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Where possible, we suggest that bloggers make and respond to calls to action in defence of the unborn child – whether that entails emailing MPs or supporting various vigils etc.
Try not to simply post a link to news – publish an extract and/or make a suggestion about possible action, that will encourage readers to click your link.

Among all the crimes which can be committed against life, procured abortion has characteristics making it particularly serious and deplorable. The Second Vatican Council defines abortion, together with infanticide, as an “unspeakable crime”.54
But today, in many people’s consciences, the perception of its gravity has become progressively obscured. The acceptance of abortion in the popular mind, in behaviour and even in law itself, is a telling sign of an extremely dangerous crisis of the moral sense, which is becoming more and more incapable of distinguishing between good and evil, even when the fundamental right to life is at stake. Given such a grave situation, we need now more than ever to have the courage to look the truth in the eye and to call things by their proper name, without yielding to convenient compromises or to the temptation of self-deception. In this regard the reproach of the Prophet is extremely straightforward: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness” (Is 5:20). Especially in the case of abortion there is a widespread use of ambiguous terminology, such as “interruption of pregnancy”, which tends to hide abortion’s true nature and to attenuate its seriousness in public opinion. Perhaps this linguistic phenomenon is itself a symptom of an uneasiness of conscience. But no word has the power to change the reality of things: procured abortion is the deliberate and direct killing, by whatever means it is carried out, of a human being in the initial phase of his or her existence, extending from conception to birth.

The moral gravity of procured abortion is apparent in all its truth
if we recognize that we are dealing with murder…
Pope John Paul II: Evangelium Vitae – on the Value and Inviolability, of Human Life #58  [Emphasis added]  
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    • Pat McKay,

      That’s shocking, really shocking, but I don’t think a lot of people would object – they’d see that as perfectly reasonable. That’s how bad things are now in moral terms.

    • Wendy, the point I am always trying to get across is the fact, as those two articles clearly demonstrate, that Rome is going soft on these subjects.

      These are two fruits of the same tree. Humanae Vitae is now up for a revision/edit and so it goes on.

      The rank and file parishioners are sleepwalking in to abortion being tacitly allowable as AL is used as the blueprint in ambiguity, subject to interpretation etc etc.

      No one, priest, prelate, whomever,that I know, will touch these subjects with a 10 foot barge pole.

    • Wendy, what surprises and dismays me is the fact that the two links I posted yesterday, with respect to the Knights of Malta, who should be a mirror of sound Catholic Teaching (and are obviously not),merits not a comment on the blog.

      However people will reply to blogs about Glasgwegian accents and bagpipes.

      As I have said before, (as those articles adequately demonstrate), the Catholic Church has gone soft on abortion and contraception.

      • St Miguel,

        That may be because on this blog we have known for a long time that the Knights of Malta are not “a mirror of sound teaching”, which we learned when discussing the sacking of Fra Festing.

        I didn’t comment on the blog about crude Scotsmen either because (like others, I presume) I haven’t got the time I would like to have to give to blogging. I comment when I can and I think it goes without saying that Catholics who blog here are pro-life. We don’t need to comment on every article to prove that.

        Also, I have learned on this blog, if I didn’t know it already, that “the Catholic Church” has not gone soft on abortion and contraception. I’ve learned to tell the difference between the Knights of Malta and Christ’s Church.

      • St Miguel,

        There’s really not a lot to add to Lily’s response, but, for your interest, here is a previous thread where we discussed the scandal of the Knights of Malta

        I’m interested, though, in your remark about the “Crude Scotsmen” thread – given your silence in that discussion, we might take it that you consider purity and modesty of speech to be unimportant. We might, but we won’t. There’s no “Thou shalt blog” commandment, and, as Lily says, people blog when they are free to do so. Those who rightly regard it as a meaningful apostolate are, perhaps, more regular contributors but that doesn’t mean others, who blog now and then, are any less “Catholic”.

        And certainly, we are all committed pro-lifers – there’s no question about that, although it’s nearly impossible to comment on every link posted – Wendy is a whirlwind who would be able to earn a living on TV working the “Breaking News” ticker-tape! We can’t keep up with her!

