Scots Catholics For Trump Discuss Subversive, Mis-Named, Democratic Party

Below, a very informative article by one of our American bloggers – RCA Victor – to get us thinking about the forthcoming election in November, where the choice is between another term of office (four years) for President Trump or a new President, Joe Biden, a man who is a great friend of Communist China but no friend at all of the unborn child. A nominal Catholic, Biden is promising abortion up to the ninth month.  RCA Victor writes –

The Subversive Democratic Party: If at First You Don’t Succeed…

The [utterly mis-named] Democratic Party, long disguised as the “party of the working man,” has
dropped all pretense of advocacy for the well-being of our Republic, let alone the working man, and is now nakedly exposed as a Satanic cult of liars, thugs, subversives and smear artists obsessed with the acquisition of power by any means, at any price. This unmasking took place during a relatively short period: the eight years of the Obama “administration” (a regime more accurately labeled as the George Soros administration: Obama was merely his stooge).  This shorter link exposes the Soros network:

Their evil intentions and agenda appeared sporadically during those eight years, but since the first Presidential campaign of Donald Trump, and especially since his election, this Cult has orchestrated a full-court press to destroy not only Mr. Trump, but any trace of America-first policies, in favor of the perverse and sinister agenda of the New World Order, which is nothing more than International Communism with yet another new face.

The Cult includes politicians and former politicians, bureaucrats, so-called journalists, media celebrities, social network mobs, Marxist thugs, Silicon Valley oligarchs and other billionaires, academics, and even ex-military figures. Their well-funded but incompetent schemes failed to destroy the Trump Presidency, but that has not stopped them from developing a more comprehensive plan, this time to prevent Trump’s re-election. This scheme has many facets and is very dangerous, not only to Mr. Trump’s re-election, but especially to the future viability of the Republic. It includes the following:

1. Vote Fraud. This is actually an umbrella strategy that includes, but is not limited to, mail-in voting, encouraging non-citizens to vote, ballot harvesting, lowering the voting age to 16, allowing incarcerated criminals to vote, and abolishing the Electoral College.

2. False Accusations. A favorite tactic of the Cult is to accuse Trump of everything they are guilty
of, a psychological warfare strategy known as “projection.” Accusations already surfaced include such bizarre claims as: Trump will fix and steal the election, Trump will refuse to step down if he loses, Trump is an illegitimate President (a tactic tried out after his first victory) and Trump will have to be removed by military coup. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and a thoroughly corrupt, vicious and deranged woman (who claims to be Catholic!), has recently accused Trump and the Republicans of being “domestic enemies” and “enemies of the state” – an accurate description of Pelosi herself, and of her fellow Cult members.

3. Compromised Vote Tabulations. Ever faithful to their icon Stalin’s famous dictum, “it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people  who count the votes,” election researchers have already found evidence that voting machines can be and are compromised, and tallies manipulated by disabling security protections.

4. Create Litigation Chaos. Hillary Clinton has already telegraphed some of this strategy by publicly stating that Joe Biden “should not concede under any circumstances.” That is, election results unfavorable to the Satanists will be thrown into countless court battles via a “massive legal operation,” which will not only dispute any invalidation of suspicious or faulty ballots, but even attempt to delay certification in Democrat-controlled states so that the Electoral College cannot declare a winner.

5. Big Tech Weaponization. It is well-known that Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have been suppressing conservative information, i.e. the truth, for several years now. An investigation into this by Project Veritas can be found here.

6. Riots and Unrest. You can be sure that mobs of George Soros-funded paramilitary thugs, especially his two favorite Marxist guerilla gangs –  Antifa and Black Lives Matter – will be present at targeted polling locations to intimidate voters and suppress votes, shouting slogans of “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “capitalist imperialism,” and other threats specifically adapted to each location. Should Trump actually win the election, these same gangs are poised to engage in widespread violence and rioting.

7. Finally, all this and more is enabled and facilitated by the Cult’s control of the media, who have long since abandoned all pretense of journalistic integrity and accuracy in favor of overt electioneering and character assassination. As soon as the Cult produces a lie, their media partners, following the Joseph Goebbels axiom, begin screeching their attempt to validate it. This process also works in reverse, as media-produced lies are repeated ad nauseam by the rest of the Cult. Such is the power of evil in America, now gathered with fearsome strength against a seemingly lone warrior, Donald Trump. But all this power is hollow, because it is from Satan himself. We need to pray to Our Lady to crush the head of this satanic attack against Mr. Trump, against the United States of America, and against the once-Christian West. This election is the beginning, in my opinion, of Satan’s penultimate battle, which will culminate in his defeat by the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Editor’s Comment…                               

Informed Scots Catholics recognise that Donald Trump is our only hope, humanly speaking, to avert the introduction of Communist rule into  previously democratic nations like the USA and the UK.  So, we add our voices to those of our American friends, who are praying and working to achieve a second term for President Trump. 

