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  1. I wish to place on record, the sincere thanks of the Catholic Truth team to our Video-Master, Christopher, who doubles as one of my truly Great-Nephews! He devoted his spare time to putting the above advertisement together and I, for one, think it’s terrific! Thank you, Christopher!

    It’s not a marketing ploy, folks, the ticket orders are coming in, even in January (in fact our first ticket sale was in September!) So, don’t risk a last minute request. Space is limited, so if you are seriously keen to come, order asap.

  2. N O T I C E . . .

    Pauline Gallagher has asked me to advertise the following meetings…

    1) The Scottish Family Party Meeting in Glasgow on Wednesday, 29th January, at 7.30pm in La Bonne Auberge, next to the Buchanan Street Bus Station.

    If you recall, we discussed the bravery of Richard Lucas of the Scottish Family Party in his challenge to John Swinney SNP, MSP, Education Minister, about the shocking sexually explicit material being used in Scottish primary schools. To refresh memories, here is the video clip:

    Seminar – sneak Preview…Richard has accepted our invitation to participate in our panel at the seminar next May.

    2) Catholic Family Voice meeting in Edinburgh, at 6pm on Friday February 4th in Conan Doyle’s pub next to St Mary’s Cathedral.

  3. I agree with Petrus: this video is masterful, and it is indeed well past time to fight, especially against the Communist-style intimidation tactics used by the 2 + 2 = 5 social justice warriors and other useful idiots of the father of lies.

  4. That’s a fantastic video and the quote from Fatima really does send shivers down the spine. It’s definitely time to choose to challenge the people who are destroying the innocence of children, in schools, for one thing and for us all to stop worrying about political correctness and speak up for the truth at all times.

    Well done, Christopher!

  5. I’ve watched the video several times – it’s addictive! I love it!

    I’m not on social media, not Facebook or Twitter, or I definitely would be spreading it far and wide, but with CT’s track record of successful conferences, I can’t see why this one would be any different!

    • Josephine,

      I’ve watched it several times as well – it’s fabulous!

      I laughed at the Piers Morgan gif – that’s priceless! I think he’d love it, himself, LOL!

  6. That video has star quality! I’m not on social media platforms or I’d pass the link around, sorry about that. I’m like others here, watched it a few times and it just gets better and better. I’ve not a shred of doubt the seminar will be a stoater!

  7. I would also like to praise the excellent video. (I could not watch earlier as I do not get sound on my work PC.)

    It is very impressive. Catholic Truth is very lucky to be able to call on such a skilled young man for help. A PR company would charge a fortune for such a production (assuming they could match it’s quality!)

    • Goodness, Gabriel Syme, don’t put ideas into Christopher’s head!

      Thanks to everyone who has given such positive feedback – he’ll be delighted, no question about it.

      I keep meaning to ring him…

  8. A superb video presentation! Well done, Christopher!

    I looked up the meaning of the name Christopher and found out that is is originally a Greek name meaning “carrier of Christ”, some say “Christ-Bearer” (same thing, IMHO!)

    Well, the video-master Christopher has certainly carried Christ out to the world! It’s a wonderful talent, so well done, Christopher.

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