USA: Will Donald Trump Hillary?

animatedflagusaThe Church has established Catholic principles of voting and we  have always been exhorted to use our vote carefully, but definitely to vote.  Click here to read a very good article on this subject.

However, note the following editorial update, September 2016:  

“…In the past 9 years since this article was penned by Fr. Peter Scott, the political landscape of the United States has degraded at an alarming rate. Democrats who claimed to uphold the sanctity of marriage at the time this article was written have now all but unanimously changed course. Even Republicans who, for the most part, could be counted on to provide basic Christian values, have begun to embrace these sins against nature, and many are supporting abortion under certain circumstances. It is in this current climate that we wish to explicitly clarify what Fr. Scott implied above – in a political contest or election where both / all candidates support objectively evil legislation, abstaining from the voting process, or leaving sections of a ballot blank, would be perfectly acceptable and even encouraged.


How might an American Catholic use his/her vote in the forthcoming national Election, to avoid displeasing God?

WILL Donald Trump Hillary, or will the notoriously pro-abortion-up-to-birth Mrs Clinton trump Donald?

Is it unthinkable that any Catholic would vote for Hillary Clinton?  Indeed, is it possible for a conscientious Catholic to support either candidate?   


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    • Steven C,

      I’ve just visited Damsel of the Faith blog and posted a few comments. Thank you for sharing that very interesting post with us here.

      • Editor,

        Thank you for your reply. I think the present circumstances require us to make several important distinctions on this issue. I was thinking of writing a detailed response, but I believe Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara have already done so. I highly recommend their video, which I link to here:

        • Steven C,

          Thank you very much for that Remnant video – it contains much food for thought, and has me re-thinking my advocacy of abstaining in this case. I look forward to the reactions of others.

          Folks (well, it’s an “American” thread 😀 ) I recommend watching the video right through – it’s only around half an hour – and sharing your thoughts.

        • I’m quite surprised to see Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara calling Hillary Clinton names like “witch” – doesn’t sound right, coming from supposed pillars of Catholicism.

          • Nicky,

            When Empress Eudoxia ruled Constantinople, St.John Chrysostom called her a “Jezebel” and indeed, in the gospels, when word was brought to Our Lord that Herod wanted to kill him, His reply began, “Go and tell that fox…” so the usage of choice epithets for people of the likes of the Hildabeast has some illustrious precedents (not presidents). It’s only because those in positions of authority within the Church have become so NICE to everyone (except perhaps those against unlimited immigration and owners of diesel engines) that you very rarely hear Catholic truth(!) being spoken to Power anymore.

    • I found Cardinal Burke’s talk quite strange. He says “even if Catholics see problems with both candidates on various issues, they nevertheless can vote for the one who supports Catholic values the most.”

      John Paul II said we could never vote for any system which allowed abortion by law, so I think it’s a minefield trying to decide which of the two would be acceptable for the Catholic vote. Neither of them is going to do away with abortion, so even if they are OK on other things, the most vulnerable people of all (in the womb) are still going to be at risk of annihilation. I think my vote goes for “abstain”.

      • As the “system” can only be changed by voters, it seems like a counsel of despair to cop out and not vote when you’ve got a candidate who professes to be pro-life, and I say this as someone who has abstained from voting in this country (England) for years, because no politician in any degree of power or influence has said that they were pro-life. Trump may be lying, but we know that Hilary is aggressively pro-death.

        • Mike Pence did say that if he and Trump were elected, Roe v. Wade will be sent to “the ash heap of history.” Again, this requires us to place a certain amount of trust in them, and it may be debatable whether it is warranted, but it’s still almost remarkable today to hear a politician make such a statement. A sad reflection of our times, but such is the case.

        • Therese,

          The thing is, in our system over here certainly, the individual MPs don’t, as a rule, change party policy, although now’s a very good time to join the Labour Party 😀

          For years I voted pro-life, even having to grit my teeth on occasion to vote for a party I wouldn’t otherwise even think of giving my vote. Thus, in my own view, for what it is worth, unless we can find a party with a pro-life policy, or at least sufficient pro-life candidates to make change at least possible, I can’t see how we can justify voting for anyone in the UK, O me of little faith (in politicians!)