We’ve chosen to launch this discussion on the 8 September, the day marked in the traditional calendar as the Nativity of Our Lady, asking our beloved Blessed Mother for her intercession to win many graces for the American people and politicians, as the election campaigns begin.  We pray that she might soften the hearts of the Democratic Party politicians, and enlighten the minds of those who normally wouldn’t vote for the Republican Party. 

We need Donald Trump in office for another four years because, as the UN Economist, Jeffrey Sachs has admitted publicly, President Trump is the only thing standing between [the elite] and the New World Order – which we know is a euphemism for one world tyrannical governance.  The most pro-life President in the history of America is opposed by a political party promoting abortion up to and including delivery – do Catholics have any choice…seriously?  How will any Catholic face God at his/her judgment if they do NOT vote for Trump in November?  Answers on the proverbial postcard, please and thank you! 

 Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!  Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us!  Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!   

77 responses

  1. Dear Editor and RCAVictor,

    Brilliant and thank you. My humble prayers are on their way.
    May God bless and protect President Trump from the satanists.

    • Thank you Patrick.

      I’ve just received the following email from a friend in the USA…

      We are big Trump supporters. I have huge banners hanging from my porch. I tweeted your article and put it on Facebook and urged people to share it. We’re praying big time for the election. If Biden wins I think the country is finished. God help us! We will be Argentina and will all be crying.

      I hope all of our bloggers and readers who are on Twitter and/or Facebook will post the link to this thread on those platforms – our ambition is to reach the White House (in a manner of speaking!) Given the disgraceful way the Scottish Government has spoken of and treated the President in the past, we’d like him to know that he has the support of Scots Catholics.

      Over to you!

      • Editor,

        That’s brilliant – the more the link is spread the better. Apart from helping the President, it will be one in the eye for the Scottish Government which has been extremely rude and unprofessional in its comments about him.

  2. That’s a really great article, explaining the Democratic Party to people like me who just don’t know anything about it. It’s very clear that Joe Biden would be a terrible President so I’m joining my prayers to everyone else’s for a Trump re-election win.

    Congratulations on a really great article, RCA Victor!

  3. The best thing we can do (if your church is open and you can receive Holy Communion) is the First Five Saturdays of Reparation. On March 19, 1939, Sister Lucia of Fatima said the following specifically regarding the First Saturday devotion of reparation:- “Whether the world has war or peace depends on the practice of this devotion, along with the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is why I desire its propagation so ardently, especially because this is also the will of our dear Mother in Heaven”.

    • Westminster Fly,

      I totally agree about the First Saturdays of Reparation. I’m very interested to learn that Sister Lucia said what you quote on the Feast of St Joseph, 1939! I have a personal interest in that, LOL!

    • Westminster Fly,

      You are right – the Fatima prophecies can only be warded off by the Fatima prayers. The First Saturdays and the Rosary are imperatives. I want to thank you for that reminder. I meant to start the First Saturdays again this weekend just gone, but didn’t get there, so I’m resolved to do so in October.

  4. That’s a brilliant article by RCA Victor – very educational.

    I actually saw and heard Clinton say that Joe Biden should not concede the election, as RCA Victor quotes at #4: “Hillary Clinton has already telegraphed some of this strategy by publicly stating that Joe Biden “should not concede under any circumstances.”

    They opposition Democratic Party are obviously preparing to cause chaos in November. Everything Trump says and does is twisted and manipulated to make him look bad. I saw a headline that he had told a reporter to remove his mask in the press briefing but all he did was say he couldn’t hear him properly and he’d need to remove his mask. The idiot refused to do so and Trump didn’t insist. He actually allowed him to go ahead with his question and then he answered it. The next reporter had the manners to remove his mask and the President praised him by saying he was very clear.
    The majority of the media hacks are liars through and through. For the record, I actually ignored that headline for a good while before going in to check it, so sure I was that it would be actually just what turned out to be the fact. The President suggested he remove it so he could hear. No big deal.
    I’ve never known the media to be so full of hate for any public figure. It’s incredible to watch.

