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  1. Madame Editor

    There have been suggestions that the SSPX is about to sign a Personal Prelature agreement with Rome, and that the Society has purchased the church and associated buildings of Santa Maria Immacolata all’Esquilino in Rome in readiness, with the assistance of funds from Cardinal Pozzi and the Vatican.

    The Society has denied the veracity of these rumours and the report can be read here:


    • Leprechaun,

      Vianney posted that news on the SSPX thread this morning. It’s amazing how it could have done the rounds when there’s no truth in it. I’d best put this on the SSPX thread, though, to keep to the rules.

      • Josephine,

        Sorry about misplacing my post – I did not look far enough when checking whether there was already a relevant thread. Not keeping up attentively. Mea culpa.

  2. A request please of Prayers for dear Lorna Martin of Luton a wonderful Pro Life lady who died yesterday around 10 pm may she R I P she had a highly aggressive brain tumour and died 3 months to the day of her diagnosis .Lorna absolutely loved Walsingham
    Thank you

    • Wendy, that IS disgraceful – shockingly so. Were they to dress up in drag as Khadija, wife of Muhammed, all hell would break loose. They’re a bunch of cowards, always choosing the soft target – their Saviour and His holy Mother.

    • Exactly what I have said so many times Stephen and been shot down on this blog, along the lines that it would be UNHELPFUL and possibly PREJUDICIAL to the ongoing talks regarding the Regularisation of the SSPX.!!!…Further, why has no SSPX clergy thrown their weight as regards supporting the 4 Cardinals. Is it THAT important to get a personal imprimatur from the man who now has trivialised abortion, has Paul Ehrlich (population control guru, who advocates FORCED abortion) spouting from a podium at the Vatican. We have a Pope who mocks traditionalists and endorses the use of abortifacients drugs on women, who is in lock step with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we get pulled up for not calling him by his proper title. It does not add up..

      • St Miguel,

        If you have nothing but criticism of “this blog” – go somewhere else.

        The “not calling” Pope Francis by the title of HIS OFFICE is strongly discouraged here due to the growing number of armchair theologians, “experts” who have appointed themselves authorised to decide that the Pope is the anti-Christ and that – in fact – he’s not pope at all. Idiots.

        So, we want to make clear that we are not that stupid. We intend – as God will – to hold Pope Francis accountable for his grave dereliction of duty, not let him off the hook by saying he’s not the pope after all.

        Gimme strength!

      • St. Miguel

        Using the proper title for any clergyman, especially the Sovereign Pontiff, is a duty of respect for the sacred office instituted by Our Lord. We are not excused from that duty because the incumbent of a particular sacred office doesn’t meet with our approval. That just makes us as bad as the person we disdain.

        Besides that, more people will take you seriously if you maintain respect for the Pope while challenging his errors. Such an approach will demonstrate that you are a concerned Catholic of good will. The “Bergoglio” approach will only succeed in having you written off as an angry extremist, and rightly so.

        Concerning your remarks about the SSPX and a personal prelature. You may think yourself superior in learning and insight to Bishop Fellay, we on this blog do not. We are perfectly comfortable with His Excellency’s ability to deal prudently and wisely with the Roman suthorities.

        I’m sorry if this upsets you but it’s the position we take here and we are pretty insistent that all bloggers adhere to the rule of respecting the offices of the Church. However, if you can provide one example of Archbishop Lefebvre or any other respected prelate ever referring to the Successor of St. Peter by just his surname then we may have to re-think the rule. Good luck with that one!

    • Steven,

      “Joining the SSPX” is not the be all and end all – in fact, it could well be counterproductive. We need good bishops/cardinals in the field – and we must not make the heretical mistake of thinking that “outside the SSPX there is no salvation.”

      • Bishop Fulton Sheen said it best, there will be three surprises in Heaven. People will be there you didn’t expect to see. People you expected to see will be absent. And he biggest surprise of all is, that you will be there! I will see you in Heaven.

    • Steven Calovich

      Our Lady of Fatima described the chastisement of the Third Secret as “a diabolical disorientation from the top down”. Maybe there’s a clue in those words.

      Besides that, the SSPX-friendly prelates in the Church can do more to facilitate a return to Tradition from where they are. It they all left to join the SSPX then the radicals in the Church would be left unchecked in their positions of power to cause further mayhem.

      Our Lord knows what’s best for the long-term health of His Church. We need to show a little more trust in His divine providence and a little less in our own ideas about how we think the crisis is best resolved.

      You don’t think Our Lord would have put it firmly into the hearts and minds of His more faithful prelates if He wanted such battle lines to be drawn?

      No, our ways are not God’s ways. We demand instant justice while He asks for patience and long suffering. The best resolution to this crisis, as things appear to be developing, is for the SSPX to be granted a bullet-proof personal prelature that will give it much more influence in the Church and greatly strengthen the growing desire on the part of many wearied and wiser clergy to see the Church return to her ancient liturgy and traditions.

      It was always the intention of Archbishop Lefebvre to help Rome, not become a separate entity apart from Rome. It has been forced by circumastances to stand alone temporarily but there’s a real danger, especially under Pope Francis, that some may fall into the trap of wanting to turn that temporary situation into a permanent isolationist camp. That’s not what the SSPX is about, never was!

      • Athanasius,

        Thank you for that crystal clear post.


        I should have pointed out, when I responded to Steven, that we have a current SSPX thread, and that is where all comments about the Society should go. I keep telling everyone that these GD threads fill up quickly, so again, would anyone wishing to make an initial comment on a subject, please take a few minutes to check the sidebar and/or scroll down a bit to see if there is already a topic thread.Click here to reach the current SSPX thread. Some people come straight to the GD threads, and the fact is, it’s a big mistake to do so because these threads fill up quickly and go into archive, so anyone researching a topic will not look there first – but last, if at all.

        There’s really nothing to say now in response to Athanasius – he has nailed the whole situation perfectly, so if anyone does wish to make any comments on the Society, please do so on the relevant thread, here. Bloggers will, as Athanasius and I did, respond to comments posted here without always realising they should be on the topic thread. I’m really not going to keep on about this, as the losers are, in fact, those who by-pass topic threads to post on a GD thread when, as I’ve just said, that is not the first port of call for someone looking for commentary on the topics.

        • Editor

          A very good point that you have now made several times. It is absolutely essential that we all post comments on the correct thread, if only for the benefit of people who follow long-term discussions.

    • Dear Margaret Mary
      Iam shocked and still reeling from reading this article from a Catholic paper we should complain in droves ..when I first saw it I thought I had misread it but yes it was correct ……you expect this sort of dreadful reporting from the secular press but this !!!!!!!!!??????…….disgusting

      • We have a Pope that actually condones abortion folks, albeit by use of abortifacients, so what do we expect. This is the benchmark. This Pope does NOT fulfill his job description commensurate with his title as Vicar of Christ…catholics all over the world are in a pre Humanae Vitae state of mind expecting Rome to eventually capitulate on this issue, as we have already seen with Amoris Laetitia. If I am to be expected to recognise this man by virtue of the office he holds, then he needs to simply accede to his job description.

        • St Miguel,

          Do you have a direct quote from the pope saying he condones abortion?I can only remember him saying we shouldn’t obsess about it (which was a shocking thing to say) but I can’t remember him actually condoning it. Can u provide some evidence, as I would want to know that for sure, and not just regurgitate it.

          • Just google it and type in Federico Lombardi as well, (another on the plane interviews) you could decimate a rainforest with the amount of copy out there on this (Remnant etc). I ran plenty of words on this blog a year go on this very subject.The Belgian Nuns is the case they keep quoting..special case etc. The important thing is that we KNOW NOW all about modern pills and HOW they work to prevent the implantation of an embryo, that is a miscarriage, which is deliberate. The German bishops have approved all this stuff in the past and no one calls them out, The Knights of Malta very scandal was over this. The Pope reinstated the sacked official involved…the “stop obsessing about abortion speech”…the “any priest can forgive as it is not as serious as it used to be” baloney. Paul Ehrlich centre stage at Pontifical Academy of Science in Rome and so forth. Again the master of ambiguity and double standards.

            • St. Miguel

              You wrote: “If I am to be expected to recognise this man by virtue of the office he holds, then he needs to simply accede to his job description.”

              What exaclty do you mean by “recognise this man”? The point was about respect for the sacred office of the Roman Pontiff regardless of the worthiness of the man who holds it.

              Perhaps the time has come for you to be a little less ambiguous in your own comments and tell us all precisely what your position on the Pope is.

              Do you, for example, recognise Francis as Pope? if you do recognise him as Pope, is it the case that you cannot bring yourself to accord him the respect his sacred office demands? Do you pray for the Pope, as per the plea of little Jacinta of Fatima that we must pray much for the Holy Father?

              I think you really need to make these matters clear to all of us. And perhaps while you’re at it you might answer my previous question of whether you think yourself more knowledgeable and insightful than Bishop Fellay in the matter of how best to deal with the Roman authorities.

              We here on this blog stand firmly behind Bishop Fellay in the matter of Rome/SSPX discussions. We also take the position always held by Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX in the matter of resisting the Pope’s errors while respecting his office and praying for him. It appears, though, that you have a different approach and I think you need to spell it out with absolute clarity.

              We’re all scandalised by some of things Pope Francis is saying and doing, but it looks increasingly like you are allowing anger to get a grip on you. Beware of that, it obscures objectivity and kills charity.

              • Is it a prerequisite on this blog to be behind Bishop Fellay on the regularisation front?? Since when? Is it somewhere on the blog rules that I may have missed Athanasius? Are you a Gauleiter for the SSPX? Is this the Spanish Inquisition?

                • St. Miguel

                  “Is it a prerequisite on this blog to be behind Bishop Fellay on the regularisation front??”

                  Not a prerequisite but the normal position of all objective Traditional Catholics. The only exceptions to that normal rule that I know of are the so-called “Resistance” schismatics and the sedevacantists. So it’s always a cause for alarm bells.

                  Anyway, I see that you are not prepared to make your position clear. That’s your prerogative, but I would advise against accusing Pope Francis of being deliberately ambiguous in future as it might smell a little like hypocrisy.

                  • How can it be the normal position of all objective Traditional Catholics?Also “ambiguity” is the modus operandus of this Pope and his entourage, ergo ‘Amoris Laetitia’ and the non answered Dubia. I posted below the position of the bishops of England and Wales on the Morning After Pill….which if anyone cares to check on the ‘net it’s purpose and efficiency will know that it will prevent the implantation (and ongoing nourishment) of an embryo which is already created life. Life begins at conception, or do some people disagree.? We rail against embryo research!….these bishops, are from what I see ,Latae Sententiae excommunicants, ditto the German bishops etc. for this one action alone. So are you now going to suggest/tell me that I should be using a Capital B for bishops?

                    • St. Miguel

                      We know the position of these Modernist bishops, which is scandalous and should be resisted. But I’m afraid you have still not made us any the wiser about your position concerning them and the Pope.

                      It seems you’re reluctant to make yourself transparent in that regard, which is strange.


                    Couple of worked examples as above..this kind of stuff puts AL in to the shade in comparison..and in the US..the expression used is ‘Evolved Thinking’..for this kind of thing to STILL be accepted and STILL getting accepted tells me that these bishops are unfit for office (albeit they generally become archbishops and eventually cardinals). If ANY of these men sanction this it can only be under two premises.

                    1) They care not a jot if it is a chemical abortion.
                    2) They are too lazy to check the facts which are freely available.

                    Either way they are unfit to hold the office they occupy.

                    I do NOT have a hangup up the office of a Prelate or a Pope but I expect them to be fit for the onerous office that they have taken on.

          • Laura,

            Abortion is horrific: for the child, often for the mother, and often for the father. Apart from being an extremely grave sin, it is also one of the greatest injustices in the world today.

            That said, it is possible to obsess about abortion. This happens when pro-life advocates forget that the defence of life means the defence of life from the conception to the grave. Abortion is horrific, but so is depriving a terminally ill patient of water.

            • Prognosticum,

              I’m just amazed at your post saying it is possible to “obsess” over abortion.

              Nothing in this world compares with the brutal murder of unborn babies, absolutely nothing.

              With respect, it’s a measure of how much people have become used to this butchery that even a pope would play it down.

              Imagine if anyone, including the Pope, were to say “stop obsessing about the Jewish Holocaust” There would be apologies handed out by the Vatican in no time, after all the mayhem that would follow.

              Yet, innocent unborn babies are to be left to their fate and we’re not to “obsess” about it.

              It’s a mistake to compare one horrific action with another. Yes, it is horrific to deprive a terminally ill patient of water, but that doesn’t make it right to accept the murder of unborn babies.

              I’m stunned that any Catholic would agree with the pope on this. In my circle, including this blog, you are the first one I’ve come across to do that.

              If you don’t mind, I’ll include a link to Abort 67 where they publish photos of aborted babies. If you can look at those and still say “don’t obsess” we’ll have to agree to disagree.

              The actual problem is that we don’t obsess enough and now we even have Catholic MPs arguing in favour of legalised abortion, against a bill to stop it being legal. It’s just incredible.

              • Better to leave the “optics” out of it since they do not change the objective reality that the taking of any innocent life is morally wrong and gravely sinful, be it a child in the womb, a child, an adult or an old age pensioner. An innocent life is an innocent life.

                • But that’s just it – old age pensioners are not “innocent life”. Only the baby in the womb is truly innocent and defenceless. The rest of us are guilty at one level or another.

                  Isn’t that why the death penalty is accepted by the Church, because those who are guilty of a capital crime, are NOT “innocent” so the ‘Church allows that but condemns the murder of innocent unborn life?

                  I may be wrong on this, because I’ve no degrees in moral theology but I would be surprised, and anyway I know I am not wrong in say that the pope should be ashamed of himself for belittling the importance of the crime of abortion by saying “don’t obsess” over it.

                  I know we try to keep a respect on this blog, and not name-call the pope but it’s not easy, especially when he’s pandering to the anti-life lobbies while telling Catholics not to obsess about the killing of unborn babies. I couldn’t believe it when he said that and I’m still stunned every time I think about it.

                  One last thing, I think we can take it for granted that the same people who “obsess” about abortion would also obsess about the mistreatment of the elderly etc. if that was widespread and had the approval of the Government.

                  Nothing, though, IMHO, comes close to the scandal of murdering babies in the womb. I think once you’ve see the baby moving in the womb on the computer scan, it makes a difference. You know it’s a human being and that if it’s killed in the womb, we will never know what that child would have been like, not to mention the scandal of allowing that suffering to be inflicted, with the sanction of the Government.

                  • I thought that it would be enlightening to throw this into the mix, taken from the Holy Father’s recent Apostolic Letter ‘Misericors et misera’:

                    “I wish to restate as firmly as I can that abortion is a grave sin, since it puts an end to an innocent life. In the same way, however, I can and must state that there is no sin that God’s mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repentant heart seeking to be reconciled with the Father. May every priest, therefore, be a guide, support and comfort to penitents on this journey of special reconciliation.”

                    • Prognisticum

                      The Pope just reminds us that God’s mercy is infinite and that there is no sin that cannot be forgiven, provided the penitent is sincere in sorrow. His teaching in this matter is perfectly in line with the Magisterial teaching of the Church of 2000 years.

                      The only cautionary note I would add is that Pope Francis at times sounds like he confuses trust in God’s mercy with presumption on God’s mercy. There has to be genuine sorrow on the part of the repentant sinner together with a firm purpose of amendment of life, otherwise the sinner adds to his sins the crime of sacrilege.

                      I have yet to hear Pope Francis make this crucial distinction. In fact, I read a commentary of his recently that sounded to me like he was encouraging people to break the Commandments of God in order to experience the mercy of God. I won’t say that’s what he meant but it’s how it sounded.

                • Prognosticum

                  I see what you’re saying and I understand why you’re saying it. There is a general disregard for human life across the board in our age and it does seem sometimes that other victims get pushed to the back by the pro-life campaign for the unborn child.

                  However, I would make the distinction that while the unjust taking of any human life is a terrible sin in the eyes of God, the illicit murder of the unborn child is particularly heinous, for this was the sin of Herod, the first person to State sponsor the killing of the innocents.

                  Older people who are killed unjustly with State approval, such as the terminally ill, while helpless victims of the same heartless State legislation, cannot be considered innocent in the way that the unborn child is.

                  I don’t mean this in any calous way but just to point out that aborted babies have not committed any actual sins against God the way we and all adults have. This is why we refer to them alone as innocents.

                  The trouble is that these poor little ones are also deprived of the baptism that washes away the Original Sin. They are denied life in this world and we don’t know for sure what becomes of their souls in the next. The only absolute certainty is that they do not suffer the pains of Hell. Can we say the same about all adults who are unlawfully killed by the State?

                  I’m sure you will understand what I am trying so awkwardly to say.

                    • Prognosticum

                      Absloutely not! Of course her life is as precious as any other, the more so if she has made a perfect confession. In fact, confession or not, I’m sure every person here would be up in arms if the State legislated the formal killing on demand of terminally ill or disabled adults. But that’s not the case right now in this country, although it does go on under the term “do not resuscitate”, often at the patient’s request.

                      Abortion is different since it is actually happening right now across the land with State authority. I’m sure you must see the imperative with regard to the present mass killing of unborn children.

                      You must also relaise that innocence has degrees, like all else. Our Lord was the innocent Lamb of God; there is no other innocent in His class. Likewise, the innocent child in the womb is more innocent than the old lady you reference by the fact of never having committed an actual sin in life. Hence the reason for the Fest of the Holy Innocents. There is no similar Feast for adult innocents in the Church’s Liturgical calendar.

                      It is not a trivialisation of adults killed unjustly by the State to devote one’s efforts to stopping the killing of babies in the womb. Rather, it is a correct reaction to an immediate and great evil against which the potential unlawful killing of adults at this time does not compare.

    • MM,

      That is truly shocking indeed. No wonder the so-called Catholic Herald chose to close their articles to comments. I think (hope) they’d have taken a roasting on that one.

    • That is a disgraceful article from the Catholic Herald. They have some nerve keeping describing their paper as “Catholic”.

      It’s interesting, but I don’t buy it but I’ve had a look at the back of the church and I’ve seen their page where they quote from blogs – never this one, though, LOL! They obviously don’t recognise “Catholic” when they see it, and no wonder, they’re not Catholic themselves.

    • Wendy

      Thank you for posting that video – I have a feeling that I’ve already signed the petition to end NHS funding of abortions, but could you provide a link just to make sure?

      Many thanks.

    • Good on that young man for his brave initiative. He’s a lovely and obviously very good young man.

    • St Miguel,

      I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve read your other posts and – forgive me, please, if I’ve misunderstood – but I get the feeling you want all the good bishops to just join the SSPX sort of like to start a new Church. I don’t think that’s what Archbishop Lefebvre wanted.

      • No, my point is that we cannot even get the rank and file so called Traditionalist leaning, pro SSPX prelates in Rome to SPEAK OUT against Abortion, as they are too gutless to call out the Pope. What chance will they stand to a man FOR the SSPX after a regularisation.This Pope has without a doubt trivialised Abortion, that on it’s own eclipses Amoris Laetitia. Have a look at the video from Michael Matt and see what is coming down the line in the next synod.

        • St Miguel,

          I’ve now checked each of the thread still live on the sidebar. You appear only once, with an off topic comment that I removed.

          I’m sorry to say that you are showing all the signs of being a troublemaking troll.

          You want to talk only about abortion, the SSPX regularisation (always making clear that you do not want to see it happen) and, of course, Pope Francis.

          Picking fights is not good blogging. Since you have not contributed to any other thread for some time (if ever – I don’t have time to check every thread since you appeared here, only those which are live on the sidebar right now) and since these GD threads fill up very quickly, and since you insist on posting comments here when there are topic threads available, despite my repeated requests not to do so, I am now gong to monitor your posts in moderation. It’s a pain for me and it means your comment hanging around there until I see it and believe me, I’m not losing any sleep over it. I’ll release them when I see them, but only if they accord with our House Rules.

          And to save you time with the threats – if you want to take your business elsewhere, feel free. You’ll be no loss here, since, quite frankly, your every comment brings an unpleasant tone to the conversation and believe me, I’m an expert in the tone and style department.

          So, either blog seriously and with a view to participating in a positive and helpful discussion, or sign up elsewhere. Please and thank you.

          Recommended action: a humble acknowledgement that you have not complied with our simple house rules, and a stated determination to do so from now on would go a long way to changing the tone of your comments with immediate effect.

          • Well, as even this reply will go in to moderation and may or may not appear subsequently on the blog and as you have previously edited and changed words on some of my posts in the past, I will bid you all a final farewell and concentrate on my Pro Life work…Toodle Pip and jolly hockey sticks all round.

            Editor: thank you St Miguel. Our House Rules were designed to be as simple as possible, just common sense really, so, since you have struggled with them and thus forced me to edit some of your comments, I think it is wise of you to concentrate on your important (hugely important) pro-life work. Thank you for your contributions to date – God bless.

