US President’s UK Visit: Scotland’s Shameful Treatment of Donald Trump

Today’s news broadcasts are dominated by reports and commentary on Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.  He’s just arrived and seems to be making most of his journeys within the UK by air, to avoid the nasty protests being staged all over the place. Group-think means that Trump is universally hated here, with loud-mouths peddling the propaganda that he is a racist, misogynistic, you-name-it, who earlier today “ranted” at the Nato Summit.  Never mind that we saw his demeanour, heard his words at the Nato Summit and it was not remotely an angry rant. It was a measured, if outspoken, address to those sitting with him at table and the only  question of any importance is the one NOT addressed by the media hacks:  was he telling the truth?  Of course he was. America is paying much more than any other Nato member and he was doing what none of his predecessors had the bottle to do, calling it out.  

One other feature of today’s discussions is also utterly dishonest. The cost of policing the President’s visit has been rolled out over and over again to attack the decision to invite him in the first place. Never mind that the cost of policing is due to the insistence of the thousands of “peaceful protesters” (let’s review that after the event) who lack respect for the choice of the American people to elect their own President, and never mind, too that we are paying for unnecessary policing at all sorts of events week in and week out, with not a peep of protest from anyone. 

For example, here in Glasgow, there are marches and “charity” runs regularly, if not every week through the city centre on Sundays; one of our readers used to board a bus to go into town to Mass but she never knew which church she would end up attending, all depending on the route for this week’s march, demonstration, “charity” run, whatever.   Then, too, there are the regular Orange Parades and the “Gay Pride” marches – how much do all of these events cost to police? 

So, enough of the bigotry and anti-Trump prejudice currently engulfing the UK, including Scotland, about which the President speaks so warmly.  Makes me ashamed to be a Scot, watching and listening to the nastiness being hurled his way. 

Trump haters want him to stop undermining their work in murdering unborn babies; they want him to stop enforcing the law against illegal immigration.  In short, they want him to follow Scotland/UK’s lead in being a “modern, socially progressive, democratic nation.”   The first time I heard the word “progressive” it was an adjective to “cancer”.  The connection is still apt. 

We, at Catholic Truth, welcome President Trump to Scotland, not least because Our Lord warns us of the price we risk paying at our Judgment if we don’t: “I was a stranger, and you did not make me welcome…” Matthew 25:45-46

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. I welcome President Trump too! He does what he says he is going to do, not like the rest! Welcome to Scotland, President Trump!

    • Catherine,

      I couldn’t agree more. I went Googling on YouTube to see if I could find some of the protest action but instead found this which I think gives us hope – they point out that the liberals are raging because they see an end to the domination of their world view. Here’s hoping!

      Welcome, President Trump!

      • Josephine,

        Great video – thank you for posting it. Notably there’s been no mention on the TV news of any group welcoming Trump – they really are highly selective in what they report.

      • Josephine,

        I think that’s right – it’s the rage of the liberals that there is a challenge to their ideas and domination that is behind the hatred of Trump. Thanks for posting that video – it was good to see some fans of Trump instead of the usual hatred.

  2. I hope someone of an investigative bent comes up with who supplied the money for all these “protests.” In America, it’s George Soros’ money, organized and coordinated by Obama’s “Organizing for America.” Wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out that Soros is behind the Scotland “protests” as well.

    Over here, we call these protests “astroturf,” which is a play on “grassroots.” In other words, they are paid for and fake, not the popular uprising portrayed by the media, which is fully and actively complicit in smearing Trump.

    How ironic that these useful idiot mercenaries are protesting Trump, while the May government is about to come crashing down because of her stalling on Brexit. Brexit, in case the useful idiots haven’t noticed, is all about escaping the promotion and enforcement of abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia and open borders, not just labyrinthine regulations that choke the economy.

    (Hmmm…..maybe May herself is funding the protests!)

    Josephine – you mention the crumbling domination of the liberal worldview. Let’s be clear on what that is: it is a worldview that hinges on the promotion of the crotch, child sacrifice, envy, and hatred of Western Civilization and the Catholic Church..

    • You are definitely right about Soros – he’s running the world, right now, using his obscene money to buy souls, including the souls of nations.

      As for Brexit – unfortunately the “useful idiots” approve of abortion, euthanasia etc. and they want to keep the European Court of Human Rights where every aberration is pushed and upheld by the liberal judges running that show.