    I’ll be including the USA election in my prayers – if Trump doesn’t win his second term, we’re all scuppered.

  5. I agree, a really great article by RCA Victor.

    He’s right to warn that “Should Trump actually win the election, these same gangs are poised to engage in widespread violence and rioting.” (#6 Riots and Unrest). The Democrats are not going to take a Trump re-election lying down, that’s for sure.

  6. My American friend has emailed again, as follows:

    May God give the victory. I’m having Masses said for Trump and am sending him a card with a note to protect the rights of Americans to refuse the vaccine – NO MANDATORY VACCINATION. I wouldn’t touch any vaccinations at this point with Bill Gates’ involvement in the industry. Who knows what they will be injecting? How many got polio from the vaccine they’re pushing in Africa? These population controllers are demonic. God help us!

    “Demonic” is the word.

  7. Between Athanasius and RCA Victor, this blog should be renamed Blog’s Got Talent! A seriously well written and informative article from RCA Victor.

    I think the polls are already being rigged to make the public think Joe Biden will win.

    When I see him struggling to speak on TV (via the internet, not the mainstream news) it’s obvious that he hasn’t got a clue. He broke off in the middle of a sentence the other day to introduce his wife, saying “I’m her husband” LOL! I apologise, I don’t mean to mock the afflicted but since they keep denying that there’s anything wrong with him, I think I can mock his poor performance as a politician seeking very high office!

  8. I thank you for this with all my heart! It covers everything that I also have been worried about. Please submit it to a well known conservative Catholic newspaper. We need to spread this information, which is presented so perfectly, to all. There are so many prayers being said that I sort of expect that God will give us a miracle again … like the night Trump was elected. Thank you again.

  9. Reblogged this on HAURIETIS AQUAS and commented:
    Here is a clear explanation of the truth about the dread which some people are experiencing in regard to the possibility of an American coup’! Are the Democrats planning to change the government to Communism by vile plans to forcefully remove Trump with their constant stream of brainwashing lies about him?

  10. This author, having found another good name for the Democrat Party (“perpetual grievance coalition”), goes on to explore the cultural Marxist foundation of “Critical Race Theory,” a branch of “Critical Theory.” I’m posting this because this is the irrational rubbish upon which leftists claim the moral high ground, supporting the “ends justify the means” argument.

    The means, for Democrats, are outlined in their “steal the election” strategy.

    • RCA Victor,

      Bravo! Your article is top notch, and I agree with the blogger above who says it ought to be sent to “a well known conservative Catholic newspaper” – I’m guessing she means The Remnant. I second that suggestion.

      Your article shows clearly to us Brits why Biden and the Democratic Party is the wrong choice to replace Trump. Trump needs to be re-elected – he is the only hope for the free world if we want to stay free, that is.

      I also liked the WND article in the link – that’s also excellent.

      One thing, politics in the USA is a great deal more exciting at the minute than politics over here, LOL! All they talk about over here is the number of Covid tests/PPE and the number of new cases and everyone agreeing on all sides. There’s no point in watching the news any more, which is why I stopped a few weeks back and I’ve not missed a thing.

      Great stuff, RCA Victor. You’ve got my vote!

    • RCA Victor,

      Your article is really marvellous, and it’s unbelievable that the Democrats are trying to introduce mail-in voting which will obviously lead to fraud. Whatever does happen in November, I think Trump’s enemies are preparing to sabotage things so that if they don’t win (which is more than likely) they will cause so much chaos as to keep Trump out of the White House. I only hope the people behind the scenes in law enforcement, at the top, have plans laid to make sure the Dems don’t get away with their scheming.

    • RCA Victor,

      Your article is really great – very to the point, very clear. Thanks so much for that. I agree with others who say it should reach a wider readership. I have learned a lot that I didn’t know at all – the reporting here in the UK is shockingly biased. Every mention of Donald Trump is negative, mocking and insulting him at every turn. They also make it clear that they favour Joe Biden. So, thank you again for those points – I must rehearse them for when the subject comes up, because most people I know do not question what they hear on TV. It just amazes me, both about American politics and about the virus.

      Congratulations on writing such a brilliant article.

