A Very Happy And Holy Christmas!

A very happy and holy Christmas from the Catholic Truth Team to each of our bloggers, readers and visitors to this site. 

You are welcome to exchange Christmas greetings, share favourite carols, stories, jokes etc.  Enjoy! 

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  1. A very Merry, joyful and holy Christmas to all. Thank you for that recording, Editor, my compliments to Colin Davis for taking the correct tempo. Last night I had to play that same piece, on the organ, at about twice that speed. With plenty of prayer and no coffee, I managed to get through it. Right hand finger surgery scheduled for next week…

    • In my Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, we had last night Great Compline with Litiya, Divine Liturgy and myrovania (anointing with blessed oil). Today, Divine Liturgy with myrovania, Monday is the Feast of the Synaxis of the Mother of God (Solemn Holy Day) plus the commemoration of St. Joseph, St James and King David. Tuesday is the Feast of St. Stephen Protomartyr. (Trivia tidbit: Both East and West once celebrated the Feast of St. Stephen on the 26th. Here’s an excerpt from A Byzantine Rite Liturgical Year by Fr. Julian J. Katrij, OSBM, page 308:

      “Perhaps at one time, the Feast of the Synaxis and the commemoration of St. Stephen the Protomartyr were also celebrated on the same day, for it was not until the seventh century that the commemoration of St. Stephen was transferred to the third day following the Feast of the. Nativity.”

      Saturday night and Sunday morning (Dec. 31/Jan. 1) is the Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord and St. Basil the Great.

      I have to sing everything a cappella (no musical instruments are allowed in the Eastern Tradition).

      I hope your surgery goes well. If you lived in the US, I’d give you a call re your hand. I have worked at a health food store in SE PA for 18+ years and had carpal tunnel syndrome so bad that I couldn’t hold a pencil. (I’d post the link re what I used but don’t know if it would be OK with the Editor).

      God bless!

      Margaret USA

      • Margaret – re your “cure” – it’s OK with editor to post the link. If you can cure RCA Victor, you can post as many links as you wish!

        • Thank you very much. As I mentioned in my reply to RCA Victor, the company I work for is a family-owned company.

          We don’t try to “cure” anyone. If you give the body what it needs, it can repair itself. I’ve seen so many things happen over the past 18+ years and the more I see, the more it amazes me how God created the human body. Imho, one is asking for serious trouble when one starts tampering with God’s creation.

      • Dear RCA Victor,

        Per the Editor, I’m posting my work email:


        I will be at work tomorrow (12/28 – 12/30). If I remember correctly, you live in the USA.

        Unfortunately for our European friends, we don’t offer international shipping. We are a family-owned company and can’t afford the $ for international shipping. (Sorry, everyone!)

        Yours in the Infant King,


  2. Christ is Born!

    Come, let us rejoice in the Lord
    as we tell of the present mystery.
    Destroyed is the middle wall of partition;
    the flaming sword turns back, the cherubim withdraw from the tree of life,
    and I partake of the delight of Paradise from which I was cast out through disobedience.
    For the Father’s express Image, the Imprint of His eternity,
    takes the form of a servant,
    and without undergoing change He comes forth from a Mother who knew not wedlock.
    For what He was, He has remained, true God:
    and what He was not, He has taken upon Himself, becoming man through love for mankind.
    To Him let us cry aloud:
    God born of a Virgin, have mercy on us.

    Vespers, Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ

    • Thanks for that video Lily, it is indeed a fine hymn (and the latin version kicks the pants off the english version – much like the mass!).

  3. I would also like to wish all bloggers and viewers a very happy and blessed Christmas.


    You and you wife are in my prayers,

  4. Christ is Born!

    A blessed Nativity to our Editor and the entire CT family.

    In the Infant King,

    Margaret USA

  5. I too wish very happy Christmas to Editor and to all bloggers!


    Pax domini sit semper vobiscum

    • Z nami Boh! God is with us!

      Before the morning star, He was born of the Father without a mother; and now on earth He takes flesh of you without a father. Therefore a star announces to the wise men, and angels with the shepherds sing of this sublime birth, O full of grace!

      Tone 6, Kontakion of the Synaxis of the Mother of God

  6. I exchange Christmas cards every year with a high Anglican lady whom I have never actually met but who came to my ken at the death of a mutual friend, who was a traditional Catholic. This year I was amused by one of the little chatty tales she usually tells

    A new vicar came to her parish and immediately came round visiting all his parishioners to introduce himself and ask for financial support. He said his name was Benedict, whereupon she said “Ah, Benedictus, qui venit in nomine Domini!” He was, she said, somewhat nonplussed!

    • Christina,

      Your chatty tale reminds me of a conversation overheard in a leisure centre in Glasgow, just before Christmas, relayed to me by a relative who had just finished a swimming session and had made her way to the changing rooms. She overheard the following conversation:

      Patron 1: I can’t see the need for religion at all. It just causes trouble.

      Patron 2: Me, too. Religion is a waste of time. Don’t know what people see in it.

      Patron 1: I mean, as long as you have morals, that’s the main thing, not religion.

      Patron 2: I agree. You don’t need religion to have morals.

      Patron 1: Exactly.

      Patron 2:
      Gosh! Look at the time. I’ll need to get a move on. I haven’t even got as much as a Christmas card in yet….