      I, too, am ashamed to be a Scot right now the way President Trump is being treated on his first official visit to the UK. I notice he didn’t get in touch with Nicola Sturgeon because he knows she doesn’t want him here, so I’m glad that she has been sidelined. I hope she’s feeling ashamed of herself for being so un-statesman like (or un-stateswoman like!)

      • Mike,

        I keep hoping George Soros will run out of shekels sooner rather than later!

        As for Sturgeon – it’s very telling indeed that it is the Scottish Secretary (Conservative UK Government) who is meeting President Trump when he comes to Scotland, not any of the SNP who should be ashamed of themselves for their undignified behaviour towards the US President.

        As I’ve just said about Owen Jones, the extreme left-wing “gay” activist who is leading protests in London, the SNP is also anti-Trump and anti-Brexit… original thinking has never been their strong suit…

      • Mike,

        There is no reason why Donald Trump should get in touch with Nicola Sturgeon. His visit to the UK was at the invitation of the British Government not the Scottish Government. The Scottish part of his visit is of a private nature and that is why no member of the Scottish Parliament is involved. The only person who is being un-statesman like is Trump himself. You do not go as a guest into someone’s house and then start making rude comments about your host and the house. His mother may have been Scots but she obviously never taught him manners.
        I notice he isn’t visiting his golf course in Aberdeen. This is where he tried to get a compulsory purchase order to evict locals from their “ugly houses” (his words.) Those who tried to stand up to him received a torrent of verbal abuse from him and harassment from his henchmen. He had a 15 foot high bank of earth built on two sides of one couples property to block their views. He had trees planted in front of another woman’s home house and also a high fence and then sent her the bill for it all. One 92 year old woman was left without clean drinking water after the water pipes were re-routed, and they are only some of the people he targeted. He is not a nice person and I personally don’t welcome him, and I don’t feel the least bit un-Christian for doing so.

        • Vianney,

          That is indeed reprehensible behavior, if true, but the only narratives I’ve been able to find on this are from mainstream media sources which – as I hope you will acknowledge – are all signed on, cult-like, to the attempt to destroy his presidency.

          Can you cite an objective source for your narrative on the Aberdeen golf course?

          • RCA Victor,

            You are so right. Even after the press conference today with the President and Theresa May, where he explained that the Sun interview left out the praise he’d lavished on Theresa May, and that they recorded these interviews because of the fake news, still the news broadcaster referred to the negative things he’s supposed to have said about Mrs May without mentioning that he had a record of the interview that showed him saying positive things about her. I don’t trust the MSM at all. They are so dishonest, it’s not worth buying a newspaper (which I never do, these days!)

            • Josephine,

              Actually it turns out, the Sun has a recording which it has released showing that their report IS accurate, and Trump did say what he’s quoted as saying. So, that’s disappointing but we already know that The Donald is no saint – he’s putting a spoke in the liberal wheel, so to speak, and has saved countless unborn babies’ lives, and for all of that we are grateful, but he’s definitely got some glaring faults, which there is no point pretending don’t exist.

              The anti-Trump protests, though, are not really about his faults; they’re about the new direction in which he is taking politics – right out of the hands of the liberal elite. If only he were a little more media-savvy, and a little more self-aware, his rough edges might disappear.

              Perhaps we should add him to our daily prayers, seek great graces for him because the fact that he is not cultivating the world’s Big Guns and is willing and able to speak out to challenge wrongs which his predecessors have allowed to slide, signals that he does, in fact, have very desirable leadership qualities. It’s just the “undesirable” side of his character (as mine!) that requires some attention. Let’s pray for him!

              • Editor,

                As this “fake news” has actually turned out to be the truth it makes me wonder just how many other articles he claims are untrue are actually not.
                We know that he isn’t a saint but unfortunately the Evangelical / Pentecostal Christians in the US have all but canonised him. One American friend told me had been on a site rum by “born again, spirit filled, tongue speaking holy rollers.” One woman said that America was so blessed to have such a “Godly man who lives by Biblical laws as President.” Someone answered her asking how he lived by Biblical laws when the Bible forbids divorce and remarriage but he has broken that law more than once, It forbids adultery and he has broken that law. It forbids lying and he has broken that law. It forbids bearing false witness and he has broken that law too. Apparently these so-called Christians subjected this person to the most vile abuse. But as you say we should pray for him.

