Stop Brexit? Shouldn’t Catholics WANT to leave the Godless EU?

From The Guardian

Thousands of pro-EU marchers have begun a walk from Pall Mall to parliament to demand a referendum on the terms of Brexit two years on from the vote.

The People’s Vote protest, running from Pall Mall to Parliament Square, has been organised by increasingly well-funded anti-Brexit groups based at Millbank Tower and led by Open Britain, the successor to the remain campaign.

A People’s Vote spokesperson said the two years since the referendum had been characterised by “arcane parliamentary manoeuvres about this amendment or that amendment” and it was time to take the issue “beyond Westminster and back to the people”.

[Conservative MP] Anna Soubry, will be among the speakers at the London march along with the Labour MP David Lammy and the Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable, while the campaigner Gina Miller and the actor Sir Tony Robinson will also address those present from 2pm.

In his speech, Cable is expected to say that overwhelming ambition must be to stop Brexit. “Parliament is fiddling at the margins while the country slowly burns … Better to stop the damage. To return the issue to the people – to vote on the deal.”

The George Soros-backed group Best for Britain has been separately campaigning for a second referendum, focusing on newspaper and outdoor advertising, and local campaigning in parliamentary seats where they hope to persuade the sitting MP to support an amendment for another vote. It is encouraging supporters to attend the People’s Vote march.  Read the entire report here

We don’t DO party politics here, but Brexit crosses Party lines…surely Catholics should not be participating in marches aimed at overturning the 2016 Referendum? Shouldn’t all Catholics support the UK Government’s efforts to get us out of the Godless EU? 

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      • Editor,

        There’s a story in the Telegraph today about French school children being taught about the EU in order to prevent any type of Frexit in the future. To think the liberals have the nerve to accuse Catholic schools of indoctrination!

  1. I remember that Tony Blair said months ago on TV that “Britain will remain in the European Union despite the result of the vote”.

    • And Lionel, I believe Tony Blair is right. I said at the outset that I doubted very much if we would be allowed to leave the EU and so it is proving. I think it would be easier to get out of North Korea than the EU – a dictatorship that puts North Korea in the shade.

      • The “banksters” are capable to torpedo the British economy to make regret their choice to the English!…
        The “banksters”, as their name suggests, are thugs.

  2. I see the blog is exactly as I left it last night… everyone presumably out enjoying the sunshine. We don’t get enough sunshine, so enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. As for Catholics who, one would think, would naturally support the Brexit movement, I give you…Ireland. The Vat. II revolution has rendered Catholics, to a great extent, God-less, since they now worship themselves in the Novus Ordo. so it’s not surprising that the majority of them would support the Satanic/Communist EU, which is nothing more than a bureaucratic version of the USSR. The demonstrators are either paid actors, and/or people who have been duped into thinking with only their wallets (in fact, lies and threats about their wallets).

    When you lose your Catholic identity, and/or sink into sin, you become very susceptible to being manipulated and confused. And it seems the modern means of communication specialize in manipulating and confusing people, toward certain diabolical ends.

    Inf act, I daresay the cultivation of manipulation and confusion is the sole purpose of modern means of communication.

    • RCA Victor,

      I agree – the Irish have become materialistic and that’s why they are putting their membership of the EU before their own sovereignty. It’s laughable that they fought the English to get control of their nation and now hand that same control over to Brussels.

      No Catholic can want membership of the EU, IMHO because it is truly Godless, a Freemasonic invention. Only bad can come of it.

      Saying that, I think the campaign to overturn Brexit is so intense and getting more and more intense, that they will win in the end. They couldn’t win without the support of Catholics, though, so shame on them for supporting the Godless EU.

      I say that knowing that the UK Government is also Godless but somehow if Government is closer to the people there is more chance of them hearing us – eventually! LOL!

    • RCA Victor,

      Spot on. When I was in Ireland for the couple of days before the abortion referendum, everyone, but everyone, who spoke to us about Brexit said they couldn’t / wouldn’t leave the EU – and always the reason given was economics.

