Charity & Coronavirus Lockdown: Should Dominic Cummings Resign? 

On Tuesday night it emerged Durham police have started their investigation into Dominic Cummings’ alleged breach of lockdown rules.

Officers interviewed a witness and have access to number plate recognition software which could track the movement of the aide’s car when he travelled to Durham, the Mirror and Guardian reported.

It came as questions emerged over the account Mr Cummings gave during his Downing Street press conference. To read more click here


What should we, as Christians, think about Dominic Cummings’ behaviour?  Was he right to interpret the lockdown rules in order to drive his family to his parental home in Durham, or not?  Either way, what is the truly Christian and charitable attitude towards him?  “Forgive and forget”?  The problem with that is, he didn’t ask for forgiveness – he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.  So, what, then, should be the truly charitable response.  Forget it and let him get on with his job, or join the calls for his resignation or sacking, in a spirit of “tough love” – i.e. perhaps, in this case, true charity. And in a related matter, should those of us who were not in favour of the lockdown anyway, still stick to the rules or is there room for “interpretation” now?   

Important Note:  do not reveal anything of your own behaviour regarding “interpreting” the lockdown rules or mention anything about any family members of friends who may have interpreted them creatively – we have enemies  reading this blog, avidly, looking for any excuse to report us to this or that “authority” so please keep all comments general, with your opinion expressed as robustly as you please – always within the House Rules, of course.  Please and thank  you!  

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  1. Dominic Cummings put the safety of his family before anything else. That is entirely the correct thing to do. He “endangered” no one else.
    The rules and regulations are immoral. It is correct to challenge immoral laws, something our bishops don’t do. However, his actions came nowhere near amounting to a challenge.
    He has broken no laws, he has kept his family safe. He has endangered no one. An example of the right thing to do.
    This witch hunt is an attempt to weaken the Government. Those who attack Cummings: the BBC, the MSM in general, the chatterati and the Remainers are intent in ruining the ability of this Government to achieve its aims, especially Brexit. The Government and the Prime Minister have seen that a number of anti-Brexit Tory MPs have joined in this attack.
    This attack on Cummings, hysterical, disproportionate, ill-founded and unremitting, is an attack on democracy in the UK.

    • Antoine Bisset,

      The first MP I saw calling for Cummings to resign was Steve Baker MP, one of the most pro-Brexit MPs in the Conservative Party, so I don’t think it’s as simple as pro or anti-Brexit, although I dare say this is being used by some to try to stop Brexit (which is one of the reasons for the Coronavirus hype in the first place, IMHO)

      What I’m more concerned about it how come an unelected official can have so much power in Government that the PM doesn’t want to sack him. That’s the key question not being asked, IMHO.

      • I’d be more concerned about his influence and advice if he was against what we voted for when we (the people) elected a Tory government. Especially when you consider the influence that Prof Ferguson had with his wildly wrong forecasts, which was one of an entire series of badly wrong forecasts.
        Mark Sedwill head of the Civil Service has fought relentlessly to thwart this Government, and impose his views. Views shared by the Remainers, the BBC and many top civil servants.

      • I did not say it was simple. It is another day in the war. There are many things going on. I elaborated on some aspects, although my comment as been removed seems.

      • Lily,

        That is indeed an important question.

        None of us here would judge a man for doing what he believed was best for his family.

        But with power comes responsibility. Has Cummings stood up for the rights of ordinary fathers to do the best for his family? No he has not. He has remained silent. And meanwhile, this government expects ordinary fathers to put their family second.

        When there is one rule for the common folk and one rule for the powerful, then the rulers are corrupt. That’s my belief. Am I being rigid about this? I welcome disagreement.

    • Antoine,

      You say he did the right thing for his kids. That may well be the case. But that’s not point. The point is this…

      There’s one rule for one and one rule for another.

      Plenty of ordinary folk have wanted to do best by their children, but they were forced to put the country first, under threat of police!

      This is about fair play.

      • Actually, we owe a greater duty to our family than we do to the Government.
        This is even more so the case when the Government is not only inept, and wrong, but also evil. (All our Governments have been evil for some decades now.)

        • Antoine,

          You say we owe greater duty to our family than to the the government. That’s all very well said in theory. But in practice, what good is a man to his family if he has to pay an extortionate fine or even face going to prison should he refuse to pay the fine.

          • The first steps to totalitarian rule are small ones. Either accept the slave collar or resist. Nobody said it would be easy, or safe, or cheap.

            • Antoine,

              You may well be right. But how do you know that you would stand up to the authorities were you in that position? How do you know you wouldn’t give in? We can’t know that. All we can hope for is that we have the grace to do the right thing when the time comes.

              I don’t know if I would have the courage to be a martyr, and certainly I wouldn’t have the courage without the grace of God. It’s a great grace to be a martyr. God makes martyrs.