          I am coming round to the view put forward in the Remnant video, however, in the matter of Donald possibly trumping Hillary and that being a good thing, but, as you say, there seems to be a good chance of Trump becoming a pro-life President and thus, being able to make real changes.

          I trust the above makes some kind of sense (there’s a first time for everything!)

  1. That’s a great meme, Editor! This election is extremely puzzling as well as disturbing. Trump is more of a populist than a Republican (though the term “Republican” has become very blurred over the last 15 years – there is no longer a clear distinction between the two major parties), and his position on LGBT issues is liberal (see: )

    To make the choice even more difficult, Trump has come out with some excellent policy speeches lately, designed to preserve American sovereignty and our national identity – both of which are anathema to the NWO. And if there is one thing that is quite clear, it’s that the NWO is opposed to his candidacy.

    It seems we Americans are always forced into choosing the “lesser of two evils” – which, in this case, is clearly Trump. I haven’t made up my mind whether to vote or not – and as always with these false choices, I have to wonder whether staying home on election day helps Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt and evil politician ever to set foot in Washington, and who will continue the piecemeal destruction of America set in place by Obama, at an accelerated pace.

    Meanwhile, I am praying daily the “Prayer to Defeat Revolutionary Men” found in the Golden Arrow booklet, for the destruction of the Clinton campaign and of the machinations of Obama, George Soros and the NWO to destroy America. Hopefully Our Lord will make my decision easier by the time election day rolls around…

    • RCA Clinton,

      I don’t think you should stay at home – I think “abstaining” from voting means going to the polling booth and writing a message on the voting paper to the effect that you cannot, in conscience, vote for any candidate who adheres to policies opposed to God’s law, or words to that effect. One of our readers tells me that, for years now, she has simply scrawled “Christ the King” on her voting slip. Something, anything, to indicate that you will not vote for any politician who promotes and even legalises sinful behaviour.

    • Pat,

      Wendy posted that video on another thread – thank you for posting it again here. It’s absolutely shocking and really, on its own, should rule out anyone, especially any Catholic, voting for Hillary Clinton.

    • That’s disgraceful. Hillary Clinton laughing at getting a rapist off – and the victim a 12 year old girl? Some lawyer. How many people would vote for her if they knew about this? If she gets to be President of the USA, it’ll just prove the power of the media to suppress information.

    • That’s absolutely shocking. I’m assuming it’s true, so it is incredible that it’s not reported in the analysis of candidates that goes on day in and day out.

  2. I was taken aback watching this video claiming Mrs Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease – surely she can’t be elected President if she is really as ill as this?

    • Laura,

      Polls are a law unto themselves. I pay no attention to them, being convinced that they’re all rigged. I mean, have YOU ever been contacted by a pollster? Me, neither.

    • Those are interesting statistics Laura.

      Encouraging for Trump, especially given polls usually discount the “shy tory” effect. (the phenomenon where people who vote along conservative / traditional lines don’t tend to advertise it as much as do left/liberal voters).

      For me, if I was a US voter, I would vote Trump in a second. Clinton would be a disaster.

  3. Gabriel Syme,

    Before I watched the Remnant video I wouldn’t have dreamt of voting for Trump but now he doesn’t look so bad, LOL! I most definitely wouldn’t vote for Clinton, that is for sure.

  4. Hillary Clinton has insulted Catholics – with bells on.

    Read this and if you are a Catholic intending to vote for this bigoted nut, think again.

    I visited the link within the above report which leads to a petition on the subject, and I recommend other bloggers to sign as well. Click here to sign the petition “pledge”.

    • She’s a horror and so is her terrible husband. Not that I think Trump would be a model President! How on earth out of all the people in the US did both parties end up of those loonies as a nominee?

      • Petrus,

        At least he’s planning appoint judges who will repeal some of the bad laws (at least that’s my understanding) and he is pro-life. Also, he says what he means, quite a novelty in a politician.

        I think, too, that if you watch the Remnant video on Trump which Steven C posted above (and, now I note, the updated video he has posted below) you might see that Trump is the better choice. Mind you anyone would be better that that woman.

