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  1. I’m sure many more will have subscribed – one reader emailed the link to me so I was able to explain that we’ve already voted via this thread. And I’m sure many more will have voted who don’t tell us so…

    For a bit of light relief, I thought I’d share this with you all, while we’re on the subject of YouTube – a very comical (I think) conversation on Good Morning Britain back in 2018, when the Scots were getting it in the neck from Pier. Fully deserved, I have to say!

    • That really is funny, it’s Piers Morgan at his best !

      I must keep an eye out for the nationalists coming on here in force, LOL!

  2. Hello and thank you! I have subscribed now, After listening to the utube, there does not show the link. A subscriber somehow postd the link, which allowed me to subscribe. I thought to point this out in case this prevents you from getting more subscriptions to reach your goal of 1000 subscribers. I will let others know about this the SSPX utube channel! We are currently learning the Rosary in Latin, and attend some Latin masses .We are also petitioning for a Latin mass in our community! All Glory be to God+

    Pax Christi+ Christina ofs on Twitter and Facebook #TRUTH

    • Christinaofs,

      Sorry if it wasn’t clear above – here are the steps.

      1) click on the video to view/listen then…
      2) immediately click on the word “YouTube”
      3) you will then see the video and the word Subscribe
      4) click on Subscribe
      5) return here to tell us that you have done the deed!

      Hope this helps.

  3. Just thought I would use this thread to remind everyone that tomorrow (25th) is the Feast of the Annunciation. I’m sure Editor has it covered already but maybe not these extra little nuggets: It is also the anniversary of Archbishop Lefebvre’s death (March 25, 1991) and the day many Catholics traditionally believe to be the day Our Lord died on the Cross.

    Easter being a moveable feast of course we follow the dates set out by the Church, but it’s maybe a day when some would want to say the Stations or recite the Sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary, as well as remembering the joy of the actual feast (Annunciation).

    • Athanasius,

      I have now posted a Feast Day thread so it would be great to have the information about the Archbishop etc. on that thread for posterity (not that posterity has ever done anything for us!)

  4. I did consider opening a thread on the Vatican “Guidelines” for General Absolution during the Coronavirus crisis, but since I’ll be posting a thread for the Feast tomorrow, I decided simply to post the link here, since the news has come via the USA District of the SSPX…

    In the tried and tested method of the modernist clergy, these “guidelines” are likely to become the new norm. We had a spate of General Absolutions in Scotland some years ago which, to the best of my knowledge died a natural death, so let’s hope this news from the Vatican does not resurrect that problem.

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