Pope Francis: is it spiritual blindness or sheer idiocy that prevents him from seeing the need to ACT… NOW?! 

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  1. Stirring stuff which I pray has the intended effect of awakening the passive laity, clergy and bishops who, if they would only take the above exhortation to heart, could make a huge difference.

    Today brought an email from a reader in England who is so awakened now, himself, that he is planning to take some real Catholic Action in the form of producing some form of pamphlet or leaflet to hand out to fellow Catholics. I suggested he include our website/blog and the link to the above video.

    We should encourage everyone we meet to inform themselves of the goings on in the Church right now, through outlets like ours and others seeking to expose the crisis in the Church, because the mainstream media is curiously covering up most of it – with the Catholic press more or less doing the same. I have just looked at this week’s Scottish Catholic Observer online and – well, take a look for yourself; do you think the “Catholic” press is keen to spread the kind of message we have just heard from Michael Matt… http://www.sconews.co.uk/ ?

    I suggested that our English reader include in either his leaflet or when he is speaking to people, an invitation to feel free to come onto our blog with any questions or comments they wish to make, so that we can help bring as many people as possible to a deeper understanding of the nature of this crisis – and, importantly, what we can do to end it. Although, I can’t improve on Michael Matt’s advice… can you?

  2. Actually watched the Video yesterday there’s most certainly no chance of Francis and his Cohorts watching it that’s for sure . Especially after the new statement of Francis not to give a Papal Blessing in case it offends Non Catholics in the Crowd who are listening to him . Av said it before the Mans a Legend in his own eyes . As for the Video I fear there’s to much Truth in it for most of Francis adoring Crowds. As for Vatican 2 am of the same Age ( well let’s say same the same Generation) as yourself Ed and when Vatican 2 did come in I remember my Father and Uncles Etc not being to enambled by the New Mass nor was I myself. Especially I always to this day said that the Our Father was Protestantised amongst many other things within the Mass . Of course at that time News Outlets as we know were nothing like today and I don’t remember any Priest saying that the new Saint in Waiting Pope Paul 6th had Anglican Protestants telling him and us Catholics the Path the New Mass Communion on the Tounge Etc were going to take . As Michael says the Traditional Mass for 2000 years kept most of the Demons and Satan out . Now no one who professes to be a Catholic can ignore the destruction that Vatican 2 has brought about.
    God Bless . J. D.

    • Faith of our Fathers,

      I haven’t heard that Francis won’t give a papal blessing in case it offends Protestants – will you post a link to that statement, please, as it is just incredible.

        • RCA Victor,

          I am speechless! I keep thinking I’ve heard the worst about Pope Francis and then I hear something else! Is it a sin to call him a nutter? I hope not, as it’s the most polite word I can think of to describe him, LOL!

          Seriously, I am just stunned at that, and even one comment underneath Fr Z’s article is saying it could be OK to do that on some occasions. I honestly can’t believe what it unfolding before our very eyes. How many actual Catholics are there left, I wonder, after this 50+ years of battering?

        • RCA Victor,

          That really does take the proverbial biscuit. Unbelievable stuff.

          I think FOOF has hit the nail on the head below, with his observation that Francis seems determined to pitch himself as the first Protestant Pope. He’s definitely making a huge success of it!

  3. I think the answer to the question in the headline is “sheer idiocy” – definitely.

    It’s just as well he’s not the CEO of a major company, because the shareholders would be calling for his head.

  4. A good start is to promote the book ‘Hostage To the Devil’ by Malachi Martin. Another lesser known one is ‘I Have Smelt the Breath of Satan and Heard the Demons Cry” (MMartin) Children who are now young adults have been brought along in parochial schools and ‘Faith Formation’ by teachers who have been brainwashed to believe that the concept of hell scares the little children. It never scared me when I first heard about it in the first grade some 78 years ago. Even priests have been brought up that way, and, it has no doubt continued through the seminary. It’s something we can’t stop promoting and pushing. Wear the Sacred Heart Badge on the outside of your attire. Everytime I get upset I utter: ‘Cease, the Sacred Heart of Jesus is with me” and put my hand on the badge. It always works. That prayer is on the back of the older badges … Carry blessed salt. Carry Holy Water in a sprinkler and use it. Throw the salt around. This is ‘nothing to sneeze at’ (no pun intended-no pepper involved either ha ha) You can buy the pocket size sprinkler that looks like a test tube with a rubber top with holes in it and a clip for your pocket.

