England: Priest Rebuked For Preaching Our Lady Leading Muslims To Christ

Father Mark Higgins, a priest in the Archdiocese of Southwark, whose beautiful sermons on YouTube, preached at events organised by a group called Day With Mary (DWM) and featured on this blog in the past,  has now been dropped by the group for a sermon which they consider to be “a direct attack upon Islam”.  Here’s an extract from their email to Father: “You were invited to give two sermons on Our Lady, which you kindly accepted to do. Your second sermon however, contained much that was a direct attack upon Islam and contained highly imprudent expressions. This was all done in a way that would most likely have generated adverse reactions, not only against yourself and the Catholic Church, but would also have put at risk the personal safety (even lives) of other Catholics and clergy, as well as DWM members and churches we frequent. I am sure you can understand the risk your sermon could place many people in, if you are up to date with current news in this country and elsewhere…”

This is a very troubling email, given that it comes from a layperson representing a group with some kind of official standing in the archdiocese; the group has elected to rebuke a young priest – for what? For preaching the Faith – no more, no less.  That’s troubling.   It’s also troubling that the DWM group thinks nothing of assuming that all Muslims are extremists, ready to take offence at the perfectly understandable desire of a Catholic priest to win their souls for Christ.  Is it not much more offensive to implicitly suggest that the dogma outside the Church, no salvation should be kept hidden from Muslims, because they cannot be trusted to reject it without resorting to terrorist violence?  This is manifestly the fear of the DWM group.

Well, let’s read the text of Father Higgins’ talk, and draw our own conclusions as to whether it represents “A direct attack upon Islam”.  It’s certainly true that there are those  in high places today who have opted out of preaching Christ and seeking converts to the Faith, in order to avoid “offending” non-Catholics, but since it’s not an attitude supported in either Sacred Scripture or Catholic Tradition, it seems to me to be entirely at odds with the Christian imperative, straight from the lips of Our Lord Himself: “Going, therefore, teach ye all nations: baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” (Matthew 28:19)

Text of Talk:  Virgin Mary leading Muslims to Christ – Fr Mark Higgins

Back in the 1950s Archbishop Sheen wrote a book on Our Mother Mary entitled, The World’s First Love; whilst very few people have read the entire book, one chapter in particular stands out – Chapter 17, Mary and the Muslims. He tries to make the point that the Virgin Mary has a special place in the plan of Almighty God in bringing about the conversion of the Muslims.

I think some heretical Catholics these days act as if the Muslims don’t need to be converted, but if we take the bible seriously, and the teachings of the Church seriously, we can only reach one conclusion- without Christ, the Muslims are not going to make it to heaven.

My brothers and sisters, here in London, you have Muslims all around you; what a blessed opportunity God is giving you to bring them salvation, through bringing them the truth about the saviour Jesus Christ and the one Holy Catholic Church He founded.

Thank God that many people in our city are making efforts to bring the saving message of Christianity to these unfortunate Muslims, but from what I can see, there has yet to be a torrent of conversions; there are certainly some, there have been some in this parish, there were some in my last parish, but the floodgates are yet to open. But I promise you, the floodgates will open, and a vast number of Muslims will be converted, but this will only happen when we get with [the] plan of Almighty God, and His plan, as archbishop Fulton sheen realised, was for those Muslims to be brought to Christ, through the means of His blessed and Holy Mother Mary.

Archbishop Sheen hadn’t come up with something new here, you can hear it whispered in Catholic prophecy, you see it mentioned in the writings of the saints and the mystics.

Many of them knew from the intimacies of prayer that, as the world draws to a close, as God begins to prepare the world for the return of His son, there will be an age of special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. And that during this age of Mary, many of the followers of Islam will abandon their false religion and embrace the only saviour Jesus Christ.

St. Louis De- Montfort writes “The power of Mary over all devils will be particularly outstanding in the last age of the world. At that time Mary will extend the Kingdom of Christ even over the Muslims,

The history of our religion encourages us to anticipate the miraculous.

No one would have expected the mass conversion of the pagan Mexicans to the one true faith, no missionary would have dared foretell it in 1530, and yet within the few decades that followed 15 million Mexicans embraced the true faith.

How did this happen?

It was through our Blessed Mother, appearing to St . Juan Diego, and miraculously imprinting her image on his tilma. Her image fascinated the Mexicans and made them realise that she was the mother of the true God, the God who crushes the head of their serpent God and stands on top of the moon, his symbol.

