Medjugorje Fanatics Attack Bishop Perić – calling him “Satan Incarnate”…

Extracts below From the Athanasius of Mostar to Henryk of Medjugorje


A news item was published recently in several media reports that the retired bishop of Warsawa-Praga and archbishop ad personam Henryk Hoser, embarked upon his assignment as the Apostolic Visitor for Medjugorje. The very information itself has caused a lot of reactions in the virtual world. Once again, the battlefield has been opened between those who hold the Medjugorje apparitions as absolute and those who consider them unbelievable. When along with this news, another item was published that the Bishop of Mostar-Duvno, Ratko Perić, [pictured left] as the bishop on whose territory the parish of Medjugorje is located, received archbishop Hoser and Luigi Pezzuto, the Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia-Herzegovina, and that on this occasion he expressed his respect for the Holy See’s decision, he offered archbishop Hoser his cooperation and wished him God’s abundant assistance in fulfilling his mission, he then reiterated clearly and unequivocally what has been the constant position of the Diocesan Chancery of Mostar – that he does not consider any “apparition”, any “message”, any “secret” and any “parchment” as authentic, including the first seven or ten days of the so-called apparitions, the reactions turned into open insults and hostility.

The Queen of Peace or the Queen of Unrest

Even just a quick look at the comments made on a few of the most popular portals, both secular and religious, leads one to conclude that there is very little decentness and objectivity in them, and instead a lot of sarcasm, bitterness and gross insults. On the secularist side, the tones generally range from ridicule to the denigration of all sides, which can be understood regarding the approach and credentials of those commenting. Yet it is very sad to observe how on the so-called religious portals, as well as on official and personal profiles on the social networks, the largest number of commentators-believers present scandalously rude insults. In this regard, what is particularly sad is the way the advocates of the Medjugorje apparitions, those who readily refer to the Medjugorje Gospa (ie. Our Lady) as Mother and Queen of Peace, are so full of unrest and such intolerance, that one’s blood freezes in one’s veins due to their attacks against bishop Perić, in wishing that he would croak, to accusations that he is a KGB agent, a hardened materialist and nonbeliever, even going as far to claim that he is Satan incarnate…

We ask ourselves the question: how can one properly understand the decision of the Holy See to appoint an apostolic visitor and thereby, probably, completely relieve bishop Perić of his jurisdiction over the parish of Medjugorje? Even though the mandate of archbishop Hoser has been provided by the Holy See, and although it is exclusively of a pastoral character, we do not believe that with this appointment, bishop Perić is left with any authority for administering that parish but that it has, de facto, become a parish under the jurisdiction of the Holy See. This might itself seem unfair to bishop Perić, even as a sign of his downgrading and a reflection of incompetence, but it really does not have to be so.
Before we discuss what we mean by this, we would like to say a few words about Bishop Ratko Perić himself, and how we see his role in the context of the Medjugorje phenomenon.

The role of Bishop Perić within the Medjugorje phenomenon

Bishop Perić and his closest associates, as well as his predecessor, bishop Žanić and his associates, have done a great deal to reveal the lies of Medjugorje, though very slowly. While there are still a far greater number of those who unquestionably accept the Medjugorje apparitions as credible, one should not ignore the fact that many are asking more and more questions and coming to one of two conclusions: that they are a simple manipulation or that it is not a question of the apparition of Our Lady, but of an apparition of the Devil, as “Fra” Bože would say. However, this time not in the person of bishop Perić, but of “the One who divides” from head to toe.
In this light, the role of bishop Perić, and his closest associates are praiseworthy, because they have shown incredible strength and faithfulness in the defense of orthodoxy, while the sacrifices and insults they have had to bear and keep on bearing, confirm their level of concern in defending the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church from the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje, who is spreading unrest all around her. For us then, as we have already mentioned in a previous text, bishop Perić, due to his clarity and strength, is similar to St. Athanasius, who in defense of true faith, had to flee into exile five times due to the attacks of the Arian heretics of his time. Or even more beautifully, the title of “Athanasius of Mostar” belongs to him, as was attributed to him for the same reasons by the President of the Croatian Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Želimir Puljić.
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There is no shortage of evidence to prove that Medjugorje is a non-apparition, whether a deliberate hoax or a diabolical phenomenon, who knows, but the worry is that it is taking people away from Fatima.  It’s been argued that the Fatima Message – and pilgrimages/events at that shrine – is being diminished and even ignored, due to the drive to promote Medjugorje.  What do you think?  And how did you vote in the poll?

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  1. I don’t believe in these apparitions at all as it’s dividing the faithful so to speak. Our mother never causes division.

    • Monica,

      Spot on. Our Lady does not say the kind of things reported by the Medjugorje “seers” who, if they are deliberately perpetrating a hoax, will pay a heavy price at their Judgment. It may well be, though, that they are victims of the Devil, appearing to them in a shape that makes them believe it’s Our Lady: that’s one theory, difficult to know whether true or not.

