Covid-19: Ignore Government’s Terror Campaign – Live As Before… Be Free! 

Below, an unpublished article on Covd-19 by Martin Blackshaw (aka blogger, Athanasius) which was sent to several national newspapers (unacknowledged).

Important Note: Martin writes: “It might be worth reminding readers that if I keep recounting official figures, I do so in order that they may see the massive lie which the propaganda represents. Bottom line is that no matter how good the media act by the propagandists, official numbers don’t lie!”

During his May 11 Covid-19 briefing at Downing Street, England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty (right),  stated to assembled journalists: “I wish to emphasise again that for most people Covid-19 is harmless”.

And so it has proved. To date, the official, though highly questionable, global death count from Covid-19 stands at a little over 760,000 from more than 22 million infections. That equates to just 3.4% of the global infection count and barely 0.01% of the global population. To put the recorded figure into even greater context, it represents just 110,000 more than the World Health Organisation’s upper annual number of 650,000 deaths from seasonal flu.

According to official Scottish government figures our national share of this global count is relatively small at 2,491 deaths of people who actually tested positive for the virus, the majority of victims being either elderly folk locked down in care homes or people with compromised immune systems. This translates to a tiny 0.04% of Scotland’s 5.5 million population.

Likewise the rest of the UK which has registered 41,400 deaths from a population of 60 million, equating to a mere 0.07%, again largely elderly and those predisposed by compromised immunity.

In every other country around the world similarly low Covid death percentages are recorded against national population numbers, the U.S. incredibly showing one of the lowest at 0.17% despite  massively higher infection numbers in comparison with other nations.

While it is understandable that both the U.S. and UK governments were persuaded in March to lockdown their respective countries upon the dire prompting of professor Neil Ferguson of University College London, it is now obvious that his apocalyptic prediction of 650,000 deaths in the UK and 2.2 million in the U.S. has been utterly discredited, as has the professor himself following revelations that he broke the lockdown rules several times to meet with his lover.

Now call me old fashioned if you will but I happen to believe in exercising my human reason by personal research, weighing recorded facts against propaganda to get to the truth. Thus, having spent several hundreds of hours researching the Covid-19 crisis, I have been forced to conclude that our political leaders are either suffering from collective insanity or they are collectively engaged in a universal social engineering experiment for reasons that are as yet unclear.

What is absolutely certain is that Covid-19 represents a very low threat to humanity overall, a fact that is borne out by undeniable official statistics, yet the free world finds itself under a Beijing-like totalitarianism complete with arbitrary removal of civil liberties, population surveillance, dehumanising face mask enforcement and soon-to-be-forced vaccination.

To put this unfathomable reaction to Covid-19 into perspective, it is historically recorded that the Black Death of the Middle Ages killed approximately half the population of Europe, around 100 – 150 million people. Similarly, the Spanish Flu of the early 20th century is estimated to have killed around 100 million globally. Compare this with 760,000 dead globally from today’s virus and hopefully that little light bulb in the brain will begin to glow with the realisation that the terror narrative of our governments is both unfounded and unjustifiable.

Unless the peoples of nations start questioning this ‘plague upon us’ narrative instead of blindly surrendering their freedom and economic future for fear of a virus that is presently showing to be relatively harmless for 96.6% of those who get infected, then we all face a very bleak future.

Imagine years of arbitrary local and/or national lockdowns every time a case of the sniffles is reported. Think of the constant threat of imposed  house arrest, of not being free to go on holiday, to the pub, to church, to a care home to visit an elderly relative, or to a football match. Reflect on the uncertainty in committing to a mortgage or a loan for fear that the next lockdown may wipe out your employer and your income.
These are just a few of the considerations people have to weigh in light of this unprecedented and unconstitutional suppression of freedom that has literally transformed our Western democracies overnight into models of Communist totalitarianism under the pretext of keeping us safe.

But what does being “safe” actually mean? How can any of us be guaranteed a life of safety when any number of tragedies can strike us at any moment, as was the case with my young sister, a perfectly healthy 28-year old who suddenly developed Leukaemia and was dead in a month?

No, there is no such thing as guaranteed safety in life beyond taking obvious precautions such as wearing a seat belt in the car, not drinking and driving, looking right and left before crossing the road, etc.

It is madness in the extreme to live our lives in the belief that we can hide from a virus, from cancer, from a stroke or any from other health misfortune common to humanity;  it simply is not possible. Despite all our efforts to “stay safe” we know that one day we will die from something.

Speaking of which, I have a friend who is suffering from aggressive prostate cancer yet his life-saving treatment has been suspended, as has that of others, under Covid rules. If this together with 40% of acute NHS beds lying empty for the first time in decades tells us anything, it is that our government is not acting to “save lives”.

So let us resolve to live as before and not in accordance with this terror campaign of government that portends to rob us permanently of our  peace of mind, not to mention our liberty and economic future, turning us into (anti)social distancing, muzzled and sanitised automatons of dictatorial State rulers to be herded like sheep around one-way systems marked out with ground arrows.

Despite the feigned sincerity of our national leaders, who claim to be acting in our best interests, this manifestation of totalitarian dictatorship is the real silent assassin in our midst, the killer of our freedom.

I, for one, would rather take my chances with a real plague as a free man than succumb to this  dehumanising control by government, which has very astutely politicised a novel flu to introduce the Police State as our “new normal”.  [Emphases added].