  2. I don’t have any problem with what he did. His first priority is to his family.

    It seems we have very quickly become a nation of spies and denouncers. These self-righteous citizens are creepy, IMHO.

    • Therese,

      I don’t have any problem either but that’s because my problem is with the lockdown in the first place, LOL!

      Friends of mine were unable to attend a funeral of a close relative a week ago, so the whole situation is bizarre.

      • I forgot to add that I wholly agree about the spies and denouncers, and self-righteous citizens – it’s terrible.

        • Lily,

          There is a difference between snitching on your neighbour, a private citizen, and reporting a public official, indeed the most powerful non-elected official in the country.

          Cummings put his family first, good for him. But the government, the same government he advises, expected all is plebs to put our children second!

          The moment that Cummings realised he needed to put his children first is the moment that he should have publicly denounced the lockdown and resign in protest. It’s about integrity and not behaving in a hypocritical manner.

    • Therese,

      He did nothing wrong, you’re right. But here’s the point… If you or I did what he did we would feel the full force of the law.

      The government said that we all had to be in this together. They meant everybody except themselves. That’s some entitlement.

  3. Editor

    That’s a good question and as with Prof [Ed: crudity removed – at least it’s a stupid made-up/suggestive name – try to avoid such nonsense. I’m running out of ways to say it politely, so let’s try this: please, or else! – blog with modesty on this Catholic blog), (Imperial College scammer of death numbers if ‘lockdown’ not imposed), Cummings new there was nothing to worry about, its just a very bad Flu. I’m not sure I believe his excuse. Rumour has it that Boris flew to Mustique after his Flu and the press have kept quiet about this and not tried to verify if this rumour is true. So the knives are out for Cummings and I think he will have to resign eventually. Although I can imagine people who obeyed the ‘lockdown’ and lost their business in the process, will be very angry with him. Personally I hope he gets away with it, to me sacking him just adds fuel to all the hype.

    The media are so desperate to scare people the BBC interviewed a man in Florida this morning who, along with his wife, are suffering with severe respiratory problems from this nasty virus. All very bad flu’s have patients like this, if it were last years flu the BBC could have nipped down the road to St Thomas’s hospital in London to find ‘victims.’ They search high and low to interview, record, hype up, terrorise, anything to scare people. The media circus regarding Cummings is all part of this narrative. The propaganda has worked well so far, but the BBC scare story from Florida shows ‘the word’ is getting out there, that this is one big scam. Some people know deep down something doesn’t add up. However ‘the word’ doesn’t reach most of society, THEY FOLLOW LIKE SHEEP AND CAN’T THINK FOR THEMSELVES. If you think its bad now, wait and see how society will react to someone who is known to have refused the vaccine when it comes into play. Look what happens when a shopper is seen not wearing a face mask!! YOUTUBE clip below

      • Francescomarta,

        Thank you for your gracious apology – I’m sorry I was so OTT cheeky to you – I must come across an awful prude but think of it as an antidote against the laxity everywhere else 😀

  4. He should resign, yes. But if he doesn’t resign, then all fines issued for lockdown infringements must be wiped off the record. People have gotten in trouble with the police for doing what Cummings did. There cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another.

    I and many other British people feel like a stupid mug for following these lockdown rules in letter and spirit. Either we’re all in this together, or the whole things a farce.

    • People who meekly paid on the spot fines were foolish. It is conviction. In many cases the law will not have been broken. The line between law and suggestion has been blurred repeatedly. If a policeman asks you to pay a fine you should refuse and go to court instead.

      • Antoine,

        If you expect us ordinary citizens to make martyrs of ourselves, then why can’t Cummings make a martyr of himself? Why doesn’t Cummings say this “I put my family first, and this lockdown is a scam, the government is wrong, and all fines should be wiped off the record”. He didn’t say that did he.

      • Antoine Bisset

        Exactly right! Most people associate legal with lawful when in fact legal can often be unlawful. In order for legal to be lawful, it must have Constitutional and/or historical precedent to support it and must not contravene either the divine or natural law.

        As with abortion and other anti-family legislation in our time, this national suppression of freedom, especially freedom to worship our Creator, the supreme act that all men are commanded to observe publicly, is an usurpation of power by government that is well outwith its remit, particularly in a democracy in which politicians are elected to office and not to power. That the police have been co-opted into this abuse of power, willingly surveilling and criminalising law abiding citizens for merely exercising their right to freedom, has disgraced everything the force has stood for since its foundation.

        No one is bound to observe iniquitous laws when the facts clearly contradict the official narrative, nor are they bound to give personal information to inquiring police officers, much less pay fines for simply going about their business. Furthermore, if the police persist in pursuing this oppression of the people on government’s behalf, then every citizen who is cited by them has the right under Magna Carta to demand a trial before a jury of his peers.

