Why Increased Violence In The West?

From The Root of the Violence: Our Culture

There have been too many tragic mass murders in the last century in American history, spurring on lots of talk of gun control. I’m not about to deny there should be gun reform to an extent. Background checks, mental health checks, references attesting to good, non-violent character to get a weapon seems to make sense. However, the problem is not how people are killing, it is the fact they are killing. We cannot put restrictions on everything that kills (even forks would be prohibited then) and arson and cars can, like guns, kill a great mass of people very quickly. What we need to do, though, is get to the root of the problem. Why is there such violence? Why are people killing? The answer is the devaluation of life prevalent in today’s culture.

We have people playing God. In many places around the world, society has legalized abortion and euthanasia, laws which in themselves devalue life, so no surprise life isn’t valued as it should be since society has already “legalized the right to kill” in many ways. Because society is trying to tell its citizens that truth is no longer objective, but subjective, these citizens can now legally choose whether or not the unborn child is a child or not, and whether or not they should live themselves. Society thinks the line is drawn there, but it’s wrong because once somebody can choose who they perceive as worth living in the child and in themselves, who is to stop them from broadening this view to everyone else around them? Mother Teresa once said: “We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other?” How true! There is nothing more disturbing and unnatural than a mother abandoning the one human that is most innate in her to protect, proving herself worse than the animals. How then can we be surprised with the amount of violence now if such an atrocious crime is deemed normal?

This message that can stem to violence can also be found in our culture’s music, in its movies, its video games, its books, the advertisements in the mall and on TV, the magazines, and news to name a few. I’m not going to touch base on all of them, but I will touch base on some. Let’s start with video games. I’m not about to say that everybody who plays those types of video games is going to turn out violent themselves. I know plenty of people myself that do all those things and aren’t violent. However, I do think that spending long hours immersed in this form of recreation can help desensitize you to real-world violence. And while it is true, many are able to distinguish reality from these fictional games, it is also true that some who, perhaps, have mental health problems, will not have such an easy time distinguishing, which, of course, can lead to some serious problems.

Dr. Mark Appelbaum (chairman of the American Psychological Association’s [APA] Task Force on Violent Media), said that while there was still not enough evidence to prove video games are linked to actual acts of violence, he did say, “…the link between violence in video games and increased aggression in players is one of the most studied and best established in the field.” And the report stated: “No single risk factor consistently leads a person to act aggressively or violently. Rather, it is the accumulation of risk factors that tends to lead to aggressive or violent behavior. The research reviewed here demonstrates that violent video game use is one such risk factor.” (APA, 2015) So, from this we can draw that, while violent video games may not necessarily lead to violence, if the child is affected by other risk factors such as a broken home, abuse, bad influences, mental health problems, etc. then frequent exposure to violent video games and movies can, potentially, help lead to violence.

Some say a culture is oftentimes portrayed by its music. Well, if that’s the case, no wonder there’s such violence in America when we have artists like Eminem who easily get away with songs like Murder, Murder, in which he spouts out very violent lyrics, talking of shooting a police man, saying things like, ”All I see is blood and murder, my mind state”. How such lyrics could have any type of positive influence on a young, developing brain is beyond me. In studies accumulated by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), they found certain types of music, particularly heavy metal, were connected to an increase of suicide, reckless behavior and stereotyped attitudes toward women. In one study, performed in 1999, they asked 345 mothers whose children attended a public school, if they thought the violent messages in rap music contributed to school violence. 47% answered in the affirmative. (American Academy of Pediatrics, Paragraph 9) If we want our children to grow up valuing life, we need to address this problem in the music industry. We need to make sure our children are surrounded with positive messages, not messages promoting violence, disrespect toward authority and law, and lustful behavior. And we need to make sure our children understand why such violent, impure, and hateful messages they are receiving through such music and other sources is wrong.

What also disconnects people from reality is social media. Facebook, for instance, offers you your own page where you can basically build up your own virtual fan-club. Don’t get me wrong, social media is almost essential for small business owners and staying in contact with friends and family that don’t live nearby.There are a lot of advantages to be sure. However, one of the many disadvantages is the egotistical and addictive nature of it, as well as the disconnect to reality. There was a case of a woman who got stuck inside a burning car in Beaverton, Oregon. (Riverio, KPTV) In response, people got out their phones and recorded it. Why?

