Sat 23/5/20: A Date For Your Diary!

Catholic Truth is hosting an Education Seminar next year, to explore the state of the Catholic Education system.  The event will be held on Saturday, 23 May, 2020, 10am – 4.30pm, in Rutherglen Town Hall, 139 Main Street, Rutherglen, G73 2JJ (South Lanarkshire, outskirts of Glasgow city centre). There are a number of free car parks around the Town Hall, and there is a very good public transport system – specifics will be provided nearer the time. 

The seminar will be informal, with opportunities for everyone to share their experiences of Catholic schools.   Leading the conversation will be teachers, pupils (past and present), and parents.  Some Home-educating families will exhibit some of their resources and will answer questions about the practicalities of home-schooling.  Further details, such as the theme of the Seminar, will be published in the next edition of our newsletter (September, 2019.)

Entry:  £20 / Concession £10  (senior citizens, students, unwaged), which includes tea/coffee/biscuits morning and afternoon, and a light lunch:  soup, sandwiches, tea and coffee.

Registration/morning tea, coffee, biscuits, will be at 10am, followed by the Rosary at 10.30.a.m, when the Seminar will begin. 

Note: as always at our events, there will be no entry without a pre-booked ticket;  email tickets are available, but if you prefer a ticket by mail, please email your postal details to – Cheques to be made payable to Catholic Truth.  If writing to book, please contact us at Catholic Truth, PO Box 30017, Glasgow, G67 9FS.

Feel free to ask questions or to offer your ideas in the comments below.
Tell us, for example if there are particular issues which you would like to have included in the Seminar discussions. 

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  1. I notice that you always require pre-booking but don’t you think that will reduce your audience? There are people who tend to make last minute decisions about going to events, and they might attend your seminar if they are able to go in “off the street” but not if they have to book in advance. I’m just thinking, your audience might increase quite a bit if you drop the “pre-book” rule.

    • Nicky,

      Halls have a capacity and you cannot have people just turning up off the street. If a Catholic is serious about their faith they should be jumping at the chance to attend such events. They have been given almost a year’s notice. If they can’t commit to one Saturday afternoon in a year and will only turn up off the street if they feel like it, then it doesn’t say much for them.

    • Nicky,

      Apart from the point made by Petrus, we cannot possibly cater for teas, coffees and lunches unless we know how many people are going to attend the event.

      So, apologies, but the pre-booking rule is non-negotiable. Or to use a more popular term these days, bang up to the minute…

  2. I think it would be helpful for attendees to get detailed information on (a) who wrote the post-Vatican II catechetical books for both adults and children (i.e. the no doubt heterodox backgrounds of these authors), and (b) who the publishers are, so that faithful Catholics can avoid both these publishers and these authors.

    For example, I had a little experience with “doxxing” these people years ago when I was investigating the so-called Safe Environment programs adopted by all US Dioceses. It turns out that the creators of this program had some association with “COYOTE” – and here’s a quote from their website to give you an idea of the nature of this group:

    “COYOTE was founded in 1973 to work for the repeal of the prostitution laws and an end to the stigma associated with sex work. In addition to engaging in public education regarding a wide range of issues related to prostitution, COYOTE has provided crisis counseling, support groups, and referrals to legal and other service providers to thousands of prostitutes, mostly women. COYOTE members have also testified at government hearings, served as expert witnesses in trials, helped police with investigations of crimes against prostitutes, and provided sensitivity training to government and private non-profit agencies that provide services to prostitutes.”

    • RCA Victor,

      Good point.

      I think, in fact, that a brief overview of Vatican II would be useful because it’s constantly referenced in homilies and by Pope Francis, always in the context of “not being stuck in the past” (to paraphrase) so perhaps we need to remind attendees that there are TWO pillars of Catholicism – Tradition & Scripture – each of equal weight.

      So, thank you for that prompt.

      Have you checked out the flights yet? 😀

      • Editor,

        Don’t know if I have the strength to fly all the way to Scotland. My arms would probably be really tired by the time I got there…..

        • RCA Victor,

          Much as I’d love to see you there, I really don’t recommend that course of action… Let’s think about other possibilities…

      • It is bizarre to me how every post-concilliar encyclical and papal document is saturated with references to the Conciliar texts. They are obsessed with the Council. It’s as if the Church for them did not exist before 1962, or at least everything in the Church before then was in anticipation of the Council.

  3. I am looking forward to this seminar. I aspire to do the PGDE and become a secondary school teacher. What are people’s thoughts about traditional Catholics teaching in mainstream Catholic schools? I personally would not want to teach in a mainstream Catholic school.

    • You are caught between a rock and a hard place. My opinion is you are better off in a Catholic school. I’ve discussed this with some Traditional priests and they agree.

      There is not one resemblance of morality left in non-denominational schools. They are completely imbued with the LGBT spirit and are now working towards gaining “rainbow flags” in recognition of the work they do to promote this evil.

      Catholic schools are far from perfect, but they are protected from the very worst of the immorality that is coming from the Scottish Government. I believe it is possible for a Catholic teacher to do some good in a modern Catholic school.

      • How are traditional Catholics generally treated in mainstream Catholic schools? In my former Novus Ordo parish I was banned by the parish priest from joining the choir and attending a parish social group on account of my traditional Catholic convictions, and eventually I was ostracised by the parish. The main reason I am very cautious about getting involved with mainstream Catholics again is that I don’t want to experience the same discrimination and ill-treatment I have gotten in the past.

      • I thought the Equality Law applied to everyone in education, so I wouldn’t be so sure that Catholic schools are “protected”.

