Ben Shapiro: a Jew who saw right off that Francis not fit to be Pope… 



How come Ben Shapiro, a young Jew, could see right away that Francis was not fit to hold the papal office, when most modern Catholics are still of the opinion that he’s the best thing in the Church since [the original] St Francis [of Assisi]?  Sarcasm aside, can anyone answer that? Please and thank you…  

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  1. Ben Shapiro is an interesting phenomenon, in that most Jews here in the USA are decidedly left of center (translation: socialists) on everything from God to saving the whales, and are thus the reliable voting bloc for Democratic Party candidates. Another major exception to this Jewish rule is Dennis Prager, who, unlike the applauding sycophants who disgrace the Catholic world, discerned immediately that Pope Francis was utterly wrong in his attempt to change the death penalty:

    When Francis’ latest demagoguery appeared, one of my clients, a Jewish liberal, emailed a group of associates to approve of this assault on the death penalty….and rationality. I replied to the email that a Pope had neither the power nor authority to change Church teaching, whereupon I was directed to the incoherent babbling of one of the “nuns on the bus,” a Sister Prejean, who had apparently been advocating this rubbish for years.

    I then replied with the above column, and said, “Even Dennis Prager, who is Jewish, knows that the Pope is wrong.” In typical liberal fashion, I was greeted with silence.

    Silence…..sound familiar, Pope Francis? OMERTA!

    As for the Francis-worship of most modern Catholics, I suspect that may be fast eroding, despite the orchestrated smear campaign currently underway against Abp. Vigano. Witness the sparse attendance at Francis’ Angelus addresses, and the fact that some woman started shouting “Vigano” at him last week during one of these addresses!

    • RCA Victor,

      A very interesting post – thank you for that link.

      I think it’s amazing that the young Jewish lad, Ben Shapiro, is more tuned into what is going on with the media, abuse scandals, Pope Francis and the Catholic Church than most modern Catholics.

      I’m not sure I agree, though, that most modern Catholics are waking up – they maybe are being tested by Francis and the McCarrick cover-up but if Francis sits it out, they’ll go back to their adulation and write it off as a misunderstanding or a witch hunt or whatever.

      I say that because I think the reason Ben sees clearly what most Catholics don’t, is that most Catholics have stopped believing the doctrines of the faith and so lost their moral compass. You know what they say, as well, “the onlooker sees the best of the game.”

  2. I am a great fan of Ben Shapiro and pray for his conversion – what a fantastic contribution he would make to the restoration of the traditional Catholic Faith (I mean, in addition to the contribution he’s just made in that short video!) I would hand over the reins of Catholic Truth to him in a heartbeat.

    Michaela’s comment about Catholics no longer believing, reminded me of a terrific feature in the January 2018 edition of Christian Order. I’ve copied the final paragraph of that excellent article by Christopher Gawley, in which he outlines the pain of being different from family members and friends, as a result of moving (back) to the traditional Faith… I recommend reading the entire piece, lengthy as it is, it is well worth spending the few minutes necessary to read it from start to finish.

    Conclusion and link to the article follows:

    Orphans of Orthodoxy

    The hatred of traditional Catholicism — there is no other way to put it — is a terrible cross for most traditional Catholics. Refusing on principle to affirm conventional behaviours today causes them, eventually and inevitably, to be orphans among their co-religionists, greater families and former friends.

    These rifts create something akin to a positive network loop; meaning that the more family and friends shun them for their principles, the more these same traditional Catholics seek solace among each other. Slowly but surely, the relationships between traditional Catholics take on an almost-familial intimacy: brothers and sisters are replaced; mothers and fathers are replaced. Holidays are no longer spent with family but with other traditional Catholics. It soon comes to pass that you know the children of your traditional Catholic friends better than you know your own nieces and nephews.
    In short, traditional Catholicism has created a new social ecosystem that has turned blood into water and water into blood. In this case, stated more accurately, the blood of Christ trumps the blood of kin, and the true friend of Christ is now my brother while my blood brother who has scorned Christ is now the stranger.

    My prayer, and that of my wife, has been that God will provide us with the family and culture we should have had when we are older and greyer. Maybe then we’ll see our own children supporting one another in the true Faith as they raise their own children. Perhaps the loneliness that we feel will simply be a generational price that we were obliged to pay: as pioneering preservationists of Tradition in the desolate wasteland of Modernism in which we find ourselves.