          • RCA Victor,

            There was widespread reporting of his actions at the time and more than likely can be found online. Only a couple of days ago three of the people he harassed were interviewed on TV. He of course would probably claim that it wasn’t true but why would the people in Aberdeenshire lie about these sort of things, especially as it happened long before he decided to stand for public office?

            Editor: I’ve just caught this in moderation as well. I notice that your email address is not spelt properly – an extra “s”, which is why your avatar is not appearing until I correct it. I’m closing down now, so I’m afraid any more disappearing comments will need to wait until I see them tomorrow. However, if you double check your details at log in, there shouldn’t be a problem.

        • Vianney,

          I don’t remember any of that about Aberdeen. I just remember the Scottish Government insisting on putting those ugly wind turbines to spoil the view at the place where Trump wanted his golf course and I thought it was petty at that time, well before he was thought of as President of the USA. If those things are true, of course, then Trump’s behaviour is to be denounced, but I don’t think anyone here has ever claimed that he was perfect or that he wasn’t guilty of gaffes etc. He can be brash and tactless but he is more honest than any politicians here.

          We have Nicola Sturgeon leading the Pride march tomorrow, yet only a week or two ago she was saying how much she supported Catholic education! LOL! They are a bunch of hypocrites here, and so a man like Trump is a welcome change.

          I’m surprised you don’t think it’s un-Christian to refuse to welcome the President, because I’ve always understood that we are supposed to do good to our enemies and love those who persecute us. If you regard Trump as an enemy of some kind, surely all the more reason to welcome him, and, if possible, try to help him.

          • Josephine,

            The wind farm was off shore a few miles out to sea so wasn’t really going to impact on his golf course. He did complain that it would spoil his view but he wasn’t bothered about spoiling other people’s views by building a 15 foot bank or high fences around their property.

        • Vianney,

          Tommy Sheppard of the SNP was interviewed on the news and asked about why the First Minister wasn’t meeting Trump, and he replied that if she had been asked, he was sure Nicola would have met him. I think what you say about it being a UK visit is probably correct, but I am sure that if she had not made clear in the past that she didn’t want him coming to Scotland, he would have contacted her for a meeting on his visit to Scotland.

          Unfortunately, the SNP is not noted for its finesse. They are close to matching Trump’s rough and ready manners.

          • Nicky,

            I am sure that if Trump had asked to meet Nicola she would have done so as she would put her personal feeling aside and do her job just as I am sure the Queen did. I don’t for one minute think that she was all that enthusiastic about meeting him and as we saw, he obviously hadn’t a clue how to conduct himself. She had to tell him to walk on but just stood in front of her and she had to walk round him. As it has now been reported that Trump has said he hates Nicola Sturgeon there was obviously no chance of him wanting to meet her.

    • RCA Victor,

      One of the leading protesters against Trump’s visit is Owen Jones, a young homosexual extreme left-winger who is – not to put too fine a point on it- crackers.

      In 2016, discussing the massacre in the Orlando “gay” club, he walked off the set of Sky News because the other two participants weren’t vocal enough about the “homophobic” nature of the attack. He became very agitated, and emotional (I imagine he’d be the “wife” in any coupling 😀 ) – watch the clip below…

      I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in Jones’ home when, eventually, the news broke that the shooter who massacred the LGBT clubbers was himself, “gay”.

      And this emotional, ever-agitated about something “gay” man, politically to the left of Karl Marx, is given regular slots on TV and radio discussions on just about any topic you care to name. He hates Trump, he’s anti-Brexit… a real independent thinker, if you get my (sarcastic) drift!

      • Now Now Ed . That’s Islamophobic or is it Homophobic. The Leftist Mob say we have that Many Phobias av lost count. Actually myself i have the lot Claustrophobia. Agrophobia . Pakistaniaphobia. But unlike these Idiot protesters I haven’t got Trumpaphobia .

  3. If you asked 99 per cent of the protesters why they hated Trump
    they couldn’t give an answer. They themselves live behind four walls and doors to keep people out, so I don’t think you could go in and wander around their property or even sleep in their garden huts.

    May could do worse than to ask him to take over the Brexit talks.

  4. The media are going mad this morning because Donald Trump criticised the Chequers Brexit agreement in a Sun interview, and said it would mean he was dealing with the EU not the UK, so there couldn’t be a deal between the US and UK. Again, though, if it’s true, what is their problem? They are so used to politicians with forked tongues that they just can’t take it that Trump says it how it is. I think they are raging because what he says IS true – and the fact that the remoaners are complaining about him saying it and so insulting the PM (as if they don’t, LOL!) shows that he is spilling the beans.