Towards the close of the last century we began to see heavenly signs that God was following a similar plan for the Muslims, we saw this in a number of mass apparitions that took place in Egypt- such as those in Assuit, Zeitoun, and Omrania. In each of these apparitions the Virgin Mary appeared on top of a Church on successive evenings, she stood there, crowned with twelve stars, she stood there, holding her son, her son, who was the source of the light that enveloped her. She was presenting her son to the Muslims of Egypt, her son, who is the source of all her titles and honours and glories.

You see that is the unusual thing about the Virgin Mary in Islam, her role is really bigged up, but bigged up for what? The Koranic view of Mary is an almighty anti-climax.

She is the only woman in the Koran to even get named, she is spoken of in Surah 3. as “chosen above the women of all nations”, in Surah 19 as alone bearing a son and remaining a virgin, and in Surah 3 as being fed by the holy angels as a child.

And for what reason? To give birth to a prophet?

It simply doesn’t add up, because the Mohammed seem to think there had been 124,000 prophets, why would this one, the prophet for the Jewish people have such an extraordinary mother? With titles and dignities that stand as an anomaly in Islamic theology.

O Muslims, consider the grandeur of the Blessed Virgin, even according to your own book and you will discover that she must be so much more than the mother of some prophet.

O Muslims, look towards the Taurat and the Injil and you will discover why the Virgin Mary is so highly praised, you will discover the truth about her mission and the mission of her son.

O Muslims, Listen to the prophecy of Isaiah 7 made 500 years before the Virgin Mary’s birth, He writes “The Lord Himself will give you a sign: behold a Virgin will conceive and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel, a name which means God is with us.”

Can you see, the Virgin is great because her son is the greatest. The Virgin is graced because her son is the author of grace, the virgin is untouched by men, because she is the ark of the covenant, the place reserved for God Himself.

My friends, we shouldn’t just stand waiting idly for the Lord to reach the Muslims through some extraordinary wonder, because we don’t know when the Lord will act;  instead, we should be arming ourselves with reasons for our Holy Faith and explanations to offer the Muslims on the truths of Christianity.

So often Muslims are the ones taking the initiative to try and lead us into their heresies and deceptions, but truly we have the words that they are waiting for, the message that will set them free from the bondage of the law and of trying to please their God through ticking the boxes of Sharia.

In your conversations with Muslims, do not be afraid to start off by talking about the Blessed Mother- talk about her apparitions, her many apparitions, agree with them that Mary is ever Virgin and untouched by Satan’s grasp, but let them know that all this was prophesied in the Christian scriptures, and prophesied right next to verses that declare that she will give birth to God clothed in human nature, to the saviour of the world.

Show them the Book of Genesis in which God so masterfully reveals to Satan how He will be crushed by a woman, by a woman and her seed, by Jesus Christ through His holy mother Mary.

In all of their needs and worries, encourage them to seek the Virgin Mary’s intercession, I have personally known of Muslims to receive great graces through Mary, and often these graces becomes signals to them, signs to them of the insufficiency of their religion and of their need to get to know about the real Mary, and the real Jesus.

It is true, the Koran does talk about Jesus Christ, but the Jesus in the Koran is a fabrication. If you read the words of the Jesus of the Koran you don’t meet a person, you just discover some guy who goes around saying “I am not God, worship the one God”, you don’t find the person of Jesus Christ in the Koran, you don’t find the Jesus who meets people, who touches their lives, who slowly reveals His divinity and offers reconciliation with God through a personal relationship with Him.

No, the Jesus of the Koran is a 2d figure, simply a mouthpiece of Islam. A cardboard cut out of Islam. And surely, if the real Jesus had been as the Koran depicts Him, there could have never been any Christianity, because the false Jesus of Islam leaves no room for thinking he is anything more than some regular guy.

The Jesus of the Koran isn’t the real Jesus, He doesn’t even have the name Jesus, He is called Isa, a name which means nothing at all, whereas the name Jesus means saviour, the true Jesus is the saviour, that’s why God gives Him that name through the archangel Gabriel- you must name Him Jesus, because He will save the people from their sins.

Salvation comes through Jesus Christ alone, the redeemer, the Word of God who took a human nature to Himself and offered a sacrifice to counter-balance the sins of the world.

That Jesus Christ came into the world through the Virgin Mary, and He continues to come to the world through her intercession, He is continually the fruit of her holy womb,

Almighty God has so willed it, He has willed that the Virgin Mary give birth to the entire Christ, to the head and also His members, through the power of God the Holy Spirit.

