June: O Take me to Thy Sacred Heart… 

The two young teenage friends of Catholic Truth singing in the above video, asked to do so because they want to honour Our Lord’s Sacred Heart, to mark this Month of June – the month traditionally dedicated to paying tribute to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. They assure me of their motivation, insisting that it’s not because I was threatening to sing this myself!   It is one of my favourite hymns and since I’m keen to add it to our small collection of video hymns,  I decided to take them at their word.  The two lads (who are 14 and 17 respectively) deserve our warmest appreciation  because they’re not students of music, or in any way professionally qualified, yet they gave generously of their time to learn the hymn and record it for us, so… Enjoy! 

As always, with Feast Day or dedicated “month” threads, feel free to post your own favourite hymns, prayers, novenas, stories etc.  Here’s one short prayer that I’m sure we all learned at school (well, those of us in a certain age group, at least!)…

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in Thee…  

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  1. That’s beautiful ! So sweet, peaceful – just perfect for reflection time.

    Congratulations to the two boys – beautifully done.

    • Lily,

      “sweet”, “peaceful” – so true.

      “Gentle” is the word that comes to my mind. I think it’s very gentle – sometimes that hymn can sound a little screechy, at bits, but the boys avoided that. As you say, it’s just perfect for some reflection time.

      • “gentle” is also what I was thinking, listening to it. It’s beautifully done in that video, smooth, easy listening.

    • Lily,

      That’s what I’ve found – using it for peaceful reflection; it’s just perfect.

  2. This is the month of the Sacred Heart, May God bless you all in this beautiful month.

    • Thank you, Catherine. That’s a lovely sentiment for the beginning of this month of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Many thanks.

  3. I love that hymn! It’s beautifully sung on the video and how impressive that two young teenage boys wanted to sing it to please Our Lord! That’s wonderful.

    I am praying for lots of graces for my family in this month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as well as for an end to this terrible lockdown and a return to normality – not to the “new normal” but to the same normal we had before, i.e. making our own decisions etc.

    One of my own favourite prayers to the Sacred Heart is, “Sweet Heart of Jesus, I implore the grace to love Thee, more and more.”

    • Josephine,

      Well said – all of it!

      I love that hymn as well – and here’s another one of my favourites – love it, too !

  4. Congratulations to the two teenage boys for singing this hymn in honour of the Sacred Heart. It was beautifully sung as well. A lovely hymn too.

    It seems that Josephine loves the hymn Sweet Heart of Jesus, I must admit I do too.

    • Theresa Rose,

      LOL! I couldn’t remember where I learned that “prayer” but you’re right – it’s from the hymn of that name! Thank you for that reminder. I love that hymn, as well, and in fact I love all the hymns to the Sacred Heart.

  5. That’s a very good sign when two teenagers want to honor the Sacred Heart. I hope those two lads have a vocation to the priesthood! This world gone mad is going to need them.

  6. O Take me to Thy Sacred Heart is absolutely gorgeous. Well done to the two singers. They are obviously classy lads, to want to sing in honour of Our Lord, not for fame and fortune! If they had a vocation, that would be great since modern priests seem to have lost all sense of the sacred and don’t show much interest in pious things, devotions etc.

    I also love the other two Sacred Heart hymns posted here. Both favourites of mine, as well as the “O Take me…”

    I can’t believe we’re into June, already – with the glorious weather, in fact, don’t they speak of glorious June?!

  7. I just knew there would be a Sacred Heart thread today, LOL! I came on to check and what a lovely surprise, with the video recording of O Take Me To Thy Sacred Heart – it’s fabulous! I’ve heard it in church but it’s always sung far too high but I could sing along with that version, so great stuff!

    • Nicky,

      I agree. I’ve only heard it once or twice before, but I had to strain my voice to join in. It’s quite a new one on me, but I found it easy enough to pick up the tune, I just couldn’t reach some of the notes. This is much lower, but not too low, just nice and relaxed. Congrats to the two boys – very well done, indeed.

      I was trying to work out if the background music is an organ, but it sounds a bit “light” to be an organ, although I’m not sure what else it could be. Does anyone recognise the instrument?

      • I also agree about the level of the singing – I can’t be doing with opera stuff – I am more of a Perry Como crooner type, LOL! The boys in the video seem so relaxed and I could hear every word clearly. Beautiful.

        Could I maybe mention my family again, and ask for bloggers to pray for their return to the faith. The majority of them have lost it completely, or it looks that way. I’d appreciate your prayers, especially in this month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thank you everyone.

  8. This is another beautiful hymn to the Sacred Heart that I just love – I haven’t heard it in church for years now. I don’t think parishes mark June the way they used to.

    • Lily,

      Thank you for posting that – another lovely hymn to the Sacred Heart. I’ve not heard that one in years. It’s beautiful.

  9. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never heard that hymn before, though I like it and the lads did very well singing it. I wonder how many teenage boys these days even know about the Sacred Heart much less desire to honour it. Well done those two boys, they’re a credit to the Church.

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