  5. You can lockdown all of the people, some of the time, or some of the people, all of the time BUT you cannot lockdown all of the people, all of the time.


    • Cbucket,

      I don’t think anyone takes the lockdown seriously anymore. People were calling in to LBC yesterday saying how guilty they felt for not doing what Cummings did and put family first. They naïvely thought we were all in this together. They feel like mugs, and they are. I’ll not be a mug the next time this happens.

      How very foolish of me to have thought that the people who made these rules would themselves be following the rules themselves!

    • cbucket,

      If that’s the case then why hasn’t Cummings come out and said this?

      It would appear that Cummings and the government he world for is perfectly content with all us sheeple going along with the rules.

        • Cbucket

          Haha too true.

          It shocked me to learn that the E&W and Scottish bishops had pleaded with the government to get themselves closed down? But why was I so shocked? That’s exactly what one would expect them to do.

          You know, people complain that we’ve been deprived of the Mass and Sacraments. But remember, we’ve been denied good shepherds, a trustworthy hierarchy, and reliable magisterium since 1965 or thereabouts. This is the original chastisement.

          When the shepherd goes AWOL the sheep scatter.

  6. If Cummings wants to put his family first, then in his capacity as senior adviser to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he should also defend the right of all fathers and husbands to do best by their families. Cummings should have spoken out. Saint Thomas More would have.

    I have defended the right for Cummings to do what he did for his family, and I have only criticised him for his hypocrisy. But for one moment consider this possibility: Cummings actions were not done for the benefit of his childrens’ safety. He just didn’t think the rules applied to him. When Cummings went on a 60 mile round trip to Barnard Castle to allegedly test his eyesight, he was taking the Michael.

  7. The truth of the matter is the left wing media hates Dominic Cummings with a passion for his part in Brexit and has been wating for the first opportunity to pay him back. demands for his sacking, with the usual feigned outrage of course, are not because anyone in the media gives a hoot about the health of others but because they hate Cummings and want his head on a platter. I hope Boris Johnson sticks firmly by Cummings and I hope the time is rapidly approaching when most other people are going to catch on to the fact of the fake pandemic and start re-asserting their right to freedom. The entire lockdown business is the greatest scam ever imposed on the human race.

    • Athanasius,

      I have no personal vendetta against Cummings but I am angry about what he has done… He has broken the same rules that the very government he works for got parliament to rubber stamp. Cummings and Johnson and his cabinet are the ones who have placed this lockdown on us.

      • Miles Immaculatae

        Like you, I’m angry about this lockdown but I channel that it in the right direction. I will not support the left wing media having a go at Cummings because they want the lockdown to continue while he has just undermined it. That gets my full support every time, whether he’s a hypocrite or not. I just want lockdown to end and Cummings has gone a little way to showing how ridiculous it is.

        • Athanasius,

          It was not the Left wing media who imposed the lockdown. The Left media may have lobbied for it, and supported it, but ultimately, it was the government and parliament who imposed the lockdown. Dominic Cummings, in my opinion, is one of those people who are responsible for imposing the lockdown on us all. He is, afterall, the most powerful non-elected public official in the government of the United Kingdom.

          I don’t think it is fair to say that Cummings is being attacked for his role in Brexit. You will remember that the most senior health official in the Scottish government was similarly forced to resign after she broke the lockdown rules. And she did resign. It is not known how she voted in the Brexit referendum. If Cummings gets to keep his job, then I think that she should have her job given back to her.

          It feels like you are giving Dominic Cummings a free pass because he’s a Brexiteer? If Cummings thinks that the lockdown is ridiculous, as you say, then why doesn’t he say it is ridiculous, or why doesn’t he advise the Prime Minister to end the lockdown? His title is ‘senior adviser to the Prime Minister’.

          Do you believe that it is the left wing media who are the ones who are imposing this lockdown. Do the left wing media control government and the parliament? Are Johnson and Cummings really that weak. That doesn’t same much about them as statesmen. Remember, Cummings is the political strategist genius who won the Brexit referendum in spite of the overwhelming bias of the media for Remain.

        • Athanasius,

          I don’t think there’s any contradiction in channelling our anger at the lockdown in the right direction (which is the Government, which includes Dominic Cummings) and also being angry when lack of integrity in those responsible for the lockdown comes into the news. I don’t believe for a second that any of the top people are keeping the lockdown rules. They all look well groomed on the TV for a start. There’s no way they are keeping to the letter of the law.

          Also, there are plenty of Brexiteer MPs among those who are calling for Cummings to resign, so I don’t think it’s about that primarily either.

          I do, however, think you make a good point when you say that the media’s annoyance has more to do with wanting the lockdown to continue, which they obviously do, than with any lack of integrity on the part of Mr Cummings.