        • Josephine,

          Please note that I said “protected from the very worst”, not completely protected. There’s an important difference.

            • Josephine,

              If you really can’t help wondering then I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to find out. The SCES material is horrendous and I will never teach it, but it’s not as bad as the materials used in non-denominational schools.

              Those who say that Catholic schools are not completely protected from the worst of this filth are ill-informed. I’m not saying that in relation to you, Josephine, but lots of people think they know when they don’t.

              • Petrus,

                I suspect that the real problem isn’t materials, whether dreadful or worrying to a greater or lesser extent, but the attitude of the teachers, most of whom are likely to be imbued, by now, with the “equality and diversity” mantra.

                A couple of teachers from a Glasgow secondary used to tell me years ago, before things got as bad as they now are, that when they attempted to explain Catholic teaching on homosexuality, no matter how carefully they planned the lesson, invariably there would be complaint(s) from parent(s). And they were NOT supported by senior management.

                There will be pockets, or the odd school (and you appear to be blessed by being employed in one of them) where this is not the case, but generally speaking, pupils are likely to be at risk from the “diversity” agenda – at least to some extent – in Catholic schools as in non-denominational schools. Goodness, we have the SCES providing “safe spaces” for LGBT pupils in Catholic schools.

                Your point is well taken, however, that in terms of materials, the Catholic schools are more likely to be careful about what they put on paper or on film. Personally, however, I’m not absolutely sure of that, either. Hopefully, we’ll find out more on the day of our seminar, next May.

                All you teachers out there – get booking your ticket now… while there are still a few [ 😀 ] available!

    • I agree, because the education of priests is crucially important at all times, but especially at a time of crisis like we’re experiencing now. It’s depressing to hear priests saying things that are clearly wrong but they don’t seem to know it, such as praising non-Christian religions and speaking as if everyone is going to Heaven.

  4. Editor,
    With regards to the upcoming conference,
    Surely the most important topics for discussion must be to ask –

    1. Why are there so few people choosing to become involved in CTS?
    2. Why have CTS been so utterly powerless and unable to have any influence or force a single change in the Church?

    These conferences are simply talking shops for a tiny number of people who are already predisposed to traditional Catholicism.

    Of course it is always the fault of the Bishops, Priests, Parents and Teachers etc but what has the blog, newsletter, YouTube videos, conferences etc really achieved?

    It’s time to put on big boy pants, show some leadership and take responsibility for the CTS failure to make any impact on the Church or the Country, instead of another meaningless back-patting conference.

    How are you going to change anything after many years of the same failed tactics?

    • Trad Cath Knight,

      What makes you think Catholic Truth is a “failed” enterprise?

      I’m curious to learn the basis on which you have reached that conclusion. Always, remember, looking for a good excuse to shut up shop and get down to enjoying my retirement 😀

    • TradCathKnight,

      I’m wondering what you mean by “It’s time to put on big boy pants” etc.

      What do you think CT could do more than its already doing to “make any impact on the Church or the country”?

      Also, what are you doing? Have you chosen not to become involved in Catholic Truth and if so why?

      I’m just trying to make sense of your criticism and see what underlies it. It’s a genuine enquiry, so please answer.

  5. Hi Pat,

    Looking forward to the seminar!

    The Panorama program is on Monday night at 8:30.

    Catholic Family Voice will only be featured for about 2 minutes in total…. with the danger of misrepresentation due to an expected imbalance in the choice of remarks featured. We knew the risks. That’s why it’s a comfort to think we may have a chance of reaching out to some people on our own terms at the Scottish Family Party conference at which 4 of us are speaking. This is due to take place in Edinburgh on November 9th. I hope very much you and a blogger or two will consider attending.

    There will no doubt be a post-program backlash mostly via social media. I hope I can handle that. I can’t not speak out Pat.. I want to learn to do it compassionately and with the understanding that learning and experience can bring. I pray there are people out there who can read between the lines….

    I am praying for humility too.

    Will you be going to the Latin Mass next Sunday?

    Speak soon either way.

    God bless,


  6. Miles Immaculatae,

    Here’s an extract from my (humble) talk to our last Conference in 2017, to mark the Fatima centenary:

    …When we launched our newsletter in 1999…we aimed to mobilise Catholics, big time, to fight the crisis in the Church in Scotland. But, as they say: “if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans”… [then followed an outline of the work of the newsletter over the years since its launch]…

    All of that said, has Catholic Truth succeeded in its mission to call our fellow Catholics to account for their Confirmation graces? Have we succeeded in stopping these available graces being squandered at this time of grave need in the Church? No, is the honest answer. We’ve failed.

    So, I’m well aware that there is plenty of truth in the claims made by Trad Cath Knight (TCK). As far as “success” goes, when measured against the kind of targets listed by TCK, Catholic Truth is a dismal failure.

    However, what I didn’t know, as I was admitting our manifest failure, was that, in that same audience, there was a woman who would make the front page of the very next edition of our newsletter, July 2017 – check that out below as it helps to understand that we really shouldn’t measure “success” in the ways listed by our (no doubt, well-meaning) critic. We didn’t set out to “succeed” in those ways, but simply to exercise our prophetic Confirmation vocation to sound a warning note, in order to alert and mobilise our fellow Catholics to the crisis in the Church. And so, the front page report in our July 2017 edition served, at the time, as an encouraging reminder that God will never be outdone in generosity. We put together a simple Conference in honour of Our Lady and He used it to marvellous effect…

    The horizons really do open up when we leave the “success” to God…

    • Editor,

      WOW! I think most of us will have forgotten that front page report – fantastic! Our Lady was obviously pleased that CT held that centenary conference!

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