Catholics MUST Be Pro-Life – Action!

This thread is dedicated to sharing news about pro-life issues. 

Where possible, we suggest that bloggers make and respond to calls to action in defence of the unborn child – whether that entails emailing MPs or supporting various vigils etc.  

Try not to simply post a link to news – publish an extract and/or make a suggestion about possible action, that will encourage readers to click your  link. 

Among all the crimes which can be committed against life, procured abortion has characteristics making it particularly serious and deplorable. The Second Vatican Council defines abortion, together with infanticide, as an “unspeakable crime”.54

But today, in many people’s consciences, the perception of its gravity has become progressively obscured. The acceptance of abortion in the popular mind, in behaviour and even in law itself, is a telling sign of an extremely dangerous crisis of the moral sense, which is becoming more and more incapable of distinguishing between good and evil, even when the fundamental right to life is at stake. Given such a grave situation, we need now more than ever to have the courage to look the truth in the eye and to call things by their proper name, without yielding to convenient compromises or to the temptation of self-deception. In this regard the reproach of the Prophet is extremely straightforward: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness” (Is 5:20). Especially in the case of abortion there is a widespread use of ambiguous terminology, such as “interruption of pregnancy”, which tends to hide abortion’s true nature and to attenuate its seriousness in public opinion. Perhaps this linguistic phenomenon is itself a symptom of an uneasiness of conscience. But no word has the power to change the reality of things: procured abortion is the deliberate and direct killing, by whatever means it is carried out, of a human being in the initial phase of his or her existence, extending from conception to birth.

The moral gravity of procured abortion is apparent in all its truth if we recognize that we are dealing with murder... Pope John Paul II: Evangelium Vitae –  on the Value and Inviolability, of Human Life #58  [Emphasis added]
Click here to read the entire encyclical 

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    • Wendy

      I was prepared to comment on the Press & Journal blog under the article, but it is only possible to sign in with Facebook, Twitter etc. so that rules me out.

      I did, however, forward the report to a young student at the University of Aberdeen with whom I’m in contact, so that she is, at least, aware of the situation. It shows the demonic nature of the pro-abortionists that they are even agitating against posters in a Catholic Chaplaincy that is off campus. Incredible.

  1. Please check how YOUR M P voted …in Luton South my …supposedly devout Christian MP Gavin Shuker voted For as did his Humanist counterpart in Luton North K..Hopkins
    In the coming weeks we have to ensure a huge amount of Pro Life mail reaches them ……….what a disgrace

    • Wendy read the above article yesterday and really there is only one word to describe it and that is Demonic. Even if you are of no Faith whatsoever it was Filthy to the core . To me a lot of this goes back to so called Celebrities like Lena Dungham who said that she wished she had had an Abortion. Where their obscene leaders March their Minnions will follow. Also in the same article was the link to the Witches wanting to burn down an Argentine Cathedral and only one young man tried to defend it until the Police arrived. That loads of Media stood by just taking pictures of him being assaulted by these Vampires spoke volumes of the sign of the times. Not ONE of them went to his assistance.

  2. ——————-
    Brian Kerwin seems to be on a mission against a woman’s right to choose.
    In his first letter ‘Foetus is part of God’s Programme’ he clumsily attempts to speak on behalf of a foetus conveying its thoughts and feelings.
    In his latest letter ‘Abortion Effect on Birth Rate’ he’s blaming women who have had abortions for what he describes as the ‘catastrophic’ fall in birth rate on the Isle of Man.
    Perhaps he should research the unsustainable effect of rapid population growth worldwide on our earth’s finite resources.
    Instead of blundering into issues he doesn’t understand he should be on his knees praying for the souls of the 800 babies and toddlers recently discovered in unmarked graves (ie tossed into disused septic tanks) at a Catholic Mother and Babies’ home in Tuam, Republic of Ireland.
    After giving birth to these ‘illegitimate’ babies their mothers were forced to leave them behind, not knowing what their fate would be.
    This particular home operated for 30 years, only closing in 1956 and forensic tests are showing that a large percentage of these deaths occurred in the 1950s.
    There have been similar discoveries at other Catholic Mother and Baby Homes and religious zealots should have no say whatsoever in the abortion issue.
    Name and address supplied

    This vile anon letter appeared in The Isle of Man. examiner

    • Seems you went all Protestant there Wendy and changed your tune . These babies were not as you say Tossed into a Septic Tank go back and read the real Truth and that’s even out of The Gaurdian. Also Wendy people in Glass Houses really shouldn’t throw stones if you think none of that happened in Scotland or in The U.K . ask some of your elders . Peter Mullen also wrote The Magdalena Sisters . About how unmarried mothers had been treated terribly in Ireland. Our own Asylums and if your from Scotland there was one near you Wendy . We’re full of Old Ladies or Old Spinsters many years ago . Their mental illness was falling Pregnant whilst being unmarried,what happened to their Babies they were taken from them . Now I hope that these children found a good home I do not know. What I do know is that many of the Mothers became Institutionalised and were in those Asylums all of their life’s. Also as regards just London. During the film The Krays Violet Kray makes a statement that if they ever drain the Lake on Hampstead Heath all that they would find would be dead babies. Women who became Pregnant by someone else whilst their Husbands were overseas in The Forces had more ways than Abortion to get rid of the child. As I say Wendy People In Glass Houses Should not Throw Stones .

      • FOOF,

        I can’t make head nor tail of either of your replies to Wendy but allow me to disabuse you of the notion that Wendy would “go all Protestant” on us – Wendy has more of a “Catholic sense” than many baptised Catholics I could name, not least Papa Francis.

        She is two thousand percent committed to defending the unborn child and I’ve never read anything remotely “anti-Catholic” from her – ever. Quite the reverse.

        I suspect you hadn’t realised that her post at 3.22pm today was actually a letter which she had copied and pasted – she describes it as “vile” at the end of her post.

        Thank you for your apology to her – I know that she will accept it graciously, but do, please avoid any kind of personal remarks on this blog, whether to Wendy or anyone else. If you check our house rules, that is one of the absolute rules that must not be broken. I usually delete such comments, but am leaving yours this time, not least because of the apology you so generously offered.

        Just be careful from now on, else you’ll take Jeff’s place on the naughty step 😀

      • No problems there Faith Of Our Fathers……I can see where the problem came from …my names at the top ..we just have to keep on fighting for these tiny lives regardless of our colour ,creed ,Faith the more united we are the more we will achieve ,with one BIG voice ……thank you

  3. This is an update on the recent posts on the General Discussion thread, regarding Jeff (Protestant reader) who had texted me to berate the SNP MPs, all 56 of them, because they abstained on voting on the decriminalisation of abortion bill in the Westminster Parliament.

    Another reader emailed to say that the SNP MPs would have abstained because they are not allowed to vote on English matters. Abortion is a devolved matter for the Scottish Parliament (God help us all). Jeff, therefore, was placed on the naughty step.

    However, Jeff, it turns out, has been right all along – the SNP MPS ARE permitted to vote on English matters if the bill is a Private Member’s Bill which was the case with the decriminalisation of abortion bill.

    So, yes, Jeff is right to be calling the alleged Catholics to account for their negligence in this matter. How these people can sleep at night, is beyond me.

  4. I’ve noticed that almost everyone on this thread is missing an avatar – the small picture you are free to place beside your name. I would urge everyone to organise an avatar asap, as it makes it easier to pick out your comments in the thread, and to see you on the sidebar.

    Wendy, an obvious picture for YOU to use might be something like this…

    • If you would like to do it for me Patricia please do its a very lovely picture ..Iam so ignorant on a lot of things computer ..sadly doing an Avatar is one of them

      • Wendy,

        It’s a while since I’ve done this, but I think it would come back to me.

        You would need to email me your log in details. That is usually either your email address or your username (Wendy Walker) and your password. You can always change your password later if you wish, I could tell you how to do that, but be assured I never use passwords without permission – Theresa Rose will tell you! I had to help her with her avatar about a dozen times and each time she had to resend her password – I couldn’t remember it! I don’t make a note of them and only use them for the purpose permitted. Note, though, that the avatar will only work if you log in with the same email address. The picture is attached to that email.

        I’ll await your log in details and do my best to create an avatar for you. My pleasure.

    • Signed.

      I see this petition has been placed here twice. That’s fine, but I suggest we needn’t record “signed” as I have just done, since that uses up space and really we expect everyone to sign such petitions, so don’t follow my bad example 😀

      • No Patricia it is a separate one this one the newer is to J Hunt …it is confusing with so many Petitions I know please everyone sign and see how your MP voted as well

    • That’s disgraceful. If that bill goes through it means abortion up to birth, how shocking is that. I can’t understand those cowardly MPS, and it’s no argument to say it won’t go through anyway – that’s exactly what people thought in 1967 and look what happened.

  5. Edinburgh, Scotland
    MARCH 18, 2017

    “We have over 100 people supporting the vigil in Edinburgh,” said one of the 40 Days for Life team members.

    “It’s a true international effort,” she said, “with participants from Scotland, England, Poland, United States, Italy, France, Hungary, Argentina, Nigeria, India and Sri Lanka.”

    Archbishop Leo Cushley of the archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh joined the vigil recently. The archbishop said he was delighted to set aside time to pray on a bright, sunny morning.

    “The reaction from the public has been hearteningly positive, the weather has been great and the number of people coming to pray each day is fantastic,” said Patricia, the local 40 Days for Life coordinator.

    “It gives us great spiritual encouragement to know that Archbishop Cushley is publically backing our peaceful, prayerful efforts to end abortion, to help build a culture of life and to establish a civilisation of love that supports both mothers and their unborn children,” she said.

    Written by

    With 40 Days for Life, David wears many hats. Prior to joining the 40 Days for Life team, he was an award-winning radio and TV journalist. He has also served as a board member for a pregnancy help center and as publications director for a major national pro-life organization.

  6. It in unbelievable that Catholic Politicians who vote for “The right for women to choose”, can have the audacity to call themselves Catholics. It galls me that such people are allowed to receive the Blessed Sacrament in some diocese in the world; I am referring particularly to American politicians, like Cain, and Pelosi.  Yet, there are gleams of light that shine through the darkened skies. The other day, Marie Caufield, MP for Lewes, strongly spoke out in the defence of the unborn. I felt compelled, even though I am not a constituent, to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her brave and stately attack against another hateful left-wing abortion Bill.
    Another most distressing event is how the Vatican is appearing to be so non pro-life. For instance Pope Francis’ has removed all of the pro-life members from the The Pontifical Academy for Life. He has invited guest to the Vatican who are clearly pro- abortion and population controllers. Also allowing priests to give absolution for the heinous crime of abortion has given rise to much critism.
    I am looking forward to the March for Life in Birmingham, during the month of May.

  7. Dear Gildaswiseman
    Thank you for the very thought provoking post above ..well said …We only have to look at “””Catholic “”Melissa Gates ….and Cherie and the Abominable Tony also allowed to remain in the Catholic Church it is so sad and very frightening …….as is Pope Francis

  8. For such a time

    Diana Johnson’s Ten-Minute Bill to decriminalize abortion is due for its second reading on Friday, March 24th. It is admittedly unlikely to get through, but without doubt its passing last week will have been taken as a major sign of encouragement by so called ‘pro-choicers’, already pushing for termination to be made legal up to birth, and we can soon expect the introduction of a Bill which, unless vigorously opposed, stands every likelihood of being adopted.

    This is a move to make legal the unrestrained slaughter of the innocent. It is worship given to Moloch.

    For such a time as this

    In ancient Persia a young Jewish girl, Esther, became the wife of the king, Ahasuerus. Then, as now, the Jews became target for persecution and Haman, the King’s first Minister, devised a plot to have them all killed, with the greater part of their wealth and possessions transferred to himself. This was a man who thought big!

    Knowing she must intercede, but fearful of the consequences, Esther asked the entire Jewish community to fast and pray on her behalf for three days and three nights. Only after that Esther went to the king, and her request that he and Haman come to a banquet prepared by herself in the king’s honour was heard. And there Esther interceded for her people, with the result that they were saved, and Haman himself executed. It is this mighty deliverance that the Jews still celebrate today in the feast of Purim.

    Battle in the heavens

    So today VfJUK is asking people, starting tomorrow, to pray and fast for the three days before the second reading. How you do this is entirely up to you, but we believe this is a spiritual battle and needs, first and foremost, to be combatted in prayer.

    The Lord bless and keep you as you pray for deliverance of the unborn

    If you haven’t yet signed, please sign the petition here:



    Are we Safeguarding or endangering children in education?

    Register today

    When: Saturday, March 25
    Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm
    Where: The Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW

    Cost: Single ticket £35
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    Come to Voice for Justice UK’s important conference examining the ideological reframing of education, and find out why you should be worried. Get the tools you need to help shape future policy and safeguard the nation’s young.

    (Resource pack, including complimentary copy or our latest book, retail price £12, What are they teaching the children?)

    Topics covered will include:
    What is education?
    What, how and why do we teach our young?
    How has education evolved in different societies, and what are the implications for us today?
    What is the role of the family in education?
    How does current education policy fit with the basic human rights of freedom of conscience, belief, and speech?
    How is education being subjected to ideological pressure?
    Detailed analysis of the impact of SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) and so-called ‘inclusivity’ on children and young people.
    CHIPS – education or indoctrination?
    Should daily worship in schools be mandatory, optional … or abolished?

    For more information and to register go to

    Like us on Facebook at:

    Very very urgent call to Prayer please share widely …vital thank you

  9. I am very pleased that this thread has been created, its a great idea to have a specific form to discuss the evil of abortion and how to combat it.

    • I’ve just signed that Wendy.

      Ironic that the Professor in question is called “Wendy Savage” – savage being a very good description of her nature.

  10. Having trouble viewing this email? Click here
    40 Days for Life
    Dear WENDY,

    This summer we will be hosting a 40 Days for Life conference in central London, United Kingdom, and you are invited to attend.

    The weekend will start with a dinner on Friday 7 July. The keynote speaker will be Dr Haywood Robinson, a former abortionist and now pro-life advocate.

    On Saturday 8 July, we are hosting a day-long conference for campaign leaders, team members and keen pro-lifers. The conference will include training, networking opportunities, leadership panels and lunch.

    During the training you will learn…
    A powerful conversion story and personal testimony from a former abortionist, Dr Haywood Robinson, who now works as a doctor protecting human life.
    Practical strategies to help women in unexpected pregnancies choose life … and provide healing for women (and men) harmed by abortion.
    How God uses ordinary people to change hearts and minds, save lives and transform communities.
    Why after decades of legalised abortion, the pro-life movement is on the brink of a massive breakthrough.
    In order to register for the conference on Saturday, please visit:

    This is the third year we have held a London conference. We held a similar event in Florida last summer, and attendees were greatly encouraged by the symposium there. We received reports that the symposium helped leaders strengthen their campaigns, cover more hours and recruit more volunteers. I hope you are able to join us on July 7-8!

    Please feel free to ask any questions. We hope to see you in July!

    Warmest regards and prayers,

    International Campaigns
    40 Days for Life

    A really wonderful opportunity for Pro Life people

  11. Would you believe BPAS /ARC AND OTHER PRO DEATH CAMP ZEALOTS ..are having an Event in a CHURCH ???!!!!!!!!!

    25MARCH 2017

    I tried to post the image but it would not allow me of the poster

    • Unbelievable Wendy. And on the feast of the Annunciation. The devil is up to his usual tricks.

      Our lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

      Who am I to Judge? Especially as the Vatican has hosted Paul Erlich-the father of contraception and population control at St. Peters, Rome.

  12. Having trouble viewing this email? Click here
    40 Days for Life

    Dear WENDY,

    During a 40 Days for Life campaign, many people read the 40 Days for Life book — 40 chapters including stories of babies saved, abortion workers who had a conversion … and a scripture and prayer for every chapter.

    But as we headed into the largest spring 40 Days for Life campaign ever in more than 340 cities … we sold out of the book!

    After a rushed third printing of the book, we are excited to release the EXPANDED EDITION with new BONUS chapters and …

    … a new ending!

    Get the new expanded edition of the Amazon top-rated Christian book at:

    In this new expanded edition you will learn:
    The moving, behind-the-scenes inspiration for 40 Days for Life
    The never-before-told story of how the closed abortion facility where the campaign began became the headquarters of 40 Days for Life
    The inspiring story of two former abortion doctors now offering life in a closed Planned Parenthood building
    The revelation after entering the closed Planned Parenthood abortion facility that impacts YOU
    Order your book today!

    “40 Days for Life is one of the most impressive initiatives launch since Roe vs. Wade. It’s a powerful combination of prayer and persuasion aimed above all at serving women. The forty stories told here are stories of America at its best.”

    — George Weigel, author, biographer of St. John Paul II

    “This beautiful book will touch your heart and challenge you. There is no movement more important, and 40 Days for Life is leading the fight — spiritually and practically — in the trenches every day. This book will help you see how you can take part in saving a life.”

    — Lila Rose, President, Live Action
    “If you’re growing weary over the increasing level of disrespect of the most innocent among us, open this book, read these encouraging stories of lives saved and redeemed, and help let the light out!”

    — Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

    “The fruits of 40 Days for Life are invaluable to our cause. Every child saved, abortion-minded mother changed, and abortion industry employee converted becomes a shining witness to life, another foot soldier to building a culture of life in our nation.”

    — Marjorie Dannenfelser, Susan B. Anthony List

    Read the full list of endorsements here.

    As we enter the second half of this campaign, I encourage you to not just read about 40 Days for Life — be part of it. God may use you as His instrument to save a life from abortion.

    Right now there are more than 340 cities where you can do just that!

    San Luis Obispo, California

    “We had another save!” said Kirt in San Luis Obispo.

    “We were able to walk a young couple down to local pregnancy center,” he said, “and even though closed, the opportunity to consider another option and slow down the process was just what this couple needed.”

    They drove away, smiling, thumbs up and saying, “I’m not going to have an abortion!”

    “Praise God!” Kirt said.

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    This is a worldwide campaign … and the 40 Days for Life team in Edinburgh got a firsthand example of that when the pastor of the Edinburgh Indian Christian Community of St. Anthony prayed at the vigil with several members of his church.

    The group prayed in five languages — English, Polish, Italian, Tamil and Malayalam. With some of the opposition the Scottish vigils have seen during this campaign, it was a sure sign of unity among Christ’s people!

    Who is a God like You, pardoning iniquity and passing over the transgressions of the remnant of His heritage? He does not retain His anger forever, because He delights in mercy. He will again have compassion on us; and will subdue our iniquities.
    —Micah 7:18-19

    Heavenly Father, eternal, changeless, and faithful Lord, we recognize that we are in need of forgiveness as a nation, for turning our hearts away from you. Hear our prayer of repentance Lord and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We praise you for your tender mercies and your compassion that never fails. Lord, it is only by Your grace that we can live lives that are just, and merciful.

    See today’s full devotional

    For life,

    Shawn Carney
    40 Days for Life


    If you no longer wish to receive 40 Days for Life devotionals, prayers, breaking news, hope-filled reports of lives saved, and solutions to help end abortion where you live, click this link: Unsubscribe

    40 Days for Life 4112 E 29th St. Bryan, Texas 77802 United States (888) LIFE-316

    This 40 DAYS FOR LIFE BOOK…is absolutely brilliant a must for every Pro Lifer do try and get one a beautiful gift for Easter …………New Life …beautiful news on Edinburgh 40 Days well done all

    • Wendy Walker,

      I think the video in your link is the same one as the Youtube video I found – it is really shocking – I copied the embed code to post it here:

  13. Bpas – British Pregnancy Advisory Service
    3 hrs ·
    Our Chief Exec Ann Furedi will be on the Today programme, BBC Radio 4, at 7.20am to share our thoughts / outrage about the tampon tax fund grant to an anti-abortion group. You can listen live here:

    BBC – Radio 4 – Home
    Radio 4, Speech based news, current affairs and factual network. Includes detailed programme information, audio clips and listings. Available on FM, DAB and online.
    LikeShow More ReactionsCommentShare

    Evil Furedi will be on BBC RADIO4 tonight 7..20….please ring in with PRO LIFE COMMENTS about this thank you and ask others to also …Prayers please as well ..

    • Wendy Walker,

      Thank you for that MPs contact details. It just shows you that the pro-abort people will not allow a penny to get past their scrutiny. They get huge amounts of money but won’t allow a donation to go to the pro-life groups. How vile they are.

  14. Thanks Patricia ……..dear all please sign and share the above Petition as widely as you can the pro death brigade are pulling out all the stops on this one .surely we must do the same ..thank you

  15. ACTION ALERT: Write to your MP

    Yesterday, 09:35
    You replied on 06/04/2017 09:58.
    Dear wendy, please take a minute to write to your MP in support of Life.

    Write to your MP to defend the ‘Tampon Tax’ grant that has been awarded to Life.

    Life has been blasted in the press for receiving funding to help vulnerable, pregnant homeless women in West London.
    Click here to email your MP
    I am writing to you about a very real threat to the future of the prolife movement in the UK. Suddenly the eyes of the world are on Life. Why?

    Because the Government has made a significant grant to Life for our new West London Hub initiative. Some journalists and women’s groups don’t like it. They are trying to get the grant withdrawn by creating a media storm and lobbying Members of Parliament. We have met every aspect of the criteria for the Tampon Tax funding we have been awarded. The protests are simply because we are prolife.

    We are fighting not just for Life itself, but for the future of the prolife movement in the UK. If this grant is withdrawn on the basis that we are prolife, every prolife organisation’s charitable status, gift aid, support contracts could all be in jeopardy.

    Please take action now:
    Click on the button below to write to your MP in support of the work of Life. Remember to tell them your story, what Life means to you, why you’re involved, or maybe tell them how Life has helped you.
    Sign the Citizen GO petition in support of Life. Be sure to share it on your Facebook page.
    If ever there was a time to contact your MP, it is now. We need your practical support and direct action.

    Thank you so much for your ongoing support and encouragement.