        • Editor,

          Yes, I agree. However, I’m sure I read that Donald has flipped his position on abortion a few times and is more of a populist rather than a pro lifer by conviction.

          • Petrus,

            Possibly so, but his horror when he described partial (or late) abortion seemed very genuine to me. She, on the other hand, bleated on about how difficult it was for the woman, but not a peep about the pain and horror to the child. That woman has no conscience. Absolutely devoid of conscience. How on EARTH she can sleep at night, beats me.

  5. Trump / Pence Nov 2016 ! My family is 100% with president Trump. And if most of the Hollywood crybabies could vacate to Canada as a result, that would be a double blessing.

  6. I’ve not seen the news properly today although I did watch the debate, horrified at Clinton’s blatant support for partial birth abortion. I cannot believe that any Catholic who knows that she is all for abortion up to and including birth, would vote for her. How on EARTH can anyone see that as anything but the murder of an infant?

    And I wonder if that will feature on any of the TV news analysis over here in the UK? I’ve only heard snippets today, and the focus has been on Trump saying he would possibly question the result of the election, and how “poised” was Hillary throughout.

    That is how thick these people are. As long as a politician looks and sounds the part, they can believe anything, proffer any policies no matter how evil.

    If the Catholics of America were real Catholics, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

    • Editor,

      Indeed. Of all the things I detest about Clinton, it is her attitudes towards abortion. She said that even a child moments from birth is “not a person” and has no rights (she is, of course, simply being faithful to the perverted logic of murderers).

      I always felt that to be an utterly repugnant and inhumane statement – but all the more so since being present at the birth of my daughter.

      • Gabriel Syme,

        Absolutely repugnant. Totally inhumane. I cannot put into print what I think about politicians who promote abortion – cruel, wicked people… well, it’s a start, I suppose…

  7. Any abortion is abhorrent. But their is something sickeningly evil about aborting children who are so developed and can survive out of the womb.

    • Summa,

      To put it bluntly, these are children who are about to be born, but instead are brutally murdered.

      All aborted babies are murdered, at whatever stage, but, as you point out, to murder the child when it is about to born, whether in a matter of days or hours or whatever it is, is a crime against humanity writ large.

      That that woman has escaped prosecution and prison for the crimes she has allegedly committed in other respects, is bad enough. That she is actually standing on this “partial birth” abortion platform, manifestly proud of this particular crime, is just beyond the comprehension of any right thinking person.

  8. Whatever we think of Donald Trump he represents for the American people an opportunity to grab power and freedom back at last from the corrupt financial powerbrokers who have owned and run the White House for decades. Trump is a self-made billionaire who takes no bribes for office and therefore can’t be bought. The backlash against unbridled liberalism that he represents is so feared by the hidden powers running America (and every other country!) that they are throwing every piece of muck they can find through their media outlets in an attempt to destroy his reputation and campaign.

    We saw this in Britain against UKIP, and again during the EU Referendum campaign. The good thing for Britain was that the people didn’t fall for the lies. Will the American people buy into the liberal counter-offensive? That remains to be seen.

    If we look back at other elections in Europe in recent history we can see how the Communist network operates. We saw it in Austria when the combined voice of other European governments, together with mass orchestrated rallies in various countries, overthrew the democratic election of a sovereign nation. Georg Haider, regardless of who or what he was, was chosen by the people of Austria and then had to step down under massive outside pressure. The same thing happened in France when Jean Marie Le Pen suddenly surged in the elections and looked like winning. Once more the liberal forces of Europe were unleashed against him and his popularity wained.

    Now I don’t know what kind of man Donald Trump is, or what kind of President he would actually make. What I do know is that he is symbolic of a growing undercurrent in the U.S. and all the nations of Europe whose peoples are sick to death of the evil regimes handing power on to each other election after election to the great detriment of true freedom. We speak of opposing political parties in the U.S., but the way Trump has been sold down the river by his own Republican Party demonstrates that all parties in America, like Britain and elsewhere, are owned and run by the same hidden forces with the same evil agenda. They didn’t expect Trump to do well because they underestimated the feeling of a repressed people. Whatever happens on November 8, the signs are now everywhere present. in the U.S. as well as in the various nations of Europe, that the shackles of Communism are beginning to weaken. People are slowly but surely opening their eyes. Who knows, 2017, the 100th anniversary of Fatima, may indeed prove to be a decicive year for the world in terms of both the shifting political emphasis in the West and the developing situation with Russia.