  3. Did anyone else see this story from yesterday?

    A (2016) Parliamentary candidate for the scottish labour party, Scott Nicholson, who was recently a member of the party’s national executive, made some unfortunate comments regarding Catholics.

    Referring to a picture of SNP (westminster) MP Carol Monaghan wearing ashes on her forehead, he said:

    “The SNP’s actions aim to foster grievance with UK but I believe there are members who plan to promote sectarianism.”

    He later apologised (while no doubt satisfied he had made his point).

    Its quite unbelievable that this is the calibre of person we have in Scottish politics. I am not sure if its their general ignorance or their lack of tact which is the worst aspect.

    I note that, in recent years, all of the main political parties at Holyrood have had some kind of unfortunate anti-Catholic incident.

    Close associates of Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson have twice been caught expressing anti-Catholic sentiment, and previously SNP MSP Rosanna Cunningham suggested it was possible for Catholics to bless themselves in a manner which was “aggressive” / “provocative”. And now this from the Labour party.

    Had, for example, muslims or homosexuals been on the end of such repeated incidents we would never hear the end of it and their representatives would milk it for all it was worth. Clearly the Scottish Bishops response to this kind of thing is not robust enough, given it keeps happening.

    Amazingly, despite this, the Scottish Government claims LGBT-XYZ bullying is the main expression of prejudice existing in Scotland today.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      Well said – very well said.

      It’s patently obvious that there is anti-Catholic bias at work in the Scottish parliament and the comparison between the treatment of Catholics showing the slightest sign of their Faith and Muslims who scream it from the rooftops day in and say out, is stark. They can wear their distinctive dress without being accused of “promoting division” but not a Catholic making the sign of the cross (takes all of a couple of seconds) or showing up for work with ashes on their forehead once a year. Diversity? Equality? Where? When?

      It really is a case of being oppressed by the tiny LGBT etc minority – see that thread – while being openly abused for being Catholic. And the cowardly, faithless bishops stand by and do sweet nothing about it.

    • Gabriel Syme

      That very real hatred of Catholicism demonstrates the true nature of Scottish politics. Any semblance of fidelity to Our Lord terrifies these secularist politicians. What price their souls, eh?

      • Prognosticum

        I agree. I noticed this particularly with the news that the DUP (read Ulster Unionists) have had their 10 seat majority in Stormont reduced to just 1 after the recent elections. The media were ecstatic about this, emphasising that Sinn Fein’s increase in seats could mean that “gay marriage” will no longer be blocked in Northern Ireland. They also enthused that a Referendum for leaving the UK might now be a real possibility in Ireland. And all thanks to the so-called Catholics of Sinn Fein. I think the entire business was orchestrated.

        • I’m no expert on things Irish, but I remember, more or less at the time of John Paul II’s visit to Scotland, an old priest of Irish origin telling me that Sinn Fein had more to do with green Marxism than with Catholicism.

              • It’s not half amazing. More than once I’ve watched the BBC’s Thursday night Question Time programme and emailed the Protestant/Unionist politician on the panel to congratulate him on defending traditional moral teaching on homosexuality/”gay”marriage in the face of opposition from the Sinn Fein representative. It is incredible that their support constituency is the Catholic population of northern Ireland and yet they are about as Catholic as the local Imam.

                • And I cannot disagree with you.

                  If you think about what has happened over the years, you really couldn’t make it up.

                  The utter failure to put robust catechetical instruction in place after Vatican II … No, let me phrase that differently … The almost total destruction of catechetical formation after Vatican II has led to the apostasy of two generations.

                  But you reap what you sow, or in this case, what you decided not to sow.

                • At the practical level, the local Imam will certainly be better disposed to natural law.

                  Mainstrean Catholicism has become like mainstream Anglicanism: make it up as you go along, keeping one eye firmly on self, the other on the media. God does not come into it.

          • Prognosticum,

            What you say about marxism is certainly correct.

            In previous years I did some reading about the modern (1969 onwards) conflict in Ireland and learned that the Provisional IRA (and thus Sinn Fein etc) were very much marxist organisations, no question about it.

            Its quite ironic that they are widely perceived as Catholic movements. Irish republicanism may have been at one stage, but not for some time. Today, the connection with Catholicism is purely incidental, of no greater significance than the fact that the republicans drink water.

            I remember reading that, of those men caught up in republicanism for either political motives or simple expediency, the minority who were devoutly Catholic were deeply troubled / repelled by the growing marxist nature of the modern PIRA and its political representation.

            One man, Billy McKee, who attended mass daily, become disillusioned by what he saw were socialist ideals taking over the movement and so irish republicanism had become a communist vehicle clad in patriotic clothes.

            I’m open to correction, but think these ideas started to seep into the republican movement during the 20th century due to influence from trade unions, socialist-republicans and no doubt the adoptions of ideologies in exchange for arms from socialist Governments.

            In the south of Ireland, Sinn Fein is heavily involved with efforts to introduce abortion. Catholic thought or values are nowhere.

            The Catholic Church in Ireland reminds me of the Church of Scotland – that is, an utterly irrelevant organisation which people ignore until such a time as they are looking to hire a venue to mark some family event.

    • Wendy,

      Hang on to your seat, because things are going to get a lot worse.

      I am approaching my mid-fifties. For the first time this week I actually said to myself, ‘Thank God. You may escape some of the horrors which are coming.’

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    Sat 11:45 · Victoria Square, Birmingham · Birmingham

    Please share far and wide to like minded people make it the BIGGEST PRO LIFE EVENT yet

  5. Concerning the current CT straw poll (Do we hear enough about the need to love God and gain heaven in homilies/sermons?), the short and decidedly bitter answer is ‘No.’

    One of the major problems with the post-Vatican II liturgical reform is that priests have failed to master the lectionary. Not only, but very few priests have a systematic approach to preaching the faith, especially the Holy Father.

    • Prognosticum,

      It would have been helpful to read this comment on the Lenten Reflection thread where we are discussing the matter of homilies on the love of God etc.

      At the risk of repeating myself yet again, the GD thread is the LAST resort. First port of call – the topic threads.

    • Thank you.

      Made the correction. Didn’t do so earlier because I had intended to Google maghior (or whatever it was) to make sure that in my ignorance I hadn’t confused a real word with a typo!

  6. Concerning the May CT Conference, I was very struck by the quotation from Ferrara: “Pope John Paul II hinted that the [full disclosure of the] Third Secret would be embarrassing to Church authorities because it concerns a crisis of faith and discipline for which they themselves are responsible.”

    I do not have Ferrara’s book, but can anyone give me the source?


    Watch Swinney Named Person statement today at 2:20pm

    The Deputy First Minister John Swinney will make a statement in Parliament on the future of the Named Person scheme at about 2:20pm today.

    Follow our social media updates on the statement here: and

    Watch the statement live at:


    (From the No2NP Scheme)


    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to view this live, but, if, as I suspect, Swinney announces that this scheme is going forward, I would ask bloggers to hold off commenting, as I think that would require a dedicated thread. Please and thank you. If I’m wrong, feel free to offer three cheers all round!

    • Wendy, hankies indeed. I’ve copied the two videos on that article for the benefit of anyone who may not read the article – this is truly shocking, and heartbreaking stuff…

      The first video at the end of the report…

      and this, second one…

  8. I saw this picture in a tweet displayed on Rorate Caelis webpage. As we in Glasgow can testify, our Archbishops have become much less effective, forthright and imaginative in more recent times!

    • Gabriel Syme,

      Hilarious! We ought to inform the folks over at Rorate that such curses are more likely to be directed AT the current archbishop and his immediate predecessors, than by them!


    So sad Britain should hang its head in great shame …I sat on the bus yesterday opposite a most delightful little Boy with Downs lovely Archie hes 3 and never stops smiling hes delightful his Sister said when she takes him out it takes ages because everyone loves him and him them … tragic if abortion had taken Archie away all the real joy he gives

  10. URGENT!!!

    From the Remnant:

    Dear Friends of John Vennari:

    John is still with us, despite a great deal of suffering. That he is still here is in itself somewhat miraculous.

    It seems just recently that St. Philomena has put herself in front of us again to get our attention and focus our prayers to her.

    Please, then, join us in this novena to this great saint, beginning immediately, to end on March 20 (which is the date on which we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph this year).

    We are asking her to obtain a complete cure for Joseph John Vennari.

    Thank you, thank you.
    Susan Vennari

    Novena to St. Philomena

    O great St. Philomena, glorious Virgin and Martyr, wonder-worker of our age, I return most fervent thanks to God for the miraculous gifts bestowed on thee, and beseech thee to impart to me a share in the graces and blessings of which thou hast been the channel to so many souls.

    Through the heroic fortitude with which thou didst confront the fury of tyrants and brave the frowns of the mighty rather than swerve from thy allegiance to the King of Heaven, obtain for me purity of body and soul, purity of heart and desire, purity of thought and affection.

    Through thy patience under multiplied sufferings, obtain for me a submissive acceptance of all the afflictions it may please God to send me and as thou didst miraculously escape unhurt from the waters of the Tiber, into which thou wert cast by order of thy persecutor, so may I pass through the waters of tribulation without detriment to my soul. In addition to these favors, obtain for me, O faithful spouse of Jesus, the particular intention I earnestly recommend to thee at this moment.

    (Mention specific intention here)

    O pure Virgin and holy Martyr, deign to cast a look of pity from Heaven on thy devoted servant, comfort me in affliction, assist me in danger, above all come to my aid in the hour of death.

    Watch over the interests of the Church of God, pray for its exaltation and prosperity, the extension of the faith, for the Sovereign Pontiff, for the clergy, for the perseverance of the just, the conversion of sinners, and the relief of the souls in Purgatory, especially those dear to me.

    O great Saint, whose triumph we celebrate on earth, intercede for me, that I may one day behold the crown of glory bestowed on thee in Heaven, and eternally bless Him who so liberally rewards for all eternity the sufferings endured for His love during this short life. Amen.

    Imprimatur: Canon Emmanuel Anaquim, V.G. Lisbon, November 21, 1945

    • Therese

      Thank you for posting the Novena for John Vennari. I will print off the prayer and join in with that Novena.

  11. Regarding the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI, an Archbishop Negri – supposedly a friend of Joseph Ratzinger – has suggested that the Obama regime helped engineer regime change in the Vatican:

    ++Negri recently resigned as Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio, upon reaching the retirement age of 75. It was Benedict who assigned him to this post.

    Archbishop Negri did not lay all the blame for Benedict’s resignation on the Obama administration, but said he was “certain that the truth will emerge one day showing grave liability both inside and outside the Vatican.”

    Interestingly, the blogger Mundabor (an Italian) has now highlighted an Italian blog “Anonymous of the Cross”, which claims:

    “In a month, AnonymousoftheCross will be able to publish the content of the fateful letter Benedict received before deciding to resign”

    (If they really have info, I don’t know why they would not publish it immediately?)

    Here is the Italian language Blog article (featuring the same Archbishop Negri):

    (putting the link through google translate produces pidgin-english)

    And Mundabor’s own thoughts on it (he is wise enough to note that nothing may come of these claims to be preparing to publish information).

  12. I started the 13-day Consecration to the Immaculata today, thanks to Leprechaun, and during the meditation this (somewhat obscure) question came up: what is the difference between John the Baptist being cleansed of original sin in his mother’s womb by Our Lord, vs. us being cleansed of original sin in the sacrament of Baptism?

    Non-obscure responses welcome…

    • RCA Victor

      To me, the obvious difference is that we are cleansed of original sin by a sign, while John the Baptist was cleansed by the Author of grace, in person. I have a question for you which I hope is related. When I receive Our Lord’s blessing from the Monstrance at Benediction, should I respond by making a sign of the Cross?

      • Steven,

        Thanks for your answer, but I was looking for any difference in quality, efficacy or substance, if there is any…

        To your question, when the Monstrance is elevated at our Benedictions, and the sign of the Cross slowly made with it, we all do likewise.

        • RCA Victor,

          The only difference I can see is the obvious one, that St John did not have to be sacramentally baptised with water.

  13. RCA Victor

    It seems to me that the most practical answer is that Our Lord baptised John the Baptist in order that the Baptist could then go and baptise in His name. St. John could baptise everyone else but not himself, if you see what I mean.

  14. RCA Victor

    I forgot to add that the sanctifying of St. John in the womb kills the argument of the Feeneyites who argue that there is no such thing as baptism by blood or desire. This demonstrates that although baptism with water is the usual necessary means, God is not restricted in His grace and mercy.

    • Athanasius et al,

      I’ve been thinking some more about this question, and I’d like to express it more accurately: if I understand things correctly, the Sacrament of Baptism removes Original Sin from our souls, yet there remains a shadow of it (which disposes us to the weakness and rebellion of the flesh).

      So here’s my question: did the sanctifying of St. John the Baptist by Our Lord remove also this shadow?

      • RCA Victor

        The definite answer to your question is no. St. John the Baptist was left with the same fallen nature as the rest of us, although it’s fair to state also that he was given more graces than the rest of us.

        The only human creature ever to have been preserved from the stain of Original Sin and its consequences was Our Lady. St. John’s sanctification in the womb removed the Original Sin but not the weakness of the flesh left by it.

        • Athanasius

          That’s interesting, because it’s what I’ve always understood, but I was listening to a talk by a priest on Sensus Fidelium recently and he stated that St John the Baptist never committed any sin. I was somewhat surprised.

          • Therese

            I think the priest you speak of simply meant that St. John the Baptist did not commit any actual sins in his life. That’s a different propostiion from saying that he was preserved from the inclination to sin, which is common to all the fallen children of Adam. Our Lady alone was granted that singular privilege; she alone is the Immaculate Conception.

      • RCA Victor

        Let us not forget that although John the Baptist was born without original sin, he was not conceived without original sin which is to say that he was not entirely free of it. There is thus common ground between us, even though we were baptised under a sacrament whereas he was baptised by Our Lord before the sacrament as such was even available.

        I hope that qualifies as non-obscure.

        • Leprechaun and Athanasius,

          Thank you very much, that’s exactly what I was trying to figure out! Now on to the next obscure question….

        • I hope St John the Baptist isn’t too insulted by having common ground with the likes of me…we were both baptised, but he never sinned. No wonder he is described as the greatest saint.

          • Therese

            I think St. Joseph is actually considered to be the greatest saint after Our Lady, Queen of all saints. But I don’t suppose there’s any rivalry between Sts. Joseph and John.

            • Athanasius

              You’re quite right. I hope I haven’t caused any friction between St Joseph and St John the Baptist. Me and my big mouth…

              • Therese

                I don’t think the saints are particularly prone to climbing the ladder, so to speak, so you’re quite all right. It may have caused a smile or two in heaven, mind you!

                The Feast day of the great St. Joseph is on Monay, March 20 this year. I would urge all to have a special devotion to him, he never refuses our petitions.

  15. I received this hilarious notice from a friend the other night and thought it worth sharing as a bit of light relief:


    Dress Code:

    1) You are advised to come to work dressed according to your salary.

    2) If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we will assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a raise.

    3) If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do not need a raise.

    4) If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and therefore you do not need a raise.

    Sick Days:
    We will no longer accept a doctor’s statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work.

    Personal Days:
    Each employee will receive 104 personal days a year. They are called Saturdays & Sundays.

    Bereavement Leave:
    This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every effort should be made to have non-employees attend the funeral arrangements in your place. In rare cases where employee involvement is necessary, the funeral should be scheduled in the late afternoon. We will be glad to allow you to work through your lunch hour and subsequently leave one hour early.

    Bathroom Breaks:
    Entirely too much time is being spent in the toilet. There is now a strict three-minute time limit in the stalls. At the end of three minutes, an alarm will sound, the toilet paper roll will retract, the stall door will open, and a picture will be taken. After your second offense, your picture will be posted on the company bulletin board under the ‘Chronic Offenders’ category. Anyone caught smiling in the picture will be sectioned under the company’s mental health policy.

    Lunch Break:

    * Skinny people get 30 minutes for lunch, as they need to eat more, so that they can look healthy.

    * Normal size people get 15 minutes for lunch to get a balanced meal to maintain their average figure.

    * Chubby people get 5 minutes for lunch, because that’s all the time needed to drink a Slim-Fast.

    Thank you for your loyalty to our company. We are here to provide a positive employment experience. Therefore, all questions, comments, concerns, complaints, frustrations, irritations, aggravations, insinuations, allegations, accusations, contemplations, consternation and input should be directed elsewhere.

    • Athanasius,

      Thank you for that light relief – much needed!

      I would just dare that Company to open an office in Glasgow 😀

  16. I had a telephone call and text earlier from a gentleman (not a Catholic) in Glasgow who told me that the 56 MPs in the UK Parliament, yesterday abstained from voting on the bill to decriminalise abortion. Abortion is now decriminalised. How shocking. Here’s Jeff’s text:

    “… Patrick Grady MP for Glasgow North worked for SCIAF [Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund.] How can a priest give this guy Communion? Abortion is a most evil sin that we must stand against. There were 4 Church of Scotland MPs but they are weak. The 16 [,,,] Catholic SNP MPs should put their faith first.”

    My immediate reaction to that was “what faith?” They are about as Catholic as a broken light bulb.


    Since Wendy in particular, but sometimes other bloggers, fairly regularly post pro-life links on this General Discussion thread, and since the GD threads fill up pretty quickly, often with no real “discussion” to speak of (so to speak!) I wonder if I should create a Pro-Life thread as a fixture, in the same way that the GD thread is a fixture at the top of the page.

    Let me know your thoughts…

    • I have now put Jeff on the naughty step following receipt of a message from a reader who writes:

      “I think you will find that the reason the MPs abstained in the abortion vote is because the law does not apply to Scotland and therefore they don’t vote in matters that only apply to England.”

      I need to keep up – I didn’t think of that when posting my comment/Jeff’s text above. Presuming then that the SNP MPs didn’t have the option of voting – that they are not permitted – then I have to take a mouthful of humble pie and withdraw the above criticism.

    • Thanks Therese, although having read your exchanges with Athanasius over the state of John the Baptist’s soul, I don’t know what I was thinking of suggesting that there is no real “discussion” on this thread.

      What am I LIKE?!

  17. Editor

    You raise an interesting point. Perhaps a thread dedicated to What You are Like, eh?

    No need to comment – I’m getting my coat…

  18. I think the pro life blog is a brilliant idea problems there at all…….
    All the Blogs are really very useful and interesting thank you dear Patricia for making it all possible

  19. OK – will post it now. Perhaps you would re-post the link to the row at Aberdeen University, as that is very interesting indeed.

  20. Wendy,

    That’s great – I’ve now posted the Pro-Life thread, so all comments, news, links, prayers, videos etc on pro-life issues should be posted on the new thread – click here to reach it.

    • Prognosticum,

      Yes, someone did post that and there was some discussion – possibly on this thread, although I can’t find the comments at a quick scroll.

      I remember Athanasius remarking that it was one of those “he, said”… “they said” sort of situations, but what do YOU think about the claims? I’m not sure what to think.

      • I am no expert, though I am deeply interested in Fatima.

        I have always thought that there was something missing from the Secret as it was published in 2000. I remember thinking at the time that if that was all there was to it, it should never have been kept a secret at all. Also, I have always been uncomfortable with JPII’s application of the Secret to himself. He did not die in 1981, but was–thank God and the blessed Mother–only wounded; and no myriads of bishops and cardinals fell at his side. It has always seemed to me that the Secret looks to the future, of which the 1981 attempt on the Pope’s life was only a presage.

        The text itself, as it was published, has continued to puzzle me. The part about the dogma of the faith always being kept in Portugal would seem to require an explanation.

        Father Dollinger would appear to be in good faith; at any rate, he does not appear to have a history of indulging in fantastic lies.

        Bottom line: if an unpublished part of the Secret were to contain a warning about a “bad council” and a “bad Mass”, do I think that the powers that the powers that be would move to suppress it? You bet they would!

  21. Many writers–among them the Italian Antonio Socci–have posited the existence of a ‘memorial’ by Sr. Lucia explaing the Secret. They say that John XXIII did not consider this to be of divine origin. And it is this ‘memorial’ which contains warnings about developments in the Church and which has not been published because not considered part of the Secret.

  22. One of those who had doubts over whether we had been told everything was Mother Angelica (of EWTN fame):

    ‘As for the Secret, well I happen to be one of those individuals who thinks we didn’t get the whole thing. I told ya! I mean, you have the right to your own opinion, don’t you, Father? There, you know, that’s my opinion. Because I think it’s scary. And I don’t think the Holy See is going to say something that does not happen, that might happen. And then what does it do if it doesn’t happen? I mean the Holy See cannot afford to make prophecies, because. I know, — I don’t know — my funeral . . . It’s not me, so don’t look at me . . . Something’s gonna happen soon. It could be twenty years before it happens. So to God “soon” could be a thousand years. We don’t know that.’