        Anyway, hopefully, we will meet at our Public Rosary for the unborn children at risk in Ireland. Watch for the advertisement, coming soon!

        • I have heard many, many, so called ‘crude people’ from all over the world, including American English, Welsh and Irish. I have worked in heavy industry throughout my life and worked with many men, some who really did have a ‘fry up on a shovel’…that is not made up. I worked in some of the worst weather and in seriously inhospitable terrain. I can tell you that some of the men I worked with may have sworn like troopers and sometimes we would joke that a certain ‘word’ was almost like a comma in speech!

          However, I would have trusted these men with my life and often had to do so and what I can tell you is that I have met more men with more humanity (atheists included), than almost all of the effete clergy we see in Dioceses up and down this country and abroad.

          Straight and to the point, no mind games like spivs in suits working in offices and board rooms all over the world, working on their next get rich quick racket.

          We have liars and conmen, sex scandals galore among the polite political classes and you can see them at work on TV discussion and interviews and they may speak eloquently but that cuts no ice with me.

          Whether the Knights of Malta,the Vat Pack and Cardinals galore, they could not hold a candle to some of the ‘sweary’ men I have met in my life.

          As regards the ‘accent’…..we also have a famous Kelvinside accent you know, (which would give the Edinburghers a run for their money),example as follows.

          Well dressed fur coated Kelvinside lady going in to a bakers in Byres Road.

          ‘excuse me young lady is that a doughnut or a meringue’? she asks.
          ‘naw ye wur right the furst time hen, it’s a doughnut!

          • So, I was actually correct – purity and modesty of speech, no big deal, as far as you are concerned.

            I dislike false dichotomies. In other words, because there are crooks and swindlers with posh accents, doesn’t excuse the working men using crude language.

            In fact, one of my clearest, if saddest, memories of visiting homes as a member of the Legion of Mary in my (very working class) parish in Glasgow some years ago, is that of a gentleman who was not a Catholic, who told us that he worked alongside one of the pillars of our parish, and – he said – if anyone would put him off the Church, it was that foul-mouthed colleague.

            You see, St Miguel, not all working class men (and women) are unable to conduct a conversation without using the kind of “commas” to which you refer.

            Most of us are disgusted by it. And it’s always a pity to find Catholics who are not only accepting of such filthy talk but actually defending it.

  1. The Reverend Abbot Martin Shipperlee

    Ealing Abbey, (Parish Office) Date: 24th March 2018

    2 Marchwood Crescent E-mail / post


    W5 2DZ

    Dear Reverend Abbot Shipperlee,

    RE: Consultation on a PSPO – Buffer Zones in Mattock Lane, Ealing

    Following our reading of the document that was issued by Ealing Council in January 2018 entitled “Consultation on a Public Spaces Protection Order (“PSPO”), Addressing Behaviours Outside the Marie Stopes Clinic in Mattock Lane”, we were (as are many) extremely concerned to read the following excerpt at page 4 of the aforesaid publication –

    “Ealing Abbey’s position is that the church does not organize or coordinate the vigil/ protests. Ealing Abbey is committed to defending the right to ‘peaceful prayer’; however they have outlined their concerns with some of the behaviours of Pro-Life vigil members.[Ed: this bold section is underlined in the original letter, hence references below to “underlined” words refer to this section in bold.]

    In the light of that particular comment, we are anxious (as the many other pro-life individuals on whose behalf we are writing) that, in the absence of an explanation for this stance underlined), the position is one that could well mitigate against the pro-life vigil group participants who take part in witnessing at the Mattock Lane site.

    Therefore, we should be obliged if you would kindly advise us (in confidence, if necessary) what the background is to that underlined statement and who was responsible for making that statement to Ealing Council; additionally, did the making of this statement arise out of some form of misunderstanding?

    Equally, had the communicator of the statement been confused about who was actually appearing at the Mattock Lane site? For instance, had the communicator confused the’ pink-top’ –wearing fascist pro-death street brigade, SISTER SUPPORTER (“SS”) group as somehow being associated with a pro-life vigil presence?

