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    • Carole Cappeliez

      That link is very interesting indeed. I need to read it again, to take it all in. However, propaganda against the Church is no surprise, really. There have been millions of Protestant tracts trying to discredit the Church – but it’s still here, alive and kicking, despite the crisis!

    • Carole,

      Thank you for your kind encouragement to Peter – his video talk is excellent, and I’m glad you found it useful.

      I will take a look at your link tomorrow, hopefully – not had a chance to read it yet.

  1. Brilliant video. I learned loads. What a great resource to use next time I hear the rubbish that the evangelists just made so much stuff up. I really enjoyed this.

    • Peter’s talk is a great resource, I fully agree. Knocks down the lies about the New Testament, especially the miracles of Jesus. Well done, Peter.

  2. Thanks for comments so far.

    I just need to explain – to avoid “video-watching” – that we have published two videos in a row, simply because we are launching the series. We won’t be publishing new videos in the series on such a regular basis but as often as we can manage.

    Again, if you have a topic you’d like covered, let us know on one of the video threads.

  3. Everything about that video was brilliant and Peter gave a great talk. Clear even for dummies!

  4. Fantastic video – I really have been helped by Peter’s talk on the New Testament, as Helen says, so brilliant and clear even for dummies, LOL!

  5. I agree, a fantastic video from Peter. Thank you SO much for making a thorny topic very clear and understandable. I’ve noticed that TV discussions all make it seem that the Gospels are concocted so thank you over and over for giving us the answer to those lies.

    • Margaret Mary,

      What surprises me, watching Peter’s video, is why priests haven’t been telling us these facts to equip us to correct people who are saying these things. That’s a real puzzle, to me.

      • Nicky,

        There’s no puzzle there. Priests haven’t been giving us the facts about the historicity of the New Testament because they don’t know them.

        For years now, teachers and priests have been fed the nonsense spewed by the likes of Rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer-Bultmann (as I called him in my own student days) Rudolph Bultmann, leading Scripture “scholar”. He set out to “demythologize” the Gospels – that is to say, to explain away the supernatural (miracles) and to push his particular interpretation of passages through “form criticism” – verses which seemed of place and thus provide evidence that the writers put their own words into the text.

        You’d need to see, to believe, the clergy and teachers avidly making notes at meetings/in-service courses where this baloney was served up as “scripture scholarship”. Never any critical thinking applied to these “scholars” – always, these “intellectuals” would question and challenge the Church’s authority.

        Nobody, in my experience, ever raised the question of what to do about the Church if, in fact, the evangelists were, as seems to be the case, liars and fraudsters. Do we really NEED to accept that Christ was God and His Church divinely authorised to teach in His name, guard the moral order? They just appeared to take it for granted that we changed tack and regarded the Church as a purely human invention, which we may take or leave as we choose. We’ve had Theology for the Brain Dead, now try Scripture Scholarship for the Silly Sausage Brigade.

        Here’s a short video which exposes the Bultmann Baloney for what it is, by examining some “offending” texts…

  6. Totally brilliant. I don’t think many people – including priests and teachers as already said, know the most basics about the study of scripture.

    Both videos are fantastic – congratulations to Peter, an excellent speaker, and the “Temporal Apologetics Missions 2” video as well – really brilliant stuff. It’s all so clear and understandable at first viewing that it’s just amazing to think that the clergy and teachers don’t actually know this.. I’ve heard stuff in sermons that comes from this “scholarship” – thanks a bunch for educating us so well on this important topic.

    • Laura,

      That is the shocking truth – that the overwhelming majority of priests and teachers have never questioned Bultmann and his “form criticism” which is exposed by that brilliant video as a groundless theory. Bultmann just shows his ignorance, and those priests and teachers who have uncritically accepted his ideas should be thoroughly embarrassed. You’d think any Catholic, even the most un-educated, i.e. no Highers, no Degrees etc, would know by instinct that the evangelists could not possibly have made up stuff, or invented miracles because that would mean that Jesus was not divine, and so there was no need to pay any attention to the Church. How come the supposedly educated clergy and teachers didn’t realise that?

      I also loved the cartoon video on Bultmann – I agree with you that it is totally brilliant.

  7. Editor,

    I love this video about that pompous fraud Bultmann, but I don’t understand its use of the word “anachronistic.” To me his errors are the reverse of anachronism – that is, he is applying modern concepts, customs and linguistics to ancient texts, not the other way around.

    • RCA Victor

      I took it to mean that Bultmann was making his judgements about the evangelists making stuff up because HE, Bultmann was ignorant about certain things such as that the Jewish leaders thought they were the only ones who could preach about forgiveness. So, because Bultmann didn’t know that himself, he jumped to the conclusion that the evangelists had put it in later – that was the anachronism, as I understand it anyway.

  8. I just LOVE Peter’s video – it’s fabulous. I’ve heard this rubbish so much about this or that passage in the Gospels being added later by the evangelists etc. and never heard it refuted, so this video is gold-dust. I see now that there are others out there but this one is by far the best, the clearest, IMHO.

    Well done, Peter! Fantastic work!

  9. I’ve just watched this video again and it’s just fantastic. It really is jam-packed with information that we never hear but need to know. Brilliant, Peter!

  10. I’ve also watched Peter’s video several times – it’s really excellent.

    I hope there will be more on the Bible, as it’s not always easy to explain stuff – such as why there are different bibles. Maybe Peter will do a talk on that for us?

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