          Talking about being well groomed – I’ve never seen any of the news people looking like they need a haircut, have you? Also, I doubt if they will be driving straight to work and back without making stops. There’s definitely one rule for the elite and another rule for the rest of use.

          • Josephine

            You’re right about haircuts, it’s clear the top people are having their hair well looked after in contravention of the rules they’re making the rest of us stick by. That’s just another sign that the pandemic national emergency stuff is completely fake.

            • Athanasius,

              I agree. I can’t wait to get my hair cut – it’s actually quite uncomfortable. I can trim the fringe and around the top and sides a bit but not the back and it’s very uncomfortable. I won’t let anyone touch my hair, not in my family, there’s a history LOL!

  8. I heard today that the pharma company GlaxoSmithKline is in Barnardscastle, the place visited by Cummings. I don’t know what he actually did whilst there but, a few days later, the UK government announced that they had placed a billion pound investment for a vaccine from that very company.
    Is this true, does anybody know?

    • Helen

      That’s interesting, I’ll do a bit of research into that, see what flags up.

    • Helen,

      I used to work for GSK at their Irvine Site (making antibiotics and pharmaceutical intermediates) and it is true they have a site at Barnard Castle.

      I do not know in full what the Barnard Castle site makes – I do know they make drugs for HIV, Asthma and Antibiotics there.

      However, regardless of its manufacturing portfolio, the site could of course have been used as a location for a meeting.

      I know GSK make vaccine products at their site in Montrose.

      In April, I heard that GSK and a French company, Sanofi, had agreed to work together to develop a Corona Virus vaccine, but I am unaware of any UK Government involvement.

    • Helen,

      I would not put it past them. I can well believe that Cummings’ story is a cover for his real reasons for being in Durham… to negotiate a lucrative government contract with a private company. There is big money involved in the vaccine and Coronavirus. I wonder why such a deal would be kept so secret. What are we not being told?

      I think it is naive to assume that Cummings is one of us and is all out for us ordinary folk simply because he campaigned for Brexit. If there is a conspiracy around this Coronavirus, social control etc., then I believe that Cummings is just much a part of it than anyone else.

      I know that there is much support for Brexit among the commenters on this blog. It is true that Brussels and the Islington liberal elite are in cahoots, and its absolutely justified to be want to free from such an establishment. The metro elite hate us. But I have never trusted Johnson and Cummings and Farage and various other Brexiteers in the British political scene. I think that they are just as much a threat to us as the Remainer establishment politicians. They are all liberals of one shade or another… Cummings might not be a cultural liberal, but many Brexiteers are radical economic liberals, i.e. extreme individualist ultra-capitalists who would sell this country on the cheap to American oligarchs for a quick and easy profit… just as Churchill did. This is the main reason that I voted Remain and not Leave. I hate the liberal metropolitan elite just as much as everyone here, but Brexit is a revolution, and revolutions always end up with a worse regime than the one they replaced.

      I remember Nigel Farage giving a talk years ago where he said we should scrap the NHS and replace it with an American style insurance payer health care system. Who would benefit from this? … Avaricious and usurious American big Pharma and insurers, that’s who.

    • Helen,

      What I’d like to know is what is his toddler son on? He could travel 260 odd miles from London to Durham and not need to go to the toilet?

      It amazed me that no journalist picked up on that during the press conference, given that Dominic Cummings emphasised that he had not stopped on the way north. I don’t believe him.

      • Josephine

        I don’t know any specific details re Mr Cummings, but in my experience, most parents don’t have to wait to visit a rest stop to allow their little one to pay a visit – I’ve seen lots of toddlers using the countryside “facilities” in my life!

        • Therese,

          That would still entail stopping. Mr Cummings made a point of saying he had to stop at some woods on the way home to let his son use the “facilities” (!) but he also made a point of stressing that he made no stops at all on the way north. That’s an inconsistency.

  9. Apparently 2days after Cummings visited Barnard Castle, GSK signed an agreement with Sanofi (the biggest vaccine company in the world devoted to just vaccines) to create a Covid 19 vaccine.

  10. Dear Editor,
    A couple of interesting news items today.
    Ian Blackford (ex Edinburgh Financier) travelled over 600 miles from his London mansion to his Isle of Skye estate about the same time as Mr Cummings. He gets an allowance of over £20,000 a year for his London pad and of course gets travel expenses to go home.
    For those who do not know Mr Blackford is the blundering buffon who embarrasses Scotland in the House of Parliament with his anti Brexit antics.
    Meanwhile over in once Catholic Ireland the homosexual Prime Minister Leo Verdaker (?) joined with his “boyfriend” Matt and two topless sexual deviants in having a picnic in the Phoenix Park, in contravention of his own regulations.
    So yes rules are for the little people – and I don’t mean just for Lepreauchans.

    • Patrick Healy,

      Can you post any links to prove what you say about Ian Blackford and Leo Varadker? I’d love to have that evidence.

