June – The Month of the Sacred Heart…


As  June, the Month of the Sacred Heart dawns, feel free to discuss relevant issues, and to share your own personal devotions to the Sacred Heart on this thread, along with your favourite hymns to the Sacred Heart, prayers, poems and stories. And if you have not yet completed the First (Nine) Fridays, why not resolve to begin by attending First Friday Mass this week, on Friday, 2nd June.  Click here to learn more about the Promises of the Sacred Heart to those who make the First Fridays…

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  1. Thank you for the hymn. I remember it from grammar school. May 15, 1956, Pope Pius XII encyclical ‘Haurietis Aquas’, told us of the abundance of graces which flow from the Sacred Heart of Jesus for us. The Heart is a symbol of his boundless love for humans. He only asks to be ‘loved back’ “You will draw water joyfully from the wellsprings of salvation.”

    The Sacred Heart badge, as given to St. Margaret Mary Alocoque, is a powerful sacramental. It has cured many spiritual and physical ailments down through the ages. Mine says ‘Cease! The Heart of Jesus is With me” I say it when a trouble comes along and it casts the trouble away.

    • Marysong,

      I’ve never heard of the Sacred Heart badge sacramental. I must look into that.

      I love all the hymns to the Sacred Heart but Sweet Heart of Jesus is my favourite. I copied this video to post here as it’s a lovely version IMHO

      • That’s beautiful. I’ve never heard of Regina Nathan but she has a beautiful voice. I just love that hymn!

    • Hi Margaret Mary. You have the right name for this month, don’t you? And for always! So nice a name. FY) The Sacred Heart Badge was given by Jesus to St. Margaret Mary. Several years later, Estelle Faguette had 5 apparitions of Mary during which she was cured of TB with a pleural infection (on her deathbed) Mary’s msgs. were that anything she wanted she could ‘take’ from the Heart of her son. She noticed that Our Lady had a “white square” on her chest. Eventually it became the Scapular of the Sacred Heart with no picture on the back. Estelle asked Mary what to put on the back. She was told that the clergy would decide. (It is a long story … known as ‘Our Lady of Pellevoisin) Eventually, Estelle had an audience with Pope Leo XIII and he decided that ‘Mother of Mercy’ should be on the back, and, approved the Scapular with much indulgences. A fascinating wonderful … but, not well known apparition. You can find a lot by googling ‘Our Lady of Pellevoisin’. Also the ‘Sanctuaire of Pellevoisin’ in France. I have tried to get a scapular of the Sacred Heart and Mother of Mercy. No where in this country is it available. Only from the Sanctuaire of Pellevoisin. Maybe you would have more luck than I. They speak French. There is one who speaks English with me via text. The cost of tarrif was prohibitive for me.

      Please tell me if you ever get in touch with them ? I would LOVE to have the Sacred Heart Scapular. Thanks

  2. That’s beautiful hymn. Thanks for posting it. We always try to keep sacred the month of the Sacred Heart even though we get no encouragement from the clergy!

    • Crofterlady,

      I notice that the priests these days never mention devotion to the Sacred Heart. It’s just so sad. An odd time they will mention devotion to Our Lady but never the Sacred Heart. I wonder why that is?

      • Laura,

        I think priests don’t preach about devotions in general because they think they are OTT. They have been protestantised in the new Mass and anything that is truly Catholic is tantamount to superstition in their view – I can’t see any other explanation. They don’t realise what they are missing and what they are depriving their congregations of.

  3. I love all the hymns posted on this blog so far. I hope you all like one of my favourites:-

    • Damsel of the Faith,

      I remember reading something that said it was an error to think that the Church was born or began at Pentecost, because that’s not true. It’s true that the apostles were hiding in fear until the Holy Ghost came upon them in the Upper Room, but that was the Church there, already formed by Christ; all that changed at Pentecost was that the apostles were imbued with the courage to go out and proclaim the faith.

      I hope you don’t mind me pointing this out – there is no offence intended.