May Catholic Brexiteers – In Good Conscience – Support Boris Johnson? 


Does Boris Johnson’s reputation as a man who has a loose relationship with the truth, to put it mildly, mean that he cannot be trusted even to deliver Brexit, which he insists he will do?  

And does the rest of his (im)moral lifestyle mean that Catholics really shouldn’t support his candidature? 

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  1. Difficult question but in the world we live in we could so easily disenfranchise ourselves by being too puritanical. In order to allow our voices to be heard, if only slightly we must sometimes dip our toes into the swamp.

  2. To get out of the EU, I’d support Rangers Football Team if necessary, LOL!

    There’s no other choice and since this election (for me anyway) is ONLY about Brexit, I feel justified in supporting him, although I wouldn’t trust him to tell me the time of day.

  3. Its very difficult but we are not choosing him to be a parish priest, merely to do a specific job: get us out of Europe. Few of the private lives of our former great politicians would stand moral scrutiny, and I doubt that Boris will last long in office but he is capable of standing up to the bullies in Brussels I think. Better him than Corbyn! It is said we get the politicians we deserve and maybe in time as a nation we might reflect more deeply about what we expect from our leaders.

  4. Elizabeth,

    I agree. It’s laughable to watch the way journalists are badgering Boris about the row with his girlfriend – they don’t care that he supports abortion and all the rest, such a bunch of confused people.

    I see no issue in supporting him until we get Brexit done, and I can’t see him not doing that now or he really will look like a fool.

  5. I don’t think Boris would dare to not deliver Brexit now. Hallowe’en will be even more exciting than usual this year, LOL!

    I agree that a Catholic could support Boris with a clear conscience. Hunt is another remainer and that’s the last thing we want. We might as well have Nicola Sturgeon!

  6. Our Lord knows that we are in this world and that sometimes a lesser of evils is the only choice available to us. Such is the case right now in this Tory leadership race. Personally speaking I would much prefer to see Nigel Farage as Prime Minister, but that’s not going to happen so I choose Boris over Hunt. I’ve never been particularly impressed by Jeremy Hunt but his stock went down big time the other night when I listened to him say that parents should be denied any right to object to LGBT teaching in primary schools. That was it, I wrote him off as a counter-cultural Marxist within the Conservative Party.

    Boris is not a moral man either, and not just because he’s had more than one woman in recent years. When he was mayor of London, at the time when the debate on “gay marriage” was raging, I remember him demanding that the government ignore all opposition and just get on with legalising it. I’m afraid their mostly all godless. Still, if that one godless man can free Britain from the Masonic EU then I guess we could call that progress.

  7. I hope Boris isn’t really speaking with forked tongue. The ERG won’t support him if he doesn’t stick to the 31 October deadline. This short interview with Robert Peston shows the determination.

  8. Well I hope Boris is being straight. I suspect he is as otherwise the Conservatives will be historical toast! I seem to remember that there is something in Scripture about a “bad” man being used by God to bring about some good, but I can’t remember where it is.

    • Crofterlady,

      I’m inclined to agree that Boris will have to keep his word – having made his pledge to exit the EU on 31 October so loudly and so often.

      As for your memory of “bad” men being used by God; there’s no shortage of examples in Sacred Scripture. The Genesis story of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers and then saving them from famine springs to mind. He tells them that while they had planned evil against him, God had turned it to good (Genesis 50:20.

  9. Boris had better get us out of the EU by 31 October, latest. I don’t think anyone will stand for any more extensions or other delaying tactics.

    I am appalled at the news today that Hammond and other MPs are plotting to stop “no deal” if it comes to that, so if they do that I hope their constituents kick them out at the next General Election.

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