Irish Jokes – Is It Any Wonder?

So, what about that papal visit to Ireland in August for the World Meeting of Families?  It’s bad enough that Pope Francis has agreed to visit what must now rank as the LEAST Catholic/most secular country in the universe to participate in what can only be a mish-mash of utter hypocritical talk and shallow blether about family life – let’s just pray they don’t have the temerity to use “Catholic” as an adjective there;  but those Irish people! WOW!  Instead of being covered in embarrassment at their national votes for same-sex “marriage” and abortion, what are they  fighting about discussing on their media talk shows?  Brace yourself: they’re battling over which celebrities should be entertaining Papa Francis and who has the right to sing what. Truly, you couldn’t make this stuff up.  Click here to read all about this latest craziness from across the water

It’s a very true saying, isn’t it, that those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. 

Nor could you make up the fact that while the Archbishop of Dublin is welcoming the “gay” activist priest, American Fr James Martin as a keynote speaker at the same World Meeting of Families, he’s thrown Dublin Parish Priest Fr James Larkin under the bus for the crime of urging those who voted for abortion in the May referendum, to repent and go to Confession.  Click here to read about that scandal. In the good old days, they’d have been told that by voting for the murder of unborn babies, they had automatically excommunicated themselves, but, hey, let’s not go there.  

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  1. As av said on here before Ed The Games a Bogey. Really this is like a dress rehearsal for some kind of musical maybe call it . God Bless Our Pope With The Great and Good. No doubt the McCalese Family will be first in the que to Kiss The St Peters Ring . To tell you the Truth at least that Argentinian Priest told the great and good in Argentina that those who Vote for Abortion should be excommunicated I can’t imagine Francis saying anything like that in Catholic Ireland. Am really excited though about what Jimmy Martin will be telling us . Probably about Diversity and Inclusiveness and to stop being a Pesky Homotransgenderphobic . Av no doubt in my Mind that Mr Justin McCalese and his Husband will be sharing a stage and platform with him maybe they’ll do a turn and give us Last Tango in Dublin. Thank God at least at the same time Faithful People will be having a gathering of Real Catholics. As for Father Larkin am quite sure there will be a reprimand coming his way and let’s face it after all ” Who is He to Judge ” . God Help Us . Just as an afterthought have you any idea where the Money’s coming to pay for this little Shindig .

  2. Apparently singer James Kilbane, who is laudably described as a devout Catholic, hasn’t realized that the real purpose of this scandalous meeting is to promote the LGBT-minus agenda, which is why that slick buffoon, heretic and bridge-builder to hell, Fr James Martin, was asked to speak at the event.

    Why not ask Uncle Ted McCarrick to speak, while you’re at it, Pope Francis?

    As for the pathetic Fr. Kelly, I’d really like to smack some sense into him for (a) thinking he can sing, (b) acting like the song he sang on the talent show is his own personal property, and (c) thinking that Catholic priests can function as anything but priests, and even shamelessly promote themselves into the bargain.

    I hope St. Patrick comes down and sets the whole event on fire. Maybe the entire country, while he’s at it.

    • On the other hand Victor maybe this will be the so called greatest Gig in years. Surely that Irish Knight of the Realm Bob Geldof will not let a climate change Doo like this pass by . Am also sure Bono will want to make a Cameo appearance and Elton John is back telling us all how we voted wrong in Brexit. And after all he was wanting to make Francis a Saint after his infamous ” Who am I to Judge statement ” not realising that one had at least be dead before that gets set in motion. Let’s hope for at least One Thing that the collection plate goes around and the great and the good put in plenty. Of course am only dreaming it’s the Peasants as usual who’ll pay for this Cushy Doo.

    • RCA Victor,

      It was the brazen Fr Kelly who really took the biscuit in that report, if you ask me – which I know you didn’t, but it was really only a matter of time 😀

  3. Heretic priests being lauded by heretic bishops in front of a heretic pope – of course the heretic Irish love him and want to entertain him.

    Any Catholic who values their soul should stay as far away from this LGBT-fest as possible. My invite was filed in the bin and I suggest other people do the same.

    The cucks are so desperate to get people there that they have offered a plenary indulgence to those who attend. Can you imagine the ironic sacrilege of it? A plenary indulgence to listen to Jimmy “lite-in-the-loafers” Martin!!!! Anybody would need a plenary indulgence after listening to him – its better to keep custody of the ears in the first place and not expose oneself to occasions of sin.

    • Deacon Augustine,

      I’m so glad to read your exhortation to stay away from this scandalous event – I almost made that the ‘discussion question’ in the introduction, but, really, there’s no question about it, no truly Catholic soul would think of attending this ‘LGBT-fest’ as you so aptly describe it.

      And, as regards the plenary indulgence – as you intimate, outrageously ridiculous. I’d love to have a been a fly on the wall in Heaven, so to speak, when that was announced…

  4. Nice one Victor. I obviously have the same taste in music as you . Fr Kelly definitely sang an appropriate song when he chose Everybody Hurts Sometimes. The Ting is Fader when you sing it Everybody Hurts All The Time . I hate to break it to you but your Rotten. You wouldn’t have been allowed to sing in our Locals what was called Go As You Please years ago sorry to burst your Bubble but when someone like Daniel O Donnell is in front of you as far as singing goes your in big Trouble. I actually thought seen as this was supposed to be a bit of a Catholic Bash that some of you may try your hand at singing a Hymn. How stupid of Me .

  5. That is some picture of Pope Francis and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, above.

    Together, they have more Chins than a Chinese phone book!

    • Funny you should say that; one of my nephews was telling me recently that in China, there are so many Wings and Wongs in the phone book that every time you wing you get a wong number!

      Joke! Not meant to be racist – honestly! Love China – especially the tea!

