USA: Should Kavanaugh Withdraw? 

Only now is the UK media beginning to cover the reports of sexual misconduct brought against Brett Kavanaugh –  with the predictable unquestioning acceptance of the allegations levelled against the Judge. Well, after all, it’s a woman making the allegations, and the accused is male, so she must be telling the truth… right?  As for what is motivating these women to exert themselves to keep him out of the Supreme Court… Having watched the ferocity of the pro-abortionists here in the UK, desperate to extend abortion “rights” and to decriminalise it completely, I think it’s clear that these “liberal” females will stop at nothing to prevent any “conservative” candidate from tipping the balance a tad more to the “right”.  Nothing these morons do surprises me in the least.  Maybe, though, for the sake of his own peace of mind, not to mention his family’s safety (there have been death threats), he should withdraw his nomination although  The New York Times  reports that he vows to continue  What would YOU advise him to do?  Is it really worth it?  Can anyone really fight this sort of smear campaign – and remain sane? 

Below, a short video clip from the USA media, refreshingly challenging the uncritical media coverage to date…  

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  1. If this attempt to smear Judge Kavenaugh does not get up then there will be copycat accusations and I will not be surprised if Hilary Clinton herself does’nt have a go as well! The Democrats hate him because he is a fine upstanding Catholic.

  2. No, Brett Kavanaugh should not withdraw from his supreme court nomination.

    This liberal calumny is baseless and designed to prevent pro-life judges achieving a majority on the court. These are tactics of desperation from the democrats, who will make accusations of anything and everything, in the hope that someone might believe something.

    They apparently tried the same with Judge Clarence Thomas, years ago, and failed. They will also fail with Kavanaugh.

    The original Kavanaugh accusation fell apart with embarrassing speed, to the extent that a second vague accusation has had to be drummed up. its just ridiculous.

    All the “progressive” cultural victories of the last half century have come not by the ballot box, but through the courts, and they see the scale tipping which means they could lose these achievements by the same means.

  3. I found this article by the awful, IMHO, Janet Street-Porter which is very typical of the unquestioning way women making these allegations are presumed to be telling the truth.

    The Judge has said he had no sexual relationships during his time at college and I find HIM a lot more credible than his accusers – just going on the facts.

    • The only thing that surprises me on this Completely Biased account by Porter is where she found a Man willing to go with her in the first instance. I know Ed that we should all be Nice Catholics and say nice things well the gloves are off . Also as regards this Woman coming forward to say she doesn’t want an attempted Rapist to sit on the Supreme Court. Why when she so called told her Therapist about the attempted Rape incident and she knew about Brett Kavanaugh being a Judge did she not come forward then . Also as far as Porter is concerned she trips herself up when she mentions White Priveleged. But as for her background checks on Brett Kavanaughs accuser she paints her like Mr Theresa. Also as regards memories . My first memory is me as a 3 year old a car stopping and a Man trying to grab me . I am now 68 and still remember the incident. I was also in a bad crush at a Celtic v Rangers game when I was 17. From memory I can tell you right now the score of the game . Who scored the only goal of the game . The manner in which it was scored and who I was with at that Football Match . Yet this Saint of a Woman according to Porter is correct in all that she says yet cannot even remember the correct year. God give me Strength.

        • Porter says that Ford has Nothing to gain about Saying Brett Kavenaugh tried to Rape Her . Nothing to gain she’s now the most talked about Woman along with Stormy Daniels in the Western Hemisphere. Talking of Stormy her career as a Stripper has taken off overnight due to her Terrible Sexual experience with Donald Trump. Also and here’s the icing on the cake the Lawyer Aventii who was just by coincidence Stormy Daniels Lawyer is Blassey Fords lawyer also. Nothing to gain. Her photo and lies will be in every Paper probably including the Guardian. She will be vetted on all of those Horrible TV programs in America and Aventii is also her agent . They really must think we’re all zipped up the back . 🎬

        • Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed yesterday by a 50-48 vote. According ABC News, it was the closest confirmation vote in almost 100 years.

          Margaret 🇺🇸

          • Yes, Margaret – some of us watched it live. Great news, although pity it was such a narrow margin. If you scroll down to read the comments, you’ll see that we have been following this debacle closely.