      As for the “Leprechauns” – LOL!

        • Patrick,

          I’m not particularly “adept” at anything; all you need to do to post a link is exactly what you did at the Breitbart site. Only difference is, instead of copying the link to the whole Breitbart site, you just find the article you want to share and copy THAT link. Then paste it here.

          Catholic Truth at your service !

    • Helen,

      That really IS unbelievable. Blackford has been on the news, looking self-righteously indignant, insisting that Cummings “has to go”

  11. Whatever Cummings was up to and we can assume this is why he wasn’t sacked, tomorrow starts the “Coronavirus: Test and trace system.” This is now the beginning of the ‘New World Orders’ way of controlling the population after ‘lockdown.’ Conspiracy theory? Watch this YOUTUBE clip on how it works!

    • Francescomarta,

      That’s worrying. I didn’t see the Scottish Government briefing today so I’m not sure if we are going to be getting these tracers. That video is about the USA.

      I wonder if some people are so nervous about this that they will just suffer the symptoms and not call the doctor? That could be dangerous. It might be wiser to have left the contact tracers for a bit further down the line, after all don’t they keep saying the numbers are going down. I can’t see why we need all this palavar if things are getting better.

    • Francescomarta,

      I’ve now watched the contact tracing video – and scary is the word. Terrifying, in fact.

      Over 2,000 tracers are being trained in Scotland, but, of course, Nicola Sturgeon puts her own spin on it, calling it “Test & Protect” and says it will only work if people come forward voluntarily… the law enforcement bit is omitted at this stage, but you can bet your last penny that it will come in due course

      The clue, really, was in the term “lockdown” – a word associated with prisons. We went along with it. Too late now to cry over spilt milk, or lost freedom.

      It’s almost impossible now, to do anything but comply with all Government regulations. The fact that most people recover fully from this virus, has been lost somewhere in the flurry to introduce social controlling measures. Yip – terrifying IS the word.

      • Dear Editor,
        From the very beginning I have referred to this Flu as the Wuhan Flu, The Flu Manchu, or the Chinese Flu
        That is because that is where it originated. That designation has historically been used to describe where the various plagues come from, the exception being Spanish flu of course.
        I refuse to accept the Marxist propaganda – for instance I insist on calling this lovely weather Global Warming.
        In the same vane I have always refereed to this currency idiocy as House Arrest which is what it is. I firmly believe it is important that commentators do not adopt the glib terminology of the New Speak. The most effective form of defence of decency and truth is truth itself sprinkled with a good dollop of ridicule.
        I found out long ago that the Satanists who would be our rulers have no sense of humour.
        Speaking of which, does anyone on here know who is operating the strings when Mrs Sturgeon gives her daily homily?
        I word like to know who is really in charge, other than Soros of course.
        Any ideas?

        • Patrick,

          Interesting. I was talking to a friend (by phone) yesterday who spoke quite a bit about the way language is being used in the conditioning process. It’s called Neuro-linguistic Programming.

          I had remarked that Nicola Sturgeon lacked some sense of social skill by repeatedly saying “you” will be allowed to do this or that, whereas it would be more tactful to say “we”…

          My friend pointed out that this was no accident. Coupled with the signage which we must “obey” all over the place, we are being conditioned into accepting that government officials have this kind of authority and power over us. “You” (I…) must “obey” them.

          This morning’s lead story in the news is that in Scotland “Test and Protect” is up and running.

          Shudder… And, I’m told, the App has already been downloaded onto our phones – so, if we don’t want to be traced, I presume we need to sacrifice our phones – too bad if the car breaks down, then! Talk about Hobson’s Choice…

          • Dear Editor,

            Thank you all very good stuff.

            Btw, as we are prone to wander a bit on here from the main jist of the subject, I do have sympathy for Mr Cummings and probably would have done the same in his boots – its the Irish in me! On that subject someone once remarked that the reason the Catholic faith survived up to – say 50 years ago – in Ireland was that it was banned by the ‘strangers who do not know’.
            Now on the subject of being tracked by silicon valley, there are a few easy things you can do.
            First get yourself a cheapo phone like a Doro which costs about £40.
            When you set it up do not under any circumstances give them your location/ post code.The same allies to any modern mobile or cell phone, when they ask for your location – refuse. Ok – next time you get lost in Milngavie, just enjoy the scenery.
            I never use any web searcher other than They guarantee not to track you.
            There are many very helpful websites which give you instructions on who to become incognito.
            Hope that helps.
            Remember – you are not necessarily paranoid when the so and so’s are out to get you.
            Ps just looking at your new post above.
            Great guy – but cats!!!!!! Thanks but no thanks.

            • Software can easily be installed on your smartphone without your consent or you even knowing, and can override your device’s location-sharing settings. If your phone is switched on, it can be used as listening device by governments and private companies.