Well, probably to post on their Facebook walls, Youtube channel, Instagram, whatever, for more than likely the fame: the likes, the shares, the feeling of popularity, becoming known. Here, a woman is getting seriously injured, and instead of reacting with heroism or even pausing to at least pray, they are getting out their cellphones as if this were the times of the Roman Colosseum and this was just a show and not a life at risk. How utterly corrupt! How shameful! That our generation reacts in such a way as if this weren’t reality at all, but a show on T.V. they’re simply recording to later replay.

There is a great sense of self-entitlement and self-absorption in today’s youth. The problem this self-absorption has is that it makes any life that is outside of the individual and their own circle of friends and family unimportant. Hence, the above story. Maybe if they were connected to this lady in a personal way, they would have responded with more concern, but because she was a stranger, empathy was completely lacking. They probably did not stop to consider that this woman had a family that cared about her, that her life was important. Many probably saw self-fame. Some probably were un-phased, or at least not as phased as they probably should’ve been. I doubt the realism really even hit many of them. Surely, they couldn’t have been too traumatized if they were still able to hit “record” on their phones during the episode. But that isn’t normal. It isn’t normal to be so desensitized to violence and the loss of life that you respond in such a selfish way.

Now let’s look at the lack of a proper family foundation. The lack of a good family foundation, especially, is a huge disadvantage to building a good character. Why? Because this family structure is supposed to implement in the child morals and discipline, something many in today’s world are lacking. In a study on broken families, it was found that neighborhoods with a high-crime rate were also characterized by a lack of father-figures in the home. However, they also found that in neighborhoods where there is a high amount of religious-practicing individuals, the crime rate was lower and that a strong parental bond with the child decreases the chances that the child will commit a crime (Marripedia).

At the root to all of it though is selfishness, pride, and the devil’s response: “I will not serve”. Many people no longer have God at the center of their lives, just themselves. Religion is lacking, or at least the practice of it. The Church is undergoing a serious crisis and even some of the clergy are spewing out this same nonsense our culture is, this nonsense which will only lead to destruction. We will not stop these mass murders if we do not teach our children their Faith, which teaches them to value life, all life, not just the life that matters to them, not just the life they deem important or see as life, all life including their own.  Source


So, which is the culprit?  Which of the elements identified by the above author, is the root of today’s widespread violence across western societies? 

Abortion? Video games? Guns? Knives? Music? Movies? Books? Advertisements? News? Family breakdown? Lack of father figure in home? The crisis in the Church? Rejection of God?

And to the above list, we might add working mothers – might the lack of a mother-presence in the home 24/7 be a contributing factor?  Let’s hear it! 

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  1. The author of the above article, has also written another one which begins with the words: “Every woman is meant to be a mother;” Just picture the PC/feminist faces as they read that!

    I was torn between this article and the one on violence to kick-start our discussion, but since the breakdown of family life, and the disdain for motherhood (and fatherhood) in our societies is certainly, in my humble opinion, one of the major causes for the rise in violence in our society, I think it would be helpful to discuss both.

    Feel free to disagree of course – lots of people enjoy dangerous sports 😀

    But here’s a thought about putting an end to violence and achieving world peace…

  2. Actually, rates of homicide and other violent crimes have been falling since around 1990, both in the US and in the West in general. Mass shootings get headlines, but overall murder rates are decreasing, not increasing.

    Japan, which has a lot more depictions of violence in its pop culture than the US does (and where abortion has never been taboo) also has close to the lowest violent-crime rates in the world.

    Actual reasons for variations in levels of violence are complex, and unlikely to align with the prescriptions of any particular belief system.

    • I never think of statistics when I think of violence in society, all I know is that I would not walk out late at night in any city of the UK – and I would try not to walk out alone in the dark at all these days, because there definitely is an increase in violent attacks of all kinds here.

      Only recently, there were a spate of stabbings in London, random attacks, and before that random acid attacks on people, disfiguring people for life.

      This article is interesting and seems to agree that pop culture IS leading to violence

      As the man says, it’s common sense that the portrayal of so much aggression, so much “violent entertainment” will lead to more violence.

