23/4 – Feast of St George of England!



How will you be celebrating St George’s Day?  Hopefully, all Catholic Truth readers, bloggers and visitors to this site will remember a prayer for the hierarchy of England on this Feast, imploring all the graces necessary for them to begin the work of restoring the traditional Catholic Faith in their land, which bears the beautiful title of “Dowry of Mary”

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  1. One of my nieces celebrates her 40th birthday on the Feast of St George, so please remember a wee prayer for her on the day. Thank you!

  2. That’s a really excellent video – educational and entertaining at the same time.

    I voted for all the patron saints of the UK nations to be holidays, but I doubt it will ever happen, would be nice though!

    About how will I celebrate it – I don’t usually celebrate any of the patron saints, but tomorrow I’ll say a special prayer for England and toast St George with a drink (coffee and a cake!)

    Happy Feast!

  3. I meant to include, in the introduction, an invitation to do what we always do with devotional threads, which is to discuss, of course, all related issues, share favourite hymns and prayers AND share jokes in the good, clean fun category. Here’s one about England to kick start the Feast – enjoy!

    As I keep saying, I wouldn’t mind climate change, if only the climate would change for the better!

    • On LifeSite News, at least 2 bloggers have publicly posted they will NEVER go to England after the despicable treatment of Baby Alfie.

      I know this probably belongs on either the General Discussion or pro-life threads so please post a *specific* link as to WHICH thread it goes on. It drives me crazy going through each discussion thread trying to find it because they’re designated by number (1,2,3 etc.) instead of a title.

      Suggestion: Add a title after the number on each General Discussion and Catholics Must Be Pro-life – Action! threads. Example: 1) Who’s your favourite Saint?, 2) Should men dress modestly?, 3) How to make children behave in church…

      That would help poor peons like me find the right thread.

      MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN – Save Baby Alfie!

      • Margaret,

        You can ONLY post on the top General Discussion or Pro-Life thread.

        The rest of the numbers indicate PREVIOUS threads which are now closed. They are there merely for reference purposes. So, whichever thread is stuck at the top of the home page is the current General Discussion or Pro-Life thread.

        Because there are two temporary threads stuck there, the Catholic Truth About Us Video and the Public Rosary thread, you have to scroll down to read the current General Discussion and Pro Life thread. They will be removed after our public rosary on 12 May.

        Hope that clarifies things for you. In any event, no need to re-post your comment, as it fits perfectly onto the St George of England thread.

  4. I didn’t know England and Britain had two different flags, and it’s a minor miracle that the creator of this video used “A.D.” instead of the politically correct (and ludicrous) “C.E.”

    Pardon my cynicism, but as for English ideals of “honor, bravery and gallantry,” I’d say those have been replaced by perfidy, cowardice and tyranny….at least among the ruling class of globalist bureaucrats and their minions. And I’m sure it won’t be long before some useful idiot appears on the BBC to proclaim that St. George’s cross on the flag is a violation of the separation of church and state.

    I looked him up on Wikipedia, here are some facts omitted in this video:

    *St. George is one of the 14 Holy Helpers
    *He is considered by some Muslims as a prophet, and is also venerated by the Jews
    *He is honored by the Eastern Orthodox

    • RCA Victor

      The “Union” flag of the UK has elements of the flags to represent England, Scotland and Ireland (a St Patrick’s red cross, alongside the English red cross) but I don’t recall anything to represent Wales – the Welsh flag is a red dragon Welsh colours are red and green.

      Breaking News – it seems the latest royal baby is on his/her way into the world today, but since they’ve already named a son “George” it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a “Georgina” (even if the new baby is a girl!)

      • I’m interested in the Union Jack not having part of the flag of Wales. I notice on this blog we’ve celebrated the Feasts of St Andrew, St Patrick and St George but I don’t ever remember a blog on St David of Wales. I think Wales gets overlooked a lot, so maybe next year? March 1st is his feast.

        Happy Feast of St George, everyone!

    • RCA Victor

      I’m almost certain it was St Andrew who led them in victorious battle. Typical of the English – even in Heaven they’re trying to outdo us Scots 😀

  5. I wish everyone at Catholic Truth a very happy and holy Feast of St George of England.

    I wish, too, to welcome the new little prince. My guess for his name is Albert. Just because they seem to go in for the old fashioned, former kings’ names.