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Feel free, also, to share your favourite spiritual reading books, prayers and devotions on this thread. Whatever. Enjoy!

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  1. A bit of light relief to start this new discussion thread:

    (Hopefully this is not inappropriate).

    We are potty training my young daughter (aged 2) right now. At a recent saturday mass we attend she suddenly advised me “Daddy, I need a pee”.

    Praising her for alerting me, I scooped her up and made straight for the toilet at the side door. However, when we got there, she decided that in fact she did not need a pee after all, so we just went back to our seat.

    Later during the mass, a lady was making her way down the side aisle and turned to go through the door to the toilet. At which point my daughter, who had spied the woman, boomed in the loudest voice imaginable “THAT LADY IS GOING FOR A PEE.”. She even pointed right at the poor woman, just incase there was any ambiguity as to whom she was referring.

    I don’t know who wanted the ground to swallow them up more, me or the poor lady in question!

    • Gabriel Syme,

      That is, indeed, comical – no wonder showbiz folk say they are wary of working with children or animals!

      However, there’s a more serious point to be made here, and I hope you don’t mind if I do just that 😀

      Not only because of their unpredictability, but also for reasons of modesty, I think it’s important to choose language very carefully when teaching even the smallest children the most basic things. After all, that’s what the sex-education “experts” do. They deliberately familiarise children with crudities – resources that I’ve seen include instructions to name the sexual organs and list them on the board, for children to learn, when there is absolutely no need to do so, but the purpose is to break down “inhibitions” so that the children will think and speak freely about bodily and sexual matters. They are saturated with this sort of thing, both at school and via the media. All the more important, then, that they learn modesty in all things, including language, at home and that from the earliest days.

      It might seem “picky” but I know mothers who teach their children to simply say that they “need to go to the toilet”, and when they meet with unwillingness (often because of a sense of embarrassment, everyone will know why… etc) they explain that some people go to the toilet just to wash their hands or fix their hair. It’s also likely to be less distracting for others in the pew, if a child asks to go to the toilet rather than spell out what they plan to do when they get there!

      Thinking ahead, with the inhibitions broken down, and a toddler daughter becoming an older/teenage daughter with different “toilet” issues, it would be unseemly to hear her, as we hear others, dishing out the reason for a toilet visit at that stage in her young life. “Too much information” as they say these days!

      I do hear children around me whispering for permission to go to the toilet during Mass, and I think nothing of it. If they were giving more detail, I’m not sure I’d be able to get my concentration back!

      Anyway, please do not take this as a personal criticism – there will be plenty reading this who think I’m just being a prude again, but I thought I would throw it in for your consideration.

      • Editor,

        I think it’s important to choose language very carefully when teaching even the smallest children the most basic things.

        I agree, personally when discussing such business I usually just ask her if she needs to “use her pot”.

        Her great precision surprised me and was part of what I found comical, but of course I would not expect her (or any child) to offer such detail beyond the age of ~2.

        On the plus side, from a parental point of view – “forewarned is forearmed”, as they say!

        • Gabriel Syme,

          On reading over my comment, I must thank you for not ticking me off – I’ve just re-read it and it comes across as cheeky-through-to-arrogant as if I’m instructing you on how to be parent! I really didn’t mean to do that, but having lived for a long time in the north of England, I got used to these graphic descriptions of why people were going to the loo, and although I don’t mind us importing lots of stuff from south of the border, I’d prefer to not import that rather crude custom!

          I take the points you made in reply – and, again, thank you for not taking offence. Some would say that your response shows your charity, others might say it’s all about blogging experience…

          • thank you for not ticking me off

            Not all all Editor.

            Thinking about it more I think its important to note that the language skills of a bright 2 year old are much more advanced than their social awareness/experience and neither do they have any concept of being crude.

  2. I have been informed that the (retired) Lord Gill PC is to give a lecture in April, as follows:

    Title: The Consequences of Vatican II
    Location: Hillhead library, Glasgow
    Date and time: Thursday 12th April, 5.30pm

    Sadly the early time (and it being mid-week) means I am unlikely to make it, but its interesting to see such a topic pop-up.

    I understand Lord Gill was educated by the Jesuits at St Aloysius, so I wonder if he will be forthright about the disastrous fallout of the Council, or if he will spout Jesuitical waffle?

    I suspect (hope) it might be the former, given the talk is not being hosted by the Archdiocese (or by Lord Gill’s former educators in particular).

    In any case, I suspect the modernist luvvies of Glasgow will turn up (to fawn over themselves and their supposed great openness and humility).

    • Gabriel Syme,

      There is no way in this world that the Jesuits would have invited Brian Gill to address any topic on their premises, were he not of the same fold as themselves. He was (not sure if he still is) a member of the Una Voce Scotland (UVS) committee and fitted right in with them – that is, he would do or say nothing to upset the hierarchy applecart (or as RCA Victor so aptly dubs them, the “lowerarchy”) and as long as the bishops would permit the occasional TLM, all was well with the UVS world.

      I couldn’t write a book about Brian Gill but I could write a pamphlet. I’ll put it no more strongly than that…

      • Editor,

        There is no way in this world that the Jesuits would have invited Brian Gill to address any topic on their premises, were he not of the same fold as themselves.

        The talk is not on Jesuit or Archdiocese property, which is why I think his message may not be popular in those quarters.

        I had not heard of Brian Gill before and had to google his name to find out about him. For example, I did not know he was a Judge or connected with Una Voce.

        • Gabriel Syme,

          Apologies for reading that too quickly – I saw “Lecture” … “Glasgow”… “Jesuits/St Aloysius” and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

          I still wouldn’t bet on Brian Gill saying anything that would make him too unpopular. I’d love to be wrong but I’ve never forgotten the report in the Catholic press about his warm praise for Cardinal O’Brien at the annual Mass for lawyers and this despite being, at that time, in regular receipt of our newsletter and 100% in support of CT, or so he led us to believe. I removed him from the mailing list after reading that report (in the light of another disappointment, not for publication right now) – and I wrote to him privately to explain why.

          In any event, anything worth saying is next door to being pointless at this stage. For one thing, he’s retired – a major criticism of some of the dubia cardinals: why not speak out when their words carry some influence? And things are just so bad now that one retired judge in a city like Glasgow, not exactly in the media spotlight, speaking in a library… weekday, 5.30pm when some folk are still at the office… well… I rest my case. Not exactly going to set the heather on fire, is it?

          Still, interesting to know about – so thank you for posting that information.

    • Ertyghiiikkgg

      There are some interesting tweets, but I can’t see any apology from anyone except a vague reference to “religious leaders” and the mention of some “right wing” people. I take it that’s the reference to the Britain First people.

      There’s nothing there that hasn’t been said by people on social media already, so I don’t see the big deal. I’m not on Twitter and I think it’s a weird way to communicate, so maybe I’m missing something, but since you ask for views, my is “so what?” LOL!

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