Sat 23/5/20: Education Seminar…

The Challenge of Educating Catholics to be Soldiers of Christ
in a World of “Equality & Diversity” – Fight or Flight?

Father Sebastian Wall SSPX

Passing on the Faith…

St John Ogilvie (Scottish Martyr) –
Model “Soldier of Christ”
for Catholic Youth Today


Panel of teachers and pupils, past and present, to discuss key issues affecting Catholic schools today.


Audience participation, as always at our meetings, guarantees a very lively conversation…

Saturday, 23 May, 2020, 10am – 4.30pm 

Rutherglen Town Hall, 139 Main Street, Rutherglen, G73 2JJ
(South Lanarkshire, outskirts of Glasgow city centre).

There are a number of free car parks around the Town Hall,
and there is a very good public transport system.

The seminar will be informal, with opportunities for everyone to share their experiences of Catholic schools.   Leading the conversation will be teachers, pupils (past and present), and parents.  Some Home-educating families will exhibit some of their resources and will answer questions about the practicalities of home-schooling. 

Entry:  £20 / Concession £10  (senior citizens, students, unwaged), which includes tea/coffee/biscuits morning and afternoon, and a light lunch:  soup, sandwiches, tea and coffee. 

If you wish to book to stay on for the evening meal, this will be served at 6pm approximately.  Menu: Golden lentil soup served with a dinner roll, Traditional steak pie; tender iced beef topped with puff pastry served with chef’s selection of potatoes and vegetables. Traditional apple pie served with cream.  Teac, coffee and dinner mints – £34.50 per head, incl. VAT.  A vegetarian option will be available. Please inform of any dietary requirements.  Bar available throughout. Please add your meal(s) payment when paying to attend the Seminar.  All monies must be paid by Friday, 1 May, 2020.  Cheques should be made payable to Catholic Truth and posted to Catholic Truth, PO Box 30017, Glasgow, G67 9FS. Or, to pay by bank transfer, write to the above address (with return address for us to reply)- or email – to ask for our bank details. 

Registration/morning tea, coffee, biscuits, will be at 10am, followed by the Rosary at 10.30.a.m, when the Seminar will begin.  Please attend promptly to register.  

Note: as always at our events, there will be no entry without a pre-booked ticket;  email tickets are available, but if you prefer a ticket by mail, please email your postal details to – Cheques to be made payable to Catholic Truth.  If writing to book, please contact us at Catholic Truth, PO Box 30017, Glasgow, G67 9FS.

Feel free to ask questions or to offer your ideas in the comments below.
Tell us, for example if there are particular issues which you would like to have included in the Seminar discussions. 

56 responses

  1. I notice that you always require pre-booking but don’t you think that will reduce your audience? There are people who tend to make last minute decisions about going to events, and they might attend your seminar if they are able to go in “off the street” but not if they have to book in advance. I’m just thinking, your audience might increase quite a bit if you drop the “pre-book” rule.

    • Nicky,

      Halls have a capacity and you cannot have people just turning up off the street. If a Catholic is serious about their faith they should be jumping at the chance to attend such events. They have been given almost a year’s notice. If they can’t commit to one Saturday afternoon in a year and will only turn up off the street if they feel like it, then it doesn’t say much for them.

    • Nicky,

      Apart from the point made by Petrus, we cannot possibly cater for teas, coffees and lunches unless we know how many people are going to attend the event.

      So, apologies, but the pre-booking rule is non-negotiable. Or to use a more popular term these days, bang up to the minute…

  2. I think it would be helpful for attendees to get detailed information on (a) who wrote the post-Vatican II catechetical books for both adults and children (i.e. the no doubt heterodox backgrounds of these authors), and (b) who the publishers are, so that faithful Catholics can avoid both these publishers and these authors.