  23. Prognosticum,

    Your three recent comments above are all spot on. I agree with you entirely.

    I remember watching the 2000 press conference on the BBC news – it was startling to see a picture of St Michael the Archangel behind the newsreader (Fiona Bruce, I’m think I’m right in saying) with her describing the explanation that St Michael stabbing his sword downwards, said: “penance, penance, penance”. However, like you, I thought “Is that it?” All these years wondering what it could be and that’s IT?

    Now, looking back on the event, I realise that if the TV journalists were remotely “investigative”, they’d have been asking why the two people most knowledgeable about the whole Fatima Message were not present: namely, Sister Lucia and Pope John Paul II. For something so immensely important, they should have been there to confirm or deny that this was the whole text of the third part of Our Lady’s message, popularly known as The Third Secret.

    Which reminds me – did you manage to read any of Chris Ferrara’s book The Secret Still Hidden?

  24. No. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time. But I am going to. Recent events in the Church are somehow pulling me in the direction of Fatima. It is something which I cannot explain, even to myself.

    • Prognosticum,

      That’s a great grace. A tremendous grace, in fact.

      I’ve felt for years now that Fatima is the most important event of the 20th century. So much of it is manifestly true, and couldn’t possibly have been foreseen by those illiterate children way back in 1917.

      I remember, as a young girl, being fascinated by the fact that both Jacinta and Francisco revealed that they would soon be taken to Heaven, and they both died within 3 years. Incredible. Yet Lucy was to stay “a bit longer” and died in her nineties (shows that what we think of as a long life is a mere blip in Heaven).

      That Antonio Socci set out to prove that the Fatima Center/Fr Gruner were wrong and Cardinal Bertone was right, that the whole Message had been revealed, yet completely changed his mind on honest investigation, is fascinating.

      I’ll be interested to know what you think of the book – I have a hard copy here and it is a really worthwhile read. Tell the boss you’re not available for any more overtime until you’ve read it! I think you will find it illuminating – to say the very least!

    • Prognosticum

      There is absolutely no doubt that we did not get the entire Third Secret in 2000. The words dictated by Our Lady to Sister Lucy, beginning “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will be preserved, etc..” were clearly missing from the documents released by the Vatican. In place of the original text, which Sister Lucy confirmed was around 24 lines in length, we got a Vatican interpretation of what the Third Secret vision meant. And that interpretation was pages and pages long, not at all in keeping with the much shorter interpretation Our Lady gave to Sister Lucy.

      The other thing that was wrong with the 2000 release was the description of the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II as a fulfilment of the Vision’s depiction of a Pope being killed. This is clearly inaccurate since John Paul II survived the attempt on his life, an attempt that involved only a single individual and not the “band of soldiers” described in the Third Secret vision.

      So yes, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Third Secret vision released by the Vatican in 2000 was not complete in that the accompanying text, the words spoken by Our Lady describing what the vision means, was suppressed and replaced with a Vatican take on events that is not even remotely convincing.

      I would also add that I believe the Third Secret punishment to be entirely supernatural in its consequences. Material wars and suffering were described in the Second part of the Secret. The Third part is much, much worse. It describes, I believe, the great apostasy of our time, unprecedented in history, resulting in the loss of millions of souls. And it begins in the Church from the top down. Hence the insistence of Sister Lucy that the Secret was to be revealed no later than 1960. That particular year saw preparation for the Second Vatican Council begin in earnest. And we know what happened during and after that Council.

      • Athanasius,

        Your emphasis on the words “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will be preserved, etc..” reminds me of something I meant to include in my response to Prognosticum earlier.

        Those words are puzzling, since there is no evidence – to the best of my knowledge, having asked friends who have been to Portugal, attended Mass there etc – that the crisis has somehow by-passed that part of the world.

        I have a theory about this. I may have told you about it before but if so, don’t stop me, ‘cos I want to hear it again…

        Here goeth: my own personal theory about that introduction to the missing third part of the Fatima Message is that the complete sentence is likely to be prescribing how to preserve the traditional Faith.

        Hence, I would wager that the complete sentence reads something along these lines: “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will be preserved, as in the rest of the world, where the traditional Mass and Faith is preserved and taught..”

        Fatima scholars have already opined that Portugal was singled out for special mention simply because that’s where the apparitions took place, and I would add to that, that Our Lady may well have been giving a reassurance that, where the liturgy and catechism are authentically Catholic – i.e. traditional – the dogma of the Faith will not be a victim of the Modernist crisis, whether in Portugal or elsewhere, and that in the context of prophesying the destruction to come in Catholic liturgy, dogma and morals.

        What do you think of my theory? Politely, please and thank you! 😀

        • Editor

          Your theory is perfectly plausible given that Portugal is as Modernist as all the other countries today. The problem is we don’t know what words follow on from the “etc…” There could be any number of possibilities that fit with the context of the words documented by Sister Lucy. Could it mean that Portugal would remain constitutionally a Catholic country, for example? It’s really difficult to say without knowing the entire content of the Third Secret text.

        • Editor,

          When the Third Secret Vision was released, I looked for a reference to the dogma of the Faith. It mentions the Cross of rough hewn trunks as of a cork tree with the bark. I think dogma is the bark. The seers would have often seen cork trees with and without the bark.

          I think your theory is right on the money. Our Lady used an economy of words when speaking. The key sentence might read, “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, by a faithful remnant”.

        • I think it also possible that the sentence ‘In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will be preserved etc’ is conditional, in that it would only be preserved IF some specific act was performed, possibly by the hierarchy. The fact that Portugal is as modernist as other European countries might suggest that such an act hasn’t been done. As Athanasius says, it’s difficult to know without knowing the full context of the Third Secret. But the TLM movement is virtually non-existent in Portugal. And I have been far from edified by the behaviour of the Portuguese on more than one occasion. The last time was when I went to Santarem to visit the Eucharistic Miracle there A Portuguese ‘charismatic’ Mass was in full swing in the church:- guitars, waving arms in the air, awful hollering (singing?) and jigging around, laughing, chatting and so on. And all in front of the Eucharistic Miracle in the monstrance. Clueless.

          • WF,

            “…IF some specific act was performed”….

            Well, that’s where we differ. It seems to me that – given that the Church was strong at the time of Sr Lucia’s writing – it is more likely that the words following the “etc” were more generic, along the lines of my own humble theory and Steven’s improvement on it.

            However, as ever, we all agree that the only way that we can ever be sure of the words following that famous “etc” is for those words to be published, as Our Lady requested they be, no later than 1960.

            Very sad about the Portuguese church as you say – shocking, but your report confirms my long-held belief that there had to be some qualifier to follow that “etc” because it is highly unlikely that Portugal was not as badly affected by Modernism as the rest of the Catholic world. From what you write, it seems that it’s not just “as bad” as the rest of the Church but, if anything, much worse!

            • I have noticed, however, a much lower level of immigration in Portugal, particularly muslim immigration. I saw this comment on the internet:- “I notice among western European countries, most have 2.5-8% of Muslim population. The only exception is Portugal, with only 0.6%.” A low muslim population would at least assist with the preservation of the Faith . . .

              Just for readers convenience, I list below a set of links to the Fatima Network books on Fatima, some of which Editor mentioned earlier in the thread. With the exception of the John Salza/Robert Sungenis book, all can be read in full, free, online:-

              The Devils Final Battle (full book is free to read at this link)
              The Secret Still Hidden (full book is free to read at this link)
              False Friends of Fatima (full book is free to read at this link)
              Evil Forces are Driving the World to War – Only She can help Us
              (full book is free to read at this link)

              The Consecration of Russia – How Seven Popes Failed to Heed Heaven’s Command and brought Turmoil to the Church and the World (the book can be ordered at this link)

  25. Editor, Athanasius,

    Very interesting. The feeling of most people I know is that if this was all there was too it, the Secret could have been released decades before. Most people I know find, too, that the prophecy does not fit very well around what happened to JPII. There simply has to be more too it.

    As to our Editor’s theory about Portugal, this is entirely possible. And she has been right about so much in the past.

    At the present time, I feel like that frog so often referred to by traditionalists, i.e. The one which, if thrown into a pan of boiling water, will immediately leap out, but which, if thrown into cold water, will happily sit and allow itself to be boiled to death so long as the temperature of the water is increased gradually.

    Pope Francis, in Amoris laetitia, has more or less condoned adultery. The repercussions of this are enormous, given too that the sacrament of marriage is about the expression of the fidelity with which Christ loves his Church. And all of this while most, but certainly not all, of the Church is singing his praises using the same hymn sheet as the World. For the bottom line is that Bergoglio, Kasper, and all the rest of them have allowed themselves to be converted, not to Christ, but to the World.

    God help them and us.

    • Prognosticum,

      After our exchanges on the subject yesterday, I found myself dipping into my copy of the Secret Still Hidden last night and found myself enthralled with it again. It is so thoroughly documented, with little nuggets of information that I’d forgotten – such as the evidence (in Chapter 2) of the then Poet Laureate of Portugal, for the miracle of the sun…

      As the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, D. Jose Alves Correia da Silva, wrote shortly afterwards: “This phenomenon, which was not registered in any astronomical observatory, and could not,therefore, have been of natural origin, was witnessed by people of every category and class, by believers as well as unbelievers, journalists of the principal daily papers, and even by people kilometers away, a fact which destroys any theory of collective hallucination.” One of those remote witnesses was none other than the poet laureate of Portugal, Afonso Lopes Vieira, who, having forgotten about the apparitions at Fatima, was dramatically reminded of them by the solar phenomenon he observed from his veranda, 25 kilometers distant from the Cova.

      Ferrara’s account of Socci’s part in exposing the cover-up at the Vatican, plus his detailed definitions of “broad mental reservation” and “strict mental reservation” to argue that it is perhaps not accurate to accuse the Vatican of “lying”, is all fascinating. Of course this is all in Chapter 2. We’ve a bit to go yet to discover whether Ferrara considers the Vatican guilty of applying “broad” mental reservation (not lying) or “strict” which is always to lie.

      As I read through those first couple of chapters last night, I was struck by the factual content – indisputable stuff – and kept wondering just how many of the Vatican cardinals (or even the priests working there) know the truth about Fatima? Socci being such a high profile journalist and broadcaster, I would imagine that it would all be very well known but then that begs the question, how could these priests and cardinals working so close to the Pope, keep silent on such a matter of importance to the Church and the world?

      It’s just incredible.

    • Prognosticum,

      The Third Secret Vision speaks about the bishop dressed in white as one who appears in a mirror when they pass in front of it. That indicates to me that it has to be a very brief reign. Pope John Paul I fits this description for two reasons. John Paul I’s pontificate only lasted 33 days. John Paul I died after attempting a major restructuring of the Vatican Bank.

      Our Lady of the Rosary made the formal request for the Consecration of Russia six days after the Lateran Treaty was ratified. The money Pope Pius XI was given as compensation for the loss of the Papal States was used to start the Vatican Bank. The financial corruption that ensued could have been instrumental in paving the way for the Modernist take over. You cannot serve God and mammon!

      • I don’t think John Paul I was murdered because of anything to do with the Vatican Bank. I think it was because he was about to name and shame the Freemasons within the Vatican.

        I like your interpretation of the “mirror” though – I didn’t think of that, it’s always puzzled me.

        • I think John Paul I died of natural causes. His doctor testified that he was already ill before he assumed the papacy. His demise could have been brought on by his sudden realization that we was not the man to shepherd the Church.

          Do not forget that his election was as much as a liberal attempt to stop the election of Cardinal Siri than it was anything else.

      • Steven Calovich

        The description of the bishop in white doesn’t fit with John Paul I either. His death was not as described in relation to the Pope cited in the Third Secret vision.

        The death of Pope John Paul I is significant in other ways in as much as it ended just 33 days after his election. Our Lord died on the Cross aged 33, so we might see in it the action of divine providence. On the other hand there are 33 degrees in Freemasonry, which could point to an altogether more sinister meaning.

        I don’t know too much about Pope John Paul I but it is clear by the twin names he chose to mark his Papacy that he was a theological and liturgical progressive. This would not mark him out as one for assassination by the Freemasons. It’s one of those mysteries that I suppose we will never really get answers to.

        As regards the image of a “Bishop in White” referenced in the Third Secret by Sister Lucy. If you read the entire paragraph she goes on to describe also bishops, priests and others that she saw in this vision that was like a reflection in a mirror. Here is the relevant part of the text:

        “And we saw in an immense light that is God: ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it’ a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father’. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain…”

        I think Sister Lucy is here explaining how the entire vision was perceived by her senses. I don’t think she meant to indicate that only the Pope was seen in this mirror reflection manner.

        • Athanasius,

          The following is a theoretical reconstruction of the Third Secret. I reproduce it here only as an example to show how Our Lady’s explanation of the “Vision”, would fill in details that we can only guess at. Had the real Third Secret been published in 1960 and if it mentions a Council, I can see how it could have changed the course of history:

          “You saw the ruin of the world.” In order to prevent this, God wished to establish the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If the Holy Father had done so, many souls would have been saved. Because he did not, the devil will infiltrate the Church. And mount the throne of St Peter.

          There will be a Council in which Cardinal will oppose Cardinal. Bishop against Bishop. The priests who revere me will be scorned and opposed.

          They will alter the Mass and the teaching of the Church. The devil will sweep a third of the clergy into his service. The beast will overcome pastors and the flock will be abandoned and scattered. Wolves will ravage the flock and drag many to hell. A diabolic wave will sweep the world. Altars will be stripped and churches will be sacked. In Portugal, the Dogmas of the Faith will always be preserved, but elsewhere they will be lost.

          If the Holy Father had Consecrated Russia to My Immaculate Heart, the world would have been converted and there would have been peace. Because He did not, a war will begin in the reign of Peter II. When the world is illuminated by an unknown light, know that this is the Great Sign that God gives you that He is about to punish the world with earthquakes, floods and famine. Russia will overrun Europe. The Holy Father will be killed and the Faithful will be martyred. Fire will fall from the sky. Oceans will flood. The earth will shake as never before. Millions of men will lose their lives from one hour to the next. The suffering will be worse than the deluge. The survivors will envy the dead. When all seems lost, I will raise up a Holy Father who is dear to me and the world will be made new.

          • Steven,

            I could pick out a number of problems with your version of the Third Secret, but – since we’ve already discussed the following and you appeared to agree with my observation that Portugal has NOT kept the Faith – I singled out this from your text:

            “In Portugal, the Dogmas of the Faith will always be preserved, but elsewhere they will be lost.”

            If you recall, we noted that the Church in Portugal has not by-passed the crisis, and we deduced that the “etc” may contain a reference to the fact that, however, a remnant will keep the Faith. To revise, then, the wording may (more accurately) be: “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, where the ancient Mass and catechesis are found.”

            I believe I’m right in saying that the rest of your comment is really a mish-mash of various unapproved apparition claims; personally, I avoid them. I stick firmly with what we know from Quito and Fatima, the two major apparitions of concern to us in the 21st century, without the distraction of the others.

          • Steven Calovich

            The only difficulty with your theory is that it confuses predictions relating to the end of the world with the punishment recorded in the Third Secret. They are not related.

            Before the reign of antichrist and the ensuing end of the world Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph and there will be a certain time of global peace. Only at the end of that undefined period will antichrist rise up.

            As for your reference to Peter II. There is no evidence to suggest that the Church will ever have a Peter II. It would take a very proud man indeed to think himself worthy of assuming the name of the Prince of the Apostles. No, I think humility would prevent any newly elected Pope from taking Peter as his Papal name.

            I’m not sure either that Satan will ever be permitted to mount the Throne of Peter. I assume you mean by this that antichrist will be a Pope. The problem with that is the Sacred Scriptures tell us that antichrist will reach higher than the Papal dignity when he appears. He will claim to be God and will demand worship from all peoples on earth.

            The cryptic nature of the Apocalypse and the Third Secret of Fatima are such that we cannot be too insistent on what they may or may not reveal, particularly since the text of the Third Secret, the explanation of Our Lady, has been suppressed. I think it is sufficient, then, just to stick to what we know for sure, and it is that a great apostasy is presently taking place during an unprecedented crisis of faith in the Church and moral upheaval in the world. We also know that no matter how bad things are, and how impossible a restoration of peace and holiness may seem, something momentous will occur that will force the Pope and the bishops to consecrate Russia and grace will then do the rest. Quite a comforting thought, don’t you think?

            • Athanasius,

              Just for fun, I will edit it and try to make it more like I think it should read:

              You saw the ruin of the world. In order to prevent this, God wished to establish the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If the Holy Father had done so, many souls would have been saved. Because he did not, the smoke of Satan will enter into the Church. There will be a Council in which Cardinal will oppose Cardinal and Bishop will oppose Bishop. The priests who revere me will be scorned and opposed. The Holy Mass and the teaching of the Church will be changed. The beast will overcome pastors, the flock will be abandoned and scattered. Wolves will ravage the flock and drag many souls to hell. A diabolic wave will sweep over the world. Altars will be stripped and churches will be sacked. In Portugal, the Dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, by a faithful remnant. The Holy Father will be killed and the faithful will be martyred. Fire will fall from the sky. Millions of men will lose their lives from one hour to the next. The suffering will be worse than the deluge. The survivors will envy the dead. When all seems lost, I will raise up a Holy Father who is dear to me and the world will be made new.

  26. Talking about Northampton, here’s some news about the proposed new ‘Cathedral Centre’ from the Diocesan website…

    14th March – Cathedral Centre Campaign tops £2 million !

    We are delighted to share with you that thanks to recent gifts and pledges received, the campaign total has reached over £2.18m – over half way to the required total. This includes donations from the Cathedral community, local supporters, grant-making trusts and parishes.

    The plans to extend the campaign across the diocese are underway and we have been very encouraged that a number of parishes have indicated their interest in lending their support by hosting a presentation. Several presentations have already taken place and many more are scheduled for the months ahead.

    For further information click here, or contact Angela on .

  27. Below are a series of short videos from Gloria TV on the Divine Mercy devotion, as the time for this Devotion is rapidly approaching again (the novena preceding the feast starts on Good Friday):-

    Part One:
    Part Two:
    Part Three:
    Part Four:
    Part Five:
    Part Six:
    Sacred Heart vs Divine Mercy devotion:

    I haven’t watched them yet – only part of the first one, but I will be watching them soon. I’m putting them here for info and would be grateful for any comments/reviews.

    God bless

    • Westminsterfly

      I have watched five of the six videos you posted and they confirm what, I believe, most of us on the blog think, which is that the Divine Mercy devotion promoted by Sister Faustina is highly suspect to say the least. The Traditional devotion (and image) of the Sacred Heart is what we should stick to and encourage others to stick to, or return to.

      Thank you for posting a timely reminder about this suspect devotion. I would encourage everyone to watch those videos, which are quite short in length.

  28. May I suggest that bloggers who are so inclined, surf over to The Remnant website to comment on what is allegedly an opinion written by “Father de la Rogue,” SSPX, in Paris, in which he completely mis-characterizes the issue of regularization. My comment is #2, if it makes it past moderation. If not, here’s what I said:

    No, Father, the SSPX is not “placing their eternal salvation” in Francis’ hands. That is a red herring. So is labeling a Prelature “unity,” when in fact it is canonical regularity. Despite posing what you apparently think are the real questions, you failed to ask the actual real one: has Rome met the conditions of Bishop Fellay, or not? Clearly, the answer thus far, despite all these ridiculous internet rumors flying around, is “no.”

    • RCA Victor,

      I paid a visit yesterday on seeing your comment here, and again just now but your comment is not there.

      I have a rule whereby I try not to submit comments to moderated sites. It’s true that the few comments I have submitted to the Remnant in the past did make it through the moderation process, but it’s always a gamble. I hate the thought of wasting time penning a considered response to an article or to another blogger, only to find it left unpublished.

      Having said that, if I can find a few minutes later, I will try to post something. It’s very bad indeed that your perfectly legitimate – indeed “spot on” – view has been suppressed.

      • Editor,

        The more I think about that column, the more I think those comments are entirely unworthy of an SSPX priest – if, indeed, this “Father de la Rogue” (!! Sacre Bleu!) is actually an SSPX priest! The column reveals an inability to think clearly and an illogical exaggeration, which has not been my experience with Society priests. In fact, I’d say it is more characteristic of those unfortunate priests who signed on with the “resistance.”

    • That could be the idea. The gift for his 4th Anniversary is imaginative; a one way ticket to Argentina!

    • Crofterlady/St Martin,

      Eye of the Tiber is a “satirical” site. Full of baloney. We’ve discussed it here before and concluded that, while we all enjoy a bit of satire from time to time, that site is not our preferred location. Reading a page of fictional stories is not – in my humble view – the best form of satire. But, then, each to his (or her) own!

  29. Sorry, I misspelled Father’s name: it is, as the article says, “La Rocque,” and he is the Prior Abbot at St. Nicholas Church du Chardonnet, as the heading says. He is near the bottom of this page: However, I am not mistaken in my criticism of his article, which is very strange indeed. I am also beginning to wonder about Michael Matt, who keeps pleading with his audience that the SSPX should not regularize under Francis – and now his staff is deleting comments critical of his articles.

