If Pope Francis Doubts Divinity of Christ, Can We Trust The Church? 


The priest’s sermon in the above video is a much needed reminder of the basics of the Faith; the 20 minutes required to hear the sermon/watch the video is well worth spending to remind ourselves that – notwithstanding the scandals we are witnessing, not least through the words and actions of this shocking pontiff – God is with His Church, and it is the ONLY Church which has been given to us for our salvation.  It is worth reminding ourselves of just who and what is infallible, and when; and to check out the teaching of the Church that Scripture is true, entire and whole: there is no error in Scripture, as the Church herself is indefectable –  in relation to which, you may wish to comment on the police raid on the Vatican, to which Father refers. Oh,  and you may want to let us know what you think about the Amazon Synod recommendation that we begin now to confess our “sins against ecology”…  Laugh? I thought I’d never start…

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  1. If that Marxist doubts the Divinity of Christ then I am 100% sure of it.

    Thinking the reverse of Pope Francis is a mark of holiness.

  2. RE ‘sins against ecology’ –
    Is it not a sin to build office blocks and car parks upon an ancient pristine forest which once teemed with life and spoke unto the hearts of men of God’s creation? Is it not a sin to poison the rivers and pollute the air? How can we teach our children about the creator when there are only man-made streets about? How can we teach them about the life, death and resurrection of Christ unless they see the seed fall into the ground and die and yet bring forth fruit? A sin against ecology no, a sin against God, yes! To deny this sin in the hope that the man made ruin of Our Lord’s creation is’ God’s will’ is to be give oneself over to Calvinist predestination and Pentecostalism.

    • Dale – gimme a break. “only man made streets about” – where the heck do you live?

      Your concluding sentence is patent nonsense. If you want some free religion lessons, let me know. I’m here for you in your confusion. Which is “utter”.

    • “How can we teach them (children) about the life, death and resurrection of Christ unless they see the seed fall into the ground and die and yet bring forth fruit?”

      I’ve never seen a seed fall into the ground and die and yet bring forth fruit.

      What ARE you on?

    • Dale,

      By what theory do you think building office blocks and car parks is a sin? What Commandment is being broken?

      Are we not to build homes for the homeless where there has been grass or trees before?

      The craziness of the eco-warriors becomes more and more apparent every time they open their mouths or put their thoughts in writing.

  3. Some fightback – the pagan statues present in the Vatican throughout the Amazon Synod, have been taken out and ditched in the Tiber with, in my humble view, some truly remarkable reactions from Vatican “spokesmen”…

    • It was great to watch those statues being tossed into the river. How brave of those men. “Idolatry in the Vatican” – who would ever have thought we would live to see the day?

    • That is marvellous news about the men taking the pagan statues and disposing of them in the river. If only we had more militant action when this sort of thing happens, instead of rolling over and accepting everything, including insults to God. There is no question at all that the First Commandment has been broken at this Amazon Synod. It is totally shocking.

    • Editor,

      I’d like to see the same accomplished with that statue of Luther that sits somewhere in the Vatican. Not to mention that Communist “crucifix” accepted by Francis.

      Whoever carried this deed out, in other words, has a lot more work to do!

      • RCA Victor,

        That’s a great point about the Luther statue – I didn’t know it was still in the Vatican, and if so that is a disgrace. I had just assumed it was put there at the anniversary of the Reformation time. It’s a disgrace if it’s to be a permanent fixture.

        • Nicky,

          I’m not sure where it is, but my initial reaction, when I first saw a picture of it, was that it reminded me of a chocolate Easter bunny….

  4. That’s a great sermon! The priest manages to cover loads of ground but do so in a way that keeps the listener’s attention. He was focused and didn’t ramble. It was very refreshing and a great means of educating us in the basics, as said in the intro, and in only twenty minutes. I hope he knows his sermon made it onto YouTube, which must extend his influence quite a bit.

  5. That is a beautiful sermon, gently but forcefully delivered. Meanwhile, perhaps Pope Francis could answer a question or two or three:…or four…

    1. If Our Lord was not Divine while on earth, how did He leave His image on the towel with which St. Veronica wiped his suffering Face?