    With very best wishes,

    Stephen Sharpe
    Chief Executive Officer

    t: 07545 264492
    w: 01926 312272

    Click here to email your MP

    We thank Citizen GO for starting this petition in defence of our work with vulnerable pregnant women. Please do sign and share to help us reach 5,000 signatures.
    Click here to sign the Citizen Go petition

    Donate now to support our vital work
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  16. Dear lovely everybody PLEASE can you help me ?
    At the moment we are going through one of the most vile and vitriolic attacks from horrific pro abortionist s..who are frothing and fuming over a grant given to LIFE …… help look after Mums and Babies…..they are contacting …..THEIR MPS and Rob Wilson Mp who ok’d the grant in Droves …….THEREFORE I beg of beg of you PLEASE contact your Mp ,thank R Wilson and sign the Petition details above
    It is SICK that a petition to save Animals …and I do like Animals and wouldnt hurt them can accrue hundreds of thousands of signatures but ones to save Babies get a couple of thousand if you’re lucky Years ago a very excellent pro life MP told me a lot of MPS are swayed by their post bag …a lot of letters them days…e mails now give them food for thought ..well lets give them a feast if they are pro life or not they have to read /acknowledge them I really thank yo u from the very bottom of my heart I am sorry to bother you but PLEASE let All your pro life friends know as well lets start a massive chain reaction to save out little smallest loveliest little people in the womb ..Bless you all

  17. wendy walker 12:19pm Sat 8 Apr 17
    This article is dreadfully written ,it is very one sided and it tries to cover up the horror of what an abortion entails ..Abortion at any stage takes a life it stops a beating heart ..if as abortionists say it is a non entity then why abort it ?.The abortionists try every trick in the book to lure people away from the truth and their ghastly work ….I applaud anyone who goes outside these mills to offer help ,love and support to them the abortionists hate this ….pro Life people do not charge for the help they give unlike those who charge for their infant blood **** and then have the downright cheek to charge for post abortion counselling..what a joke .It is very strange how all the so called feminists rant and rage with filthy dirty slogans and actions yet when it comes to gendercide and the killing of female babies their silence is absolutely deafening …The miracle within the womb is amazing and beautiful I would suggest some contributors on here go online and look up the development and Humanity of these lovely little people….Over 8 million citizens have been killed in ways that if it was Animals the uproar would be phenomenal and quite rightly so….babies that now are born at 22 weeks survive ….if only we had a Donald Trump a man of courage and strength who cares for these unseen members of Humanity ..I must add when do you hear of pregnant ladies saying “I am knitting a jacket for my fetus or buying a pram for my products of conception ?……


    my reply to the appalling article above please consider adding a pro life comment thank you

  18. Hi Wendy,

    Hope you’re well and finding the time to do plenty of crochet these days. Have now written out my experience of what happened with BPAS. Sorry it’s taken a while to send this as an email but here is it is;

    “BPAS showed me my (almost five month old) baby mangled up dead in front of me in October 2010 when I was 17 years old. This was at the Kings Norton clinic in Birmingham. Was sexually abused and couldn’t bear the thought of my baby growing up to participate in a sexual act I believe to be degrading and misogynistic (oral sex on men) which is normal in this culture. My life revolves around avoiding reminders of this sexual act. This was my main reason for aborting. After leaving the clinic my boobs leaked for around six months, had no idea that would happen. Had no follow up care, had no idea the baby would be so formed at that stage. I’d wanted to know what was inside me as wanted to understand to come to terms with it. I’d wanted to give birth naturally as assumed that way they just put it to sleep or something, I don’t really know what they do, but you just give birth there like a normal birth. But it would take an overnight procedure to do it that way like a normal childbirth and then my family would have found out, the thought of that terrified me. I didn’t like this method of abortion where they have to pull it out and because I imagined it would be more painful for the foetus but I had to do it this way as they couldn’t let me give birth to it naturally and then leave in the same day because it would take a long time to deliver it, so they said they’d let me see it after surgical abortion.
    After I’d had the termination someone came out and called me into another room and there were two blonde women in the room and a small white box with a thin white sheet over it and I sat down. They lifted the sheet off the box and which contained it. It was a human baby about the length of my forearm. It was lying on its back with its arms spread out, open at the sides. Its legs were straight. Bits of its skull were cracked in pieces like thin shards of glass so I couldn’t see the eyes, nose or mouth. The middle of its body was all mashed up but there was something broken in the mush of its torso and organs which I believe was the spine sticking out. It had all the same shaped nails as the father. Its hands and feet were perfect. It had tiny creases in the palms of its hands which were spread open and half of two of its fingers were missing on the left hand from the knuckle up, where they’d been ripped off. There were bits of its fingers missing on the other hand as well. You could see the flesh and bone inside of its fingers where the colours changed across where they had been cut. It had long, thin legs and the whole body of it looked very thin. The body was a translucent reddish colour with darker tones deeper inside the flesh. I think the darker tones were where the muscles were, so its legs had these dark patches inside of them I could see through the outer skin. I was very shocked to see this because I’d never had any exposure to this type of thing and couldn’t believe that there was actually another person inside me and this was him or her. I reached out and touched the top of its foot and it felt soft on top and hard underneath. It had tiny toes.

    My baby had been in one white box with a white sheet over it, but when I looked up against the wall beside the door there were flat shelves, like bookshelves mounted to the wall, with rows of these white boxes with sheets over them.
    Several years later I requested my paperwork from BPAS and there were a lot of factual errors in it regarding my personal circumstances. I also asked for counselling which their website states it can provide but was ignored and told I wouldn’t be able to have any but not given a reason as to why this was. BPAS said no to counselling and ignored my calls, emails and inbox messages on social media asking for counselling. I even sent them a scan photo from the time it happened. I left a post on their Facebook page describing my experience there and what I’d seen. They deleted this and then at that point, they called the police and reported me, presumably for being weird? I feel I’m a product of this in so many ways. To show a child a mangled up dead body and then send the person out the door in broad daylight, that’s weird. Now I too have been discarded by this organisation.

    I want my name to be known in connection with this review so people know this is coming from a real patient who went there and that this is a genuine experience, not something fabricated by someone who is pro-life. I have no religion or particular political stance. This is my experience at the Kings Norton clinic and with BPAS.

    -Rachel McCullen”

  19. The above is a true story of what happened to a young woman poor rachel when she had an abortion with BPAS….She is very much still affected by it ….Prayers needed please

  20. Pharmacists Forced to Dispense Abortion Inducing Drugs or Face Job Loss
    Greg Jackson | CitizenGO

    Wed 12/04, 15:41
    Getting too much email from Greg Jackson | CitizenGO? You can unsubscribe
    You replied on 12/04/2017 15:51.

    Dear wendy,

    On Tuesday, the General Pharmaceutical Council announced its intention to go ahead with changes that risk severely restricting the conscience rights of pharmacists.

    This is a great disappointment and potentially puts many pharmacists in a very difficult position. Pharmacists could now face loss of employment if they refuse to dispense abortion inducing drugs.

    Obviously this seriously infringes on pharmacists’ right to freedom of conscience.


    This move by the GPhC ignores the public opposition to the proposed changes – according to their own figures, over 54% of people who responded to their consultation disagreed with the changes. (See here p. 16)

    Furthermore, 46% of those who responded to the consultation said the impact of the changes on pharmacists would be “partly” or “mostly negative”. (Only 32% said these changes would be “partly” or “mostly positive”.) (See here p. 17)

    The changes which restrict the consciences for pharmacists were supposed to be for the sake of the customer/patient. It turns out now that 72% of the public who responded to the consultation do not agree with the changes. (See here p. 16)

    The GPhC therefore are not only failing to respect the freedom of conscience of pharmacists, but they are also completely ignoring the concerns of the majority of the public.


    I encourage you to email the GPhC letting them know your views about their decision:

    You can draw on some of the following points if you wish:

    1. Point out that this change is entirely unnecessary and unfairly targets pharmacists who are religious.

    2. Mention how this consultation shows that the public are opposed to this change.

    3. Mention that the GPhC should adopt an approach more like that of GMC (General Medical Council) which recognises the right of doctors to conscientiously object as enshrined in the law.

    All the best,

    Greg Jackson and the entire Team at CitizenGO

    CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide. To find out more about CitizenGO click here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. This message is addressed to If you do not wish to receive emails from CitizenGO, click on this link.

    To contact CitizenGO, do not respond to this email, reply at this link:

    wendy walker

    Today, 11:25
    40 days for life London (;
    Amanda Lewin (;
    Here is a plea from me regarding the absolute torrent of pro death things happening at the moment

    1…..Please sign the Petition regarding Life grant sadly standing at not even 9,000 at present …there is an abortionist version evidently but I just cannot find it yet

    2…. Please write to MP R Wilson who granted the grant to LIfe …the abortionists claim they have sent over 10,000 messages to Mr Wilson
    3…Contact your MP regarding this stating the need for LIFEs work etc

    Believe me the abortionists have been writing in droves egged on by BPAS and other awful Groups
    Never has this been so important

    4….. Please share widely and ask Pro Life people to sign urgently
    babies lives depend on it
    As we are now entering yet another Election phase and many MPs are concerned for their Political Seats they may be more responsive to Pro Life enquiries also PLEASE ASK Candidates their views on Abortion ..vital
    thank you

  22. I have found out the speaker for the BPAS on this video is BPAS head of Advocacy & Campaigns evidently she travels the Country visiting Police Stations to complain about Pro Lifers. Her name is ABIGAIL FITZGIBBON

    • That’s a shocking report – just imagine if the minister for health had said this about Islam – I quote:

      “He also said it is inappropriate for a hospital to have a strong religious influence, particularly from the Catholic Church.”

      It’s hard to believe this is Ireland we’re talking about.

  23. I’ve just received the following email – homosexuality is all part and parcel of the pro-life battle, so I think this is the correct thread for this development:

    Important new pro-family resource from MassResistance: “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals”

    Book detail at

    After several years of research, our book on “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality” is now available. This is the tool that every pro-family activist has been waiting for. With over 500 pages, this book covers virtually every aspect of a subject that is almost universally ignored in today’s popular culture.

    Sources include the federal Centers for Disease Control, national and international medical professional groups, published medical research, and even LGBT medical groups and websites – all documented in 1,800 endnotes.

    It is published by our pro-family group, MassResistance. The book’s website has the full Table of Contents and chapter excerpts. The book is available in paperback or eBook through Amazon at or
    PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454 USA

  24. For pro-life news updated throughout the day, visit

    Planned Parenthood Doc Who Wanted Lamborghini for Selling Aborted Babies Caught Selling Baby Parts Again
    Mary Gatter, the Planned Parenthood senior executive who infamously was caught on tape saying “I want a Lamborghini” while discussing and arranging the sale of body parts of aborted babies has been caught again.

    Click to Read at

    Comments or questions? Email us at
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    • Thanks for that link Wendy – I may well do what is asked and quiz my local candidates on these issues up front.

    • I found this deeply disturbing on so many levels. What really struck me was that the woman still feels she did the right thing! That her parents agreed with abortion under certain circumstances! That she interprets Pope Francis’ words in a way that suggests abortion is ok under certain circumstances!

      Abortion is never, ever, ok!

  25. Re above link ….Baby born clutching his mothers abortifacient coil ..he had a very lucky escape

  26. Life from conception, no exception!

    View this email in your browser

    MARCH FOR LIFE: Saturday 20 May 2017 – Information and coaches

    05 May 2017

    SPUC heartily supports this event which seeks to celebrate human life and calls for the abolition of abortion. Please join the March for Life in Birmingham on 20th May.

    March for Life UK is a national annual pro-life festival that consists of live music, family fun activities, educational stalls, Christian prayer and inspiring speakers. The highlight of the day is a joyous march through the heart of Birmingham city centre proclaiming our central message of “Life from Conception, No Exception”. To read more about the event, visit their website

    There are coaches travelling from all over the UK to Birmingham for the March For Life this year. To find a coach near you, see this link:

    For those living in the South London area, SPUC is organising a coach that will be leaving from Clapham Junction station. Tickets for this coach can be bought here:

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    Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC)
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    United Kingdom

    Add us to your address book

    Please send and share widely to ALL your pro Life contacts ..Churches Nuns ,share this wonderful celebration of life and love is imperative as many people go as possible
    Thank you

  27. iHope Prayer Vigil Fri 12th May IPPF, Nigeria & Kweku Brenu

    Today, 13:10
    You replied on 07/05/2017 14:10.
    Our Lady invited us to pray the ROSARY!
    View this email in your browser

    Dear Wendy,
    Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and is growing by 3% per year. According to IPPF “Many Nigerian women and girls want contraception – but like millions around the world – can’t get it. But that could be about to change, thanks to a pilot project run by Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN), IPPF’s national member. It’s proving a huge success.”

    The world needs Nigeria and its relatively high fertility rate and so we must thwart this plan. The people of Nigeria need our prayers and their government needs wisdom to see the evil plan that IPPF has mastered to destroy their families, population and culture.
    Kweku Osae Brenu is the President of the International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region (IPPF AR), in spite of being a legal practitioner and public notary in Ghana and needs our prayers.

    So with Rosaries in hand, on the day before the centenary of the 1st apparition of Fatima, and filled with the Blessed Sacrament we must process in prayer and peace with Our Lady aloft to the head of the global abortion industry in London England on the 12th May. Join us at St George’s Cathedral (Southwark Cathedral) with the desire to fulfil Our Lady’s request and your love for the unborn and the Gospel of Life.
    If you know of any religious orders that would support this initiative, if you know of any prayer groups that would offer their prayers before the Blessed Sacrament, if you know of any families and individuals please, please invite them physically or spiritually to be with us on the 12th.
    Details below.

    We will hold our monthly vigil from 12:30 to 15:30.

    11:45 Meet at Westminster Bridge
    12:30 Mass at St. Georges Cathedral
    13:15 Procession to IPPF Head Quarters

    Please see the flyer for the dates for the whole of 2017 which you are welcomed to print and invite your friends and family. Your help is vital to victims of abortion and those who work in the abortion industry, since many of them do not know what they are doing and need Divine Mercy, so please make a commitment to assist in this work.

    At the end of this vigil we will go to Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Whitfield St. and pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary with the icon of Our Lady maybe you can join us.

    If you cannot attend please support us by praying the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Fasting, giving alms or doing a kindness to someone in need and all for our intention to rescue the workers of IPPF from the slavery of abortion and also for all victims of abortion.

    iHope to see you there.
    In Christ
    Joseph Clovis
    “a child is for life not just conception”

    The 9 hour novena is to Our Lady Of The Holy Rosary

    My dearest Mother Mary, behold me, your child, in prayer at your feet. Accept this Holy Rosary, which I offer you in accordance with your requests at Fatima, as a proof of my tender love for you, for the intentions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in atonement for the offenses committed against your Immaculate Heart, and for this special favour which I earnestly request in my Rosary Novena:

    iHope’s request this month of May is that for all those who work at the IPPF HQ receive mercy from Our Lord and that this organisation IPPF may be defunded and so stop the slaughter of the unborn. also we ask that Nigeria will be protected from the proponents of the Culture of death and the heart of Kweku Brenu be touched by the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

    We pray that God’s infinite mercy becomes apparent to them and that his love stirs in their hearts and minds enabling them to leave the industrialised slavery of abortion that binds them to the culture of death and so escape into the arms of Mary, His mother.

    I beg you to present my petition to your Divine Son. If you will pray for me, I cannot be refused. I know, dearest Mother, that you want me to seek God’s holy Will concerning our request. If what I ask for should not be granted, pray that I may receive that which will be of greater benefit to my soul.

    I offer you this spiritual Bouquet of Roses because I love you. I put all my confidence in you, since your prayers before God are most powerful. For the greater glory of God and for the sake of Jesus, your loving Son, hear and grant my prayer. Sweet Heart of Mary be my salvation.

    Just 1 day before the 100 year Anniversary of Our Lady’s visit to the 3 children in Fatima, as it was in these monthly visits that she invited the children to pray the Rosary to save souls.

    Copyright © 2017 Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, All rights reserved.
    Pro-Life Friend

    Our mailing address is:
    Helpers of God’s Precious Infants
    PO Box HLI
    London, London SE9 4ZX
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  28. Verity Pink Murial2468 • 16 days ago
    When I saw the headline, I was mentally cheering on Maria Caulfield, because that was who I thought it would be – so it was nice to hear from another MP with similar principles.
    I’m hoping that the Labour Party will read the writing on the wall after Hillary Clinton’s defeat, and realise that having BPAS as a bedfellow might prove electorally disastrous here as well as in the US.
    3 • Reply•Share ›
    JohnBoy Verity Pink • 16 days ago
    If there’s offspring that SHOULD be aborted, it’s one conceived in the bed shared by Labour and BPAS – or by anybody and BPAS for that matter.
    1 • Reply•Share ›
    Verity Pink JohnBoy • 15 days ago
    Couldn’t agree more. Definitely a marriage made in the Other Place.

  29. Just a reminder MARCH FOR LIFE 2017…..20 MAY ..BIRMINGHAM please try to go and encourage others to as well thank you …Prayers as well please

    • I was so sad to see Tim Farron deny his moral beliefs, selling his soul, in fact, as the article says.

      I can’t see him being elected now. He’s sold his soul for nothing, as the article’s author states.

  30. I think any thoughts on the Manchester terrorist attack might fittingly be posted on this thread…

    I couldn’t help wondering, for example, if Donald Trump’s remarks on the Manchester terrorist attack reflected his pro-life beliefs. He seemed to hesitate at one point when speaking about the sacredness of human life and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on the point of saying that life is sacred “whether in the womb or a concert hall” but – again – maybe I’m reading too much into his momentary hesitation.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this latest atrocity, but also with all those misguided terrorists who believe, ever so wrongly, that God could possibly condone their evil actions. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for them.

    • I’m just amazed that letter got published in the Herald. That’s really something. Two of the three comments below are so predictable. People just can’t think for themselves any more, just repeat the propaganda.


    please note this is abortionist information bpas … get even more babies killed by electing pro death MPS…this is to alert you to the dangers of the abortionists and WE must match them ..obviously please DO NOT SIGN THEIR PETITION ……I feel awful putting it on here but it is imperative pro lifers are aware of the pure evil we are up against

  32. My Pledge Her Choice
    Candidates who have signed the pledge
    If your candidate has signed up, please let us know! Email

    Andrew Western, Labour, Altrincham and Sale West
    Mandy Rossi, Green Party, Ashford
    Russell Secker, Green Party, Beaconsfield
    Lucy Bywater, Green Party, Bedford
    Johanna Boal, Labour, Beverley and Holderness
    Jayne Clough, Green Party, Birkenhead
    Roger Godsiff, Labour, Birmingham Hall Green
    Christopher Garghan, Green Party, Birmingham Yardley
    Kay Powell, Green Party, Bridgwater and West Somerset
    Jerry Lonsdale, Liberal Democrats, Brigg and Goole
    Thangam Debbonaire, Labour, Bristol West
    Michael Thompson, Labour, Bromsgrove
    Greg Marshall, Labour, Broxtowe
    Simon Hales, Green Party, Burton
    Harriet Harman, Labour, Camberwell and Peckham
    Daniel Zeichner, Labour, Cambridge
    Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat, Cambridge
    Alan Booth, Green Party, Chesham and Amersham
    Nina Dluzewska, Labour, Chesham and Amersham
    Tim Young, Labour, Colchester
    Jamie Paul Wildman, Green Party, Daventry
    Richard Knight, Green Party, East Hampshire
    Benjamin Gill, Green Party, Edmonton
    David Flint, Green Party, Enfield North
    Ed Mayne, Labour, Epsom and Ewell
    Joe Levy, Green Party, Exeter
    Noreen Campbell, Alliance Party, Fermanagh and South Tyrone
    Naomi Rylatt, Labour, Filton and Bradley
    Naomi Rylatt , Labour, Filton and Bradley Stoke
    Catherine Tite, Labour, Gainsborough
    Barry Kirby, Labour, Gloucester
    Rebecca Thackray, Green Party, Grantham and Stamford
    Marna Gilligan, Green Party, Gravesham
    Kirsty Allan , Liberal Democrats, Hampstead and Kilburn
    Adam Bernard, Liberal Democrats, Harrow East
    Fiona Smith, Labour, Hertsmere
    Charles Lawley, Liberal Democrats, High Peak
    Nimco Ali, Women’s Equality Party, Hornsey & Wood Green
    Morwen Millson, Liberal Democrats, Horsham
    Andrew Cooper, Green Party, Huddersfield
    RoseMary Warrington, Green Party, Ilford South
    Laura Dover, Labour, Kilmarnock and Loudoun
    George Howarth, Labour, Knowsley
    Kate Brady , Labour, Knowsley
    Jaimes Lewis Moran, Green Party, Leeds East
    Karen Wheller, Green Party, Lewisham West and Penge
    Rhea Wolfson, Labour Party, Livingston
    Sally Carr MBE, Women’s Equality Party, Manchester Withington
    Alison Martin, Labour, Mid Derbyshire
    Ricky Knight, Green Party, North Devon
    Nicky Shepard , Liberal Democrats, North East Hertfordshire
    Kirsty Jones, Green Party, Nottingham North
    Adam King, Green Party, Oldham West & Royton
    Simon Ashley, Green Party, Rochford and Southend East
    Claire Edwards , Labour, Rugby
    Dr Jane Berney FCA, Labour, Saffron Walden
    Melissa Wilson, Green Party, Sedgefield
    Gill Furniss, Labour, Sheffield
    Sophie Walker, Women’s Equality Party, Shipley
    Alan Woodhead, Labour, Skipton and Ripon
    Andrew Brown, Green Party, Skipton and Ripon
    Paula Bradshaw, Alliance Party, South Belfast
    Marten Kats, Green Party, South Derbyshire
    Tashi Warr, Labour, South Dorset
    Daniel Scott, Labour, South West Bedfordshire.
    Christopher Walford, Green Party, South West Wiltshire
    Julian Ware-Lane, Labour, Southend West
    Kirstein Rummery, Women’s Equality Party, Stirling
    Kellie Armstrong, Alliance Party, Strangford
    Rachel Featherstone, Green Party, Sunderland Central
    Sharon Galliford, Green Party, Surrey Heath
    Cate Cody, Green Party, Tewkesbury
    Sabrina Poole, Green Party, The Cotswolds
    Celine Thomas, Women’s Equality Party, Tunbridge Wells.
    Katherine Dunne, Labour, Twickenham
    John Appleby, Liberal Democrats, Tynemouth
    Sharon Lovell, Women’s Equality Party, Vale of Glamorgan
    Harini Iyengar, Women’s Equality Party, Vauxhall
    Andrew Johns, Green Party, Walthamstow
    John Macefield, Green Party, West Bromwich East
    Lyn Brown, Labour, West Ham
    Eli Aldridge, Labour, Westmorland and Lonsdale
    Alison McGovern, Labour, Wirral South
    Mandi Roberts, Green Party, Wirral South
    Claire Lasko, Green Party, Witney

    What a list of shame ..all these candidates have pledged pro death allegiance if they get in please check for your area

  33. R E M I N D E R . . .

    As Election Day approaches, I’d like to remind us all to ask our candidates for their position on abortion. I suggest we do not ask for their “views” as this is a matter of life and death – we want to know how informed our candidates are on the facts about the unborn child, and for an assurance that they will do all in their power to end this evil, barbarous practice. Because it is legal, doesn’t make it right. So, let’s all, each one of us, raise this with candidates at every opportunity.

