Congratulations, Gabriel Syme!

Great news!  blogger, Gabriel Syme, already Dad to a little toddler daughter, is now father to a second bouncing baby daughter.  The newborn – Felicity Hope  – arrived on Tuesday evening, 28th November, weighing 7 Ibs 9oz. She and her mum are both well.

Congratulations, Gabriel Syme – and a huge welcome to little Felicity Hope, named after an early martyr and a  theological virtue!  Nothing like holding a newborn to a very high standard! 

There’s so much bad news to report and discuss, so here’s an opportunity to relax and congratulate our fellow blogger on this wonderful news. 

A word of warning, though – a “daddy’s girl” she may be, but is this what lies ahead?

Baby jokes welcome!  

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  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations Gabriel Syme and Mrs Gabriel Syme!

    I know this joke is not pc but it made me laugh:-

    Q Why do we dress baby girls in pink and baby boys in blue?
    A Because they can’t dress themselves.

  2. All the best, Gabriel Syme – can’t think of any baby jokes but if God doesn’t send you a couple of sons, you’ll find it’s no joke battling the wills of three women at home, morning, noon and night, LOL! That’s for the future, though, for now – fabulous news. Enjoy the moment!

  3. Great news! Warmest good wishes and congratulations to you, your wife, and the newborn, Felicity Hope. Sweet names.

  4. I’d like to add my congratulations, Gabriel, but I wonder if your wife is saying that the new baby is the image of her father, but not to worry, just so long as she’s healthy! Ha ha!

  5. Congratulations Gabriel to you and all your growing family. May the Lord shower you all with numerous blessings.

  6. Thanks to all for your kind words, much appreciated.

    We are all very happy and baby is doing well – we are very blessed!

    I’ve had a few joking comments about having “a house full of women” (as Nicky hints at above!). I guess I will need to get a dog or something to redress the balance! haha! 😉

    Thanks again to all!

    • After my son had his third girl he decided to get a dog. Guess what? She is called Stella! However he is an army officer so I guess he has enough male company!

  7. Wendy Walker and I were privileged to know the great pro-life Father Paul Marx (+ R.I.P.). One of Father’s favourite quips was this one…..

    ‘A boy for you, a girl for me – and heaven help us not to have three’.

    If you hadn’t guessed, he was very much in favour of BIG families.

  8. My sincere congratulations and good wishes, Gabriel Syme, to you and your wife. It’s great to have two little girls, company for each other as they get older. That’s fantastic news!

  9. Thank you again everyone 🙂

    Our wee baby is just over 2 weeks old now and is healthy and coming on great. She is now having more significant “awake periods” and likes to look around with her lovely big eyes. I like gazing into her eyes when feeding her, and wondering what is going on inside her little head.

    She has been absolutely no trouble whatsoever and – although it’s still early – she seems to be shaping up to be a good natured and docile wee thing, easy to deal with, just like her older sister was.

    Of course, this is undoubtedly a result of my own pleasant good-nature filtering down into my offspring ;-P LOL

    I feel very blessed to have had such “easy babies” – the first child of the couple next door didn’t manage to sleep through the night for over two years! Apparently it was so taxing that the husband took a lot of convincing to have more children!

    • Gabriel Syme,

      That’s all lovely news – except about the poor next door neighbour. Sounds like his first-born was a bit of a torment…

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