Anti-Brexit Lobby Wins in the Supreme Court – Prorogation “Unlawful”…


The woman behind this court case, Gina Miller, was all smiles today, absolutely delighted, speaking victoriously outside the Supreme Court in London, after winning her anti-Brexit, and anti-democracy case.   Here’s one editor’s opinion of her and her shenanigans to stop Brexit – this editor doesn’t trust herself to find words that would keep her beyond the scope of the Thought Police. 

Is anyone out there actually surprised at the decision of the Supreme Court?   There is, is there not, a total absence of morality in the world of politics today – remember, the MPs in court today  supporting Gina Miller’s efforts to stop Brexit (and many others in Parliament) don’t give a toss about the 17.4 million of us who voted to leave the EU.  That’s surely more than merely anti-democratic – but immoral as well.  Agreed?  

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  1. Johnson looks like my ex Who is dead . This Brexit to me as a yank is nonsense was just stay in the union you get more benefits being part of a club

    • Jeanne A Stark,

      So you would like it if a foreign country was making rules and regulations that Americans had to accept, and even overturn your court rulings? I don’t think so.

      And usually when you join a “club” you can decide to leave and just go. I’ve never known a club where you had to negotiate to get out of it. It’s ridiculous.

      Personally, I don’t think we’ll be allowed to leave. There’s big money going into the anti-Brexit campaign – Gina Miller is being funded by George Soros – and they will not give up until they win.

      • Margaret Mary,

        Hear hear – I totally agree with you. Just imagine Donald Trump tolerating a French (or British!) court telling Americans what to do. No chance.

      • Margaret Mary, at this point it hardly matters. The UK’s political and legal elites are SO corrupt, godless and evil that it makes no difference whether we are run from Westminster or Brussels. The good news is that many Brits have now woken up to this.

        • Greg Grimer,

          I was just watching the news and they were interviewing some people in a constituency that voted heavily to leave but the people are often so mixed up and fall for the headline news that some of them said they would vote to remain in a second referendum, so not all Brits have woken up to what is going on. This is all being carefully orchestrated and there are just too many voters who are not sophisticated enough to recognise when they are being played for fools. They are not fools but genuinely good people trying to understand it all. The Brexiteers are not out in force today, but hopefully when they get to speak, that will redress the balance today which is all about what a terrible thing Brexit is and giving the impression that the courts agree. People can be naïve and think judges must be right,

          • Josephine,

            One of the best Brexiteers, Steve Baker MP, was interviewed on Sky News this morning and he didn’t miss and hit the wall.

            • Michaela,

              Excellent short interview – the Brexiteers have been in short supply today so thank you for unearthing that. I agree, Steve Baker MP is one of the strongest of the Brexiteers. I was amazed that he wasn’t brought into the new Cabinet.

    • Jeanne, You need to read more. The UK pays in more than it gets out (countries like Bulgaria and Spain and Portugal are net receivers).

      Adds a layer of bureaucracy and stops Britain trading freely, controlling our own agricultural policy and fisheries policy.

      Next they are bringing in an EU Army, so my nephew in the Royal Marines could be told by an unelected bureaucrat in Brussels to fight Russia/Turkey/Syria on behalf of Poland or Germany.

      • Greg Grimer,

        Thanks for that reminder of why we voted out of the EU – doesn’t seem to have made any difference, we’re not getting to leave “the club”.

    • Jeanne A Stark,

      As I think you will have realised by now, reading the comments on this thread already, the EU is not a club, it’s a prison, and it looks like we’re serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

  2. This court case was a foregone conclusion, all part of the stitch up to stop Brexit.

    Parliament is sitting tomorrow and my guess is that the remoaner MPs will manipulate a vote, maybe a free vote, to revoke Article 50; they will argue that it is impossible to leave the EU, Brexit is causing divisions in the country, etc.

    If they do that, I will never vote ever again, in any election in the UK. It would mean we are definitely living in a dictatorship.

    • Nicky, not sure how ‘not voting’ helps.

      Surely you vote for a political party who will stop the dictatorship. You KEEP voting until you get rid of the dictatorship.

      Quitters never win.

      • Greg Grimer,

        That’s all very well, “keep voting” etc but if they tell you that you were too stupid to vote the right way, what’s the point?

        • Josephine,

          I suppose the point is, if you don’t vote, you let the opposition win every time. I’m going to be voting for the Brexit Party until we get out of the EU.

  3. Not only is this a grave blow against the democratic will of the people, it also sets a terrible precedent for the involvement of the courts in the political life of this country.

    From now on government and parliament will effectively receive their sovereignty from the courts rather than from the people. The right to govern will be delegated to those who have the largest cheque books with which to buy the legal system. This is the real coup which has just been achieved in our country.

    If I was Bojo I would appeal this decision to the highest court available – which, while we remain members of the EU, is the European Court of Justice. This would have the double advantage of kicking the question of prorogation into the long grass at the same time as driving home the point that we are not masters of our own country so long as we remain part of the EU!

    • Deacon Augustine,

      Appeal to the European Court – LOL! That would be a great way of showing the anti-Brexit MPs what they are defending! Only problem is, I don’t think the ECJ would rule for the government in this case!

      You are so right about the new relationship between the government and the courts, taking sovereignty away from the people.

      Here’s what the Judge in Scotland said – and as one of the comments underneath says, “a judge who understands democracy” –

      • The government doesn’t need to win the case – it would just buy time. The very fact of acknowledging them as the highest court would make all the point that needs to be made. 😉

        Parliament had everything at its disposal to hold the government to account if it had chosen to do so – it had two opportunities to vote for a general election and it turned them down. This refusal to exercise its sovereignty says everything you need to know about this bunch of compliant lemmings. This is why the court was totally wrong to intervene in political decisions which are the prerogative of parliament to deal with using the conventions available to it.