    • Editor,

      I have taken your advice and emailed candidates. I will post an update if/when I get a reply.

  34. I don’t know if anyone remembers this poem by Spike Milligan – I always find it most moving.

    Somewhere at some time
    They committed themselves to me
    And so, I was!
    Small, but I WAS!
    Tiny, in shape
    Lusting to live
    I hung in my pulsing cave.
    Soon they knew of me
    My mother —my father.
    I had no say in my being
    I lived on trust
    And love
    Tho’ I couldn’t think
    Each part of me was saying
    A silent ‘Wait for me
    I will bring you love!’
    I was taken
    Blind, naked, defenseless
    By the hand of one
    Whose good name
    Was graven on a brass plate
    in Wimpole Street,
    and dropped on the sterile floor
    of a foot operated plastic waste
    There was no Queens Counsel
    To take my brief.
    The cot I might have warmed
    Stood in Harrod’s shop window.
    When my passing was told
    My father smiled.
    No grief filled my empty space.
    My death was celebrated
    With tickets to see Danny la Rue
    Who was pretending to be a woman
    Like my mother was.

    • Therese,

      WOW! I’ve never seen or heard that poem before – and from Spike Milligan of all people! Amazing. Many thanks for posting it.

      I’m still stunned by the scan I was privileged to see of my Great-Niece’s twins, due to be born in a few short weeks. One of them held up her arm, hand in a fist and that made me laugh – she obviously could see me, as I could see her!

      But it is a sobering thought, as I told my Great-Niece and her husband, that, if those twins had different parents, they may have been put to death, as an inconvenience in whichever category they were placed by the pro-abortion brigade. Sobering indeed.

      On a lighter Spike Milligan note: he said he would have the following placed on his tombstone (not sure if he ever did!)

      “I told you I was sick”!

  35. Thank you Patricia and Therese for your very valuable in put here I can only echo Patricia on how very very important it is to contact candidates for their views ……as you will see the abortionists are collating list of pro death Candidates …… sick
    I have heard that poignant poem years ago very touching indeed

  36. image
    Dear WENDY,

    Applications to host a 40 Days for Life campaign in your city from September 27 to November 5 are NOW OPEN!

    If you’re ready to lead your town’s campaign … here’s the link:

    Need to know more? Watch our invitation video from the parking lot of a closed Planned Parenthood center … where you’ll find out what’s involved — and learn about the FREE bonuses (40 Days for Life apparel, signs and other promotional items) that all approved local coordinators will receive:
    To see the video, click the image above or go to:

    Have some general questions? Many are answered here:

    Of course, if there’s something specific, please ask!

    Applications are open til June 23, so there’s still plenty of time to think and pray about it. But if you’re ready now — GO FOR IT!

    For life,
    Shawn Carney

    President, 40 Days for Life
    PS: The applications are only needed for those who LEAD 40 Days for Life campaigns. EVERYBODY is invited to PRAY!
    Facebook Twitter YouTube

    Wonderful 40 DAYS FOR LIFE is doing such a wonderful job ….Is anyone who reads The Blog willing to start one in their area ..thank you

  37. Wendy emailed me this information about Stonewall, sent to her by an Anglican activist group – very important to read because the LGBT lobby is pressing election candidates to extend the influence of the homosexual “community”. The linked Anglican document is challenging the LGBT election agenda.

    We need to stress to candidates that the LGBT agenda is unacceptable. Check out the information given in the above link, as it is excellent, factual, and will be very helpful in putting candidates to the test on the growing dominance of the LGBT (etc!) brigade.

  38. From: Ambassadors
    Sent: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 11:46 AM
    To: Ambassadors
    Subject: Last Election Effort: Please Use Where Do They Stand Website To E-mail MPs!

    Dear Ambassadors,

    It is Election Week, and the Pro-Life Research Unit is working hard to make sure that right-to-lifers across the UK are as best informed as they can be about the views of their local constituency Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) on life issues. You will have seen the Where Do They Stand (WDTS) website, which enables voters to write to their PPCs asking them their views on specific subjects, and enabling them to check the views of PPCs who have responded. We hope you have used this facility, and encouraged your local networks to do the same!

    Very recently however, as you may also have seen, abortion provider BPAS have launched their own election campaign and are appealing to their large database, through partner organisations and the media, for people to email their MP candidates asking them to take their pro-choice ‘pledge’.

    They have launched this campaign very late in the election cycle, and much of their messaging appears to be designed to counter the media coverage the WDTS campaign has received due to the great work that has been done with the media on the ComRes polling that was related to it.

    While they are late with launching this, their campaign is gaining much momentum – you will see that they already have a large group of candidates that have signed the pledge.

    In the final week before the election, we need to counter their campaign with as many emails from the Where Do They Stand website to show that there is a strong appetite from constituents for change on life issues, and that this is consistent with the general public’s support for more restrictions and better support for women as outlined on the Where Do They Stand website. As opposed to the mere 1% of the British public who support the abortion lobby’s goal of ‘decriminalisation’, which would mean abortion on demand, for any reason, and potentially up to birth.

    Please then, could you in the last day of the Election campaign proper, spend some time using the WDTS website to e-mail your candidates, and encourage as many people in your networks to do the same? There is value in all candidates knowing that these issues are of importance to a significant part of their constituency, but there are also 24 MPs who voted for the Johnson Ten Minute Rule Bill and against Fiona Bruce’s sex-selective abortion amendment (a basic litmus test for identifying pro-abortion MPs) who are on the edge of losing their seats.

    If enough right-to-lifers in these areas were aware of this through using the Where Do They Stand website and voted against these MPs, we could see a number of them lose their seats. If we can get people across the country using the website, this could have a meaningful effect on the Election.

    Many thanks for all your continuing help, and I hope this finds you all enjoying a happy and successful week!

    Yours sincerely,

    Peter D. Williams
    On behalf of
    The Pro-Life Research Unit
    152 Southbank House | Black Prince Road London | SE1 7SJ
    T: +44 0203 735 5161 | M: +44 (0)7706701413
    The Pro-Life Research Unit is a project of The Right To Life Charitable Trust, CARE & LIFE. It supports the work of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group.

    • Theresa Rose,

      Those parents might end up in the lowest reaches of Hell for their disgraceful attitude towards their disabled child and court action against the doctor. I wish the priests and bishops were not so silent on this issue. Abortion is murder whether the baby is disabled or not and now we have parents on the take, trying to get a windfall out of it.

    • Wendy,

      Thank you for that link-alert. Shocking.

      Here’s what this “philosopher” appointed to the Vatican Pro-Life academy believes about human life in the womb:

      “…“It’s not clear that a human foetus is the same kind of thing as an adult or a mature human being, and therefore deserves quite the same treatment. It then becomes a question of where we draw the line, and there is no absolutely cogent reason for drawing it in one place over another.”

      This is a man appointed by the Pope to the Vatican Academy for Life? The old quip “Is the Pope Catholic?” is no longer a joke – it’s a very serious question. Pray for him. He is going to need all the help he can get at his Judgment.

  39. I just wanted to mention Vin Garbutt ‘The Teeside Troubadour,’ who died last week. RIP. He wrote and sung all his folk songs which were about many injustices in society and this included abortion. He was very well known and liked throughout the folk world . Even the Guardian and Independent gave him a fine obituary. link to independent…

    He produced many pro-life albums and held concerts for prolife societies.

    One of his songs was about Lynda. “Her doctor said ‘there is no hope but I’ll do what I can’, but Linda said, ‘As long as I’m not dead he’ll grow to be a man’
    If you look on his official sit you can listen to this song…

    God Bless, Vin and may he rest in peace.

    • I hadn’t heard of Vin Garbutt before. He had a unique apostolate in the pro-life cause, very imaginative. He is in my prayers – may he rest in peace.

  40. Clotide

    I am so sorry to hear this news. God rest his soul. I was privileged to hear Vin Garbutt sing, years ago, and I have some of his songs. I remember some of the words of his ” Ballad of John Pearson”, the baby with Down’s Syndrome who was “allowed to die” ie starved to death, because he was “defective”,ie

    “I was born one morn in a hospital ward in 1980, when the crime of imperfection reached it highest.. never since the Nazi war, have the sick been left to die at the doctor’s door…buy my doctor swore an eyesore would I be, yes, my doctor swore an eyesore would I be…

    He was a marvellous voice for the unborn, and I will pray for the repose of his soul. God bless him.

    • Clotide & Therese,

      That’s very interesting. I’d never heard of that singer – that a great way to engage in pro-life work. May he rest in peace.

  41. Wendy,

    Disgraceful beyond words. Compare that calculated disregard for human life, with this piece of showmanship reported in Zenit (the text of which was emailed to me by our French blogger Lionel this morning – hence simpler for me to post the text rather than search out the original link, which I do have in my inbox):


    “The Gospel teaches us to help those who live in need, and the first need is that of lodging,” said Monsignor Konrad Krajewski, the Pope’s Almoner. He has put his apartment in the Vatican at the disposal of migrants fleeing from war-torn regions, reported Vatican Radio in Brazilian Portuguese. He himself, after months of work, sleeps in his office.

    It is a “natural and spontaneous” gesture, but has nothing of the heroic,” clarified Monsignor Krajewski, who has responded to Pope Francis’ appeal, during the Angelus of September 6, 2015, to receive in each parish or Religious Community at least one refugee from Syria or from North Africa fleeing from war and hunger.

    Monsignor Krajewski is giving hospitality to refugees for as long as necessary until they find definitive lodging. “A few weeks ago. Other families arrived and – a lovely thing – for the first time a beautiful little girl was born in my house and, I confess, I feel a bit like a grandfather, an uncle. It’s life that continues, a gift of God,” he said.

    In April of 2016, Pope Francis himself brought three refugee families to Rome, from the refugee camp in the Greek Island of Lesbos, they were received first in Saint Anne’s parish in the Vatican and later by Sant’Egidio Community.

    Last June 13, the Pope published his first message for the World Day of the Poor (November 19, 2017), suggesting to the baptized and Communities concrete gestures on this occasion. He suggested receiving the poor at one’s table: “Let us not love in words, but in deeds,” he wrote.

    As the Monsignor himself admits, his “natural and spontaneous” gesture has “nothing of the heroic”. He’s right about that.

    Were it heroic we wouldn’t know about it. It’s that simple. Rushing press releases out to the media doesn’t sit comfortably with the Gospel injunction to not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing – that is, don’t boast about your good deeds. After all, if, as Pope Francis tells us, we mustn’t “obsess” about the murder of unborn babies, why should we obsess about anybody else, including refugees?

    • Wendy Walker,

      I felt a shiver down my spine reading that Catholic Herald report. What is Pope Francis thinking of appointing a Jewish rabbi who is in favour of abortion and eugenics? It’s unthinkable!

    • Wendy Walker,

      That report about the gorgeous little baby girl is just heart-rending. I would lock that excuse-for-a-man up and throw away the key.

      • Dear Margaret Mary
        Yes I agree but this is what abortion has created violence both in and out of the womb ..heartbreaking indeed bless her

        • Sadly it has been reported this poor little battered baby has passed away ……so sad

  42. image
    Dear WENDY,

    It’s decision time!

    If no one from your town has applied to LEAD a 40 Days for Life campaign yet … time’s running out!

    The deadline is tomorrow, Friday, June 23.
    Will your community take part in 40 Days for Life from September 27 to November 5?

    If you’re still deciding … then now is the time to ask yourself these three questions:

    Could lives be saved from abortion in your city?
    Could abortion workers have a change of heart and quit their jobs?
    Could your town’s abortion center go out of business?
    All of these things have happened in many communities!

    Our culture needs the joy and renewal of the Holy Spirit. If you are truly called to this mission, He will guide you every step of the way — and of course, you will also have the constant support of the 40 Days for Life headquarters team.

    The deadline is tomorrow. If you have questions … please ask today!

    For life,
    Shawn Carney

    President, 40 Days for Life
    Facebook Twitter YouTube

    PLEASE consider this it is so important and vital please also share with all your friends

    • Wendy Walker,

      That was an amazing report to read. I never really thought about the fathers before but they do suffer, and so they should have a say when a woman asks for an abortion. I wish society would return to frowning on promiscuity and make it the right thing for everyone to wait for marriage and at the same time re-criminalise abortion or at least make it unavailable on the NHS. Right now, society is a mess due to so many casual relationships and so many ending in abortions.

  43. Dear WENDY,

    The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) have halted their intolerant crusade against those with conscientious objections to abortion!

    Pharmacists can continue to refuse to dispense abortion inducing drugs without fear of loss of employment!

    Thanks to the outcry of many pharmacists and the excellent work of our allies over at the Christian Institute, the GPhC have since backed down from their illiberal proposal that would have forced pharmacists to provide abortion inducing drugs against their conscience.

    A refusal to do so would force the pharmacist to employ someone else who would provide it (an unaffordable cost for many), or even face loss of employment.

    Thankfully, pharmacists are free to act in accordance with their consciences and continue to provide what they believe to be the best services to their customers.

    Earlier this year, the GPhC changed its guidance on conscientious refusals, and attempted to force all pharmacists who disagree with dispensing drugs which induce abortions to do so.

    Due to pressure from the National Secular Society, and after ignoring the thousands of responses they received in opposition to this proposal, they went ahead with this intolerant move and decided to compel pharmacists to dispense abortifacient drugs against their conscience.

    As said, they have now backed down!

    This is excellent news for pro-life pharmacists and for people everywhere who value freedom of conscience and belief.

    This is an important victory against those who wish to limit the freedom of others, and should encourage us all!

    All the best,

    Greg Jackson and the entire Team at CitizenGO

    CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide. To find out more about CitizenGO click here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. This message is addressed to If you do not wish to receive emails from CitizenGO, click on this link.

    To contact CitizenGO, do not respond to this email, reply at this link:

    Wonderful happy news for pro lifers

  44. A New Exciting Pro-Life Project
    Culture of Life Africa

    Yesterday, 16:07
    Sharing our pro-life mission with you…
    View this email in your browser

    JUNE 2017

    A New African Pro-Life Documentary
    We are producing a feature-length documentary that presents the (most personal and moving) stories of how abortion has affected the lives of some women in Africa.
    This documentary will also show how some of the western donor funding given to certain organizations affect the lives of individual women living in Africa.
    We already have started this project on our own and so have recorded hours of interviews mostly in Kenya but also in Ethiopia.
    We have also been fortunate to receive some interviews recorded by Human Life International in Uganda which highlight even more what happens to women in rural parts of Africa when they are given (donated)contraceptives without ever being informed of possible side effects.
    These stories are compelling and some of it is heartbreaking and they bring to the surface a side of Africa that is not captured by the wealthy international media like CNN & BBC.
    This is why we wanted to raise these unheard voices of Africa.
    There are many costs to consider to get these rough cut interviews into a feature length documentary.
    The budget is $22,000 which should cover every aspect of production from this point to the finish line.
    It will be a miracle to realize this documentary.
    And we believe firmly in miracles.
    Please could you consider supporting this project?
    Here is how you can join us to make this documentary.
    Pro-Life Quote:
    ” If the unborn child is not a human being, no justification for abortion is necessary. However, if the unborn is a human being, no justification for abortion is adequate”
    -Gregory Koukl
    Connect with us on Social Media

  45. Dear All
    At present so much evil is swamping us re PRO LIFE ……..The appalling debacle in Parliament yesterday with the Irish vote …Then BMA and Abortion up to Birth……..Sadly I have had some computer problems and also Medicals so I am a bit behind ..with my info to you ..sorry
    PLEASE write to Theresa May re free abortions for Irish women it is so appalling….unbelievable poor little babies


    this is a very old article but is poignant because now in very recent proceedings Tony bland will not be counted as Hillsborough dead …what a marvelous sage Fr J Morrow was RIP ..and so brave read his wonderful words in this article today we need thousands of Fr Morrows God Bless this humble lovely gentleman and a true Priest

    • John,

      Nothing surprises any more but we should never lose our sense of shock at evil.

      I’m not a Twitter account holder, but I wonder what would happen if every pro-lifer / Catholic (same thing, or should be the same thing) closed their Twitter accounts in protest at this injustice-cum-shameful-brazen-discrimination?

  47. Wendy suggests that I post a copy of the email I sent to Stella Creasy MP – she’s been campaigning very hard for free abortions for women in the North of Ireland (i.e. to come here for free abortions since – thank God – the evil of abortion is still not permitted in N.I. Long may that last…)

    Dear Ms Creasy,

    I have just watched this week’s Question Time, originally broadcast on Thursday, which I had recorded.

    Your inclusion on the panel interested me, since I have been following your enthusiastic support for the right of women to choose to abort their babies, in the context of Northern Ireland, where, to date, the law still protects the unborn child.

    Thus, what I found particularly interesting about your appearance on Question Time, was your insistence, during the short debate on the merits of the mainstream media, on the importance of good, reliable sources of information.

    I couldn’t help thinking that if you applied that sound principle to the issue of procured abortion, you would be sure to reach a very different conclusion.

    May I suggest that you pay a visit to the website of Abort 67 which, I warn, contains graphic images of aborted babies. To be truly informed about abortion, it is, self-evidently, crucial to actually SEE what it is that is being aborted. Click here to visit Abort 67.

    If you are honest enough to visit that site, you will see that this is not “propaganda” as the critics of the pro-life movement claim, any more than the dead bodies we are shown on the mainstream media, photographed and filmed by journalists in Syria and other war zones, are “propaganda.”

    I will add only that, although I write in my capacity as Editor of Catholic Truth, I do so, NOT because abortion is a “religious” issue, but because it is a moral issue – it is about right and wrong, and nobody with an objective eye and mind, who looks at the facts about the baby in the womb, can do otherwise than conclude that abortion – the termination of life, that is the killing of life, in the womb – is wrong, to put the case as mildly as possible.

    With kind regards.

    God bless.

    Catholic Truth

    You can contact Stella Creasy MP here if you would like to write to her as well – the more who write, the better.

    • This was posted on Vox Cantoris:

      For Baby Charlie, heir to the kingdom of heaven:

      God save our precious Charles,
      Long live our in-fant Charles!
      God save infant Charles!
      Send him victorious,
      Happy and glorious,
      Long to live among us:
      God save infant Charles!

      O Lord our God arise,
      Scatter his enemies,
      And make them fall:
      Confound their politics,
      Frustrate their knavish tricks,
      On Thee our hopes we fix:
      God save infant Charles.

      Thy choicest gifts in store,
      On him be pleased to pour;
      Long may he live:
      May he defy evil laws,
      And ever give us cause,
      To sing with heart and voice,
      God save infant Charles!


      That’s pretty good, don’t you think?

      Margaret USA 🇺🇸

      • very touching indeed ..and may I add ? God save ALL preborn and sick babies also the most vulnerable little beings in the World

  48. Rachael, contraception destroys marriage and families. It is intrinsically evil. I am shocked that ‘Save the Children’ is involved in promoting it. Sean

    Wednesday, 5 July 2017, 11:13 +0100 from :
    We won’t accept it. No pictures? Click here.

    Hi Sean,

    I’d always taken mine for granted – until I discovered that 214 million women globally would like to use contraception but can’t.

    We have just 5 days to call for millions of women and girls to be empowered to take control of their lives.

    Sign our petition to Priti Patel, International Development Secretary, now and call on her to keep UK aid focused on those who need it most.

    Aid gives people the power to plan.

    In just 5 days the UK hosts an international summit on family planning in London, bringing world leaders together to pledge to ensure that millions more women can choose whether or when to have a baby.

    Giving women, men and teenagers access to the pill and condoms gives them the power to plan. This ability to choose when and how many children you have is life-changing and reduces life-threatening dangers to both mothers and babies.

    Please sign the petition. The UK’s role in providing these services is one of the best examples of the aid we give. Together we’re saving lives and helping people in the poorest communities stand on their own two feet.

    We can’t let that stop now.
    – Thank you –
    Rachael Sweet, Campaigner – Save the Children
    If you would like to contact us directly then please email our Supporter Care Team. If you wish to no longer receive these updates you can unsubscribe here

    To find out about our commitment to you, read our Supporter Promise.

    Save the Children works to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We do whatever it takes for children every day and in times of crisis transforming their lives and the future we share.

    This email was sent from Save the Children, registered charity England and Wales (213890), Scotland (SC039570) and registered in England and Wales under company number (178159), or from Save the Children (Sales) Ltd, registered company in London (875945). Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about how we use and protect your data.

