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Part of the Catholic Truth series, Thinking Through Catholic Truth – The Big Questions…Answered.   

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  1. Excellent Peter, excellent! Bravo, it needed to be said and I hope the whole world hears it. Absentee fathers are the root of child problems especially for boys. Why, oh why, do our politicians not see this? Either they don’t care as it’s easier to follow the flow or, they are complicit in an agenda. Either way, they will one day answer for this terrible negligence. I must say that I am surprised at Jacob Rees Mogg’s attitude.

    • Crofterlady,

      If you’d read the July edition, # 106. page 15, you wouldn’t be in the least surprised at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s attitude. He’s even the subject of the Dumb & Dumber cartoon on page 16. Wakey wakey!

      • I’m wide awake and I did read page 15 of the July edition and the rest but I am still surprised at his attitude. Or perhaps “shocked but not surprised” would be a better way of putting it.

        • Crofterlady,

          “Shocked but not surprised” is the classic Catholic Truth response. We must keep our “shock” clock ticking at all costs, but not be surprised at anything we hear and read at this stage in the “beyond crisis” state of the Church.

          Switching topics, as I recently switched energy providers… Here’s something for your MYSTERY file…

          I have no idea how it happened, but a few times recently, when I’ve been sending emails from my personal email account, YOUR AVATAR appears beside my name! I can’t believe it. Latest was a short while ago when I was emailing my new energy supplier, to ask why their system won’t take my electricity readings.

          But here’s the rub – makes me look SO dishonest; the instruction on their website if there is a problem with submitting meter readings, is to attach a photo of the actual meter / readings, and I was emailing to say I can’t do that because I don’t use a smart phone! Unable to attach a photo!

          I can just imagine their “who does she think she’s kidding” grimaces… I did think, “of all the emails I’ve sent this week, to all the people who’ve never asked me to attach a photo, Crofterlady’s avatar had to appear on THIS one! ” Honestly, you just could not make this stuff up.

          And I do mean “honestly”!

          Crofterlady, assuming you’ve not hacked into my personal email account, have you any idea why I would have your avatar attached to my name. I mean, a wise old owl? Gimme a break!

    • Aquinas,

      I agree, every father – and young man – should watch Peter’s excellent video and … this one, as well, for good measure…

      • The Make Men Masculine Again video is excellent and complements the Fatherhood talk perfectly. There’s nothing so cringeworthy as a “femininized” male.

      • That’s a great Prager U video – I watch them quite often. They’re really excellent quality and easy to digest. I love this one, on masculinity.

  2. A first class video – congratulations Peter, it’s wonderful.

    I’m not surprised at the Jacob Rees-Mogg comments, I saw the video clip on this blog a while back and then read the detailed quotes in the July newsletter, in the article by Editor about UK Politicians, is there a real Catholic in the Commons. That was an eye-opener. It should be read by everyone who thinks JRM would make a good Catholic Prime Minister. No way!

    You’d think he,of all people would realise the importance of having a father married to the mother and living in the same home with their children, but, no, he wants to be politically correct like the rest of them. It’s extremely disappointing.

    • Josephine,

      WOW! At last! A reader who actually READS the newsletter! You have made my day! You got the headline wrong, but hey, who’d notice something like that? 😀

  3. Fantastic video. That’s a much needed debate, long overdue in society, the importance of fathers. I’ve watched it a few times now – it’s first class.

  4. I agree with everyone on this – Peter, congratulations on an excellent talk on Fatherhood. The voice of experience, LOL!

  5. A great video, well presented. I watched in the other evening but I’m only managing to comment now.

    Its horrifying how society seems to have completely abandoned the importance and roles of father and mother, as if these are just meaningless terms. Obviously politicians and the media drive that, as they try to make the commodification of children by homosexual couples seem normal.

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