One of the problems for rebels like myself, actively resisting these police-enforceable rules/regulations/guidance/laws is that nearly everyone else is going along with them, if only to get along.  That is, I’ve met some people recently who signal their skepticism, disapproval even, of what  is going on but will obediently wear a mask and keep “social distancing” to the point where they’re likely to end up across the border in England. And we’re talking here, people who live in Glasgow.  I kid you not.   

The sheer terror on the face of the shop worker who literally ran after me today in a Glasgow shop, waving a bottle of hand sanitizer in the air and asking me why I’m not wearing a mask, was a sight to behold.  Any minute now, I thought, and the soundtrack from The Sound of Music will begin. It may have been my imagination, of course, but it seemed to me that she was doing a final twirl as I began explaining that I don’t DO hand sanitizer, and that I’m exempt from wearing a mask but that’s not why I’m not wearing one; I’m not wearing one, I told her, because (drum roll) I don’t want to wear one.  Terror turned to panic.  The music changed to the theme tune from Psycho.  Incredible. 

Anyway, it’s difficult being a rebel at this time, so I’m not sure how many of us reading Martin’s excellent article above, will take to ourselves his exhortation to “resolve to live as before”.  I’ve been trying to do that for a good while now. It brings some strange, if not outright hostile looks, so it’s not easy.  Still, I’m going to keep working at it – what about you?

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  1. An eloquent plea from Athanasius, to be sure!

    I’d say the real virus is the people who populate our Western governments, meekly bowing and casting incense before this Neil Ferguson-WHO-CDC-Red China-NHS-Media-Big Tech-Big Pharma orchestration of fear and lies. It has become very clear, and perhaps this is one of the few bright spots in this nightmare, who these cowards serve. Certainly not us, and moreover, events and circumstances have proved beyond a doubt that they certainly don’t care about our health. These tyrannical measures are actually destroying people’s health, mentally and physically.

    These government leaders and bureaucrats are like the two-faced Roman god Janus: meekly obeying their New World Order masters (i.e. International Communism), and then turning against their own citizens with blind and vicious cruelty. They are fatally infected with the rabies of lust for money and power.

    As for us peons, I would love to be able to take a poll of masked men to see how many are actually afraid of catching the Virus From Outer Space, and how many, rather, are afraid of the government response should they fail to obey. Or both.

    • RCA Victor,

      The real virus those who populate western governments – LOL! That is a nail bang on the head!

      Your idea for a poll is very interesting – that would be something, right enough. I think, though, that most people would say they wear the masks to keep everyone else safe, as the government says. I am not sure there would be many who would say they were just complying with the rules but didn’t think it did any good. That’s just my opinion.

    • RCA Victor,

      It’s really mind-blowing, but I’m finding that when I say this is all about the New World Order, “resetting” the world, people look at me as if I have lost it.

      As soon as they hear NWO they say “conspiracy theory”. What will it take to make them really realise what is happening? By the time they waken up, it will be too late.

      • Josephine,

        SNAP! I find exactly the same, in many cases. It’s truly astonishing.

        Below, here’s Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, discusses his new book “Covid-19: The Great Reset.” He’s described as a non-elected “Adolph” in the comments, seeking control of us and his support of Communist China gives no grounds for thinking that person is wrong…

        • Editor,

          I saw clips of that man speaking in one of the Remnant videos when he was very open about wanting to “reset” the world. Him and Bill Gates and Prince Charles plus others. It’s some nerve to take that on themselves. Who do they think they are, “resetting” the world, making it to their own liking.

      • Josephine,

        Unfortunately, it takes a lot of reading, and perhaps a mentor, to start understanding the NWO. My education about it started in 1993, courtesy of a serious Kennedy assassination buff with an office next to mine, who taught me about the Federal Reserve and central banking, Freemasonry, the Council on Foreign Relations and its sister org. in London (Royal Institute of International Affairs), Bilderberg, the UN, the Tavistock Institute, the Illuminati, the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and on and on it goes (you guessed it, we spent more time at lunch than at our desks…).

        There is no shortcut that I know of to grasping all this, but perhaps the easiest way is to stop calling it the NWO and start using its former name: Communism, or International Communism. It’s the same pig with new lipstick.

        Since the current lockdown is based on the Rockefeller Foundation-approved methods and model of the Chinese Communists, that might be easier to understand.

        • RCA Victor,

          That’s a very big help – it’s what I suspected, just use Communism interchangeably with or instead of New World Order because that is what the NWO actually is, it’s Communism. That makes it easier for everyone to understand, IMHO. Thanks for that.

  2. RCAVictor

    How true your observations of our “leaders” are, and how interesting it would be to poll the population to discover how many wear masks out of fear of the virus and how many out of fear of the government. That might show up some surprising results.

    What’s presently irking me no end is this pitiful compliance of clergy to the great evil of this new totalitarian turn of events. The more I see their pathetic obedience to “the Covid rules”, the less I belive they are men of supernatural faith. There’s no way any true Catholic bishop of priest could go along in conscience with this insult to God in His own House, not to mention the forbidden closure of churches for 4 months, unless they are either extremely weak in faith or completely absent of it.

    Now I know that a few tried to minister to souls covertly during lockdown, which at least shows they are priests who care about God and souls. But this is no time for covert behaviour, this is a time when we need to stand tall for Our Lord and take any persecution that comes from it. If the Church’s hierarchy had stood firm and refused to insult God, as their duty demanded, then governments everywhere would have been forced to abandon their wicked attempt to impose Communist totalitarian rule on the world. I said before that the Church is the world’s moral compass, which, when it functions properly, keeps everything on an even keel. When it fails, however, is in the case of today’s cowardly and/or corrupt hierarchy, then the world goes haywire and evil triumphs, albeit temporarily. Woe betide every bishop and priest at their judgment for their silent compliance with this present manifestation of evil that has turned faith into fear. Yes, the judgment on these faithless clerical careerists and politicians will be very great in eternity, having obeyed unjust civil law to the detriment of the eternal law and Church law.