    Photo Credit: Save the Children

    This is appalling we know S T C is anti life …now this ..lots of e-mails /letters please to this Rachel Sweet stating the dangers of so called contraception

    wendy walker

    Today, 10:58
    I have just become aware of your appalling e -mail regarding so called contraception ……..which is a complete scourge of the modern World !
    Are you NOT aware that most so called contraceptives are abortifaciant ?…. Therefore not preventing new life but actually killing it
    Also these human Pesticides are without doubt extremely dangerous carrying high risks to the taker of these noxious substances given that your targets seem to be African and Asian ladies who may be miles from a Dr and or couldnt afford treatment then I am sure you will see the gravity of foisting totally alien and often unwanted pharmaceutical products on them
    Your organisations name is totally misleading as it seems combined with Abortion ….Children are NOT saved from being contracepted ,aborted …….it is totally anti life ..shame on you all
    All the £millions poured into the total evil of so called contraception ,abortion and sterilization surely would be better spent helping people with food ,shelter ,clothing ………?……wouldnt it ?
    many indiginous people love and cherish big families it would seem the de populators have a very specific mission to reverse this !!!…Look at Europe where populations are at extremely low levels now its the turn of the east and Africa to suffer
    Your Sadly and deeply concerned
    Wendy Walker

    • Mitchteemley,


      I paid a visit to your site recently (yesterday, I think, after you “liked” one of our posts) and was very impressed. I am hoping (with your permission) to publish your piece on caterpillars in one of our forthcoming editions of the CT newsletter. Just not gotten around to emailing you yet. Hope that’s OK but if not, say nothing. I’ll publish it anyway. Yip, I’m that cheeky!

      And while I’m on here, folks, it struck me that annoying as I find the news broadcasters who insist on saying “so-called ISIS”, I emailed Wendy to suggest that we do the same, only with “women’s rights” – “so-called women’s rights” will nicely drive the baby-killers round the bend, one hopes.

      Wendy also wants to refer to “so-called contraception” – and I think she has a point: click here to discover why…

  50. Dear regular bloggers,

    You may recall my recent comments with regard to one Polly Toynbee.

    Well, I had a letter published in the 29/06 edition of the Bedfordshire Times & Citizen. Someone took exception to my opinions in the following week’s edition (06/07), you can read it here on p12 (‘Catholics – A bit of an own goal’)

    If you wish to read my original ‘piece’, the older editions are published in the ‘archive’ tab. I don’t wish to enter into any childish ‘handbags’ stuff with Ms Lindsay, so I would appreciate any supporting follow-up from your good selves.

    The e-mail address is

    Many thanks.

    • Pat,

      I’ve now emailed a letter for publication to the Bedfordshire Times & Citizen, but first, for ease of reference, I’m publishing YOUR original letter for the benefit of bloggers trying to contextualise my letter.


      For the attention of the Editor
      Dear Madam,

      Following the recent Finsbury Park terror attack, it’s no big surprise that a steady stream of imams, Muslim Council chiefs, politicians etc. have appeared before the tv cameras, condemning this as an attack specifically aimed at Muslims (which of course, it was). An increased police presence around mosques was immediately put in place up and down the country.
      Contrast this, however, with the Samurai sword attack on parishioners at Sunday Mass in Croydon some years ago (see ). No such ‘knee-jerk reaction’ from the police on this occasion – and I don’t recall a visit from Prince Charles either.
      We’ve heard various political sources claiming that it’s ‘hate speech’ in the media, on Facebook etc. that ‘fuels this kind of behaviour’ and that ‘hate speech should not be tolerated’. Funny how nobody bats an eyelid when hate speech is directed against the Catholic Faith, but let anyone breathe a word against Islam and suddenly there’s a hue and cry ‘shock, horror, prejudice, intolerance, bigotry’ etc.
      One example that springs to mind is journalist Polly Toynbee, who said this some time ago on the subject of frozen human embryos….
      ….‘I have a modest proposal: teams of Catholic nuns should step forward and volunteer for these immaculate conceptions. “Save a Foetus for Jesus” could be the rallying cry for all those who believe that from the moment of conception, a unique and immortal soul is created’….. Source:-

      Toynbee’s remarks here are ignorant, stupid and offensive. But if Catholics were to complain that this was ‘hate speech’, what sort of response would they get? If the authorities are serious about ‘clamping down on hate speech’, this needs to be all-encompassing, not selective. They could start by making an example of the gobby Ms Toynbee, but I won’t be holding my breath.

      Patrick McKay.

      Then Nicola Lindsay threw in her tuppence worth, which you can read on page 12 of the link to the Times & Citizen, posted by Pat McKay above.

      To which I replied as follows…

      Dear Sir,

      Nicola Lindsay has some nerve insinuating that Catholics per se are guilty of “hate speech” (whatever the heck that means. These days, it can mean simply refusing to bake a cake! Crackers!) – Times & Citizen, 6th July.

      She ridicules Pat McKay for his criticism of one of Polly Toynbee’s bigoted rants against the Catholic Church, because, referring to the elephant in the room, he points out that nobody considers attacks on Catholicism to be “hate speech”. Far from it. You’re more likely to get a standing ovation at the annual National Union of Journalists Conference than a visit from your local police if you take a swipe at Catholics.

      Ms Lindsay, following in the hate-filled tradition of the Polly Toynbees of this world, would do well to reflect on the fact that a key reason for her readiness to savage our holy religion in print with her nasty innuendo, is because she knows full well that she will live to tell the tale. Reflect.

      Catholic Truth

      • I’ve e-mailed the editor.

        11 July 2017
        Dear Sir

        You really couldn’t make this stuff up. Nicola Lindsay has the nerve to take Pat McKay to task for “hate speech” (Times and Citizen 6 July) by spouting hate speech herself! Not to worry though – she’s hating a Christian so “move along there – there’s nothing to see here”.

        Incidentally, I hope I won’t be accused of the same by pointing out that Ms Toynbee should educate herself on the term “Immaculate Conception”; here’s a hint: it doesn’t refer to the Virgin Birth, but then Ms Toynbee has never struck me as someone interested in the facts, only in her own opinion.

        Yours faithfully


  51. William has posted this excellent video over on the General Discussion thread 15. It’s more at home here, thought, so to make sure it doesn’t get missed, I decided to post it here as well (although I recommend bloggers read William’s excellent accompanying commentary as well.)

    • That’s fantastic to hear an African woman telling the west off for their ignorance in pushing contraception as a “basic human right”? in Africa. What?!

      It’s brilliant to hear her say “that’s the western solution” and “why don’t YOU listen”! She is quick and to the point – a fantastic speaker.

      She gives away the fact that a lot of the aid money from here is going to contraceptive programmes, that’s where our tax money is going, and it’s disgraceful to think we are suffering under the austerity programme while our money is being squandered abroad like this, forcing countries like Africa to use it for needless contraception instead of water and food as the woman says.

      That’s a great video.

  52. Sad reading, but well done to Sean for effort.

    From: Sean J P McAndrew
    Sent: Friday, July 14, 2017 7:14 PM
    To: Save the Children
    Subject: Re: Boom! We did it, Sean

    Dear Beth

    ‘Save the Children’ have got it wrong. Contraception is intrinsically evil. It destroys fertility, harms women, ruins families, undermines society and can be abortifacient.

    Fertility is not a disease. Contraception is not medicinal.

    Please do not erode society and culture in the developing world. The solution to poverty is not to poison the poor, but to build up infrastructure.

    I cannot recommend anyone support ‘Save the Children’ unless contraception is rejected and a culture of life is espoused.

    Yours sincerely


    Friday, 14 July 2017, 15:33 +0100 from :
    A big increase in investment. No pictures? Click here.


    Hi Sean,

    Together we did it! More than 13,500 of us showed International Development Secretary Priti Patel that we want UK aid to keep giving the world’s poorest women and girls the power to plan their futures.

    At a global summit on Tuesday, she announced a bold plan to increase investment in family planning by 25%.

    The new commitment will help 120 million more women and girls access contraception by 2020 giving them the power to plan. Thank you!

    Save the Children’s Campaign Champion Lucia Greco (far right) shares your ask with Priti Patel


    We’ve a long way to go. One teenage girl dies every 20 minutes around the world as a result of pregnancy or childbirth.

    But your actions – and the commitment of the UK government – will transform and save lives. We can all be proud of the UK’s compassion and generosity towards children and their families in the toughest situations.

    You have an important part to play in this: look out for more ways you can get involved.

    Thank you for all your support,

    Beth Howgate,
    Campaigner Save the Children

    P.S. Find out more about the impact this will have for women and girls.
    If you would like to contact us directly then please email our Supporter Care Team. If you wish to no longer receive these updates you can unsubscribe here

    a great pro life reply to a vile SAVE THE CHILDREN GLOAT disgusting indeed …please send your pro life comments to STS ..thank you

  53. There’s an article in today’s Scotsman Newspaper reporting the fact that Bruce Adamson, Children’s Commissioner for Scotland is ranting on about his favourite hobby horse, which is to ban smacking.

    I have now written to him (and I know at least one other person is going to do so) to point out his hypocrisy, considering the much worse danger to children posed by abortion.

    He can be contacted via the online email form on his website here

    I hope others will write to him – the more the merrier.


    I have read the report in today’s Scotsman Newspaper about your continuing determination to outlaw smacking – as if parental rights are not being sufficiently undermined by the Scottish Government already. If you have ever seen the strongly disapproving looks of onlookers when a young mother with a toddler struggles to reason with the child, to make her behave without smacking (knowing that the mobiles would be whizzing in a nano-second if she dared a light skelp since all else is failing) you would see how totally unreasonable your plans to ban smacking, and the signal it sends to children. They’ve already got the message in schools that they can be rude, nasty, lazy and whatever and teachers cannot do a thing about it, so, having come for the teachers, it’s inevitable that you have now come for the parents.

    Above all, however, what gets me about your alleged concern for the “rights” of children is your total silence on the matter of children in the womb – the most dangerous place to be in anyone’s life, these days. I’d attach a photo of an aborted baby but for the fact that I’d probably end up in court for my trouble. No, Mr Adamson, you don’t give a toss about the rights of children. What you do care about is undermining parents by spreading a ridiculous ideology based on a false definition of “rights”. I hope your plans to ban smacking are every bit as successful as your attempt to introduce State Guardians in the Named Person Scheme, described by the Supreme Court in London as more typical of a totalitarian regime than a democratic government. Signed, Editor, Catholic Truth

  54. Here’s my ‘tuppence-worth’ to Bruce Adamson….

    I have read the report in today’s ‘Scotsman’ Newspaper and I am writing to say how dismayed I am with your persistent determination to outlaw smacking.

    ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ is and old and very true saying. It should be left to the parents to decide how best to discipline their children, the Scottish Government should keep their noses out of it.

    There are many other forms of ‘child abuse’ that you could be speaking out about if you wish to be seen to be ‘earning your corn’. For example, the ‘LGBT agenda’ that schools are foisting upon children. And what about the adoption of children by homosexual ‘couples’?

    In case you are unaware, a number of independent research projects have shown that there is an an extraordinarily high incidence of ‘bad stuff’ among homosexuals, who number a mere 2% of the population. I’m talking here about alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse, STDs, suicides and other violent deaths.

    To promote or encourage homosexuality is criminally insane. Why is there not a peep from you about THIS, when it’s an issue that really matters?

  55. Going to hell in a Marxist handcart

    Disaster strikes and what do we do? Well, it would seem that political agitators declare a celebration and start exploiting human tragedy to stir up rebellion. And yes, the word is used deliberately because that is exactly what we seeing from the likes of John MacDonnell and his ‘Day of rage’ (see,;, and the perennially discontented Left, who still, it would appear, want nothing so much as to string up anyone who disagrees with their dystopian vision of the future from the nearest lamppost.

    The furious reaction of Grenfell Tower residents at the first public meeting of Kensington and Chelsea Council to be chaired by their new leader – the last one having been forced to resign – is surely a case in point. The fire without doubt was a tragedy of such gargantuan proportions that the whole nation was justifiably filled with horror. To have lived through it must have been hell. But attempts to help were immediate – from the bravery of the fire fighters and emergency services, to the overwhelming generosity of the public who donated enough (largely unwanted) clothes to kit out a small nation, to the local council, government … and even the Queen. All rushed to help. Inevitably, in the first bewildered attempts to get a handle on what had happened, there was confusion, and perhaps in retrospect at least part of the response could have been better planned, but the impetus to help was unstintingly sincere, and those efforts continue. In just the same way, efforts to pinpoint the cause were immediate and, leaving angry rhetoric aside, at no point has there so far been any credible suggestion of a cover-up or attempts to suppress the truth.

    Yet all we have heard reported in the media from survivors have been unremitting expressions of anger and accusations of guilt. Someone has to pay, they cry! But those ‘someones’ appear to be anyone connected with the British establishment, who they appear to want replaced wholesale by… by whom?

    Now there’s the rub!

    It seems our grumbling and discontented malcontents are so intent on screaming ‘abuse’ that they won’t let themselves be helped, no matter how genuine and honest the efforts being made – whether by hapless councillors who surely, despite accusations of malpractice, have been trying for years to provide for the people in their care; or by members of the Inquiry set up to investigate the reasons for the fire; or by the Conservative government. All offers and attempts are alike deemed a failure – seemingly to be rejected out of hand as unworthy even of consideration. In fact, all offers of help up to now seem to have been branded capitalist exploitation – wicked plots to have the poor and disadvantaged removed … eradicated. There have even been whispers that the fire was deliberately orchestrated to achieve this end!

    So what is it these people, the survivors – many of whom, we are told, are in this country illegally – want? What will satisfy them?

    Admittedly, those of us not directly affected cannot fully appreciate the mountain of anguish those afflicted now face. And of course they need and deserve our help – but it would seem that genuinely sincere efforts to provide acceptable housing and support are being made.

    One would have thought, at some point then, that a small thank you might have been in order – rather than the feral howls of denunciation and screams for retribution currently filling the news and that seem inexorably, if the demands aren’t met, paving the way for riot.

    The reason this is so disturbing, however, is that it appears symptomatic of a more generalised climate of universal complaint, being deliberately stoked by those seeking ideological and political change in order to grab power. To put it another way, it has the flavor of deliberate destabilisation of society, built on exploitation of the vulnerable and ignorant, in order to foment civil unrest that will overturn the old order and give rise to the imposition of socialist rule.

    Let us make no mistake, what we are witnessing is at heart a spiritual battle for the soul of our nation. This cannot go on. We need as a matter of urgency to recover our national identity, and to be ‘proud’ of those values that once made our nation so great. In particular, we need unashamedly to recover and stand on our Christian heritage – because those are the values that truly do underpin our democracy. There have undoubtedly been mistakes, and it is imperative they are now addressed and put right. But credit should be given in those cases where it is due. And cringing in shame before unjustified accusations of corruption, exploitation, and abuse help no one. Infinitely worse, such a response can only feed the lawless and unprincipled, creating a society where dog eats dog, and where the vulnerable truly will have no defence.

    If you haven’t yet done so, please sign our petition calling for protection for the right of Christian MPs to free speech Sign here:

    Like us on Facebook at:

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  56. Bpas – British Pregnancy Advisory ServiceLike Page
    22 hrs
    Patronising, insulting, and downright sexist.

    Take just 1 minute and tell Boots to drop the price of emergency contraception now:…/boots-emergency-contraceptio…

    Boots is charging women high rates for the morning after pill because they think we might use it ‘inappropriately’ if it’s cheap


  57. Very good information on the dangers of The MAP…….if your writing to papers etc

  58. Sorry forgot to put title see above
    Labour Mps were livid when a Boots boss raised concerns about the M A Pill

    • Crazy! What are these harpies on about? I have a child’s pushchair, in pink as it happens, and both my granddaughters and grandsons love playing with it and the dolly! They are all under six years old by the way.

      • Elizabeth,

        Too right, it’s crazy. The world has gone really mad. There’s no complaints about the ads on TV where the woman is bossy and the man is meek and mild. I notice that all the time since this nonsense started. That’s bad enough, but the targeting of small children is really worrying.

  59. Also please do write to ..Elizabeth Fagin of Boots to stress the dangers of abortifacient M A P this is very urgent please as the “”””others “””are writing in droves ..please help

  60. It’s now official – “British Values” includes acceptance of the whole LGBT agenda, and not to do so will affect schools. Click here to sign a petition from CitizenGo…

    • Signed.
      And I read today the volunteers in a National Trust property are being required to wear a rainbow badge or lanyard to show support for LGBTQ etc issues. Those who have protested are told they can only work away from the public. Absolutely disgraceful and it would be good if all volunteers resigned en masse ! Then the National Trust would have a problem.
      We are being deluged with “gay” propaganda on the BBC at the moment and I see that Cressida Dick, head of the Metropolitan police has also been sharing the fact that she is a lesbian! Did we need to know that?

  61. Dear WENDY,

    Thank you!

    This is a big year for the pro-life movement, as record numbers of abortion facilities close their doors. This is the time to keep your foot on the gas!

    40 Days for Life has been working behind the scenes and in the streets on a number of new initiatives to get more people praying — and working — to end abortion where they live.

    We are excited to be releasing a few more new projects this fall to help you save more lives from abortion.

    Thank you for the enthusiastic response to the new pro-life magazine DAY 41 we released this summer.

    The fall issue will help you see some of the inside trends of why abortion facilities are closing and how yours can close too.

    Get your free copy of this new quarterly magazine at:

    Last year, we launched a new podcast — and thanks to your response, the podcast just passed 100,000 downloads. In case you missed any, here are the top 5 podcast episodes so far in 2017:

    1. Expose and defund Planned Parenthood

    Our friend and special guest Lila Rose discusses the efforts to defund Planned Parenthood … and offers information you can share with friends, family and co-workers on why the abortion giant needs to be defunded.

    2. Fr. Paul Scalia on faith in the public square

    Fr. Scalia (son of the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia) examines the role of living our faith in the public square and raising our families to witness to life.

    3. First things first

    The importance of putting prayer before everything else if we want our pro-life efforts to bear lasting fruit.

    4. Former abortion workers

    We share the conversion stories of abortion workers who have had a change of heart and left the abortion industry.

    5. Fake news

    We expose the top 5 abortion myths from the media, culture and the abortion industry. This podcast will equip you to know and refute these myths.

    You can listen to all episodes or subscribe on iTunes at:

    All of these resources are FREE to you to help educate and motivate more people to pray, fast and give witness where abortions actually happen.

    Your response is why there is more momentum in the pro-life movement than ever before … and we want to keep it that way until every abortion facility is closed!

    For life,

    Shawn Carney
    President, 40 Days for Life


  62. Thanks for this Pat ……how spot on it is dear sage Fr Marx like Fr Morrow both R.I.P. had the gift of foresight into the heinous World of Human Pesticides and what havoc they would reek on us ……..please Pray for the Souls of these 2 wonderful giants in anything pro life ….

  63. This short video is wonderful – it’s posted on the Motherwell Diocese Facebook page and the young people speaking to camera are impressive.

  64. What a marvelous video and wonderful Pro Lifers doing their wonderful work out and about…….an absolute joy to watch thank you so much Patricia for putting it on brilliant ..

    • I have written in to the above stating the pain of what abortion does to people ..the ABC link…..the years of fighting for precious preborn babies and how it has affected my life PLEASE write in saying how fighting abortion has affected can imaging how the “””other “””side will be contacting them in droves …!!!here is a chance to put our side thank you

  65. Free abortions for all in Oregon even after 8 months and the taxpayer picks up the bill. Where will it end.

    • John,

      Thank you for posting that video. Tucker Carlson is one of my heroes! I’ve seen loads of his interviews, clips on YouTube, and he is terrific. If only we had even ONE journalist like him here in the UK it would be wonderful. Instead we have a bunch of morons who trot out the latest party line without, literally, a thought.

      I’ve got plans to use Tucker in some blog articles from time to time – one hilarious one soon, but that’s top secret for now, say nothing. Keep this between thee and me!

    • Pat,

      Not necessarily pleased with themselves. I once participated in a pro-life debate at the University of Durham where one of the pro-abortion speakers slipped up by saying that despite these (at that time) “excellent” abortion statistics, still, some babies “slipped through the net” (and were born.)

      I kid you not. Utterly stunned at the slip of the tongue, she was obviously embarrassed, but didn’t retract.

      • And I once read what an abortionist had to say…’despite our best efforts, some of the little blighters still manage to make it’….


    • Wendy

      Couldn’t resist putting a comment up on that “Conversation” article. The pro-death contributors are going to love me!

    • Wendy Walker,

      “Bunions”?!!!! That is totally shocking.

      I agree that she should be immediately sacked, that’s without a doubt, but she is not likely to be sacked these days.

  66. Pinned Tweet
    Judith Orr‏ @juditheo Sep 18
    So chuffed to see my new book, #AbortionWars the fight for reproductive rights, in print @policypress Do take a look

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    EC member & all round pro-choice badass @juditheo has gone & written a book! ‘Abortion Wars’ explores 50 years of pro-choice activism👇🏼Abortion Rights added,

    Judith Orr @juditheo
    So chuffed to see my new book, #AbortionWars the fight for reproductive rights, in print @policypress Do take a look
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    going full Booth ☭‏ @TheScrussian Sep 18
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    I havent read this but judiths marxism and womens liberation book is great and I bet this is great toogoing full Booth ☭ added,

    Judith Orr @juditheo
    So chuffed to see my new book, #AbortionWars the fight for reproductive rights, in print @policypress Do take a look
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  67. PLEASE read the above and call
    I rang and the phone was put down by a young Irish man who answered …but calls needed

    • Wendy Walker,

      That is a disgrace, the cancelling of the pro-life conference due to the bullying and intimidation of the pro-abortionists. I quote from the report:

      ““The manager himself spoke to me directly of 50 pages of commentary, emails and social media, that a Facebook page had been set up opposing the conference, as well as diatribe, intimidation, upset of his staff, personal visits to the hotel and threats of protest at the hotel if conference continues. In the interest of health and safety of his staff, he had to cancel venue,” McCrystal said.

      He described the abuse as “yet another example of censorship and is an attack on free speech,” and added: “Who decides who may speak in Ireland? This is an attack on the very foundation of democracy in our country.””