    When I think it is too hard — when I want to cry “uncle” (literally and metaphorically), I remember that these sacrifices, which are real and painful, are the proving grounds of our faith. It is easy, as everyone knows, to be faithful when life is one consolation after another; not so much when your entire kin turns against you in unison over your faith.

    My prayer in all of this is as simple as it is difficult: I simply want to persevere in faith in my roles as Catholic, father, and husband.

    Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us.

    Those Catholics, the majority, who have gone along with the imposition of the protestantising of the Church, cannot, by definition, see clearly, as the “beyond crisis” state of the Church worsens by the nano-second. They’ve bought the lie that popes are perfect, even though that has never been the teaching of the Church, nor has the Church taught that a pope can never err; he is guaranteed NOT to err, as long as he is handing on the authentic Faith, as it was handed on to us all from the apostles. They don’t get that. They think a pope is his own boss. They forget the “Vicar of Christ” bit, or they misunderstand it.

    Ben Shapiro, on the other hand – as he is at pains to remind his audience – is not a Catholic. No axe to grind. He is, however, studying the Church in a spirit of good will, educating himself on the role of the pontiff and so has – manifestly – more knowledge of and insight into the shenanigans / scandal of this current pope than most alleged Catholics.

  3. I wish I could answer that, but i can say i never liked pope Francis the moment he walked out on the balcony. Yes i felt very guilty for it as well. As Catholics we are taught to love our holy father. I never could and still feel bad about that.

    • Monica Hocking,

      I was the same, the minute he walked onto the balcony I felt something was seriously amiss. I’ve never had any different thoughts but I don’t feel guilty, because I know we’ve had bad popes before and he is just one more. I was never taught to “love” the pope himself, though it’s nice to be able to do that, but as long as we love his office, and I do, that, that is the main thing.

      I do admire Ben Shapiro – I always enjoy his videos. He’s clear minded and humorous as well. A very good combination. I’m really taken that he could see from the start that Francis was not up to the “job” but most Catholics still don’t see it, if the crowds flocking to see him in Ireland are anything to go by.

      • Nicky,

        You speak for a lot of us – the minute I saw him on the balcony, my heart sank. His every word thereafter, on that night and since then, served only to confirm my first impression. Sadly.

    • Monica,

      I know what you mean. Every time I have to look at his scowling face, or his PR-arranged expressions of various shades of phony delight, I get deeply angry. It doesn’t help me to know that God has obviously given Satan permission to attack the Church through the betrayal of His own Vicar, to the point where Job is covered with sores. It doesn’t help me to know that this is our chastisement, and not even the ultimate one. I am deeply angry. And to avoid getting even angrier, I refuse to read the words he utters, because I know they are all lies.

      But here’s the thing: even if, amidst the still-mushrooming scandals, this vulgar Judas were to hang himself tomorrow, and all his bowels came gushing out, I’m afraid the chastisement would still not be over. So I try to stay in the circle, accept the chastisement, practice the Faith, make reparation, and look for and pray for the restoration of our Holy Mother the Church.

      Get thee behind us, Satan.

  4. Ed whether it was the Result of Benedict resigning or not I couldn’t take to this Man from Day 1 . Not that liking or disliking Francis from my view is anything big but it was the little things at first . The not wanting to wear the Martyrs Red Shoes Etc and him declaring that he would stay in his humble apartment. –False Humility is Mans Biggest Boast . —Of course the nail in the Coffin regards him to me was the Homosexual ” who am I to Judge ” Garbage. As far as Shapiros views none of this is new except for McCarrick . Shapiro himself ( in my opinion) should look to his own side of the street. I used to really like the Guy but he himself in some of his Townhall Blogs ( in my opinion) and of course am no where as intelligent as him were to put it simple Garbage. Ok the Guy’s only Human and makes mistakes like the rest of us but to make him out here to be some Spiritual Messiah is way off the mark . He talks about the NYT which any Catholic would regard as next to the Huffington Compost and wouldn’t even open its pages . We know there is lots wrong with the Catholic Church. What’s not up for debate is there is most Certainly Nothing Wrong with
    Our Catholic Faith. As for Francis we all know he’s a Marxist a kid of 15 should be able to know that by just reading his Views on Climate Change. That he’s probably a servant of Soros also is nothing new . That he wasn’t fit to be Pope is most definitely nothing new .