    • Athanasius,

      Agreed on all counts.

      The Apostles all fled when Our Lord was arrested, and only one kept vigil at the Cross. The Bishops mostly fell asleep at the switch and let the Vatican II revolution sweep over them without a peep of protest, except for Abp. Lefebvre, who was perhaps the recent counterpart of young St. John.

      As for the current crop of clergy, it seems that when the going gets tough, the effeminate cave in. Apparently they value their own skins more than discerning and battling the spirit of the Antichrist, which is now rampant among us.

      Clearly it has occurred to precious few that the Faith is being mocked, and that they are culpable in that mockery. But then again, this mockery, disguised as fake theology, has been in place since at least the time of Pope St. Pius X.

      Now, however, all pretense of theological disguise has been dropped, and everything has been reduced to “safety” from universal germophobia.

      We are under a siege of darkness, and even our public spiritual weapons have been taken from us. I am blessed to have sacramental shelter, but who knows for how long…

      • RCA Victor,

        It’s really incredible to think that the apostles could abandon Christ after just coming from sharing a meal with him and listening to him speaking, and say all that he said at the last meal. So, I suppose we can’t be too surprised that our bishops and priests are running scared, too, at this distance of 2,000 years.

        I love your final paragraph – absolutely true: “We are under a siege of darkness, and even our public spiritual weapons have been taken from us. I am blessed to have sacramental shelter, but who knows for how long…”

        • Fidelis,

          Your first paragraph is very thought-provoking – I hadn’t really thought of that before, how the apostles could have gone straight from listening to Jesus speaking at the Last Supper and to into hiding, thinking (I presume) that he must be a criminal after all, not understanding despite all he’d said to them. It does put the bishops’ cowardice into perspective a bit – I’m beginning to feel sorry for them now!

          • Josephine,

            If you think about what happened right before Our Lord’s arrest, it’s a little easier to understand the Apostles’ human weakness. After all, they had just had a beautiful and unforgettable dinner with their Lord and Master, the Eucharist had just been instituted and received for the first time, Jesus’ eloquent and loving discourse still rang in their ears, and everything seemed to be going along perfectly.

            So there they are in the Garden, late at night, sleepy from food and wine, not knowing why they had stopped there instead of returning to Bethany as usual, quite secure in the company of their Master, still paying no heed to (or not understanding) His repeated warnings about His imminent fate. It was totally dark as well, and cold.

            And then, suddenly, the world fell in on them….their leader and protector and Messias arrested, their security destroyed, their one sword-bearer rebuked for wielding it….

            • RCA Victor,

              I see what you mean, but it still amazes me that they could listen to Jesus’s beautiful discourse at the Last Supper and then run off and leave him in the hands of his enemies. Human nature, I suppose, but it’s still quite a thought.

          • (I forgot to say, I agree with you that the Apostles’ behavior certainly puts the bishops’ behavior into perspective!)

    • Athanasius,

      Thanks for yet another brilliant article from you. I love it that you keep checking the numbers. I use them in discussions and they always hit home, yet people still can’t bring themselves to admit that there is something sinister going on here. It’s all a lot to take in. No wonder the NHS is warning that they will have a lot of mental health issues to deal with when this is all over. Little do they know it’s not going to be over for a very long time.

      • Fidelis

        Thank you. I have been aware that my recent articles on the blog are repetitive as regards numbers, but as you point out it’s important for us to sink these into our minds so that we can show others how the official stats defy the terror propaganda. That having been said, I agree that even quoting these numbers people cannot be convinced that they’re being had, it’s like a complete blindness has come down upon humanity, obscuring all obvious truth. Very weird.

        • Athanasius and Fidelis,

          Too true – it’s almost impossible to get people to face the facts, to see sense these days. I find myself repeatedly quoting Mark Twain who said “It’s much easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”

          • Editor,

            Mark Twain was very right there – people don’t want to believe they’ve been conned, they’d sooner keep hammering home that they were not conned, LOL!

  3. I don’t know where to post the following but I’d love to hear bloggers opinions on the statement:

    It is important to realize the full dimension of this dramatic appeal! Above all, one must consider what an anti-church needs at its head. In this sense, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen affirmed: “There will be a mystical Body of the antichrist, which will resemble in all its externals the Mystical Body of Christ.”

    It’s from an article on Lifesite News:

    • Helen,

      That Lifenews article left me speechless – it’s all in there in one place. It’s quite terrifying to be living through all this. The one thing that disappointed me was the reference to Sr Faustina at the end – I’m not a fan of the Divine Mercy devotion, her diary etc. Apart from that, though, it’s a really good article.

    • Helen,

      That was a rivetting article. Like others, I was sorry to see the final paragraph devoted to Sr Faustina and it’s a pity the author didn’t mention Fr Gruner’s work to have the Third Secret fully published, but overall, a very good piece.

      • Editor,

        Speaking of Sr. Faustina, I’m reminded of a time years ago when I was doing a large print job at our local FedEx store, during which a priest of the modern variety came in with a Divine Mercy image that was supposed to be Our Lord. He waved it about as though it was a relic of Moses or Elias.