  11. Black Lives Matter is a Puritan religious revival. It is a non-theistic religion, but they are nonetheless as fanatical as Cromwell and his supporters were. They want to bring about revolution and destroy the culture and win power, just as Cromwell did. They also want to opress their opponents, just as the Puritans did, when they went around Great Britain and Ireland destroying Catholic churches and communities. And unlike in Catholicism, there is no possibility of redemption in their religion. If you oppose them, they will denounce you as racist, and you are fair game. An innocent Trump supporter, Jay Danielson, was murdered last week by ‘Antifa’ fanatics. Churches and holy statues in America have already been desecrated.

    I never used to like Trump on a personal level. But if I were an American citizen, I would now vote for Trump in November.

    This religion had spread to the UK. But unlike in America, we don’t have a Trump. We are the silent majority, but the entire political establishment in the UK is in the hands of the metro-liberal globalist elite.

  12. RCA Victor
    Your article is brilliantly concise, exposing the very real evil that has taken over the Democratic Party. The mask of respectability has been torn away and their Marxist fury is there for all to see. One very salient point you make in this regard is how they accuse Trump of the very crimes they themselves are guilty of, including collusion with Russia, not to mention Communist China.

    We have seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears the unrelenting hatred directed at President Trump by Democrats and their media puppets since his election in 2016. We see exactly the same process in Socialist-controlled Europe through the mainstream media and social media. No fair minded and objective person can have failed to observe this demonic teeth gnashing.

    Now they have inspired anarchist riots in the streets and fabricated a Covid-19 terror campaign to destroy the U.S. economy in the hope that it will destroy Trump’s re-election hopes. It won’t!!
    My personal belief is that right-thinking Americans of every persuasion will have been horrified by what the Democrats have unleashed against Trump and American patriotism. I suspect that the November election will result in a landslide win for President Trump and then he can truly set about the task of dealing with these treacherous infiltrators into American politics and the media.

    I have said before that it is providential that the first public debate between Trump and Biden is on September 29, the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel. This is no accident, it’s deigned by God and Trump will emerge victorious.

    In the meantime you really need to get your article re-published on as many platforms as possible, it is so crystal clear and will open so many eyes.

    As regards the Democrats pushing for mail-in voting, age 16 voting and immigrant voting, this is exactly what the SNP are doing in Scotland and is evidence that these Marxists are linked by tactics, despising all cultural and political history, not to mention morality, in their quest for domination. They will not succeed!

    • Athanasius,

      I live in the northern part of a “red state” (Republican), and it is getting very worrisome to see so many Biden yard signs around here. Frequently they are accompanied by one of those virtue-signaling “We Believe” signs, and/or Black Lives Matter signs.

      I hope President Trump visits this area soon to drum up support. It beggars belief that anyone in their right mind could vote for an empty Marxist suit like Biden. That the Democrats were so brazen in selecting such a ludicrous, unqualified and outright dangerous candidate proves to me one or both of two things:

      1. They know enough of their supporters are stupid enough, or brainwashed enough, to vote for this ticket.
      2. They think they have enough vote fraud tricks up their sleeves to nullify a Trump victory.

  13. Dear Editor,
    Your website gets better by the minnit’
    I realise we should not mock the afflicted and be kind to small animals, but something I saw recently really made me laugh.


    God bless America.

    • Lily,

      Tucker is always interesting! He’s one of my all-time favourite American commentators. They’re lucky to have so many. How many do we have in the UK? Zero. In Scotland? Zero-minus.


    • Patrick,

      If you mean you linked this thread over at the “conservativetreehouse” I can’t see it. If you just mean you linked to that blog for our interest, got it! Thank you!

      • Dear Editor,
        If you go down to the last entry on their ‘Open Thread’ its there.
        The time difference should be thought of.

        • Patrick,

          Thank you – I found it! I also posted a “thank you” to you there and an assurance that we’re all praying for the President’s re-election – my post has gone into moderation but hopefully it will appear soon.

        • Patrick,

          There is a new article on American Thinker disparaging “Q” for the cryptic nature of their posts, and citing The Conservative Treehouse’s efforts to expose the Deep State as much more laudable and effective by comparison.

          However, this writer also claims that CT has given up regarding the pursuit of justice by the Federal bureaucracy, after CT attempted to bring all the evidence to the appropriate parties and got nowhere.

          Do you have any more details about this?

  14. I agree with all that’s been said about the great article by RCA Victor. I particularly agree with the comments on Fatima, especially on the First Five Saturdays, and the Consecration. If memory serves me well I recall Sister Lucy saying that the whole world would go communist if the Consecration was no done in time. When asked if this included America, she responded in the affirmative. So while the re- election of Trump is crucial, my own guess is that it would be a stop gap at best. It is not what Heaven asked for. Sorry for been a wet rag.