    One thing is for certain, Communism (today called liberal democracy) will not go down without a fight, and possibly even a global war! It seems they’re already preparing the way through the media.

    • Athanasius,

      Absolutely spot on. Our two-party system is a mirage; the media is nothing more than a fifth column, and the banksters want the Clintons back in the White House so they can have their war with Russia, continue dissolving America with immoral depravity and waves of illegal immigrants and “refugees,” and further their plans for world tyranny. Meanwhile, this election carnival gets more hollow with every cycle, but it’s still not hollow enough, apparently, for we dumbed-down Americans to do something about it.

      Trump is no saint, but unlike the Clintons, who are every bit as evil as Obama and who love nothing but money and power, he does love his country.

      Meanwhile, the USCCB continues to have a bad case of laryngitis about this election. Apparently the millions of federal dollars they receive for “refugee resettlement” has effectively silenced them.

      • I see at the Al Smith dinner Donald was booed for saying that Clinton hates Catholics. He should have been given a round of applause! I’m just disgusted that Timothy Dolan would sit next to that vile woman.


        That was a great comment. I wonder if the actions of the media will backfire and change the course of this election, in a similar way to what happened here with the Brexit vote.

        • I didn’t see that – that’s pretty sad, on both accounts. Dolan soils himself with the culture of death on a regular basis. He ran up the white flag a long time ago.

          Meanwhile, a little ray of hope: the Archbishop of Denver has written that Catholics cannot support Democratic Party candidates:

        • Petrus

          I have a feeling that the media is over playing its hand with the scandal mongering against Trump. It’s a risky strategy arising from desperation and I think it will backfire on them, just as it did here in Britain.

          As regards the Al Smith dinner, I was appalled by the bad table manners of both candidates in the Presidential race. That American politics has come down to this constant public mud-slinging contest is degrading. The only slack I’ll cut Trump is that he, as RCA Victor says, loves his country and is keen to fix the damage done by decades of the Clintons and their like. Deep down I think he’s a decent enough character. Sadly, I can’t say that about Hilary Clinton.

          • Athanasius,

            I think he was right in what he said about the hypocrisy of the Clintons. Sure, the things Donald Trump said about women were deplorable, of course they were, but the Clintons of all people have no place to take the moral high ground. Bill abused his position for many years and Hilary then bullied and harassed his victims. So much for “standing up for women”!

            I have to say that I don’t think the presidency is a job for a woman, especially not a 68 year old grandmother! Her entire marriage has been a shambles from start to finish. Maybe if she had focused more on her family and marriage instead of her career then the marriage might have been more successful.

            • Petrus

              And let’s not overlook the fact that Hilary has some kind of illness going on just now that they’re keeping under wraps until after the election. They should put that old horse out to pasture, I think.

            • Petrus,

              68 today is last century’s 45! I wouldn’t bother about her age if she had the right policies and wasn’t saddled with such a terrible history. After all, Donald Trump is 70! And being a working grandmother is better than being a working mum, when the children need you at home.

              • Lily,

                I guess my main issue is not that she is 68 , as you point out Donald Trump is 70.

                No, my main point is Clinton is a married woman with a husband, child and grandchild. Such high office is not suited to a woman in her position. Indeed, a woman who is the mother of a family should not be pursuing a high profile career. Clinton has done this all her life, from her legal career, senatorship, presidential campaigns and her role as Secretary of State.

                I don’t say this because I think women are any less able or worthy. A married woman should be, if possible, putting all her efforts into her home and family. Certainly some married mothers need to work, but that was never the case with Clinton.

  9. RCA Victor

    I agree. That arena is no place for a Prince of the Church, especially one who doesn’t speak up in the way he should, as his sacred office demands. This kind of public spectacle just makes a laughing stock of the Church.

  10. We had a sermon last Sunday about voting, and how important it was to vote for a “lesser of two evils” if, by doing so, we avert a greater evil. We were asked to pick up some further information in the vestibule after Mass, but shame on me I forgot. Editor, will you remind me to do that tomorrow????

