Wishing Everyone a Very Happy New Year in 2020 … Come Holy Spirit! 


For bloggers and readers who may wish to attend the traditional Latin Mass on New Year’s Day, the Masses available include: 

Society of St Pius X in Edinburgh – 12.30pm

Society of St Pius X in Glasgow – 6.30pm

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Archdiocese of Glasgow – 12 noon

In the January newsletter,  not yet published due to holidays, we are asking readers to make a special effort to bring to the Pope’s attention at the beginning of this new year, the increasing urgency of the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, in order to achieve world peace:  write to His Holiness Pope Francis, Apostolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City. (Do not add ‘Rome’ or ‘Italy’)… 

That’s one New Year’s resolution done and dusted! 

Now share any favourite hymns and prayers, videos, jokes and stories, to ease us into the new year and a new decade.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!   

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  1. I wish everyone at Catholic Truth a truly happy New Year in 2020.

    Things are different now, and the New Year TV shows are all very modern (I haven’t watched them for years, but I’m assuming they are still rocking and rolling it at the Bells!) So I thought I would post a video showing how we used to bring in the New Year although this dance was obviously filmed in summer, LOL! That’s not the kind of weather we have on 1st January! I can’t find any video as clear as this, but maybe others will have more luck.

    When the midnight bells strike, I hope we all remember a wee prayer to the Patron of the Church, St Joseph, for blessings and graces for the Pope and bishops in 2020. Happy New Year everyone!

    • Lily,

      That’s lovely! Thank you for that. As I mentioned below to Theresa Rose who also posted a ceilidh dance video, I know of at least one young man who, only a few days ago, hosted a ceilidh to celebrate his 18th birthday. A couple of my nephews were present and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event. I’m hoping when it’s my nephews’ turn, they’ll do the same… while I can just about manage a Gay Gordons…

  2. Wishing everyone a happy New Year in 2020. I wish I were as energetic as the dancers in this video at this New Year Ball.

    I echo Lily in praying for the Pope and Bishops – May they receive the grace to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate of Mary.

    • Theresa Rose,

      Me, too – if only I had a tiny portion of the energy displayed in that video, I’d have my housework done before you could say “dust and polish”…

      It’s always good fun, the ceilidh dancing. Exhausting, but fun!

      Interestingly, some young nephews of mine were invited to an 18th birthday party which took place a few days ago and the entertainment provided turned out to be a ceilidh! So, it seems the younger generation are not all into pop and rock rubbish…

    • Happy New Year to everyone. Just shocked by film footage on the BBC of Pope Francis slapping the hand of a pilgrim who had grasped his arm to pull him towards her. The scowl on his face as he turned away from her was quite dreadful.

      • Elizabeth

        I’ve just seen that on the BBC news website. Really very shocking. I note that he has since apologised for his “bad example” – it’s too incredible for words. That poor woman in her simple faith, wanting to either touch him or say a few words, and then to be met with that nasty scowl and her hand slapped – by the Pope, no less! And he lectures the rest of us to hold to the highest standards of charity and mercy. Priceless.

      • I saw that on the news as well – he is so lacking in grace and elementary manners. I feel bad starting the new year with a criticism of the Pope but my thoughts go out to that woman. For all we know she was anxious to ask him for special prayers for a lapsed child or something like that. He is a disgrace.

  3. A Happy New Year to everyone! Having already watched It’s a Wonderful Life, , it’s now time for A Christmas Carol, with Alistair Sim as Scrooge…

      • Hey! That’s my favorite version of A Christmas Carol – and most film critics agree it’s the best version too:


        You should be proud that a Scotsman played the definitive Scrooge.

        If you haven’t seen the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol (released as “Scrooge” on your side of the pond if I remember right), then you’re missing out on a real treat. Once you see this version, it will be your favorite.

        Kathleen Harrison should have gotten the UK equivalent of Best Supporting Actress Oscar (have no idea if the UK has anything like the Oscars over there) for her role as the housekeeper in A Christmas Carol (and if you watch it you’ll see why 😉). I don’t want to ruin the movie for you.