  4. No, Judge Kavanaugh needs to persevere for the sake of law and order, and to show the world how civilized people act, in comparison to leftist thugs and their puppets. And I think the world is also getting a big wake-up call regarding the true nature of the Democrat Party and their constituency, that they would stoop to obtaining the false, laughable “testimony” of a couple of – pardon me – drunken sluts – to try to stop the Supreme Court from undoing generations of their sacrificing-of-babies ideology.


    (I think this is a different Fox News video than the one posted by Editor)

    • RCA Victor,

      Many thanks for that link – I’ve taken out the video to post directly to make sure everyone sees it. It’s his TV interview with his wife.

      It’s clear that he’s been set up. Not guilty by any stretch of the imagination, certainly judging by the total lack of evidence to date.

  5. The pressure on this Man and he is a Man to stand up to these Evil Witches is Horrific to say the least. The Lies and deceit are not surprising and for that Feinstein who was supposed to have kept these allegations to the last minute really says it all Evil is now the new Good. As if these Evil Women who are now protesting and are left wing Activists who are being paid by either Planned Parenthood Soros or both cry out for Justice that’s the last thing they want. We all know that this is about Abortion nothing more or nothing less .Now you have the experts talking about he may interfere in Womens Productive Rights . Killing Babies has went from an Abortion. To a Procedure. Now it’s Productive Rights. They cannot even be honest and call it Destructive Rights. They are incapable of Truth. This also doesn’t bode well for American relations between Left and Right and the Right are getting really fed up with all of the Garbage that is being thrown not just at this Man but all the other Lies they are now being fed by a Soros backed media not now on a Daily basis but on an Hourly one .

  6. They should be asked why they waited as long.

    Maybe they have decided that what thousands of 15 and 17 year olds, rightly or wrongly, were doing when “enjoying” each other`s company at that time could now be not only a nice wee money earner but also a short cut to ten minutes of fame. Provided, of course, it could be tarted up a bit.

    If judge Kavanaugh had ended up driving a lorry I don`t even think they would have remembered.

  7. Madame Editor,
    If Judge Kavanaugh is a good practising Catholic, he will have confessed his sins long ago. If it took him a while to appreciate the seriousness of them at the time, it is quite possible that he will have undertaken the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius at some point in his life as a result of which he will have made a general confession of all his sins. Either way, they have been confessed, they have been forgiven, he will have made amends and undertaken penance.
    Consequently there is no need to rake over old coals, and Judge Kavanaugh should be allowed to take up the post President Trump wants him to have. He will make a very good job of it having purged himself as he now has every reason to justify the faith being placed in him.
    In conclusion, how many of his accusers can claim to have sought pardon for their own sins and undertaken penance for them as he has done?
    Anyone brazen enough to cast the first stone?

    • Leprechaun,

      If you look at the interview posted above, listen to Kavanaugh explain that he did not engage in sexual activity at that stage in his young life; if you check out the lack of evidence, if you hear the Judge explaining that he was nowhere near the party where the Ford assault is alleged to have taken place (and the other five people present don’t remember him being there, either) then you wouldn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that those are sins that he didn’t have to confess because he didn’t commit them.

      The whole point is that the pro-abortionists don’t want him being appointed as a Supreme Court Judge because he is pro-life. That is about the sum and substance of it.

      We’d have exactly the same problem here if we had the same system of appointing Judges to the Supreme Court. The Devil has a grip of the baby-killers and they will stop at nothing to ruin anyone who dares to oppose their murderous agenda.

    • Leprechaun,

      I have only just caught up with this story, believe it or not, but I’m pretty sure the point of the matter is that the judge did NOT commit any sexual abuse, so he would have no need to confess.

  8. These tweets from Matt Walsh sum it up:

    And he has written a good article here:

    The Democrat Party is untethered from any traditional notions of morality or human decency. Its primary mission is to protect and preserve an industry that makes billions of dollars murdering millions of babies

  9. Judge Kavanaugh has been falsely accused, of that I have not the slightest doubt. The man took an oath before God denying that he ever committed the acts is accused of. Anyone who knows anything about his faith and character knows he would never have done that if he was guilty. That’s what clinched it for me. These are evil lies made up to stop a Catholic appointment to the Supreme Court. It’s as Matt Walsh says above, this is all about killing babies. The Democrats are terrified that Kavanaugh helps reverse Roe Vs. Wade.