    The refusal of pro-life groups to ‘conform’ to any ‘compromise’ as set out by Ealing Council is an entirely correct and proper one – fully in accord with the law on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. As our Open Letter to Theresa May MP dated 12th January 2018 clearly sets out, the pro-life movement has the authority of statute, common law and human rights’ legislation (and with no arrests, prosecutions, cautions or reprimands in 23 years!) on their side.

    It is Ealing Council that is utterly determined to violate the essential protections to free speech and assembly in conjunction with the MP (who is providing the leadership of the SS brigades) for Ealing Central and Acton, Rupa Huq.

    Should matters progress to a challenge over the legality of buffer zones (as Ealing Council seems determined to ensure that it will) the life groups will need to marshal all the necessary rebuttals to this arbitrary and anti-democratic action by the Council and its abortion industry cohorts.

    It was indeed fortunate that in Nottingham recently, an injunction served against Doctor John Edwards of 40 DFL by Nottinghamshire City Council (“NCC”), preventing him from taking part in the pro-life vigil outside of the grounds of QMC Hospital for the 40 days of Lent, was lifted and discharged by the Judge, His Honour Judge Owen. An attempt by the Council to extend the injunction to other members of the vigil also failed. Judge Owen further ruled that there was no basis on the evidence brought before the court for directing, as requested by NCC, that the matter go to full trial. Doctor Edwards said that [ ]”This was a deeply misguided attempt by the [NCC] to attack free speech simply because they disagreed with our point of view.”

    We trust that the urgency of the debate will not be lost in translation – The SS brigade openly bragged of their ‘invasion’ of the Ealing Abbey precinct – SS say on the 9th April 2017 that –

    “Yesterday, we took a different approach…we decided if the pro-lifers thought it was ok to bring their beliefs to the doorstep of women’s health, we were going to bring our beliefs to THEIR doorstep!

    We stood outside Ealing Abbey, giving them a taste of how it might feel. This was intimidating enough for them to sneak out the back exit (oh the irony) but we decided we weren’t going to let their pro-life procession go on without a fight! We literally sprinted after them and got in front of their parade for the whole route through Ealing. We ended at the clinic, joined by more sisters successfully blockading them from the entrance and view of clinic users. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support us and send them a message!”

    This was the occasion to which the Reverend Peter Burns referred to in his recent letter to the Tablet – From “Acts of Witness against abortion”:

    “ [ ] Several months ago, I was called to the front of the Abbey Church by a parishioner alarmed that a group of protesters was intimidating and imperiling the safety of elderly parishoners exiting the church [ ]. I witnessed a group of pink-clad protesters who had come onto Abbey premises to stand in two phalanxes down the Abbey steps. They were clearly seeking confrontation with a pro-life group who had been attending [the Abbey].”

    We are aware that the SS brigade is being privately funded to cause disruption and this is apparent in respect of their uniforms (in breach of the Public Order Act 1936 – forbidding the wearing of a uniform for the attainment of a political objective; prosecutions can only be made with the assent of the Attorney-General). The recent Daily Mail investigation into the sum of money provided by Max Mosley – (son of the British Union of Fascists’ leader, Sir Oswald Mosley (the black shirts)) to Tom Watson, totaling £540,000 is, we believe, partially funding this endeavour on behalf of the abortion industry.

    Therefore, we should be obliged if you would kindly supply us with the necessary background information at your earliest opportunity to facilitate a robust defence to the actions of the Council.

    We maintain that the safety and well-being of expectant mothers and their unborn children who unwittingly present at the Mattock Lane site demands no less and that the final word should go to the Reverend Burns in his letter’s final paragraph: –

    “If conscientious objectors to the taking of innocent human life before birth are not to be entitled to make some act of witness outside the places where this killing takes place on such a huge scale, and if those offering some alternative to it are to be silenced, then the liars and murderers who foster this trade have triumphed.”

    Many thanks.

    Dear All
    We need lots of letters please use this one as a template if you so wish to Ealing Abbey ..thanking you

    Abbey e -mail address …PARISHOFFICE@EALINGABBEY.ORG.UK

    Wendy..please treat as urgent

    • Wendy,

      That is a brilliant letter – if these buffer zones materialise, I hope that the pro-life organisations are able to fund a legal challenge, which – hopefully – would bring the same positive judgment as that delivered in Nottingham by Judge Owen.

