World Health Organisation: We Cannot Return To Life As It Was Before Covid-19


Does anyone seriously think that Tucker’s observations apply only to America?  Will we ever get the UK back? Will life ever go back to “normal” in this part of the world,  or will we be stuck with “the new normal”; that is, tyrannical governance?  Answer: we won’t return to normal unless we rise up in opposition to the tyranny.  Simple as that. 

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  1. Tucker is getting closer and closer, I think, to exposing the New World Order by name, and the sources of its power. I wonder how long they’ll let him go on? Or have they become so confident, to the point of hubris, in the invincibility of their plans that Tucker, and many others who are daily broadcasting the truth, are irrelevant?

    Life before the scam-demic, as it turns out, is now the enemy, and life under the thumb of the ruling class is our friend.

    • RCA Victor,

      I think the answer to your question is that the people, majority of, are now so brainwashed that it doesn’t matter what they are told, they are convinced we have a deadly plague on our hands and they will continue to obey even to the most ridiculous lengths. I do wish President Trump would stop calling it a plague – I think he’s trying to make up for his early comments that it was a hoax, but he was right then insofar as the response to the virus is a hoax.

      • Lily,

        I’m still reading Fr. Miceli’s The Antichrist, which I mentioned on another thread, and I came across a passage the other day which helps to explain the brainwashing, which turns out to be not so mysterious. It is in a sub-section called “The Seduction of Youth.” Some excerpts:

        “Since the early 1960s youth…has come under the massive invasion and attack of the evil spirits. Youth is seduced by Satan through the allurement of limitless sex, pot, the bewilderment about religion, the fascination for the thrills of rebellion and the joys of unrestrained freedom [see my reference to Pleasure Island elsewhere, from Pinocchio].

        One cannot visit a major college campus without being made aware in campus newspapers, posters, leaflets, discussion groups, or magazines of the three-pronged drive to capture youth body and soul. That drive is a mixture of fornication, marijuana and mysticism. The college bookstores are overflowing with the books and paraphernalia that foster revolution and promiscuity.

        [McCandlish Phillips, former reporter for the New York Times, states that] any one of these three – [fornication], Eastern mysticism, and marijuana or LSD – supplies a basis for direct demonic activity…Thus students are softened up for the push for anarchism, rebellion, insurgency [and, I would add, brainwashing. Its long been known that the more licentious the behavior, the more the individual is susceptible to dictatorial control.]

        Barry Ferrell, in a Life essay on the great Woodstock Music and Art Festival held in August 1969, wrote of ‘rock dope’ as the new ‘American religion,’ whose believers massed on the hillside at Bethel, New York, as though for a camp meeting of some ‘electro-chemical Church.’

        …The actual truth is “Whom the gods would destroy, they first render mad.’ And so the crazed music of acid rock at times tames, numbs youth by the millions into bovine passivity, leaving the intellectual powers paralyzed…The result is that today millions of youth will ‘groove’ with rock music, but tomorrow they will be passively submissive to the cadences of some demagogue behind whose tyranny will be the controlling power of the puppet masters, Satan and all the forces of hell.”

        This, of course, doesn’t explain why those who were not steered into those college campus hell-pits meekly, nevertheless, obey the dictates of the state and its health dictatorship. I suspect that human respect/social pressure/fear has a lot to do with that, and among Catholic clergy, the poisonous Gnosticism of Teilhard de Chardin as well.

        • RCA Victor,

          I found those quotes extremely interesting and it underlined, for me, the tragedy of the fact that in the UK we have no Catholic universities. Thus young people have no option – if they wish to achieve a Degree – than to apply to a university and thus expose their Faith and morals to demonic forces. Hobson’s Choice…

    • Bill

      Brilliant video. The resistance is growing very quickly across the world now and very soon all those who think themselves above the law and elitists over the people are going to be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity.

      • Helen

        Thank you for your kindness. I hope God blesses all who read that article, especially those in higher authority in the Church, that their eyes may be opened to the terrible evil presently unfolding in the world.

        • Athanasius,

          Another brilliant article from you. You should put them in a book and have them published.

          • Lily

            Thank you. The problem with the book idea is that my articles are mostly of the moment responses to particular circumstances. Hence, they would have to be accompanied by a history of events leading to the response, if you know what I mean. And the fact that they appeal mostly to like-minded Catholics who are presently in the minority, I don’t think it would sell well. Good thought, though.