O Virgin Mary, we beg you, complete the task that the Almighty has given you, bring your son, the only saviour to all peoples who do not know Him. And help us O blessed Virgin Mary, to be ambassadors for your son,

Help us to have your gentleness, and your sweetness and your patience as we seek to evangelise the Muslims, give us the words that will touch their hearts, help us to lead them to consider your dignity and your holiness, so that admiring you they may be brought to the saviour, and to find salvation, in the One Holy Catholic Church He founded.

Ave Maria.


I fail to see any “attack” upon Islam in Father’s talk, which was delivered in Woolwich last summer but considered unsuitable for publication online by Day With Mary staff fearful of offending Muslims and (more to the point) terrified of putting themselves at risk in some way.  I can’t see any reasonable Muslim taking offence – they know that Christianity is, by its very nature, missionary, and since they seek converts themselves, they  can hardly object to Catholics obeying Christ’s instruction to do the same, right to the ends of the earth.

After an appearance on a TV discussion show, I was contacted by a Muslim who – in the friendliest manner – entered into  an extended theological debate with me, with no animosity whatsoever –  topic…that one religion is not as good as another!  It emerged during our email exchanges that he had been surprised at my remarks on TV simply because his “liberal” Catholic friends had led him to believe that the Church taught equality of the “Abrahamic” religions. At no time did I feel under threat for explaining the true teaching of the Church, which he soon came to recognise as quite contrary to the liberal version he had been given.

One commentator hit the nail on the head with this description of the DWM group: “Day with Mary spouts a pietist Catholicism-lite which is afraid to challenge modernist doctrines and is unwilling to evangelise Muslims.”  Sounds about right to me. I say, enough of such cowardice in the name of a false prudence. What do you say? Share your thoughts.
ut not yet.  Firstly, consider this:  far from “attacking” Islam, Father Higgins  has shown true love and compassion towards Muslims, by wishing to bring them to Christ.  He knows that, to quote Pope Leo XIII, this can only be done through Our Lady:

Every grace which is communicated to this world has a threefold origin:  it flows from God to Christ, from Christ to the Virgin, and from the Virgin to us . . . Nothing comes to us except through the mediation of Mary, for such is the will of God. Thus, just as no man goes to the Father but by the Son, so likewise no one goes to Christ except through His Mother. Whosoever will not have recourse to her is trying to fly without wings . . . O Virgin Most Holy, no one abounds in the knowledge of God except through thee; no one, O Mother of God, attains salvation except through thee!

Now, why on earth would any Catholic keep that beautiful truth from our Muslim brothers and sisters? Whatever happened to their Confirmation graces, the character of the Sacrament of Confirmation which makes us Soldiers of Christ. Any coward is unattractive – but a cowardly soldier?

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  1. I am saddened and astonished at the fear shown by this group. Father was evidently speaking out of love for Muslims and desire to share the true Faith with them. You are quite right Editor, to censor such talk is a betrayal of the grace of Confirmation. Actually, I don’t believe that there would be any danger to the group on account of Father’s words, but even if there were, we were not confirmed to act like marshmallows in the sun when a challenge arises.

    • Sentire Cum Ecclesia,

      You are so right that it is unlikely there would be any danger to the group.

      But they can’t see that, because they forget that grace changes hearts and minds. It’s MUCH more likely that Father’s words would touch the souls of any Muslims listening to him preach, than that it would impel them to violence.

      It always comes back to the same thing; the dramatic decline in divine and Catholic faith which is at the heart of this crisis in the Church.

  2. I can’t see anything remotely offensive to Muslims in Father’s talk. What a wonderful priest! Are there any more like him out there, I wonder?

    • Crofterlady,

      As far as I can see, while there are a few sound enough priests around, there are none of the calibre of Father Higgins who is willing to put his head above the parapet and actually speak the truth in a spirit of divine and Catholic faith, forgetful of self.

      Remember, he’s been banned from Wonersh for having made known his concerns about Papa Francis (along with half the Catholic world) and he’s been giving sound sermons on Our Lady under the auspices of the DWM group (published on YouTube) for some time now, so clearly he’s not in it for the promotion!

      Let’s pray that other priests take note of his courage and look deeply into their consciences – before it’s too late.

      Hint: if you are a priest wrestling with an inclination to speak out or act (say, to remove the “table” in your sanctuary and go over, hook, line and altar, to being a wholly traditional parish), this centenary of Fatima year is the time to do it. Before time runs out. End of hint…

  3. I suppose the DWM group worried about Father calling Islam a false religion, but that’s too bad. Muslims can’t expect Catholic priests to preach that Islam is a true religion!