      I wonder what the reasons are for the lower crime rates you mention, but I doubt very much if encouraging mothers to kill their babies in the womb, in some cases right up to and including birth, is a factor is making societies LESS violent!

    • Infidel753 (worrying username)

      I’m not sure what you mean by your final sentence “prescriptions of any particular belief system” but whether or not the statistics justify the headline above, there can be little doubt that, one way or another, we live in an increasingly dangerous world. As you acknowledge, where there are, apparently, low levels of violence, the reasons are complex. How various crimes are measured, whether all crimes are reported, etc. means that some of us tend to be wary of accepting, uncritically, the official statistics over the perception of increased violence – like Lily, you won’t catch me wandering the streets after dark. And that is despite the news that my home city of Glasgow seems to have left its ultra-violent reputation well and truly behind. There can be little doubt that there is a more violent mentality at large in society today, by which I mean that certain people think nothing of making violent threats or actually lashing out.

      Here’s a short interview/discussion on the topic of the link between violent video games and real life violence; the fact that there is disagreement about the evidence, doesn’t change the fact that if children are exposed to these very violent games day in and day out, common sense dictates that they are, more likely than not, going to be adversely affected and ultimately desensitised as a result.

    • Don’t know where you get your information from but if it suits your agenda so be it . Your correct though about Japan and the Abortion issue and about lack of violence. I think thats attributed to most of the aging Population and lack of Testosterone than any other point of view. As regards saying that a Muslim country would be on a par with violence to a Christian one . Your way out my Friend. Of course if the Muslims stayed in their countries that would definitely stop lots of Grooming Gangs at least . Of course having a Godless society is at the root of all Evil and most Violence is Godless.

    • Every time someone mentions statistics, I always think of the dictum of Benjamin Disraeli (which I won’t post out of respect for the ladies on this thread).

  3. I was interested in the section about the importance of having a father figure in the lives of young men. Only today some research was showing that young offenders who were fathers of sons were apparently less likely to reoffend since they wanted to be good role models for their sons. In my albeit limited experience of working in a men’s prison I soon realised that very few of the prisoners came from a traditional stable family back ground almost none in fact. Interestingly it was very rare to have any Jewish inmates, due I am sure to their strong family back ground.

    I am also sure that the ubiquity of working mother’s these days is also significant. I did not work while my sons were at primary school and only part time when they were older. I noticed that the prime time for conversation was when they came home from school. Then they would happily talk about their day and any problems. If for some reason I was not at home that time could not be recovered. All I would get later was a grunt as they were involved in something else by then. Today it seems very difficult for families to manage on one salary and it is difficult to see, given high house prices and mortgages, how this could be resolved.

    • I completely agree about the need for working mothers due to the economy making it impossible for young couples to buy a home on one salary. I think that’s deliberate, BTW, because it’s all part of the feminist agenda to get women out of the home and into the workplace. What better way to do that, than to make sure they need the money.

      • It also guarantees the Govt TWO sets of income taxes and two sets of National Insurance, whilst they jack the retirement age up on the actuarial premise that people are living longer, (when the ONS has just pulled back on that one)…therefore you close the gap from both ends.. then there is the two and more car families….imagine they told everyone that by law one car per family and SHARE it between you all and save the planet..blah blah.

        It is all a giant ponzi scheme.

        Two cars, two fuels, VAT on everything,even funerals.

        No family allowance for the third or any other children.

        Despise stay at home mothers…we live in a Stalinist State folks.

        But worry not, Russia HAS been consecrated and we are now living in an era of peace…..and the band played believe it you like.

    • Elizabeth,

      Great post – very interesting.

      Here’s the American commentator, Tucker Carlson on the subject of the importance of fathers for boys – packed with crucial information. Very thought-provoking.

      I also agree with your comments about working mothers. As you say, it’s very difficult (if not impossible) for families to manage on one salary these days. It would require a wholesale cultural revolution to restore the right order of things in family life.

      • I’d say that absent fathers are a major MAJOR reason for the suicides among young men and the mass shootings carried out by them, and growth of violence generally among the young. Boys definitely need a biological father, not just a father figure.

  4. Just wondered if anyone had thoughts or comments on the current Gaza/Israel situation, as there seems to be heavy casualties?