    • Bill,

      Breaking news. Nobody said that we ought to pray for Trump’s re-election instead of the Consecration. So, be assured, you’re not being a wet rag – you’re just being silly! 😀

        • Bill,

          Maybe you would explain what you meant by the comment below, in italics, and why you wrote it – it struck me at the time as implying that we were somehow replacing the Consecration with Trump’s re-election – here’s what you wrote which I found a tad curious…

          It is not what Heaven asked for. Sorry for [being] a wet rag.”

          Meaning what? Why would anyone think you were being “a wet rag”? Me no understand…

          • Editor,

            I notice that you didn’t answer my question. With all due respect, answering a question with another question is a tactic that shouldn’t be used. Nowhere in my post did the word pray or instead appear. I complemented RCA Victor on his great article, and was particularly pleased with the comments on Fatima, and supported the view that it was crucial that Trump was re- elected. In your second reply you said I implied it. If that was my position I can assure you I wouldn’t be implying it, I would say it straight out. Now to get to the contentious issue, or nit-picking as I would call it. Unlike your good self, instead of answering a question with another question, I’ll actually answer your question with an answer. You raised two issues. The first one, “it’s not what Heaven asked for”, is either true or false, I believe it’s a true statement,
            so I see no need to comment further on that. Secondly, to try to apply the wet rag comment to my person is of course beneath you Editor. In the context of the discussion, the wet rag analogy was used metaphorically to point out that all the initiatives taking place, especially, but not exclusively, the re- election of Trump, while good and welcomed, in all the euphoria that would surround a victory, in my opinion, a wet rag, metaphorically speaking, would be needed to dampen down expectations, and while I would be ecstatic with a Trump win, I keep to the forefront on my mind the words of Our Lady, ” Only I Can Help You”. Heaven’s request, the First Five Saturdays, the Consecration by the Pope and the Bishops, the ONLY remedy, which to be fair Catholic Truth bloggers, and readers I’m sure are only too aware, and could pronounce on far better than I can. In the meantime I’ll continue with the wet rag,. even if it does make me look silly.

            • Bill,

              I suggest that you read my reply to RCA Victor regarding King Cyrus.

              That way you may reconsider your claim that Trump’s re-election “is not what Heaven asked for” – it may be, after all, part of Heaven’s design.

              In the context of this conversation/Fatima etc. I could not see any other meaning for your words except what Heaven DID ask for, which is the Consecration of Russia. None of us has ever implied that Trump’s election nullifies that Fatima request. That’s all I meant. If I’ve misunderstood, I apologise.

              Sorry if you were offended by my post – I do, normally, work very hard to avoid any misunderstanding as I’ve found people can be extremely sensitive. Please accept my apology for any offence caused. That was not my intention, I assure you.

              I don’t understand at all what you mean by “to try to apply the wet rag comment to my person is of course beneath you Editor.”

              I’ve no idea what you mean by “apply to my person” – I merely asked you what it meant. I didn’t apply it to anything. Anyway, once again, please accept my apology for any offence caused. It was not my intention, never is, to cause offence.

  15. A great summary, RCA Victor. Thank you.

    What can we do but pray the Our Father like never before and call for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
    Blessed Mother,
    Lift the veil of delusion that clouds the minds of so many good souls. Give us the words to persuade them that they are being profoundly lied to. Give us the spiritual stamina to persevere in this and all the battles to come. Donald Trump is not ashamed of you. His enemies are. Protect him! Save America!

    • Pauline Mary,

      Thank you for that lovely prayer from the heart. It was just beautiful to see the President stand to honour Our Lady at the end of the Republican convention… I wonder if they showed this on Sky News or the BBC? I seriously doubt it…

      • That was just spectacular – SO moving! To think, a President of the USA standing respectfully for the singing of the Hail Mary! No wonder his enemies hate him so much – they hate God, as well. I thought Melania had tears in her eyes during the Ave Maria. Nobody who honours Our Lady will go unrewarded by God – I think Trump will have a landslide victory in November, one that just cannot be ignored.

  16. I tried to find a list of Trump Admin. officials who had Twitter accounts, but no luck. I did, however, find this site: “50 Top Conservatives to Follow on Twitter.” This list includes some Europeans as well.

