Competition: Name Helen’s House!

newhouseBlogger Helen is moving house and keen to find a name for her new abode. All ideas welcome, but she’s especially keen to find a “Marian” name. Being of simple mind, I suggested “Marian House” but – although I’m sure she’s added it to her list – I don’t think it quite cut the mustard. 

So, over to you lot.  

Can YOU find the perfect name for Helen’s new house?

Note, the blogger who submits the winning entry will be flown to the Vatican where a private meeting with Pope Francis will take place. If the winning blogger can get HIM to change HIS name (preferably to Pius XIII) then said winning blogger will also be flown back home! 

Bloggers may submit more than one suggested name.  In fact, bloggers may submit as many as they wish. All will be given serious consideration. So, let the competition begin!  

39 responses

  1. How about:

    Domus Aurea – latin for “House of Gold”, which is a title given to Our Lady in the Litany of Loreto.


    Koressos – after Mount Koressos in Turkey, where the Marian shrine “House of the Virgin Mary” is situated. (Catholics and Muslims visit it). The church has never ruled on the authenticity of the Shrine, which was discovered via descriptions from the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.


    Mariawald – after Mariawald Abbey, in Germany. Its a trappist monastery, which is still extant. “Wald” is German for “Forest” and so this might be especially apt if there are lots of trees nearby!

  2. Fatima = a name from the Arabic that means “beautiful”

    Lourdes = in Spanish the name “Lourdes” is a reference to the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Pilar = derives from the miraculous pillar of Our Lady in the Basilica in Zaragoza, Spain

    Loreto = means “laurel grove” – a town near Ancona, Italy where the Holy House now resides

    Carmel = means “God’s vineyard”

  3. Pope Francis will never agree to an audience with Helen if she doesn’t name her new house according to one of his PR themes. So how about:

    Domus Laetitia

    Domus Misericordia

    Domus Sustainabilus

    Domus Divorced and Re-married

    House of Surprises…

  4. RCA Victor, House of Surprise, I love it! Haha. I’m not sure what the neighbours might think though………….

  5. Just don’t call it the house of the rising sun!!

    Seriously, as long as the house gets blessed there’s no real need to name it. If I was to choose a name that suits best, I would say Loreto is the one to go for.

  6. That’s the bairns in bed!

    Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I’m spoiled for choice! Now who’s going to win that trip to see Papa Francis?

  7. Athanasius, the house has to have a name as it’s on its own in the middle of nowhere!

    Elizabeth, now there’s an idea, Massabielle. It will be quite large and high up on a rock in the hills! That’s definitely one to think about. My original thought was: Rosario, but I also like Loretto after I’ve Googled its history.

    • Helen,

      Hang on there – if you choose Loretto, we’ll have to send both Wurdesmythe and Athanasius to Rome to meet with the Pope…

      Massabielle is beautiful and it would only cost us one plane ticket, hotel, etc. “Mr” Elizabeth would have to pay his own way 😀

      On the other hand, Wurdesmythe could engage Papa Francis in chat,USA style, while Athanasius confuses him with Glasgow slang along the lines of “yer changin’ yer name tae Pius ThURRRRRTeenth, whither ye like it or no… hiv ye goat that, noo?” Confusion, gobbledegook plus menancing look, might just do the trick.

      Yes, on second thoughts, could be worth the double expense…

      Let me think about that… I’ve thought about that, so yip, Loretto may be the one – over to thee!

    • Editor

      That’s perfectly ok, just send Wurdesmythe. I’ll live with the disappointment!


      Why on earth are you moving to a house in the middle of nowhere? You’re not turning into a hermit, are you?

        • Wurdesmythe

          No, I just have this overwhelmingly generous nature. I couldn’t possibly deprive you of an audience with Pope Francis. Ok, I’m daft!

  8. Yes, and better still it means “masse vielle” or “old mass”! Now I know it means old mass of rock but nevertheless it is interesting that it means “mass” at all and “rock” as in the Rock of Peter. I’m liking it more and more!

    Athanasius, we are farmers and live on our own land. We are just building a new house as the old one is old, cold and gloomy.

    • Helen

      Ah! Now it makes perfect sense. I thought for a minute you had decided to leave the rat race and become a cave dweller, so to speak. Sorry about that.

    • Steven,

      We’ve been focusing on Marian names since Helen has set her heart on naming her new house in honour of Our Lady.

      When she first emailed me to ask for my own ideas, I suggested “Patricia” … (no prizes for guessing why) and she turned me down flat. So, I doubt if Portiuncula will cut the mustard!

      You know what they say – if at first you don’t succeed, forget it – but I say, try again!

  9. We’ve decided on 3 names to choose from:

    Mater Dei.

    I’ll let bloggers know the lucky winner when we decide. Thanks to everyone for all the effort.

  10. Depending on type of house, I would suggest the following:-


    Stay blessed and be a blessing to others.

  11. N O T I C E . . .

    I’m working on closing the older threads which are supposed to be (but never are, really) closed at the end of each month, but I’ll leave this one open a bit longer, until Helen tells us whether or not she has made a decision. In the meantime, feel free to keep the suggestions flowing. You never know, one of these days I might be able to afford a house that is so far out of town (any town!) that I may need to choose a name as well. One lives (and dreams) in hope… 😀

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