Does Pope Francis “Hate” Trump?

Pope Francis has attacked President Trump for his … well… commitment to the Law of the Land… Click here to read more, and then watch the  short video clip below.


Is Pope Francis correct to attack President Trump over DACA?  

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    • Lionel,

      Exactly. People are so unthinking, so superficial. I’d been watching the news here when this latest attack on Trump read like he’d wakened up and decided to throw children to the lions. When I (as I now do habitually) decided to check it out with what Tucker Carlson reported, I was astonished to discover that the President was only seeking to implement the law.

      Honestly, you just couldn’t make this stuff up! Up this stuff, you could not make… 😀

    • Lionel,

      I agree. It’s just too amazing for words that even his worst enemies would criticise Trump for wanting to observe the laws! That’s completely mad.

  1. Does Pope Francis hate Trump?


    Donald is a capitalist. Francis is a Socialist.
    Donald believes in the nation state. Francis believes in a global village.
    Donald believes in opportunity. Francis believes in redistribution of wealth.

    In terms of religion, I’m not sure where they stand.

    • Summa,

      The author of the article in the introduction (as you probably know) posed that question, does Pope Francis hate Trump – what a thing to even think, and the fact that the Pope seems to be giving that impression is, in itself, a scandal.

      However, we must restrain our annoyance with Pope Francis, which reminds me, Summa, was this YOU?

      I mean, it’s one thing to write a letter of complaint/expressing concern, but we need to keep the heid, keep cool, no thumping!

      • Editor,

        “no thumping” – LOL! I couldn’t help hoping that the bang on the head might have knocked some sense into Pope Francis!

      • Christianity is the religion of peace. Non mea culpa 🙂 But by the looks of where it landed, we can assume it came from the right!

    • Summa

      “In terms of religion, I’m not sure where they stand.”

      Well, I’ve heard Trump speak of God and prayer more than Pope Francis. Your other comparisons are spot on.

  2. Pope Francis is not correct about anything….and politically correct about everything! That is because he has sold the Church out to the globalist socialist UN/EU agenda of anarchy at the bottom and dictatorship at the top.

    I think the reason open borders has become an issue is because we are in the advanced stages of destroying nation-states, i.e. civilized peoples. And the reason the elites (who are, in fact, satanists) are after the destruction of civilized peoples is that (a) these political, economic and cultural structures are based in Christianity, (though as a religion, Christianity is now largely defunct), and (b) from a mass psychology standpoint, anarchy is in fact necessary in order for totalitarianism to succeed. It guarantees that there will be no popular resistance to the dictator.

    More power to Tucker Carlson, who correctly labels the DACA objectors as demagogues peddling absurdity.(demagogues whose company includes the clerical mercenaries of the USCCB, who have sold out American national security for the almighty dollar) May he never become Tuckered out.

    • Victor I don’t know about Francis’s reasoning (maybe he doesn’t also). What he certainly has done is make his dislike for President Trump unceasing why this is so is probably as you state above. Really Francis is getting to the point as far as many real Catholics are concerned that we (well I suppose I can only talk for myself) take his comments with a pinch of pepper, or is that supposed to be salt. I think I’ll phone up and ask him though ad probably get the same answer.

      • FOOF

        I’ve heard a rumour – I’ll put it no more strongly than that – that Papa Francis plans to abdicate next month. Hope springs eternal, but then, who might we get instead? Cardinal Schonborn? Cardinal Kasper? Shucks, better the devil we know, for now…

        Anyway, here’s that call you are expecting…

    • RCA Victor,

      “Pope Francis is not correct about anything….and politically correct about everything!”

      LOL! I couldn’t agree more!

      Open borders is just too crazy for words. It’s like, who would leave their front door open to let all and sundry come in when they wanted to? It’s ridiculous.

      “More power to Tucker Carlson” – I agree, totally. He is a great interviewer and hits the nail o the head every time. I loved his stuff on the statues, as well. Long live Tucker!

  3. Tucker Carlson is the best. He is an incisive interviewer but fair. I agree that the media here doesn’t hold a candle to him and they are reporting this very unfairly, right to the news coverage today. They don’t mention the legality bit – just that Obama had made exceptions, not that he flouted the law. Very shameful coverage here.

  4. I do hope that you are correct dear Editor about Pope Francis going to retire shortly. He certainly has made quite some mess within the Church. In fact didn’t he say that he was going to create a mess? By the way, have you read the opinion given by John J. Arechiga on 27th March, that Pope Francis was elected invalidly since he was already an excommunicant at the time of his election. This flies in the face of Universi Dominici Gregis. I get heaps of opinions from a retired bishop in the USA who writes a blog “Abyssus Abyssum Invocat” which means “Deep calls unto Deep”. He is very good and he certainly is a good, solid bishop and interestingly to me, at any rate, he was once a rear gunner in an American bomber flying out of England over Germany. That fact gives you some indication of his age.

    • John R,

      We do not approve or even acknowledge the allegations of an invalidly elected Pope Francis. That is not our business.

      Our business is to treat him for what he is – the accepted Pope following the 2013 conclave. Anything else is the remit of a future Pope and Council. Not for us lay people to make any definitive statements on the subject. We treat him for what he is – a pope, but a very bad pope whose words and actions require monitoring and discernment before offering obedience. We resist his false teaching, as Paul resisted Peter, but without taking it upon our un-authorised selves to go further than that. Please and thank you!

      The retired bishop whom you quote would have been better speaking out before he retired about the scandals caused by Francis’ immediate predecessors – and there was no shortage. Now he’s jumped on the “Francis Not Pope” bandwagon, which gives him something to do in his retirement, no doubt. Sorry – he’s gone along with every liturgical abuse and scandal in the Church until the extreme evidence of what has been there some 60 years now, when suddenly he comes charging in on his white horse-cum-blog… Not impressed.

      Ditto Cardinal Burke & Co. Suddenly, they’re all fighting the crisis – with weak statements and unfulfilled promises. Where were they when Pope John Paul II stood shoulder to shoulder with other “world leaders” of pagan religions at Assisi? Where were they when Pope Benedict made his many outrageous statements through book length interviews? When he wrote a book about Our Lord, which he prefaced with a warning that these were his private opinions and might contain errors? About Christ, Our Lord?! These Johnny-come-Lately “traditionalists” don’t fool me, one bit. Sure, it’s good that they are saying something, better late than never, but not if that “something” is encouraging the laity to go over and beyond our duty into, quite possibly, grave sin that leads us out of the Church. Pope Francis is the Pope, a terrible Pope, sure thing, but the Pope nonetheless. End of.

      Keep the faith – avoid that particular controversy because it’s the devil’s way of preventing people from seeing that it is the failure to obey the full Fatima Message that is keeping the crisis in the Church on the boil – not Pope Francis per se who is merely (a major) part of the afore-warned spiritual chastisement.

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