        But the image was clearly a Satanic imitation of Our Lord, so much so that it was actually repulsive and made me cringe.

        • RCAVictor,

          Agreed. It has to be one of the most effeminate image ever! Very apt for our very effeminate times.

  4. That’s another outstanding article from Athanasius. If there was any justice in this world, he’d be employed in a national newspaper as one of their journalists, at the very least.

    It incredible to think there’s a 96.6% recovery rate for this virus. There’s no way we’re being told that in the MSM. But even telling people the true facts etc doesn’t change most people – they want to believe it’s all true, don’t ask me why, it’s weird.

    I agree about living as we did before, as free people but it’s easier said than done. You can’t go into a cafe now without having to give your personal contact details, and even churches are co-operating with this. I won’t go anywhere that I have to give my details. Beyond that, and not wearing the mask, I am not sure what else we can do. It’s getting to the stage where there are so many police-people around complaining if someone isn’t wearing a mask, that I don’t know long long any of us can keep this up.

  5. Helen

    I’ve just read the full LSN article. It’s well written and well documented, though I was a bit surprised to find absolutely no reference to the late Fr. Gruner, arguably one of the world’s foremost authoritites on Fatima and the Third Secret. I can’t help wondering if this is becuase of Fr. Gruner’s clear stance on the Traditional Mass, etc. It kind of threw me back to LSN’s failure to acknowledge, much less publish, my open letter to the Scottish Bishops, a letter that was bound to upset many of its non-traditional leaders. It’s just speculation on my part, but not completely unfounded.

    As for the statement of Bishop Fulton Sheen, I think a more appropriate description to what we are witnessing in the Church is Archbishop Vigano’s description of the “deep Church”, the religious evil twin of the “deep State”.

    We have it on Our Lord’s own authority that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church, which means effectively that it will never be overtaken and subdued by the sevants of antichrist. Infiltration is not the same as subjugation, it’s a very important distinction.

    What I think is going on is that the infiltrators referred to, those who Bella Dodd described as having reached the highest levels in the clergy, operate covertly within the Church to destroy faith and morals. I remember a complimentary statement (can’t remember the source) to the effect that the Masons and Communists could never hope to place one of their number on the Chair of St. Peter, but would be perfectly content with one who shared their world view, one who could be manipulated into furthering their wickedness. Perhaps the punishment of the Third Secret is fulfilled in this respect through the Modernist Popes of Vatican II, each of them genuinely lamenting the presence of antichrist in the Church and the world while blind to the fact that it is precisely their failure to honour Our Lady’s request, pushing instead a conciliar “reform” that is not from God, which is enabling the demonic assault. At any rate, Apocalypse refers to the tail of the dragon dragging a third of the stars in heaven down to earth. This obscure passage is interpreted as meaning large numbers within the clergy, especially the high clergy, falling into apostasy. It all fits with what we see in the Church today and raises serious questions about this present Pope who is to all intents and purposes an ideological Communist. Who could ever have imagined such a thing in the Church?

    As for the end times in general, I don’t think the reign of antichrist is for our time. What we are seeing today is merely a foretaste of a much greater time of wickedness (hard to imagine) in the future. My reason for saying this is that Our Lady promised that at the end of this present trial, when the Pope and the Bishops are finally obliged to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, a time of holy peace will be granted to the world. Hence, this present crisis, grave as it is, cannot be the prelude to the manifestation of that reprobate called the antichrist who is to brutally reign over the entire world prior to its consumation. In other words, it’s what we might call a “dry run” for the devil, a reflection of a much worse evil yet to come.

    I think it was St. Peter who wrote that for God a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. This is perfectly consistent with a time of holy peace that may last for some considerable time in earthly terms before men once more forget about God and turn to antichrist immediately prior to the end of the world.

  6. I agree with Athanasius that this is not the time of the Antichrist, but a preview and type (Athanasius – that supporting statement you made about a Pope who shares the Freemasonic view is from the Alta Vendita). We have not seen the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart yet, we have not seen the conversion of Russia, and we have not seen the “period of peace” – all of which precede the time of the Antichrist.

    The Church since the Papacy of Paul VI, or even since John XXIII, has indeed been described by several people as a false church, but I think that is wrong (and it is frequently sedevacantists who make that claim). The Church, though obscured by the strategies of evil men, is still the Church, awaiting that good Pope who will fulfill Our Lady’s request.

    This morning we had the second in a series of sermons on Gnosticism, the worldview promoted by Lucifer. One of the most important points made was that Gnosticism is, among other things, an attack on fatherhood. This includes not just heads of families, but especially clergy. It occurred to me that since Vatican II our clergy have largely ceased to be “Fathers” and have become, instead, social workers and politicians…along with a few unsavory other types.

    A true Father of the Faith, in other words, would not surrender to the State – but for an “ecumenical Father,” who foolishly seeks detente with those who intend to destroy him, self-preservation is Priority #1.

    BTW Helen, that LSN article left out an analogy about the assassination attempt against JPII. The article cites 1717, but what about those 5 shots? Those were analogous to Our Lord’s Five Wounds.

  7. I’m in the middle of a powerful book called The Antichrist by Fr. Vincent P. Miceli, SJ, written in 1981. I highly recommend it to everyone. This is from the flyleaf:

    “Fr. Miceli traces the prophecy of the Antichrist through the Old and New Testaments, through Greek and Latin Fathers [of the Church], through medieval thought and relates his startling findings to the decadence of our civilization. Fr. Miceli studies some of the false prophets in history who are the precursors, shadows, portents of the coming climax of evil to be incarnated in the person of the false Messiah, the Antichrist. He explores the modern phenomenon of the presence of mini-Antichrists within the Mystical Body of Christ, who work as demolition squads to bring down this marvelous edifice of God.”