      Their consciences are bad, that’s why they hate all pro-life events and they are such hypocrites, always claiming that peaceful pro-lifers are intimidating women and interfering with free speech etc. when they are the ones doing the intimidating.

      I don’t think much of the hotel, though, for cancelling the conference. I wouldn’t give them any business from now on.

  68. Kate McDonald
    Yesterday at 11:35
    Hi everyone. I’m a journalist with the BBC and am looking into a story about abortion access in Wales. I’d love to speak to women from rural and urban parts of Wales, about their experience accessing abortion services. Does anyone here have any experience of this or know of anyone who might? Please feel free to contact me on or 02920 323272.
    Thanks so much.
    Show More Reactions
    2 2
    1 share
    Claudia Boes
    Claudia Boes Maybe you could come to the Safe and Legal exhibition launch on Thursday. I’m sure there’ll be women who’d be interested to talk to you
    LikeShow More Reactions · 1 · 18 hrs
    Claudia Boes
    Claudia Boes
    No automatic alt text available.


    • Wendy Walker,

      That’s very calculated to insult the Catholic religion, even if the pope is an outright liberal. I think I’ve more or less made up my mind never to visit Ireland again. I don’t have relatives there but have been over on holiday, but not any more.

    • Wendy Walker,

      It’s good to see YOUNG women leading the campaign against abortion in Ireland. I hope they are successful!

  69. Bronwen Davies shared Jamie Voninsole’s post.
    50 mins
    Charles Street, on Friday:
    Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, outdoor
    Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor
    Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor
    Jamie Voninsole added 3 new photos.
    29 September at 13:55
    Cardiff. Jacob Rees Mogg stooping to engage with the counter-demo. Happy to talk to the lads. Delighted to ignore the ladies. Mogg’s right to choose. Piss off Mogg!
    Show More Reactions

    Marianne Rhiannon shared a link.
    2 hrs

    Pro-life Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg profits from sale of abortion pills
    The father-of six’s company has nearly £5million-worth of shares in the Indonesian firm Kalbe Farma, which produces the pills to prevent ulcers
    Show More Reactions

    Marianne Rhiannon shared a link.
    11 hrs

    Tory MP – who may be next PM – opposes abortion even for women who’ve been raped
    The traditionalist is currently the unlikely favourite to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister
    Show More Reactions
    Rachel Stubley
    Rachel Stubley Surely to god he’d never be Tory leader? Posh? Check. Arrogant tosser? Check. Media finds him entertaining? Check. But even Tories need someone with a smidgeon of intelligence. The guy is a complete moron. 😡😝😤😖
    LikeShow More Reactions · 9 hrs


  70. Abortion and gay marriage are at risk, says George Soros

    Congratulations WENDY!

    George Soros has just published an article in which he laments the growth of what he calls the “conservative movement” in Latin America and elsewhere around the globe.

    He’s afraid of what we are accomplishing. To quote Don Quixote, “Let the dogs bark, Sancho. It’s a sign that we are on track.”

    Here’s what Soros says:

    “A dangerous concept has emerged in Latin America, one with the power to rapidly mobilize voters and give new energy to the socially conservative agenda. . . . If the false narrative of gender ideology continues to gain momentum, the hard-won rights of [the Left for abortion and gay “marriage”] could be endangered.”

    The article mentions some milestones that he considers worrisome, such as the social mobilization in Peru against gender indoctrination in children’s school curriculum, and the marches in Mexico against so-called ‘marriage’ between people of the same sex.

    These are campaigns that CitizenGO’s Latin American team have been involved with. The article even uses a picture of our #FreeSpeechBus in Chile!

    And now the bus has had successful stops in Germany, and is currently on tour in Italy:

    …in Germany…

    …and outside the Supreme Court in Rome, Italy…

    Of course there are several responses to his article:

    He claims that gender ideology is a false narrative. Curiously, that’s the same argument used across Latin America, the Caribbean, and elsewhere to try to slip transgenderism and homosexuality into schools. Perhaps it’s because they receive this argument from the same financier?
    When Soros talks about women’s rights, he refers to the so-called “right to abortion.” But what about the right to life of the unborn child? And if the unborn child is a girl, where her rights?
    When Soros speaks of LGBT rights, he refers to “right” to “marriage” between people of the same sex. What about the right of children to have a father and a mother?
    He says gender ideology does not pose a threat to Christian values. Speaking to all Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI said, “Gender ideology is the last rebellion of man against God.” And what about the Nashville Statement of American evangelicals, which uses Scripture to condemn gender ideology?
    In any case, WENDY, I think it’s very good news that Soros is worried. The millions of dollars that his Open Society Foundation has invested to impose abortion and gay “marriage” in our countries is at risk.

    We are winning!

    And we do it without the resources the other side has, or their ability to influence governments. What’s our secret? You. You and me and the 1.7 million CitizenGOers all over the world. Ordinary people who say, “Enough!”

    The key lies in active and organized civil society. We will not tolerate ideological imposition.

    Thanks for making it possible, WENDY!

    I’ll just ask you one favor: George Soros insists that “gender ideology” does not exist. Let’s expose what they’re teaching to children for the world to see!

    Post this photo on Twitter so that everyone knows what we are talking about when we mention gender ideology. This is the insanity that they’re teaching to kids in school:

    At CitizenGO, we take a different view.

    We defend marriage between a man and a woman.
    We support the right of parents to educate their children, and their right to reject unwelcome ideologies.
    We defend the right to life from the moment of conception to natural death.
    We reject well-funded, external, ideological impositions that seek to subvert our values, traditions and beliefs.
    If Soros wants to deny that gender ideology exists, let’s talk about gender ideology and prove that it does.
    Tweet this: Hey @GeorgeSoros, gender ideology is real. This is what’s being taught in schools. #FreeSpeechBus

    Congratulations again, WENDY. We managed to annoy and worry George Soros. No doubt, we’re on the right track.


    Josh Craddock and the entire CitizenGO team

    P.S. If Soros is worried, we’re on the right track. Thank you for making it possible! Please share this information.

    CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide. To find out more about CitizenGO click here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. This message is addressed to If you do not wish to receive emails from CitizenGO, click on this link.

    To contact CitizenGO, do not respond to this email, reply at this link:

    • Wendy,

      I’ve tried several times to send a message to that “contact” link but it won’t take my message – which is simply asking for the link to the original report, because when I Google Abortion and gay marriage are at risk, says George Soros I don’t get anything remotely like that coming up.

      Will try again later, but if anyone else is more successful, please post the link here. I’m a tad cynical – seems to me that the Soros Philosophy should simply be, throw even more money at the “trans” issue, to get the same acceptance-result that worked with the brain-dead who accept same-sex “marriage” and the murder of unborn babies. He’s not short of money, so I can’t see that he would be too worried about this latest craziness.

  71. Bpas – British Pregnancy Advisory Service
    22 hrs ·
    We are so excited to be nominated for Charity of the Year at this year’s Charity Times Awards. Meet the bpas staff who made it possible…

    Additional visual settingsEnter Watch and ScrollEnter fullscreen Unmute
    111 111
    Nicola Hewett
    Nicola Hewett Go girls !!
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 20 hrs
    Miles Forsyth
    Miles Forsyth Many congratulations and thank you for the help and support you all provide.
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs
    Lynne Wheeler
    Lynne Wheeler So proud to have been part of the bpas story xxx
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 14 hrs
    Vicki Clark
    Vicki Clark Wonderful, xx
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 1 · 5 hrs
    Shirley Lawrie
    Shirley Lawrie Thank you for all you did for me 50 years ago!
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 36 mins
    Jean Stephenson
    Jean Stephenson Rewarded for killing pre-bro human beings?! hmm … A bit like posthumously awarding Hitler for his ‘Final Solution’ which was a euphemism for the mass killing of Jews. Only by tactically dehumanising the Jews, making them seem sub human in the minds of the masses could his plans have been so welcomed by some while making others apathetic to their plight. So today, abortion is promoted as simply a ‘woman’s rights’ issue by using now commonly accepted euphemisms for pre-born babies like ‘blobs of tissue’, ‘uterine contents’, oh, yes and fetus which has been, for far too long, misinterpreted to mean ‘blob of tissue’, just a bunch of cells ad nauseam. No, abortion kills a human being, Ann Furedi, you have even admitted that abortion kills another human:

    “We can accept that the embryo is a living thing in the fact that it has a beating heart, that it has its own genetic system within it. It’s clearly human in the sense that it’s not a gerbil, and we can recognize that it is human life… the point is not when does human life begin, but when does it really begin to matter?”
    Ann Furedi, “Abortion: A Civilised Debate,” Battle of Ideas, (London, England,
    LikeShow More Reactions · Reply · 5 mins · Edited
    Wendy Walker

    Write a comment…

    unbelievable ISNT IT ?

  72. Just came across this free on-line population control conference, intending to expose the dirty deeds of the rats embedded in the Church: Oct. 17-19:

    “Discover how radical enemies of life are pushing their global agenda to end poverty by eliminating the poor … and how they’re using the Vatican to achieve their goals!”

    • RCA Victor,

      I visited that link but don’t really understand it. It says it’s a free online conference, register for free, but then says “limited spaces available”. How can that be, if it’s an online conference?

      Anyway, I don’t see how we can join in at this end of the world, given the time difference between here and the USA. It’s a good idea though.

      • Josephine,

        Good questions! So I registered to see what would happen, and am awaiting my email confirmation, but meanwhile, the crass world of commercialism reared its head, offering me an upgrade to “Lifetime Access,” for $19.00, if I cannot attend all the conferences.

        I’ve now received the email, and it appears the upgrade is a fund-raiser for the Lepanto Institute. They do some good work regarding exposing the Catholic bishops’ funding of anti-Catholic groups, but they are essentially under the umbrella of “conservative Novus Ordo,” I believe.

  73. Bpas – British Pregnancy Advisory Service
    50 mins ·
    Proud & completely thrilled to have won Charity of the Year (income over £10m category) at the #CharityTimesAwards. Wow.
    Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing
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  74. Abortion Law: What’s going on…
    Greg Jackson | CitizenGO

    Today, 15:59
    Getting too much email from Greg Jackson | CitizenGO? You can unsubscribe

    I just wanted to send you this quick email to let you know in my short interview about what’s going on in the UK and Ireland in regard to abortion.

    If you’ve got the time you can see me talking about the discussion surrounding the 8th Amendment in Ireland and the disgraceful decision of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to support the complete removal of all legal restrictions on abortion. This would make abortion legal up until birth, remove any legal protections for doctors who cannot (for reasons of conscience) perform abortions and would remove legal mechanisms which help to ensure that women are not forced to have abortions.

    I said this would be a quick email so, if you want to hear me talking about these topics further, follow this link:

    CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide. To find out more about CitizenGO click here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. This message is addressed to If you do not wish to receive emails from CitizenGO, click on this link.

    To contact CitizenGO, do not respond to this email, reply at this link:

  75. One of the police officers gave us the card of the head of Democratic (?) Services and this is the person to write to, to ask why such an important public meeting with grave implications for free speech in

    the UK was just limited to 18 places for each side – pro-life and pro death in a cramped public gallery and no comments allowed under threat of being asked to leave (SEE BELOW FOR ADDRESS).

    It was essentially a ‘done deal’ although the Council stopped short of defining the concrete measures they would take but simply stating that they would seek ‘legal advice’ before commencing any action

    on the proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPOs). (The ‘fake news’ doesn’t say that!!)

    The Christian Institute is watching matters closely so let’s all bring additional protest pressure to bear and see what happens…..

    Remember too, that the Council’s proposal breaches the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) Article 10 which articulates the freedom to receive and communicate information especially PERTAINING TO MEDICAL MATTERS (MY EMPHASIS). The UK is still a signatory to the ECHR-for now.

    This goes to show now that writing and e-mailing the Council is critical to point out the dangers of going ahead with what they are being urged to do – many letters on this please; it is so important
    that pro-life activists raise the alarm on this potentially very harmful precedent – and gain support from other protest movements dealing with their subjects too since it will affect them in time also.


    The details are as follows –

    The TWO ABSTENTIONS – two Councillors to write (to clarify why they abstained – were they worried that this action proposed goes too far?) to (SEPARATELY) are as follows –


    Address –

    The Council Offices
    Ealing Council
    Perceval House
    14-16 Uxbridge Road
    W5 2HL


    Mr. Keith Fraser
    Head of Democratic Services
    Legal & Democratic Services Department
    Ealing Council
    Perceval House
    14-16 Uxbridge Road
    W5 2HL
    Telephone – 0208 825 7497
    e-mail –


    Ealing Council
    Aimed at keeping the local community up to date on Council matters. Includes details such as refuse collection times.

    Here are details of the debacle at Ealing Council re Sister Supporters very vitriolic campaign against peaceful prayerful Pro Lifers ..EVERY E -MAIL..LETTER WILL NOW COUNT.. Please help and ask others to also …..this is a chance for us to help re dress this awful imbalance Prayers needed too as well. Thank you in anticipation.

  76. Yes Wendy, I watched the one-sided view of the Anne Robinson BBC TV programme. Inviting 9 people, 7 pro-abortion and 2 pro-life folk to discuss what turns out to be a political broadcast in support of decriminalisation of Abortion.
    There were no true facts given about abortion, apart from the fact that it has been a criminal offence since (and before) the 1967 Act.except when certain conditions which allow it. (We all know that the law is flouted so it is almost abortion a on demand)

    Anne said that the foetus does not feel pain. There were no facts given about the development of the baby and how its heart beats at 7 weeks, is sentient at 12 weeks, and fully developed so it only has to grow. Nothing about how most women seeking abortion are pressured by family, doctors and their husbands to abort against their will. No mention of the forced choice. The word choice was bandied about but never explained!
    Most of the women looked unhappy and some stated that it had been a very bad experience. Anne Robinson even admitted that she had always refused to visit the experience and think about it. Denial is a common symptom felt after abortion. If there is nothing wrong with abortion why should she need to suppress the experience?
    She inferred that her shame was a throw back to her Catholic upbringing. In fact it is a classic symptom in post-abortion distress.
    Even Dr? Steel was invited to add his comments on how the law is out of date as well as another pro-abortionist claiming she paid £90 for her abortion.

    I will be writing to complain the BBC that’s for sure!

    • Lily,

      In response to my emailed correction, explaining that Glasgow is in Scotland, not England, I received the following sarcastic reply from a Steven Ertelt, editor:

      “Yep, changed to UK.”

      I suppose I can’t complain, really, as I’ve no idea where Lifesitenews is based. Somewhere in Australia, perhaps? Like anybody cares 😀

      Later that same day…

      I’ve received another email from Steven Ertelt, saying that he has, indeed, corrected the typo, to make the text read “Glasgow, Scotland”, and I’ve replied to tell him he is now my hero, or words to that effect! Also, it’s not Lifesitenews, but Lifenews, so, there you go, you read it here first, I DO occasionally make mistakes a mistake…

      All is well, as the saying goes, that ends well… 😀

  77. This vile BPAS celebration of death ..a Birthday cake for 50 years of killing….should be reported so very sick

  78. The latest atrocity – sorry if it’s been posted before:

    A Michigan mother recently spent several days in jail after she refused to vaccinate her son with vaccines cultured with aborted babies’ tissue, One News Now reports.

    The case involves Rebecca Bredow, of Detroit, and her ex-husband who disagreed about their 9-year-old son’s vaccinations. According to the report, Bredow initially agreed to the vaccination in a court order but then refused to follow it.

    As a result, a judge sentenced Bredow to seven days in jail earlier this month, WXYZ-TV Detroit reports. The judge said she understands that Bredow loves her son, but said she also does not get to make decisions for him on her own; the boy’s father also has a say.

    Bredow said she does not regret the legal battle. She has served the jail sentence.

    “I was trying to protect my kids,” she said. “I was trying to stand up for what I believed in, and it was worth it for me to try and take the risk, because I was trying to stop the vaccinations from happening.”

    Click here to sign up for pro-life news alerts from

    In response to the case, Right to Life of Michigan issued a statement supporting a parent’s right of conscience in choosing not to use vaccines derived from aborted babies’ tissue for themselves or their children.

    “There is absolutely no question that a significant number of common vaccines are directly cultured using cells from aborted unborn children,” Legislative Director Ed Rivet said. “That is how the vaccines are produced. We have long supported the right of parents to refrain from using them or to request alternative versions cultured in untainted cell lines.”

    The pro-life group said all common childhood immunizations have versions that were created using cells from aborted babies. These include MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) and DTPP (Diptheria, Tentanus, Pertussis, Polio). Some ethical alternatives are available, but there are none currently for Chickenpox, Hepatitis A and MMR, according to the group.

    “These cells came from healthy babies who were electively aborted, not from miscarried babies,” Rivet said. “The unfortunate part is that all of these vaccines can be produced without the use of aborted fetal cells. The pharmaceutical industry can eliminate this entire controversy by using other cell lines to produce vaccines.”

    Many vaccines are created with cell lines that originated from an aborted baby, though they do not need to be.

    “The fact of the matter is that aborted fetal tissue is absolutely unnecessary for vaccine production or any medical research. There are numerous FDA approved moral cell lines and if human cells are desired, they can be obtained from a plethora of non-objectionable sources including umbilical cord, cord blood and other adult stem cells,” Debi Vinnedge, the director of the pro-life group Children of God for Life, wrote in 2015.

    Last year, a Congressional investigative panel found that fetal tissue often was used to develop vaccines for “economic, not scientific reasons.”

    “Almost 75 specific vaccine formulations have been approved by the FDA for use in the United States and not a single one has been produced using freshly isolated human fetal tissue. Eleven of these vaccines rely on fetal cell lines for historic reasons, yet all of them could be produced using animal cells,” according to the report.

  79. Wendy Walker,

    I watched that video and it was a very sly comment at the end about the tide turning against prolifers, because the politicians are in favour of creating buffer zones. How can they create buffer zones for prolife campaigners but not other campaigners? Surely that has to be against some law on discrimination?

    • Therese,

      Thank you for that, but I’m hearing more and more parents saying they won’t have their children vaccinated at all. Interestingly, when I attended one of the NO2NP (No to Named Person) meetings, a pharmacist expressed concerns about what might happen to parents who chose not to vaccinate their children – she was NOT in favour of forcing them, but warned that the Named Person might well do so. I found that interesting – not least because she turned out to be my local pharmacist (albeit from a previous life/address)!

  80. A little good news: a new Life Academy, independent of ecclesiastical structures, has arisen in the face of Francis’ destruction of the Pontifical Academy for Life. It has been founded by Prof. Josef Seifert, a former member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, who was dismissed by the Archbishop of Granada from the philosophical institute he founded for his perplexity and criticism of apostolic exorcism Amoris Laetitia. Here is the article:

    • RCA Victor,

      That is of great interest – thank you for the alert. An impressive list of those involved. One in the eye for Papa Francis!

  81. This 7 minutes video clip is very moving – a young Down`s Syndrome man speaking for the pro-life cause, including research for Down’s Syndrome.

  82. ACTION ALERT: Buffer Zones debate in Parliament tomorrow
    News at SPUC

    Yesterday, 17:14
    You replied on 07/11/2017 10:45.
    View this email in your browser

    Buffer zones debate in Parliament tomorrow: Contact your MP
    06 November 2017

    Urgent: Last minute appeal for action.
    Dear supporter,

    Tomorrow, at 4.30pm, Rupa Huq MP is holding a Westminster Hall debate entitled “Public Order legislation relating to family planning clinics.” Rupa Huq has been leading a concerted campaign to ban peaceful pro-life vigils outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing, and nationwide.

    If you know your MP is pro-life, or supports free speech, please contact him or her and ask them to attend this debate, and speak out in support of peaceful vigils outside abortion clinics.

    Babies are saved because pro-life counsellors are able to offer women help outside abortion clinics. It is essential they are allowed to continue to do this. I’ve included a video below of a mum who was helped by pavement counsellors outside the Ealing abortion clinic.

    Please contact your MP. Even a short message would be good – pro-life MPs at this debate can make all the difference. You can use the write to your MP function on our website, or you can find your MP’s contact details on the Parliament website.

    Please everyone see what you can do ..its very late BUT theres still time ..Also Prayers please …….And if you still havent contacted Ealing council details on previous posts please do ..With Parliament in such array yo uwouldnt think they would have time to debate this but Rupa Huq MP is determined …many many thanks

    • Wendy,

      I emailed my MP as follows (he’s one of the SNP brigade in Westminster)

      Dear (Name)

      As you will know, tomorrow, at 4.30pm, Rupa Huq MP is leading a Westminster Hall debate entitled “Public Order legislation relating to family planning clinics.” Rupa Huq has headed a concerted campaign to ban peaceful pro-life vigils outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing, and nationwide.

      I am appalled at this move on a number of grounds, including freedom of speech and expression; there is also the question of providing a final opportunity for women approaching clinics for abortion to think again and perhaps reverse their choice. Everyone involved in the pro-abortion lobby claims that it is an undesirable act, that women agonise over it – clearly, then, there is a realisation that by aborting a child in the womb, at whatever stage of pregnancy, they are killing that life. The unborn child, surely, is entitled to every opportunity – right to the last minute – to have his/her right to life respected.

      I expect you, as my MP, to be present at this debate and to argue against the move to suppress the pro-life message from reaching women at this crucial stage. It’s certainly crucial for the unborn child.

      The SNP’s frequent expressions of concern about child abuse ring very hollow, given the failure to defend the rights of the most vulnerable of all children, those in their mother’s womb.

      Please attend the above debate and speak up for those rights, in the form of refusing to ban pro-lifers – who are always peaceful and prayerful outside clinics, as many video tapes demonstrate – from their important work outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing and nationwide.

      Thank you.