      Incredible that, as Fidelis says (and I’ve often said myself) the Irish would fight the English for so many years only to hand over their independence to the EU. Crackers!

      • Quite, the Irish have been bought in so many ways. Should
        Scotland ever vote for ‘ Independence’. The same would pertain. Swap London for, not even Brussels, but Berlin.

      • Editor,

        Absolutely! An Irish friend of mine even went so far as saying Ireland was a beacon of light in an increasingly “right wing world”. He cited “Brexit and Trump” as examples of the horrid right wing world. They’ve been truly brainwashed.

        • Petrus,

          “Brainwashed” is the word. I’ve yet to meet anyone outside of the newsletter/blog community, who doesn’t drink in and parrot back whatever they hear/read in the mainstream news media. It’s amazing.

    • When you lose your Catholic identity, and/or sink into sin, you become very susceptible to being manipulated and confused. And it seems the modern means of communication specialize in manipulating and confusing people, toward certain diabolical ends.


      I completely agree with your comment above. We have heard much about the slide of Catholicism in Ireland recently. With the faith in Ireland weakened by Vatican II and its fall out. subsequent generations have been very susceptible to media and political manipulation. Of course we must not overlook scandals as also having been a major force in undermining the Church.

      I find it ironic that Ireland, which for generations withstood Anglo-Saxon attempts to enforce dominance and conformity, now actively panders to modern, puerile English-speaking global culture, which it seems to regard as the very pinnacle of sophistication.

      Anyone could start a craze in modern Ireland, by telling Irish youth that they had seen ‘XYZ’ on MTV and, what’s more, that ‘XYZ’ was very popular in “England*”.

      (*in my experience, they never refer to the UK, or (Great) Britain, always “England” – a word with a seemingly enchanting effect on the modern Irish psyche).

      The recent popular votes in ireland are of course a great example of how Ireland has been manipulated. They were lauded for being the first nation to actively choose such laws, whereas elsewhere they were enforced. And yet they were not really making a choice at all, but rather saying “Me too!” as if to reassure themselves that they are no different from the rest of the west and the anglosphere in particular. Once they were thoughtful enough and also had the confidence to be different – no longer it seems.

      Another good example is how they obediently return to the national polls, whenever instructed to by Brussels, because they have voted for the wrong thing. They then have to vote again, ensuring they reverse the original result, in order to satisfy Brussels. This has happened at least twice.

      Yet they kid themselves that they live in a democracy and kid themselves they “won” freedom from the British. In reality, they are more manipulated that ever and more successfully too – for the British never managed to convince or bully them into dropping their faith and values, their identity. It seems media pundits and celebrities succeed, where military and political force fails.

      Its amazing to think Ireland has gone from the Easter Rising to “now”, in just 100 years. That such a reversal of national character/ identity / values could occur so quickly is surely an indicator of the diabolical.

  4. The mere fact that George Soros has got his grubby fingers in the Remain pie should be enough to make all right thinking people think twice about wanting a second referendum. I just wish that Teresa May et al would show some steel (strong and stable) and refuse to be intimidated by the EU mandarins. We need to get on with getting out and plan for the next stage of being fully independent of Brussels.

  5. Maybe it would help for the mis-led masses to review the EU “Charter of Fundamental Rights”:

    Some observations:

    Article 1: no definition of human dignity is given.
    Article 2: everyone, that is, except Alfie Evans and those in similar situations, not to mention those who have passed their usefulness to society and are prime candidates for euthanasia.
    Article 3: no definition of “physical and mental integrity.” Not only did the Alfie Evans case violate 3.2(a), but Planned Parenthood, funded by the same banksters as the EU, violates 3.2(c) daily.
    Article 4: except for Muslim women subjected to genital mutilation by their husbands
    Article 5: the arranged en masse migration of Muslim military-age men into Europe is a pretty good example of “human trafficking.”
    Article 6: Unless your privacy is being invaded and violated by the EU/UK police state.
    Article 7: Unless you home-school your children, and/or utter public criticisms of Muslims, homosexuals, or other NWO “victims.”
    Article 8: Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah……!!!!!!!
    Article 9: No such thing as the “right to marry.”
    Articles 10-12: By now I’m doubled over with laughter….
    Article 13: Unless you oppose the climate change hoax.
    Article 14: Unless parents choose to home-school their children.