    • RCA Victor,

      A Jesuit? Writing in 1981? That’s not milk or cream and sugar you’re putting in your coffee, don’t fall for that one! Somebody is doctoring your coffee 😀

      Seriously, I have to assume that Fr Miceli is the exception to the “don’t trust a Jesuit these days” rule – certainly sounds interesting, although I tend to avoid anything to do with the anti-Christ. It’s hard enough work to keep countering the anti-Catholics in the Vatican!

    • RCAVictor

      I know the name of Fr. Vincent Miceli very well, having listened to some of his audio recordings many years ago. I share Editor’s suspicion of Jesuits in general but the two excpetions in our time seem to be Frs. Malachi Martin and Vincent Miceli. I haven’t read the book you speak of but I’ll get around to it.

  8. Athanasius,

    Another great article from you. You manage to pack in so much information and make it readable, not dry as dust as might be expected given the subject matter. That’s why I just can’t get my head around the editors of secular newspapers not wanting to publish your stuff. It’s unreasonable, like they’re acting against their own best interests – why don’t they want to “scoop” this – somebody challenging the government narrative?

    • Nicky,

      I’m beginning to think that the media is very tightly under government control now. It is unusual for editors of major newspapers and broadcast media programmes not to want to be first on the scene with a different angle, or a development of some kind in any major story/event. So, there’s something very evil going on in the name of the Chinese virus. We’ll find out in due course exactly what has been going on… Until then, we soldier on, do our bit and pray hard…

      • Editor,

        I would be more inclined to think that both the media and the government are under the same external control – from a shadow government – and are, in effect, branches of the same hidden entity.

        As my old mentor (see my new post to Josephine), a brave Irishman, taught me, when you see identical news reports on different TV channels or hear them on different radio stations, then you know the media is being controlled. And Athanasius put it very well when he referred to this hidden entity as an “unwholesome force.”

        • RCA Victor,

          Your Irish friend is correct – and (abandoning my customary humility), I’ve long said that myself, that when all the news outlets are reporting the same bits of news, there’s obviously either nothing much happening around the world or they’re being controlled by a very malign force.

          Not to belittle your Irish mentor, I did say that a long time ago… You may have forgotten, who knows… I mean, not everyone can be perfect…

          • Editor,

            Unfortunately (or fortunately for you), we didn’t know each other until 2008, i.e. about 15 years after my Irish mentor, may he rest in peace, started making my feet approach the ground when it comes to who pulls the strings, and who obediently dances to the tune.

            And I forgot something important: he was also my sponsor when I returned to the Church in 2000, and made sure I acquainted myself with Malachi Martin and Vatican II…

            In short, my real education started at age 42. Everything before then was just 2+2 = 5.

    • Nicky

      I’m afraid Editor is right when it comes to the mainstream newspapers, they’re all under the control of some unwholesome force, which is probably why the editors didn’t so much as acknlwledge receipt of the article I sent to them. I have actually noticed in recent years that the email addresses that used to be available for sending submissions directly to editors have all been removed. Instead, newspapers seem to have moved to in-house journalist material only, which is another way of controlling the narrative. It’s all very sinister.

      Mind you, we can go all the way back to Poe Pius XI who asked in his Encyclical on Soviet Communism why the world’s press seemed so silent on its attrocities against Christians. The same applies today with the attrocities going on against the Catholic underground Church in China. Yes, they’re in the pockets of evil people.

      • Athanasius,

        I just can’t believed how biased the media reporting is and how nobody, but nobody, who is not parroting the propaganda is allowed to be heard. It’s an affront to the very idea that we are a free country. We have leaders acting like tinpot dictators, the only difference being they’re pretending to be democratic leaders.

        All of your articles that I’ve read here should have been published, no question about it.

        There’s just one thing I wonder if I could suggest, it might be good to put the link to the page where you get the official figures because people (like me!) are sometimes a bit lazy or don’t know exactly where to look to find the figures.

        That said, there’s no fault to be found with you – you’re articles are first class.

  9. Josephine

    Good point about links to the stats. Newspapers generally filter out emails with attached links as SPAM, which is why I leave it to editors to check the numbers for themselves. However, it’s a good idea to post the links here so that people can view the figures and know where they’re coming from.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Athanasius,

      After reading Josephine’s suggestion, I decided to Google for recovery rate figures (I had just assumed you took them from the Scottish Government website or the Westminster site) and found out, much to my surprise, that the ONLY country where recovery stats are not published is the UK. Very telling.

      • Editor

        Yes, I heard something about that the other night on the news, people asking why the UK does not publish recovery figures. The obvious answer is that they can’t because they are so aggressively totalitarian in comparison with like-sized countries it would expose the false narrative for what it is. Besides that, the UK is notoriously unable to track infections, deaths and recoveries, the numbers are all made up.

        • Athanasius,

          Well, if they’re struggling to track and trace, it’s certainly not the fault of the clergy of Scotland. They’re into that big-time, at every Mass (where the number of those permitted to attend is limited to 50)

          And I heard about a lady who went up to light a candle in a Glasgow church only to be met by a bossy female who told her that’s not allowed, that she (Bossy Female) would light the candle for her.