    Bogus reasoning flocks together, apparently.

    • RCA Victor,

      I see that your comment on the Remnant blog has still not been published, so I didn’t bother submitting one. I don’t like moderated sites. The only people moderated here are those with a proven track record of disruption – troll-like behaviour – but in the main, if the majority of adults cannot be trusted to participate in conversation without being monitored, it’s time to close the blog.

  30. I can understand people being wary about news of the SSPX canonical situation, after the recent “fake news” reported on Catholics news sites.

    Well, here is the latest news (we can but hope it is more accurate this time) from Rorate Caeli:

    This Monday evening in Rome, religious correspondent Marco Tosatti (with Sandro Magister, the best reader of the current Pontificate) confirms that just one set of signatures separates the Society from full integration within the Church.

    Not only that, he confirms news that RORATE had: unlike the fake news spread out last month about the Church of Saint Mary on the Esquiline Hill (that belongs to the Vicariate of the City of Time and is not for sale), the building being negotiated for the Roman headquarters of the Society is this:

    It’s the Church and former school and convent of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception — a complex that includes the Church of Saint Mary Immaculate and Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, in the Tuscolano neighborhood of Rome (corner of Via Monza and Via Taranto), very near the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem and near the Cathedral of Rome, St. John in the Lateran.

    We know that because we have learned that the Sisters have​ already contacted the appropriate Roman Curia congregation and is waiting for authorization to continue negotiations.

    This at least seems to tie-up with what the SSPX said, when +Fellay commented on the recent “fake news”.

    Bishop Fellay confirmed that the SSPX intends to buy a church in Rome, but the sale of the building the SSPX is interested in, belonging to a Community of Sisters, depends on the Congregation for the Religious.

    However, time will tell and now I always take news from non-SSPX sources with a pinch of salt.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      Very interesting – but the missing signatures, I think, tell more than meets the eye.

      I can understand wariness about regularizing under the present Pope – that is a normal human reaction, given Francis’ anti-Catholic agenda and tyrannical abuse of Papal power. However, I don’t think wariness should stoop to false reasoning and red herrings, which is what Father LaRocque did in his article. I also think that, for people who take their Faith seriously (present company included), human wariness should surrender obediently to divine grace, since it is only by divine grace that this little project will succeed…

      Imagine, for example, the human reaction of pagans when informed by the Apostles that they should worship a God who was born in a stable, and ultimately arrested, tortured and executed like a criminal! Should that human reaction prevent them from embracing the Faith?

      Or how about the human reaction of pagans when informed that God is truly present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in a little wafer! A deal-killer?

      And regarding Michael Matt’s “resistance”- like opinions about regularization, perhaps he can answer this question: how can a Knight engage in battle when he is sitting on the sidelines awaiting more favorable conditions?

      I know what Editor would say about that: “crackers!”

    • They can’t Benedict, but what I find a tad irritating is that we’ve been talking about this new religion being foisted upon us since at least 1999 when we launched our first newsletter, and now we read articles and reports and blog comments all over the place suggesting that WOW! NOW! we’re having a new religion foisted upon us. DUH! As you say, how can anyone deny the fact even now? Answer: unprintable 😀

  31. It goes without saying that we ought all to remember, in our prayers, the victims and families of all those involved in the London terrorist attack today.

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  32. Dear Editor, apologies for asking a question that might have been asked and answered many times before, but is there any fix for the problem I have reading comments on my Samsung Galaxy phone? The comments become narrower and narrower until I see just a single, vertical line of letters. It’s nearly impossible to navigate to the next full-size comment. Do you know if it’s my phone or WordPress doing this? Would be grateful to you or to any reader who knows how to fix this.

    • Benedict,

      Its not your phone, I experience the exact same thing with my Huawei phone.

      My understanding is that the wordpress platform was previously not well suited to viewing on mobile devices but this has changed as mobile internet has grown in popularity.

      However, older wordpress blogs may still have issues with mobile devices, in terms of how the blogs are constructed.

      I have not looked into this in any great detail, but I do know there is a wordpress app available for phones, and this contains a wordpress reader (as well as tools for blog editors).

      I would recommend installing the app on your phone and then using the reader to view the site. Hopefully that should resolve the problem. You can get it here:

      (For what its worth, google has a service where websites can be tested for how mobile-friendly they are. And it claims this site is indeed “mobile friendly” but obviously it is not detecting the problem we are discussing).

      I discovered this site too, which may be of interest to Editor:

    • RCA Victor,

      I’ve had a quick look at those two links and they promise to be a very interesting read – “later the next day…” if you follow my drift!

  33. Editor,

    A week or two ago, I told you that a Father Isaac helped out at the FSSP Parish I attended. It just occurred to me to add an interesting tidbit. That same Parish in Kansas City also sent two vocations to Papa Stronsay.

  34. Steven Calovich

    If you go to the Papa Stronsay website and blog you’ll find no objection to any aspect of the present crisis in the Church at the highest levels. It seems the Redemptorists on Papa Stronsay gave up the fight some time ago. I think that’s what editor means by her comment, although I will let her answer your question personally.

    • Steven,

      So you’re the sacristan! That’s wonderful.

      Is that you in the photo? I’ll see your answer tomorrow, as right now, it’s approaching 1.a.m. over here – time for my all-night vigil… 😀


      • Editor,

        Yes, that’s me. I got to venerate Bishop Tissier’s ring in the sacristy on the occasion of the 2016 Pontifical High Mass. I can honestly say, I was over the moon with joy. As a rule, I have four 7:15 am daily Masses to setup.

        • Wonderful!

          My nephews who serve Mass here, are devoted to the sacristan, who teaches them so very much. So, I know that a good sacristan is worth his weight in gold (or, in our case, haggis 😀 )

    • RCA Victor,

      Since Wendy is unlikely to see that link here, I emailed her the link but best to always post anything pro-life on the Pro-life thread to avoid having a conversation ignited here, as well as over there. For your homework write out, 100 times: “I must always post anything about pro-life, abortion, euthanasia, on the Pro-Life thread and I’m a very bad lad for forgetting this time…” 😀

        • Well, I wouldn’t bother this time but from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, let’s put everything pro-life on the Pro-Life thread… You know it makes sense (and will avoid a divorce!)

          Now, don’t be taking that as a proposal! I’m already investigating the annulment process. 😀

    • I am glad Cardinal Burke says he and the other Cardinals will still go ahead with a correction.

      However, given so much time has passed (6 months?) since it was first mooted, and there has been nothing but an obviously contemptuous silence from Francis, I think they should stop talking and just get on with it.

      This constant “the correction is still on the table” talk reminds me of Nicola Sturgeon banging on incessantly about the possibility of a 2nd Independence referendum.

      In both cases, the relevant parties should “put up or shut up” in my opinion.

      And if the correction does eventually come, then it had better be hard hitting and headline grabbing, such that it cannot be ignored.

      Its quite clear Francis favours a chaotic Church where there are no common beliefs or bonds and everyone just does their own thing – or “protestantism” as its known. So, the Cardinals should stop “hoping” and just get on with correcting!

      • Gabriel Syme,

        Well said. Well SAID! I’m fed up hearing about this formal correction – every time I read a report assuring us that the correction is a-coming, I speak calmly enough to my screen, but always, impatiently, saying the same thing: just DO it!

  35. May I please ask bloggers to pray for a friend of mine, a lapsed Catholic of many years, who is very seriously ill; her husband has been told that if there is no improvement in her condition by tomorrow they will switch off life support. I hope I have managed to arrange for a priest to visit her to administer Extreme Unction, but she lives in the other end of the country to me so I cannot check this out myself. Please, in your charity, pray that the priest reaches Margaret in time.

  36. Well I think they are a bunch o’ feardys! Remember the way Cardinal Burke pulled out of giving a talk for Pro Ecclesia Pontifice because some ecumaniac scared him off? Poor Daphne, I was affronted for her. These prelates, even the good ones, don’t have the mettle of the last generation of men such as Cardinals Heenan, McQuaid, Spellman etc.

    I wish they’d just get on with the job and pull the rug from under the Pope!

    • Crofterlady,

      I wouldn’t count Cardinal Heenan as one of the greats – I remember, as a young girl, being appalled at his weasel response to questions about the Church’s teaching on birth control in a TV interview, just after Humanae Vitae hit and horrified the modernists between the eyes.

      Even his letter to his priests was a mixed bag, with repeated references to the “teaching of the Vicar of Christ” and calls to “obedience to the Pope”, instead of emphasising that it is the natural moral law which prohibits artificial methods of birth control, not any pontiff. .

      I do, however, agree with your conclusion regarding the four cardinals and I echo your final sentence.

      • Of course I’m too young to remember Cardinal Heenan in the flesh and also the publication of Humanae Vitae, but I had heard that he was the last great occupant of the Westminster diocese. Obviously not then. When did the rot set in?

        • Crofterlady,

          Too young to remember Cardinal Heenan, my FOOT!

          Anyway, the rot set in (or, more accurately, manifested itself) with the publication of Humanae Vitae. The betrayal interview which I remember seeing, is mentioned in an article published by the Newman Association. Here’s the relevant extract, having failed to find the interview, with David Frost, on YouTube:

          When the encyclical [Humanae Vitae] was published it came like a bombshell, as change had been widely expected. We had already however a core of activists experienced from the McCabe affair at running press conferences and PR work, and able to undertake the rapid gathering of horrified supporters. Having three small children, I did not take as active a part as Oliver did, but we were involved in meetings up and down the country, compiling lists of sympathetic confessors, going on demonstrations etc. It culminated in David Frost’s interview with the then cardinal. Frost had been briefed by Oliver and one or two others and he was able to force Heenan into a corner, whereupon the cardinal advised people to follow their own consciences. Read entire article here Emphasis added.

          One rests one’s case…

  37. Ladies you are all stars – I heard from a lovely priest who was going to arrange a visit last night. Margaret is still hanging on by a thread, but thank God she has received the very best medicine for her immortal soul, and that with the help of your prayers.

  38. I happened upon s series of posts on the silent apparition of Knock over at Tradition In Action:

    “Thirty-three years after the Apparition of La Salette, a solemn papal canonical coronation of Our Lady took place and the Basilica of La Salette was consecrated. On that same day, a day that must be acknowledged as the public and official recognition by the Church of the apparition of La Salette, the Mother of God was also appearing in the little village of Knock, Ireland. In other words, on August 21, 1879, we have Our Lady of Knock gazing in the direction of La Salette and Rome on the exact day, perhaps even the same hour, as the ceremonies recognizing the Apparition of La Salette were occurring.”

    At one point, the author speculates about the possibility that St Joseph and St John the Evangelist are in Heaven, body and soul. He also notes the weather conditions during the Apparitions of La Salette, Knock, Lourdes and Fatima. I thought it was very interesting.

  39. The following is a prayer request from the Our Lady of Good Success convent in Quito, Ecuador:-

    Dear Friends of the Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success,

    Our Lady of Good Success stated in her last apparition of December 8th, 1634 to Mother Mariana:

    “Here in this, my beloved Convent, I will have souls in which Jesus Christ -persecuted, hated and proscribed by this ungrateful land in the 20th century will take His delight…They will be the shield to prevent Divine Justice, so ready to chastise the horrendous crimes of their guilty brothers, for whom they will offer themselves as continuous victims…This devotion will be the lightning rod placed between Divine Justice and the prevaricating world to hold back God’s Hand from unleashing the formidable punishment that this guilty earth deserves…”

    “Woe to the world should it lack monasteries and convents! Mortals do not comprehend their importance, for, if they understood, they would do all in their power to multiply them, because in them can be found the remedy for all physical and moral evils…”

    “No one on the face of the earth is aware whence comes the salvation of souls, the conversion of great sinners, the cessation of great scourges, the production and fertility of the lands, the end of pestilences and wars, and the harmony between nations. All this is due to the prayers that rise up from monasteries and convents.”

    In addition, Our Lady promised that there would ALWAYS be victim souls in this convent until the END OF TIME who would be ready and willing to offer themselves for the salvation of sinners! Would it not then be meritorious to our souls and the souls of our loved ones to support a monastery such as this? The Conceptionist Sisters always promise to pray for the intentions of their benefactors.

    There is even an extraordinary promise from Heaven for those who support the Conceptionist Convent. In the final apparition of 1634, Our Lady explained to Mother Mariana about the vision she was beholding of the three archangels carrying various gifts. Our Lady stated that special rewards are promised to those who assist the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception and await them in Heaven for their virtuous efforts. They would be marked with a sign of glorious distinction in Heaven:

    “… the tunics are also for secular and regular Priests, and seculars of both sexes, who, loving my Most Holy Son and Myself with simple and upright hearts, also love this Convent of our predilection, and, disregarding criticism and scorn, they strive for its conservation and dedicate themselves to propagating my cult under the consoling invocation of Good Success, which will be the sustenance and safeguard of the Faith in the almost total corruption of the 20th century.”

    We recently spoke with the Mother Abbess, Sor Inez Maria del Sagrario, this past weekend and she asked us to obtain prayers from all of our members, friends and associates of the Apostolate for 2 intentions. (Any acts of penance done on their behalf – like your Lenten penances would be so very appreciated too)

    1. The Conceptionist Monastery will be voting on April 2 for a new Mother Abbess. This will effect a new phase in the history of the Monastery as the Mother Abbess that I have known for over 17 yrs will be retiring from any more active governing and as she has been governing on and off for many years even previous to these 17 yrs, it will greatly affect the Monastery for better or for worse. So we are asking all to pray the novena to Our Lady of Good Success for a good success in this Monastery’s election! (see below)

    2. Additionally, Ecuador will be voting on the new President on April 2. Mother Abbess is very concerned and worried that this new President will be a Communist. There is a better choice that is Catholic and Conservative. His name is Lasso. It is an old Ecuadorean family name that has ties to the Convent. It is her hope that he wins.

    Short Novena to Our Lady of Good Success

    Hail Mary Most Holy, Beloved Daughter of God the Father

    Through the intercession of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres,

    grant thy good success to this request (name request)…

    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be…

    Saint Michael, pray for us.

    Hail Mary Most Holy, Admirable Mother of God the Son

    Through the intercession of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres,

    grant thy good success to this request (name request) …

    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be…

    Saint Gabriel, pray for us.

    Hail Mary Most Holy, Most Faithful Spouse of the Holy Ghost

    Through the intercession of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres,

    grant thy good success to this request (name request) …

    Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be…

    Saint Raphael, pray for us.

    Hail Mary Most Holy, Temple and Sacrarium of the Most Holy Trinity.

    St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, pray for us.

    Our Lady of Good Success, thou who art the all-powerful intercessor before the Most Holy Trinity, deign to hear and answer my request, so long as it contributes to the salvation of my soul and the glory and exaltation of Holy Mother Church.

    Hail Holy Queen…


    Please- we ask all to pray for Ecuador and Ecuador’s oldest Monastery this week!

    Pass along to those who you know would appreciate this email!

    God bless and keep you!

    Kathleen Heckenkamp

    “Star of the Stormy Sea of my mortal life, may your light shine upon me so I do not stray from the path that leads me to Heaven.”
    (From the Last Will and Testament of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres)
    The Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success
    1288 Summit Ave Suite 107
    Oconomowoc, WI. 53066
    phone 262-567-0920

  40. Finally we have broken free from the Marxist European project! Remoaners seem to forget that:
    Currency decimalisation caused terrible inflation and the current national debt.
    There was no ‘climate change’ before we started measuring climate using Celsius.
    We didn’t have the problems with obesity before food was sold in kilograms.
    Deaths on the road in the UK are much lower because we drive at much lower miles per hour than the ludicrous 100 kph on the continent. Hopefully now we have left the jurisdiction of European courts we can bring back the death penalty, which was always approved by the Catholic Church. Pro homosexual laws which were passed down from Brussels will be no longer, and finally we can protect our children from predatory homosexual law makers. We can block entry of Muslim jihadists to the UK, which the EU forced us to take.

    • New World Order in Christ

      I agree with much of what you say but I’m afraid you are a little too optimistic in your expectations, and that’s putting it mildly!

      There is absolutely no chance that the UK will roll back its pro-homosexual agenda and laws as a result of Brexit, nor will it ever confront the problem of Islamic terror where it needs to be confronted. As one Daily Mail columnist recently put it “London is Obama on steroids”. Sadly, the UK is as lost in liberalism as its counterpart countries in the UK. Indeed I would go so far as to say that Britain is even more liberal when it comes to morality and interculturation than all other EU contries. There would need to be a siesmic shift in the political landscape on the scale of Trump in America to bring the UK back to sanity and decency.

      • That’s terrible news Athanasius. Perhaps I have been too hopeful.

        Since joining the European Union (which was an invention of Soviet Russia to subvert the West), we have had soya products forced on us, and soya has made its way into much of our ordinary everyday food. I have no doubt that this is effecting the hormonal development of our children, especially boys, whose biology is more susceptible to this kind of stuff. This is making them grow up homosexual. Homosexuality was unheard of in this country before we joined the EU. Currently the European cultural Marxists have almost all control of our food. I just hope we can take back control and stop this mass poisoning.

        Check all food labels! Traditional Catholic families cannot risk giving their boys soya!

        • ” … the European Union (which was an invention of Soviet Russia to subvert the West) …”.


        • New World Order,

          I heard this once before a while ago about soy products and did some research into it. I was particularly concerned because a friend of mine was feeding her very young son soy milk and products as she believed he had an allergy to dairy products. There is an on-going debate about soy products and other types of food which are naturally high in the female sex hormone, estrogen, and the effects, adverse or otherwise, that they have on men and particularly male children. But flaxseed – often used in some breads and breakfast cereals, is FAR higher in estrogen than soy products. These are the top ten list of high-estrogen foods:-

          1. Flaxseed (163,133)
          2.Soybeans (45,724)
          3.Soy nuts (21,306)
          4.Textured veggie protein (8,923)
          5.Tofu (8,688)
          6.Soy milk (7,422)
          7.Soy yogurt (6,576)
          8.Tempeh (6,407)
          9.Flax bread (3,770)
          10.Sesame seed (2,722)

          I don’t know it’s fair to say that we’ve had soy products ‘forced on us’ or that the EU is to blame. I think it has been used in many foods because it is very cheap and versatile. If anything, food manufacturers are the culprits here – always looking for cheap alternatives to boost profit.

          From what I’ve read there could well be a case for men / boys to avoid foods high in estrogen. One health website claims that “While estrogen is generally known as a female sex hormone, a man’s body also produces small amounts of estrogen, which is important for normal development and function of the male reproductive system. However, an abnormally high level of estrogen can have major effects on a man’s body, possibly interfering with his fertility and sexual function, and potentially raising his risk of certain chronic diseases”.

          I think we need some definitive research done on this issue. In the meantime, it is relatively easy to avoid flaxseed and soy, by avoiding processed foods, and as you say, check the labels.

          • PS Another source of estrogen is from contraceptive pills, which end up in our water supplies Although studies often mention the effect this may have on human male fertility, they never discuss the possible effects on the development of male babies/children and the potential feminising aspect. Too much of a political hot potato, I expect. But with growing numbers of young children identifying as ‘trans’, perhaps this should be researched more thoroughly as well.

            • It’s horrifying. You dare not drink the water these days! So should traditional Catholic families only allow their children and pregnant women to drink bottled mineral water?

  41. It seems old habits die hard, for the Church of Scotland:

    I actually think there seems to be a bit of an over-reaction to this.

    But then, against the context of the anti-Irish racism and anti-Catholic bigotry which the Church of Scotland did so much to promote in the early part of the last century, I can understand why people (including CofS members) are reacting so acutely to this.

    Right enough, rather then get het-up over relatively harmless irish jokes, it would be good for the CofS to finally confront the legacy of prejudice it has created for itself, instead of sitting back in silence while Catholic schools are routinely identified as the origin of our social problems.

    I did raise a brow at the Irish consul weighing in, saying such jokes could “cause offense”. In my experience, the exact same type of joke is popular in Ireland, but with a (County) Kerry man replacing the generic Irish.

    • Gabriel Syme, my aunt told me that a mere generation ago, and in her youth, the C.O.S. in a Scottish island community actually raised a “posse” to see off a Catholic priest who attempted to land.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      For goodness sake, this is a load of nonsense. I LOVE Irish jokes and my family is from Ireland.

      What is WRONG with these people? You are spot on – this is clearly a case of over-reaction. By the truck load.

      As you will all know, I’ve often posted “Irish jokes” and “Scots jokes ” etc. It’s only a bit of fun and I am definitely NOT going to toe the PC line on anything, Irish jokes included.

      Unfortunately, there was no way to comment under that report on the Daily Record site or I would have done so. These idiots clearly have too much time on their hands to get het up over an few innocent jokes. I interpret such jokes as being affectionately meant, not with any nasty motivation at all… at all… at all 😀

      PS – I thought the jokes were great, and laughed at each one! I bet nobody would have complained if the jokes had been crude and with “adult” themes. What’s the bet?