    • Faith of our Fathers,

      I’m not sure you’ve watched the video but Ben Shapiro is actually praising the Catholic Church and criticising the American press for reporting the abuse by priests but not the other abuse cases. I can’t see anyone treating him like a “spiritual messiah” here, so I don’t know what you are on about. Would you prefer it if he was attacking the Church?

      • Of course I watched the Video and have read Shapiro on countless Blogs as I have said. Of course as a Conservative Voice he knows the importance as we do of a strong Catholic Church especially in the US at the moment . For any man and his dog knows that the US like most of the West is up against the Islamic effect and he knows that conservative Catholics cannot stand Islam which of course is the Biggest Threat to Western Civilisation and more so to Israel. As Catholics we would most certainly stand against Islam and the last thing Israel would want would be a Socialist Democratic President along with a Marxist Pope .
        Again only my opinion.

    • FOOF,

      Ben Shapiro has said more that is true in that short 5 minutes video about this Pope than any of the self-styled “professional” commentators I’ve heard on the subject.

      Nobody, myself included, has claimed that he’s a “spiritual messiah” – what a strange conclusion to reach from my very short introduction. Really strange.

      • Editor,

        It’s a real mystery how a young Jewish man can see the problems clearer than the average Catholic. I, too, hope he converts.

  5. It’s difficult to believe, but this Papacy is going from bad to worse. Nothing surprises me any more when new revelations come along. They are just par for the course.
    De his, libera nos Domine!

  6. I probably should post this onto the General Discussion thread but, given that Bishop Keenan of Paisley said on his appointment that he wanted to make Pope Francis “vision” of the Church his vision for his diocese I thought here is the best place to post the latest on the travels of the so-called Mercy bus. Just imagine the politicians in the Scottish Parliament trying to keep a straight face… Imagine the behind-the-hand jokes…



    Wednesday 5 September 2018

    A double decker bus promoting the Catholic faith will visit the Scottish Parliament tomorrow (Thursday 6 September) when Bishop John Keenan, the Bishop of Paisley will meet MSP’s and parliamentary staff.

    The Friends of Divine Mercy Scotland are taking the Mercy Bus to the Scottish Parliament to spread the joy of the Gospel. The bus toured Scottish towns last year and more than 1,000 Miraculous Medals and Divine Mercy Chaplets were given out on the streets of Scotland.

    Commenting on the initiative, Bishop John Keenan, Bishop of Paisley said:

    “The Mercy Bus has been a great initiative of the New Evangelisation Pope John Paul II hoped for. Its presence in the heart of town centres is welcomed by shoppers and workers of all faiths and none, as a joyful and hopeful presence of God in their midst. I’m sure the visit to the Scottish Parliament will be no different and look forward to meeting politicians and members of the public and bringing the message of the Mercy Bus to them.”

    Supporting the initiative, Anthony Horan, Director of the Catholic Parliamentary Office said;

    “The Mercy Bus is an excellent initiative, giving the Scottish public the chance to learn more about the Catholic faith and practising Catholics the opportunity to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Friends of Divine Mercy team are doing something quite incredible through this initiative, something the Catholic faithful in Scotland should celebrate.

    “As Director of the Catholic Parliamentary Office I am particularly delighted that the Mercy Bus will visit the Scottish Parliament. I hope that MSPs will recognise the positive message that Friends of Divine Mercy are trying to convey through the Mercy Bus and that Catholic MSPs and their staff in particular will enjoy the experience.”


    • Editor,

      You Scots have done us one better! Here in the USA, we have the “nuns on the bus,” but over there, you’ve got a “bishop on a bus”!

      PS: Does the bus have a sign anywhere which reveals its ultimate destination??

      • LOL! I remember reading that they had people coming on at various stops to have their confessions head. I just can’t imagine going to Confession on a double decker bus. This is one image online

      • RCA Victor,

        I think, given this visit to the Parliament, that the destination is always somewhere gimmicky. Given the constant mantra of the First Minister, that Scotland is a “socially progressive, modern country” and that she takes pride in leading the way on LGBT “rights” (pun fully intended), with support from across the parties in Parliament, I can’t see the point of taking any kind of bus to that destination. Comes under the heading of “Casting pearls before swine”, I’m very sorry to say.

        • Editor,

          Thanks for that, but I think you missed my drift…..which was to suggest that the ultimate destination of this “false mercy” bus (i.e. “mercibus”) was somewhere far below the earth….