          Anybody tries that with me and a whole new meaning will be given to the exhortation to set the world on fire with our faith. Don’t worry, though, I’ll gladly pay for all the candles I use 😀

          Signed Sister Mary of the Ever-burning Lamp

          • Editor

            I thought you were Sister Mary of the Cream Bun, but never mind!

            You’re right about the track and trace element, the Catholic hierarchy is more vehement in its “humble” obedience to our Marxist totalitarian government than even the most zealous of SNP disciples. As I said before, I seriously doubt that any of the bishops in Scotland’s hierarchy has the faith today in any real sense of the word. They are all Socialist enforcers of liberalism disguised as angels of light.

            • Athanasius,

              I did used to be Sr Mary of the Cream Bun but when they introduced trans-naming, I decided to transition my name 😀

              You are absolutely right about the Bishops having lost the faith.

              By the way, I ought to clarify something that I’ve clarified a million times before on here but “reports” have been brought to my attention that some readers still need further clarifying, so to speak. Thus, here goes…

              To publicly correct (thus criticise) any priest or bishop, or any layperson in a post of responsibility within the Church, is NOT to commit the sin of detraction.

              Just as the journalists at The Telegraph were not guilty of the sin of detraction when they exposed the thieves among the Westminster politicians, those who were stealing from the public purse by fiddling their expenses claims, so ANYONE in a position of public trust is open to public criticism and correction. The sin of detraction applies to personal failings, not to the exercise of a public office. Were that the case, we would have to do away with all police and prison officers, law courts etc. How could we respond to jury duty when that entails listening to criticism of a person’s alleged behaviour?

              If, for example, someone (among the many million) who hate me were to publicly reveal my character faults, e.g. that I’m short-tempered (every few years) and other personal faults, that would probably be the sin of detraction. However, if the criticism refers to my work as editor of the Catholic Truth newsletter, website and/or blog, that’s different; consider the possibility that I’d published material that was not properly documented or that my commentary was far too biting, much too hard-hitting – well, that’s fair comment. That’s not to detract from my character but to point to weaknesses in the exercise of my (exalted, under-appreciated and underpaid) position as editor of CT.

              Just wanted to clear that up again – every now and again the accusation reaches my inbox and I think “here we go again”…

          • Editor,

            It used to be said, in this part of the world, that churches bring out both the best and the worst in people. I’d say that now goes double for the latter group.

            • RCA Victor,

              Well, to be fair, there have always been busybody types in parishes, but you are right to say that the current situation has exacerbated the tendency – never have we had so many self-appointed police-people as we do now, as a result of the churches being run by the Government.

  10. Another fantastic article by Athanasius and Our Lord’s words…….”Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill” certainly comes to mind with the extent that Athanasius, the Editor and all the blog contributors are fighting to overturn the upcoming Communism/tyranny.

    • Francescomarta

      You do your bit for Our Lord and the Church as well with your frequent comments and excellent links. The problem is that, apart from this blog and a few other sources of truth, the majority have completely bought into the lie.

      • Athanasius

        Yes, you keep thinking that people will ‘catch on’ and realise something is very wrong in all this, but they behave like zombies. It’s perplexing.

        • Francescomarta,

          It’s totally perplexing. I can’t believe how smoothly this has gone for the Government. Everyone is so unquestioningly obedient. It’s incredible.

  11. It would be great if the public decided to ignore the lies on the media and live as before, but the New World Order (NWO) is tightening the noose all the time.

    Another major player in this NWO is Tony Blair as mentioned by Dr Vernon Coleman (many weeks ago on a video clip), who has just come out of the woodwork on the BBC Today program. We know the blueprint of all this dodgy Corona Virus tests and making people’s lives hell, disrupting travel, destroying holidays, lockdowns and masks wearing, was to make people so desperate they will take the Vaccine or anything else that will bring normality to their lives. We also know ‘Covid Passports’ or ‘Bio ID’s’ was an important part of the totalitarian control system blue print. So who would be the traitor that would introduce the idea of a ‘Covid Passport’ or a ‘Bio ID Card’ to the British public? Well none other than “Tony Blair’”

    Yes, after Boris Johnson increased the dodgy tests to con people into believing that they have been catching the virus in 35 degrees heat on holidays and so must be quarantined. Tony Blair went on the BBC this morning and came up with a way of stopping all this chaos, why not have a ‘Bio ID Card’ so you can prove you have been tested negative and are fee to travel. Of course when the vaccines come out this will be used to prove you have taken the vaccine and are fee to travel and go about your business. Well we didn’t see that one coming did we. Well the sheep in Britain certainly didn’t it seems.

  12. Sorry for my absence today, folks, but there’s another aspect of this Chinese virus hype that I’ve been experiencing – the way Companies and individuals are using it as an excuse for inefficiency and downright laziness. I’ve noticed it all along but today really took the biscuit. I tried to respond to a letter demanding payment for a service which I’d cancelled just before lockdown. Having spent the entire morning/early afternoon trying to get through on the phone and having spent the rest of the afternoon until around 4pm trying to use their online “chat” service I went all “old fashioned” and typed and posted a letter at the local Post Office.

    Here’s the thing, though; although I know I don’t owe them a penny – it’s obviously a mix up because I made the change just before lockdown- I rang with the intention of just paying it to get them off my back (it’s a relatively small amount, around £20, so there goes my next box of Thornton’s chocolates, I thought).

    However, having wasted the entire day between phoning and useless “chat” attempts, my letter is now demanding an apology, from the heart so to speak, along with compensation for wasting my entire day. I’ll settle for a couple of thousand, but didn’t tell them that. Make them sweat, I thought.