      Yours sincerely,



    Re yesterdays Buffer zone ….they call abortion mills family planning centres

    Please write to Theresa May Buffer zones thank you


    Re: Conference on implementing relationships and sex education – incl. role of religion – keynotes: Ofsted and PSHE Association – Westminster Education Forum, Morning, Thursday, 8th February 2018
    Majid Katme

    Today, 13:05
    Tahir Alam (


    From: Sean Cudmore [WEdF]
    Sent: 08 November 2017 13:00
    Subject: Conference on implementing relationships and sex education – incl. role of religion – keynotes: Ofsted and PSHE Association – Westminster Education Forum, Morning, Thursday, 8th February 2018

    Westminster Education Forum Keynote Seminar
    Preparing for implementing compulsory relationships and sex education in schools – curriculum content, best practice and teacher training

    Jenny Barksfield, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Senior Subject Specialist, PSHE Association
    Roary Pownall, Her Majesty’s Inspector (East Midlands Region) and National Lead for Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship, Ofsted
    Josh Bradlow, Stonewall; Helen Corteen, Brook; Nic Dunn, Barnardo’s; Will Gardner, Childnet; Sarah Hannafin, NAHT; Sarah Lyles, Babcock Education; Cathy Murphy, Cambridgeshire PSHE Service; Janet Palmer, Educational Consultant; Bea Stevenson, Family Links; Dr Vanita Sundaram, University of York and Sandra Teacher, Board of Deputies of British Jews

    Chaired by:
    Diana Johnson MP and Lord Storey, House of Lords Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson

    Follow us @WEdFEvents | This event is CPD certified

    Morning, Thursday, 8th February 2018
    Central London

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    Dear Dr Katme

    I am writing to ensure you don’t miss the above seminar if you are able to attend. Please note there is a charge for most delegates, although concessionary and complimentary places are available (subject to terms and conditions – see below).

    This timely seminar will assess priorities for implementing compulsory relationships and sex education (RSE) in schools in England.

    As the agenda includes discussion on the challenges for ensuring that RSE takes account of pupils’ religious backgrounds – with a speaking contribution from Sandra Teacher, Education Consultant, Board of Deputies of British Jews – I thought that the subject matter might be of interest.

    Stakeholders and policymakers will discuss key issues emerging from the Government consultation on the RSE curriculum, including new draft regulations and guidance, due later this year – including areas such as mental health, online safety and healthy relationships.

    Delegates will consider what measures are necessary to ensure that all pupils have access to high quality RSE that takes account of age, as well as priorities for designing an RSE curriculum inclusive of LGBT+ and SEND groups.

    The agenda looks at what can be learnt from existing examples of best practice in teaching RSE, including in parental engagement to maximise the reach of RSE lessons and the involvement of young people in curriculum design.

    Further sessions consider priorities for equipping the teaching workforce with the skills and confidence necessary to teach RSE, in light of research from Coram Life Education, which found that two thirds of primary school head teachers and PSHE leads require further guidance on implementing compulsory RSE.

    The draft agenda is copied below my signature, and a regularly updated version is available to download here. The seminar is organised on the basis of strict impartiality by the Westminster Education Forum. Follow us at @WEdFEvents for live updates.


    We are delighted to be able to include in this seminar keynote addresses from Roary Pownall, Her Majesty’s Inspector (East Midlands Region) and National Lead for Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship, Ofsted and Jenny Barksfield, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Senior Subject Specialist, PSHE Association.

    Further confirmed speakers include: Josh Bradlow, Policy Officer, Stonewall; Helen Corteen, Head of Education and Participation, Brook; Nic Dunn, Children’s Services Manager, Barnardo’s; Will Gardner, Chief Executive, Childnet; Sarah Hannafin, Senior Policy Advisor, NAHT; Sarah Lyles, PSHE, Wellbeing and Inclusion Consultant and Lead for the National PSHE CPD Programme, Babcock Education; Cathy Murphy, PSHE Adviser, Cambridgeshire PSHE Service; Janet Palmer, Educational Consultant and former National Lead for Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship, Ofsted; Bea Stevenson, Head of Social and Emotional Learning, Family Links; Dr Vanita Sundaram, Professor of Education, Department of Education, University of York and Sandra Teacher, Education Consultant, Board of Deputies of British Jews.

    Diana Johnson MP and Lord Storey, House of Lords Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson have kindly agreed to chair this seminar.


    This seminar will present an opportunity to engage with key policymakers and other interested parties, and is CPD certified (more details). Places have been reserved by parliamentary pass-holders from the House of Commons and officials from the DCMS; Department for Education; Department of Education (NI); and the Government Legal Department. Also due to attend are representatives from BigTalk Education; Boxhill School; Carefree Kids; Chichester Diocese Education Department; Darvell School; Dhiverse; EqualiTeach; Focus Learning Trust; JSN; London Borough of Havering; Manchester Met University; Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust; Park High School; Stebon Primary School; Strong Young Minds; The Royal Masonic School for Girls; UCL; University of Derby; University of Gloucestershire; University of Kent; Warwickshire County Council and Wildern School.

    A press pass has been reserved by a representative from Journal of Public Mental Health.

    Typically, attendees at our seminars are a senior and informed group numbering 120, including Members of both Houses of Parliament, senior officials from the DfE, Ofsted, Ofqual and other Government departments and agencies, schools and teaching professionals, representatives of trade unions and local government, groups representing parents and students, specialist academics and charities, together with reporters from the national and trade press.

    Output and About Us

    A key output of the seminar will be a transcript of the proceedings, sent out around 12 working days after the event to all attendees and a wider group of Ministers and officials in central government departments affected by the issues; and Parliamentarians with a special interest in these areas. It will also be made available more widely. This document will include transcripts of all speeches and questions and answers sessions from the day, along with access to PowerPoint presentations, speakers’ biographies, an attendee list, an agenda, sponsor information, as well as any subsequent press coverage of the day and any articles or comment pieces submitted by delegates. It is made available subject to strict restrictions on public use, similar to those for Select Committee Uncorrected Evidence, and is intended to provide timely information for interested parties who are unable to attend on the day.

    All delegates will receive complimentary PDF copies and are invited to contribute to the content.

    The Westminster Education Forum is strictly impartial and cross-party, and draws on the considerable support it receives from within Parliament and Government, and amongst the wider stakeholder community. The Forum has no policy agenda of its own. Forum events are frequently the platform for major policy statements from senior Ministers, regulators and other officials, opposition speakers and senior opinion-formers in industry and interest groups. Events regularly receive prominent coverage in the national and trade press.

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    Options and charges are as follows:
    Places at Preparing for implementing compulsory relationships and sex education in schools – curriculum content, best practice and teacher training (including refreshments and PDF copy of the transcripts) are £210 plus VAT;
    Concessionary rate places for small charities, unfunded individuals and those in similar circumstances are £80 plus VAT. Please be sure to apply for this at the time of booking.

    For those who cannot attend:
    Copies of the briefing document, including full transcripts of all speeches and the questions and comments sessions and further articles from interested parties, will be available approximately 12 days after the event for £95 plus VAT;
    Concessionary rate: £50 plus VAT.

    If you find the charge for places a barrier to attending, please let me know as concessionary and complimentary places are made available in certain circumstances (but do be advised that this typically applies to individual service users or carers or the like who are not supported by or part of an organisation, full-time students, people between jobs or who are fully retired with no paid work, and representatives of small charities – not businesses, individuals funded by an organisation, or larger charities/not-for-profit companies). Please note terms and conditions below (including cancellation charges).

    I do hope that you will be able to join us for what promises to be a most useful morning, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours sincerely


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    Westminster Education Forum Keynote Seminar: Preparing for implementing compulsory relationships and sex education in schools – curriculum content, best practice and teacher training
    Timing: Morning, Thursday, 8th February 2018
    Venue: Central London

    Draft agenda subject to change

    8.30 – 9.00
    Registration and coffee

    9.00 – 9.05
    Chair’s opening remarks
    Diana Johnson MP

    9.05 – 9.25
    Priorities for implementing statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)
    Senior speaker to be confirmed
    Questions and comments from the floor

    9.25 – 9.35
    Designing a ‘curriculum for life’ in a changing world
    Jenny Barksfield, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Senior Subject Specialist, PSHE Association

    9.35 – 10.25
    Developing an effective RSE curriculum – core content and tackling challenges for schools
    How should the RSE curriculum be designed so as to be age-appropriate and inclusive of groups whose experiences have not traditionally been reflected in RSE teaching, such as LGBT+ and SEND groups? In light of the growth in risks to children’s emotional wellbeing and their perception of relationships presented by the digitalisation of childhood – including pornography, sexting and the pressures of social media – how can RSE best address these issues to keep children safe online? What steps should be taken during curriculum design to allow flexibility for schools to teach RSE with regard to the ‘religious background of pupils’ without compromising universal access to high quality RSE? What steps should be taken to ensure that compulsory RSE does not detract from wider teaching around PSHE?
    Dr Vanita Sundaram, Professor of Education, Department of Education, University of York
    Will Gardner, Chief Executive, Childnet
    Bea Stevenson, Head of Social and Emotional Learning, Family Links
    Sandra Teacher, Education Consultant, Board of Deputies of British Jews
    Josh Bradlow, Policy Officer, Stonewall
    Questions and comments from the floor with Jenny Barksfield, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Senior Subject Specialist, PSHE Association

    10.25 – 10.30
    Chair’s closing remarks
    Diana Johnson MP

    10.30 – 10.55

    10.55 – 11.00
    Chair’s opening remarks
    Lord Storey, House of Lords Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson

    11.00 – 11.45
    Best practice in teaching RSE – involving students in curriculum design and parental engagement
    What can be learnt from examples of best practice in teaching RSE at primary and secondary level? Given that parents will have the option to remove their children from sex education lessons, how can they be engaged by schools during implementation and throughout teaching to reduce the number of children who are withdrawn? In what ways can RSE content and teaching be co-designed with young people so as to best reflect their needs and increase engagement?
    Janet Palmer, Educational Consultant and former National Lead for Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship, Ofsted
    Nic Dunn, Children’s Services Manager, Barnardo’s
    Senior representative, primary school
    Senior representative, secondary school
    Questions and comments from the floor

    11.45 – 12.30
    Supporting teachers to deliver RSE: training, resources and developing teachers’ confidence
    How best can the teaching workforce be equipped with the necessary skills and confidence to deliver RSE; should it be included in initial teacher training or should the focus be on the provision of CPD? What resources and ongoing support should be provided to teachers, both from within schools and from external organisations such as local authorities?
    Helen Corteen, Head of Education and Participation, Brook
    Cathy Murphy, PSHE Adviser, Cambridgeshire PSHE Service
    Sarah Hannafin, Senior Policy Advisor, NAHT
    Sarah Lyles, PSHE, Wellbeing and Inclusion Consultant and Lead for the National PSHE CPD Programme, Babcock Education
    Questions and comments from the floor

    12.30 – 12.55
    Inspecting schools’ RSE provision
    Roary Pownall, Her Majesty’s Inspector (East Midlands Region) and National Lead for Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship, Ofsted
    Questions and comments from the floor

    12.55 – 13.00
    Chair’s and Westminster Education Forum closing remarks
    Lord Storey, House of Lords Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson
    Sean Cudmore, Deputy Editor, Westminster Education Forum

    • Wendy,

      I wrote to my MP to speak against the buffer zones, but, as an SNP MP, he would be unlikely to do so. It is heartening, therefore, to hear this MP on the subject:

      • Thanks for this Patricia ….there were some other good MP’s also spoke up I bet the feminazis will try to ensure he dont get elected again ….!!!!!

  84. Bpas – British Pregnancy Advisory Service shared a link.

    Boots still hasn’t lowered the cost of emergency contraception and MPs are getting annoyed
    These politicians are as annoyed as the rest of us

    Bpas – British Pregnancy Advisory Service
    20 hrs ·
    Labour MPs Say Boots Has Broken Promise To Women Over Emergency Contraception #JustSayNon

    Labour MPs Say Boots Has Broken Promise To Women Over Emergency Contraception
    The pharmacy giant promised to cut the price of the morning after pill.

    BPAS harasses Boots over M A P……


    Safe & Legal Exhibition
    November 13, 2017 Bronwen Davies Leave a comment
    From Wednesday 15 November until Saturday 2 December the Exhibition will be on display at Cynon Valley Museum, Depot Road, Aberdare, CF44 8DL, in the Café area.
    Cynon Valley Museum is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 11.00 – 4.00.
    The Exhibition displays copies of some of the documents collected as part of the Safe & Legal project. You can also listen to excerpts from some of the oral histories collected, as well as read about some of the highlights of the campaigns to maintain and extend women’s right to abortion, over the 50 years since the 1967 Abortion Act made it legal and safe for women.
    Please complain about this pro abortion exhibition ……evidently School trips visit this Museum is this a thing for Children to see ?
    01685 886729



    ‎Rupa Huq‎ to SisterSupporter

    Mayor Sadiq Khan backs Sister Supporter and Ealing council’s stance Meanwhile have had hate mail from pro-lifers including today a small plastic foetus doll

    Mayor of London on Twitter
    “I support the right to protest – but when protest turns into harassment of women accessing their rights,…


    How to get in touch

    By online form

    This is the quickest and easiest way to contact the Mayor or City Hall – giving us key details to help us direct your query. Rest assured, you’ll still receive a full response.
    Online enquiry form
    By post

    City Hall
    The Queen’s Walk
    London SE1 2AA

    By phone

    City Hall Switchboard (to get in touch with a member of staff)
    Tel: 020 7983 4000

    Public Liaison team
    Tel: 020 7983 4100
    Monday – Friday
    9 – 5 p.m

    Note: Calls will not be transferred directly to the Mayor’s Office, and you may be asked to send your request to speak with the Mayor in writing.

    We also ask that all invitations to the Mayor be made in writing. (You may also be asked to email us with more details from your call.)
    Contact the London Assembly

    For more details on contacting: a London Assembly Member, the Assembly Media team and other key contacts – visit their Assembly Contacts page
    Make a complaint

    The Mayor of London has gone all pro death hes supporting Ealing buffer zones…lots of e -mails to him please


  85. Canada: Catholic agency refuses adoption to couple defending natural law:
    This is happening in Canada, certainly one of the western countries most subject to the global Gaystapo.
    Alberta Child and Family Service has rejected the adoption of an evangelical Christian couple because of their traditional view of sexuality and marriage. The two men denounced the agency, explaining that the latter officially challenged the couple’s ability to “help children who express doubts about sexuality”. But what is even worse is that the agency in question, which works with the government, is Catholic. She therefore submitted to the homosexualist ideology and the “marriage” of people of the same sex…

  86. What a weak “pro-lifer” – so much for “Labour Life” …

    Compare the above pro-lifer, with this “pro-choice” (pro-abortion) talk radio show host. Who would YOU rather have on your side? 😀

    wendy walker

    Today, 15:58
    40 days for life London (;
    Adellyn Walker (;
    SPUC have produced an excellent little card which people can sign …and either send or send to SPUC for them to send
    Its to Mr T Hall regarding
    ABORTION ON TRIAL with Ann Robinson
    Which SPUC describes as a deliberate push for decriminalising Abortion
    It calls on him to resign

    The cards are obtainable from SPUC H Q

    If you wish to send your deep concerns to him [without the card ]about this awful programme
    The address details are
    W1A 1AA
    please alert others also …thank you

  88. Never mind what’s going on in Marie Stopes, you just need to adopt a snow-leopard so you can ‘feel good about yourself this Christmas’….

    Maybe it’s me who’s nuts.

  89. I heard on a radio programme a lady enthusing about her family’s altruistic Christmas. No frills, no insane spending but all monies were going to be channeled into adopting a Romanian….. At this point I was full of admiration but then she finished the sentence: “…… Romanian STREET DOG” !!!!! I couldn’t believe my ears! She went on to explain that this poor mutt was 10 years old with multiple health problems which it would take THOUSANDS to fix. “He wouldn’t stand a chance in Romania”, she continued.

    Am I living in a parallel universe, I wonder? Has the world gone completely bonkers or what?!


    M S abortion mill closes in Belfast this Friday

    And in reply to Pat and Crofter lady i feel the same the World has gone totally mad David Attenborough laments over Pandas infertility ….nearly faints if he finds a plant has died yet calls for more and more preborn Human life to be extinguished …I could go on and on ..its deplorable and evil

  91. Helen,

    Disgraceful. I followed the link through to the LMS site and posted a comment there, urging them to organise a group to campaign outside the Catholic Times office. I wish I lived near enough to attend. I’d be there in a heartbeat. Utterly evil rant, as usual, from that apostate priest.

    • Wendy,

      I notice that John Smeaton says something to the effect that he/pro-lifers can no longer remain silent about the Pope/hierarchy spreading errors… Well, that’s good news but it’s a pity it took the Pope’s disgraceful anti-life words and actions to bring him and the rest of the pro-life movement to this point.

      If there had been the hue and cry there OUGHT to have been for years now, about the Pope’s and hierarchy’s errors on liturgy, ecumenism and the rest, we may have prevented things getting to this shocking stage.

      For years now, pro-life groups like SPUC have kept quiet. As long as the Pope/hierarchy of the day said “abortion is evil” they were happy. Short-sighted happiness, as it’s turned out.

      Better late than never, then, this letter from pro-life leaders is an interesting enterprise.

  92. I’ve just been listening to ‘Smooth Radio’, airing that old Candi Staton effort ‘Young Hearts, Run Free’. Here are some of the lyrics…..

    What’s the sense in sharing this one and only life
    Ending up just another lost and lonely wife
    You count up the years
    And they will be filled with tears

    Love only breaks up to start over again
    You’ll get the babies
    But you won’t have your man
    While he is busy loving every woman that he can, uh-huh

    Say I’m gonna leave
    A hundred times a day
    It’s easier said than done
    When you just can’t break away
    (Just can’t break away)

    Oh, young hearts run free
    They’ll never be hung up
    Hung up like my man and me
    My man and me

    Does anyone else share my distaste for this anti-Faith, anti-marriage, anti-men, anti-fidelity and anti-life diatribe? Ms Staton has much to answer for.

    • “These are often women in the most desperate of circumstances. This bill, which despite passing was unable to progress further due to the snap election, sought to protect women who in the most desperate of circumstances use medication purchased online to end a pregnancy.”

      Wendy, the above lie needs to be nailed.

      These women are not at all “desperate” and the truth is that most abortions take place because, for one reason or another, the child would be an inconvenience.

      “In a 2004 survey of 1,209 American women at 11 major abortion clinics, women revealed that neither health problems, rape, incest, nor coercion by family members or partners were the primary or even secondary reasons for seeking an abortion” .

      If these morons continue to badger for Maria Caulfield’s sacking, it will be yet more evidence of the truth of Chesterton’s assertion that “there is no-one more intolerant than a full blown liberal”.

      I will write to Maria Caulfied MP later to encourage her to stand firm. Thank you for providing her contact details

  93. The electrical engineer in me had an idea about the Rosary of the Unborn, which I’ve now suggested to the proprietors States-side.

    I got to thinking maybe a 12-volt l.e.d. (light-emitting diode) could be inserted inside each of the beads and each of the crosses. Pro-life car owners could then attach a rosary to their rear screens and connect it to the car’s stop-light circuit. This would mean that every time the driver applied the brake-pedal, the rosary would illuminate, to convey the ‘stop abortion’ message.

    This would need to be supplied in kit form of course with all wiring, sticky pads and fitting instructions (safety first!). I would certainly buy one for my ‘wheels’.

    I got a reply, they are considering it.

    • Pat McKay,

      Don’t be offended, I appreciate you are thinking of ways to stop abortion and that is praiseworthy, but I get uncomfortable with the way the word rosary is used by pro-life people. When I went along to a 40 days for life event, they were selling rosaries with little images of the fetus instead of beads, for example. I’m afraid I think that is not right. Why does it have to be a “rosary”?

      Our Lady gave us the rosary through St Dominic and she said later, in the Fatima appearances, that there was no problem spiritual or temporal that could not be resolved through the rosary. That is all-embracing and includes abortion, so, IMHO the ordinary, real rosary should be used by pro-lifers to pray the revealed rosary instead of making up new ones.

      As a driver, I have to say, too, that I would find something that lit up every time a driver applied his brakes as too distracting, so your idea may fail on safety grounds. I know the brake lights go on, so maybe I’m wrong about that, but something lighting up on the back screen at same time as brake lights would maybe be a safety risk. I think it would startle me, but my main point is that I really don’t like the way the pro-life movement uses the word rosary. IMHO it can be interpreted as trivialising the rosary.

  94. I agree. The end must be nigh! How sickening. A POPE conferring such an accolade on a pro-abortionist? Words fail me. May the good Lord forgive him and send a bolt up his ****! Pronto!!

  95. Below, my email to the Victoria Derbyshire show, BBC 2 this morning…

    I have just watched the wholly biased interview – two against one – regarding the un-democratic attempts to end the pro-life group from standing outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing, London. Blatant bias.

    The two people representing the clinic were given the majority of the time, allowed to speak without being interrupted or asked to provide evidence, while the sole representative of the pro-life group was interrupted on the few occasions she was permitted to speak. Ironically, she was the only one to mention evidence, notably CCTV that would have proven the clinic staff to be liars, but this was passed over. Blatant bias.

    Only pro-abortion incoming messages were read out – can it be that pro-lifers are so fed up with being misrepresented and feeling their comments would not be read out that NONE wrote in? I doubt it.

    Not so long ago Marie Stopes clinics were closed down due to safety concerns – here is one report

    Yet Victoria didn’t seem to know this. Sloppy journalism from the BBC yet again, and a manifest bias in favour of the pro-abortion lobby.

    Finally, nobody picked up on the references to these women seeking abortion as having had to make a difficult decision. Why? I cannot understand why anybody who thinks abortion is right, should angst over it. Only the knowledge that she is – in fact – killing a human being, would cause upset and “agonising” decision making.

    A disgracefully biased interview – all tilted in favour of the self-evidently insincere man who spoke most of the time, and who lied, and the uncomfortable-looking woman representing the clinic.


    To watch again, visit the website – scroll to 1.15.1

  96. No wonder the pro-aborts are all in a panic, Wendy. They know their days are numbered, when the most powerful man in the world is VERY pro-life.