    • I thought it was scandalous that the Israeli army acted the way they did, firing on the protesters on the Gaza border. They should be ashamed.

      • Yep, violence is everywhere…not just in the west. Wonder if the Pope has anything to say on the Gaza situation…can’t see anything on the usual media?

  5. So many terrorists in Gaza makes it a hot spot and no one mentions the 60,000 rockets that are fired into Israel annually from there. Who gives them the rockets and who funds them? However, why they didn’t t use rubber bullets or water cannons to disperse them is more than strange.

    • We know of course who funds them and to go on the rampage then shout foul is the usual Arab action. What gets me after the fact is the Media projecting the grief of the Mothers . I wonder just how many of these women sent their Sons out to Violent Protest in the first place . Maybe am wrong but I read an excellent article a few years ago that said Muslim women must take a stand on the violence of their men . They seem to be few and far between.

    • Benedict McConville,

      I agree that there are problems on both sides, but there seems to have been a bloodthirsty mentality among the Israeli army yesterday. I’m not sure of the facts of the situation, of course, I’m just going by the TV news reports but even if the protesters were misbehaving, throwing stones etc. I think shooting them dead is not a proportionate response. We’ll probably never know the true facts.

  6. however, to stay on track the article above is excellent and there have been a number of excellent journals last few years highlighting the death of he culture due to the lack of proper Father figures etc..

  7. I think it is the loss of Faith – what Pope John Paul II called ‘the silent apostasy’ which is ultimately the cause of these problems. “And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold” We’re certainly in those times. Charity – the love of God and neighbour – is becoming less and less obvious. Even in small ways, I’ve noticed a rapid decline in the last 20-30 years. The road that I live in has changed. I moved there in the early 1980’s. Most were very neighbourly then. There was a local college in the immediate vicinity but it was never much of a problem. It was a nice area. Now, there is little or no neighbourliness – quite the opposite. People are grossly inconsiderate towards their neighbours, and sometimes even hostile. The local college is now a den of iniquity and drugs and ‘gang-related’ stabbings, usually involving ethnic minority groups from inner London boroughs, are increasingly common. One of these stabbings, less than 30 seconds walk from my front door, was fatal. And all this in an area which is supposed to be ‘highly desirable’. I’d hate to live in an ‘undesirable’ area.

    • Westminster Fly,

      You paint a bleak picture but one that could fit many neighbourhoods around the UK, I have no doubt.

      I agree it is the loss of faith – there is rampant Godlessness now across Europe and it is taking its toll.

      You mention London – I have been amazed at the way there were boys on scooters snatching mobile phones from people, the horrendous acid thrown in the faces of innocent passers-by and so on. There’s just no thought for anyone, total selfishness. That definitely comes from Godlessness.

      Yet, the Church authorities don’t seem to want to do anything about it. I am sure that if they were speaking out about the faith, they would find plenty of people listening hard because the majority of people are longing for truth and peace, IMHO.

    • Westminster Fly

      Agreed. There is less and less Grace in the world; we shouldn’t wonder why civilisation has descended into the jungle. We don’t need statistics to point out the obvious;one only needs to drive a car to observe ever increasing aggression and mindless hatred and disregard of the safety and welfare of others.

    • Westminster Fly,

      Is the elephant in the room the fact that the majority of those pictured come from other than white ethnic backgrounds? If so, though, aren’t; they the victims? I’m just a bit confused – could you clarify what you mean – sorry to be a thicko!

    • Westminsterfly

      Is it an elephant in the room, or a moat in someone’s eye?

      Stephen Lawrence, an innocent, was killed by white people. The highest proportion of murderers, violent criminals, rapists, and gang member in our Prisons are probably white. However, a disproportionate number of BME citizens end up in Prison for offences for which their white counterparts will receive a caution, community service, a fine or a suspended sentence.

      In one of the most diverse cities of earth with significant numbers of ethnic minorities who are unemployed, living and poverty, and other such social disadvantages their numbers alone will register statistically higher in crime figures than in other less diverse neighbourhoods, town and cities. I believe it has also been established that many of those murdered in London recently, like Stephen Lawrence. were innocent bystanders with promising futures.