      However, what is clear is that the alleged seers have been caught lying and that on tape, and they are making a pretty penny out of the entire phenomenon, so the sooner the Vatican shuts it down, the better.

    • I couldn’t agree more. What’s more worrying is that the “Gospa” is encouraging the faithful to disobey the legitimate authorities!

        • I’ve always noticed great pride in the devotees of Medjugorje. I once called the priest in Motherwell diocese, forget his name, who organised Medjugorje events on behalf of Catholic Truth. What struck me was has arrogance and pride, not to mention his nasty personal comments. For example, he said to me, “You clearly have nothing better to do with your time.” I said, “Listen, Father, I’ve got plenty to do with my time but it’s my duty to challenge you when you publicly undermine the Bishop of Mostar.” At that point he became enraged and screamed, “It’s nothing to do with the Bishop of Mostar!” They are a law unto themselves!

    • Lionel,

      I take it you refer to the dreadful abuse inflicted on poor Bishop Peric. I totally agree. It’s totally shameful and just adds to the mountain of evidence that the whole Medjugorje thing is not true. It’s a hoax.

      • Editor,

        I was under the impression that Pope Benedict was going to put a stop to the whole Medjugorje nonsense. However, Pope Francis seems to be ignoring this issue. I do wonder if he is, in fact, a fan of Medjugorje?

  2. I have never paid much attention to these apparitions or this case, since they were so obviously fake and a very lucrative source of money for those who promote them, but the Francis flunkie Cardinal Schonborn (the That’s Amoris used car salesman) comes immediately to mind as one member of the hierarchy who seems not to be able to tell the difference between Satan and Our Lady.

    Come to think of it, that seems to be a common denominator in the hierarchy in these dark days, starting at the top.

    • RCA Victor,

      You are so right to highlight the financial gain, the way the “seers” are cashing in on the “Gospa” – unconscionable.

      And yes, another piece in the puzzle is the Schonborn connection. If it’s true that you can tell a man by his friends, so it is true that you can tell whether an alleged apparition is true or not by the ordained who support it. Cardinal Schonborn is perfect proof that the whole thing is a scam.

      • I also remember one of the “seers” felt he had a vocation so went to seminary, but apparently “Our Lady” told him she didn’t want him to become a priest, she would prefer him to be a layman. I just don’t believe that.

    • RCA Victor,
      (March 18th, 2010 8:20 pm) Everything having been already clarified long ago by successive bishops of Mostar-Duvno, what more could learn the Vatican which already has all the elements?…
      What is the content of the message which the Vatican wants to convey? Will he try to make us believe that “the moon is made of green cheese”? That would be unbelievable! I suspect the “charismatics” to use the Medjugorje deceit to impose their heresy to the Church…
      It is truly diabolical!
      I do not understand why we persist to argue, as if nothing had happened, on something several times formally condemned by the Bishop of Mostar-Duvno, the Ordinary of the place being exclusively qualified to decide, as it is the tradition in the Church on all the “apparitions”. The bishop of the Diocese is fully competent in the matter, if only by his proximity to the events.
      Furthermore, the pilgrimages also were prohibited by the successive bishops of Mostar-Duvno, especially as some priests exercise a ministry illegally when they were suspended by their bishop. People who make pilgrimages to Medjugorje therefore have a schismatic behaviour.
      As for Cardinal Christoph Schönborn op, Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal’s dignity does not discharge to comply with laws of the Church… He has nothing to do in Medjugorje, especially since he is not invited. He should be the first one to set a good example.
      Medjugorje? Obviously, this is a sham, one more among others which charismatics entertain; the case is then finally closed.
      The “charismatics” are, ultimately, that “Pentecostal Protestants” who secretly invested the Church… These fanatics refer to the Holy Ghost unreasonably as their exclusive ownership, as if the radius of action of the Holy Ghost was limited to their “little world”, while He is acting everywhere and in all things, the more insignificant as the largest, and most often discreetly…
      (March 24th, 2010 12:39 am) Moreover, the content of the alleged “messages” which conveyed the false “madonna” is completely oriented in the direction of “the great universal brotherhood” advocated by the lodges… Even the “gospa” plays “the great brotherhood” by letting fully excited pilgrims jostle her!… What a vulgarity!
      If these so-called “messages” and “strange behaviour” proved true, frankly, it would be unworthy of the Blessed Virgin Mary Immaculate who is at the opposite of all this fuss…
      Moreover, it is absolutely unthinkable that the Holy Virgin, the true One, might be a “factor of division into the Church” by urging the clergy and faithful to disobey the Ordinary and to revolt against him. This argument is, in my opinion, the most determinant to expose this sham.
      I find it insulting to Our Lady that they dare consider that She can behave in a manner as ordinary and absurd.