    It’s all down to the lack, yes of Catholic faith, but also a lack of clear thinking. If we didn’t think Islam was a false religion, we’d all be Muslims!

  4. If they only knew that it is they, the DWM, who are preaching hatred of Muslims, but hatred in the supernatural sense, eternal hatred.

    True charity is divinely inspired, it is the love of God and the love of neighbour for God’s sake. To wish to convert Muslims to the true religion, thereby wishing them eternal salvation and happiness in heaven, is divine love. To wish to silence those who seek to convert Muslims to the true religion is hatred of the souls of Muslims. It is human respect disguised as charity, a classic trick of the devil quite often successful on the timid who fear men more than God.

    When the Pilgrim Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima did the rounds of the world in the 1950’s the Muslims came out in their tens of thousands to honour who they consider to be the mother of a prophet. These Islamic countries were the only ones in which the miracle of the doves did not take place because Islam rejects Jesus as the Son of God and rejects Mary as the Mother of God. The DWM would doubtless consider heaven’s manifest displeasure with Islamic teaching offensive to Muslims. That puts the DWM in opposition to God and Our Lady.

    Well done to Fr. Higgins for his brave and charitable honesty. Shame on the DWM for its cowardice and human respect.

    • “Well done to Fr. Higgins for his brave and charitable honesty. Shame on the DWM for its cowardice and human respect.”

      Athanasius, you have my total agreement. I couldn’t say it better myself.

    • Helen,

      Likely someone will be able to explain better than me, however:

      In 1946, Our Lady of Fatima’s Pilgrim statue was on its way to Lisbon, as part of a 70 mile journey. Doves were released to mark the statue passing a certain location, and several of the doves did not fly away but instead took up station at Our Lady’s feet.

      They sat there quite happily, ignoring all the commotion etc around them, for the (weeks) duration of the journey. And they did not eat or drink during this time.

      During a mass, after arrival at Lisbon, the doves were seen to behave as though adoring the Host.

      Statues exist of Our Lady with doves at her feet.



      • Gabriel Syme,

        You have reminded me of the story about the famous Scots convert from Communism, Hamish Fraser (whose family, to this day, are faithful supporters of the Catholic Truth apostolate). Hamish was speaking at a Fatima Conference in Paris, when, just before he gave his talk, he said: “I do not believe that prayer can convert Communists; I know that prayer can convert Communists.” [In fact, faith is a form of knowledge: more than mere trust, as it is frequently defined.)

        As he spoke, one of the doves that always accompanied the statue of the Pilgrim Virgin on its tour of Europe, flew onto his head and remained there for three minutes. See photo below. Amazing.

        There can be no doubt about it, if Hamish Fraser were alive today, he would be pushing to take the Faith to Muslims. No question.

        The false prudence displayed by the DWM group equates, it seems to me, to the false prudence (if not worse) which prevents the Pope from insisting on carrying out the Consecration of Russia, as specifically requested by Our Lady. It’s tantamount to saying that only our limited human minds can be trusted to address issues such as the Fatima request for the Consecration and the implementation of Christ’s missionary command, to preach His Gospel to all nations – that is, to all peoples, including Muslims. Why? Because God loves Muslims every bit as much as he loves any other people.

        It’s truly diabolical to see how this simple truth is misrepresented to portray as “offensive”, the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady (which act, in fact, reveals that God has a special place, role for Russia in His plan of salvation) and similarly that preaching the truths of our Faith to Muslims is somehow to insult Islam, for the sake – again – of being “offensive”. It’s twisted thinking on both counts.

    • Helen

      Gabriel Syme explained it very well. I would only add that the miracle of the doves took place in every Christian country that the stutue of Our Lady passed through. The only occasions it did not occur was when the statue passed through a predominantly Muslim country.

  5. I can’t see a thing to complain about in Father Higgins’ talk – what’s wrong with these DWM people? They’re obviously guilty of “Islamophobia” if they think their lives would be in danger from Muslim terrorists just because a Catholic priest preaches the Catholic faith about Our Lady and false religions. I have a much higher opinion of Muslims than to think that! I applaud that young priest for his courage. It’s their (DWM) loss.

    I notice that the image of Our Lady at the top of this article has her standing on a crescent moon. Is that connected to Islam, because their symbol is of a crescent moon, or is it just a coincidence?