    Never before have I witnessed the glaring evil that has operated at the highest levels in the U.S. against President Trump and those he appoints to office. If this isn’t a wake up call to all Americans as to just how greatly their country has become enslaved to the Marxist agenda then I don’t know what it will take. The behaviour of Democrats in Congress since Trump’s election, not to mention most of the American press demonstrates so clearly how corrupt the system has become, a true swamp.

    • I love Tucker Carlson and watched a YouTube Video with him and Ford’s Lawyer Aventii. Ford’s Lawyer by the way is called The Sleazy Porn Man .That he both represents Ford and Stormy Daniels speaks volumes for this whole BS against Brett Kavanaugh. The Left have now completely lost the Plot along with their Souls and if this nomination does not go through then without a doubt Soros and The Devil have won again. By the way there is a Photo of Ford along with Soros taken at a function. Birds of A Feather and all that .Also Aventii showed his class when he was on that terrible program called The View. When he called Tucker a Pig and one of the Useless Women on it said ” He’s not a Pig a Pig is an intelligent Animal ” . Am certainly no Saint but this Mob would put Sadists to shame . Also all those Young Students walking out of Yale in protest of Brett Kavanaugh reminds one of Lemmings following one another into the Sea.

    • WOW! Deacon, that’s not irrelevant to ANY thread – WOW!! Many thanks. Had a quick skim, but will study later as I am just passing by, so to speak! Incredible. This is one plot that is ever-thickening!

    • Deacon,

      I’ve now read the report and really I think this requires a dedicated thread. So, hang on in there, folks. I will move to publish a new thread without delay.

      Dedicated thread now posted, so please post all comments on this news here – thank you…

  10. Well, this morning the little news coverage that I’ve seen here is sympathetic to Ford and of the opinion that Kavanaugh doesn’t have the right temperament to be a Supreme Court Judge – he showed anger at this false accusation, tut tut. Praise is being heaped on the accuser, assumed to be telling the truth, while the accused stands condemned – not because the evidence is there, but because he didn’t react calmly and politely and agree that Ford is a nice lady.

    One thing that struck me watching the whole thing; in her introductory statement she said she was “terrified”. Well, if there is one word that would never have come to my mind watching her, it’s “terrified”. She was calm, beaming most of the time, serious, on verge of tears throughout the lavish praise, which show would switch back to the beaming smile at the next question. No, I don’t believe any of her story, not one bit. And this morning, when I Googled to find out more about her, this came up…

    I was also sent an image, like a screen shot of a tweet this morning, in which she was quoted as admitting to having been an alcoholic at that time and regretting being “easy” – apparently she had around 64 sexual partners and was a committed leftist liberal, to boot.

    So, I’m afraid my own conclusion, watching the whole thing yesterday, is that, as the linked report above concludes, she is a liar.

  11. For those who missed the original hearing, Tucker Carlson’s commentary with excerpts is a must-watch. He reveals the hypocrisy of certain senators questioning Kavanaugh (Booker, who admitted to groping and Blumenthal who lied about Vietnam) who took the high moral ground, affecting concern about the allegations. Hypocrites to their fingertips.

    I wish some men would get together to challenge the daft MeToo movement with a NOTMe movement for men like Brett Kavanagh – presumed guilty just because he has been accused by a female…

    • That was very interesting indeed and sure enough showed up the hypocrisy of those senators.

      The whole thing is definitely a circus and a sham. The Democrats are out to get Judge Kavanagh out of the running for the Supreme Court. I pray they won’t succeed.

      On the plus side this case has helped me understand American politics better! I’m now understanding the Republicans Vs Democrats divide!

    • The Americans are lucky to have a reporter like Tucker – everyone over here that I’ve heard commenting on this is totally biased against Kavanaugh and believing of Ford. It’s just something else.

      As others have said, we need to pray for the accused Judge – nobody could come out of that circus unscathed.

      For the record, I think it’s no contest. He is innocent. I hope the FBI investigation that the Dems got thanks to the cowardly Flake, nails it.

  12. It’s incredible watching the news to see how everyone is convinced that Ford is telling the truth and the Judge is a monster. I’m speechless. Do the networks not tell their American correspondent to keep an eye on programmes like Tucker Carlson’s – they all seem to have the same opinion on the matter.

