Medjugorje True AND False! It’s A Joke!

“The Ruini Report”: If Only It Were a Joke
The Anti-Fatima Apparition Gains Ground

by Christopher A. Ferrara
May 18, 2017

The findings of the long-awaited “Ruini Report” of the Ruini Commission (named after its chairman, Cardinal Camillo Ruini), concerning the validity of the so-called Marian apparitions at Medjugorje that have supposedly been going on since 1981, have now been revealed. The result of the Commission’s labors, which began during the reign of Benedict XVI, is just what one would expect in the post-conciliar epoch: a refusal to state clearly that a proposition concerning the Faith is simply true or false, right or wrong.

This ridiculous report “splits the difference” between a declaration that the apparitions alleged by the six Medjugorje “seers” are not supernatural in origin and thus a fake, and a declaration — like those pertaining to Fatima — that the apparitions are of supernatural origin and thus worthy of belief. In other words: the apparitions are both true and false, depending on which ones you examine! If only it were a joke.

Catholic News Agency provides an overview of this preposterous approach: the first seven “apparitions,” allegedly occurring between June 24 and July 3, 1981, drew “13 votes in favor of recognizing the supernatural nature of the first visions. A member voted against and an expert expressed a suspensive vote….”

What about the thousands of apparitions thereafter, which allegedly continue to this day at pre-announced times even though the “visionaries” said they would end, and which are filled with repetition, banalities and statements by “the Virgin” positively contrary to the Faith?  For example, in one apparition “the Virgin” states: “Before God all the faiths are identical.  God governs them like a king in his kingdom.”

Here the Commission adopted an utterly absurd two-step analysis that allowed it to avoid declaring the whole Medjugorje event a fake:

“On this second stage, the committee voted in two steps. Firstly, taking into account the spiritual fruits of Medjugorje but leaving aside the behaviors of the seers. On this point, 3 members and 3 experts say there are positive outcomes, 4 members and 3 experts say they are mixed, with a majority of positive effects, and the remaining 3 experts claim there are mixed positive and negative effects.

“If, in addition to the spiritual fruits, the behaviors of the seers is also taken into account, eight members and four experts believe that an opinion cannot be expressed, while two other members have voted against the supernatural nature of the phenomenon.”

So, when the analysis considers the behavior of the “visionaries,” the credibility of their supposed visions diminishes and no consensus even on “good fruits” emerges, although only two commission members are willing to state outright the obvious conclusion that the apparitions are not supernatural and thus are fakes. Yet these same “visionaries” are deemed credible respecting the first seven apparitions by 13 members of this laughable commission of hair-splitters.

In essence, the Commission (except for two members) has decided that the “visionaries” were telling the truth regarding the first seven “apparitions” but that, since then, they have been conducting the longest running fraud in the history of Marian apparitions, concerning which the Commission labors to avoid expressing the truth openly. And these six fraudsters are supposedly the chosen messengers of the Mother of God.

If only it were a joke. Well, it is a joke, but the Vatican is evidently going to take this report seriously despite the objections expressed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which will be ignored just as surely as they were respecting Amoris Laetitia. As Pope Bergoglio remarked concerning the Commission’s “split-decision” during the return flight to Rome after his visit to Fatima: “At the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014, I received the results from Cardinal Ruini.  The commission was made up of good theologians, bishops and cardinals.  Good, good, good people.  The Ruini report is very, very good.”

What is “very, very good” according to Pope Bergoglio is the Commission’s bogus distinction between “the first apparitions, “when [the ‘seers’] were young” and “the alleged current apparitions” in which the Virgin is depicted as “a telegraph operator who sends out a message every day at a certain time… this is not the mother of Jesus.” Indeed, it is not. Nor could it have been in 1981, for the Mother of God does not appear to people whom She would certainly foresee would perpetrate a decades-long fraud on the Church and the world in Her name.

Curiously, the same Pope Bergoglio who belittles what he views as the hairsplitting of theologians on matters as fundamental as the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, suddenly finds merit in the hairsplitting of this absurd theological commission respecting the manifest fakery of the Medjugorje apparitions. But then Pope Bergoglio has never failed to be consistent in his inconsistency.

And so, the anti-Fatima apparition gains ground, while the Message of Fatima is reduced by the Pope himself to a prescription for social justice and peace among people of all religions or no religion at all. What an insult to the Virgin Mother of God, Whose warning to the Church and all of humanity at Fatima continues to be spurned by the blind guides of the upper hierarchy, who march triumphantly toward the edge of the abyss into which they would lead the rest of us.   Source –

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17 responses

  1. This is a calculated insult to Our Lady in the very year of the 100th anniversary of her appearances at Fatima. A shocking and very calculated insult to Our Lady by the enemies of Fatima and each and every adherent to the Medjugorje hoax, is an enemy of Fatima. No question about it.

    • Editor,
      Cardinal Ruini’s ambiguous report is truly scandalous and seriously damages the image of the Church!

  2. Editor,

    It doesn’t make any sense. If the subsequent “apparitions” are false then the “seers” are liars. Would Our Lady appear to manipulative liars? No.