      • Lionel,

        I see you give dates from March for what you say above so I don’t know where you have taken this from but it is all absolutely correct and very clear indeed. The bit is especially important, IMHO:

        “Furthermore, the pilgrimages also were prohibited by the successive bishops of Mostar-Duvno, especially as some priests exercise a ministry illegally when they were suspended by their bishop. People who make pilgrimages to Medjugorje therefore have a schismatic behaviour.”

        That is so absolutely true, and I know plenty of people who are “schismatics” under that definition. Thank you for that excellent post, which is very helpful to me.

        • Lily,
          Une précision: it was in 2010 in reaction to Cardinal Schönborn’s visit at Medjugorje although he was not invited…

      • Lionel,

        Thank you for that excellent background. My cynical response regarding Francis’ unwanted and uncalled-for intervention there is this: if it creates anarchy and confusion in the Church, then Francis is all over it, because anarchy and confusion is his goal.

        Also, the heavy presence of “charismatics” at M. is further proof that the whole thing is a fraud, because the charismatics are anything but Catholic. They have a bad case of Jesus-fever, which makes them very susceptible to sensationalism and hallucination.

        • RCA Victor,
          CHERRY ON THE CAKE: Medjugorje, the mafia gets involved (source: FSSPX News)


          Bishop Hoser, the Neapolitan mafia is present at Medjugorje

          Bishop Henryk Hoser, Apostolic Visitor in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, said the mafias, including the Neapolitan mafia, have invaded the place of pilgrimage. According to Vatican Insider, Archbishop Hoser refers to a judicial inquiry underway in Naples, southern Italy, on supposed links between the Camorra and the management of pilgrimages.

          Meditating on the struggle for good and evil in his homily of 4 July 2018 in Warsaw (Poland), Bishop Hoser said that “malignant forces” are at work in this city of Herzegovina. “There are massive conversions, huge crowds who confess, and where confessors are not enough,” said Archbishop Emeritus of Warsaw-Praga. “But there are also demonic actions that seek to do everything to ruin the place.”

          The Vatican has never officially pronounced on the veracity of the appearances of the Virgin Mary since June 1981. For the moment, only private pilgrimages are allowed in Medjugorje.

          We will read Yves Chiron’s study with interest: “Medjugorje (1981-2006), a finding of non-supernaturalitate”. This book relates a study and observation trip made by the author to Medjugorje in 1993, during which he met the “seers”, the Franciscan Fathers who advise them and the bishop of Mostar who issued a judgment. negative on the authenticity of the facts. This testimony is followed by a lecture by Bishop Ratko Peric, Bishop of Mostar-Duvno, who presents a solid historical and doctrinal analysis of the “apparitions” of Medjugorje. (10 €, Editions Nivoit)

    • Schonborn’s belief in the apparitions is a fairly good sign that they are not real. The man who hosts “gay Masses” and “clown Masses” in his own Cathedral is obviously a tool of Satan whose judgement cannot be trusted.

      • Deacon Augustine,

        I agree completely – Schonborn is very bad news indeed. Just knowing that he supports Medjugorje, would convince me it was a fraud, if I wasn’t already convinced.

  3. FRESH NEWS (SPUTNIK, 5th August 2018): “Bosnia and Herzegovina: authorities want to repopulate Serb villages in Pakistani”.
    I let you guess what it means regarding Medjugorje!…
    “… They arrive without papers, and it is impossible to establish their country of origin as well as their possible affiliation with Islamic terrorist organizations. Nevertheless, Daesh having suffered failures in Syria does not hesitate to dispatch its sympathizers in Europe. We do not know anything about their true intentions. It may be that they intend to continue their war…”, said Predrag Ceranic, Dean of the Faculty of Security at the University of Banja Luka.

  4. It is taking people away from Fatima, there’s no doubt about it. Both the physical Shrine itself, and the Message of Fatima. I sometimes watch the televised rosary and candlelight procession on the 12th of each month from May to October. I was shocked at how much the numbers are down this year – although that may have been partly due to the fact that a lot of people would have been last year, being the Centenary Year. But even taking that into account, numbers are still very down. I went to Fatima in the 1980’s regularly and it was full almost every night for the rosary and procession. Not any more. I have also witnessed people (yes, even on a Fatima TLM pilgrimage) going on and on about how wonderful Medjugorje is, and how they go there more often, because it’s still ‘going on’. When Medugorje is eventually fully exposed for the hoax it is, it will surely bring genuine Marian shrines and pilgrimages into disrepute. It will all end in tears . . .

    • WF,

      It sure will “all end in tears”. And I, for one will feel NO sympathy whatsoever for the mugs who have fallen for this nonsense and paid out good money to travel there on an imaginary “pilgrimage”. There’s one born every minute, right enough.