    For example, I had a little experience with “doxxing” these people years ago when I was investigating the so-called Safe Environment programs adopted by all US Dioceses. It turns out that the creators of this program had some association with “COYOTE” – and here’s a quote from their website to give you an idea of the nature of this group:

    “COYOTE was founded in 1973 to work for the repeal of the prostitution laws and an end to the stigma associated with sex work. In addition to engaging in public education regarding a wide range of issues related to prostitution, COYOTE has provided crisis counseling, support groups, and referrals to legal and other service providers to thousands of prostitutes, mostly women. COYOTE members have also testified at government hearings, served as expert witnesses in trials, helped police with investigations of crimes against prostitutes, and provided sensitivity training to government and private non-profit agencies that provide services to prostitutes.”

    • RCA Victor,

      Good point.

      I think, in fact, that a brief overview of Vatican II would be useful because it’s constantly referenced in homilies and by Pope Francis, always in the context of “not being stuck in the past” (to paraphrase) so perhaps we need to remind attendees that there are TWO pillars of Catholicism – Tradition & Scripture – each of equal weight.

      So, thank you for that prompt.

      Have you checked out the flights yet? 😀

      • Editor,

        Don’t know if I have the strength to fly all the way to Scotland. My arms would probably be really tired by the time I got there…..

        • RCA Victor,

          Much as I’d love to see you there, I really don’t recommend that course of action… Let’s think about other possibilities…

      • It is bizarre to me how every post-concilliar encyclical and papal document is saturated with references to the Conciliar texts. They are obsessed with the Council. It’s as if the Church for them did not exist before 1962, or at least everything in the Church before then was in anticipation of the Council.

  3. I am looking forward to this seminar. I aspire to do the PGDE and become a secondary school teacher. What are people’s thoughts about traditional Catholics teaching in mainstream Catholic schools? I personally would not want to teach in a mainstream Catholic school.

    • You are caught between a rock and a hard place. My opinion is you are better off in a Catholic school. I’ve discussed this with some Traditional priests and they agree.

      There is not one resemblance of morality left in non-denominational schools. They are completely imbued with the LGBT spirit and are now working towards gaining “rainbow flags” in recognition of the work they do to promote this evil.

      Catholic schools are far from perfect, but they are protected from the very worst of the immorality that is coming from the Scottish Government. I believe it is possible for a Catholic teacher to do some good in a modern Catholic school.

      • How are traditional Catholics generally treated in mainstream Catholic schools? In my former Novus Ordo parish I was banned by the parish priest from joining the choir and attending a parish social group on account of my traditional Catholic convictions, and eventually I was ostracised by the parish. The main reason I am very cautious about getting involved with mainstream Catholics again is that I don’t want to experience the same discrimination and ill-treatment I have gotten in the past.

      • I thought the Equality Law applied to everyone in education, so I wouldn’t be so sure that Catholic schools are “protected”.

        • Josephine,

          Please note that I said “protected from the very worst”, not completely protected. There’s an important difference.

            • Josephine,

              If you really can’t help wondering then I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to find out. The SCES material is horrendous and I will never teach it, but it’s not as bad as the materials used in non-denominational schools.

              Those who say that Catholic schools are not completely protected from the worst of this filth are ill-informed. I’m not saying that in relation to you, Josephine, but lots of people think they know when they don’t.

              • Petrus,

                I suspect that the real problem isn’t materials, whether dreadful or worrying to a greater or lesser extent, but the attitude of the teachers, most of whom are likely to be imbued, by now, with the “equality and diversity” mantra.

                A couple of teachers from a Glasgow secondary used to tell me years ago, before things got as bad as they now are, that when they attempted to explain Catholic teaching on homosexuality, no matter how carefully they planned the lesson, invariably there would be complaint(s) from parent(s). And they were NOT supported by senior management.

                There will be pockets, or the odd school (and you appear to be blessed by being employed in one of them) where this is not the case, but generally speaking, pupils are likely to be at risk from the “diversity” agenda – at least to some extent – in Catholic schools as in non-denominational schools. Goodness, we have the SCES providing “safe spaces” for LGBT pupils in Catholic schools.