      The mischevious diabolical Sister Supporter group cannot be permitted to get away with their disgraceful tactics of disruption which they then blame on the peaceful pro-lifers. Truly diabolical.

    • Wendy, brilliant letter,I have just written to Ealing Abbey for an explanation.

      I just heard from a relative who is closely involved in the pro-life movement and she has said 500 babies have been saved from murder by these fantastic pro-life people in the last five years(I know this involves Ealing clinic) I think the buffer zones will be starting next week in Ealing.

      ALL Catholics have a duty to stop abortion (and all contraception – one of the biggest causes of abortion) if they bring in the buffer zone and it could be nationwide, do you have any alternate plans. If only we could wake “Catholics” up to this horror and advocate an hour or more in prayer, Mass, Rosary daily/ weekly to end this genocide.

    • Wendy, the acid test in my humble opinion is WHEN is a CARDINAL, as in Vincent Nichols, going to stand and LEAD the prayers at such an event.

      The answer is NEVER…my question is always going to be WHY ???

      • St Miguel,

        I think you seem to be just catching up, just learning about the crisis in the Church. For years and years Archbishop/Cardinal Nichols has been pushing his own agenda, gay Masses in Soho, same-sex unions and so he is highly unlikely to be leading prayer vigils against abortion. He’ll never say it, but I’d bet he would class himself as “pro-choice”.

        You really ought to stop being so surprised at these things – they are all part of the diabolical disorientation which Sister Lucy (Fatima) warned about. You ask “why” he doesn’t lead prayers at a prolife vigil, well, that’s your answer. He is part of the apostasy, warned of at Fatima, and apostasy means a loss of faith.

    • That’s a disgrace. I’m not on Facebook but if I was, I would delete my account right now. To suppress the prolife message and allow all sorts of evil stuff to go on there, is nothing short of disgraceful.

      • Lily, I once posted a comment about many men being ‘on the square (‘wash-hand basons’, in other words)’ (sic) in a particular town in Scotland. The page-owner didn’t delete this, yet it soon vanished from her page. Interesting.


    Found this interesting..and if Editor reading this, I will reiterate my thoughts on the Church of Rome.

    The VAT PACK running the show care not a whit about any of this, as they are too busy backstabbing each other in the quest for career advancement and an easier and cushier lifestyle.

    This attitude permeates to the lower echelons in the diocese around the world…they do NOT lead by example, they do NOT rock the boat, but will absolutely put the boot in big time to any one who calls them out.

    For the record I do NOT believe that Christ has abandoned his Church, I believe that the custodians/churchmen have abandoned the church I grew up in.

    • St Miguel,

      Your last sentence is correct but your apparent creation of a different Church earlier in your post (and in previous comments) is a tad confusing.

      There IS only one Church – the Church of Christ to which some (especially Protestants!) refer as “the Church of Rome”…

      Weak, faithless churchmen causing scandal in the Church is nothing new. Think: Judas Iscariot. And, to add chaos to the confusion, the “reforms” that have been foisted on us since Vatican II are causing millions to lose the Faith. It’s shocking. At our level, the answer is simple: don’t participate. Have nothing to do with the “reforms”. Get thee to the ancient Mass, pray the traditional Rosary and do NOT present for Holy Communion if you are living in an adulterous partnership.


      • If the chaos and confusion/reforms cause millions to lose their faith, would God in his mercy understand that it may not be their fault if they had trusted their clergy, bishops and Popes to lead them ?

        • St Miguel,

          While it is true that God will, of course, take everything into account when judging a soul, that will include the fact that we have a duty to keep ourselves educated in the Faith and that, especially, in a time of crisis. God always gives us all that we need to save our souls. Think of the Japanese Catholics who had no priests for over 200 years – God never abandons us.

          I remember once, in conversation with a priest, expressing sympathy for young priests who were born and ordained into this crisis. The priest said “no”, I should not feel such sympathy because those young priests have the same access to books, Church history, papal encyclicals pre-Vatican II, not to mention the internet, that the rest of us have. It’s up to each person to inform themselves and to be all the more dutiful during a time of manifest crisis.