  12. The apps being introduced world wide by the UN/WHO work basically the same. In India you can’t travel without one, so there may be differences at this time in that respect, however it will only be a matter of time when a visit to Sainsburys or a bus journey won’t be possible if you don’t have one. If you saw the video above of people reacting to someone without a mask in a shopping supermarket, imagine in six months time someone getting on a bus or tube without a tracer. This is just the beginning, next stage will be vaccines Cummings is secretly sorting that one out it seems – well done CTS for tomorrows news today!) Its happening right before our eyes, basically the ‘Third Secret Of Fatima’ has started and communism and total control is taking over the world.

    • Francescomarta

      Though ultimately we know they will fail, as evil always does. Just when they think they have the victory Our Lady will snatch it from their hands, of that there is no doubt.

  13. I’ve just listened on LBC radio to the secretary of state for health and social care, Matt Hancock, say we have a “civic duty” to help stop spread the virus and he “trusts everyone to do the right thing” in cooperating with the new testing. He says if we do this it won’t need to become “mandatory”.

    Boris Johnson meanwhile has said we “should all move on” about Dominic Cummings and that criticism of him is just “political point-scoring”.

    Civic duty means we’re all in it together. One rule for everyone. Boris Johnson has just said “Let me be clear, people must stay at home” in regard to ‘track and trace’ self isolation. He’s got a cheek.

    I am viscerally disgusted by this scandal. I am not going along with it anymore. I followed the rules in spirit and letter. I’ve done my bit and I was made a fool for it. I was sceptical at first about the idea that the Coronavirus response was a New World Ordo conspiracy, but now I am beginning to think that there is indeed a conspiracy. I am actually scared now, just as scared as when the whole Coronavirus crisis started back in March. God help us, were all going to be electronically tagged and traced, and forced to take a vaccine. Dominic Cummings and his precious family are not going to take the vaccine are they? They’ll not be electronically traced, will they?

    Brexit, Leaver, whatever, it doesn’t matter, it’s not relevant… All men are equal under the law.

    • Miles Immaculatae

      I’m not scared, I’m angry! There will be no vaccination or track and trace on this individual, no matter what they say or do. These people are no match for Almighty God, against whom they have set themselves in revolution and will ultimately be blown away like chaff in the wind. There have been despots before with grand ideas of controlling the world and all have perished, as these evil people will in God’s good time. From nowhere, when they least expect it, Our Lady will triumph over them and their wickedness.

      • Athanasius,

        It’s all well and good saying you (and I) won’t take vaccinations, but, in a couple of [telephone!] conversations with friends today, I learned, to my horror, that our smartphones will be used to track us and we will, indeed, be forced to take the vaccine.

        Our discussion centred on whether or not it would be wise to get rid of the iphones – can they still track us, we wondered, using a non-internet (“brick”) phone?

        • Mobile telephone network providers may discontinue coverage for non-smart devices. Everyone would therefore be required to upgrade to a ‘smart’ model. Bear in mind, budget model smart-phones are available for as little as £10 now. They are slower and have less capacity than iPhones, for sure, but they’ll still be able to track’n’trace.

          There may also be social pressure applied to persons to obtain smartphones, for example, by denying commercial services to people who don’t have them … “To make a delivery with Asda please pay using the Adsa app on your smartphone, as we feel it is more secure” … “To continue using your email account, please register it to your mobile phone by logging in to then email app on your smartphone, as this is more secure and will help us to protect your data.

          Expect to see messages like these.

        • Editor

          They can’t track people who don’t have smart phones, which is why I think you might see a run in people buying old 1980s basic phones. I’m not sure if I’ve read it right, just glanced on Twitter, but it seems Sturgeon won’t be doing the track and trace.

          • Athanasius,

            My understanding is that Nicola will be tracking us, just calling it something else, Test & Protect, but in the end, pound to a penny, it will boil down to the same thing.

            I hope the wonderful NHS workers and police realise that they, too, will be tracked, traced, tested and “protected” (i.e. removed from society!) I keep being reminded of Lenin’s famous observation about the “useful idiots” who help spread Communism without realising it’s against their own best interests.

            Chatting with a neighbour today (observing the 2 metre rule, LOL!) I was very relieved to find I’m not completely the only person in my neighbourhood who thinks this whole hoo-ha is ridiculous. .

            • Josephine,

              That’s what it looks like – Nicola Sturgeon said about the Test & Protect scheme that “Under the scheme, those who are symptomatic will be tested and their contacts traced should they have the virus.”

              This is just the beginning – we need not to lose sight of that, so I, for one, am now looking into ways to do without a smartphone and still have a phone for the basics. I don’t care about the internet access – I’d sooner be at liberty and come and go from my home as I choose.

    • Miles Immaculatae,

      Try not to be scared, although I know it’s difficult to see a way out of this.