    • I have to say that the idea of this daft bus originated in my home parish. I know the woman in charge of it all. She has a big heart and is well meaning. However, surely the bishop should have put a stop to this whole debacle before it got off the ground? I had to laugh at “those of all faiths and none” loving the Mercy Bus. I can just imagine Mr and Mrs MacNab from the Orange Lodge loving their Miraculous Medals!

      No, this is one bus service that should be delayed indefinitely!

      • Petrus,

        So this daft bus originated in your home parish… I should have known you’d be mixed up in it…

        I’m puzzled though – if this bus got off the ground, wouldn’t that make it an airplane?

      • Well I don’t remember any such discussion. Perhaps I was on holiday or having a baby! Any roads, I enlarged that photo and it looks like an effeminate male to me, short back and sides hair (unless he/she has a ponytail) and a man’s shirt peeking out. If I’m right, I hope he/she is not a seminarian!

  7. Josephine,

    Actually, Opus Dei showed their true colours soon after Catholic Truth began to publish. The Glasgow group were first to ask to be removed from our mailing list, so, I’m afraid, I’ve never been under any illusion about them. Never. You’ll see letters from them in the ‘Catholic’ press only to defend Opus Dei – never to defend the Faith.

    Go figure, as RCA Victor might say 😀

  8. I think we’ve gone way beyond diabolical disorientation. This pontificate is pure corruption, sleaze, lies, megalomania and delusion. George Orwell’s 1984 has arrived in the Church.

    • RCA Victor,

      I have been trying to work out how to answer your latest post – it’s so long since I read Orwell’s 1984… Still thinking…

  9. A great piece from Ben Shapiro, he is obviously an astute and informed commentator.

    It drives me crazy that most modern Catholics seem completely ignorant of the situation. But then, what would they know from just 40 mins on a Sunday morning featuring a homily about “love”?

    More power to Mr Shapiro anyway.

    I read today that a US Catholic business group, Legatus, is withholding its annual $1million tithe to the Vatican, due to the current scandal surrounding Francis. Good on them, I wonder how many Dioceses have withheld Peter’s Pence?

    I was amazed to learn Legatus was founded by the owner of Dominos Pizza, who still runs it. I was amazed to learn that such a popular and modern brand was owned by a serious Catholic.

    I think successful Catholics should be more open about their faith; maybe people would take more notice of what they say and do then – as in the Legatus case – then Catholics wouldn’t be relying on Jewish commentators telling them what to think!

    I love Dominos pizza, though we have bought Papa Johns the last couple of times. I will be straight back to Dominos though, armed with my new information! Wonder if Catholics get a discount?

    • Gabriel Syme,

      Unfortunately, most Catholics are still novus ordo Catholics and if even hardened atheists – not to mention a young Jew, such as Ben Shapiro – can be appalled at the current scandal surrounding Papa Francis, then we should thank God that at least a handful, like the businessman you mention, can see it as well.

      Whether he/that few are really “serious Catholics” is an open question. My own view is that to be a truly “serious” Catholic, one has to have studied the root causes of these scandals which, in due course, leads to a return to the traditional Faith – all of it.

      Having said all of that, I’m in agreement with you that this is a good sign, and a step forward. Let’s hope others with big bucks act likewise.

  10. Here’s a very interesting interview by Damian Thompson of Henry Sire, who says that the Vigano allegations are perfectly in character with the details of Francis’ character and habits in The Dictator Pope.

    • RCA Victor,

      Will finish listening to this later (the marbles in the mouth* accent is off-putting, I’m afraid) but I came in just now to post this report from Zenit

      The Council of Cardinals stands in solidarity with Pope Francis – surprise, surprise!

      *(the “marbles” in the mouth not so annoying as the interview progresses – now looking forward to getting back to it.)

    • RCA Victor,

      I’ve now listened to the entire interview. Damian Thompson makes the classic ‘interviewer’ mistake of asking long-winded questions, notably, and most interestingly, his question (which was more of a commentary) about those who are, he claims, malevolent towards “gays” online, as a backlash against the revelations about Pope Francis etc.

      Not a single example given. Not a specific blog or social media outlet named. Damian Thompson, recall, is not exactly what one would call ‘a traditional Catholic’ and there was certainly a time when he was regarded – if my memory serves me correctly – as fairly ‘gay friendly’. That lengthy question, and the repeated attempts to get Henry Sire’s affirmation, I found very interesting, if not curious…

      That said, there were some interesting, if shocking, snippets in the interview so thank you for posting it.

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