          In short, while God will undoubtedly take account of all relevant factors at our judgment, we cannot use that as an excuse to slacken or fall away, because His grace is always available to us.

          At the same time, those negligent popes, bishops and priests will face an horrendous judgment for their part in causing confusion and either losing souls or putting souls at risk by their failure to behave as true shepherds who teach and defend the Faith. The remark that “the floors/walls of Hell are paved with the skulls of bishops” is attributed to a number of saints, but whoever said it, was, undoubtedly, spot on. Those who court this world instead of clinging fast to the Faith will surely hear those terrible words at their judgment: “YOU have had your reward…”

            • St Miguel,

              I had seen that quote from Cardinal Lehman’s book and found it quite eye-opening. Regarding going to his judgement, he must have felt like a naughty school boy on parents night.

              It seems he is trying to apologise for the devastation which took place on his watch, yet without saying so explicitly.

                • St Miguel,

                  I take that “negotiate” remark as a reference to Bishop Fellay/SSPX since that seems to be at the forefront of your mind (where it’s not in my mind at all.)

                  Nothing to worry about. It’s not happening. It won’t happen. Relax!

                  • You may not agree with me Editor, but my opinion is that the SSPX is the only lifeboat we now have.

                    The Curia and anyone with influence are already down the road of protestantising the Holy Catholic and Apostolic church as best they can and would love to scupper any traditionalists at any opportunity.

                    Therefore could it have been God’s Will that the Reconciliation with Rome did not eventually take place ?

                    Is that what you mean, if so I can give my mind a rest !

                • Ref. bottom link….now imagine the people who previously could NOT be employed did not cough up their TITHES….yep that’s right…they would NOT be employed.

                  Who sayeth?…..Cardinal Marx, who else.

                  The German church is outwith Vatican Control OR the German church controls the Vatican

                  • St Miguel,

                    Again, alongside the SSPX you seem to worry about the German Church but the Germans said way back even before the Synod on the family (or early on during it, can’t quite recall) that they are not a “subsidiary” of Rome, that they would do their own thing regarding Holy Communion for adulterers, so we know that they are outwith Vatican control – they are de facto in schism. And they are not alone, believe me!

                    • Totally agree that they are in schism, but why are they NEVER called out on this, while the world attacks the SSPX and still throws the word schismatic about like confetti.

                      Look at the Lehman link and what they were proposing 20 years before AL…notice the names Kasper etc.

                      It is the proverbial elephant in the room.

                      My reasoning is that their mindset is so steeped in modernism/liberalism that they are never going to change.

                    • St Miguel,

                      THAT is the nature of the crisis! If they were “called out for it” – i.e. anathematized by Pope and Vatican, there wouldn’t BE a crisis.

    • Wendy Walker,

      I wonder if the Rome government would have ordered that poster to be removed if the Pope was crystal clear about the evil of abortion? I don’t think so. This awful pope proves the truth of the words of Christ, if we are not for him we are against. Equivocation is evil.

  3. Well we now know how Ealing voted last night …HOPEFULLY ..this will be a wake up call to all pro Life people to really speak up and get involved speak to their Priests and contact The media these evil wicked pro death people will stop at nothing to get more babies killed and their Mums hurt …..Very sad day fro us but it will make us all the more impassioned to save precious voiceless babies

    • Wendy,

      I’ve submitted the following comment on the Tom Utley article but it has not been published, at least, not yet…

      I watched a female Labour MP arguing against women’s choice to wear fur, in a recent TV discussion on the subject. She was animated in her defence of animals having the right to keep their fur, yet against the right of the unborn baby to his or her life. Confused minds – terrifying to think of the power they hold over us.

      It’s a pity Tom U gives any quarter at all to the allegations against the pro-lifers outside the Ealing Clinic. As they have said over and over again, produce the film from the clinic camera which is trained on the front gates. If the Good Counsel Network were guilty of any of the allegations, there would be the proof, but the clinic has steadfastly refused to produce the film. As for their log book and the complaints from residents, it is noteworthy that the harassment and noise complaints date since the arrival of the “pro-choice” Sister Supporter group. Previously, the residents did not complain because there was nothing to complain about. This is a stitch up.