    We HAVE to do these things. Remember Padre Pio said : “Oh if they could only see the numbers of demons in the sky.” This is the problem. Demons. Devils. Obsessions and Possessions like never before in the world. Look at Sodom and Gomorrah. We’re going to get worse than that because there are more people on the earth, more sin, and, that’s why it’s taking longer. Take it from the rant of an old lady!

    Take a regular box of salt or more than one, and, ask the Priest to bless it. I ask my Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate as they are the closest and I know they do a good job. Do you think I would go to the rectory and ask? I don’t think so. You can always give your kids little bags of it and a holy water container. Of course they’ll sprinkle each other with it … but that’s a good thing.

    Thank you for the video. God Bless you for all the good you do. Keep it up. You are prayed for.
    Mary Anne

    • Mary Anne the Preaching of Hell may not have scared you but ( pardon the pun ) it sure as Hell scared the wits out of me as indeed it should and does to this day . If visions of Hell scared Popes and Saintly women and men it sure should scare us . I know from the readings also of Blessed Alexandra Da Costa that God allowed the Demons to torture her because he knew that the strength of his grace for a woman who lived out the last 14 years of her life on the Eucharist was enough for her and that Her sufferings would be offered up for the Souls in Purgatory. Maybe am playing Devils Advocate here as he also it seems has been sacked by the Vatican. But maybe at last this is a good thing. Men like Francis are Either with God or with the World and I think we all know the answer here . I believe this Most Himble of All Popes is now making the Push to be the First Protestant Pope . In other words he’s definitely in his Pop Star Wordly image without doubt the Major Leader now of Christian Religions outside of The Catholic Church. To them Francis is now their Pope . The refusal to give a Papal Blessing to a crowd is just another niche on his Bedpost. He will go out of his way to offend Faithful Catholics trying their best to keep the Faith of which I doubt he has whilst going the other way to fet Uncle Tom Cobley and All .

  5. I have to smile at people, including Abp. Chaput of Philadelphia, who are saying “Stop the [Youth] Synod” because the bishops have lost their moral authority. True, they certainly have, but it seems those people have forgotten that the Youth Synod was not called so that the bishops could exercise their moral authority. It was called so that they could further surrender it.

    • Spot on Sir . Youth Sinnod. My you not what . Since when does it become practical for the Apprentice to Educate the Tradesman.

  6. Answering the question Mr. Matt asks is hard to articulate. I will say what I think, however, and, it should have been part of my rant. I think the Pope could be possessed. People don’t know much about the devil these days. There was a reference to that in the Fatima Crusader, and, didn’t Pope John XXIII become pale and almost faint when he read the Third Secret? Or is that just rumor?

    • Mary Anne,

      Your post reminded me of a picture of Francis and Cdl. Cupich I saw recently, in which the laughing face of the Pope seems most definitely demonic:

      • What is the joke? Must be a good one? Perhaps about the pointed ivory tusk tied to the middle finger of the one in the right low corner. But they’re all looking at Pope F so he must have made the funny. The one between Cupich and His Holiness can’t contain himself. What is that thing anyway? Peculiar. I don’t think I like it …

      • RCA Victor and Mary Anne,

        Silly pair. The Pope is OBVIOUSLY laughing his head off at the Catholic Truth satire and cartoons. Nothing else could possibly be so entertaining 😀

  7. Homo-clericalism – an inverse kind of “fortress mentality” which took the place of the traditional one before Vatican II – is not only unfazed by the outrage of the laity, but completely deaf to it. It seems that +Abp. Gregory of Atlanta, Georgia has invited the grinning spokesman from Hell, Fr. James Martin, to speak at two locations in his Diocese in October.

    To say that the hierarchy, including the Pope, doesn’t get it would be the understatement of the century. I do think it will be the civil authorities which will have to decapitate this sleaze.

    • RCA Victor,

      I totally agree – in fact, we are witnessing the beginnings of that now, with the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report. Once the prison sentences begin to be handed down, THEN – and only then – are we likely to see some movement BACK to the Faith. If you get my drift…

    • Pat McKay,

      That was truly scandalous. I don’t know what they mean by the priest “resigning” – I presume he will have been sent to another parish, but not defrocked. That is what should happen to these apostates, they should be laicised.