                Your point is well taken, however, that in terms of materials, the Catholic schools are more likely to be careful about what they put on paper or on film. Personally, however, I’m not absolutely sure of that, either. Hopefully, we’ll find out more on the day of our seminar, next May.

                All you teachers out there – get booking your ticket now… while there are still a few [ 😀 ] available!

    • I agree, because the education of priests is crucially important at all times, but especially at a time of crisis like we’re experiencing now. It’s depressing to hear priests saying things that are clearly wrong but they don’t seem to know it, such as praising non-Christian religions and speaking as if everyone is going to Heaven.

  4. Editor,
    With regards to the upcoming conference,
    Surely the most important topics for discussion must be to ask –

    1. Why are there so few people choosing to become involved in CTS?
    2. Why have CTS been so utterly powerless and unable to have any influence or force a single change in the Church?

    These conferences are simply talking shops for a tiny number of people who are already predisposed to traditional Catholicism.

    Of course it is always the fault of the Bishops, Priests, Parents and Teachers etc but what has the blog, newsletter, YouTube videos, conferences etc really achieved?

    It’s time to put on big boy pants, show some leadership and take responsibility for the CTS failure to make any impact on the Church or the Country, instead of another meaningless back-patting conference.

    How are you going to change anything after many years of the same failed tactics?

    • Trad Cath Knight,

      What makes you think Catholic Truth is a “failed” enterprise?

      I’m curious to learn the basis on which you have reached that conclusion. Always, remember, looking for a good excuse to shut up shop and get down to enjoying my retirement 😀

      • Ed,

        Just catching up here….I daresay the criticisms leveled at CT could very easily and appropriately applied to TCK, in addition to another one: since TCK is a “resistance-to-nothing” (RTN) supporter, perhaps he could put on some big boy pants as well and urge his fellow RTN supporters to abandon their sardonic, twisted arrogance, and stop wasting time and energy in their pursuit of a years-long smear campaign against Bishop Fellay and the SSPX. They are no better than a certain sedevacantist website whose initials are NOW – who, by the way, published an article way back in 2015 called “The Eagle has Crashed,” in reference to TCK. You can find that article if you google NOW.

    • TradCathKnight,

      I’m wondering what you mean by “It’s time to put on big boy pants” etc.

      What do you think CT could do more than its already doing to “make any impact on the Church or the country”?

      Also, what are you doing? Have you chosen not to become involved in Catholic Truth and if so why?

      I’m just trying to make sense of your criticism and see what underlies it. It’s a genuine enquiry, so please answer.

  5. Hi Pat,

    Looking forward to the seminar!

    The Panorama program is on Monday night at 8:30.

    Catholic Family Voice will only be featured for about 2 minutes in total…. with the danger of misrepresentation due to an expected imbalance in the choice of remarks featured. We knew the risks. That’s why it’s a comfort to think we may have a chance of reaching out to some people on our own terms at the Scottish Family Party conference at which 4 of us are speaking. This is due to take place in Edinburgh on November 9th. I hope very much you and a blogger or two will consider attending.

    There will no doubt be a post-program backlash mostly via social media. I hope I can handle that. I can’t not speak out Pat.. I want to learn to do it compassionately and with the understanding that learning and experience can bring. I pray there are people out there who can read between the lines….

    I am praying for humility too.

    Will you be going to the Latin Mass next Sunday?

    Speak soon either way.

    God bless,


    • Hi Pauline,

      I don’t know why your comment went into moderation so apologies for that.

      I’m not sure what you mean by the Panorama Programme on Monday night but will look out for it.

      Yes, I’ll be at the Traditional Latin Mass in Renfrew Street tomorrow and every Sunday thereafter, God willing.

      Take care.

    • Pauline,

      I’ve just watched the Panorama programme about LGBT teaching in primary schools. You spoke well – great stuff!