    Yes, this virus is a real cutie. Not only has it cured every other flu and just about every other illness known to man, woman and child, it’s convinced employers and employees alike that life can be nice ‘n easy, just relax, let the hoi polloi wait…

    It really is a joke, this entire Wuhan/Chinese/Coronavirus/Covid-19 virus (this, in order of the way the virus was described to us in the media following its arrival from China.)

    My letter to the Company was, by any standard, forthright. I only just kept it civilised…

    • Editor,

      You should have emailed them a sound recording of your complaint, using Victor Borge’s system of phonetic punctuation:

    • RCA Victor,

      Many thanks for alerting us to that terrific article by Christopher Ferrara. I highlighted this sentence:

      “The “mask mandate” has now clearly emerged as the one mechanism by which the [local authorities/fake news] complex intends to perpetuate the “COVID-19 pandemic” in the nation’s collective psyche long after it has ceased to exist in reality. And cease to exist it surely has, as all the objective data demonstrate, including those published by Blue State governors themselves.”

      In the comments, one remark jumped out at me, too; paraphrasing, the point was made that if we go along with this farce and wear a mask, even though we know it is not necessary, etc. then we are failing to stand up for the Truth.

      I agree.

      • Editor

        I absolutely agree with the paraphrased observation at the end of your comment. Compliance with the face mask order is equal to compromise with the truth. I would only except those with compromised immune systems from that general fact.


        Great article by Christopher Ferrara, as always. Thanks for posting that.

    • Josephine,

      I have a recollection, a bit vague, though, of that being said quite a while before, so that would suggest this is all plotted and planned. I agree, it’s here to stay. It’s going to be going on long after next Spring, IMHO. We’ll be living a different lifestyle, the virus eventually won’t even be mentioned but we’ll be like the Chinese, wearing masks all the time, to keep “safe” – it’s just terrible.

      • Lily,

        I think you are remembering this thread

        On the subject of masks…

        I have just been watching a Carl Vernon video which, unfortunately closes with him using the F word over and over again, so I’ve placed a comment on his YouTube platform, under the video, explaining that we often use his videos here, but not this one, and could he find another way to express himself forcefully. The case against the scamdemic is strong enough and he is brilliant at exposing it, so there is no need for vulgar language. We have young people reading this blog so we can’t appear to reinforce the idea that such vulgarity is acceptable.

        Anyway, one of the things about that video which made it downright hilarious coupled with terrifying in the extreme was a clip of two people, a male and female sitting in a cafe/restaurant, who had cut out their masks around the mouth, so they could eat and drink wearing them. Youngsters at a nearby table were unable to conceal their amusement, giggling away.

        It’s getting to be beyond saying “beyond belief”. It’s undiluted madness.

  13. Another fantastic article from Athanasius. He’s superman with a keyboard!

    I do agree that we should all try the best we can to live as free people, but it’s not easy when you can’t go into a cafe for a coffee without being asked to “register” and you’re being told not to attend Mass every Sunday, to be “thoughtful” and only go once a month or so. The whole country seems to be completely taken in by this virus-narrative.

    So, thanks to Athanasius for keeping us grounded in facts and figures. It’s a total disgrace that we are being so openly fooled by the politicians of all parties. There’s just nowhere to turn for help.

  14. CORRECTION: I made a mistake in my introductory article. The percentage of those who are said to have died of Covid-19 in Scotland is not 0.004%, as I wrote, but 0.04% as stated in my previous articles on the subject. Slip of the keyboard, I’m afraid. If only my employers would add extra zeros when doing my monthly pay!

    Editor: Thanks for that correction, Athanasius – I hadn’t even noticed but my maths/arithmetic leaves a lot (of numbers!) to be desired. I’ve now amended the article, top of page, to make the correction.

  15. I don’t have time to struggle with the link – hassles galore today – but I’ve just read (about half of !) a report that Tony (why don’t you get lost) Blair is calling for mass testing.

    You can see it, can’t you? The figures are declining, so we need more testing to bump up the numbers, then when they’re bumped up sufficiently, we can be ordered back into lockdown.

    Who wants to go to work in the winter months, anyway?

    Note this: Tony (why don’t you get lost) Blair, kept popping up in a multitude of efforts to stop Brexit. Now he’s on the scene again to make sure he helps this “golden opportunity” to reset the world.

    We’re heading very quickly now, into tyrannical Communist rule.

    And I’ve not read a single conspiracy theory on the matter – for years, if ever…

  16. I thought this was a good, pointed pictorial description of the current mass surrender to lockdown rules:

    • RCA Victor

      Yes this sums up the UK vey well, but we have good news from Italy. I see that everyone in Italy is ignoring the new rule of wearing masks from 6am to 6pm indoor and outdoor, see link below.

      I wish our Priests, Bishops and Cardinals had more backbone as the only way this scam will end is when we stop co-operating with it!

      The Priest announced at Church last week (SSPX) to wear a mask unless you are exempt. New rules on SSPX Web-Site below

      What happened to the “Kingship of Christ” see statement issued by SSPX in March 2020 about obeying the Government, what happened to obeying Jesus Christ and NOT complying with unjust laws.

      • Francescomarta

        Those links you posted just reiterate how the SSPX has acted contrary to Church teaching by allowing the State authority to determine the suspension of public Masses, etc. There is no excusing this shocking betrayal of Christ the King and the absolute freedom of His Church to fulfil her mission on earth without any interference from the State. Shocking betrayal and a serious scandal for the SSPX. Archbishop Lefebvre would be appalled by this treachery.