    So if any of you bloggers want to post this discussion on any of these accounts (or all of them, if you’re just sitting on the couch eating chocolate and watching Columbo re-runs….), knock yourselves out!

    • RCA Victor,

      That was a cheeky sideswipe at a certain editor who is a fan of both Columbo and chocolate (although not necessarily in that order 😀 )

      Thank you for the link – will explore asap.

      For the record, I’ve sent the link to the Washington Post and the New York Times with a note to say that I thought they’d be interested in the Scottish support for President Trump “despite/because of?” their bias against him. I imagine them now hanging their heads in utter shame… Well, a gal can dream, can’t she?

      • Editor,

        You know me, I couldn’t resist…

        I’m sure the two Fishwraps you mentioned above will treat your note as if they will be poisoned by reading it. You are definitely guilty of microaggression! The call will go out over the office PA system:


    • RCAVictor

      I’m not a Colombo fan and, as Editor will verify, I never eat chocolate, so that rules me out!!

      Thanks for the link but I closed my Twitter account about six weeks ago when I realised that some of my posts were being shadow banned. It’s a corrupt and controlled social media platform, like Facebook and YouTube, that all honest people should seriously avoid.

    • RCA Victor,

      Very interesting – including some of the comments below the article where the usual attacks on Trump’s “sins” are trotted out.

      Goodness knows what these people must think of God calling the pagan King Cyrus in the Old Testament to free His Chosen People from captivity (in Babylon) . They seem oblivious of the truth that “God’s ways are not our ways” (Isaiah).

      A key reason why God chose Cyrus, was to show, not just the world that He was protecting His people, but to show Cyrus as well – it might help those earthbound souls who cannot comprehend why we should support President Trump, to reflect on this truth. In time, we pray, the President will recognise God’s work in his life and in his soul. For now, we can see that he is God’s instrument to stave off Communist control of the entire world.

      It is likely that, the “virus crisis” having failed to allow that total control to be fully implemented, war may well be the next step (and signs are that China is preparing for exactly that), at which time, some commentators argue, the Pope of the day will effect the Consecration of Russia.

      Whatever the truth of that, just glancing at the msn page of headlines on my computer just now, I notice, yet again, that each and every mention of President Trump is negative, hostile; the headlines are incredible. I’ve never known any politician to be treated with such evident contempt and hatred.

      The worldlings don’t want him winning in November. Somehow, I think he has God on his side – and it’s encouraging to read in your link that Archbishop Vigano thinks so, too…

      • Editor,

        Well said. Speaking of God’s work in President Trump’s life, we should also mention Mrs. Trump, a practicing Catholic, who’s influence is undoubtedly making its way into the Trump psyche. I suspect it was she who came up with the idea of having an Italian tenor sing Schubert’s “Ave Maria” on the White House balcony!

        It was also Mrs. Trump who saw to it that the White House was exorcised by a Catholic priest before they moved in.

  17. Dear Editor,

    If it has not already been pointed out, a couple of good pieces over at Lifesightnews.
    One is a link to an American thinker article by JB Shurk. For those not too familiar with the complexities of the American voting system and the utter depravity of the Democrats it is a useful addition to RCAVictors essay.
    Then there is the good news of a coast to coast Rosary vigil for President Trump starting on October 15th right up to voting day.

    • RCAVictor

      Incredible evil at the highest levels. These people are traitors to their own country, sold out to Communist China. The author is right – Trump needs a landslide victory at the election. I think he’ll get it.

  18. This short video is really priceless. It’s a collection of Joe Biden interview clips and as the video man says, no matter what you think of Trump, you can’t vote for Biden after seeing this. LOL!

  19. This one is a more serious video – Tucker Carlson is discussing what is going to happen in November because the Dems are not going to accept defeat.

  20. I meant to ask RCA Victor if he agrees with Tucker – will the Dems just refuse to accept the outcome, get lawyers and courts involved? That would be incredible. That would mean that America could be without a President and government for months! Surely that won’t happen?

    • Josephine,

      Yes, I agree with Tucker, see point #4 in the article. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the outcome took over a year to determine…and as for who would be interim President during that year, God help us if it’s Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House (and hair salon customer).

    • I mean I’ve not heard any mention of his showing signs of memory problems, possibly dementia, on the news here in the UK. I did see that on an Australian Sky News report but they seem to be the exception over there. I think here they are trying to cover up the truth about Biden’s mental state. I wonder if the American people know that he has issues in that way and if so surely they won’t vote for him?

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