      • Editor

        Couldn’t agree more. I loved the jokes! I especially loved the one about the man phoning for the ambulance for his wife!

        I’m assuming these jokes were included because of St Patrick’s Day being in March. Quite a nice touch, I thought!

        • Petrus,

          What these numpties forget is that most of the Irish jokes are made up by the Irish themselves (an educated guess – who else would bother?) Take this one, for example: how would anyone outside of Ireland know what Kerry men are like?

          A Kerryman went to London and found himself in the Underground late one night. Seeing a notice “DOGS MUST BE CARRIED ON THE ESCALATOR”, he moaned to himself, “And where am I going to find a dog at this hour of the night?” 😀

  42. Two cannibals were eating a clown. One turns to the other and says, “This tastes a bit funny”.

    • Wendy Walker,

      When I read that article about the banks making up umpteen titles for trans people I thought of the old saying “they whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Even Peter Tatchell sees how ridiculous it is, so that’s saying something!

    • This sodomite and transgenders propaganda is being forced on our children in schools. I should think this was mainly due to the control the EU had over our education system. But as Athanasius has said, I am not sure if we will be able to stop it, even after we have taken back control by leaving the EUSSR, because the liberal rot is here to stay. I am certain this rise in transgenders is also due to chemtrails which have been poisoning our atmosphere for decades.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      Thank you for posting that Rorate article. Shocking. That cross with photo of Pope Francis and caption “Pope Francis, pray for us” represents, not merely the error of papolatry, surely, but also the sin of idolatry? What sayest thou?

      • Doesn’t this highlight the total confusion of nu-Church? Even the most Catholic basics have been forgotten by it.

  43. Let us pray that Marine Le Penne will win the french presidential elections and so lead the ‘le de-diabolisation’ of the once great Catholic nation of France. I am sick of hearing the left slander the great holy men of the 20th century who defended Catholic Europe against the evils of liberalism, such as Franco, Salazar, Dollfuss and Petain. I grew up in France and when I return I see that it has been overrun with Arabs and homosexuals, it is truly frightening.

    • I completely forgot to mention, let us pray to Archbishop Lefebvre who was a great supporter of Le Penne back in the day. What great wisdom holy Marcel had. Let us take back control from the Marxists and the Devil and make France and Europe great again! Only Le Penne can stand up to German dominance in Europe and thwart their culture of death colonial agenda.

      • God bless France! Holy Michael the archangel, defend us from the German Marxist heathens!

  44. N O T I C E . . .

    I have just received an email from the Fatima Center to let us know that John Vennari of Catholic Family News passed away today.

    To leave your condolences and promise of prayers, click here

    I will send the link to that thread to the Fatima Center to pass on to the family for their consolation.

    Thank you.

  45. Are you sure this isn’t a case of fake news? I don’t like the man but a sexual pervert??

    • Helen,

      I suspect he/Ampleforth would sue the socks off the newspaper if it were fake news. It’s not exactly “breaking news” that we have such depraved clergy – thankfully a tiny minority.

    • WF,

      If you don’t mind, I’ll hold fire with my whoops of delight until the TFP amend all their publication material and website.

      Looks promising, I agree, so it’s a case of what that space!

      • Oh yes, I agree. They’ve got to come out all guns blazing on this issue (and the Third Secret). I think they are still somewhat mixed about these things, but this is a start at least. Let’s hope it’s not too little, too late.
        I was thinking the other day – I wonder what the World Apostolate of Fatima (WAF), the ‘consecration’s been done’ apostolate, make of the current dangerous situation with Russia/Syria/North Korea? Are they still saying Russia has been consecrated and that we have world peace? I was also surprised to be given a WAF leaflet the other day (by someone who obviously didn’t know where I stand on Fatima issues) and I was very surprised to see that WAF have now apparently incorporated the Divine Mercy devotion and chaplet into the ‘things to do’ Fatima message requests. This is all very odd as Our Lady never mentioned the Divine Mercy devotion at Fatima – in fact, those events began some years after Fatima. I’ll scan the leaflet and send it to you. Very odd.

  46. My journey to traditionalism started in earnest around about 1995. One of the authors who encouraged me most in my quest was the late Michael Davies, whose work I encountered through publications like The Latin Mass magazine, The Remnant, and such like.

    Imagine, then, my utter horror in stumbling upon the following:

    Now, I know very little about the website in question and whether it is kosher as far as doctrine is concerned. (I see that it does have some very trenchant criticism of Fr. Z, which means that it cannot be all bad!) And I have not had time to read this critique of Davies in its entirety (something which I intend doing as soon as possible). I have, however, delved into the tenth chapter on “The Alleged Fall of Pope Liberius” and the author’s observations and conclusions would appear to have more than an air of validity about them.

    Has anyone heard of this publication? Can anyone vouch for its scholarly validity?

    • Prognosticum,

      Its my understanding Novus Ordo Watch is a sedevacantist site.

      I have heard of the book: Carmel Book (in the UK) sell it.

      I have not read it, but the initial reason it stuck in my head was because I was surprised that Davies might be considered as needing “an evaluation” given his well known record and the widespread respect for him.

      I was wary of the book as (I stress I am no expert) I thought it had the whiff of sedevacantism, even before it appeared on Novus Ordo Watch.

      This opinion was based on the blurb below, from Carmel Books:

      Cambridge-educated translator John S. Daly puts the scholarship of the late Michael Davies under the spotlight.

      What emerges from systematic comparison with statements of the Magisterium and the greatest theologians must destroy Davies’s credibility in the eyes of every serious reader. Michael Davies: An Evaluation remains not only an unanswered indictment of Davies as a Catholic scholar, but a standing refutation of the entire ecclesiology of those who believe it possible for an orthodox Catholic to reject the doctrinal errors and reformed rites spawned by Vatican II without calling into doubt the legitimacy of recent papal claimants and the validity of the new sacraments.

      This book was hailed by the celebrated English parish priest Fr. Oswald Baker (1915-2004), who was himself a dedicatee of Michael Davies’ Cranmer’s Godly Order, as one of the two most important books to have emerged from the post-Vatican II crisis in the Catholic Church.

      Newly revised and re-published.

      Paperback. 606pp.

      I was surprised that Carmel books (recommended by the SSPX) would sell a book which might “doubt the legitimacy of recent papal claimants and the validity of the new sacraments.”

      I know the SSPX and Carmel Books “put some daylight in between them” not long ago, but I think at the same time it was stated that the Society still recommended the seller as a reliable outlet.

      • I was right about Carmel Books and the SSPX, this from Fr Brucciani in 2015:

        “From 30th November, Carmel Books will undergo a change of ownership. For the last 5 years it has been owned by the Society of Saint Pius X and has been managed by Mr. Michael Fishwick. Following the implementation of austerity measures (see below), from 30th November, Carmel Books will be owned and run exclusively by Mr. Michael Fishwick. A new address will be advertised forthwith and business will continue as usual… and may the faithful continue to purchase good Catholic literature from Carmel Books”.

        At the time I thought the Society were moving to protect their reputation, as I believe Michael Fishwick has links to both “the Resistance” and dubious political movements.

        • Gabriel,

          Thank you for this.

          I must confess that I too sensed more than a whiff of sedevacantism from my first impact with the site.

          That said, I would hate to dismiss the message to spite the messenger. As I said above, I have not read the book in its entirety, but tenth chapter seems to me, at least at first sight, to be very convincing. (I am at present very interested in papal infidelity as regards doctrine, and I have been influenced by Davies’s account of Pope Liberius’s supposed deviations.)

          one thing I must say is that the publisher of this critique ( is well worth checking out.

        • Well, I have spent today on this critique of Michael Davies work (I think that it extends mostly to his earlier stuff) and very instructive it has been.

          Some of Daly’s criticisms are very much to the point. It turns out that Davies’s knowledge of Latin left a lot to be desired, and his knowledge of the scholarly literature underlying many of the controversies he attempted to deal with was, it would seem patchy.

          I could not, however, help smiling at the following:

          [Quote] On p. 177 of Pope Paul’s New Mass, Davies tells us :

          «It is to note important that as regards our participation in the Mass, Vatican II did not actually use the word ‘active’ (Latin – ‘activus’), but the word ‘actuosus’ – which requires a participation involving a full, sincere and interior cooperation with the action of Christ our ‘leitourgos’ in His Mass, which we are privileged to make ours. Such a ‘participatio actuosa’ can be expressed fittingly in such external forms as word and gesture …. All are valid and valuable external manifestations of our interior participation.»

          Davies is asserting, in short, that the council was faced with the choice of recommending that the participation of the laity in the Mass be either “activus” – which is substantially external, Protestant-type participation – or “actuosus” – which is substantially internal, Catholic-type participation. Alas for those poor readers who embrace and swallow trustingly his every word. The truth that they must now face up to is that the distinction which he has told them it is “important to note” is an entirely spurious one, the genuine distinction of meaning between the two terms being quite different. Let us consult the standard Latin dictionary used by classical scholars, that of Lewis and Short. In it, “actuosus” is defined as “full of activity, very active (with the accessory idea of zeal, subjective impulse ….)”. “Activus”, by contrast, is defined as “active, practical (opposed to contemplative)”. Nor, as can be confirmed by referring to Du Cange’s exhaustive glossary of later Latin, did these words change their meaning in later centuries.

          On the one hand, therefore, we have the fact that, of the two available Latin words for “active”, the Council appears to have decided to select the one which indicates the need for vigorous, external, even impulsive activity, by preference to the word which is more restrained and general in meaning. And on the other hand, we have Davies’s didactic assurance to his readers that there is a difference in meaning between the two words which is almost the opposite of what it really is, and that the word which the council chose is more appropriate to denote the traditional devotional practice of the faithful at Mass than to denote the principally external participation which characterizes the de-spiritualized Novus Ordo. [End quote]

          Here, at least, Daly seems to have got it wrong. The phrase ‘actuosa participatio’ first entered the documents of the Magisterium in Pope Saint Pius X’s Motu Proprio ‘Tra le sollecitudini’ (1913). Not only, but it was used by successive Popes, including Pius XII in his famous encyclical on the liturgy, ‘Mediator Dei.’ This is the route by which the phrase comes to be used at Vatican II.

          All in all, this book is worth reading, even if it is very evidently written from the standpoint with which I fundamentally disagree.

          Is it such as to demolish the stature of the late Michael Davies among traditionalists? All in all, I think not, although after reading this book I would be very cautious about how I would use his writings in arguments. It must be remembered that Davies was a primary school teacher turned self-taught liturgical scholar and theologian. Even if he is far from being a master of the detail, the general thrust of his writings is very much in the right direction. I will forever keep his memory as the man who, more than anyone else, brought me to tradition.

          • Prognosticum

            I have one very good reason why I will not be reading Daly’s work, it is that ultimately Michael Davies kept the Traditional Catholic Faith personally and helped others to recover it. For me that was a supernatural work, not an intellectual one.

            What Daly would do well to remember is that it was all the Latin experts, educated liturgists and Biblical scholars who brought the Church to this present crisis. Michael Davies, crudely educated in such ecclesiastical disciplines as he was, was the one who in the end kept the faith handed down.

            Daly should see a divine lesson in this, a lesson in simple faith and humility, however awkwardly expressed. I agree entirely with your final sentence.

            • Athanasius,

              You surprise me! There can be no opposition between intellectual and supernatural truth. Moreover, you appear to be saying that the end justifies the means, something which is anathema to Catholic morality.

              We should never forget that as Catholics we have been consecrated to the Truth in our baptism. We must always nurture the strongest respect for it, be it natural or supernatural, since it is always in some sense a reflection of God’s perfection.

              Johnny may be a saintly child and bring others to sanctity, but if he says the French revolution started in 1689, or that a triangle has four equal sides, or that Pope Liberius condemned Athanasius when he did not, he must be corrected. To do otherwise would be to fly in the face of charity, or, worse, to indulge that worldly respect which has so often been criticised on this blog.

              • Prognosticum,

                If you have a copy of True or False Pope?, check the Index, p. 703. There you will find a rather lengthy list of references to John Daly’s false and dishonest sedevacantist arguments, all of which have been exposed for what they are. Moreover, on p. 704, you will find an even lengthier list of the Dimond Brothers’ (owners of NovusOrdoWatch, and rabid sedevacantists) lies and distortions, also exposed. These are not people you would want to associate yourself with, or take seriously.

                If you do not own that book yet, I highly recommend it.

              • Prognosticum

                I did not say that there could be opposition between intellectual and supernatural truth. What I said, essentially, is that Mr. Daly is presenting intellectual apples and oranges in order “to demolish the stature of the late Michael Davies among traditionalists, as you yourself rightly state.

                Consequently, it seems to me that it is Mr. Daly, not me, who believes that the end justifies the means. The means in this case is to make use of Michael Davies’ apparent weakness in Latin to bring about the end of undermining the reputation of a great Catholic.

                The fact that Michael Davies kept the Faith throughout the years of turmoil, doing the best he could with the lights he had to educate others also, is sufficient proof for me that, however flawed he may have been in Latin, he stands head and shoulders in Faith above Daly and all those other scholars who went rogue. I couldn’t care less how many Latin mistakes Michael Davies made, he knew his Faith and he kept it to the end. That’s all that matters to Our Lord.

                His books were written for the glory of God and the good of souls. Can Mr. Daly say the same?

                As regards the condemnation of St. Athanasius, there will always be a question mark over Pope Liberius.

                You appear to believe that Liberius did not condemn Athanasius, yet others contend that he did, in fact, act against the saint under threat of death.

                The writings of St. Jerome and St. Athanasius make it clear that they believed Liberius to have been guilty of th injustice, though it is argued by some that St. Jerome came to that conclusion having been convinced by the content of certain letters which were later said to be forged. Still, it is interesting to note that Liberius was the first Pope from St. Peter not to be canonised by the Church. One assumes that if he had undergone the martyrdom of exile without cracking, as his defenders claim, then he would most certainly have been canonised for his fidelity to the Faith during a time of great trial.

                As it happens, It was Athanasius who was subsequently canonised by the Church for his fidelity under persecution, not Liberius.

                It’s a very controversial subject, by no means settled in Liberius’ favour.

                In the matter of correcting our neighbour, you’re absolutely right to state that it is a duty of charity. However, the issue must first be sufficiently serious as to warrant correction and then the correction must be prudently and patiently administered, preferably while the person in error is still alive and able to benefit from it.

                You say in your original comments that Mr. Daly’s work is a “critique” of Michael Davies writings, not a correction of them. So the question has to be: Do you believe that Mr. Daly wrote his work for the good of the Church and souls, or did he write it to do harm to the reputation of a good Catholic man?

                I leave the answer to your conscience. For my part, your testimony that Daly’s work” is very evidently written from the standpoint with which I fundamentally disagree” is enough for me to want to give it a miss, regardless of his expertise in Latin.

                Correction of our neighbour is only moral if it proceeds from noble intention and inclines to the greater good. If either of these elements are missing then it is not Truth we serve, it is malice.

                PS Prognosticum

                Apologies for the error in my introductory paragraph above. You did not “state” that Mr. Daly is attempting to demolish the stature of Michael Davies among traditionalists, you merely put the question. Still, the fact that you are questioning his motives leads me to believe that Mr. Daly’s work is not exactly pro-Michael Davies.

    • Helen,

      Thank you for posting that link. Raymond Arroyo was brilliant in that interview. I’m sure I’ve seen it before, but it’s well worth a second viewing. He (Raymond) conducted the interview so cleverly, and “the old heretic” (as you so aptly describe Cardinal “Don’t use the word adultery” Kasper) was caught out over and over again with his ill thought out and totally ridiculous proposal. The priest who was one of the commentators afterwards, was also terrific. Very clear-minded and hit nails on the head like there was no tomorrow.

      And now that it IS “tomorrow”, I need to catch up with my beauty sleep!

      Say nothing!

      • Thanks Helen for that thought provoking link. Like you editor, I thought the priest commentator (Fr. Gerry Murray, I think) was great in his clear thinking. I couldn’t help wondering if there is even ONE such priest in the whole of Scotland? I doubt it. Even with goodwill, our priests have been so woefully formed, especially in the last few decades, that they wouldn’t have the knowledge necessary. Mind you, there’s nothing to stop them, like Helen and Gabriel Syme, (our young contributors), from making their own investigations. The documents are all out there for them to access.

    • Ludicrous, Wendy. Diabolical, ludicrous, crazy, you name it.

      Brings to mind the proverb: whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

      Mad, indeed. Big-time!

    • Wendy

      Thanks for that link. My opinion is that the people who think up this kind of perverse thing should be charged and tried as child abusers. Preventing hate crime is just their excuse for talking filth to little children and polluting their innocent minds. They should all be sent to prison.

      • Athanasius,

        In my Walter Mitty moments, that’s exactly what I believe will happen at some moment in the future, when sanity is restored.

        • This just makes me furiously angry. Having 5 very young grandchildren who are a delight in their innocence, I cannot understand that the teaching union are prepared to destroy that innocence in the name of prevention of so called hate crime. I hope there will be an option to withdraw children from any participation in this evil nonsense.

          • Elizabeth,

            I couldn’t agree more. I, too, have young great nieces and nephews who are beautifully innocent and it is outrageous to think that these professional child abusers are getting away with poisoning their young minds. My 4 year old Great-Niece recently said that she’s changed her mind about marrying one of her brothers (!) and, instead, wanted to marry her friend (another little girl)! I immediately thought, goodness, if she said that in a nursery school context, they would immediately presume the worst and groom her accordingly. Incredible! She, obviously, doesn’t know what “marriage” is, any more than she knows what it means to be a city banker, but these diabolically driven idiots haven’t got that much common sense.

            I seriously doubt, though, that parents will be allowed to remove children from these grooming sessions. And those few parents who make a fuss may find themselves with social workers attached, due to the children being considered in danger of brainwashing (ironically)

            There was an article in The Times some years ago, which I cut out and kept for ages, before giving it to a colleague, a concerned parent, when sex-education was being promoted and he (not a Catholic) didn’t like the idea one bit. In the article, the author argued that those who wish to “sex-educate” children, show the same characteristics as paedophiles. That is, they wish to open children’s minds to that aspect of life, and that is not a healthy attitude for any adult to display. I agree.

        • Editor

          It surely will. But what will bring the sanity back into society? I fear it will be a divine and terrifying intervention.

  47. I see that the man known as Pope Francis has banned Fra Matthew Festing from Rome for the duration of the election to replace him as head of the Order of Malta. This after havibg told him he could stand for re-election!

    It all resembles one of those sensational novels John Buchan called ‘penny dreadfuls’.

  48. The Society of St Pius X has released a new website to cover news, information and analysis pertaining to The Church.

    The new website replaces the former “DICI” website. (At least for now, typing in the old DICI address will now take you to the new website.)

    I have only had a quick look thus far, but it looks to be a big improvement on DICI, with a modern and accessible layout:

  49. I thought this brief article, by Fr Alain Lorans SSPX, was excellent.

    Its called “Journey of a Catholic Who is Not Confused”

    Dated 14/04/17.

    Georges never was a confused Catholic. Today he is certain of one thing: despite all the criticisms, he was right to follow Abp. Lefebvre, who handed on what he himself had received.

    In late August of 1976, Georges attended the Mass in Lille, France, that announced to the whole world Abp. Lefebvre’s battle for Tradition. His pastor had threatened him: “You are following a rebel bishop who celebrates a forbidden Mass.”

    In 1988, he went to the episcopal consecrations in Ecône, and his pastor, whose Mass he had stopped attending, warned him: “You are all schismatics, you and your bishops.” When he celebrated his wedding in Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet in Paris, his pastor assured him that he was not married. He usually went to confession to a priest at that church, and his pastor told him that he would do just as well to go see a female social worker, because that priest could not absolve sins any more than she could.

    In 2007, Georges learned that the Tridentine Mass had never been abolished and that for thirty years he had not been attending a forbidden Mass.

    In 2009, despite the thundering accusations of his pastor, the bishop who had confirmed his children was not excommunicated.

    As of 2015, the priest who hears his confession does so validly, something that Georges never doubted but that ought to reassure his pastor—maybe so much that he himself might come to Saint-Nicolas for confession….

    This month he learned that the priest who married him validly is not obliged to marry him again, which certainly will enable his pastor to congratulate him, a few decades late…

    Georges never was a confused Catholic. Today he is certain of one thing: despite all the criticisms, he was right to follow Abp. Lefebvre, who handed on what he himself had received.

    I daresay those few paragraphs would have bile rising in the throat of any modernist who reads them. Good.