    • RCA Victor,

      That really is a very appropriate photo – definitely falls into the category of “a picture says a thousand words.”

      I don’t think many people realise how quickly we are marching into totalitarian governance.

      Only a day or two ago, I was in the company of a relative who actually believes that the Government cares about us and is only imposing these rules to (drum roll) keep us safe.

      I tried to sell him that bridge over the River Forth but he’d just bought the one over the Liffey in Dublin. No Irish jokes now – he’s a hard and fast Scotsman, just can’t resist a bargain…

      Apologies for the typo in the joke below – should read “what the heck… ” 😀

      • Editor,

        On this side of the pond we have an old cynical joke: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

        Translation: thanks to government “help,” the situation is about to become a complete mess.

        So ask your relative this: if the government cares about our health, then why is the government suppressing medication and information that would actually aid our health and protect it?

  17. Just take a look at this headline and tell me I’m exaggerating when I say we are marching into totalitarian government – for keeps…

    Sturgeon orders Aberdeen to stay in lockdown? I lived in Aberdeen for five years – I wish I still lived there… only because I’d jump at the chance to ignore that “order”. How dare she? How dare any of these (unfortunately) elected politicians act like tinpot dictators? They are all thoroughly enjoying this dry run – can you imagine what they’ll be like when we’ve been cowed into accepting that they can order us around for the foreseeable future?

    • Editor,

      I’d love to see all this “evidence” she keeps talking about, not to mention what kind of “cases” have appeared. Are these figures what she makes up whilst powdering her nose in the Ladies’ Room?

      Who knows, maybe the Aberdeen City Council, which opposes Her Lockdownship’s latest move, will start a rebellion!

      Which raises the perennial question: can anything good come from Aberdeen?

      • RCAVictor

        You have to take into consideration that Aberdeen is Scotland’s financial powerhouse (oil & gas), which is why it’s targeted for repeated closure. It’s all the world’s major economic cities that are being hardest hit by lockdown. Accidental??

          • RCAVictor

            I think I’m right in recalling that London, New York, Paris, etc. were all initially hit very hard with Covid-19, by far the greatest number of cases when this first kicked off. That was to destroy the financial centres of the Western economies, it was so patently obvious. Now Sturgeon acts to finish off the Aberdeen economy, following orders from some hidden authority, no doubt.

            • Athanasius,

              You’re right, but here’s what puzzles me: if the intent was to destroy the financial centers of the West, then the intent is being implemented by those who control those financial centers.

              Or perhaps the financial entities (central banks) will remain untouched, while the manufacturing capabilities are ruined or gravely weakened.

              It must have something to do with the “Great Reset” – i.e. “stakeholder capitalism.” Another mysterious term which cloaks nefarious schemes. My guess is that what will happen will be very similar to what happened during the Great Depression, which was engineered by the Bank of England and our “Federal” Reserve: a massive scooping up of assets on the cheap, highly devalued by the “crisis.”

              So who will be buying up the devalued manufacturing assets of Aberdeen?

              • RCAVictor

                It’s an interesting set of questions you pose, bearing in mind that these people operate with virual money that they create. My suspcion is that they’re out to destroy small to medium-sized business, allowing the conglomorate global few to run everything without opposition.

      • RCA Victor,

        I used to come out of Aberdeen (on regular visits home to Glasgow) when I lived and worked up there. Not sure if that answers your question, but if not, let me know, I’ve plenty more up my sleeve 😀

    • Editor

      Yes, note how this went from a few weeks of lockdown with people’s co-operation to months and months of shutdown by “order” of the government! The narrative has changed drastically from one of asking people’s patience for a few weeks to telling them they no longer have a choice under the “New Normal” totalitarian authority.

      I have no sympathy with the population of the UK for their utter blindness and compliance. A massive number are going to lose their employment, having already lost their freedom, and they deserve everything that’s coming to them. We are just at the start of a very severe Communist rule in the UK, there’s much worse to come.

      • Athanasius,

        That is what we call a WOW! post. I could not agree more – with your every single word.

        As a matter of fact, I’d just been saying to a friend that I’m now done trying to convince anyone who is not willing to learn. Sending cast iron information – e.g. an article by a doctor detailing why masks in the general population are a waste of time – only to get a link back… to the World Health Organisation website, showing how to wear a mask… DUH … means that person needs to be allowed to do his own thing – and suffer the consequences.

        Like you, I have absolutely zero sympathy for these idiots. And, believe it or not, someone related to me can still be an idiot. Hard to believe I know…

        • Editor

          I recognise the response from those who hold respected office in the land to letters we send laying out the real facts about Covid-19. I received exactly the same response from the Chief Constable of Police Scotland, as well as from the leaders of the various Scottish political parties, i.e., a copy of the WHO’s (dis)information about this virus. That response indicates that they cannot personally answer the true statistics being put before them, so they merely send a copy of WHO propaganda in response. Shocking stuff for people in high public office.

          • Athanasius,

            It is THE most irritating response – and highly insulting. I’d have been tempted to post that propaganda paperwork straight back to the Chief Constable. You can’t be arrested for just posting something, can you? Yet?

  18. Me again!

    One of our readers in Australia, sent this link, which is very interesting, indeed.

    Having said “very interesting”, I’ve just taken a look at some of the topics on that site and I’m very wary of it. They are in the business of questioning if people are who they say they are – is, for example, Kamala Harris really Kamala Harris or is she a clone of Kamala Harris.

    So, I’d read that link (and everything else on there) with a large grain of salt (so to speak).

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