  97. Unto Us
    by Spike Milligan.
    Somewhere at some time
    They committed themselves to me
    And so, I was!
    Small, but I WAS!
    Tiny, in shape
    Lusting to live
    I hung in my pulsing cave.
    Soon they knew of me
    My mother —my father.
    I had no say in my being
    I lived on trust
    And love
    Tho’ I couldn’t think
    Each part of me was saying
    A silent ‘Wait for me
    I will bring you love!’
    I was taken
    Blind, naked, defenceless
    By the hand of one
    Whose good name
    Was graven on a brass plate
    in Wimpole Street,
    and dropped on the sterile floor
    of a foot operated plastic waste
    There was no Queens Counsel
    To take my brief.
    The cot I might have warmed
    Stood in Harrod’s shop window.
    When my passing was told
    My father smiled.
    No grief filled my empty space.
    My death was celebrated
    With tickets to see Danny la Rue
    Who was pretending to be a woman
    Like my mother was.

  98. So, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of votes for women. Hooray.

    The likes of Emily Pankhurst must be turning in her grave at how things have since developed with the so-called ‘liberation movement’, now that millions of baby girls never see the light of day just because they are deemed to be the ‘wrong’ sex.

    When the 1967 Abortion Act was passed, we were assured that it would ‘not open the floodgates to abortion’, that it would ‘only be allowed under limited circumstances’, etc. But, as anyone who has eyes can see, in every nation where ‘just a little’ abortion has been permitted ‘on limited grounds’ it has led to it being provided on demand – for any reason and none. Sex-selection abortion is commonplace in China and India. It is supposed to be illegal here in the UK, but it gets carried out ‘with a nod and a wink’.

    The so-called ‘feminists’ of today seem to have a loathing for anything at the very essence of femininity, especially pregnancy and child-bearing. They are utterly blind as to how ‘liberation’ has backfired on them and their own sex.

  99. The MSM are forever ramming the holocaust down our throats, but conveniently ignore the fact that pro-aborts are the ‘latter-day Nazis’.

    Must admit I’d never thought of it that way before, but the logic is that the womb is surely a sacred place, the very sanctuary of life. Now, when the womb becomes the torture and gas chamber for the innocent victims of our times, I would say the comparison is well justified. Many thanks to Brenda Mary Walsh for ‘expanding my mind’ on this one.

  100. I have long had a strong dislike of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. I even dislike his name. The despicable government he heads is now discriminating against pro-life/family organisations, by refusing them grants for summer jobs, unless they explicitly buy into his sickening pro-death, pro-perversion agenda.

    Please sign this petition against this conduct (I haven’t seen it posted before):

    Of course, as a “liberal” the man is an idiot and the best example of what he claims to stand against.

    Today its reported he instructed someone to say “personkind” instead of “mankind” because “its more inclusive”.

    So he is inclusive when it comes to idiotic word play, yet decidedly discriminatory when it comes to respecting human life. A hypocrite and a horrible man.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      I’ve signed the petition but not without difficulty! This keeps happening which is why I think it best to mention now that with these petitions, once you have signed the page, readers ought to click on the back arrow to go to the page for signing. Otherwise, we are taken through to the “thank you for signing page” and there’s no way (that I can find anyway) to get to the original page to sign. I had to Google the title of the petition in order to sign it, all the while calling Gabriel Syme not very nice names 😀

      Anyway, all’s well that ends well; I’ve now signed and, in the spirit of Catholic Truth at your service! I’ve also replaced the original link with the one that will take everyone straight through to the signing page … and I do recommend signing. Thank you, Gabriel Syme, for alerting us to this.

      And for the link to the Daily Mail article: “peoplekind” or “personkind” is even worse than the daft “humankind”. How idiotic is this nonsense about language. The whole point of saying “mankind” was to show that the only other group that was like in “kind” to “man” is women! There is no other equivalent group for “human” or “people” – the whole mentality is crazy. I NEVER say “humankind” – if I can’t use a form of words that makes sense without conceding anything to these nutty theories, I’ll say “mankind” and the feminist extremists can like it or lump it. Numpties.

      You final sentence hits the key nail on the head. Count me into the Anti-Justin-Trudeau Club… 😀

      • Editor,

        Thanks for signing but I am mystified by the problem you mention.

        When I click the link I posted, it goes directly to a page where you can enter your details to sign.

        I have tried it from both my work and home PCs and it was the same both times.

        Maybe gremlins are afoot?

    • RCA Victor,

      That IS a real “hammering” – and well deserved. Those cowardly churchmen will have some explaining to do at their Judgment. How they can be so negligent, make themselves look so weak and cowardly, is impossible to understand.

    • Wendy,

      The link to this video should be sent to every MP in Parliament, but especially to Amber Rudd. I’m going to send it to her, hoping others will spread it around as well. To refuse to permit pro-lifers to stand and pray and offer leaflets outside abortion clinics on the grounds that they harass and intimidate when there is a wealth of evidence to the contrary – including videos like this, is a monumental scandal.

      PS – some time later… I’ve now emailed Amber Rudd, UK Home Secretary on ‘’ – encourage others to do likewise.

      • Thank you Patricia ..yes I would ask everyone to send it to A Rudd or any MP…..because it needs for them to see the real truth of what pro life peaceful people have to put up with

  101. Love the psychology.

    The term ‘anti-abortion’ implies nutters who have an irrational aversion to something most everybody else is in favour of.

    Then they talk about ‘protestors’ – this conjures up an image of wailing, shreiking, placard-waving hooligans with loud-hailers. As we know, the pro-life stalwarts outside the likes of Marie Stopes don’t ‘intimidate’ anybody – all they do is peaceful prayer and witness.

    • Wendy,

      Thank you for posting that link – I was about to post it myself. A Vatican “pro-life academy” with members from, it seems, every religion and none, pontificating (literally) on the moral law to reach the secularist conclusion that abortion is permissible in certain cases. Disgraceful.

      • Editor,

        I had read that article previously – I thought it very cunning that the modernists would appoint a Rabbi, who makes such statements.

        After all, given one of the main teachings of the modern Church is that “the Jews are brilliant” then, very clearly, they must always be right and so
        Catholics will be expected to lap this up.

        • Gabriel Syme,

          I agree – it is very cunning indeed to pick the pro-life academy of all departments to have people who are not Catholics given positions of authority. It really is a disgrace. Catholics are so poorly catechised now that they will presume that anyone in a post at the Vatican must know what they’re talking about.

    • Here we go down the slippery slope again….and why are we being lectured to by someone NOT of our faith?….I keep telling folk I know that Humanae Vitae is going to be keel hauled, next will be Transubstantiation and we can then affiliate with the New One World Church…..many years ago a famous Cardinal said that in the future we will be “dropping our baggage off” as we “further ecumenise”.I wonder if the Lutherans will take part in a Rosary or the Stations of the Cross in one of their churches to demonstrate their ecumenical sense of Brotherhood.

    • That’s disgracefully dishonest. I hope the retraction wakens up the Irish population to the fact that they are going to be lied to over and over again in the referendum campaign. I still can’t believe that abortion is likely to be legalised in Ireland. It’s ironic that the Protestants in the north are fighting hard to stop the legalisation of abortion and same sex marriage, while the so-called Catholic republic is doing the opposite. My own Irish Forefathers will be turning in their graves.

      • I wonder if the Irish vote against legalisation, will they keep having to revote as in the Lisbon Treaty until they get the result that those and such as those demand?

  102. Dear All
    Please write to this Mp Fabian Hamilton about this disgusting outburst Mps are elected to do the peoples will not their own Agenda ..thank you

  103. An interesting clip from Ben Shapiro commenting on the latest sensation over in the USA, the Englishman, John Oliver who passes himself off as a comic. Well, he is, but not in the way he means! Ben gives a description of a late term abortion, revealing the ignorance of Oliver in so doing…

  104. Dear WENDY,




    That’s how the British media has labeled your vigil presence in their headline news. The only problem is … none of it is true!

    One British paper quoted a spokesman for the BPAS abortion center in Portsmouth: “They pray loudly and force leaflets upon people. I felt uncomfortable, angry, and safety-conscious.”

    A BPAS staff member in Doncaster told another media outlet, “It was provocative and intimidating.”

    The photo above, from 40 Days for Life in Norwich, England, is a fairly typical scene. A picture is worth a thousand talking points.

    Don’t these people look scary to you? Especially the signs offering free help 🙂

    The abortion industry in Britain – and elsewhere, frankly – just wants you to go home … because 40 Days for Life is working.

    Right now, England, Canada and Scotland are trying to destroy freedom of speech – and silence even the quietest pro-life whisper. We cover their efforts in this 40 Days for Life podcast episode: “Aborting Free Speech.”

    Of course, Christ told us to expect this – that we would be falsely accused of all sorts of evil when acting in His name.

    So just keep praying! Lives are at stake! As the Lord said, “Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven” (Matthew 5:12).


  105. Reading this stuff makes me cringe at the phrase ‘His Eminence’! I am thinking of emigrating to Germany, refusing to pay the Church Tax of 8-9% of my gross income and EXPECT to be accompanied by the Church instead of being threatened with excommunication, denial of any sacraments and a Catholic funeral…go figure folks……that is MY ‘paradigm shift”!!

  106. My point is reinforced here :-
    Pro aborts AND adulterers OK for Holy Communion… they will be ‘accompanied’ on their struggle…..but don’t cough up the Church Tax and you will be sentenced to the Twilight Zone (very Christian) or ‘accompanied’ to the nearest ATM…..sick of reading this new twisted phrase ‘Paradigm Shift’.Seriously not impressed with Blaise Cupich. Cardinals telling priests and seminarians NOT to go to Pro Life events…! Pathetic and furthermore, can you imagine a one wage family in Germany trying to rear 4 or 5 children taking a 9% chunk off salary to pay the Church which tacitly condones and now seems to endorse Pro Aborts and adulterers while threatening de facto excommunication to anyone who wont part with their earnings.

  107. Greg Jackson | CitizenGO
    Today, 10:02
    Dear wendy

    You might remember last November we encouraged you to sign our petition calling for an open and fair review into prayer vigils outside abortion centres in the UK. Due to allegations made against those praying outside of these centres, the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd decided a consultation was necessary

    Sadly, this consultation is deeply biased and points towards a pre-determined conclusion: the introduction of buffer zones. It offers respondents opportunity to collect allegations and testimony against vigil attendees, but not the opportunity to present substantial evidence of unlawful activity.

    In other words, Amber Rudd has not launched a fair and open review in vigils outside of abortion centres.

    So, following on from our initial campaign, we want you to support the new Be Here For Me campaign which highlights many of the difficulties with the proposed buffer zones:

    • They remove much needed help for women who feel they have no other choice.
    • There are already existing wide-ranging powers which authorities can (and should) use to end harassment.
    • Buffer zones are a direct attack on the right of free assembly.

    Additionally, there is an opportunity for you to recount your own experience with prayer vigils outside abortion clinics and report why it would be wrong to stop them.

    Responding to this consultation through Be Here For Me can take as little as 30 seconds, but if you want to add your own thoughts, please do so. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never witnessed one of these vigils. You just need to want women who are considering abortion to have a serious alternative and to support the freedom of assembly and protest. The deadline for this consultation is the 19th February so make sure you respond now!

    Yours sincerely,

    Greg Jackson and the entire Team at CitizenGO

    CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide. To find out more about CitizenGO click here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. This message is addressed to If you do not wish to receive emails from CitizenGO, click on this link.

    To contact CitizenGO, do not respond to this email, reply at this link:

    • I’d believe anything these days…this character is unfit for office and unfit for purpose. However my gut feeling is that Rome is heading down the path by telling us to stop obsessing about abortion….many years ago on a tv chat show an atheist explained why he started to believe in God and why he became a Christian…he became Eastern Orthodox…when asked why he did not just become a Catholic, his reply was earth shattering….”because the Catholic Church is TOO SOFT ON ABORTION”..that was his answer.

      • St Miguel,

        Nonsense. “Many years ago…” the Catholic Church (by which I presume you mean “Churchmen”) was FAR from being “too soft on abortion.” Even the recent modernist popes like John Paul II and Benedict XVI were far from soft on abortion and spoke out against it often.

        Only one modernist pope – Francis the First (and we hope Last) – said not to “obsess” over abortion.

        Don’t let’s make things worse than they are – please and thank you!

  108. Yes, but in the last 40 years it has been rarely mentioned from a pulpit and seems to me to have become a taboo subject amongst the rank and file Diocesan priests. It is not hammered in Catholic Secondary schools the way it should be either.


    Dear Readers ..
    Please note though The Govt Review date has passed there is still a really HUGE need for letters /e -mails to Your own Mp……Amber Rudd Home Sec /Mp ……PM T May …..and Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC/Mp……..also letters needed to Lambeth and Ealing Councils …even BPAS has picked up on this need for more letters and has put it on their vile facebook page asking people to write in
    Please go to ..bethereforme ..and you might like to fill in the pre written form ..very useful indeed …the enemy never sleeps nor must we thanking you so much and please alert others

    • Wendy my point over the years is that people like him are de riguer these days, no threats of excommunication from Rome. This is a constant drip feed over the years. When did you ever hear a sermon on this from any priest in decades. Emma Bonnino fawned over. Anti Life staffers on the Pontifical Academy of LIfe at the Vatican. This type of person is more concerned meeting Prince Charles. It is all a sick and Satanic joke.BTW…try and wangle out of tithe paying in the German Church and you will be denied the Sacraments and a funeral…de facto Excommunication. This churchman should be sacked.

    • Wendy, that is shocking but who is his bishop? I tried to find out and it seems that the Isle of Man is under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Liverpool. Seems strange. We ought to write to his bishop as well as to him directly, The contact details for him are given at the end of the article you posted.

  110. I’m sure this has all been said before, but if the likes of this Isle of Man priest isn’t prepared to uphold Church teachings on the sanctity of unborn human life, why are they allowed to remain in the Church?

    They are happy enough with the comfortable lifestyle their position offers them, but when it comes down to pro-life issues, it’s …’oh, forget about the Bible, I wrote my own’…. But what about the ‘man at the top’ i.e. the ‘Vicar of Christ on Earth’? If he doesn’t give two hoots about abortion (only paying it the occasional lip-service), should we be surprised if his own lethargy ripples down through the ranks?

    There’s an old saying ….’slack captain, slack ship’…

    • Totally agree Pat. I often apply the business model to my line of thought and if this Monsignor was in private business the ‘Board’ would have forced him to resign or be sacked, as this is tantamount to treason.. these people NEVER have to face the sack or be made redundant, they do not have to service a mortgage or look after a family…their JOB is to SAVE SOULS and they care not a jot.They know they are on safe ground and can coast along spreading their poison. I think the lethargy goes back a lot further. Locally a few years back a priest I knew then, STOPPED a White Flower appeal on behalf of Pro LIfe in his church as it “was too politicised”.When did any of us hear the word Abortion mentioned from the pulpit? As in the 67 Act, the raison d’etre was for very few situations and now it is virtually on demand. The modern expression is Mission Creep….this is where I think we are heading, ignore, tacit approval and then Pastoral guidelines waffle and then it becomes accepted.

        • Another point is the gravity of this sin. Now ‘downgraded’ by the Vatican, for want of a better word, just a bog standard sin for the local NO priest to absolve.Anyway it seems that Monsignor Devine would not have a problem with that.How did he ever get to a Monsignor level anyway with this type of thought pattern?…..well here’s a new phrase being bandied about these days “Leaders in Thought”…..yep from all the Big Wigs who have appointed themselves as OUR MENTORS….All the money men, so called big business moguls, all the way along and now it’s Cardinal Parolin, with his Paradigm Shift and all the rest of blather we hear these days.
          Yes these people like Cardinal Marx are now our self appointed “Thought Leaders”…….all of this baloney is nowadays called Neural LInguistic Programming…..look it up folks!

  111. Kristofer Shekleton is with Amanda Lewin and 36 others.
    24 February at 21:27 ·


    Described as “informed”, “compassionate” and “fair” by Irish reviewers and journalists, and rated as a “must watch” on media TV listings, “A Silent Killer: Savita’s Story” is a full-length documentary examined the circumstances surrounding the death of Savita Halappanavar at University Hospital Galway (UHG). The documentary production involved a dramatic reconstruction of Savita’s final 7 days at UHG and included expert testimony from authorities such as Dr Peter Boylan, expert medical witness to the County Coroner and Dr Hema Divakar, President of the Federation of Indian Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

    Following the death of Savita, the world’s news outlets and online blogosphere blew up with the news of her death. Although newspaper inches were filled, and hours of airtime were dominated by the case of Savita, her story was being engulfed in political rows and abortion conflict. Many crucial details of her death, details which would help prevent similar cases in the future, were being overlooked as her death was politicized and swallowed up by the abortion debate.

    Using the official enquiries into her death, A Silent Killer: Savita’s Story follows a day by day account into Savita’s time at University Hospital Galway and re-creates all of the important interactions that were recounted in different ways by various news outlets after the story broke. It examines the core issues surrounding Savita’s death and looks at how the media may have shaped and influenced public perception in the immediate aftermath of her death.

    Described as “informed”, “compassionate” and “fair” by leading Irish Journalists and described as a “must watch” on media TV listings , A Silent Killer; Savita’s Story is a must watch for those who are uninformed about the TRUTH of her unfortunate death. ProLife Pro-Life Ireland Donegal Pro-Life Life Institute Youth Defence The Iona Institute Precious Life Family & Life Waterford Pro-Life Wicklow Pro-Life Pro Life Action Now – Cork Pro Life Campaign Ireland Pro Life Action Now- Limerick QUB Pro-Life Society Maynooth University Prolife Soc Prolife Society, Maynooth Louth Prolife Network South Galway Pro-Life Group

    A Silent Killer: Savita’s Story
    Described as “informed”, “compassionate” and “fair” by Irish reviewers and journalists, and rated as a “must watch” on media…
    13Amanda Lewin and 12 others
    Mags Majella Murphy
    Mags Majella Murphy I hate the way this poor young woman’s name is constantly being used in the abortion debate. She died of neglect.
    Like · Reply · 1d
    Kristofer Shekleton
    Kristofer Shekleton Watch the documentary and then come back to me and tell me what she died from. It’s the Pro abortion side that constantly bring the poor woman’s unfortunate death up by giving misinformation to the public and we obviously have to get the truth out there and stop their lies from spreading.
    Like · Reply · 1d
    Mags Majella Murphy
    Mags Majella Murphy She died from sepsis
    Like · Reply · 1d
    Mags Majella Murphy
    Mags Majella Murphy They neglected her at the hospital
    Like · Reply · 1d
    Wendy Walker

    Write a reply…

    Sorcha Jag
    Sorcha Jag Her husband has even asked the pro abortionists to stop using her death to push abortion. But they just keep doing it anyway.
    Like · Reply · 1d
    Sorcha Jag
    Sorcha Jag…/keep-savitas-name-out-of…

    Keep Savita’s name out of abortion row – husband
    Like · Reply · 1d
    Wendy Walker

    Write a comment…


    wendy walker
    ;Sadly exhibition photo has not come out

    Can you imagine going into Waterstones to browse /buy a book perhaps a story book and your tot is with you when you are confronted with this ?. or you have had a miscarriage ?…..Its on until the 5/3/18

    I rang Gower St Waterstones half an hour ago so the young man I spoke to asked me why I wanted to speak to the Manager so he told me Zain was unavailable hes in a Meeting .when I Explained ……Gower St contact details 0207…636 1577…..


    So I rang another Branch in London that used to be The HQ…..020 7071….6300….in fact its re located to The Midlands

    A very very nice lady called Tuse spoke to me [from the Midlands }…and listened intently she obviously knew nothing about it and I gave her what I could and she looked it up as well .. she told me she could understand my concern and would make inquiries and get back to me by e -mail she created a case complaint with a number I have a suspicion she is pro life …could be wrong …..HOWEVER …please contact them /her and the main argument is

    Not everyone is pro abortion

    Is this suitable in a Book Shop ?

    What if small children are present ?

    You go to buy a book not Abortion

    Could you imagine the uproar if it was a pro life event ?

    Would W/Stones put on a pro life event ?

    This is not the first time W /S has allowed a pro abortionist to hold an event there same venue it was Furedi launching her Book last year ..W/S needs to be boycotted by pro life people

    Please share widely to alert people

    Thank you


    Yes its best to bypass Zain and go straight to the Top ?….

    • Years ago there was a priest in Scotland called Father Morrow of Humanae Vitae House in Braemar. He fought the good fight and got no support from the hierarchy. In fact he was an embarrassment to them.There has never been another priest with anything like the same fire in his belly since. I honestly now believe that the RC church has just given up with this subject and only pay lip service.

      There was a man for all seasons.

      Will we ever see the likes again?

      Betcha Cardinal Nichols wont’s show his face in London on 5th May.

      • Dear Canon very Holy Priest Fr James Morrow RIP
        What a far seeing and Saintly man he was ..this sage foresaw a lot of what is happening today and tried desperately to stop it even when his poor body and brain were ravaged by strokes ..How very grateful I am to have known this amazing gentleman I am sure along with another giant of the pro life cause FR Paul Marx OSB..who founded Human LIfe \International ..they watch with great sadness at what is going on very sad ..Thanks St Miguel for remembering him

        • I knew him personally and his likes will not be seen again. The hierarchy in Scotland marginalised him in my opinion.

  113. There is no better producer of pro-life videos than Mr. Keith Neely. His excellent (~15 minute)
    video explains abortion risks:

    • And Wendy, we are surrounded by useless, useless, effete clergy and prelates who will do NOTHING with regards to Abortion…no sermons for decades on this subject in my own personal experience of 60 + years of listening to banal waffle from pulpits and lecterns on all sorts of subjects except this. Non Catholics and adulterers to Communion….Ecumania tripe….global warming and all the other stuff. Soho Masses, Quest,… but sweet damn all in real terms about the biggest sin in the history of the human race, as each generation starts to accept this as a RIGHT….even Jacob the Tory could not get off the fence with this one….the law is the law is law claptrap….and if this is not a subject for Rightful Anger then I do not know what is !!