    I’m praying for Judge Kavanaugh and his family. My heart goes out to him.

    • I am also mesmerised at the way this story is being reported in the mainstream media. We don’t have a channel like Fox News to get an alternative view. I don’t know for sure, but I wonder if the news outlets here showed the whole Senate Hearing, I watched it online but I would be surprised if they showed anything but excerpts.

      It beggars belief that Christine Ford is being portrayed as a victim when there’s not a scintilla of evidence to show that the event ever happened. People are marching in the streets of the USA with placards that say “Believe her!” It’s incredible.

      I am also praying for the Judge and his family. God help and strengthen them at this awful time of injustice for this husband, father and son.

  13. Here’s a CNN interview with Kavanaugh’s lawyer. Look at the interviewer’s face as he fails to ask the real questions that should be asked – unbiased? I don’t think so, LOL! I’m praying for the Judge on this Feast of St Michael. But, unlike everyone else, I don’t see any authenticity in Mrs Ford. She needs prayers as well – for the grace to repent!

  14. Here’s an examination of her body language throughout her testimony. I’ve not had time to watch the whole thing but what I’ve seen so far, is very revealing.

    • Lionel,

      I agree. It seems – shockingly – that this sort of character assassination for Supreme Court nominees is not unusual in America. Here’s another one from some years back…

      The Judge (Clarence Thomas)

      The Woman (Anita Hill)

      It really does beggar belief. So much for “the American dream” – more like a nightmare, it seems to me.

  15. RCA

    Well Done – I’ve tried to copy that address on my computer in order to post it and was unable to do so – and then my compute froze. Cue the music. I thought the CIA were on their way to “neutralise me”.

    Dramatic? Me?

    • Therese,

      Perhaps go through to the actual article and copy the link from your browser – that might be easier than trying to copy it from RCA Victor’s post. Just a thought. I do have them occasionally 😀

  16. I have just stumbled across an article on the Catholic Family News site which puts the Kavanaugh nomination in a whole new light.

    Apparently, Brett Kavanaugh is not the pro-life, anti-“gay marriage” solid Catholic most of us here have been led to believe.

    To say I’m feeling “stunned” is to say there’s been a bit of a storm in Indonesia…

    American bloggers – help!

    • Editor,

      I remember scratching my head when this came out, almost a month ago. It seems to me this article is mostly a “guilt by association” procedure, along with the false expectation that a judge should be active to the hilt in political causes. Au contraire, Mr. Kincaid.

      I also don’t have time to read Mr. Kincaid’s 44-page report linked in the article (“The Deep State Wears Black Robes”), but I hope it’s not more of the same as his CFN article.

      That said, Mr. Kincaid needs to answer this question: if Judge Kavanaugh is not really the pro-life champion he is expected to be, then why are the Democrats from Hell doing everything in their evil power to stop his nomination? At least one Democrat has already admitted that their odious smear campaign is all about abortion…and btw, Christine Ford has been exposed as profiting from RU-486, the contraceptive drug!

      • RCA Victor,

        I must say I was truly amazed at the CFN piece because during the Confirmation Senate Hearing, the horrendous Kamala Harris specifically questioned him on both abortion and same-sex ‘marriage’ and I thought he answered very cleverly – I only happened across that video clip when searching for an update on this most recent hearing/lynching.

        HIs answers were clever, I thought, because, as you say, he can’t ‘be active to the hilt’ in the sense that if he says he is going to rule this way or that way on specific issues, in the current climate, he’d have been toast.

        The fact that he didn’t say unequivocally that he would support this or that position in a specific case, clearly irritated Harris, so I am relieved to read your explanation – which coincides with my own guess. He was, I thought, following (in a different context) the example set by St Thomas More, when he avoided explicitly saying that he did not accept the King’s spiritual authority in a way that would have led directly to his death. Only when his execution was decided, did he speak his mind.

        We continue to pray for Judge Kavanagh, then – hoping, too, that he will see the need to come to the traditional Faith and Mass sooner rather than later.