  6. The reference to “shallow blether” in the article sums up the modern Church succinctly.

    We can see how superficial the faith which shallow blether produces is, by the recent referendum results in Ireland (with more to come).

    And so it seems the success criteria for this event will be whether or not it manages to maintain the illusion of anything resembling a widespread Catholic faith in Ireland.

    The behaviour of the organisers was all over the place, in the run up, first including images of homosexual couples in the literature then having to pan it after an outcry. Desperate pandering to the populace.

    Archbishop Martin would hop on one leg and bark like a dog, if he thought it would bring people along to sit quietly and go along with “keeping up appearances”. Certainly, there is precious little Catholic substance to appeal to.

    Diarmuid Martin and the other one, Eammon Martin, are like a 3rd rate comedy duo when you see them together, desperately trying to explain the latest catastrophe to occur on their watch. You could image them being booed off the stage in a working men’s club. That they coincidentally share a surname only adds to the sad comedy – like “The Chuckle Brothers” or something.

    Right enough, the Government has it in for them, by allowing the public the chance to repeatedly slap them in the face with these referendums. I daresay the Scottish Bishops would be similarly embarrassed, if their own flock was given a stage to air its views on anything.

    The Irish News link is particularly depressing. A faithful Catholic criticises those who reject Christian values for wanting to use the event as a platform for themselves, and then a priest rushes to attack the faithful Catholic for this. It just shows what a rabble the Church has become in Ireland – and, of course, its the same nearly everywhere.

    Having superficially Catholic pop singers of dubious quality at Papal events seems to be a strange modern habit. I remember they had Michelle McManus at Pope Benedict’s Scotland visit. I don’t know why they asked her – I could have got up to play the spoons or something!

  7. Interesting snippet from one of my many siblings: it seems there is an anti papal visit frenzy going on in the once land of saints and scholars. Some activists have acquired hundreds, so they say, of tickets for the event in order to heckle and disrupt. What? Disrupt a papal Mass I ask?? It will be one big disruption as per usual. Bring on the dancing girls and rainbow clad “priests”!!

  8. Really, putting all the jokes to one side, isn’t it so very sad that this event has become such a travesty of what a truly Catholic gathering should be. But then I wonder how Ireland with its enthusiasm for gay marriage and abortion really define the family anyway?it seems like little more than an opportunity for ‘celebs’ to grab the microphone and show off. And when a parish priest like Fr Ray Kelly can lose all semblance of humility or appropriate behaviour by whinging that he has not been chosen to sing REMs song (never his) then it speaks volumes. It would be better to have a big Mass of repentance for Ireland…and maybe invite the lovely Scottish university chaplain to lead it. There’s a thought.

    • Elizabeth,

      Yes, a travesty, but not surprising, when you consider that this pontificate is a travesty of the Papacy, and the hierarchy a travesty of the once-noble prince-hood of the Church.

  9. Well, here is the latest on the Irish Bishops – they are caving in to Government demands to provide marriage counselling and sex therapy for homosexual couples. Seems 30 pieces of silver at today’s exchange rate amounts to 1.6 million euros. What utterly faithless, spineless cowards…

    They really ARE a joke. Except not one bit funny.

    • Yes i read that Ed . Homosexual Therapy as you say what a joke but not one bit Funny . How though ad love to be a Fly on The Wall at some of these Sex Therapy Sessions. God Forgive me but are they going to share Sexual Experiences. The way things are spiralling down at an alarming rate Morally it really wouldn’t surprise me nor probably you one bit .

  10. I would not go to Ireland these days even if I were hale and hearty (which I am not). I used to love going over there with my wife and three sons. We went every year since that is the land where my wife was born and she had relatives alive and well over there. But that is now all changed and we are all much, much older. And I am having difficulty in considering whether I can get myself over to England to visit my very sick brother for the very last time. Australia is a very long way away from England.

    • John Rayner,

      Don’t get me wrong, I know people emigrate to foreign parts because of the better lifestyle, weather, jobs etc. to make a better life for their wife and children, but I have never been able to see that any of these things is more important than being close to my extended family. It’s the breaking away from my family that always closed down any ideas of moving as far away as Australia.

      I totally agree with you about Ireland – I have no interest in going there now either, since they abandoned their Catholic heritage and voted to legalise evil. No way will I ever go there again, and, like you, I did used to go over and enjoyed holidays there. Never again.

      • Dear Margaret Mary,
        My sons tell me that bringing them over to Australia was the best thing I ever did.

  11. Ireland is a bog hole. Two thirds of the voters in this godforsaken bog hole voted for the devils of baby killing. The enemies of all things Catholic have been operating within the Irish Catholic Church since independence ( so called) and even before then.
    Our true popes have been warning us about this for well over 100 years. I say (have been warning ) because Saint Peter HAS perpetual successors in the
    Papacy. In the eternal Church Triumphant it is always NOW. Nobody ever entered the Catholic Church as a pope. Our Lord is eternally Supreme Pontiff and Saint Peter is his right hand man as surely as Jesus Christ sits on the right hand of the Father. All of us, popes included are subject to Saint Peter. If we allow anyone to separate us from the Rock then we will perish on the same Rock.
    If we don’t know God’s real popes from his fake popes then we are in trouble.
    The Dogma of Purgatory should separate the wheat from the chaff. Anyone for Purgatory?

    Editor: I’ve a feeling you are a sedevacantist – would you confirm or deny this please. Your posts will remain in moderation until I can be sure that you recognise Pope Francis as the awful pope that he is, but not a “fake pope” – or if he is, that’s not for you or me to decide.

  12. Wow Catholic PD that’s some claim! Can you elaborate? For example, what enemies within the Irish Catholic church are you referring to? And what has independence got to do with it? I must say I’m intrigued by your post.

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