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  1. Frankly, anybody would be an improvement on Pope Francis i – LOL!

    There’s an saying “There’s no fool like an old fool” but I think that should be changed to “There’s no fool like an old fool in a cassock!” LOL!

  2. You’re all very funny – missed vocations to the world of entertainment, here, obviously!

    Lionel is spot on, actually – no comment needed at all, the groovy cardinal speaks volumes about himself, the synod, the modern Church, you name it.


  3. Oh how trendy. Yawn. I remember my diocese tried to ‘get down wiv da kidz’ back in the 1990’s, with their ‘rave Masses’. Pathetic. They folded after it emerged that grave sacrileges were going on at these events, and they only attracted a handful of malcontents anyway. Also – has anyone noticed anything about this so-called ‘yoof’ synod in Rome. Most of the ‘yoof’ appear to be about 30 years old? Or at least in their very late 20’s. Not what I would call ‘youth’ in the strict sense of the word. Look at the ones in the video behind this poor deluded Cardinal.

  4. He would be another disaster – follower of the Bologna school (Dossetti, Alberigo and Melloni) which sees Vatican II as being a total and radical break with everything which came before.

    This was another really stupid appointment by Benedict XVI who knew full well that he was antagonistic to orthodoxy before he gave him his red hat. It was another of those “one for me, one for you” appointments made by JPII and BXVI which were supposed to maintain some kind of Hegelian balance between Catholicism and Modernism in order to further “unity” within the Church – as if Christ could have any unity with Belial.

    However bad Francis is, he is only the logical extrapolation of the errors of JPII and BXVI. This joker would just be a further extrapolation along the path to perdition.

  5. That video is really and truly embarrassing to watch. What on earth does Cardinal Tagle think he’s doing? I love the way they have Bishop Fellay looking on – that’s priceless! My message to these groovy churchmen is “grow up!”

  6. I agree, this video is mortifying to watch. I can’t think why these elderly men think it’s groovy to act like teenagers. They only make fools of themselves.

    I can’t bear the thought of a Pope Francis II but I won’t do a “Chris McLaughlin” and demand a change of headline, LOL!

  7. Crofterlady,

    Shocking headline in that link:

    Vatican orders US bishops to delay taking action on sexual abuse crisis

    It makes horrendous reading and there can, surely,be no justification for it.

    • Editor,

      The development is almost as funny as it is depressing.

      Francis shoe-horned stuff about synodality into the recent synod document, (despite it not having been discussed by the Bishops), yet now – straight after – rides roughshod over the American Bishops’ ability to make their own policies.

      From the initial reactions I have seen, this has not gone down well, even among compliant dopes like Cupich.

      Francis leadership has long since passed from being poor / concerning / problematic to be a laughing stock.

      He can’t even stick to his own contrived nonsense. It’s just embarrassing, even more so given he and his sycophants seem to believe they are running a highly polished and effective scheme of pulling the wool over all our eyes.

      • “Laughing stock” just about nails it, Gabriel Syme.

        How very sad to think that any pope is nothing more than a laughing stock – just when the world is in dire need of the kind of holiness of a Pius X.

    • Crofterlady,

      You posted a link and ask why “nobody is commenting” on it.

      I frequently post whole articles, new threads, and have to wait for maybe a day or two before people comment.

      Unless it’s about the SSPX or the Mass, then, suddenly, people come out of the woodwork to comment. Irritates the socks off me, be assured. Notice, I’ve not posted any threads on either topic for quite some time. Revenge is sweet 😀

      So, I’m afraid, Crofterlady, that the answer to your question as to why is nobody commenting on your link is…

      That’s life.

  8. Tagle is really toe-curling.

    Often he appears in casual dress, wearing a crucifix like a 70s medallion, but he seems to reserve his most embarrassing behaviour for when he is wearing his robes of office.

    (Just like Pope “clown nose” Francis).

    • Gabriel Syme,

      I often think that – as if any old(er!) trying to be “groovy” isn’t bad enough but a “groovy” old man dressed as a priest, bishop or cardinal is ludicrous in the extreme. Why can’t they see that? What am I saying… If they can’t see what is wrong with the new Mass, new Rosary, new Catechism, they’re unlikely to ponder the merits and demerits of looking like a numpty set to music!

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