    I had a look on a Medjugorje website. Apparently any time Ivan is at Medjugorje Our Lady appears and joins the prayer group. The website says, “If you are lucky to be at Medjugorje when Ivan is there you can take part in a prayer group with Our Lady.”

    My overwhelming feeling about Medjugorje is that the “seers” take all the limelight for themselves. It’s the cult of man.

    • Petrus,

      Of course you are right – it doesn’t make sense. Don’t miss the voting poll on this on the website – I mean, CAN something be “true” and “false” at the same time? You will enjoy the cartoon – made ME laugh, if not exactly out loud! He certainly speaks for me!

      • On a Lighter note Ed the whole thing about this Pope ,his Cohorts ,and his Decisions is one has only one Posterior but one wants to Ride Two Horses. Hope a haven’t overstepped the mark but Daily the man is just becoming more of an Enigma. It’s getting like these College Professors who have more letter after their names than the LGBTQI alphabet squad but seemingly can’t tell if one is a Man or one is a Woman. Modernism at its best with more Genders than BBC Question Time .

        • This report isn’t from the Pope, it’s from a Commission. The Pope actually said it was not Our Lady.

          • That’s true. He did. It’s a pity though, that he doesn’t take a leaf out of the book of previous popes and condemn Medugorje AND its followers outright as they would do.

  3. Having something be true and false at the same time is one of the keys to Modernism, used over and over again to produce sophism, lies, and gibberish. So that part doesn’t surprise me at all. It is worthy of nothing but contempt and outrage.

    My question is about this Ruini Commission. Was the procedure they used (voting) standard investigating procedure for apparitions? What was their voting based on? Or was this just another on-the-spot fabricated procedure in order to arrive at a conclusion which concludes nothing?

    • Voting definitely is not the way apparitions are decided as true or false. It’s the local bishop who has the authority to decide that, and one after another has said there is nothing supernatural happening at Medjugorje. The Commission was just a front to put off the day when the whole scam would be denounced, but they’ve bottled it. What a scandal.

      Look at the top report on this Medjugorje website saying Our Lady is to appear tonight, 19th May

      The whole thing is just ridiculous.

    • I had a quick look at the Medjugorge site just now. I found it quite repellant to be honest. Not only the “virgin appearing tonight at Ivan’s prayer group” like a celebrity advance publicity ad, but also all the donate now suggestions. Why is there no strong (and stable!) leadership from the Pope to shut this disgraceful circus down?

      • Elizabeth,

        I suspect there is no strong (and stable! 😀 ) leadership from Pope Francis to shut down the “disgraceful circus” known as Medjugorje, because that would entail being unpopular with some folks… like the Muddygorge fanatics.

        • Lots of money in Medugorje but go a mile or so out and you will find people living in utter destitution. I know a lady who said that she had seen animals better housed.

      • Elizabeth,

        Pardon me for being cynical, but I wonder whether some of the money collected by this scam is being sent to the cash-strapped Vatican through some back-door channel, in exchange for this fake investigation. We already know that the cash-rich German episcopate is dangling its wealth as a sword over the head of Rome, to extort Rome to do its heretical bidding. Perhaps Julian Assange can uncover some emails between Ivan and the Vatican Bank….

        I recall Fr. Malachi Martin developing this angle – the role of money – in Windswept House

  4. So they’re saying that truth and falsehood, God and the devil, are both at work in the Medjugorje phenomenon. Isn’t that consistent with the ecumenical religion of Vatican II? It actually borders on blasphemy against Almighty God.

    Medjugorje is a deception, possibly demonic but certainly false. It has made a lot of money for some people and given a craved fame to the so-called seers. I will never understand how and why so many Catholics fell for this phoney business. And it is a business, a very lucrative one!

    One or two good Catholic bishops have warned the faithful about this scam, these are good shepherds of Christ’s flock. The rest of them are just hirelings leading the sheep straight to the wolves.

  5. I think that all that there is to be said has been said. Even Pope Francis has got this right. It is not Our Lady who is speaking.

  6. It is true… and it is false. This confusion is one of the fruits of post-modernism. The elders of the Church have foolishly accepted the spirit of the times. Yesterday modernism was the thing, today it is postmodernism, and tomorrow it will be post-post-modernism. And then post-post-post-modernism. The Church will never be able to keep up. This is why the Church does not change with the spirit of the times. It is immemorial.

    Post-modernism teaches that people can be two things at once: You can be both coloured and Caucasian, at same time. You can be Catholic and Hindu at the same time. Yellow and blue can be the same colour at the same time. A person can be both a woman and a man at the same time. A mammal can be a fish at the same time. Post-modernism is a disease of the mind. This is what they teach in universities. Young people leave university stupider these days and this will surely have an effect on our work force and economy. Thank God for Brexit! The EU is the is the principle organ for spreading post-modernism in the world and they want to bring it to every country. It is colonialism (and not the good kind).

    [The Phenomenon] of Medjugorje is the patroness of post-modernism. Stay away from this post-modernist voodoo.

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