      In a society which has largely ceased to value life, or even the dignity of the human person, violence and murder will increase. From the moment of conception to its natural end every human life should enjoy the protection of the law. We cannot have an hierarchy of murders, or tolerate the fact that , and this even in the UK, people are dying of poverty and hunger, homelessness, and treatable disease. It is wrong on every Continent and in every Hamlet and City.

  8. No sorry Fidelis, you’re not thick, I’m sure I should have clarified. The majority of people who have been murdered are from minority ethnic groups. But before people start saying that they are the victims of racist attacks by white people, the simple truth is that most of the murders and assaults in London are black-on-black and gang related. A fact which even the minority ethnic community leaders recognise and are starting to speak out about. Only the other night there was such a man on the ITV London news programme saying that the black community had to get its own house in order.
    Most of the problems in my home town, a suburb of London, are caused by minority ethnic group teenagers who travel in from inner London boroughs to the local college. Most of the stabbings have been between people of minority ethnic groups, not white-on-black crime. Hope that makes my initial comment clearer.

    • Westminster Fly,

      Thank you for kindly disagreeing with me that I am thick! You are most kind!

      Your explanation makes perfect sense. Nobody of the PC mentality is going to acknowledge THAT “elephant in the room” – you are very right on that score. Yes, that definitely makes your initial comment totally clear, so thank you very much for taking the trouble to explain the situation.

    • RCA Victor,

      I’m just amazed that anyone is still sending their children to schools in America! They must surely wonder if they will see them again, when they send them off in the morning.

      The signals that boy was sending, though (his T shirt alone!) should have caused someone to alert the law enforcement people. After all the school shootings, it beggars belief that nobody acted.

  9. RCA Victor

    It remains to be seen whether this young man was on an anti-depressant, which is something many of these serial killers have in common.

    Spot on. I would go so far as to say that I don’t know of any such incidents where the perpetrators have not been on anti-depressants. This is not something that the media highlight; wouldn’t be very popular with the drug industry.

  10. Amitriptyline ‘may cause suicidal thoughts’. Anyone heard this? I know of one case where a widow whose husband, tragically, ended his own life was taking action against his gp for failing to warn him.

    • Theresa Rose,

      That’s the same article editor put at the top of the page – it’s the blog intro! LOL! She’ll shoot the boots off you for not reading the intro! We’ve all been there!

      • “Sh’ll shoot the boots off you” That really made me laugh. I can just see her, all guns blazing! Ach, she no that bad, you ken.

      • Fidelis,

        Thanks for that, trust me to miss that article at the top of the page. What am I like? But you have reminded me that I am due for an eye test, most likely need stronger reading spectacles. That, and reading more carefully.

        • Theresa Rose,

          You’re forgiven and absolved. I just hope (when you go for that eye test!) that you do better than this guy…

  11. The Republican lieutenant governor of Texas cited abortion this weekend as one of several factors that have degraded America’s respect for human life, which he believes was one of the causes of the recent school shooting in his state.


    I think the governor is onto something here.

    Abortion is undoubtedly a major factor which contributes towards a callousness among many people, those who do not reflect on things deeply, or those who rely solely on secular media for their information.

    I do not think the problem comes so much from (eg..) violent films or video games – because these are only make believe – but mainly from the cruelties which exist in modern secular nations, under the guise of modernity, rights or choice.

    • And yet Gabriel Syme, some of these mass killers have said they got their inspiration from video games. We’re obviously dealing with unhinged minds, but there is a case to answer, I believe.

      Of course, though, the legalisation of abortion and euthanasia has led to massive de-sensitisation, but I do think that these video games must have an impact on these unhinged minds, as well.

      • Many more mass killers in the USA are probably linked to the NRA than are linked with videos games! Respect for life means removing weapons of violence from those not in the military, in every country.

    • RCA Victor,

      You are right – “delusional, embarrassing and scandalous” (about migrants and just about everything else!) sums up Papa Francis.

      I submitted a comment over at that Jihad Watch blog, before reading other comments. Several have posted the fact that he is the most un-Catholic pope ever (to quote one!) or I may not have bothered. I put in a link to the Fatima Center site and to ours, so we’ll see if it gets published.

      I’m not bothered. Do I tout for business? Well, just a bit… sometimes…

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