19/3: Feast of St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church – Please Pray for Us!

Dear St Joseph, pure and gentle,
guardian of the Saviour child,
Treading, with the virgin mother,
Egypt’s deserts rough and wild.

Dear St Joseph, spouse of Mary,
blest above all saints on high,
When the death shades round us gather,
teach, O teach us how to die,
teach, O teach us how to die.

He who rested on thy bosom
is by countless saints adored,
Prostrate angels in his presence
sing hosannahs to their Lord.

Dear St Joseph, spouse of Mary,
blest above all saints on high,
When the death shades round us gather,
teach, O teach us how to die,
teach, O teach us how to die.

Now to thee, no gift refusing,
Jesus stoops to hear thy prayer;
Then, dear saint, from thy fair dwelling,
give to us a father’s care.

Dear St Joseph, spouse of Mary,
blest above all saints on high,
When the death shades round us gather,
teach, O teach us how to die,
teach, O teach us how to die.

Dear St Joseph, kind and loving,
stretch to us a helping hand;
Guide us through earth’s toils and sorrows,
Safely to the distant land.

Dear St Joseph, spouse of Mary,
blest above all saints on high,
When the death shades round us gather,
teach, O teach us how to die,
teach, O teach us how to die.


As our blogger Petrus pointed out on the Coronavirus thread yesterday, the news that the Scottish Bishops have cancelled all Masses means that, for the first time since the Second Vatican Council, the only Mass being offered in Scotland today is the traditional Latin Mass.  Thus, for those Catholics who are unable to attend Mass in their parishes, the video below, of a young priest of the Society of Saint Pius X offering the ancient Mass, might be of interest and spiritual benefit.   Perhaps, on this Feast of St Joseph – one of the greatest saints in the Church’s calendar – seeing this beautiful Mass for the first time, or for the first time after many years of attending the Novus Ordo Missae, will bring about a huge change in the lives of some, at least, of those who are trying to make sense of the post-Vatican II Church.  For that great grace, we seek the intercession of St Joseph on this day, dedicated to his honour. 

As always, on Feast day threads, feel free to discuss any relevant issues, post your favourite hymns and prayers as a tribute  to the saint of the day, and share stories of your own experience of St Joseph’s intercessory powers;  as always, too,  feel free to post jokes, as long as they fit into the category of “good clean fun” …  

A brief explanation of the traditional Latin Mass…

Mass in the Edinburgh church of the Society of St Pius X – 19 March, 12.30 pm

Mass in the Glasgow church of the Society of St Pius X – 19 March, 6.30 pm  


A very happy Feast of St Joseph to everyone!   

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  1. I can’t resist posting my other favourite hymn to St Joseph – as already published on the notice about the Cancellation of the Education Seminar… Well, I have to be addicted to something, aside from chocolate !

    • Editor,

      That is indeed a lovely hymn in honour of Saint Joseph, in todays world we do need his paternal care.

      For those who find themselves unable to attend Mass in person for whatever reason, especially now with the corona virus doing its worst – from the Fatima centre – the Traditional Mass will streamlined live courtesy of the Saint Pius the X Society. Starting first today with the Mass of Saint Joseph and the next three Sundays.


      Happy Feast Day everyone.

        • It is thanks to the Fatima Centre for providing this information about the SSPX streamlining the Mass. For those who cannot leave their homes due to the corona virus. One thing that I forgot to take account of is the time difference between Florida and Ireland and the UK, as far as I could tell we in this region. I think we might be ahead by up to 5 hours, so that would be worth checking out.

          • Theresa Rose,

            I’ve just checked and it is almost 7am in Florida USA right now, which means they are 4 hours behind us.

          • Theresa Rose,

            St Nicholas du Chardonnet in Paris are live streaming all Sunday Masses at 8, 9, 10.30, 12.15 and 6.30pm

            Blessed Sacrament Church in Antwerp live streams at 7.30 am

            These are local times and they are an hour ahead of us. Obviously, the sermons in Paris will in French and in Antwerp in Dutch, but if you listen carefully you will hear some Scots words which have the same meaning in Dutch as they do in Scots.

    • Dear Editor, forgive me but did you yourself not previously complain (in an older thread) that St Andrew’s in Glasgow is now just too small and that you were “packed in like sardines” As such, is it really prudent to be encouraging and welcoming even more new people, especially during a global pandemic which is an airborne virus passed through close contact? A pandemic which has already killed thousands despite having only just begun.
      Editor: You’re forgiven. Shucks, I’m thrilled! Someone actually pays attention to what I say! WOW! And in inverted commas, too! I’m impressed! Proud and impressed. Well, we sure ARE packed in like sardines and the church is far too small, but the more who attend the more chance we have of talking our priest into buying a bigger church. See? There’s method in my madness. But don’t you go worrying about spreading the virus – have a little Faith, Pius. Here’s something else that requires inverted commas… “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these other things will be given unto you…” Can you remember who said that? Clue: wasn’t me!

      • Pius,

        Unfortunately, I didn’t see your post in the SPAM folder (wonder why???) until just now, right after I’d closed this thread so that’s a blessing in disguise for you. Trolls are given a hard time here by some of the bloggers. Me, I’m sweetness and light; I just enjoy watching from the sidelines…

        Seriously, it’s really not a good idea to come on here as the wise guy of the century. You only end up with egg on your face – at least, if there are any left on the supermarket shelves due to the numpties who think they’ll never see a bar of soap again. If you get my drift.

        Nice meeting you – goodnight and goodbye… 😀

  2. The power of St. Joseph’s prayers is so understated today, he’s been a magnificent patron and protector to me and I can personally vouch for the power of his intercession. I would urge all to go to him with confidence, he’ll not fail you. I think it was St. Theresa of Avila who said: “I want for nothing, St. Joseph is my procurator”. How true this is for all those with devotion to this great, great saint.

  3. I pray to St. Joseph today especially because it has just been announced in my Archdiocese that all Masses are cancelled for the next two weeks and this will be reviewed at the end of the two weeks! The best I will be able to do is to watch Mass on the EWTN. I am so glad that I have got that source. My church will still be open but no Masses will be said!

  4. St Joseph is definitely a most powerful saint, and I think that is because of his wonderful humility. He’s not quoted in the Gospels as saying anything, as far as I can remember, but he obeyed God’s will in taking on the role of foster father to the Christ child, and head of the Holy Family.

    I have a special devotion to St Joseph – he is a marvellous advocate in all sorts of situations, e.g. the story of the way he helped the nuns in new Mexico, which is re-told in this video. Happy Feast day to one and all at CT.

    • I’ve seen that video before about the New Mexico staircase – it’s amazing.

      Happy Feast everyone!

  5. I wish everyone a very happy Feast of St Joseph and ask for his intercession for the Coronavirus emergency, with confidence. He is the most powerful saint in Heaven, after Our Lady.

  6. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread in honour of St Joseph today.

    The thread is now closed to comments, with an exhortation to continue to pray for the intercession of this great saint at this time of chastisement.

    We are reminded in the missal for today’s Feast that Our Lord was “subject” to St Joseph on earth, and so there is every reason to believe that He will continue to grant the saint’s wishes in Heaven. Let’s take full advantage of that…

    St Joseph, pray for us!

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