    Editor – might this short article make it into a future edition of “Catholic Truth”? Perhaps it might cause a few fence-sitters to finally come down on the right side of things.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      I read Georges’ story some time ago (when the SSPX mailings arrive in my inbox) and really, it is not exactly breaking news. There were plenty of people like Georges – our Miss McMoneypenny’s father, RIP, being the one who springs to MY mind because he was the first person I ever knew who saw the situation for what it was/is immediately and actually went in search of the TLM, physically, until he found the SSPX Mass in Glasgow.

      As for “fence sitters” – I no longer believe that there ARE any fence-sitters. There are plenty of people who realise something is not quite right, and especially since Papa Francis came among us, but they are really perfectly happy in the main. They’re fine with the new Mass (will openly admit to preferring it to the old) and there are some who will attend both old and new – those who are regulars at one of the TLMs in Glasgow, for example, are perfectly OK with both Masses. They consider themselves to be traditional Catholics because they (1) attend the TLM and (2) criticise Pope (The Modernist) Francis. Tragic, really.

      And, in fact, although I would certainly be happy to give consideration to publishing Georges story, there won’t BE any “fence sitters” on our mailing list after the May edition goes out. Both clerical and lay, they are all being wiped from our mailing list. If I have an email address for them, we will automatically transfer them to the email list but beyond that, it’s entirely up to them whether they go to the trouble of finding us online and reading the newsletter there. From July onwards, our hard copy will address the truly “informed Catholic” – the half-baked variety, will be long gone!

      For your interest, the May edition is now back from the printers, so once we have organised the distribution, it will be out in the post in good time for the beginning of the Month of Mary.

  50. Please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Be. Gerard Nichols of the SSPX who died last evening. Brother had been stationed in Ireland for the past number of years and had been gravely ill with an inoperable tumour for the last months of his life. Please also pray for his brother Fr. Nichols, a priest of the Society, and all the family.

    • Spiritus

      I will certainly pray for the repose of the soul of Br. Nichols. Is Fr. David Nichols his brother? I knew a Fr. David Nichols very well when he was stationed in the UK some years ago.

      • Yes. That is correct. Fr. David Nichols was also stationed in Ireland until 2010. They are twins and were very difficult to tell apart.

  51. Spritus

    Thanks for that confirmation. It’s so very sad for Fr. David Nichols, I’ll pray for him as well.

  52. Apparently Fra Festing of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta has recovered his spine:

    And here is an intriguing tidbit halfway into the article:

    “The anonymously written paper also claims that the Vatican is supportive of Boeselager and the order’s wealthy German members partly because it is cash poor and relying on outside financial help.

    “The German bishops practically control the Vatican because they are so rich and the Vatican so poor,” the author stated. “Indeed, the Vatican is constantly in danger of becoming insolvent and is easily manipulated by the German bishops.”

    We’ve noted before that Pope Francis is the puppet of the German episcopate, but the question remains, what is the motivation for the Germans to destroy the Faith and the Church, using Francis as their hatchet man?

      • Editor,

        Perhaps all this “Modernism” is just a cover for greed! That’s right, John XXIII, open those windows of the Church and let in some fresh……..

  53. Editor

    Can it really be a former Tory MP has to resign as a candidate in The General Election because, speaking in a joint Anglican and Catholic College, says that homosexuality is wrong? Surely something is wrong here?

    • St Martin,

      In response to post I’ve now deleted, saying original comment did not appear…

      I’ve checked all my folders and there are no unpublished comments from you lurking anywhere. So, I really don’t understand what you mean.

      I can see that you have corrected the first comment dated today at 6.30 pm, so I take it I can now delete that one and the next one asking why your last comment has not appeared?

      Signed, Puzzled, Glasgow…

      • Dear Puzzled Glasgow

        When I posted number 2 post the 1sr post was NOT showing, and it only appeared on screen after I posted post 2. I hope that helps you.

        • St Martin,

          Not really, but, hey, I’m a simple gal! The Wonders of WordPress are for greater minds than mine! 😀

          I’ve now deleted your previous comments, enquiring about the Wonders of WordPress…

    • You watched it? I wouldn’t. Nearly every film with a “religious” theme nowadays is out to make a mockery of the Catholic Church and Catholic beliefs. If people refused to attend or otherwise support such films the producers wouldn’t be long in getting the message. Unfortunately, though many no longer think or behave as Catholics should.

      • I did come across a film called “doubt” which dealt with the subject of clerical sexual abuse, and I found it fairly OK. A mother superior feels that the curate is a little too friendly with one of the altar servers. It turns out that the server is going through a bad time and the curate is prepared to offer a listening ear. The film does not come to any definite conclusions regarding whether the suspicion is founded or unfounded. There is no wicked anti clerical agenda: it’s simply an observation of how religious men and women can behave at times.

        • 1:55:23
          Doubt (2008) Full-Movie [HD]
          YouTube – Oct 28, 2016
          If anyone’s interested

          • Spiritus,

            I don’t like the sound of “Doubt” either. I think you were right in your first post when you said you wouldn’t watch these films because “Nearly every film with a “religious” theme nowadays is out to make a mockery of the Catholic Church and Catholic beliefs.”

            Even if they seem to be dealing with a sensitive issue for no bad reasons, it’s unsavoury stuff. To leave the suspicion hanging in the air is reason enough for me not to watch it. It sounds like Doubt is just one more way of subtly attacking the Catholic priesthood.

            • Well I did see that film as it happens and did not think it was Anti Catholic or Anti clerical at all. In my opinion it was an intriguing exploration of doubt and the corrosive effects of suspicion. Excellent acting from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep, sorry editor I know you don’t like her! There were no explicit sex scenes and the viewer is left to make up his own mind as to the guilt or otherwise of the priest and of the crisis of faith/vocation of the nun. There were a lot of unanswered questions at the end but I would not write it off as unsuitable viewing.

                • Elizabeth

                  My original reply disappeared but two later posts didn’t!

                  I don’t think Calvary was a good film, but I don’t think it was anti-Catholic. I think it was meant to be a social commentary on Irish society with the priest used to link the various troubled characters. How accurate a comment it was I cannot say as I don’t live there. (It was hardly a quality production or script, though.)

                  Likewise, I saw “Doubt” as a play on Broadway, and again I think it was about matters other than the Church itself.

                  “Feel good” films are that and probably provide no-one with an insight into anything to do with the Church, but I guess they will always be taken lightly anyway.

                  We are foolish to think even if the media – of any kind – offer a critique of The Church they are anti-Catholic. The Church is not above criticism or public scrutiny.

                  Many blogs are more critical of The Church, and its leadership, and their fellow Catholics than is anything on screen or on the broadcast media.

              • Elizabeth,

                My problem with these films about Catholic priests and nuns is, why is it that a film maker would choose to focus on that one issue, child abuse, when – by any reckoning – other institutions, Protestant ministers, are by far and away the biggest offenders in this area. Why spend all that money and energy making a film on this one subject, always focused on the Catholic priesthood? I don’t care how well they dressed it up as an “exploration” blah blahm I do not believe they have a good motivation for making such a film. One way or another, whether by direct accusations or explicit stuff or whether by leaving the viewer undecided, not sure if this is a good or bad priest, they undermine, if not openly attach, Christ’s Church.

                Why not “explore” the beauty of life in a monastery, or the beauty of a traditional seminary, or the beauty of a solid Catholic family, all fully believing? Why only make films/write books on the “doubts” and the “suspicions” etc.

                If I choose to watch a film about priests and nuns, I really don’t want it to be unedifying. If I want suspicion and doubts, I’ll go for a good detective story, not a story about Catholic priests.

                But then, as I keep telling you all, I really am a very VERY simple gal 😀

                • I would agree with you on the whole and one can think of “feel good” films such as Bing Crosby’s The Bells of St Mary’s for example. Cannot imagine that being made today. However I think there is a fascination with things Catholic in a way that there is not with say the Anglican Church. There is the Vicar of Dibly, and Grantchester which focus on C of E clergy but they are no more than superficial entertainment and of course I suppose there is Father Ted which I have only seen glimpses of. Not my sort of humour. But anything of real depth, because of this curiosity or even unhealthy fascination, think Philomena or the Magdalen Laundries will more than likely be in a Catholic setting. Now this may be the case that the film makers are driven by Anti Catholic motives but I think too that it is because of the contrast between what the Church is and stands for and the failings at times of its members and clergy. It is because it is so shocking that it has dramatic potential, because the priests and religious are vowed to lives of celibacy that when they fall it is more interesting than if a married Protestant clergyman fell by the wayside. The world and the media still have a fascination with the spiritual. So why not more films about good topics? There was the excellent documentary on Worth Abbey a few years ago but not much else. Good news is not news I suppose.
                  However I still maintain that Doubt is worth seeing because I think it was an honest film. It looked at several examples of human dilemmas such as whether the mother of the possibly abused child should have acted as she did. It was not just about the priest and the nun. Not an easy watch because it left me wondering just how I would have acted in the circumstances. And I think if a film can challenge the viewer that is a sign of a well made worthwhile drama.
                  If one just wants light entertainment there is always Midsomer Murders to fall back on!

                  • Elizabeth,

                    I think you make good points about the film industry fascination with the Catholic Church, priests and nuns. You know the saying that hypocrisy is the tribute that virtue pays to vice – well, I think that is kind of what is going on here. People know fine well that the teaching of the Church is right and that God has high standards which he expects us to reach, with the help of his grace, of course. So, when a priest falls from grace, it’s big news and it does “fascinate” as you say. It really is a tacit admission that the Catholic Church is the true Church, even if the film makers don’t actually realise it themselves.

                    So, well said, you!

                  • Elizabeth,

                    “If one just wants light entertainment there is always Midsomer Murders to fall back on!”

                    Not to mention “Murder She Wrote”! 😀

                  • Elizabeth

                    I only watched “Calvary” because of the post here by Wendy(?). It wasn’t anti- catholic in any sense but the priest was the link used to connect a series of complex, troubled, characters. I think It was more a commentary on Ireland than the Church. (However, I cannot say how accurate that social commentary was as I don’t live there.)

                    I have only seen Doubt, on stage on Broadway, and again it was not about the Catholic Faith, as such.

                    It is a mistake to see any film, or play, which offers some sort of critique of people, who happen to be Catholic, or who are active in The Church, as being an attack on The Church.

                    Likewise, it would be foolish to think that any thinking person will take their view of the Church of The Church from run of the mill films starring nice Catholic figures with actors like Bing Crosby.

                    Many blogs are more critical of The Church, and fellow Catholics, than is anything on the screen or the other broadcast media.

                • This simple gal has just posted a long reply to your comment which seems to have disappeared!

                    • Elizabeth,

                      That IS a mystery – I’ve been away from my computer all day, so I had no idea I was missing all this excitement – comments disappearing into thin air/cyberspace and then returning…

                      Puzzles us simple gals, no end!

                    • Bloggers will note that they never make films/plays reflecting the lives of the Catholic saints and/or martyrs. They always produce things that undermine the Church, the priesthood and religious life in some respect or other. This they call honest critique. Hypoctes! I wouldn’t watch any of their negatively slanted productions.

    • Wendy

      I just read that plot for that film and it is horrible. I wouldn’t watch it if they paid me.

  54. (Posting this here as I don’t think there is an active SSPX thread currently)

    Bishop Alain Planet of Carcassone Diocese has acted on the recent Ecclesia Dei letter regarding SSPX Marriages.

    The Bishop has given unrestricted delegation to Society priests to conduct marriages in Society chapels in his territory and the Diocese will record these marriages in its registers.

    Additionally, he has instructed his Parish priests to delegate their ordinary powers to Society priests wishing to use Diocesan Churches for weddings, if this is what the couple to be wed desire (just as Parish priests would happily let any other visiting priest conduct a marriage in their parish Church).

    While this is just another example of the mainstream Church “catching up” with what the SSPX has always said – that the marriages conducted by its priests are valid – this is welcome news and seems to be a generous response “without a catch” by the Bishop.

    Hopefully his example will make it more difficult for any spiteful modernist Bishop to do otherwise.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      That’s great news. I hope other bishops follow that good bishop’s example.

    • A second French Bishop – Dominique Rey of the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon – has now recognised the ability of SSPX priests to celebrate valid marriages.

      He has implemented a protocol to govern communications and creation of records, between the SSPX and the Diocesan authorities.

      Essentially it seems that the SSPX will annually send a copy of its records of marriages to the Diocese, except in the case where a Diocesan Church is used for the ceremony, whereupon the parish register will record the marriage.

      I look forward to the Archdiocese of Glasgow implementing similar provisions and abandoning its policy of pretending the local SSPX Chapel does not exist. (And furnishing the local SSPX with a suitably large, non-modernistic Church building to use).

      • Gabriel Syme,

        A gentleman at Mass, not on the internet, said he had been told that, to appease these apparently friendly bishops, the Society is agreeing to ask permission to perform marriages. I told him that that was not my understanding, but I would try to find out more detail.

        Anyone know anything about this? My reading of the situation is that the Society will send records of marriages conducted, without prior permission from the local bishop – that’s all.

        Am I (yet again….) right? 😀

        • Editor,

          I re-read the decree Bishop Rey has issued and my interpretation is as follows:

          At the start of the declaration, (Article 2), the Bishops says that SSPX priests will have the necessary power to conduct marriages in his Diocese (from the date of signing). For me, this amounts only to the Bishop properly recognising his clerical brethern.

          Then in Article (3) the communication between the parties is described as follows:

          1) SSPX priest writes to the Diocese to inform (that word is used specifically) the Chancellor he intends to perform a marriage involving these persons, at this location, on this date.

          2) The Diocese replies with a document attesting (again that word is used specifically) that Fr ABC SSPX will carry out a marriage with its territory at the stated place and time.

          And ultimately the marriage will be recorded in the Diocesan records, via a mechanism which depends on where it took place (a Society Chapel or Diocesan Church).

          From what I remember of my own marriage preparations, this is a standard procedure which also applies to Diocesan priests and visiting priests.

          It stands to reason that, as part of the Church, SSPX priests would follow the same procedures within the Diocese as laid out by the local Ordinary.

          So if some regard this as “asking permission” – it is not the SSPX grovelling to the local ordinary, but simply them informing the territorial authority of their intention to conduct a marriage, just the same as any other priest must do.

          Bishops must be kept in the loop, as it were, because sometimes they are called on to make rulings on marriages (such as granting disposition to marry a non-Catholic) and it is also their duty to ensure that there is a mechanism in place to ensure the couple are properly prepared to be married.

  55. The whateveritis thing in Belgium usually known as the mainstream Church has another gross betrayal to add to its glittering list of achievements (catechisms including cartoons showing you how to molest your own children; a cardinal who covers up Archiepiscopal child rape, etc.): this time, the religious order which supplies the country with 5,000 of its mental health beds has decided that its commitment to the sanctity of life includes making euthanasia provision available to its “clients”.

    The mainstream Church is more and more a paganistic caricature, a hideous and devilish entity staffed by devils.

    • Benedict,

      Hopefully the heads of the order in question will be the first in line to make use of these new “services”.

  56. I chanced upon this story about a Catholic High School in Falkirk (I cant read it all, as you need a membership to do so):

    A HEAD teacher has apologised to his pupils after leaflets describing homosexuality as “intrinsically disordered” and “fundamentally dangerous” were made available to pupils on campus.

    The materials, entitled “The Church and same sex attraction”, were found by senior students at St Mungo’s High School in Falkirk last week.

    The Roman Catholic school has now removed all copies of the leaflets produced by publishing firm the Catholic Truth Society and an investigation is thought to be underway to find out where they came from.

    I don’t see why any apology is needed over these benign leaflets.

    That homosexual behaviour is intrinsically disordered is simply what biological science says about it. Two same-sex bodies are not physically or biologically compatible. Its a simple fact any child of 12 or 13 could tell you from their biology class.

    Why are Catholic teachers bowing to the bogus idea that this is somehow controversial?

    As for “fundamentally dangerous” – well, if its not so, then why is the Scottish taxpayer now having to fund daily medication (“prep”) for men who wish to indulge in homosexual behaviour, to try to reduce their likelihood of catching HIV?

    Otherwise healthy people do not need to take daily preventative medication, if their behaviour is not dangerous to health.

    Bishops and teachers should stop being such spineless jellyfish and stand up for the truth.

    The Herald newspaper (a rag) is notoriously anti-Catholic and I suspect it is exaggerating the story – it seems to be the only outlet reporting it – but even so it is concerning to hear talk of “apologies” and “investigations”.

    • Wendy,

      I always pity these poor people who are encouraged to take unnecessary hormones and mutilate their bodies, under the delusion that it will turn them into something they are not and can never be.

      Such people are, clearly, as mad as a box of frogs and need compassionate help to reconcile themselves with reality. But instead today’s world encourages them to dress in drag and undergo unnecessary surgeries.

      They become tragic figures, a good many of whom regret their actions and/or attempt suicide. Although they are obviously troubled individuals, they must have lucid moments when they can appreciate how ridiculous the whole business is.

      They deserve so much better from society, than to be encouraged to persevere under a delusion. If a man thought he was a dog, he would not be told to put on a fur coat and travel around on all fours. Yet, that is no more absurd than a man thinking he is a woman.

      Its bizarre also how it often seems to be heavily built, strapping men who believe that false breasts, a wig and an ill-fitting dress will magically turn them into a woman.

      We can but hope & pray our society will eventually recognise true compassion is to offer the help such people need, not to encourage them down the road of delusion.

    • John Hopkins Hospital here in the U.S. was an early adopter of gender reassignment surgery, but they stopped performing the surgery. Their reason for reversing course was based on the realization that the surgery did no good in helping people cope with their personal difficulties – and as the surgery amounted to mutilating otherwise healthy organs, it could not be medically justified.

      Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a mental disorder that merits treatment, that sex change is biologically impossible, and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. McHugh compared the disorder to that of a dangerously thin person suffering anorexia who looks in the mirror and thinks he is overweight.

      Per McHugh:
      * The suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people.
      * Studies of children who had expressed transgender feelings spontaneously lose those feelings 70%-80% of the time.

      “’Sex change’ is biologically impossible,” said McHugh. “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”


  57. I appear to have been banned. I don’t know why. The Editor says she doesn’t post on moderated blogs as her views don’t get aired there. Interesting….

    • Martin, to my knowledge only a first post goes into moderation however, WordPress are notorious for “losing” posts, so don’t take it personally.

        • Editor

          Two posts disappeared and two appeared. The “disappeared” appeared hours later. I note, now, Elizabeth had the same problem and she, too, flagged it up, and she received a more sympathetic response. (She both spoke about wordpress and simple gals. I am a simple guy!

  58. Heads up…
    Catholic Womens Ordination are having a meeting in September 2017 in a Catholic Church.
    Having dealt with this organisation, they do not believe in Persona Christi!
    How could a Catholic Church allow such a group to use the premises? Thanks be to God that the group of trendy liberals are aging. As you know our young Catholics (such as myself) are far more orthodox than the Spirit of Vatican II types.

    CWO Annual Gathering 2017 – Saturday 30th September 2017
    11.00am – 5.00pm
    St Nicholas of Tolentino R.C. Church

    Just as they organised campaigns for Benedict’s UK visit and show up at the annual Chrism Mass and Vocations Sunday at Westminster Cathedral, could we not organise a campaign during their annual meeting??

    • Michael,

      I’m certainly willing to give it serious consideration, as long as you’re paying for the Cokes and hamburgers afterwards!

    • Michael

      To organise a campaign against these butch women would only serve to give them an importance they do not deserve. It is clear that the priest of that parish is not a Catholic, and I have my doubts also about his bishop. This is the problem in the Church right now, too many heretical clerics going unchecked by the hierarchy. Just look at the infamous Mgr. Basil Loftus. Signs of the times, Michael, though you are right to say that the tide is turning. The younger generation are rejecting these old hippies and returning to the faith of their fathers, and that is a miraculous work of God. Try writing to the local bishop to complain and see what response you get, if any. I have a feeling you’ll get the rubber ear, as they say in Glasgow.

      • You’re right Athanasius. Bishop Declan Lang allowed his own cathedral to be used for a feminist event featuring ‘bishopesses’ of other denominations. A report can be found here:-
        If he allows his own cathedral to be used for such things, I can’t see him stopping similar events in parishes within his diocese. The name St Nicholas of Tolentino rings a bell. I’m sure that parish had a problem with the Neocatechumenate sect a while back. I’m not sure if they still hold sway there. It seems to have had more than its fair share of problems, that parish . . .

        • PS People could try writing to the new Papal Nuncio about this CWO event – has anyone had any dealings with him yet?

          • WF,

            Apart from the fact that we send him the newsletter (or have done until this edition – he won’t receive it in future) none of us at CT have written to him.

            Michael might try doing that and reporting back any reply he receives.

      • > The younger generation are rejecting these old hippies and returning to the faith of their fathers, and that is a miraculous work of God.

        Spot on: as the dissidents who inflicted fratricidal revolution on the Catholic Church starting in the 1960s die out, no new iconoclasts are stepping in to fill their shoes. Perhaps when enough of those who are committed to the “reform” visited on us by individuals who indulged in unmitigated hubris, willful deceit, and/or unthinking rage are out of the picture, the business of cleaning up the awful mess they caused can be properly carried out.