  6. I have just emailed the DWM group via their website to give them the link to this blog and inform them of our discussion.

    For good measure, I threw in part of a quote from St Francis Xavier who said of the Hindus “… all of their gods are devils” – no concern about causing “offence” there. His only concern was to make up for offence caused to the one, true God and to save the souls of those misled by false religions. Cue for a song – The Times They Are A-Changing springs to mind! However, the Christian missionary impetus and duty will never change – our duty to defend and spread the Faith is an integral part of the Church’s mission and our Baptismal and Confirmation duty. The DWM group need to reflect on that key duty and act on it, if they wish to please Our Lady. And they need to understand that their work will have no meaningful or lasting effect if they do not please Our Lady.

    On their About Us page the DWM group specify that one of their aims is to promote the faith of the Catholic Church throughout the world so, presumably, they include Muslim countries. Since that would entail facing physical danger, not to mention causing “offence” to those who live there, it is all the more odd that the group were not delighted to have a priest like Fr Higgins speak out plainly about the need to take Christ to the Muslims around us, in whatever way possible. To actually drop a priest for preaching about the need to engage in that apostolate, actually beggars belief.

    • Madame Editor,

      The excerpt from the book by Bishop Sheen is actually from The Great Heresies by Hilaire Belloc. If you have both books, you’ll see that the portion in The World’s First Love is almost word for word from The Great Heresies.

      Margaret USA

  7. The difficulty in the DWM promoting the faith of the Catholic Church is that they don’t seem to know what that faith is. They warn the excellent Fr Higgins for possibly placing himself and them in danger. I’m sure the Apostles understood the risk [their] sermons could place many people in,.. but they were impelled to obey Christ and tell the Truth, as is Fr Higgins – one of the very few priests today who dares to speak truth to power.

  8. Just as sin is offensive to God, so Truth is offensive to the devil – and since the devil and his minions have been granted such power in these days, the latter “offense” has the overwhelmingly upper hand.

    Interesting that political correctness usually operates on fake compassion and fake tolerance – the expressions of which make the practitioners feel quite good about themselves, even as they are enabling, with glib and sentimental rationalizations, those trapped in sin (usually, mortal in) to sink even deeper.

    In this case, however, the operative word is “cowardice.” This is what happens when fake compassion and tolerance gain the upper hand. Truth, which is real compassion and tolerance, becomes the enemy and must be suppressed.

  9. I think the majority of the population is totally fed up with political correctness. If I went to live in a Muslim country, I’d have to be prepared to have my religious practices curtailed if allowed at all, so it is strange that a group like DWM feel they have to silence a priest who is doing nothing more than preaching the truth that Our Lady will lead Muslims to Christ. Wasn’t he actually quoting Archbishop Fulton Sheen when he said that?

    I can see that some people (obviously the DWM people) would be worried by some of the expressions Father used such as “the Jesus of the Koran is a 2d figure, simply a mouthpiece of Islam. A cardboard cut out of Islam. And surely, if the real Jesus had been as the Koran depicts Him, there could have never been any Christianity, because the false Jesus of Islam leaves no room for thinking he is anything more than some regular guy. The Jesus of the Koran isn’t the real Jesus.” Also, where he speaks about “their heresies and deceptions” and setting them “free from the bondage of the law and of trying to please their God through ticking the boxes of Sharia.” Maybe that could have been said in a way that is less likely to offend Muslims, but the majority of the talk is completely not offensive, and anyway, Jesus wasn’t too bothered about offending people who were his enemies in the first century.

  10. Strange that Rabbi Mayer Schiller recognises the importance of the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Yet how many Catholic Bishops do not believe that it is necessary? Far too many.

    • Theresa Rose,

      Many thanks for posting that video. “It is a fearful Church” – indeed. And nowhere is this fear more manifest than in the politically charged atmosphere in which we live in the UK, and probably the USA as well.

      Catholicism is mocked openly, but after every Islamist terrorist attack we are told that “Islam is a peaceful religion” – we must NOT blame the religion of Islam for the actions of a few extremists; to do that makes you guilty of Islamophobia, while every deviant priest is used as a propaganda tool to attack the Catholic Church.

      No history student may question the number of Jews thought to have been killed in the German concentration camps: “the holocaust” is above objective academic study. The 6 million figure must be accepted uncritically. Or else you’re anti-Semitic.

      Catholicism? That’s a different matter altogether. You can speak/write about the Church assuming that all priests are child abusers. Go for it!