        Seriously, it’s the BEST version of A Christmas Carol. You really will enjoy it.

        To end this charitably, my best wishes to you and the entire CT family.

        “God bless us, everyone!” – Tiny Tim

        • Margaret USA,

          I was only joking when I remarked about picking a Scotsman for the role of Scrooge. I meant it as a bit of fun, given that Scots have a reputation for being a tad tight with money. That’s all. Just a joke.

          Happy New Year!

        • Margaret USA,

          On Hogmanay I went to see a stage version of A Christmas Carol which was set in Edinburgh, complete with Greyfriars Bobby. Apparently, while visiting Edinburgh, Charles Dickens took a walk through a kirkyard and came across a tombstone for a man named Ebenezer Scroggie. Inspiration struck and a Christmas Carol was born.

  4. There is a plenary indulgence available for today, 1st January for those who recite or sing the Veni Creator Spiritus (the video at top of the page provides the words in both Latin and English so we sing along with that or recite…)

    The usual conditions apply:

    1) Sacramental Confession within eight days
    2) Sacramental Communion within eight days
    3) A prescribed good work (for January 1st, the recital or singing of the Veni Creator Spiritus)
    4) Prayers for the intentions of the Pope (usually, one Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be)
    5) Detestation of venial sin.

    A great start to any new year – a plenary indulgence!

  5. Happy New Year and may it be a Nappy Baby saving one at that to welcome more innocents into the World is a marvellous thing and to fight the evil of Abortion ,reproductive wrongs and so called contraception what a task it is but if more people speak out and up it could be achieved ……cannot people see what is happening i n The World floods ,fires ,earthquakes ,just look at Australia fires all over just after more LGBT and Abortion nodded through …….food for thought indeed

  6. A very happy New Year to everyone here on the CT blog, who chip chip away all year round to try to make a difference in this terrible time of crisis in the Church’s history.

    Peace and Grace in 2020.

  7. It seems that blasphemies against Our Lord and Our Lady have reached an unprecented level recently. Scarcely a day goes by without some new outrage being committed, and they get worse and worse in number and in intensity. Please would all CT readers seriously consider committing themselves to doing the First Fridays and First Saturdays of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 2020, if they aren’t doing them already. Happy New Year!

    Details of each devotion here:-

    First Fridays: https://gloria.tv/post/bRaVRVECGptw44YgUX4pN8Hnc

    First Saturdays: https://gloria.tv/post/eBwpSmrNtE2h2W62bTV3jyJH6

    • WF,

      Thank you for that – I’ve already copied it from a previous thread (and your email) and published it on the front page of the January newsletter.

      Due to the holidays, the newsletter is not back from the printers, but should be in the post early next week.

      In the meantime, it can be read online at this link

      Click to access JANUARYnewsletter20.pdf

      The newsletter is sent out to the email list as soon as it goes online, which it did in the wee small hours this morning. Already, I’ve had one email from a reader south of the border who is very pleased with it, wishes he could get fellow parishioners to read it, and another reader asking to be unsubscribed from the email list (as usual with these latter requests, there is no reason given.) Shows the divisions and utter confusion in the Church today, though. We soldier on!

    • I think rather than concentrate on complaining about one particular programme, Catholics ought to concentrate on putting pressure on the Government to abolish the licence fee so that people don’t have to pay for this rubblish any more. Dracula may have been anti-Catholic – I didn’t see it – but then most of the BBC’s output is offensive to Catholics in one way or another. There have been growing complaints in the papers recently about classic stories which have been re-worked by the BBC to become vehicles for politically correct issues so beloved by the metropolitan elite bubble. Scrap the licence fee and let the BBC go under. I certainly wouldn’t miss it.

      • Some people in my own circle have ditched their TV altogether. That may be a quicker, more straightforward route than campaigning to abolish the licence fee.

        Anyway, I’ll now close this thread, thanking everyone who contributed to it. I repeat my new year wishes, hoping that 2020 will become a landmark year, when, who knows, the Pope may consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

        Here’s hoping – and praying!