        • Wurdesmythe

          Couldn’t agree more. The days of the hippie cleric are numbered; the faith will be restored.

    • Westminster Fly,

      I read that last night – its a great interview with Neumayr.

      I liked him referring to the “trendy and empty Catholicism” as advanced by the “flakes and frauds” of the modern Jesuit Order.

      Also his criticism of the out of control clericalism of Francis, who (ab)uses his position to promote his own political views, not Church teaching.

      A very refreshing read. Amazing to think that the Guardian newspaper (of all publications) used to print a column by Neumayr!

    • Theresa Rose,

      Priceless! Thanks for posting that cartoon – as you say, tradition is a great thing when it suits! And it doesn’t suit modernist “Catholics”.

    • WF,

      Brilliant news. I’ve posted it on our website homepage. Alleluia!

      The voting poll is currently showing 25% will not accept Pope Francis’ (correct, for once) judgement on Medjugorje but will continue to rebel against it! Idiots!

      • It was perhaps a bit premature. This news – if it is true – is appalling. It would appear that the Commission have apparently overlooked all the lies and falsehoods that occurred during the initial phase of the so-called ‘apparitions’. But it does say that the CDF doesn’t accept the report, which is something. But the Medj brigade will now hang onto this for ever more. Very sad. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

    • I saw that yesterday Westminster Fly, it was very welcome but I was less impressed when I saw the Catholic Heralds take on it.

      Although Francis says “This is not the Mother of Jesus” he seemed to leave the door open for the pantomime to continue:

      Despite his doubts, the Pope said the ‘spiritual and pastoral facts cannot be denied: people go there and convert’

      Which begs the question, what is it that the people who go there are converting to, given he also stated that the apparitions are not genuine.

      As with Amoris Laetitia, Francis’ statement on this seems to allow for a diversification of Catholic beliefs which can only be a bad thing. The Church will only continue to decline if everyone has their own personal magisterium.

      In any case, if both the Pope and local ordinary(s) have all stated that this is bogus then allowing it to continue only cheapens and undermines genuine apparitions.

    • RCA Victor,

      That is absolutely shocking and if Catholic parents do not rise up in horror at it, then they cannot, under any circumstances, claim to be Catholics at all. Ditto those supposedly Catholic educators. Catholic Education today is the biggest fraud out there.

    • Shocking diabolical stuff. The bishops are doing this in the hope that they will stop the bullying of ‘gay’ children in Catholic schools. It is inevitable that a child who identifies as a degenerate will be bullied by the normal children. Surly the best way to stop bullying is to prevent children from becoming degenerates in the first place! There was no gay bullying in the school I went to as a lad, simply because there were no gay children! Any boy who behaved in a feminine and sissified manner was called a nancy or a woofter, and other such names, and this was a definite social deterrent from becoming homosexual in the first place.

      • Editor,

        This poster is obviously a troll; it’s probably the likes of Garry Otton – who has haunted this board before – or someone similar

          • What on earth possesses you to think this?

            I think it was the stuff about ‘chem trails’ and teletubbies, which I thought were pretty odd posts.

            Nevertheless, please accept my apologies for taking the wrong impression of you.

            All the best,

        • Gabriel Syme,

          NWO is really not a troll – he’s definitely not Garry Otton or his like; honest!

          Stop putting that stuff in your tea!

          • Stop putting that stuff in your tea!

            Understood Editor!

            (I will reserve it for my coffee from now on 😉 )

      • NWO,

        In fact, the Bishops are NOT “doing this in the hope that they will stop the bullying of ‘gay’ children in Catholic schools” – the Bishops, or at least the majority of them, if not quite all (thinking of Bishops Egan and Davies) effectively promote the LGBT agenda as this praise from the LGBT lobby confirms

        Of course, children should be taught not to bully anyone, not to name call or use features of anyone’s personality or appearance to bully or upset them, so I think we’d all agree that it was and is never right to call anyone the unkind names quoted in your comment of 11.41. am.

        However, the claim to oppose / take action against “homophobic” bullying is simply another way of giving approval and support to this unhealthy and immoral behaviour. The Bishops are causing huge scandal by publishing this document.

        The Bishops should be opposing all sorts of bullying by emphasising preaching and teaching on Christian charity, and they should kill the same bird with the same stone of preaching and teaching about purity and God’s will for the proper use of sexual activity within a lifelong marriage between one man and one woman.

        • Editor

          I couldn’t agree more. By singling out this one issue the bishops are capitulating to the agenda.

  59. I have always thought the children’s television programme the Teletubbies was diabolic and was designed by the God-hating, liberal BBC with the goal of indoctrinating children with postmodern gender ideology. There is an epidemic of homosexuality, transexualism and various other perversions among young people today, which were rarely found in previous generations. I always thought the teletubby Tinkywinky was male, but he also carries a handbag, and he is purple, the colour of the homosexual movement. If you don’t believe me, then just look at his antenna… it is an upside down triangle, a symbol of the sodomy movement. A male who has a handbag is a very confusing role model for young boys, and it could contribute to them developing into homosexuals, especially if their father is liberal and and absent from the boy’s life, and whose parenting style consists of putting the child in front of the television all day instead of doing traditional manly activities with the boy such as angling and football.

    A neighbour whose child is now 22 years old was often seen carrying a toy version of the teletubby dipsy when she was a a little girl. This woman now identifies as ‘non-binary’, which means she does not identify as male or female. This is truly diabolic. No doubt the Teletubbies had a role in causing her to be so utterly confused. The teletubbies are gender-bending ideologues. They are androgynous, genderless heathens bent on the destruction of Western Civilisation and the Christian moral order. Do not let your children watch television unaccompanied. Do not give them gender non-conforming toys.

    • NWO,

      I think we get the message now, so I suggest we leave the Teletubbies and your neighbour to their own devices now.

      Your warning to parents to protect their children from adverse influences and not to let them watch TV alone is welcome.

    • Fantastic news. Russia must be consecrated, it is the only way we can avoid chastisement. The Russkies could have anhilated us during the Cold War, but God stopped it, but his wrath is building up, and he will not hold it in for much linger.

    • Thanks for the link WF, I have now signed it.

      Shame it only has ~5.5k signatures so far – but I know why. Before coming to tradition, I had never even heard of Fatima, let alone knew “the issues” surrounding it.

      I expect many (most?) people in the modern Church will have no awareness of the apparitions and Fatima message .

    • Pat,

      Thank you for posting that beautiful hymn to my Guardian Angel.

      When Guardian Angels are mentioned I always think of the gentleman whose letter I published in the newsletter some years ago; he had asked his Parish Priest if the hymn to the Guardian Angel could be sung at his mother’s funeral, only to receive a sharp “no, it’s not appropriate” type of response. He then turned indignantly and …. fell up the stairs he’d obviously forgotten were there! 😀

      Never underestimate the power to protect (or not!) of your Guardian Angel!

    • Oh it is years since I heard that lovely hymn! Thank you so much for posting it. It just makes me sad that our lovely Catholic heritage is being lost…

  60. Aye, I’m sure many of us have been there. Thought we had ‘discovered ourselves’, that we were ‘captain of our ship and master of our soul’ – only to get torpedoed!

    • Comment deleted.

      Editor: this comment was deleted in error. Apologies.
      NWIC – in the context of the comments about the hymn to the Guardian Angel – made the point that only Latin hymns should be permitted in Mass. The following, from the Sacred Congregation for Rites, shows this not to be the case – this from before Vatican II:

      The Sacred Congregation for Rites published an Instruction entitled “De musica sacra et sacra liturgia,” on September 3, 1958.

      Regarding music at Low Mass, the instruction states:

      “At low Mass the faithful who participate directly in the liturgical ceremonies with the celebrant by reciting aloud the parts of the Mass which belong to them must, along with the priest and his server, use Latin exclusively. But if, in addition to this direct participation in the liturgy, the faithful wish to add some prayers or popular hymns, according to local custom, these may be recited or sung in the vernacular.”

      My own memories of singing at Mass: during Communion we would follow our wonderful choir and organist, by singing Panis Angelicus and Ave Maria. At the end of Mass we would sing a hymn in the vernacular, and in this way, doctrine was “driven home” so to speak. I can’t recall if we sang any other vernacular hymns during Mass, but possibly after Communion we’d sing the old favourite “O Sacrament Most Holy…” – can’t recall. Hymns which teach doctrine are to be welcomed. They reinforce Catholic belief and develop devotion. I consider them to have been a major influence in my own development in the Faith.

      • I too remember the vernacular hymns we used to sing after Mass, and I miss them very much. I can’t understand why this practice is one which has been forgotten, or indeed by some seems to be despised, for some reason. We have never sung them after SSPX Masses, in fact the only hymns they sing are in Latin. It really does annoy me – it’s as if singing in the vernacular were non-Catholic!

        • Therese,

          I think that reluctance to include vernacular hymns comes from a false belief that only Latin hymns were sung prior to Vatican II. The SSPX bishops and priests are too young to remember before Vatican II, and they sometimes (especially if they were/are under the influence of the more Calvinist-type Catholics) presume that things were much stricter than they actually were in various ways and this is one example.

          I remember speaking to a couple of Society priests about this a few years back, and telling them we were brought up with the vernacular hymns after Mass, that is, at the end of Mass (which they now call “recessional hymns, in the parishes, snobs that they are!) and that these hymns drove home key dogmas and devotions. We do now sing vernacular hymns at the end of Mass, depending on which priest, since one of our priests tells me he has no objection to the hymns but can’t sing, himself, so can’t kick-start them!

        • At my SSPX chapel we sing English hymns during the processional at the start of Mass. During the recessional there’s a mix: sometimes we sing a hymn in English, sometimes a Latin hymn (e.g. the SSPX alma mater “Sancte Pie Decime” a few times a year), and sometimes the organist plays a lovely solo piece (if I knew anything about music I could gives the titles of the compositions).

          • Wurdesmythe,

            That’s what I remember before the Council, a hymn in the vernacular beginning and end, and sometimes a Latin hymn instead, but mostly vernacular hymns at the start and end of Mass. It was lovely. Singing the old hymns kept the dogma in our heads and our hearts were uplifted in singing them. St Augustine said that to sing is to pray twice!

            • In Scotland Sunday Low Masses often had four vernacular hymns, at the Entrance, the Offertory, Communion and at the end of Mass. I’ve attended SSPX Sunday Masses in Ireland and America where this was also the case. I believe that in many countries, like Germany and Poland, the singing of vernacular hymns during Sunday Mass was very common. After all, with most churches having five or six Masses on a Sunday only one would be a Sung Mass and the others Low, so singing hymns was a way of making it a bit more special than a weekday Mass.

    • RCA Victor,

      I’ve read some of it – very comical as you say; a bit long for me, at the end of a heavy day; However, I will read the rest when I’m done with this important task…

  61. Here’s a ‘heads-up’ for St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, their Feast Day is this coming Sat, 3rd June.

    Who?, you may well ask. Briefly, in darkest Uganda in the 1800s, their village chief was a monster and a prolific homosexual predator – the ‘Idi Amin’ of his day. He wanted to prey on anyone of his choosing and when Charles and his companions refused, they were all burned alive. They had ‘died for their Faith’ and so were canonized on 18 October 1964 by Pope Paul VI.

    They must be turning in their graves at what’s going on in the Church these days!

    • Pat,

      Our local Seminary has a small newly refurbished chapel, quite well done, and one of the new stained glass windows is of St Charles and Companions. I missed the Feast Day, however!

  62. “The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) was kicked out from a chapel of the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland. For ten years the SSPX has held a prayer in reparation for abortion. Now, the director of the hospital decided that abortion must not be questioned within its walls.

    The Swiss district superior of the Society, Fr. Pascal Schreiber, told that abortion kills innocent human life and is a sin. He criticised that ‘nowadays even prayers must be politically correct.'”

    SSPX Source(in French):

  63. In the Good Friday Prayers, it used to be….’let us pray for the perfidious Jews’…. perfidious meaning ‘deliberately faithless; treacherous; deceitful’.

    Nowadays we say…’let us pray for the Jewish people, the first to hear the Word of God’…. surely an example of such political correctness in prayer!

    And wasn’t there a Cardinal in the U.S. some time ago who said that ‘the Jews are no longer in need of conversion’? As soon as there’s any compromise over issues such as this, the plot is lost.

    • ‘Let us pray for the perfidious Jews’…….perfidious meaning ‘deliberately faithless; treacherous; deceitful’.

      This language is appalling, reminiscent of the Nazi propaganda prior to World War II which lead ultimately to ……….the gas chambers!! How can any decent, right thinking person endorse this?

      • As every schoolboy knows, Hitler ‘sent 6 million Jews to the gas chambers’. But he also hated Catholics and Protestants – and sent as many of those there, too. Funny how this isn’t common knowledge.

      • Santiago,

        So, you are saying, then, are you, that the Gospel reports of a plot by the Jews to kill Jesus – for no other reason that the people were following Him and believing in Him – was NOT perfidious… that those Jews were not acting “deliberately”, were not “deceitful (which is what “plotting” suggests) – are you suggesting that they ganged up on Jesus in good faith, innocently trying to do some good – or what?

        Here is a very interesting report from the SSPX Dici website on the changed Good Friday Prayer – worth reading the whole thing, including this final paragraph giving the Dici perspective which is, of course, the traditional Catholic perspective:

        Dici Comment:

        Because of pressure put upon him by people outside the Catholic Church, the pope thought he had to change the venerable Prayer for the Jews which is an integral part of the Good Friday liturgy. This prayer is among the most ancient; it dates back approximately to the 3rd century, and thus has been recited throughout the history of the Church as a full expression of the Catholic faith.

        It is worth noting that Cardinal Kasper’s comments – which we may consider as authorized – make of this amputation a real transformation and the expression of a new theology of the relations with the Jewish people. It is in keeping with the liturgical upheaval which is characteristic of the Council and of the ensuing reforms.

        Though the necessity of accepting the Messiah to be saved has been kept, we can only deeply deplore the change. END.

      • Santiago

        Your outrage is misplaced, dare I say false, charity. The essential part of the prayer for the Jews is not the recognition of their unfortunate rejection of Christ as their Saviour but the enjoining of Christians to pray for their conversion. I fear you view this prayer from a purely human perspective, missing entirely its supernatural intent. Typical of the superficial world in which we live today.

  64. “A steadily increasing number of once unsuspecting Catholics are suddenly realizing that, as we predicted more than two years ago, they are gradually, first with subtle and then with increasing bold changes in the liturgy, being ushered into a humanistic rite of a universal brotherhood meal expressive of the existentialist pantheistic concepts of an illuminated “one-world-religion” preparing the way for a Communist controlled “one-world-government.” – from Father Gommar de Pauw’s letter to Paul VI in 1967.

  65. I may have railed about this before, it’s something I gleaned a while ago from an edition of ‘Christian Order’.

    In 1974, when the Muslims wanted to build their first-ever mosque in the ‘Eternal City’, if there’s one person you would have expected to oppose this, it’s the reigning Pontiff. Instead, he couldn’t have been more accommodating unless he converted to Islam himself!

    • Pat,

      It is a disgrace that Catholic prelates have not raised a peep of protest as mosques and temples have gone up in cities across the western world. As for 1974 – how things have “progressed” with subsequent popes entering synagogues and not even mentioning the Christian imperative: follow Christ if you wish to save your soul.

    • DOTF,

      Thank you for posting that wonderful report on the Chartres Pilgrimage. This year, there was a Scottish Chapter so I’m hoping to get hold of some photos of that group to publish in our newsletter.

  66. So the Anglican Church votes for ceremonies for Gay couples. Where does that leave our church now? Will we continue to cosy up to them? Ecumenical meetings to nothings and impossibles, I’d say. So why bother?

    • Crofterlady,

      The Anglican decision by vote (not divine revelation, note!) to permit homosexual “marriage” leaves the Catholic Church precisely where the Anglican votes on women clergy left it – preaching and teaching the Christian Faith as revealed by Christ and guarding God’s moral law.

      Of course the ecumaniacal clergy and hierarchy/Pope will continue to “cosy up” to them, and as you say, “why bother”; they “bother” because it gives the ILLUSION of action on the Christian unity front. That’s why. The fact that there cannot be “Christian unity” with people who have abandoned Christian beliefs and moral imperatives, seems to have passed them all by.

      Next question?

        • RCA Victor,

          Father James Martin, SJ is a shocking appointment to the Vatican’s department for social communications. It’s getting harder and harder to believe some of Francis’s appointments. Any priest associated with the LGBT agenda should be immediately disbarred from any Church appointment.

  67. Why has my post on the Anglican Church voting for “gay marriages” disappeared?

    • Sorry, Crofterlady, I have no idea why it went into SPAM – but worry not, as soon as I saw your question, I traced it without delay.

  68. I presume the organist at any such farce will be obliged to play a few ‘[crudity removed] notes’…..

    Editor: sorry, Pat, but we try to keep alive the flickering flame of Catholic purity on this blog, albeit that it is no doubt regarded as “extremist” these days.

  69. Perhaps Theresa May would be better off forming a coalition with the SNP, since THEY don’t have any hangups about same-sex ‘marriage’ or a ‘woman’s right-to-choose’.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the DUP stick to their guns over these issues. As Groucho Marx famously said…’I have principles – and if you don’t like them, well I have others’……

    • Pat,

      Let’s not get into any political discussion on this blog, please and thank you. We’ve steered clear of such throughout the election, so we don’t want any animosity now, at this stage. I dislike discussing politics with my fellow Scots – it’s different in England, much more measured, but up here, it’s not pleasant, so let’s avoid it please and thank you!

      What you importantly highlight here, however, is the grave fact that it is now a “given” that everyone is pro-abortion and pro-LGBT “rights”. We see that in the fury about the proposed coalition. Let’s focus, therefore, on how to make clear to all and sundry that it is NOT the case that everyone approves of these evils; that there is no law that requires us all to approve of either or both of these evils, and that we object to the countries of the UK being characterised as if we are all of one mind on issues such as abortion and LGBT etc “rights”. It is disgraceful that politicans and news anchors/journalists routinely talk about “our values” as if nobody dissents from the New Morality. We surely have the right NOT to approve of abortion and LGBT etc “rights” or, unconscionably, are any and all objections now to be classed as “hate speech”?

      It would be worth bloggers emailing or phoning the various radio and TV news stations to lodge objections to the implication or assumption that we are all of one mind on these matters.

      • Editor,

        I have penned a letter to the Prime Minister on this issue. She may (no pun intended) stick it straight in the shredder but it’s worth a shot!

        • Petrus,

          That’s great. I sent a short email to various news outlets (Sky news, STV news, Scotsman newspaper etc and to a few individuals (e.g. Anna Soubry MP / Ruth Davidson MSP) whom I heard expressing “concern” that the DUP is not supporting abortion and “gay rights/same-sex ‘marriage'” (or in Soubry’s case that she “detested” the “views” of those who were not pro-abortion/pro-same-sex marriage) – I wrote:

          According to most media commentators and politicians, it is now a given that everyone in the UK is pro-abortion and pro-LGBT “rights”. This has been communicated clearly in the fury about the proposed coalition with the DUP, as articulated by the Scottish Leader of the Conservative Party, Ruth Davison, who makes no secret of the fact that LGBT “rights” matter more to her than loyalty to her Party.

          In fact, it is NOT the case that everyone approves. Far from it. Indeed, it is highly objectionable to find the media and politicians of the countries of the UK talking about “our values”, thus pretending that we are all of one mind on issues such as abortion and LGBT “rights” Newsflash: some of us dissent, forcefully, from the normalising and legalising of these activities, both of which were categorised by the first Christians as “sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance”.

          Ruth Davison should mind her own business, focus on serving the people of Scotland and avoid giving the impression that she is trying to bully the politicians of the north of Ireland into following the very bad example of the UK legislators in moral matters.

          Yours faithfully,
          Editor, Catholic Truth

          It is worth noting, that while politicians like Ruth Davidson* can say openly that her beliefs about LGBT etc “rights” mean more to her than her political beliefs/Party, those who are questioned about their Christian beliefs never miss the opportunity to say they take SECOND place to their politics. Talk about “diabolical disorientation.” I hope Tim Farron, Lib Dem took note of Davidson’s assertion and hung his weak head in shame.

          * Apologies: realised, too late, that her name should be spelt with a “d” – Davidson (not Davison).

        • Pat,

          Great – keep them rolling in; the news outlets need to hear the prophetic voice of the Church, loud and clear. Well done!

  70. Madame Editor,

    i could not have expressed your sentiments better myself. Well said. If only anybody with any influence were to read them, pick them up and run with them.

    My prediction is that the Great Chastisement, which is now well overdue, will commence on Friday 13th October 2017 – anybody prepared to open a book on this?

    May God have mercy on us all.

    • Leprechaun,

      If I had the money to place a bet, I would definitely open a book on this, LOL!

