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Transgender insanity:
Police now jailing people for laughing at men in women’s clothes

February 18, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – There was a story that circulated during the Cold War about a Soviet judge who was seen walking back to his chambers, chuckling heartily. His colleague approached him and asked him what was so funny. Oh, just a hilarious joke I heard, the judge replied. “Well, go ahead and tell me!” his colleague replied. “Oh, I couldn’t do that,” said the Soviet judge. “I just gave someone ten years for it.”

I was reminded of this little anecdote when I spotted a story in the Edinburgh News last week, gravely titled “Edinburgh labourer shouted abuse at transgender woman.” It turns out that one Graham Spiers, a father of two and a construction worker employed at the St. James construction site, was walking past a pub in Bonnington, Edinburgh, with a few buddies, when they passed a transgender woman—a biological male. Although the journalist writing the story goes to great lengths to make it sound as if Spiers was “screaming” at the apparent victim, Spiers and his friends were specifically accused of “pointing and laughing” at the person.

The man being laughed at suspected that he was being mocked for his appearance, as fiscal depute Rosie Cook told the Edinburgh Sheriff Court that the “complainer thought [the laughing and pointing] was in reference to her gender transition.” The transgender person then did what anyone would do if someone laughed at them: He promptly called the police, who take such things very seriously these days. The Edinburgh News, straining to make it sound as if the beery chuckles of a few construction workers really were a big deal, referred to the incident as an “unprovoked verbal assault on her.”

The sheriff informed Spiers that his sense of humor had “no place in today’s society,” and that his laughing and pointing were so unacceptable that he was required to pay the man he had laughed at five hundred pounds “in compensation” for inferring by his laughter that the man did not look like a woman. The Edinburgh News referred to the incident as a “confrontation” despite the fact that the groups simply walked past each other, and Spiers was actually arrested five days later his misplaced mirth. The lawyer for the transgender complainant stated solemnly that Spiers now understands that his actions had been “disturbing for the complainer.”

Sheriff Robert Fife also piled on, informing Spiers that, “Your offensive comments were not funny at the time and are not funny now. Your children should grow up understanding gender differences and would be ashamed at your behavior that comes from a different era has no place in today’s society.” Fife then told Spiers that in addition to the cash he had to pay to the biological man for laughing at him, he also had to pay an additional fine of another five hundred pounds.

Consider this situation for a moment. A construction worker laughs at a biological man attempting to become a woman. Sure, we can agree that   laughing at someone is a rude way to deal with any situation, but it was laughing. And Spiers was laughing because the man posing as a woman was very obviously not pulling it off, which happens to be true for most of those who are attempting to force the rest of us to play along with their delusions. And for that—for laughing—he was quite literally arrested, told by law enforcement that he had no right to find such a thing funny, ordered to pay the transgender person an exorbitant amount of money for hurting his feelings, and then pay more on top of that.

It is disgusting enough that law enforcement would arrest and charge someone for this triviality. That alone indicates that freedom in Scotland is truly dead. But the fact that law enforcement then lectured Spiers on being a throwback from a different age (that different era being about a decade ago, for the record) and telling him his children should be ashamed of him? And that Spiers was expected to cower and listen to this tongue-lashing from his betters so he could get re-educated and realize that men could now become women and that laughing at their attempts was forbidden by law? That should absolutely repulse any liberty-loving person and terrify everyone who values freedom.

As I wrote last week, the transgender movement has to impose their ideology on the rest of us with the power of the state because it is not a grassroots movement. Most ordinary people still find the entire phenomenon absurd, and there are even a few construction workers out there with the gall to chuckle at a man attempting to be a woman after they’ve had a few beers. But be careful: Your chuckles might end up putting you in handcuffs. Click here to read the above article at source

Comments invited – but only if you can keep a straight face and no smart alex comments along the lines that you think the lunatics really are running the asylum… You might say that, I couldn’t possibly comment…

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  1. What was that I said about “no smart alex comments”? Scrub that. Any kind of comments will do! Especially from those who tell me they will miss the blog when it closes. Yeah right!

    I suppose I should have guessed there wouldn’t be much interest in this given that the Lifesitenews report (and hence the Edinburgh News report) was emailed to me from a reader in… drum roll… America!

    Truly, you couldn’t make it up!

  2. Editor

    Never mind “lunatics running the assylum”, Satan is in charge of our legal system. It’s just exactly the same as in Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s Germany, godless states with godless judges running kangaroo courts to enforce, by terror, their godless ideology. They will pass away along with all the other despots of history and sanity will be restored. But for now, we have no freedoms left.

    • Athanasius,

      You are so right – Satan is definitely in charge of our legal system, our parliaments (Westminster and Holryood) and everything else, really.

      It’s frightening. Any normal person would have laughed along with the men, or at least shrugged it off. This “trans woman” (i.e. male) is more sensitive than any woman, LOL!

        • That poster contains something I’ve often thought – that these people who are constantly taking offence at one thing or another are really very unhappy people. There is something strange about the way they pick up everything they can find to be offended about. Someone ought to tell them that life is too short, LOL!

    • Athanasius,

      Few people realise how serious this is. Someone with, shall we say, “police connections” told me recently that if someone overhears something that might be classed as “hate speech”, say in a pub or shop or wherever, and they complain, the police have to take action – like, this sort of action…(this one’s especially for you, Athy! 😀 )

      • Editor

        Yes, it’s the despotic police State we have all read about in history lessons, as well as in so-called works of fiction like George Orwell’s ‘1984’. Our Lady of Fatima did warn us!

        By the way, the action in the above video will never happen to me. They don’t have a car fast enough to catch up!! And even if they did, a (motor) bycicle might be fun!

  3. As Athanasius implied, it’s the Communists who are running the asylum. This arrest is really just a variation of the old Communist “face crime,” as well as “thought crime.” When is the UK citizenry going to wake up – when they’re all in jail? Your police state is in full swing.

    • RCA Victor,

      It’s the old story – as long as it’s (only) happening to someone else, the majority don’t care. Not the brightest buttons in the box. Hopefully, that will change after Brexit 😀

      • Editor

        That’s exactly why the powers that be don’t want Brexit. Brexit would loosen the grip of EU cultural Marxism on the UK. That’s the last thing a majority of British politicians want. It might let God and morality back into the equation!

    • Theresa Rose,

      That is exactly right. Only when we all stop going along with this baloney, will the message get across to some at least, that this entire trans carry on is nothing but delusional.

      That’s one key difference in the media between here and the USA – over there they have commentators like Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro who make plain their belief that this is a piece a of nonsense whereas the closest we have in the UK is Piers Morgan who began strongly on this issue but is now weakly in the “but I respect these people” blah blah. Just NOBODY is leading the way to question the whole thing. Crazy.

        • RCA Victor,

          Well, yes… or simply someone who identifies as a person with common sense! Unfortunately, the alleged “conservatives” over here are anything but conservative on the moral issues. They are indistinguishable from the “liberal” loonies, It really is a case of mass delusion.

  4. We are living in very dangerous times and without doubt, the Thought Police are just around the corner. I think we should reuse to go along with it and, if necessary, be un-p.c. in public. They can’t lock us all up! As for fines, they canna get blood out of stones!

    • Crofterlady,

      I totally agree and Hell will freeze over before I give the slightest quarter to anyone’s alleged right to “identify” as a man/woman when they are plainly either a man or a woman already.

      The world is “dangerous” you say? I say, it’s completely crackers!

  5. I’d like to identify as Queen of the Universe, and I warn anyone who laughs or mocks me that I will be taking legal action, so be very careful…… I shall expect to be reverenced and praised; it’s my right, geddit?

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