      We’ll have you on our panel at the seminar next May so make sure you have that date in your diary!

      Bloggers all,

      I expect the programme to appear on YouTube soon enough, but, for now, here’s the BBC page on the programme. Scroll to the end to see a photo and some blurb about Pauline.

    • Pauline,
      you were clear and positive. Just watched this BBC Panorama on BBC iPlayer.
      This very misguided ( but very well organised) agenda of the sexualization of primary school children is shocking.
      The Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh just had a letter read out at Mass this morning, stating that the Green Party want the Catholic representative removed from Edinburgh Council’s Education Committee and has asked Catholics to write their objections.
      A clear use for “ecumenism” at last! The Muslim parents and their family members are being accused of ” extremism”, I wonder if the Government will have the nerve to accuse the Church? As you have said, we should all be working together to expose this awful agenda with Muslims, Jews and many, many other non-religiously affiliated people of goodwill to protect children’s education from these misguided people in positions of authority.

      • Graeme,

        “A clear use for ‘ecumenism’ at last!” O, it’s very clear, judging by the following page from the website of the Archdiocese of St Andrew’s & Edinburgh…

        Ecumenism & Interfaith Dialogue

        “Thus it is absolutely clear that ecumenism, the movement promoting Christian unity, is not just some sort of “appendix” which is added to the Church’s traditional activity. Rather, ecumenism is an organic part of her life and work, and consequently must pervade all that she is and does; it must be like the fruit borne by a healthy and flourishing tree which grows to its full stature,” (Pope Saint John Paul II, Ut Unum Sint, 25 May 1995).

        The responsibilities of the Office for Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue are as follows:

        To have devolved responsibility for Ecumenism and Interfaith issues within the Archdiocese according to the will of the Archbishop.

        To build and develop an Archdiocesan approach to Ecumenical and Interfaith issues at clergy and lay level.

        To establish clear communication with the contact people of other Christian traditions and other religions.

        To inform and enlighten the Catholic clergy as to what the magisterium expects of us in terms of Ecumenism and Interfaith.

        To promote key events throughout the calendar year i.e. Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, World Day of Prayer, Remembrance Day and Advent Joint Services.

        To establish and recruit suitable laypeople to sit on the Ecumenical Commission.

        To outline a three-year programme of development and mission for the Archdiocese relating to Ecumenism and Interfaith.

        To contribute towards the Executive Policy of the Archbishops’ Council in furthering the overall Pastoral Mission of the Archdiocese.

        To go around the Archdiocese and dialogue with our clergy about how to deal with Ecumenism and Interfaith issues along with all the other responsibilities of parish life.

        To, where appropriate, attend training and development synods, courses, conferences to enlighten my knowledge of Ecumenism and Interfaith.

        What’s not remotely clear is where the Church’s essential missionary duty slots in – you know, like St Paul & Co. went out to seek converts…?

        I actually went onto the website to see if I could find the letter to which you refer, regarding the Green Party efforts to have the Catholic representative removed from Edinburgh Council’s Education Committee. I could not find that letter, or any news about the matter.

        If you could provide a link to that information, so that we know to whom to address our objections, the name of the Catholic representative and the name of the Green Party MSP who is so blatantly discriminating against the Catholic community, that would be helpful. Thank you.

        • Hello Editor,
          sadly our parish priest stated that he had not yet received the Archbishops “postcards” to send to Edinburgh Council, but., he added, that next week, he would make sure they were at the back of the Church next week.
          I will ensure that if our parish priest delivers on his promise make sure this is replied to on this coming Sunday.
          We are a faraway country parish in Berwickshire, so it is possible that the diocese did not manage to send us the information, but the Archbishop’s letter was read at Mass (instead of the sermon, announced as an “emergency”.