      What a pity the DWM group have gone along with this evil politically correct agenda for the sake of a false peace. As the rabbi noted in the video, we are, indeed, “a fearful Church” and yet, I don’t think most ordinary Muslims mean us to be afraid of them. As I said in my introduction, my extended email conversation with a Muslim gentleman was most enjoyable and we debated the finer points of theology without rancour. Indeed, he promised to try to make it to Glasgow for one of our conferences which, unfortunately, didn’t come to pass – I say, “unfortunately” because I’d have really enjoyed meeting him. And yes, I heard that, Theresa Rose – he’s been spared the experience! Cheek of you!

      Seeing the video and listening to the rabbi is a timely reminder of the importance of Fatima – the single most important event of the 20th century, prophecies which are still unfolding even as we watch the daily news broadcasts… Perhaps a good time for us all to refresh our memories about the essentials of Fatima – using the only 100% reliable Fatima website on the internet.

  11. I am deeply saddened by the attitude taken by the DWM group, but I’m not surprised. I went to a DWM event a couple of years ago – one of the few that ever take place with a Traditional Latin Mass as most of them have Novus Ordo Masses. The bookstall there was full of Fatima literature of the ‘Consecration of Russia has been done’ and ‘Third Secret has been released’ variety – i.e. the Vatican party line. I briefly spoke with one of the organisers who was clearly against the Fatima Network and the work of Fr Gruner. Christopher Ferrara describes these people as ‘False Friends of Fatima’ i.e. they want all the external devotions and the piety, but not the uncompromising full message of Fatima.

    • Westminster Fly,

      I agree with everything you say about that group, but I wonder if Father Higgins was wise to speak of the “heresies” of Islam etc. I can understand the group’s fear, because of the terrorism going on so it might have been a bit more prudent of him to have chosen his words a bit more carefully. “Ticking the boxes of Sharia” was a bit OTT, IMHO.

      Overall, though, I couldn’t see that Father’s talk was “offensive”, although I wonder how a Catholic would react if a Protestant was to say that our religion had heresies and we were ticking Vatican boxes or something similar. After all, Protestants do think we have heresies (the Real Presence, for one thing, and our devotion to Our Lady) and they have long said that the Vatican keeps the churches full by instilling the fear of hell in us, quite literally! LOL!

      Anyway, in general, I think Father’s sermon was very good, some beautiful bits in it, but I can understand why DWM are worried. I know they’ve put his other sermons on YouTube, seen some on this blog, but I imagine they won’t be putting this one on YouTube!

      • Nicky,

        ” I wonder how a Catholic would react if a Protestant was to say that our religion had heresies and we were ticking Vatican boxes or something similar. After all, Protestants do think we have heresies (the Real Presence, for one thing, and our devotion to Our Lady) and they have long said that the Vatican keeps the churches full by instilling the fear of hell in us, quite literally!

        Actually, I have had precisely that experience – of plain-speaking Presbyterians AND at least one Baptist – telling me that I am “deceived” by the Church; on one occasion, our beloved Miss McMoneypenny was present as well; we drank coffee with two Protestant gentlemen who had contacted us to ask to meet for a theological chat and there we were, being told in no uncertain terms what they thought of Holy Mother Church – and it was not pretty.

        Still, we had a very good exchange of beliefs and we were NOT “offended”.

        What is the point of being offended? Do we wish people to suppress their true thoughts, or do we thank them for the chance to clarify and/or correct false ideas about the Church’s teaching and practice?

        If I were a Muslim, what would offend me (and moi!) would be the haste with which media commentators reporting a terrorist attack rush to assure audiences that “Islam is a religion of peace” and that “these attacks are perpetrated by a minority of extremists.” I think we’re all intelligent enough to know that the majority of ordinary Muslims are not terrorists, and so, in their shoes, I would feel irked that this had to be said every time. I wouldn’t have posted this thread if I thought the majority of Muslims were NOT ordinary well-meaning people… who would, incidentally understand our desire to win their souls for Christ, just as we understood our Protestant friends’ (misguided) desire to win US over to Presbyterianism.

    • WF,

      That’s a very interesting website to which you linked. Makes me wonder…

      Am I – and the mainstream media, indeed – INcorrect in saying that the majority of Muslims would not support terrorism? In other words, do the ordinary Muslims in the Mosque (so to speak!) KNOW much of what is published on that website?

      I genuinely do not know the answer and would love to know. So, as and when, WF, as and when…

      Better still (no offence to WF!) if any Muslim visitors to our blog can enlighten us, please do. We’d love to hear from you…

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