  71. Ed your comments to Ruth Davidson are 100percent correct but i wonder if that arrogant woman even read them .They are truth and they are correct but I would bet my Granny’s Pension Book she never read a word. That Reprobate Scottish Parliament have shown that what they’re for is Homosexuality, Abortion, Euthanasia, and all other Deviant Behaviour. It just goes to show us all that Homosexuals are even intrinsically wrong in their thought pattern; after all, Politically speaking Davidson needs The D U P as nearly as much as May does. Also it’s a terrible slight on the so called Republican Party for Catholics Sinn Fein who have as much morals as Davidson and of course support The Same SEX thing ( cant call it In my day I was a bit of Rebel like the Plastic Paddies who stand on the slopes of Celtic Park wanting to die for Ireland and visited once and once only, not long after the Hunger Striker Deaths. I was appalled at their even lack of interest for these men in the South. It certainly doesn’t surprise me about Sinn Fein’s policies and without DOUBT had I been In Northern Ireland voting I would have voted D U P. At least they stand up for some Christian Principles something of which there’s absolutely none in that Pagan Scottish Parliament.

    • Hear hear, FOOF, I’d vote for the DUP too. I admire their principles and the way they defend Christianity. To think that none of the Scottish leaders have children and they are mainly self confessed pouffs. It’s a disgrace the way this country, and indeed the world, has gone.

      • Helen,

        If you’ve seen them marching with their anti-Catholic paraphernalia on the Orange Walk year after year, you might think again I’ve just seen the news clip where Ian Paisley Junior was commenting on the DUP coalition and he said “the future’s orange”. It’s being passed off as a joke, because that was an advertising slogan for a mobile phone company at one time, but I don’t think it would be very funny if the DUP were in a position of unequal power in Northern Ireland.

        Fair play to them, though, about their sticking to their pro-life, anti same-sex marriage policies. I hope that doesn’t change. They have put Sinn Fein to shame on those issues.

        • Josephine I agree with you about the Orange Walks and obviously am no fan . As to your bit about Paisley Junior. He was cast last year on Question Time in between Peter Tatchell and another Homosexual ( cannot remember who ) and he put up a good moral fight considering there was also a Sinn Feign member on and the discussion was The Homosexual Get Together Thingy. Paisley was browbeat by the whole panel and the BBC hand picked audience. He did waver a couple of times under the pressure but held his ground saying The Homosexual Get Together Thingy was and always will be against Gods Teaching. Got to give credit where it’s due.

          • Without wanting to breach the “no politics” request, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for the DUP if I could. Their moral stance and stance on Brexit would swing it for me.

            • Petrus,

              You would vote DUP even with that very clear commitment to the Orange Order? I couldn’t do that in conscience, knowing how they mock Catholic dogma, and lampoon the papacy at their walks. It’s not even guaranteed that they will stick to their views on the moral issues, as the liberals are determined to keep fighting to get abortion and homo marriage legalised. I definitely couldn’t vote for an openly anti-Catholic party. I would feel I was denying Our Lord.

              • I don’t know if the party itself is anti-Catholic although I know some of the members certainly are. I think in the fight for morals, the union and Brexit, the unionists could be seen as allies.

                Anyway, it’s all hypothetical since we don’t live in Northern Ireland.

                • Petrus,

                  When one of the top leaders says “the future is orange” I think the Party is obviously anti-Catholic!

                  I also think it is OK to be all for “the union” if you are a Scot living in a country that signed up for the union, but for those who have had their Catholic country partitioned to allow six counties of it to be ruled by a foreign Protestant nation, with people planted then to create a Protestant majority, I think the “union” takes on a whole different colour!

                  However, I’m sure I’m going to be deleted for straying into politics further than the “morals” issue, so I need to add that I do agree that the DUP put the Catholic so-called parties to shame on the moral issues. It’s disgraceful to see Sinn Fein openly espousing immoral policies on social issues like abortion.

            • Petrus

              Neither would I – and passionate as I am about Brexit, it would be on their moral stance alone.

              There’s about as much chance of the “future being orange” as of me flying to the moon.

              • Therese,

                “There’s about as much chance of the “future being orange” as of me flying to the moon.”

                I wouldn’t be so sure about that. One of the major causes of concern today is the fragility of the peace process, so I would not be voting for any son of Ian Paisley who has the temerity to make that quip (with microphones on hand) about the future being orange; at such a sensitive time, that can only be interpreted as provocative, to say the least.

                I’ve written to DUP politicians after discussion programmes like Question Time (and recently to Arlene Foster) to praise and support them and urge them to stand firm with regard to abortion and same-sex “marriage” etc. But – having had personal experience of the anti-Catholic practices over there in the north of Ireland in my youth – I would stop short of voting them into power. Of course, I couldn’t vote for the other lot, either, because they are NOT sound on the moral issues. What a mess! Roll ON the Consecration of Russia.

                Now, here am I breaking my own rule about politics… I’m as bad as the Vatican departments who made liturgical rules only to firstly ignore them and then embrace them – thinking Communion in the hand/EMHC.

                What am I LIKE? A (very) strictly rhetorical question 😀

  72. Speaking of Satan’s final battle, against the family:

    “Why are we here today?” she asked.
    “To make revolution,” they answered.
    “What kind of revolution?” she replied.
    “The Cultural Revolution,” they chanted.
    “And how do we make Cultural Revolution?” she demanded.
    “By destroying the American family!” they answered.
    “How do we destroy the family?” she came back.
    “By destroying the American Patriarch,” they cried exuberantly.
    “And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied.
    “By taking away his power!”
    “How do we do that?”
    “By destroying monogamy!” they shouted.
    “How can we destroy monogamy?”

    Their answer left me dumbstruck, breathless, disbelieving my ears. Was I on planet earth? Who were these people?

    “By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!” they resounded.

    • RCA Victor,

      That’s a really hot article. I am stunned at the sheer nerve of the planning of these feminists. I will try to spread that link far and wide.

    • Damsel of the Faith,

      We celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi on Thursday, 15th June, but a happy belated feast day anyway!

      I like it when we have feast day threads on this blog but not every feast is marked, so it is nice to say “happy Corpus Christi” even if it’s two days later, LOL!

    • DOTF,

      Thank you and a belated happy Feast day to you and yours.

      I had intended to post a thread to mark the Feast of Corpus Christi but, due to a string of appointments that kept me busy all of this past week, I just didn’t get around to it. I’m sure you know the feeling…

  73. Perhaps bloggers can help me with the following question? Are we in the end times? I ask this because of the various disasters etc., which are enfolding before our very eyes. A friend told us that no, this is not so, because we have been told that when the end time happens, ALL THE WORLD WILL KNOW. Is this correct?

    • Helen,

      You do not say anything about the status of the “friend” who said “all the world will know” nor have you given any source for that quote. So we are unable to judge the likely authenticity of his/her statement.

      However, Sr Lucia of Fatima wrote:

      “Father, the Most Holy Virgin did not tell me that we are in the last times of the world, but She made me understand this for three reasons.

      The first reason is because She told me that the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Virgin. And a decisive battle is the final battle where one side will be victorious and the other side will suffer defeat. Hence from now on we must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are for the devil; there is no other possibility.

      “The second reason is because She said to my cousins as well as to myself, that God is giving two last remedies to the world. They are the Holy Rosary and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. These are the last two remedies which signify that there will be no others.

      “The third reason is because in the plans of Divine Providence, God always, before He is about to chastise the world, exhausts all other remedies. Now, when He sees that the world pays no attention whatsoever then, as we say in our imperfect manner of speaking, He offers us with a certain trepidation the last means of salvation, His Most Holy Mother. It is with a certain trepidation because if you despise and reject this ultimate means, we will not have any more forgiveness from Heaven, because we will have committed a sin which the Gospel calls the sin against the Holy Ghost. This sin consists of openly rejecting, with full knowledge and consent, the salvation which He offers. Let us remember that Jesus Christ is a very good Son and that He does not permit that we offend and despise His Most Holy Mother. We have recorded through many centuries of Church history the obvious testimony which demonstrates by the terrible chastisements which have befallen those who have attacked the honor of His Most Holy Mother, how Our Lord Jesus Christ has always defended the honor of His Mother” Source

      It is, in any event, important to remember that the end times may last for a hundred years or more – in God’s eyes, as Scripture tells us, a day is but a thousand years, so whether or not we are in the end times is, in one sense, irrelevant. Especially since we are supposed to live each day as though it were our last. Just a thought!

      • Thank you editor for the very helpful answer.

        The friend in question is a very devout and learned traditional Catholic. She didn’t reveal her source so I will ask her and get back to you.

        • I tend to think that we are not in the end times. Our Lady promised that after the Consecration of Russia there would be a period of peace, followed by the coming of the anti-Christ. Since we have not had the Consecration, or the period of peace, I think we are a while off “the end times”.

  74. Helen

    I wonder if your friend is referring to the now discredited messages of Garabandal? Sounds like it. We do have Our Blessed Lord’s own words telling us that no-one but the Father knows that date and time.

  75. Therese, are you sure that Garabandal has been discredited? I looked it up and it looks like that’s what my friend was referring to.

    • Helen,

      Garabandal is an unapproved phenomenon where the alleged seers walk backwards – always a sign of diabolical activity. Discredited? To say the least.

      I am increasingly perplexed when I discover that, even among our regular bloggers, there are some who follow unapproved “apparitions”. Why? Fatima is clearly the most important event of the 20th century and we are living through its unfolding. Why on EARTH would anyone bother about unapproved “apparitions”? In every case that comes to MY mind, the very least anyone can claim about them is that they are controversial. Why on EARTH, then, I repeat, would any intelligent Catholic bother with them?

  76. Helen

    I will brave Editor’s disapproval by saying that I once gave some credence to Garabandal, although this was before I read some perturbing things which made me re-think. However, even had I not, the fact that Joey Lomangino died without receiving his sight back – one of the “promises” that the vision announced, would have put the tin lid on my scepticism. The fact that some supporters of Garabandal are saying that Joey will have received his sight now so the promise was fulfilled, is beyond risible.

    • Therese,

      I, too, was once a “follower” of Garabandal in that I thought it was credible and I had not yet joined up the Fatima dots, so to speak. I know that I can be hard on people who are still at the stage I was at then, but – in all truth – I wish someone had been hard on me, to save me wasting the time I have wasted on such baseless phenomena. I remember doing something at school about how to judge private apparitions, but obviously I wasn’t paying close enough attention!

    • Prognosticum,

      Thank you for this alert. I waited a couple of hours after first seeing your post, in case anyone responded, but so far nobody has done so. It’s too important to allow this development to disappear on the GD thread, so I have now launched it as a fresh topic. Please, therefore, would anyone who wishes to comment, do so on the new topic thread here

      Thank you.

  77. Are you ready for Rees-Mogg?

    If so, sign this petition encouraging Jacob Rees-Mogg MP to stand for the leadership of the Conservative Party. He is an MP in Somerset.

    I have always had an affinity for him, due to his values, sense of humour and because he is a Catholic who appreciates the latin mass.

    A Monarchist, he is against same sex marriage and says he is “not proud” of it being legal, because it does not align with the Catholic faith and alienates traditional Conservative supporters.

    He is a father of 4 and describes himself as a “loyal son of the Church”. He describes Labour Party values as being anti-Catholic.

    He once stood for parliament in Central Fife, coming third. He was attacked for driving around the constituency in a Bentley, but he says these are malign rumours and insists it was a Mercedes-Benz.

    Of the latin mass, he says:

    “We’re very lucky we get it in Somerset once a month. The more you go the more you will find that it is a good thing to go to. You get some time to think and it’s not all noisy – and there’s no risk of guitars. I think Mass can be too noisy and guitars should be banned.”M

    There was a Catholic Herald article about him once, which had him referring to the “extraordinary form” and praising Francis (shortly after his election) but I can tolerate these points as it seems he is a big improvement on the “small c” Catholics which are the norm in UK politics.

    • Gabriel Syme,

      I think it is a very bad idea indeed to encourage anyone to stand for leader of the Conservative Party at the present moment – it would be a gift to the “remoaners” who are desperate to reverse the referendum result (which referendum anniversary we celebrate today, as a matter of fact). Even in this morning’s news coverage on Sky TV, there was talk of the serious possibility that we might stay in the EU after all.

      Were it a straight case, guaranteed, that Rees-Mogg would be elected and that would be an end to it, I would second your motion, but the fact is, any leadership challenge right how would end up being a battle with candidates of every hue (including rainbow!) and the chances are that a leader would be elected who would see to it that we remained in the EU. That’s why I decline your offer to vote for Rees-Mogg, although his “Mercedes-Benz” correction won my heart 😀

      I hope you understand.

      • Fair doos Editor, I understand your caution at this time.

        Personally I think the Tories will persevere to deliver Brexit, regardless of leader, but I agree the “remoaners” are trying everything to de-rail the process (there is no level which they would not stoop to).

  78. Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart, folks, albeit belated. I’ve had appointments all day and out this evening, so this is my first visit to my computer for quite some time.

    To make up, I’m posting our video of one of the hymns to the Sacred Heart – To Jesus, Heart All Burning. Enjoy!

    • Helen, thank you for that alert.

      I’m going to write to all concerned – the link is provided, name of school etc. – and I urge all bloggers to do the same. I’m reliably informed that at least one priest has written in protest, so I think as many of us as possible should do the same. That is totally disgraceful and must not be allowed to pass uncontested.

    • WF, and Helen,

      Thank you for alerting us to this. I have now written to both the Head Teacher of St Anthony’s Primary (unbelievable) School and to Archbishop Peter Smith, the Ordinary of the archdiocese (Southwark).
      Below my epistle(s):

      Dear Archbishop Smith,

      I have just emailed the message below to the Head Teacher of St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in your diocese, which I send to you with a request that no Catholic should ever have to make to a bishop, to please act to stop the children in that school from being corrupted by the Head Teacher and staff. My email is self explanatory – I ask you to dutifully act to end this scandal, which must entail removing those responsible from post.


      For the attention of the Head Teacher, St. Anthony’s Primary School

      I write in disbelief, having discovered your plan to introduce a “gender neutral” school uniform in September. As a former Head of Religious Education in a number of “Catholic” schools, I really thought I’d seen it all, as the so-called Catholic educators destroyed the Faith in the children entrusted to their care through impoverished programmes and mickey mouse resources. The undue influence exercised by the “liberals” make a genuine Catholic education impossible these days – as your ridiculous uniform policy (and your website content) confirms.

      All involved in this scandal should be sacked on the spot, including you. Any Head Teacher of a Catholic school who has so little grasp of the fundamentals of Catholicism as to succumb to the evil LGBT etc agenda, should not be permitted anywhere near young Catholics, who have a right to be taught the Catholic religion as it has been handed down to us from the Apostles – not as it is interpreted by those with degrees in Theology for the Brain Dead.

      We are discussing this shocking news on our blog where I will report the fact that I have written to ask you to withdraw this policy immediately. Scripture tells us that “Those who instruct many in virtue, will shine as bright stars for all eternity” (Daniel 12:3)

      But, if you recall, a quite different fate awaits those who scandalize children – millstones around their necks, and drowning in the depths of the sea, springs to mind (Matthew 18:6)

      Catholic Truth

    • Thanks, WF, you are indeed correct. I was referring to your linked piece. I didn’t realised it had “moved on”!

  79. I have just received the following email, which contained the above link to the Eponymous Flower report on the gender neutral uniform scandal – here it is again, for ease of reference


    Could you publish this article on Gender-Neutral uniforms in St Anthony’s Catholic Primary school in London to be introduced in Sept. All details to contact are in the article. One of the governors for school is a Catholic priest from that Diocese.Can you ask all readers to be pro-active. Together we can stop this satanic agenda. Keep up the great work. END OF EMAIL.

    Please, if you haven’t yet contacted the school and archbishop, would you do so now, and let us know – you needn’t publish your emails here but it would be good to have an idea of how many bloggers have acted on this. Soldiers of Christ, remember? To battle, then!

  80. Hi Editor,
    Re. introduction of Gender-Neutral uniforms in “Catholic” primary school

    I have contacted the Archbishop Peter Smith, answerphone as per usual, lady rang back said it was nothing to do with him. I asked her would him be issuing a statement, she said no. I later found out one of the priests on the Governors seats was a Catholic priest in HIS diocese. I have tried ringing the school, also sent -email.When I rang I enquired if the teachers had walked out in protest, answer was NIL. I also tried contacting Cardinal Nichols who can be contacted via a nun through e-mail, sent an e-mail.

    The common thread I came across was total apathy, “not in Diocese. This school is not in MY Diocese but “where there is no zeal there is no love” As Catholics we are called to defend, not to remain silent.

    St Therese of Lisieux writes about children’s education”understand what a misfortune it was when they were not formed in their early years when they are soft as wax upon one can imprint either virtue or vice. I understand too, what Jesus said “but whoever caused one of these little ones to sin, it would be better for him to have a great milestone fastended around his neck be thrown into the depths of the sea (MT 18:6).

    We must keep up the pressure as the schools will be breaking up soon, also if this is not reversed will usher in all schools to follow suit.

    God bless all


    • “Cardinal Pell will return to Australia, as soon as possible, to clear his name following advice and approval by his doctors who will also advise on his travel arrangements,” the Church said in a statement.

      “He said he is looking forward to his day in court and will defend the charges vigorously.”

    • Gabriel Syme,

      I have just seen this news on TV and came in to post it on the SS Peter & Paul thread – the devotional threads are usually threadbare (!) in terms of number of comments, unlike the GD which fills up quickly and this one is about to be closed, so I will post the link I came into post over there, if you don’t mind transferring yours as well. It will be useful to have as many angles on this as possible, as it doesn’t strike me as a strong case against the cardinal at all – I’m suspicious of it.

      Anyway, sorry to put you to this trouble again, but I think the story will run longer than this thread which is already over the 500 maximum I try to keep for the GD threads, and since it comes to us on the Feast of Ss Peter & Paul, I think that thread is as suitable as any.

  81. It could well be that someone has already spotted this — and if so I apologise — but British author Stephen Walford has apparently had a letter published on Vatican Insider highly critical of the ‘dubia’ cardinals:

    I have never heard of this man. Does anyone here know him?

    He appears to have bitten off more than he can chew in this case. Sandro Magister has published an anonymous critique of Walford’s positions which really does cut down to the bone. For the moment it seems to be only in Italian, but it is to be hoped that an English translation is in preparation:

    • Prognosticum,

      I’ve just checked the ongoing “Pope” thread and nothing has been posted there about this. In fact, since this GD thread is now overdue closure (the theory is I will close them at 500 comments) you may wish to post the same comment over on that thread – here.

      For now, I’ve never heard of Stephen Walford, but will check in later after doing a little checking, in the hope that you have seen this and managed to re-post on the other thread.

    • Lionel,

      I know you refer to the tragic case of Charlie Gard where the doctors and courts have over-ruled the parents by refusing to allow them to take their son to the USA for experimental treatment – it’s incredible how readily everyone is accepting that the doctors and courts have a right to do this.

      Unbelievable, not least because it wouldn’t cost the National Health Service a penny – the parents have funding that would cover all costs. The takeover of parental rights and family life by the State here in the UK is truly sinister. Nobody seems to think anything about it. I had lunch with a friend last week who was astonished that I considered the “concern” of the doctors’ and courts to be anything untoward. Yet, give an inch and take a mile – by the time this State interference has become very obvious, and is affecting more and more parents in more and more intrusive ways, it will be too late.

      And, for the record, on the news a couple of weeks ago, a father of a son with a similarly terminal illness was interviewed, because he DID keep his son and several years on, he says he treasures every day and wouldn’t be without him. The shallow worldlings who see value only in a “normal” life, not in a disabled or terminally ill life will never understand that father. Never.

      • Editor,
        I heard that the baby will be transfered to a hospital in Italy.
        Let us pray for that family!

    • Crofterlady,

      I’d read about his death but didn’t know that about his earlier position on the morning after pill etc. Could be, that his signature on the dubia has swung it for him at his judgment. RIP.

  82. N O T I C E . . .

    i have received the following email from the BBC – if anyone can contribute, please email and I will give you Rachel’s email address:

    I work for BBC Digital Current Affairs and am working on a story about sectarianism in Glasgow, in light of the council considering banning Orange Order marches in the city following complaints of sectarian singing at the weekend.
    I would really like to speak to someone who used to be a member of the Orange Order but left in order to marry a Catholic woman. I’m wondering if any of your readers or friends fit the bill and would consider speaking to me? Appreciate any help you can provide.

    Best wishes


    I did say that I couldn’t imagine any member of the Orange Order marrying a Catholic, but just in case I’ve got that wrong, let me know if you are able to help her, and I will give you Rachel’s email address.

  83. As usual, I’ve let this thread go beyond the 500 limit, so I will close it now, with thanks to all who have contributed topics.

    General Discussion topics continue on thread Number 15 here

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