    As with the General Discussion thread, when we launched this pro-life thread I had intended to create a fresh thread when this one reached 500 comments, but, as per usual, I get caught up and it slips my mind. Will let it go until almost 600 now and then refresh.

  115. I hope this is of interest to bloggers, especially our Irish ones. I’ve removed names and email addresses so I hope it still makes sense!

    I am not on Facebook but I studied the site below. It is very good.

    There are two issues:
    1. According to a survey (Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons) almost 75% of women indicate that they did not choose an Abortion but they appear to have been coerced! See Alexandra DeSanctis :

    Instead of “Freedom to Choose” is it not “Freedom to Coerce” or to, at least, suffer pressure, generally from some man?

    2. The coincidence (GKC – Spiritual Pun) of the number 8. God made the world in Six days, on the Seventh He rested. On the Eighth is Resurrection and Eternal Life. This is the reason why a Baptismal Font is octagonal.

    Also, 8 on its side is the symbol for INFINITY. This goes back to Medieval Theology as pointed out by the late Fr. Stanley Jaki. (Fr. Jaki’s joke was that, all the same, on the Eighth day, there were problems!)

    This is the makings of a poster, at least.

    There is a new book out alluding to Fr. Jaki with an introduction by Fr. Paul Haffner:

    The Struggle is the Virtue.

    Hi guys,

    Silvana is married to my nephew and lives in Sligo.

    This is a good example of young people in Ireland using FACEBOOK to get behind the campaign to save the
    “The Eighth Amendment”.

    The next big opportunity to send a clear message to our highly paid politicians (TDs average annual cost to taxpayers
    €300,000+ per annum) is on Saturday week March 10th for the PRO-LIFE MARCH in Dublin city.

    Try to be there to educate politicians on this vital issue.

  116. Wendy,

    Disgraceful. Canon Law #915 states unambiguously that such public support for abortion results in not being able to present for Holy Communion, yet the priests don’t enforce that. Disgraceful.

  117. Those two articles finish it for me folks…Shriver famous for being married in to the Kennedy clan and wife of Arnie whatever his name (can’t spell it, don’t care) who is Hollywood Rambo character…Malta Times running oxymorons. Catholic church does NOTHING…zippo to these people. Novus Ordo church is now fully protestantised’….I have ATHEIST friends who revile the idea of abortion. Modern catholics are tacitly accepting abortion and churchmen will do absolutely nothing, say nothing etc…..which makes me wonder WHY they keep their mouths shut….looks to me that ‘leverage” is and has always been applied.BUT don’t cough up the readies in Germany and your feet won’t touch the deck.

  118. When I was at primary school, we got taught comprehension in English..we dissected and discussed sentences and EXACTLY what was being conveyed to the reader. The expression ‘interruption’ in pregnancy is an example. Interruption means a hiatus, a pause. The Cambridge dictionary defines this :- an occasion when someone or something stops something from happening FOR A SHORT PERIOD’…..I am sick of sloppy journalism, sophistry and all the trade tricks. The BBC for example allows so called educated people to use terms like ‘ I was sat opposite, I was sat in my chair……it was A hotel, instead of AN Hotel and finally….BBC presenter gave the score the other day and described Greenock as Grenock as in Greenwich meantime.

    However my point is that we are being DE educated these days and it is deliberate and it is a new phenomena called Neural Linguistic Programming.

    Imagine a Medical Consultant, with the post nominals MB Chb FROCG using the expression ‘Interruption of pregnancy’ and NOT knowing that phrase is a downright LIE.

  119. In amongst that link is this one as well. Which I think is pertinent. Here is a fawning Cardinal Dolan who spouts a fog of words and does NOTHING to stand up for the unborn……unlike Billy Graham. As in Northern Ireland it is the NON-Catholics who stand in the way of abortion NOT the Catholics….the UK won’t call the DUP out either, as they technically can sink the Tories any time and play a hard game.Funny Old Game as they say.

  120. Bishop Conference attacks Texas Right to Life
    alexander bignell
    Yesterday, 22:06

    The world has gone insane!

    Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops Launches Political Attack Against Texas Right-to-Life


    By Charlie Johnston

    February 26, 2018

    (There are a lot of links in this article that cover some technical issues in detail. The article stands on its own, but to develop a sure feel for the serious issues involved here, the links will help enormously.-CJ)

    I was shocked Friday to hear that the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (TCCB) had issued an advisory to all the parishes in the state banning Texas Right to Life (TRTL) from using parish sites for programs and urging Catholics NOT to participate in any TRTL activities or programs. It stunned me because I have spent a lifetime working with right-to-life groups – and TRTL is the best, most effective I have ever seen. In fact, if it were two groups, each half as good as it is, it would be the two best right-to-life groups I ever saw. I figured there must be some serious issue for the TCCB to issue such an edict against the best such group in the country.

    When I read the Bishops’ statement, I was even more stunned. They listed three reasons, every one of them political rather than related to faith and morals. They did cite some matters of faith and morals to try to bolster the credibility of the political decision they had made, but they deftly misled readers about Catholic teaching. In each case their anger seems to stem from the reality that TRTL lives greater fidelity to actual Catholic teaching than the Bishops do. Let us take a look at each of the three reasons TCCB cited, along with a little history and context.

    1) The Bishops attack TRTL for being too pro-life on matters of abortion. TRTL has often criticized the TCCB for failing to support effective measures to protect unborn children, measures that TRTL HAS gotten mass support for and sometimes passed, despite the lack of support from Texas Bishops. In support of this attack, TCCB quotes St. John Paul’s Encyclical, Evangelium Vitae, which explicitly allowed pro-life Catholics to take an incremental approach when it was the only one that could improve existing law. I was working in the vineyards of the pro-life movement and statewide politics in Illinois when this came out. It was welcome, for we often had to make common cause with officials and candidates who had exceptions to abortion bans in order to get any progress at all. The Pope recognized and “baptized” our sincere efforts to re-build a culture of life with imperfect tools. What Pope John Paul the Great most emphatically did NOT do in this Encyclical was endorse “incrementalism” as a means of watering down pro-life legislation that had substantial support and could pass. That remained forbidden, within the context of sincere prudential judgment. The TCCB seems to treat “incrementalism” as a mandate. I think they are sincere on this – as their reflex position has been to support watered down life legislation. But it is a perversion of what St. John Paul wrote. In this case, then, the TCCB is condemning TRTL for failing to treat a perverse mutilation of St. John Paul’s Encyclical as Holy Writ. Even if TCCB’s interpretation of Evangelium Vitae was legitimate (and it is not), the disagreement with TRTL would be a political one, not a matter of faith and morals. It would be a matter of faith and morals only if TRTL was attacking the Catholic Church’s Magisterial position on life, itself. The Texas Bishops are apparently embarrassed that TRTL does a better, more effective, more consistent job of advancing the Church’s position on life than they do. Fine. Get more effective or keep quiet: do NOT launch a transparent political attack on the people who are doing the job you won’t do.

    2) The Texas Bishops attack TRTL for upholding Catholic teaching on end-of-life issues in hospitals. Texas has a bizarre law which allows a hospital to decide, unilaterally to remove ordinary care from a patient to let them die. They can do this even over the objections of the patient and his family. This is not confined to extraordinary forms of care, such as chemotherapy, but to basic nutrition and hydration. You read that right: Texas hospitals can decide to starve a patient to death. Even more astonishingly, the TCCB has been a consistent supporter of that law, in direct contradiction of Catholic teaching. You will notice that they studiously did NOT cite St. John Paul in this particular, because St. John Paul was adamant that ordinary nutrition and hydration may NOT be withheld from a patient. The only appeal a patient has, once a doctor has made this determination, is to the hospital’s ‘ethics panel.’ In order to get the appeal heard, a doctor must sign off with the patient on the appeal. Once upon a time, people behaved ethically and there was no need for ethics panels. Now, we have ethics panels to give a secular imprimatur to the unethical things we do corporately. It certainly stung the Texas Bishops to hear these panels frequently referred to as “death panels.” But what else would you call a panel that has unappealable life and death power over its patients regardless of the patients’ wishes? And if the TCCB wants to quit being charged with supporting such death panels in contradiction to Catholic teaching, they could have adopted the more rational option of ceasing to support them rather than condemning the premier organization in Texas that upholds actual Catholic teaching. I was involved with such a case when I took up the cause of young Joseph Cronin, who went into a coma following an asthma attack. He was prematurely diagnosed as brain-dead and scheduled to be starved to death. Fortunately, several groups took to work very vigorously to save the boy. Foremost among them was Texas Right-to-Life. The only Bishop in Texas who worked to prevent this tragedy was retired Corpus Christi Bishop Emeritus Rene Gracida. Bishop Gracida was key to caring for the boy and his family and supporting his right-to-life. Readers at my old website flooded the hospital with calls, buying time for the boy to get a better diagnosis and win transfer to a new hospital not determined to kill him. The TCCB maintained what I presume they think was a prudent silence. The boy was rescued and transferred to safety in New Jersey. Tragically, he died a few months later, not because of the coma, but because a nurse bungled a routine feeding tube change which she was not supposed to do without someone else present. He drowned in his own blood. More recently, a Texas hospital decided it was tired of messing with a man named Chris Dunn and that it was time to starve him to death. They had an ethics panel and all sign off on it. Once again, it was Bishop Gracida and Texas Right-to-Life who rallied to the man’s aid. Once again, the Texas Bishops Conference was not interested in objecting to this execution of the policy they support. Sadly, in this case, the hospital prevailed and the man was euthanized. The Texas Bishops own language betrays them in this charge they make against TRTL. They condemn TRTL for advocating for the routine life support of nutrition and hydration while citing the “long-standing Church teaching requiring a balance of patient autonomy and the physician conscience protection.” This is just mealy-mouthed double-speak. The Church does NOT teach that basic hydration and nutrition can be withheld from a patient against his will and that hospitals have arbitrary sovereign control over life and death. In this case, the TCCB is clearly condemning TRTL for upholding Catholic teaching that this conference opposes. It is a rank betrayal.

    3) The TCCB objects to TRTL basing its voter-guides on the actual voting history of candidates rather than a “fair analysis” (read arbitrary assessment) of the legislator. This is downright incoherent. Almost every interest group – and certainly every credible interest group – bases their voter guides on actual voting records, answers to questionnaires, and a candidate’s past history. Otherwise, the interest group could just endorse their cronies, regardless of those cronies actual positions – and the interest group would quickly lose credibility. Even if the Texas Bishops had a reasonable objection (which they don’t), this would be political, rather than spiritual, grounds. It is unseemly and deeply offensive that Bishops who blanch at the idea of refusing communion to radically pro-abortion politicians will, in thundering tones, denounce the most effective right-to-life organization in the country insisting that the candidates they endorse actually act to protect life.

    So what brought all this on? Well, it is a week and a half before the Texas primary elections. For years, the primary obstacle to effective pro-life legislation in Texas has been establishment Republican Joe Strauss, who was Speaker of the Texas House. Strauss and his allies killed most pro-life legislation before it could ever reach the floor. Understanding the problem, TRTL took the lead in identifying Republican legislators who talked pro-life, but worked to prevent pro-life legislation from being passed. That effort was so successful that Strauss chose to leave the House, rather than risk losing re-election. After a very successful session, TRTL took the lead again in working to ensure that the Republican contingent for the general election would be people who walk the pro-life walk rather than just talk – and so targeted a bunch of Strauss’ old allies in strangling pro-life legislation in the crib, before it ever hit the floor. Recent polling data had suggested that the Republican roster of candidates for the Texas statehouse would be the most reliably pro-life in recent history – and that many of the Strauss allies were headed for involuntary retirement. Ah, but the TCCB has a long history of alliance with the Strauss wing of the party. If Strauss’ influence is shot, then the TCCB must re-build their political influence from the ground up – and with people they have taken pains to alienate. So they brought their big gun to bear: ostracization a week and a half before the election, once again seeking to give political cover to their allies who are mealy-mouthed, at best, in defense of life.

    I do not suggest that the TCCB is not pro-life (although, in the case of the end-of-life directives, it is near impossible to study the evidence and conclude that they are), but that their principles have become forfeit in a web of establishment alliances. Call it Crony Catholicism. Now, in a great test over which they value most, their principles or their alliances, they have made a frantic last-ditch effort to protect their alliances.

    They have made a terrible long-term mistake in launching this entirely political attack on TRTL. Having taken a purely political approach, they open themselves up to a political scrutiny that religious organizations are not usually subject to. State governments have a lot of contracts and plums to offer. I once had a Lieutenant Governor try to recruit me to head a state agency in which I had no knowledge or experience. The selling points were that it only met four times a year and the pay was $200,000 a year. Mighty attractive, but it was clear that it was my conservative street cred the Lt. Gov. was after, not my expertise on the subject. Whatever my flaws, my principles are not for sale, so I declined…repeatedly. After this nasty broadside, the TCCB should not be surprised to find itself being subjected to a forensic examination of all its state contracts – and all such plums held by it and its Diocese’s staff members.

    Ah well, the Texas Republican Party was in need of reform. The TCCB is in need of the same – and this political attack increases the odds dramatically that it will get some reform. So everybody will come out a winner. It would be a great blessing to have an unabashedly strong pro-life Texas Republican Party and an unambiguously strong, pro-life TCCB.

    • Wendy they are a shower…also remember the current Pontiff and the Belgian nun caper (quoting Paul VI) and then USING THAT SO CALLED WORKED EXAMPLE TO UNDERPIN the Zika virus hoax, advocating the use of abortifacient enabling drugs (gotta get to the Olympics)….amazing how quickly that caper has been forgotten about by the Catholic media.

      As I have said a few times…I have atheist friends who have more humanity in their big toe than any of these puffed up over dressed, banquet attending effete excuses of ‘Princes of the Church’

    • What a despicable attention seeker Mary McAleese is.

      She obviously does not hold the Catholic faith and clearly hates the Church so why not have a bit of integrity, Mary, and leave?

      Or would the loss of your favoured hobby horse – attacking the faith you claim to adhere to – also mean a loss of your celebrity?

  121. I see the Irish supreme court has ruled that unborn children would have no rights at all, if Ireland votes to repeal to 8th amendment.

    Hopefully this fact might wake some people up and boost the pro-life cause.

    That said, (as with everywhere) there seems to be many Irish people today who would happily jump off a cliff, if the Church had said not to.

    • Sick sick and sicker….these prelates are all TOO SCARED to say anything and I wonder why that could be??

      I am convinced that all these events are indicative of tacit consent to this heinous crime.

      I will NEVER forget the ‘stop obsessing about abortion’, ‘who am I to judge’ quips from the current ‘pontiff’, couple with the ‘breeding like rabbits’ off the cuff on the Aircraft Magisterium rostrum.

    • Wendy Walker,

      That’s absolutely unthinkable that so many women are having multiple abortions so young. It’s bound to be bad for their health, apart from the immorality of ending the life of the baby.

    • When, oh when, oh when, will this Pope produce a once and for ENCYCLICAL EX CATHEDRA which says NO ABORTION is ever allowable, anyone involved is damned for all eternity. ALL pro abort politicians EXCOMMUNICATED..end of?

      In the same vein as CLIMATE CHANGE which is being rammed down our throats.Funny how that is the media friendly topic these days.

      The answer is simple, the irrefutable evidence I see before me is that the RC Church cares not a jot any more…NO bishops, cardinals (I used small case as they rightly deserve, as a supine bunch of cowards) will do a SINGLE thing these days.

      • No Pope will ever say that anyone involved in abortion is damned for all eternity because it simply isn’t true. We believe in God’s loving mercy and the possibility of repentance and forgiveness right up till a person draws his or her last breath.

      • St Miguel,

        That’s OTT – we can never say that anyone is in Hell, damned, because there is always a chance of repentance, even on someone’s death-bed.

        You’re also making the mistake of conflating “The Church” with “members”, whether bishops or priests. As I’ve seen pointed out here loads of times, The Church and Christ are one and the same thing. It’s people who are causing the crisis in the Church, not Jesus.

    • Yep, Pat. Here we go again and so it goes on an on. We have to now apologise for the privilege of actually being born. The Pope and the ‘breeding like rabbits’ quip and so it goes on. Wonder if Attenborough thinks he is a blight on mankind.

      Meanwhile back at the ranch in France, pensioners going to town after being referred to as ‘Gilden pensioners living off the young’!

  122. There is more to this malarkey and it is now a full blown attack on the elderly. Macron: France’s latest swipe on ‘Gilded Pensioners’, cleverly massaged polls now suggest that it was the over 55’s who were responsible for Brexit, ditto spoiled the Scottish Yes Vote…bus passes, winter fuel etc. The phrase used to be Senior Citizens, one of the first PC attempts to remove degrading language…now it back to OLD AGE PENSIONERS….pensioners with the dreaded ‘Triple Lock’…hammering the social services and hospitals…living longer than the median age of 68,(never mind parts of Glasgow having a lower male life expectancy than central Baghdad.State), Pensions now cleverly being called ‘benefits’ and in Neuro Linguistic Programming lingo, using word association, benefits = scroungers.

    The idea that if you are unproductive, paying little or no tax/NI and God Forbid you are dipping in to negative equity wrt the ‘Government’ by drawing back some of your contributions to society then somehow in coded language you are a blight on the rest of the younger hard working members of that same society.

    So by degrees we are now marginalising a group in society, so much for equality and diversity eh?

    Basically it comes round to ‘blame the victim’.

    • Yep, untermensch was the phrase. Euthanasia is coming, firstly as a right, then morphs to ‘a duty to society’, lest we be a burden and finally, it will be decided on a ‘cost/benefit’ analysis by a so called ‘senior social worker’, using a prescribed algorithm….and it’s ‘goodnight Vienna’……I am not joking either.

      NO diversity or equality there or tolerance of the weak and vulnerable.

  123. Latest briefing from HLI’s Fr Shenan Boquet, re Irish abortion Referendum:-

    As we know, the Irish Prime Minister makes no secret about his ‘sexual preferences’. I am reminded here of a publication by Dr Scott Lively, of Abiding Truth Ministries, titled ‘Why And How To Defeat The “Gay” Movement’. I quote from it…. ‘Dr. Judith Reisman argues that all pornography is essentially homosexual because it is in fact created by men for the sexual gratification of other men. On a more practical level, the existence of a thriving pornography industry serves the “gay” cause by morally corrupting the men who use it, making them less likely to oppose homosexuality on moral grounds and more likely to support public policies which legitimize sexual hedonism.

    Exposure to pornography, especially at a young age, can also be a gateway into the “gay” lifestyle itself.

    In the same manner, the cause of sexual license is advanced by a successful abortion industry. The choice to kill their unborn children morally compromises both men and women (making them unwilling to criticize the choice to engage in other forms of immoral behavior), and ensures that the outcome of an unwanted child will not be a lasting deterrent to those who have chosen sexual “freedom” over family.

    This explains why homosexuals, who by definition cannot bear children together, are among the most militant advocates of abortion on demand’.

    Join the dots, anyone?

    • Pat,

      I’d say, without sounding uppity, one hopes, that here at Catholic Truth we joined the dots a long time ago! The “dots” to which you refer and other “dots”…

  124. Sorry if I have missed it, but I can’t see any mention of Forty Days for Life which is now in its last week. This prayer vigil has been taking place since Ash Wednesday every day from 8am to 8pm opposite the Hardgate Rd entrance to QEUH Glasgow, and elsewhere in the UK and across the world. The Glasgow vigil ends with an hours of silence in candlelight on Saturday 24th March from 7pm. Please come for as long or short a time as you can this week or for that last hour. (Try to arrive a little earlier please to give time to have candles lit and everyone in place by seven.) The closing rally will be in George Square on Sunday (25th) at 3pm. All welcome.

    • Eileenanne,

      Thank you for that reminder about the 40 Days for Life. Some of us do support the event, when possible, although I am not impressed with the choice of hospital. We stand a fair bit away from the hospital, road with few pedestrians and noisy traffic passing – a strange choice, in my opinion, for what it’s worth. Anyway, as I say, thank you for that reminder.

      Perhaps you would notify your pro-life friends at 40 Days for Life of our forthcoming Public Angelus and Rosary, to be held outside the Irish Consulate in Edinburgh on Saturday, 12 May, at noon, in reparation for the calling of an abortion referendum in Ireland, and to pray for great graces for the Irish voters as they prepare to go to the polls, probably at the end of May. Details:

      The Consulate General of Ireland
      16 Randolph Crescent
      EH3 7TT.

      Any bus (except the 29) going along Princes Street will go near. A detailed list of buses / directions is available on request for anyone who wishes to email me at

      There is a notice in the April newsletter to this effect, which is at the printers right now, and when it goes out in the post and online, I’ll be posting the notice here as a thread for discussion and a reminder to us all to make the trip to Edinburgh on that day, which is the eve of the first Fatima apparition, if we possibly can. Happily, we already have a couple of families, parents and children, signed up to attend along with the Catholic Truth team and assorted readers, but the more the merrier.

      Your help in spreading the word would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Wendy,

      Thank you for that – I’ve posted a comment, as follows: it’s first up so I hope others will follow – there is no moderation, so your comment goes online right away…

      “I am always puzzled at the complaints about pro-lifers praying outside abortion facilities. If there’s nothing wrong with abortion (and it has been legalised in the UK) I can’t see why it bothers those in favour of it. If that were my own view (which it’s not – I believe abortion is murder) then I would write off these vigil groups as a few eccentrics and go on my merry way rejoicing that I’m more enlightened that those poor folks.

      The fact that there are so many people who get angry and want to ban the vigils, makes me wonder if those who approve of abortions actually have something of a conscience problem, despite their “pro-choice” mantra.

      Just sayin….”

  125. Since this pro-life thread has gone well over the 500 mark (at which point we try to close threads) and is just short of 600, I’ll close it now. The second pro-life thread is now open, so click here to comment.

    Thank you to all who commented here – with a special word of gratitude to Wendy who works very hard to keep us all informed on pro-life news.