put it to good use.

      I’d forgotten about the Liverpool man being assaulted by the police – it seems, then, that the Scots are, far and away, the most compliant of all the peoples across the UK. As far as I know, there has been no such police assaults on anyone here, although we have the arrival of no less than 7 officers to force a man and son (with exemptions) to wear a mask on a bus, some time at the start of the mask-wearing enforcement phase.

      It is, however, perhaps a measure of our total compliance that – in Scotland – we do not have examples of the kind of police brutality (for that is what it is) that we witnessed in that Liverpool situation plus the examples we’ve had on here of the vicious police brutality in Victoria, Australia. The nature of the Victoria police force casts ever more light on the disgraceful miscarriage of justice inflicted on Cardinal Pell.

    • RCAVictor

      That’s very interesting, she seems to be really genuine. Just shows you can’t tar and entire family with the same brush because of one bad element.

  12. A lovely video. It’s very sad to think of Scotland as not being a free country.

    The nationalists interpret that as meaning we’re not free because the Westminster Parliament has a say in the way we are funded and governed but the meaning in the CT video is much more serious and really profound – we are not free because we cannot make our own decisions. This is going to grow more serious, because nobody is really challenging it in the Parliaments and in the media. Everyone is just going along with it.

    I hope this CT video gets spread far and wide.

  13. Dear Editor,
    May I add my congratulations to all the well deserved accolades above. A particular pat on the back to the web master. You covered all the points professionally.
    On the subject of Dr Kendrick it should be pointed out that he is ostracized by ALL the main stream media outlets in Britain, hence having to go to Russian Television (RT) to get published. I find this really ironic in view of the request from Our Lady to carry out the conversion of Russia. God truly works in mysterious ways.
    I am prepared to be your agent if you would be good enough to sign the contract which will be winging its way to you soon. I can visualise a lucrative career for you under my expert guidance.

  14. Dear Editor,

    Over at at http://www.breitbart london.com is a picture of Michael Angelo Pieta which has been photoshopped by the Vatican where Mary is holding a black body of the crucified Jesus.
    I post this without any comment being necessary on my part.

    • Patrick,

      Your link is broken but I went to Breitbart London and can’t see anything about the photoshopped picture – that doesn’t mean I don’t believe you. I’d believe anything of the Vatican these days, but I can’t see any such report.

      If you can find a direct link or some clue to help me find it, you’ll be added to the payroll here… 😀 Which means, as long as your ambition is never to become rich, you’re onto a good thing!

        • RCA Victor,

          I’d love to know how you found that – I tried Googling umpteen different ways – whatever, casting the green-eyed monster aside, the fact is…

          That is horrendous! How utterly scandalous! These idiot prelates have not got the proverbial clue – the fact that a significant number of black people are condemning BLM because BLM is the enemy of the black community, has obviously passed over the heads of those responsible for this (as you rightly say) demonic attack on such a famous work of art.

          Every time I think I’ve seen it all, I see something even worse.

            • Dear Editor
              Thank you. Not being a rocket scientist like you, I ONLY use duckduck as my engine. It is the best and circumvents the Silicon Valley big tech satanists
              I just type Breitbart London in and up pops the leader page, just curser down through the articles which one needs – Presto, you are a rocket scientist!
              One of these days I will learn how to do links, meantime I am off to the golf course.

      • Dear Editor,
        Mea culpa mea maxi me a culpa.
        I just discovered “your” problem!
        I should have directed you to Breitbartondoneurope.
        If you just type Breitbart you get the Yankee version it seems.
        As usual tis the man who is to blame.
        Good job we have RADIator – sorry RCAVictor – baby sitting.

  15. Editor,

    Loved the video. The intro was very moving with the beautiful slow air and the lovely scenery, along with the flag,moving on to the image of the Communist Manifesto, immediately followed by the statue of our Lady, a powerful visual reminder of where the solution lies, and then on to the Gospel of St Mathew on the lily’s in the field to remind us of where our trust should be. It really set the scene for the rest of the video. On of the first things to catch my eye was the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, with the little chrildren on the mantlepiece. As I’m sure you’re well aware what’s happening in Scotland is similar to what’s taking place across Europe and beyond. Same mantra, same problem, same solution, all for our own good of course. It’s as if a script has been written for all politicians by unseen forces ,and they dare not utter anything contrary to that. I fear all roads are leading to one place, a doctor’s surgery for a vaccine, and then they might consider letting us have a little bit of freedom again. But as was pointed out at the end of your video, and this is the punch line for me, is the Consecration of Russia, by the Pope and the bishops as the solution to the crises in the world. So I think it is a very important video indeed, and one that if is acted on by those whose responsibility it is to do so, will have life changing consequences all for the better for all humanity.

    • Bill,

      What a beautiful post from you – how kind. Our video-master will be highly delighted at your praise for the presentation. God bless you.

      Like you, I believe that the solution has to be in the Consecration of Russia and we just need to keep promoting that, whether through our conversations, blogging, rosary intentions – it’s a matter of the utmost urgency now. We’ve been saying that for years, of course, but it’s only now hitting home (to me, at least) just how urgent is “urgent”.

      • It’s urgent alright. Sister Lucia said in 1982:- ““Since we did not heed this appeal of the Message, we see that it has been fulfilled, Russia has invaded the world with her errors. And if we have not yet seen the complete fulfilment of the final part of this prophecy, we are going towards it little by little with great strides. If we do not reject the path of sin, hatred, revenge, injustice, violations of the rights of the human person, immorality and violence, etc.”

        “And,” Lucia continued, “let us not say that it is God who is punishing us in this way; on the contrary it is people themselves who are preparing their own punishment. In his kindness God warns us and calls us to the right path, while respecting the freedom he has given us; hence people are responsible.”

    • Bill,

      You’ve hit the nail on the head about that script. It was written a long time ago by those “unseen forces” and merely updated to include the latest technologies.

    • RCA Victor,

      Fantastic. I wonder who wrote that excellent letter… ? I know somebody who used to live in Ohio, that’s why I’m curious… I really shouldn’t be so nosy…

      • Editor,

        Why, it was Thomas Paine, of course! And none of your nosy neighbors snitched on you for violating lockdown rules?

        • RCA Victor,

          Not during this first lockdown. When the next one comes along, I’ll be the one already cowering in the van – that’s Athanasius being wrestled to the ground….

          • Editor

            No tie on? That’s not me. I’ll tell you what, though, that police driver needs to be done for parking his van on a double yellow line!

    • RCA Victor

      This letter should be re-addressed to Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon and pushed through every letter box in the UK The British public might finally wake up!

  16. A great video – beautifully done, and I do agree that Scotland is no longer a free country, with all the checking up on us and snitching going on. Also, I agree there’s no sign of it ending. Here’s a BBC report from just and hour ago – this nonsense is going to go on and on.

  17. To my amazement, though I can’t really think why, I’ve just read that 69% of Brits are in favour of a curfew. It’s really too incredible, the blindness. I’m tending more and more to think that these idiots deserve what’s coming to them.

  18. Earlier, I saw a headline indicating that our very strong First Minister is considering following other areas in England where lockdowns have been renewed – I can’t find the headline/report now, but I found this one instead…

    “Strong” First Minister (showing how “strong” she can be – referencing possible curfew…)

    Speaking at her daily media briefing in Edinburgh yesterday, Sturgeon said: “I can’t stand here and rule anything categorically out…

    Well, since she can’t rule anything out, watch what’s happening in Australia and tighten your seat belts… At least over there they have journalists reporting on Sky News (astonishingly) calling out the lies …