  2. RCAVictor

    Many thanks for alerting me to this, I sent it to MM weeks ago and had given up on its publication. This is more good news on top of that great video posted by Bill and the earlier link about the extra-governmental enquiry posted by Francescomarta. The voice of resistance is growing depsite the efforts of evill people to silence it.

  3. I would like to suggest a prayer for the bloggers to deploy daily, as a Rosary intention:

    “That Our Lady of Fatima will bless, protect, amplify, strengthen and increase the voices of truth, across all fields and professions – including the Church – in [your country], and may she cast a cloud of confusion and darkness over the voices of lies, and silence them.”

    I’ve been using this daily for at least a month. Any suggestions for improvements to this prayer, please post them here!

  4. More congratulations this time to Athanasius for his tremendous article on the main page of the Remnant Newspaper. Hopefully this will be the stepping stone he so rightly deserves to get his material out there.

    “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”
    ― Augustine of Hippo

    • Francescomarta

      Thank you. I love the quote of St. Augustine, says it all really.

      It is solely by the grace of God that these articles are inspired and written, so I am perfectly content to leave it to God as to how widely read they are. The Almighty will expose them to souls who are well disposed to the truth.

  5. Strange as it may sound, I actually don’t think that many people would be fazed at the idea of life not returning to normal. You actually hear some people saying they prefer it like this, don’t ask me why, I think it’s complete madness.

    As usual, Tucker Carlson shoots from the hip. If only we had a similar commentator over here.

    • Lily,

      Never a truer word…

      Only today I met two people who, I know from previous conversations, have been completely compliant and believe the propaganda to the last drop.

      Thus, today I thought I would mention the quote from the World Health Organisation found in the Tucker video in the introduction to this thread – the quote from the WHO saying that we cannot and will not return to life as it was before.

      I expected a shock horror reaction but instead found nodding heads and agreement. My friends said that they didn’t want to return to life as it was before, and in answer to my question, said that they were perfectly prepared to live like this for good, as long as it keeps them [you guessed it] “safe”.

      The belief that the virus spreads fast, is the key to this mentality, I’m finding. And it doesn’t matter how many statistics are quoted, the brainwashing has taken deep root. As soon as I quoted the 90+% recovery rate (almost 100%) the response came immediately: “But it spreads so fast, that’s the problem.”

      So, I return to what I said elsewhere recently, my newish attitude is to leave people in the comfort zone where they can imagine they’re safe – and just hope they don’t get knocked down by a bus!

      • Editor,

        There’s something that has spread way faster than the virus: the lies about it. And equally as fast, belief in those lies.

        If I put on a white lab coat, got a government job, and claimed that the Titanic was really sunk by a large mutation of a coronavirus, or that Pearl Harbor was really attacked by coronaviruses disguised as torpedo bombers, I bet I’d have an instant following!

  6. Dear Editor,
    Even though I am branded as an old cynic being a global warming and face mask agnostic (au contraire – I consider myself a mature realist) I do believe in serendipity.
    Just before reading your latest post I came across this one below which I will attempt to link to.
    It is a bit longish but is a confirmation of Tucker Carlsons piece and the views of the majority on here.
    I hope this works – I am useless at links among other things.

  7. Important to get this information out there regarding the “Unite for Freedom/ Mass Protest and March” this Saturday 29th August 2020@ 12.00 Trafalgar Square, London. Readers. please circulate and promote this information far and wide.

    “Nothing is more important as the Government is voting in September 2020 for a 2 year extension of their emergency Covid19 powers”

    • Francescomarta

      I hope we see the silent majority out in force for this, and very vocal. This is paramount!

      • Athanasius

        I understand there is a media blackout of the event and live webcams switched off in Trafalgar Square. Also a so called ‘leaked scare story’ to the press consisting of “85,000 possible Covid deaths expected this winter,” has also been used to counter attack the truth coming out from the rally. Not sure what is happening in Berlin but I believe Robert Kennedy Jnr might be speaking there. I’m sure Boris Johnson, Bill Gates and the Globalists had factored in all these scenarios well in advance when they first put into action the ‘Rockefeller Lockstep Operation.’ It will be interesting to see what the ‘fall out’ will be from more of the public finding out that the lockdowns and mask wearing is all a scam, pushing us towards the cashless society totally controlled by the New World Order and its Vaccines.

  8. Life definitely won’t be returning to what it was like before lockdown. Boris is seeing to that by applying to extend his emergency powers for another two years. Why would that be necessary when we’re in the phase where the virus is disappearing? Another two years means forever. We’ve lost our freedom, and we’re not getting it back.