        • Editor, I have just re-read the parish newsletter and it states “urgent Pastoral Letter from the Archbishop. To be read at all Masses today”, so I apologise, it was not an “emergency” it was “urgent”

          • Graeme,

            No need to apologise – whether urgent or emergency is really irrelevant.

            It’s the content – that is, the text – of the letter that matters. Are you able to provide that?

              • Editor,
                hopefully as many as possible will write to Edinburgh Council and insist that Catholic reps are to be kept.
                This is of course just a test case within the “greens” as they hold up the SNP government who clearly know exactly what is going on. It is anti-Catholic end of.

                • Graeme,

                  I read the Archbishop’s letter with disbelief. His suggestion that if the Green Party proposal goes ahead, it “…would effectively remove from the Church the ability to influence the running and direction of our Catholic schools… This motion presents a serious threat to the Catholicity of our schools in Edinburgh and is also, in all probability, just the first step in a process to remove faith education from schools in Scotland altogether.”

                  Praiseworthy as it is that the archbishop is making some effort to protest the Green Party proposal, this letter amounts to “too little, too late”.

                  It’s been a long time now, since Catholic schools could claim authentic “Catholicity”; and a very long time, too, since the Church had any real influence in the running and direction of Catholic schools. The secularization of our schools has accelerated in recent times, largely due to the willingness of the Bishops’ representatives to accommodate the LGBT+ agenda. The provision of “LGBTI safe spaces” in Catholic schools is but one of many examples of this disturbing accommodation. (Scottish Catholic Observer, 3 February, 2017).

                  Unfortunately, while it is obvious that the powers-that-be in government are as anti-Catholic as they’ve ever been, those who are truly responsible for the demise of Catholic schools are the very people charged with protecting them. To quote the only Bishop, John Fisher, who refused to go along with the new religion at the time of the Protestant Reformation in England: “The fort has been betrayed, even by those who should have defended it.”

                  So, no matter how many letters are sent in to the Council, and even if the Green Party proposal is shelved, Catholic schools will be no more Catholic on that day as they are now. Sadly.

                  • Editor,
                    the shameful lack of leadership and strong government by the Scottish bishops with regard to education is not in question. We all need to defend the bishops now though as if we do not we will have failed as the faithful. The anti-Catholic yob culture is alive and kicking and it needs to be stood up to.

        • Ed,

          It may indeed be a clear use for ecumenism, but I notice, as many others have as well, that there is still no definition supplied for this elusive term. I’m guessing that’s because the real definition, were it exposed to the light of day, would certainly horrify the Catholic world (or what remains of it).

          Real definition: Phase 1: to water down the Catholic Faith and to weaken the Church to the point where it is no longer distinguishable from Protestantism, and can therefore be easily merged with same.

          Phase 2: (Pope Francis’ specialty) to continue Phase 1 to the point where the pseudo-Protestant/pseudo-Catholic syncretism can be merged with the other major “religions” of the world under one smiley-faced umbrella, the New World Religion.

          • RCA Victor & Graeme,

            The Faith in Scotland has been so watered down – Phase 1 is romping along – that the Bishops actually WELCOMED the embedding of LGBT + propaganda right across the curriculum; and this was back in 2018. The whole world was told, via Lifesitenews, although I doubt if the Scottish Bishops give a toss.

            Note: Not for the first time, the link to Lifesitenews doesn’t work, although copied directly from their page. If you Google Lifesitenews, Scotland pushes LGBT agenda into Catholic schools… you should find it right away. Opening paragraphs as follows:

            Scotland pushes LGBT agenda into Catholic schools. Bishops hope ‘impact…will be positive for all’

            EDINBURGH, November 14, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – All Scottish children in government-funded schools, including Catholic schools, will now be indoctrinated with LGBT “inclusive education” that will be “embedded” throughout the curriculum.

            The country’s Catholic bishops say they “welcome” the recommendations, adding that they hope the “impact of these recommendations will be positive for all.”