    However, it’s also been reported today in interviews with protesters that he’s publicly called for torture, which is shocking, if true, and I’m definitely not supportive of him there, but as far as Brexit and Nato go, he’s right.

  5. These protesting morons really get on my nerves. They represent a lobotomised section of society, which is mobilised any time the UK has a visitor which the liberal media does not like – as with Pope Benedict XVI too. It is not even very clear what they are protesting about, when asked they just regurgitate the usual tired buzzwords – racism, misogyny, blah blah blah.

    They add nothing to political or social discourse and only give a bad impression of the country. All that is achieved is that self-important morons get the spotlight for a day and both bore and embarrass the rest of us.

    The protests are particularly hypocritical this time – for example, I understand the US style of dealing with illegal immigrants is/was a standing policy, including under Barrack Obama. Yet Obama faced no criticism for this anytime he reared his head in the UK, so the double standards and general lack of principle is very transparent.

    The protests are also very childish, as per the balloon flying of President Trump. Such tactics highlight the fact that the protest has nothing worthwhile to say, so it just lapses into mockery in an effort to gloss over the empty nature of the demonstrations.

    Fortunately, the President is self-confident and has a thick skin, but even still this reception still makes a poor impression.

    I don’t recall any protests when, for example, Saudi representatives have visited the UK – despite their regimes treatment of women and non-islamic faiths, not to mention their general human rights record. This again highlights the lack of principle and exposes the political and contrived nature of the protest.

    What particularly irritated me was that the “Scottish Churches” (ahem) produced a public letter expressing their “sadness” at American immigration policy. The Catholic Church in Scotland was a signatory. Does anyone recall the Scottish Church publicly highlighting its “sadness” over the fact that the Saudi regime does not permit the practice of the Catholic faith within its borders?

    The USA is a strong and reliable friend of the UK and so visiting Presidents should be treated with respect, even if there are areas of disagreement.

    As we know, President Trump is half-Scottish and has a great love of the UK and Scotland in particular. Any Scottish First Minister worth his or her salt would use this to Scotland’s advantage – its not often that the most powerful man in the world has a mother from Scotland. Yet, the moronic Nicola Sturgeon fails to form such links and instead just plays to her gallery of tartan clad idiots.

    • When you consider how the Irish are not slow to cash in on American presidents, almost going as far back to the days of St Patrick to find a link, I think Scotland has missed a golden opportunity, only needing to go back to the founding of St Mirren.

    • Gabriel you’ve said mostly what I would have said. I heard one of these Idiots on the Radio say that Glasgow is Multicultural unfortunately he forgot to remember the little incident last Saturday outside a Catholic Church. Right off here I don’t like The Religion Of Peace people in fact am just back from a shop where there was a large que and a Muslim Guy and his Daughter just jumped in front of us all . Now am not saying that doesn’t happen regularly but I can bet my Grannies Pension Book that had anyone complained ( which we should have ) they would have played the race card instantly. Now if my opinion which I don’t try to impress on anyone else is Racist then so be it . As for the SNP Stasi leader the less said about her ignorance the Better. All of those protesters obviously are not working or are Leftist Teachers and Professors who have congregated their Lemmings to think as they think . As you say where were all these protesters when Saudi Arabia leaders came to the UK .

  6. Sometimes I think we have become a nation of morons unable to manifest any critical thinking whatsoever. Five minutes cogitation would reveal that there is an agenda against Trump. Whether one loves or loathes him he is the leader of the free world, democratically elected and his office deserves respect.

    I don’t recall any demonstrations when the president of China visited these shores; considering China’s human rights record that would have been surprising IF people had more than one neuron to cause a synapse!

    Another thing, the media were strangely silent regarding the mass protest in London recently in support of Tommy Robinson.

    • Crofterlady,

      Hear, hear. I couldn’t agree more. We get filtered news all the time but most people don’t realise it.

  7. I came across this video interview with Nigel Farage about the Trump visit to the UK – I know Farage isn’t popular but I thought the comments from the USA interviewer towards the end about how Britain has welcomed far worse people than Trump with hardly any protest, is interesting to hear.

