1/5/18: Welcome to the Month of Mary!


To honour Our Lady in this Month of Mary, 2018, share your favourite hymns and prayers, stories and jokes (always of the good, clean fun variety, of course!)

Today, 1st May, is also the Feast of St Joseph, patron saint of workers – so we must honour him, as well, great and humble saint: ask for his intercession today, especially for those seeking employment, or in need of direction in choosing or re-directing their career path.  

Welcome to the Month of Mary, and a very Happy Feast of St Joseph the Worker to all bloggers and visitors to this site!  

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  1. Happy Feast of St Joseph the Worker everyone! And of course, welcome to the Month of Mary.

    Please pray for Cardinal Pell (Australia) who, according to news reports this morning, is to stand trial for historic sex-abuse. There are those who believe this is a stitch-up.

    Here’s another of my favourite May hymns – this version, though, has different words from the version with which I grew up but it is still lovely. Note that for those of us who grew up with the other version the words read NOT “bring flowers of the rarest, bring flowers of the fairest…” BUT “Bring flowers of the rarest, bring blossoms the fairest” (a bit smoother – but that aside, and a couple of other verses (!) this is a lovely version… Enjoy.

    • Editor,

      I definitely think there is something very suspicious about the Cardinal Pell case. Why did the Vatican hang him out to dry, on historic cases that will be impossible to prove. Shame on them.

    • Happy Lovely Month of May Ed . It’s a month that fills me with emotion of Goodness and sometimes not so Good . As for The Adoration to Our Blessed Mother we Know that she will never let us down. Maybe there are others as fortunate on here to know that Prayer said to Her will Never Go Unanswered. O of course one just doesn’t get what is not in Gods Will and thank God for that .

      • FOOF

        For the sake of non-Catholics visiting us, or poorly educated Catholics who may misunderstand, I’ll correct your reference to “The Adoration of Our Blessed Mother” – as you will know full well, we do not “adore” anyone except God. Your keyboard got the better of you there, when you really meant to type “The devotion to our Blessed Mother….”

        She certainly has never let me down, that’s for sure. It’s an awesome thought that she loves us even more than our own natural mothers love us – and that’s saying something, in the majority of cases.

        The hymn “O Mother blest… none with thee compare” has just popped into my head and I went looking for it on YouTube. Below, is the only version I could find. A priest, Father Francis singing beautifully…

  2. Those hymns are lovely – I’ve never heard that hymn to St Joseph before and I just loved it. It’s very moving.

    I do suspect that Cardinal Pell is being victimized and will pray especially for him today.

    Happy St Joseph to all workers and praying for those seeking work.

  3. This is a lovely hymn to Our Lady, as well.

    Happy month of Mary and St Joseph’s day to one and all!

    • Lily,

      That’s one I haven’t heard for years Daily Daily, Sing to Mary. It’s sweet.

    • “Daily Daily” – it’s forever since I heard that! It’s a very beautiful hymn.

  4. I love all the videos!

    There is no doubt about the power in heaven of both Our Lady and St Joseph under all their titles, and so today is a great day for important petitions. I would ask for the prayers of all the bloggers here for a special health intention for someone close to me, who has some worrying symptoms and is going to the doctor’s as soon as possible, for a diagnosis. We’re obviously hoping it will be nothing serious.

    Thank you all!

  5. Nicky,

    Thoughts and prayers for your petition today.

    This is my own favourite hymn to Our Lady – although I also loved the others above.

  6. Happy Feast of St Joseph the Worker everyone, and I hope we have a glorious month of Mary.

    I love all the hymns on video – had never heard the one about St Joseph, I only ever heard the one that begins “Hail St Joseph, pure and gentle” but that one (in the blog intro) is really lovely as well.

  7. A happy feast day to everyone. I need a special favour from St. Joseph and he must be getting deaf because he hasn’t answered me yet!

  8. N O T I C E . . .

    Email, just received, announcing the death of Father Cooper, FSSPX – RIP.

    Dear Family and Friends,

    It is a great sorrow to inform you that Fr. Daniel Jerome Cooper died this morning, in the hospital in Houston, Texas at 10:50 a.m. CDT. At the same time what a consolation that his holy death took place on 1 May 2018, Feast of St Joseph.

    Details of the arrangements will surely be forthcoming from the District Headquarters. His wishes were to be buried from Queen of Angels at the local Catholic Cemetery in Dickinson, Texas.

    Requiem aeternam dona ei Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.

    In the Immaculata,..


    • Thank you Hélène,
      He also is my favorite Saint.
      PS: I did not find the hymn in English.