  4. How to keep Ireland Pro-Life at the upcoming Abortion Referendum
    Family Life International
    Today, 11:00

    Dear friends of Life,
    We are looking for people who can give up 3 or 4 days to spend in the Republic of Ireland to help persuade the general population to preserve the life of the unborn Child in Ireland.

    As you may be aware the pro-aborts want to change the laws in Ireland to permit the killing of the unborn child. Unless you and I stand to defend these children then the Republic will go the way of the United Kingdom.

    We have joined with Gregg Cunningham who runs the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform whose organisation is working to establish prenatal justice and the right to life for the unborn, the disabled, the infirm, the aged and all vulnerable peoples.

    As you know there are no abortion mills in Ireland but if the referendum is passed in May 2018, they will become common place. In an effort to save Irish babies we need your help. Those of you who feel that you would like to do something, all you need to do is register with Family Life International by Phone or e-mail.

    We are looking for people with conviction, who are prepared to hold signs in strategic places for a few days during April and May. You do not have to speak or articulate opposition to abortion to anyone, just be a witness for the Life of the Unborn Child. Accommodation is organised and provided and all activities have been agreed and approved with the local and legal authorities.

    So if you would like to support the project for Life give us a call as soon as possible.

    Yours In Christ

    Greg Clovis

    Family Life International UK
    Helping to Restore a Culture of Life

    PO Box HLI Lon19503 London SE9 4ZX. (t) 0208 857 9950

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    • Wendy,

      I am giving thought to going over, but would prefer to be simply handing out leaflets and talking to people. Only holding signs doesn’t appeal to me (although I think they are important to have as well) because I think we need to work hard to overcome the “pro-choice” propaganda on a one-to-one conversational basis. No need for in-depth medical knowledge – the child conceived is either a human being or not. If a human, then nobody has the right to kill it. That’s about all anyone needs to know. The pro-abortionists write off signs and claim that the medical facts given by pro-lifers are fake. So, keep the message simple and factual. Circumstances can change so it cannot be right to end the life of an unborn child because of the immediate circumstances of the mother. She should be supported and her circumstances changed for the better to allow the child to be born – adoption should be an option, not murder. Keep, as I say, the message simple and factual.

      Nobody ever says they are expecting a clump of cells or a foetus. They conceive a child and that is what they say when sharing the news – even those who end up thinking of abortion, speak of expecting a baby. So, that would be my approach and I’m always puzzled at the formal pro-life movement’s insistence on either standing praying but not answering questions (as happened at the 40 days for life vigil in Glasgow which I attended, last year) or standing with signs but, again, not speaking to passers by. Not effective, in my opinion.

      Thinking it over, and checking my diary…

  5. I’ve just been informed of a new pro-life groups being established at the University of Aberdeen. I can’t copy their flyer as it appears on the page, but here is the text of the flyer.

    Every day on average 552 abortions take place in Britain.

    Is this indicative of a ​just​ and ​equitable ​nation?

    We are the Aberdeen Life Ethics Society.

    We believe it’s time for pro-life students at the University of Aberdeen to have a voice​.

    If you support (or are open to) the pro-life perspective in the ethical debate surrounding abortion, let’s connect.

    Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @AbdnLifeEthics or send a message to to learn more.

  6. To this report, I say, where are the rest of the English bishops? Why are they not calling out this disgraceful attack on pro-life activists?

    Indeed, if they had a Catholic bone between them in their collective bodies, the entire hierarchy of the UK would have spoken out vociferously against this proposed – now realised – suppression of free speech.

    The pro-life group is still allowed to gather to pray and hand out leaflets, i.e. approach women a distance away from the abortion clinic in Ealing, but as the lady who represents the Good Counsel Network said on a BBC programme which was published on the Pro-Choice Nottingham website, where I saw it, (having stopped watching BBC, since the broadcast of the anti-Catholic homo propaganda video), if they really were guilty of harassing and intimidating women, they shouldn’t be allowed to stand and hand out leaflets anywhere!