        • Petrus,

          I would comment on one of your posts but I notice you only ever answer Editor – what’s she got that I haven’t got, LOL!

          • Laura,

            She’s got it all, hasn’t she?

            I had no idea I only ever responded to the editor! Although, I’ve just responded to you so maybe that’s the habit broken.

          • Laura,

            I’ve heard Editor is receiving daily messages from a spirit calling himself “Columbo,” and people are already talking about “Glasgow-gorje.” However, Abp. Tartaglia, attempting to quash these rumors, reportedly issued a statement which said:

            “There is nothing spiritual going on in my Diocese.”

            • RCA Victor,

              Brilliant! Hilarious! That closing line is spectacular! Reminds me of a caller to the Father-Call me Andy- Monaghan (Open Line) programme on Radio Forth some years ago (Edinburgh) when the caller was complaining that there was too much Catholic stuff in the show, due to him being a priest, to which Father-Call me Andy replied to similar effect that if there was anything religious in the show, it was because the callers brought it up, it wasn’t due to him! He clearly didn’t realise the import of his words. What a scream.

    • You very rarely find a Medjugorje devotee who is devoted to Fatima. They also think they know better than the local bishop. I’ve heard one devotee declare that “The laity will get Medjugorje recognised.” It truly is diabolical.

          • Editor,

            Why do you feel the need to pigeon hole yourself? Why not be free from the shackles and identify as a “pay thing”?

            Free your mind, woman, I mean person!

      • Do you not see that Medjugorje is also one of the locomotives of the devastating reform? Otherwise Rome would have confirmed immediately and without hesitation the sentence pronounced by the Bishop of Mostar-Duvno…
        Fatima and Medjugorje are totally incompatible and this is another determinant sign.

  5. Simple lass that I am, I have never understood why a person would even BOTHER to go to Medjugorje when there are so many other APPROVED shrines around Europe!

  6. Petrus
    ‘Financial irregularities’ is putting it mildly. Blatant theft is more like it. The following is from Marco Corvaglia’s excellent site: “In brief, what follows can be proved by documents and verified: Ivan, (one of the Medjugorje ‘seers’) who is married with four children, at first contracted, on May 15, 2002, a mortgage loan for which he promised to pay $60,678 a year for 14 years, and then sold this residence for a new one in May 2004: 5,056 Sq. Ft. (land size: 13,844 Sq. Ft.) with a big swimming pool. This building is located at 5 Emily Ln Peabody, Massachusetts. In this case, the loan of $800,000 was to be repaid in 6 months (it was in fact paid off in a year).” $800,000 paid off in a year? Nice work if you can get it. Crooks, the lot of them.

    • WF,

      Thank you for posting those facts. Irrefutable, but still the brain-dead Muddygorje believers will continue to believe in this scam. Incredible.

    • Jeanne STARK,
      You asked how we would react in case the Vatican would recognise the Medjugorje phenomenon?

      Well! in case we would still hesitate, in some way, it would help to clarify the situation in showing what the leaders really are!…

  7. The whole Medjugorje business is straight from the devil. The money spinning and fake messages are proof positive that there are no apparitions of Our Lady taking place in that place.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Pope Francis allows it to be approved – if he’d change the Catechism on the death penalty, he’d do anything.

  8. I wonder how much of the vast Medjugorje profits are ending up in the Vatican Bank, or in someone’s pockets at the Vatican Bank – which would explain all this waffling and undermining of the local bishop.

    • RCA Victor,

      What a very good point. Yes, I wonder that, too. It would explain a lot – money usually does.

    • RCA Victor,

      Cardinal Schonborn reveals his anti-Catholic agenda every time he speaks. Thanks for posting the latest evidence of that fact.


    A couple of times in the recent past, bloggers have enquired about The Case of the Missing Athanasius, since it’s quite some time since he put in an appearance here.

    In an effort to prevent a conversation developing on the subject, since, generally speaking, I try not to put pressure on bloggers, many of whom have family and work commitments which mean they can only blog “as and when”, I suggested that enquirers should email me privately, adding that Athanasius’s reason for not blogging at the present time “doesn’t put him in a good light, far from it” .

    It has been drawn to my attention that this might lead readers to speculate that Athanasius is guilty of some dark crime, or at least held under police caution pending an identity parade 😀

    Not at all. It’s much more mundane, I’m afraid – partly a simple misunderstanding between Athanasius and myself, very easily explained…

    And partly for personal reasons which have nothing to do with the blog, so he’s currently AWL (Absent With Leave) for the foreseeable future.

    I hope that clarifies the position.

    Athanasius is, however, a chocoholic so I’m going to remind him of what awaits him if only he decides to cut short that leave!

    Drum roll…

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