    I’m sure our other bloggers can keep going, there are 54 of these assaults on Western Civilization. I need to take a laughter break…..

    • RCA Victor,

      Thank God for the occasional priest like the one featured in that report – let’s hope he encourages others to “come out”.

      Apologies for my absence – I’m not, contrary to the rumour I started myself, enjoying the sunshine – long story, don’t ask! Here’s a clue about ONE of those things that happened today…

        • Elizabeth,

          Like you, I made a comment saying I hope our editor is okay. Have just spoken to her over the phone and she says the car had broken down. So it needs to have some maintenance. Am sure she and the car will be back on the road before you know it.

        • Lionel,

          Theresa Rose explains that editor was not in a car crash, just that her car broke down, needed repair, so she won’t be injured.

  6. Editor,

    Won’t ask, as the saying goes it never rains but it pours. Hope you are okay though.

    I agree with Elizabeth about George Soros a getting his grubby fingers on the remain pie, forcing a rethink in wanting a second referendum. For him and like ilk, it is a matter of wanting and keeping power over the world population in every way imaginable. God, for them does not come into the matter.

  7. I agree that catholics should support brexit and not the Godless EU. Once out (if we ever get there with our dithering government ) we are still left with a Godless establishment. Hopefully once free from the EU we can start to turn things around but we will not do that if people ( including catholics ) keep voting for anti-Christian politicians. Above all we need to pray for our countries.How about a coastal/borders rosary crusade every May and October the months of Our Blessed Lady.

    • Roderick Kearney,

      That’s what puzzles me, that Catholics keep voting for anti-Christian politicians. The majority seem to only make their decision on economic lines, not moral issues. I find it very sad and very concerning.

      To be honest, I think if more Catholics heeded the Fatima message all year round, daily rosary for starters, then we wouldn’t need to have rosary crusades in May and October.

      • I used to think Catholics voted for immoral political parties for selfish reasons, ie. economic policies that will boost their income. However, now I’m not so sure. I think most Catholics are just as immoral as the rest of the population.

        I hear so-called Catholics supporting a woman’s right to kill and promoting homosexuality. Indeed, I know of a Catholic institution that very recently marked the “marriage” of a homosexual staff members with a party on the premises!

  8. Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the documents of Vatican II and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which I posted above? Both are written in vague, meaningless pseudo-language interspersed with real language; both attempt to create an aura of noble, responsible sentiment; and both were used as a blueprint to create something utterly nefarious and unsuspected. In short, the “spirit of Vatican II” = the spirit of the EU Charter.

    The reason for the similarity is because both documents were created by agents of international Communism, whose modus operandi is deception. If only Bella Dodd had named the 1100 Communists she helped to place in the seminaries during the 1930s and 40s…

      • Editor,

        From the link you posted I managed to guess it would involve that attention-seeking oaf, Mary McAleese, before I even clicked on it.

        A pathetic and embittered character – who uses her constant attacks on the Church as a way of keeping her name in the press – her every action is aimed at justified the deviant sexual behaviour of her son.

        She seems to condemn the Church for having doctrines, yet by default also condemns herself because she has plenty of her own erroneous doctrines to promote. Funnily enough, these seem to be based directly on the circumstances of herself and her family.

        If she had even a scrap of integrity, she would leave the Church – but then, that would mean losing her passport to continued celebrity and losing her coping/distraction mechanism regarding her homosexual son.

        Recently I read an article where she bragged about her family’s forthcoming appearance in a “gay pride” parade. She claimed that the sight of her marching with her son and his “husband” would “showcase Ireland at its very best” – so, we can see that she is modest, too. It seems there is no end to her qualities.