    The dumbells hadn’t thought of that and were momentarily stumped, including the hapless interviewer, Victoria Derbyshire. Thick as mince. Difference is, I love mince…

      • St Miguel,

        I wrote: “Where are the rest of the English bishops”. I’d have quoted Cardinal Nichols if he’s spoken out, so we can take it that he approves of (or at least doesn’t object/doesn’t care about) the ban on free speech outside abortion clinics. He might care if those praying were Muslims or LGBT lobbyists, but Catholics? Gerrourahere!

        • Yep, what a shower, I reckon he does not care.

          Just watched an episode of Law and Order, the US series with Sam Waterstone… a strange statement arose in the courtroom, where someone who witnessed a murder and did not report it was charged with :- ‘Depraved indifference to the crime of murder.’ A custodial sentence if found gulity.

          Got me thinking about that expression and I would think that expression says a lot about society today.

    • Pat,

      Not a whisper on any news broadcast I’ve seen, nor headlined in any of the newspapers, to the best of my knowledge.

      Given that the shocking incident happened at the Ealing clinic, focus of the demands for a buffer zone, this is highly suspicious and smells of a cover-up – with bells on. But then the Care Quality Commission damning reports of the Marie Stopes Clinic only got a passing mention on the TV news and that only once, to the best of my recollection. Given that the 24 hour channels repeat the most yawn yawn stuff all day long and into the next day, this is significant evidence, as if any were needed, of the media bias in favour of the murder of the unborn child.

      All, of course, aided and abetted by those soft “pro-lifers” who want to keep the truth about abortion from the public domain. I never cease to be amazed at the fact that some, few or many I’m not sure, disapprove of graphic images of the murdered babies being shown. If I were a baby in the womb at risk, I’d be thinking “with friends like these, who needs enemies”?

    • Could we all contact Selfridges by phone 0800 123400 or email them to protest at them allowing this Irish fashion designer to blatantly support the murder of unborn children. I have just rang them and they asked me to e-mail them at the address above putting in the title “Oxford window dresser Abortion issue”, they will be monitoring the amount of e-mails

      • Thank you Chloe and Wendy,

        I’ve just emailed and put Oxford window dresser etc in the subject field, so let’s hope plenty more are sent.

        As I said in my email, this entirely propaganda display should be trashed right after Richard Malone is consigned to his rightful place in the queue at the nearest jobcentre.

      • Thank you very much Chloe and Patricia
        Thankfully pro life people are responding to this ….it is disgraceful and if Selfridges are under any illusion of losing sales he will go ….
        We must also remember Waterstones a few Months ago hosting an abortion exhibition in London for a number of days ..and also hosting an Anne Furedi Event to promote her vile book…..say no more .

  7. Title: Rosary On The Coast – The Greatest Prayer Event in Modern British History?

    Listen here: radio/
    Radio – EWTN Ireland
    To listen to EWTN Global Radio “Live” please click the image below.

    Hosts: Kathy Sinnott and Paul MacAree with Antonia Moffat

    Rosary on the Coast For Faith, Life and Peace in the British Isles will take place along the vast coast of England, Scotland and Wales on Sunday 29th of April – at the hour of Mercy, 3pm. Pilgrims from across Britain will gather at over 250 locations to pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary for life – and for the salvation of the British nation. Joined by numerous bishops, priests, religious and laity, Rosary on the Coast team member Antonia Moffat tells Celtic Connections about what could be the greatest prayer event in modern British history.

  8. I am just dumbfounded at the news about Alfie Evans, the little boy being held at Alder Hey hospital in England. After having his life support removed he is breathing fine on his own, and now the Judge has said he can go home but not allowed to go to Rome where specialists have offered treatment and even had an air ambulance waiting near the hospital to take him there.

    I am thunderstruck at the idea that a court can ban parents from taking a child out of the country.

    How can this possibly be? Can doctors and lawyers hold children prisoner against their parents’ wishes? I really am stunned at this and hope someone can explain how it can be.

    • Lily I am baffled as well, if he can leave the hospital to go home, then why not somewhere else, he is leaving the hospital anyway?

      Could it be that they want to prove their point and let the child die, AS AN EXAMPLE TO US….don’t dare ever again question their judgement ?

      They are seemingly gobsmacked that DESPITE their prognosis the child is still alive. Can’t have ANOTHER case of a child getting cured or in any way getting life improvement by medics in ANOTHER country as happened with Ayesha King.