    • Fidelis,

      Personally I think Nigel Farage is hated for the same reason Trump is hated – because he challenges the liberal elite and the unthinking acceptance of their ideas. They’re not getting away with ruling society any more and that’s why they are all so furious. As it says on that video, Britain has welcomed really brutal dictators with nothing like the protests on the streets we’re getting for Trump. That’s because those brutal dictators were “socially progressive” LOL! They weren’t saving the lives of the unborn!

      • Laura,

        I completely agree. Without Farage, David Cameron would never have given us the referendum question, not in a million years, and since the establishment don’t want us to leave the EU, he is Enemy Number One. I’m always amazed in company when I hear friends talking about him with such labels as “racist” – it’s just unbelievable how quickly people are caught up in the politically correct view of things. I like him, he talks sense and is more typical or most ordinary people than any of the mainstream politicians. The trouble is, the typical view is suppressed because people are scared to say what they really think for fear of being labelled racist themselves. It’s Catch 22.

    • Crofterlady,

      Thank you for posting that because it’s as Trump says, he spoke well of Theresa May, yet the media omitted those nice comments from their reports on TV.

      I do wish he would tone down his rhetoric and stop tweeting. He does need an image consultant to help him but that said, it’s also refreshing to have someone who just says it how he sees it, instead of being “political” and “diplomatic” all the time. Still, being diplomatic some of the time would be an improvement, LOL!

  8. Vianney, we were on holiday near the Trump golf course and indeed, the locals were saying similar things to what you claim. One cafe owner even said that the Trump henchmen regularly harass an old woman who has refused to sell up in order for her home to be demolished. However, when we asked was Trump behind this we were told, er well, no, not directly. So my question would be, does Trump even know about this? I think the “henchmen” were told to try and sort things out and it is they who decided on this course of action.

    Remember the story of the death of St. Augustine of Canterbury; the king didn’t order the saint’s death BUT his knights (henchmen) thought he did.


    We were also in France…………..

    • Helen,

      That is very interesting! Having perused the mainstream media reports on this, I was amused to note that there were objections to the Trump developments based on “environmental” grounds, but no objections whatsoever – except from Trump himself – when the wind farm proposal was passed!

      Wind farms are not only a useless, expensive boondoggle, they completely destroy scenic beauty.

    • Helen,

      Considering that he himself verbally abused some of the locals I think he probably did know what was going on, especially as there has been plenty of reporting about it at the time. And bearing in mind that this was before he even considered standing for the presidency he didn’t have his war cry of “fake news” to claim it wasn’t true.

      • Vianney,

        From what I’ve observed of Trump I wouldn’t be surprised if he did verbally abuse (speak his mind!) the locals because, as RCA Victor says, these wind farms are an ugly eyesore, and the fact that the proposal to build the turbines in sight of his golf course, was extremely unjust – I’ve just refreshed my memory by reading this report where Trump was in for a bit of verbal abuse himself from Alex Salmond of all people, who called him ‘three times a loser’.

        I wonder if you had paid all that money to build a golf course and then a few short years later the local authority decided to place an ugly wind farm just two miles from your course, easily seen and spoiling the landscape, how you would feel? I know how I would feel and I would be furious.

        • Nicky,

          Speaking your mind and verbally abusing people are not the same thing. As for the wind farm, it was apparently planned long before Trump’s plans for a golf course.

      • Vianney,

        Not to beat this to death, but Nicky’s post raises an interesting question: what is your definition of “verbal abuse”? Further, is that your term or the media’s term? If it’s the media’s term, that automatically discredits the accusation, frankly.

        Do you have an example of this so-called verbal abuse?

        • RVCA Victor,

          The term was used by the locals themselves. I would say that when someone tells you that you and your family live like pigs and use expletives when doing so would constitute verbal abuse.

  9. I seem to remember Alex Salmond coaxing Donald Trump to invest millions in scotland only then to stab him in the back with this windmills issue.

    SNP speak with forked tongue.

    • Crofterlady,

      It is true that Alex Salmond did try to encourage Trump to invest in Scotland and that is part of the job of a First Minister but then Trump started making unreasonable demands such as wanting the “ugly houses” of the locals demolished because it spoiled his view and various other unreasonable things then Alex Salmond done the right thing and withdrew support. He certainly didn’t stab him in the back as the wind farm was planned long before Trump came on the scene.

    • Crofterlady,

      I don’t think Assad is necessarily guilty of all that they accuse him of. There have been claims that he has been used, painted as a bogey man by the west for their own purposes. I’ve seen him interviewed and he doesn’t come across as he is being portrayed.