        • I agree, Gabriel. McAleese is about as Catholic as Ian Paisley. I remember when she was President she hit the headlines by receiving the wafer at a Church of Ireland service. She’s totally faithless!

          • Petrus,

            I have since read that McAleese once made a diplomatic visit to Saudi Arabia, where she lathered the regime in glowing praise and attacked western commentators who criticise Islam.

            She also criticised those infamous ‘Muhammed Cartoons’, because she said it was wrong to mock or attack the faith of others.

            Yet, she describes the Catholic Church as “an empire of misogyny”.

            You are right she is faithless. She is also a transparent hypocrite and an idiot in general.

            • Gabriel Syme,

              She really IS a hypocrite to proclaim Islam’s right to be respected, while attacking the Church.

              The Church’s upholding of the moral law on homosexuality (given her son’s “outing”) seems to lie behind her hatred of the Church – doesn’t she know that Muslims are not exactly crazy about homosexual behaviour, either?

        • Gabriel Syme,

          “If she had even a scrap of integrity, she would leave the Church.”

          Exactly! But she hasn’t. So she won’t. Except in the sense that she has already, in fact left it.

          • Editor,

            On the subject of McAleese, a funny tweet from John McGuirk:

  9. That’s about right RCA Victor. I work with a bunch of Remoaners, and they were outraged when we voted to leave the EU. They would not, and still do not, accept the will of the people. However, if the vote had gone their way and I’d complained about it and refused to accept it, I know I would have been pilloried for being ‘anti-democratic’. There’s nothing as illiberal as a liberal . . . one UK newspaper article today summed it up in the headline: “Remainers may call for a ‘people’s vote’ but we all know they mean ‘the right kind of people'”.

    • WF,

      Well said. You have nailed it there – more and more, I find myself thoroughly fed up with these remoaners. They just will not shut up and let us get out of the failed EU project . If they’re as crazy about Europe as they appear to be, why don’t they just up sticks and move to Brussels. Or at least follow David Cameron’s example and disappear…

      • Editor,

        Speaking of “EU,” I wonder if Pope Francis thinks the first 2 letters of the Eucharist stand for European Union?

        After all, their agenda is identical….

  10. I’m in the middle of re-reading Catholic Prophecy, by Yves Dupont. In para. 52.2, he quotes from Sr. Jeanne le Royer, Sister of the Nativity, as follows:

    “One day I heard a voice \vhich said: ‘The new Constitution will appear to many other than what it really is. They will bless it as a gift from heaven: whereas, it is in fact sent from hell and permitted by God in His just wrath. It will only be by its effects that people will be led to recognize the Dragon who wanted to destroy all and devour all.’

    That could apply to the EU Charter. It could also apply to one or more of the documents of Vatican II, esp. the Constitution on the Liturgy….

    • RCA Victor,

      I’m afraid that sort of writing doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’ve found that it makes people interpret what is happening as if fitting in with these prophecies. Just not my cup of tea. Which reminds me…

      The old ones are the best 😀

      • Editor,

        Where do you find these funny photos? You are a dab hand at finding the perfect photo for the perfect moment. Have you ever considered running a blog?

        • Petrus,

          I HAVE given the information in the past, but does anyone pay attention? I think not.

          Anyway, I will make a point of showing you the secrets of my trade at our next video meeting…

          Which reminds me, folks, there will be a new video in the series Thinking Through Catholic Truth going online later this week. Yes, we’re not all of us lounging in the sunshine. So… Stand – or sit – by!

  11. Well, whatdeyeknow – David Davis, Brexit Secretary resigns.

    Let’s pray this makes a difference to the PM’s weak if not duplicitous attempts to get us out of the EU without really leaving… Seems she has been a “remainer” all along… How disappointing. See what happens when I give someone the benefit of the doubt? I’m proved wrong! Talk about a girl just can’t win…

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