    • RCA Victor,

      My first thought, reading the beginning of this report was “another witch hunt?” but I changed my mind. The organisers recognise that ““This is difficult. There is a dark side to this decision. We recognize that,” he added. “We are willing to take this on with prayer and fasting…because we can’t allow people to continue to allow our kids, the innocent, the young, seminarians to be devoured the ways that they are.”

      However, I have less sympathy with the young seminarians; any adult who doesn’t know that he must not allow himself to be compromised in this way, is of questionable intelligence, it seems to me. I know people will use the powerful vs vulnerable person argument, but I just don’t see it that way. I’m quite sure if these same young seminarians were handed a balaclava and told to go out and rob a bank, they’d have said “no way”.

      Generally speaking, and without thinking the whole thing through, it looks like a possibly very good way forward in terms of bringing out the poison of sexual abuse into the light, and, thus, hopefully ending it. That a convert from Islam is playing a leading role in this initiative, speaks volumes.

    • Lily,

      Predictably, those persecuting Judge Kavanaugh are claiming the FBI investigation was “fixed”.

      O, and who was that said Christine Ford had nothing to gain from making her (entirely unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations? Already, she’s on the front cover of Time magazine, portrayed as a victim, her every word accepted as Gospel Truth – uncritically. She’s set to become a millionaire, no question about it. Nothing to gain? Yeah right.

  17. The final vote in America is at 4pm their time, 9pm our time. I suggest we all pray very hard because so far the margin is small – 51-49 in favour of Kavanaugh’s appointment. I’m praying that nobody backs down and that someone one or two more vote for him. This being the feast of the Rosary, there is hope.

    • MM

      Thank you for that. However, according to the news about half an hour ago, the time of the vote has been brought forward so it will be at 7.30pm our time.

      Today is the 6th, and the Feast of the Rosary was on the 7th, last time I checked! Still, we we might help Brett Kavanaugh in more than one way, if we spare a moment to pray a Memorare for him today, the eve of the Feast of the Rosary…

      Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided.

      Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

      • Editor,

        Yes, the great Dominican feast of the Holy Rosary is the 7th October and always has been.

        I’ve just seen that the vote has resulted in victory for the judge and President Trump. Deo gratias!

        • Yes, Petrus, just a pity it’s so close 50 – 48. Still he got through and that is the main thing right now.

          I hope he realises the significance of the vote being on the eve of the Feast of the Rosary – and the month of the Rosary, in fact.

          Praying for him to have clarity on the state of the Church and the need to return to the traditional Faith – assuming he’s not there yet.

    • Theresa Rose,

      You’re behind the times – the Judge was confirmed by 50-48 votes last night. Thank God. He replaces the now retired pro-abortion Judge Anthony Kennedy, which is why the hullabaloo. The Democrats wanted another pro-abortion judge. Judge (now Justice) Kavanaugh is pro-life.

    • Nicky,

      Thank you for posting that link. I actually heard the beginning of that interview en route to pick up my passengers for Mass this morning, but only now have heard the rest of the interview(s). It was great that Paddy O’Connell, interviewing, did not let the first lady off the hook until she had admitted the funding from Soros.

      The second woman, however, made the classic mistake of nearly every interviewee on every topic. Trying to sound ever so reasonable – in this case about Christine Ford. She took up far too much time praising her “compelling” testimony (that even as it was being delivered, did not strike me as compelling, one bit) and then Paddy had to rush her to get to the point, which is that (should be needless to say) the presumption of innocence has to be the key thing when these allegations are levelled. I do wish people wouldn’t waste time in this sort of “reasonable” tactic. The Ford woman is a liar, and since (I’ve discovered) there’s no law of civil defamation in the USA. nobody has anything to lose over there by saying so.

      That said, it’s the first time I’ve heard any UK interviewer doing any kind of probing to bring out the Soros funding and the lack of corroboration – but then, I’ve been following this story mostly online, from American sources. Sky News / BBC / ITN/ Channels 4 & 5, eat your collective hearts out!

    • Wendy,

      Just leave it this time, but it’s better to keep all the pro-life posts together on the pro-life thread. I’ve removed most of the other posts that were at the top of the page, so the pro-life thread is back near the top again.

      This thread on Judge Kavanaugh really should be closed, and I will be closing a lot of threads soon, so pro-life information could get overlooked if it’s on the wrong thread.

      Keep up your hard work – just make sure it’s not lost in the mix!