      What makes it truly frightening is the failure of the Pope, Bishops and clergy to do the right thing and remind the State that it has no authority over the Church.

      It would have been easy enough to do that in the beginning, if they’d only quoted the Government’s own experts back at them – the fact that most people recover fully from this virus, it’s not at all a death sentence. Which is the way the whole nonsense is being portrayed right now.

      It is the weakness of the above mentioned churchmen that I find the most frightening of all. With the few notable exceptions, such as Bishop Schneider and Archbishop Vigano, the rest have behaved just like the apostles cowering in fear after the Crucifixion.

      Maybe Pentecost Sunday, celebrated on this coming Sunday – a date which is usually marked as the Queenship of Our Lady – will see them remembering their duty to be Soldiers of Christ, strengthened by the grace of the Holy Ghost, to speak out and remind the Governments of the UK that the Church has a duty of care for souls, which is not secondary to the welfare of the body. Better late than never, let’s pray for such a statement from some of them, at least, this Pentecost.

      In the meantime, let’s think about whether or not we really need those iphones!

      • Ed,

        Thank you for your consolation.

        In a way, +Vigano and +Schneider are like Archbishop Lefebvre and +de Castro Mayer. They’re a little bit late to the party, but better late than never! Do you know if Vigano and Schneider are sympathetic to the FSSPX?

  14. I haven’t read through the comments (time constraint today!) so apologies if this has been pointed out before. A couple of days ago Remainer Leo Varadkar, Irish premier, was seen breaking lockdown/social distancing with a couple of male friends. It did make the papers, but then silence and no backlash. Today, Jeremy Corbyn (Remainer) has been caught on video publicly breaking social distancing and it did make the papers, but I’m willing to bet there will be no more said about it again. Brexiteer-in-chief Dominic Cummings allegedly breaks lockdown – I don’t know all the facts so I can’t say if he was guilty or not – and they are still baying for his blood. This is purely political, nothing else. A spiteful revenge by Remainers against one of the main architects of Brexit. I hope he does keep his job. I don’t even care if he did break the rules. I think if he is forced out, there will be a much greater risk of not getting a clean break from the EU. Already, the EU are talking about another two-year ‘transition’. Boris is too weak to stand up to these people. He needs Cummings and so does anyone else who supports a clean Brexit on WTO terms.

  15. WF, spot on! I agree totally. I don’t think Boris will let Dominic go because he needs him.

  16. ‘Westminster,

    Yes indeed, the fake media (The Lugen Presse) are indeed baying for blood. It is the British disease of BDS Boris Derangement Syndrome another Virus, only this one from America, where TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome has infected half the population.
    Your point about the deviant Prime mister in Dublin is well put.
    The Irish version of the BBBC biased BBC, RTE , did not mention it as far as I could see. So no surprise there.
    The great anti Christ Soros has spread his evil far and wide.

  17. Dominic Cummings and his wife were both ill with coronavirus. They chose to leave London to self-isolate in a cottage on his parents’ farm, ensuring that their autistic 4yo son could be cared for by his sister should the Cummings become unable to care for him.

    The Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jenny Harries, had previously discussed with journalists exceptions to lockdown rules, which include being able to leave home to make arrangements for the care of vulnerable people. She specifically included young children in the definition of ‘vulnerable people’.

    The same exception that applied in Cummings’ case applies to all of us. I don’t see any harm in what he did.

    The synthetic outrage seems mostly to be coming from opportunistic Remainers who scent an opportunity to force a 2yr extension to the Brexit transition period should perhaps be seen in that light.

    Cummings and Johnson were both seriously ill. When they returned to work, they found that civil servants and a few politicians had been in touch with Barnier to connive at an agreement to extend the transition period. They put a stop to it.

    Ed Davey, Ian Blackford, Caroline Lucas and three other obscure MPs published a letter to Barnier two days ago, demanding an extension. Barnier immediately responded to them, making clear that the EU are keen to conclude an extension (in return for a large payment from the UK government). 40 Conservative MPs have written to Johnson, demanding that Cummings be fired.

    Should the combined efforts by politicians, the EU and UK media succeed in forcing Cummings’ removal, Johnson will be fatally weakened and forced either to agree to an extension to the current transition period or to resign. Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid are waiting in the wings to replace him.

    • Beatrice,

      On the contrary, I believe it is some Leavers who are being too soft on Cummings because of his role in the Vote Leave campaign.

      Dominic Cummings is the most powerful non-elected official in the country, and is more powerful even than most cabinet ministers, except perhaps the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Cummings is also member of SAGE, the secret scientific committee that has been advising the UK government during its response to coronavirus. Cummings has therefore had a central and direct role in forming the governments coronavirus policy. This same government expected ordinary citizens to sheepishly conform to social distancing in both spirit and letter, with threat of legal enforcement. In fact, it is reported that people have been fined for doing things similar to what Cummings did. Make of these reports what you will. I for one have doubts about the veracity of Cumming’s story, and I suspect he is taking the Michael, especially the bit about driving to the castle to test his eyesight.

