Vatican: Only Obstacle to the New World Order is… Donald Trump! 

American economist and population control advocate Jeffrey Sachs launches a scathing attack on the Trump administration, saying it is a bullying threat to multilateralism. Sachs, who has a record of supporting abortion and contraception as a means of population control, was the keynote speaker at the conference on “New Forms of Solidarity” at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in the Vatican Gardens, Feb. 5, 2020.  See:…


A couple of comments from underneath the video on YouTube…

He says “the US has taken tremendous, disastrous cuts in corporate taxation which is blowing up the worldwide taxation on companies.” Again, what a buffoon intending only to mislead for political and personal gain. The US had some of the HIGHEST corporate tax rates in the world before the tax cuts, and now falls in the lower mid range.


The lies about China competing on merit turned my stomach. I work in hi-tech and the theft of our IP from China is unprecedented. To run a website there you have to get a number from their military, have a 51% partner, host it there, filter out everything they censor, for it to be viable. This just makes me sick to see him smugly maligning our country. Seriously! Sure the multi-lateral proponents are sore about their inability to continue to loot our country. Last I checked Mr. Sach’s goals were contrary to Catholic belief. What is the end game here for our Church.

And, finally…

See ya in 2020 Jeffrey when you will still be preaching doom and gloom…   

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  1. I already watched that Evil well you know Sachs on The Remnant and that Idiot of a Freemason Cardinal Sorondo doing his little hand clap when Sachs mentions the Enemy in Chief President Trump is really something. If and God Spares Me I get through this Terrible Chinese Disease I Will Demand to know to the Last Penny what I ever put into The Collection Basket. ( Not that am a big provider) but if we all demand that OUR money doesn’t go to these Reprobates then at least we Shall accomplish something. Imagine this Sachs trying to Fool us into believing that China is not Evil Personified. God Bless President Trump. He’s more of a Catholic than most of the Freemasons and Freeloaders at these Little Chit Chats. Last and not least that Idiotic Cardinal should maybe along with His Boss have a good examination of their Conscious. Their a lot nearer than the Tomb than the Womb.
    They have scattered Christ’s Sheep into the abyss, they better watch out for Millstones.

  2. It’s beyond disgraceful that the Vatican is giving this terrible man a platform. They definitely know that he is for contraception and abortion and depopulation, they definitely do, so this is a clear sign of the apostasy in the Vatican. How shameful.

    Thank God for President Trump – I’m praying he gets re-elected.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Sachs, for spilling the beans about why Donald Trump is universally hated by the globalist socialist Satanic establishment: he opposes the New World Order (one of the code words of which is “multilateralism”) and tries to restore Americanism.

    Actually, if you read his rant carefully, it becomes obvious that he doesn’t have that many beans to spill, and that the limited supply of beans he does have is just a pack of lies, distortions and smears.

    When you consider the pervasive public presence and breadth of the Trump Derangement Syndrome lying hyenas, it actually gives you a good idea of how much of their fake money they have spread around (fake money = fractional reserve banking, the sleight-of-hand of creating money out of nothing).

    But not to worry. After all, David dispatched Goliath with one stone…

    • RCA Victor

      Mr. Sachs and his secret lodge confreres, including those in the Vatican disguised as prelates, are in for a major shock in the not too distant future. God is not mocked and they will never win. They are but dust before God.

  4. As Josephine points out above, this abortionist is not the only satanist who our current Pope call a friend.
    The main author of his global warming encyclical is a German called Hans Schellenbuber, or as I write it scHELLenhumber.
    The other little helper is a Mr (ex Rev) Boff also south American who was banished by a previous Pope but appears to be reinstated by Pope Francis.
    If no one is aware, Pope Francis is busy preparing to relaunch Laudtio Sei during Mary’s month of May.
    In place of worshipping our Blessed Mother Mary, we will be instructed to worship mother earth – Gaia.
    There is a good piece over at Life Sight News this morning where our pontiff places the blame for the current Chinese Flu on “Mother Earth” fighting back against our sins of emissions.
    But not to worry, abortions are continuing ‘ as normal’ in Nancy Pelosi land. They are part of the essential medical services in most (all) demoncrat run states.
    Keep safe every one and keep praying.

    • Patrick,

      I’ve missed that Lifesitenews report – when I get a minute, I’ll search for it.

      “when I get a minute”… Priceless… I’ve never had so much time on my hands in my life, as the husband said when his wife threw the alarm clock at him 😀

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