      As for the Judge, it looks like they are determined to not create legal precedent and have us, the great unwashed, getting above ourselves and straining the coffers of our bankrupt nation.

      Always money for wars….112 Cruise missiles in to Syria at £1million dollars a piece….new phenomena ‘Virtue Bombing’.

    • Lily,

      I totally agree. It is extremely worrying to think that parents can be forbidden by doctors and judges, from taking their child out of the country. This smacks of much more than a “nanny state” – it smacks of a totalitarian state.

  9. Following our recent blog ‘The ideological insanity of state control’, we have been inundated with requests for a petition calling for a ban on contraceptive implants for underage girls.

    Please sign our new petition to the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

    Stop promotion of underage sex.
    Ban contraceptive implants for underage girls.

    Recent figures released by NHS Digital and reported in the national press (, reveal that in the past two years 10,593 contraceptive implants have been given to schoolgirls below the age of 15 – some even as young as 12 – without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

    This is wrong at a number of levels:

    1. Although sexual activity from puberty onwards has become common, the legal age for consent in this country remains 16, which means that sex below this age is a criminal offence. The policy of giving contraceptive implants to underage girls, without their parents’ knowledge or consent, is therefore encouragement to commit a criminal offence.

    2. Underage sexual activity exposes children to a range of STIs, currently already at epidemic levels amongst young people. Many of these infections (such as gonorrhoea) are becoming increasingly untreatable, and some are life threatening.

    3. Short of disease, there are a variety of highly unpleasant side effects resulting from hormonal manipulation, ranging from weight gain and acne to the risk of adult infertility and embolism.

    4. The long-term effects of such intervention are still unknown, but there is already established susceptibility to adult infertility (mentioned above) and cancer.

    5. Rendering girls ‘infertile’ for a period of up to three years can only increase their susceptibility to sexual abuse and exploitation, leaving predators free to rape them without fear of repercussions. This in turn means that identifying child victims and acting to keep them safe will become far more difficult. All of which has justly led to this policy being called State facilitation of rape.

    At every level this is wrong. Children can never ‘belong’ to the State, and they should not be subjected to State sexualisation programmes designed to justify adult proclivities and desires.

    FACT : Parents have a right and duty to protect their child.
    FACT : Children’s brains are not fully developed until the age of 25. They lack the emotional and intellectual maturity to make life-changing decisions.
    CONCLUSION : Parents must be fully informed and consulted on all decisions affecting the future development and welfare of their children. They, and they alone, have the right and duty to make such decisions on their child’s behalf.

    For all these reasons, we call for a total ban on the insertion of contraceptive implants in underage girls without their parents’ knowledge and written consent.

    Sign petition here:


    On Thursday 10th May we plan to deliver our petition calling for an end to religious hate crime, and for Ofsted to be stopped from abusing their powers
    to the Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education

    We shall gather outside the entrance to the Department of Education, 20 Great Smith Street, Westminster, at 11.30 am for delivery of the petition at noon.

    All are welcome to join us. If you would like to help deliver the petition please register your attendance for free at

    And if you haven’t yet signed, please do so here:

    If you can, please help support our work.
    Donate here:

    Like us on Facebook at:

    Please sign and share this widely thank you

  10. About Alfie Evans’ case
    To: “MAY, Theresa”
    CC: ,;
    Date: mercredi 25 avril 2018 23:40

    Dear Prime Minister,

    Please, will you do what ever is possible in order that Alfie – now a citizen of Italy – be released to allow for transfer to the Italian hospital which has offered him care?

    Would you consider how bad all this is making the UK Health system look around the civilized world!

    Kind regards LD

  11. Article which has just appeared in Die Welt- the top German newspaper. They interview Professor Haas who is the head of the Child Cardiology and Paediatric Intensive Medicine Unit at Munich University Hospital. He says what is happening [to Alfie] would be totally unacceptable in Germany given the history of Nazi times.

    I suspect the answer to Margaret Mary’s question above is, no, there are NO pro-life judges in the UK. Either that, or he/she is being kept from judging cases of life and death such as this one.

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