      Regardless of one’s stance of Brexit, it is a generally accepted principle that nobody is above the law, and that all are equal under the law. This is not an argument about whether Cummings did right by his family, rather it is an argument about who Cummings is, his job, and the disparity between his ability to bend the rules and ours.

      • Miles Immaculatae,

        I forgot about the drive to test his eyesight. Surely, that in itself is against the law. Could his wife not have driven? That’s another whopper overlooked by the journalists at the press conference. I don’t remember any of them asking him about that. It’s beyond belief.

        • Nicky,

          In a way, it is good that Cummings acted as he did. It means that ordinary citizens will be more questioning, more reluctant to behave like sheep.

          The government used propaganda to create a sense of national solidarity. But this was illusory. I feel a fool for believing it. I should have listened to Catholic Truth!

  18. As for Steve Baker, Cummings has made clear that he doesn’t rate him, considering him to have an over-inflated estimation of his own importance and abilities.

    When Johnson was elected party leader, Baker let it be known that he expected to be given a ministerial portfolio in recognition of his support, specifically negotiating the trade agreement with the EU.

    Cummings didn’t think he was up to the job and ensured that he was offered a very junior position which Baker refused to accept.

    It seems that Baker’s ego still hasn’t recovered from the perceived slight.

    • Beatrice,

      It should not the any business of any adviser to decide who is and who is not “up to [any] job”. I remember being disappointed at seeing the new Cabinet members being appointed, going in and out of No. 10, but not Steve Baker who had worked very hard to “get Brexit done” to quote another slogan.

      If anyone seems to have an over-inflated estimation of his own importance and abilities, it is Dominic Cummings. He stated, without a blush, at his press conference that he had not considered resigning at any point. Most people would certainly have considered the matter, even if they came to the conclusion that it was not warranted. He has a reputation for being arrogant and that, it seems to me, was a very clear example of it.

      I have mixed views about Cummings, in the sense that – if it is true that Boris is too weak to see Brexit through without him – then I’d want him to stay. However, if he broke the outrageous rules that would cost the rest of us hard cash if we are caught breaking them, then he, too, should pay some price, at least. Not told that he’s an exception. The exceptions should have been made as clear as the rest of the “guidance” at those daily briefings. Otherwise, we can only conclude that we – the hoi polloi – were not supposed, really, to invoke them.

      He, then, along with the rest of the elite who broke the rules (Ian Blackford for his 600 mile trip to Skye, and all the politicians with very professional looking haircuts) should have to pay the price, or at least some price for, at the very least, setting a very poor example of that other infamous slogan “we’re all in this together.” Same slogan used when the austerity policy was introduced, to which I gave the very same response: Yeah right.

      I don’t believe that we got the whole story from Dominic at his press conference. He went out of his way to stress that he did not stop at all on the drive north to Durham from London. He did say he had to stop on the way back, to allow his young son to use the “facilities” in the local woods. So, I’d like to meet the child who can travel the best part of 300 miles without stopping to use any facilities – whether at a service station or convenient country road. I don’t believe it, unless there was some form of in-car facility – in which case, why was it not used on the way home, as well. The question should have been asked by the [mickey mouse] journalists at the press conference but, as far as I know, it’s never been asked. It certainly wasn’t asked at the original press conference where all the numpties wanted to drive home was their desire for him to resign or be sacked.

      I’m aware, by the way, that there are all sorts of motives for various people and groups (like the brain-dead media hacks) wanting rid of Cummings but that is all the more reason why he should have kept himself right and not gone against the very rules he’s contributed to making for the rest of us to keep, without exception. The nurse in Glasgow, whom I mentioned on another thread, who was quizzed by the police in the early hours of the morning when she was waiting for a bus to get to her hospital, wasn’t made an “exception” – she was told to ask her boss for a letter to carry with her, for when she was stopped next time. One rule for one, as the saying has been going, and another rule for the hoi polloi.

      Finally, if, in fact, there has been no breaking of the rules by Cummings, then, from the get-go, before he left London, a statement should have been issued and the matter clearly publicised. As it is, it definitely looks like an exception has been made all right but not one that would apply to the rest of us. Looks bad. Or, as they say in these daft times, “not a good look”!

    • Beatrice

      I think there are a number of other MPs in addition to Steve Baker who have issues with the creepy Cummings, Boris’ Rasputin! There are still questions about where Boris and his sidekick disappeared to for weeks when the fake headline went out that they were self isolating, before the “Boris is at death’s door” scam.

      What are these people actually up to and who are they secretly meeting with when they vanish for days or weeks on end? Something very sinister going on with that pair!

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