  6. Miles Immaculatae,

    Here’s an extract from my (humble) talk to our last Conference in 2017, to mark the Fatima centenary:

    …When we launched our newsletter in 1999…we aimed to mobilise Catholics, big time, to fight the crisis in the Church in Scotland. But, as they say: “if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans”… [then followed an outline of the work of the newsletter over the years since its launch]…

    All of that said, has Catholic Truth succeeded in its mission to call our fellow Catholics to account for their Confirmation graces? Have we succeeded in stopping these available graces being squandered at this time of grave need in the Church? No, is the honest answer. We’ve failed.

    So, I’m well aware that there is plenty of truth in the claims made by Trad Cath Knight (TCK). As far as “success” goes, when measured against the kind of targets listed by TCK, Catholic Truth is a dismal failure.

    However, what I didn’t know, as I was admitting our manifest failure, was that, in that same audience, there was a woman who would make the front page of the very next edition of our newsletter, July 2017 – check that out below as it helps to understand that we really shouldn’t measure “success” in the ways listed by our (no doubt, well-meaning) critic. We didn’t set out to “succeed” in those ways, but simply to exercise our prophetic Confirmation vocation to sound a warning note, in order to alert and mobilise our fellow Catholics to the crisis in the Church. And so, the front page report in our July 2017 edition served, at the time, as an encouraging reminder that God will never be outdone in generosity. We put together a simple Conference in honour of Our Lady and He used it to marvellous effect…

    The horizons really do open up when we leave the “success” to God…

    • Editor,

      WOW! I think most of us will have forgotten that front page report – fantastic! Our Lady was obviously pleased that CT held that centenary conference!

  7. Editor,

    Our Lady I am sure pleased that Catholic Truth held that conference on the 100th anniversary of her first appearance to the children of Fatima. That front page report shows that Our Lady answered a prayer to bring a soul towards her Divine Son. That in itself cannot be measured.

    • Theresa Rose,

      Yes, I think you are right. It was a huge consolation to us all at the time – our Fatima Conference really was an outstanding event, for all the right reasons. Let’s hope that our forthcoming Education Seminar is similarly blessed.

      I’ve now updated the advertisement at the top of the page, so if some of you haven’t yet read our newsletter advert (page 4 of the September 19 edition – and all future editions until the event) you will find the necessary details at the top of this page.

  8. Editor,

    I have been telling people about the Seminar but not one knew anything about it. Can you not place an advertisement in the Catholic papers to try to reach as many as possible?

    • Fidelis,

      We can NOT place an advertisement in the Catholic papers – well, certainly not the Scottish Catholic Observer, because they have long refused to take our adverts.

      I had a phone call from the Catholic Herald advertising department some years ago when we were advertising a Conference on our website and the gentleman offered us a deal – several adverts for a number of consecutive weeks to include the Scottish Catholic Observer (their sister paper) and we accepted.

      Then, the SCO contacted me to say they would not advertise our Conference.

      I then rang the Catholic Herald and the gentleman said he would get back to me, which he did, to tell me that the SCO had been told “by the top of the house” to accept our advertisement. Still, they resolutely refused to accept it.

      So, you see, we just cannot place an advertisement in the so-called Catholic press. If we were a modernist group, supporting LGBT+ “rights” and other breaks with Catholic doctrine and tradition, they would accept our adverts.

      Shocking, but not a bit surprising (especially when you check out what they ARE advertising…)

  9. Today’s post…

    Very good news – after only ONE advertisement in our newsletter, two applications for tickets have been received from people unconnected with each other. Indeed, the tickets are not yet back from the printers! Collecting them tomorrow, so anyone who wishes to snap up one or ten at Mass on Sunday, be prepared! See Miss McMoneypenny – she’s in charge of collecting money, selling tickets, etc. In short, she’s running the show, but don’t tell her or she’ll start asking for a pay rise! 😀

    So, Fidelis, who needs the SCO advertising department? 😀

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