    2.If Our Lord was not Divine while on earth, how did He perform miracles?

    3. If Our Lord was not Divine while on earth, how could He forgive the sine of the good thief and promise him paradise?

    4. If Our Lord was not Divine while on earth, how did He know the unspoken thoughts and intentions of the Pharisees who were trying to trip Him up?

    As for sins against ecology, for anyone who is gullible enough to subscribe to that laughable farce and insult to our Catholic intelligence, I’ve got a stagnant watery eco-system I’d like to sell them, but only if they promise to drain…..THE SWAMP!

    • RCA Victor,

      All good questions. I do not think Francis has any real faith at all.

      For example, regarding your question 2, about miracles, I do not think Francis believes Our Lord performed miracles.

      Remember earlier this year, he denied the miracle of the loaves and fishes, instead claiming all that occurred was that “Jesus taught people to share”.

  6. RCA Victor,

    Your “sale” for believers in sins against ecology – LOL!

    The four points you make would be answered by the theory of modernism.

    1. the St Veronica towel and image story isn’t in Scripture so it’s just a story, a legend.

    2. Jesus didn’t perform miracles. He got people to share food and they weren’t really blind and lame, medical science just wasn’t around then to provide the cures.

    3. He didn’t – that was just him consoling the good thief. Some would even say he really shouldn’t seem to be encouraging crime, LOL! That’s what they said about Pope JP II when he publicly forgave the man who had shot him!

    4. That was not the case. The gospel writers added that in later.

    That’s the kind of rubbish they teach in the diocese’s seminaries, can you believe.

  7. I agree – that is one very beautiful sermon. It is also very timely as a lot of us are struggling with the way things are going – pagan statues in the Vatican? It’s beyond belief.

  8. I forgot to answer Editor’s lead question: “If Pope Francis Doubts Divinity of Christ, Can We Trust The Church?” My answer would be, given Pope Francis’ track record of sowing confusion, making statements that smack of heresy and/or apostasy, insulting faithful clergy and laity, and complete embrace of the Marxist United Nations Agenda 21, then we have to trust the Church, because we certainly can’t trust him! He is obviously not even close to being Catholic.

    Or, to put it another way, in distancing ourselves from Francis’ errors and scandals, there is only one way we can go: deeper into the Church, deeper into Tradition, deeper into the Magisterium, deeper into prayer, penance and devotion, deeper into corporal and spiritual works of mercy, deeper into spiritual reading…

    (And just to keep Editor happy, deeper into this blog…)

    • WF,

      I’m surprised Lifesite didn’t pick up on that great news – but I suppose they are not really a traditionalist organization, more of the “conservative Novus Ordo” type?

      • RCA Victor,

        I agree – LifeSiteNews have referred to “Saint” John Paul II and I get the general feeling that they are not what we think of as “traditional” Catholics, although that term only came into use in recent years, to separate Catholics who have not changed in their beliefs from those who have.

  9. A friend contacted me this evening to tell me that the men who took the pagan statues from the Vatican in the dead of night and threw them in the River Tiber are to be prosecuted, as reported by EWTN. I can’t find anything online about the charges being brought, but below witness the “criminal” action… which will, undoubtedly,result in the eternal equivalent of ten centuries less in Purgatory for each of the “law-breakers”…

    • It’s Pope Francis who should be arrested and prosecuted – for theft of the faith from numberless souls! I don’t who stole and drowned those ugly fertility deities but they get my vote. That’s what I call real Catholic Action!

      • Athanasius,

        I absolutely agree. If those young lads (and they looked young, well, their shirts look young, which is all I could see…) are prosecuted THAT will be a monumental scandal.

        • Editor,

          I think it’s all bluster, I don’t believe those brave Catholics will ever be identified, much less prosecuted.

    • How are they going to be prosecuted when no one knows who they are? Maybe they’ll create effigies of the unknown men and put those on trial, as a show trial. After all, they’ve just completed a show Synod, why not keep the farce going?

      • RCA Victor,

        That’s a good point. How can unidentified men be prosecuted? Especially these days when they could say they feel very uncomfortable in their bodies and they are in the process of transitioning to become women. Just a (daft) thought 😀

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