    • Deacon Augustine,

      I think you’ve hit the most important nail on the head, the change in relationship between the government and parliament – with us voters cast aside. It is truly shocking. It was horrendous watching those MPs dancing for joy outside the Supreme Court – did they really not realise they were celebrating another step in their journey to overturn the referendum?

  4. Here’s the proof that the anti-Brexit MPs are winning – they have been celebrating today’s court ruling in the EU. It means that if we get to leave at all (which I doubt), we will leave on their terms, probably paying them infinite sums of money for years to come and accepting all their rules.

    I repeat my earlier question – what is the point of voting in this country? If the MPs don’t like how we vote, they can just ignore it.

  5. Editor,

    James O’Brien is an undisguised bigot. He keeps interrupting Brexit supporters but listens politely to the remainers, and he treated Millar like a goddess in that interview.

    I’ve just been listening to Nigel Farage on LBC – he, at least, lets people on all sides of the argument speak without interruption.

    • Lily,

      It was disappointing not to hear Nigel Farage giving Boris Johnson total support.

      One thing, though I am sick of hearing everyone say how you have to respect the Judges, not question them or disagree with their judgment. It’s as if they are infallible. Tell that to all the people who have spent years in jail for crimes they didn’t commit, some still in there, no doubt.

  6. They keep talking about Boris Johnson being a liar, as if no politician has ever lied before, LOL!

    They really are a bunch of hypocrites. The sooner we get a General Election, the better.

    • Lily,

      How true – LOL! They also forget that they have all lied to the public by promising at the last election to deliver Brexit.

  7. Oh dear! The Church is in crisis, Britain is in crisis. Will there be an end to these crises soon? I ask myself. To me it is clear that the so-called Supreme Court in Britain has overstepped it purpose. It has no brief to enter into politics and I agree with Boris that they have overstepped the mark. The judges are not elected representatives of the Electorate and it is the Electorate who should be making the judgement regarding the House of Commons. A General Election is clearly required and the Commons has simply become a self-serving bunch of hacks.

    • John Rayner,

      The opposition MPs don’t want a General Election because many of them will lose their seats because three years after the referendum to leave the EU, they are still refusing to let us leave. They pretend it’s because Parliament can’t agree a “deal” which is really a Withdrawal treaty, and trading deals with come later, but they keep trying to frighten the population into thinking the world will come to an end if we leave without “a deal”. Those of us who voted to leave know what they are up to, though, and will vote for pro-Brexit MPs, so they just won’t agree to vote for a General Election. They are a bunch of hypocrites.

      I’m not a natural Conservative voter or any fan of Boris Johnson, but I prefer that lot to the opposition who are deliberately and wilfully doing all they can to keep us in the EU. They won’t ever be forgiven for this if they succeed.

  8. Editor,

    Boris Johnson is being hounded because he uses terms like “betrayal” and “surrender bill”. Now Nigel Farage is being investigated by the police over a comment he made at his party conference.

    I can remember a time when you had to actually do something before the police looked at you. It’s coming to something when the supposedly over-stretched police are having to investigate what people are saying. I think it’s ridiculous. Maybe we could have a thread on this?

  9. This is a good discussion about the “extreme language” – pointing out, for once, the extreme language used by the opposition MPs. Julia Hartley Brewer isn’t afraid to pull up the MPs she interviews.

  10. This was a shocking and devastating judgement, one which I think will damage British politics.

    This was never a matter for courts, it has always been the PM’s prerogative to prorogue Parliament and there were various wholly reasonable arguments to do so at this time.(eg a new PM wanting to set out his agenda via a Queen Speech,following an unusually long period of unbroken Parliamentary time).

    We are sadly heading for the US style, where courts are at least as prominent as parliaments. (This is why Trump is so hated on the left, as he is getting chances to stack the Supreme Court with conservative judges).

    See how the remainer left also copies other Democratic Party (US) tactics, versus PM Johnston: constant calls for resignation or impeachment, and a sudden accusation of sexual crimes.

    The establishment really is going all out to overturn what the people democratically decided.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      I couldn’t agree more. They are hunting for things to “get Johnson” and this latest allegation that he touched a woman’s thigh twenty years ago is just beyond belief. The good news is that the public see what they are up to and I think more and more people are all for just getting out of the EU – I wouldn’t bother with any withdrawal agreement – just go and let the EU come after us for a trade deal.

      • Lily,

        I agree that they are out to “get Johnson” – I just wish he would “fess up” if he did that – it was over twenty years ago when things were different, before women started complaining about such things.

  11. Does anybody know what the PM means when he says he will obey the law but still leave with no deal if necessary?

    The so-called Benn Act was created to force him to ask for an extension if there is no deal by mid-October, to prevent us leaving without a deal so how can he obey that law and still leave without a deal? I see the question asked in TV news interviews but never really answered. Any clues, anyone?

  12. Nobody’s answered my question yet, but I live in hope, LOL!

    I found this report which is as demonic as anything I’ve read about Brexit so far. How they have distorted Jacob Rees-Mogg’s comment in Parliament about George Soros to make it seem something it clearly is not, is from the devil, IMHO. Soros is well known for funding liberal causes so we’re not supposed to mention that just because he is a holocaust survivor?

  13. Yesterday in Parliament, we had an example of the effect of the “modern Church” in action at the highest levels of Government in the UK. Instead of recognising that we are living at a time of utter confusion and crisis in the Church, so better to ignore the temptation to show off his superior knowledge on matters theological, we find Jacob Rees-Mogg spouting forth…