  8. The Remnant video is fantastic. I think it should be spread far and wide, right enough. If that doesn’t change hearts and minds, nothing will.

    It’s hard to hear the Church described as “an organised crime syndicate crawling with predators and criminals” but that’s just exactly how it looks right now.

    It was very worrying, though, to hear him say that the Church is “this close” to being outlawed by the State. Goodness. That would be SUCH a shocker. Let’s pray it never happens.

  9. I listened to that video clip and it nearly made me weep. What I don’t understand is, why aren’t the civil authorities not after these b******s?

    • I wouldn’t call the Remnant video “a clip” – it’s over half an hour long, LOL!

      It’s really excellent. I found it very moving indeed and I think it will waken a lot of neo-Catholics up. Hope springs eternal!

    • Helen, I think the civil authorities are after them. It just takes time. Cardinal Wuerl is going to offer his resignation for that reason, I think I’m correct in saying.

  10. Lily, perhaps in the USA they’ll get hammered but what about all the other countries? How about South America, Honduras and that devil in Germany, Cardinal Marx, not to mention Ireland? Are the authorities in those countries after them? If my children were involved, they wouldn’t need civil authorities to get them!

  11. I haven’t had time to watch the Remnant video yet, but I think Pope Francis is a scourge sent to chastise the Church. Which Saint was it who said that when God is angry with us, He permits that we are sent bad priests? Well, He must be REALLY angry with us to have permitted this Pope.

  12. “Pope Francis: is it spiritual blindness or sheer idiocy that prevents him from seeing the need to ACT… NOW?! ”

    As with many questions pertaining to the Catholic Faith, the answer is not a case of either/or, but rather both/and. The answer to the above question is undoubtedly one of those cases of both/and: he is both spiritually blind and he suffers from sheer idiocy.

    I believe some of the saints have formulated it along the lines of the idiom: “Sin makes you stupid!”

    • Westminster Fly,

      No wonder you said get the sick bucket ready. Whoever painted that hasn’t a clue about Pope Francis, that’s for sure. It’s terrible to think that will be on show and probably on sale for years to come, making people think he really was a saint!

      • I should have said making gullible or stupid people think he was a saint. Even a pea-brain knows that he’s no saint.

    • Helen

      I believe that statement accredited to Putin has been denied by the Kremlin. It has been circulating for a long time and I think it’s fake news.

  13. I don’t think Pope Francis could be classed as an idiot. On the contrary, he’s a very shrewd operator. Spiritual blindness is more likely the cause of his inaction, the same blindness that has befallen all the Vatican II reformers who thought they were the chosen ones to herald in a New Pentecost for the Church while disdaining Our Lady of Fatima’s warnings and request. There are none so blind as those who say “we see”. Today they stand amidst the ruins of the Church and still they proclaim Vatican II a success. It doesn’t get more spiritually blind than that!

  14. A new word for the dictionary – Bono = ratbag

    A ratbag is someone who looks, smells and probably tastes like a rat, although the rodent is generally more handsome. The proof is in the picture.

    Maybe if abortion had been as freely available in Ireland before this creature had slithered onto the planet, we would have been spared the rantings of this nonentity.

    I`m glad now that my parents were forced to leave that horrible country. Who would wish to be born on the same soil as these wasters of space?

  15. RCA Victor,

    Many thanks for posting that report on Cardinal Pell. I have read it and the linked article in which the false accuser is exposed.

    The Cardinal did admit somewhere that he had not acted on an abuse claim against one of his priests, acknowledging that he should have don’t, and of course that was wrong, not to have acted, but that’s a million miles away from being an abuser.

    I am sure that, in the end, he will be completely exonerated. This case has carried an air of suspicion about it from the get-go, so the hung jury and admission of a bogus allegation, straight from the horse’s mouth, is very good news.

  16. I shared this Bono thing on some Facebook pages. Not surprisingly, I got some ‘stop having a go at the pope’ comments. Others said things like ‘so, what? Jesus kept company with sinners’….!

    I wonder what galaxy these folks are living on. Do they seriously think Bono went to Rome to get reprimanded – or that PF heard his confession?

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