    The lesser evil in this case is, obviously, Trump, and the greater evil, Clinton. In fact, if Clinton gets back into the White House, this country is literally finished. I can see at least several states seceding from the Union in order to avoid the madness of the tidal wave of Muslim “refugees” and the depravity of “transgenderism,” for example. Not to mention a Supreme Court (what a laughable name that is!) with a new liberal majority and judge appointments across the land who will enforce “lawfare” against Christians. Not to mention “climate change” taxes and regulations. Not to mention a new host of Orwellian schemes to hammer Americans into submission to international Communist/Freemasonic tyranny (for example: ). Not to mention war with Russia, which we would lose.

    Did I mention I’m voting for Trump?

  11. RCA Victor,

    In this case, i.e. the forthcoming American election, given the sheer evil that would result, as you say, if Clinton were elected President, I would indeed cast my vote for Trump, since he is on record as being opposed to abortion and would act accordingly in office.

    However, I think the SSPX article is very clear that, from Church teaching on the subject, we do, in fact have a right to abstain if the only candidates on offer are all “liberal” types. I’ve known that by instinct for years now, and had to discuss with Catholics who followed the episcopal line of “lesser of two evils” when by that they meant, vote for the candidate who, while “liberal” in sexual matters and pro-abortion, still offers a better deal for your wallet. That, in my humble view, is unconscionable.

    About the USA election, I got so fed up watching Sky News today that I upped and sent them the following email:


    I know for a fact that I’m not alone in noticing the way every word spoken by Donald Trump is reported and analysed to death, always in the context of mocking him.

    Nor am I alone in noticing the way that the numerous skeletons in Hillary Clinton’s cupboard are NOT reported, let alone analysed. Possibly false allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump have been boring us all week, but never a mention of the fact that Hillary Clinton is on public record boasting and laughing about her success as a defence lawyer in getting a man who raped a 12 year old girl off by suppressing evidence. Google that. And Google “Hillary Clinton drunk” for more evidence of bias in your reporting and that of the rest of the media in the UK. Thankfully, the thinkers in the land can see through your tricks – and we detest the media for their attempts to mislead us, make fools of us.

    Oh and PS – different topic. I knew perfectly well for what I was voting when I voted to leave the EU. I was voting OUT – at any price!

    • Editor,

      Your post is just so brilliant it made me laugh out loud. I have to say, you are definitely one 68 year old woman I would vote for if we had presidential elections in this country!

      I have to say, I’m glad we have a monarchy!

      • Petrus,

        Wash your mouth out with soap and water – 68? Moi? I always remembered the advice of a dear friend years ago when I said I hated birthdays: he replied, “you won’t if you just pick one and stick to it” – so I picked 29.

        So, you watch it!

  12. Therese,

    A good sermon – very clear. Note that the preacher was confident of not having people walk out because he was preaching to a traditional congregation at a traditional Mass. Says it all.

  13. Well, folks, he did it. Donald DID Trump Hillary!

    The pro-abortion – including partial birth abortion – candidate did not win. Thank God!

      • Exactly.

        I made an exception in letting Valour’s post through but that has only encouraged him to return with a barrage of further attacks on Trump, straight from the propaganda machine, and so I’ve now deleted all such comments permanently – from now on his contributions will be floating around, unread, in cyberspace. Life is far too short!

  14. I still can’t believe he did it, stayed up all night to watch the results come in. Think of all the little babies who will now be spared. Well done America for making so urgent a change in your political system. I see Our Lady in this miraculous result, completely against all predictions.

  15. I woke up this morning “knowing” that Trump won (I don’t have a TV), but I thought I was deluded until I received an early email from our 29-year old Editor about the victory! Deo gracias! God is good! My prayers have been answered!

    And now, may America be rebuilt under the Social Reign of Christ the King!

    I must also compliment Editor on being so wise for one so young….she must be related to Jack Benny…

    • RCA Victor,

      You’re a case for the High Court. Expect a letter from my lawyer first thing tomorrow!

      Seriously, I’m delighted that it was my unworthy self who broke the news to you. That’s a first. I’m usually the LAST to find out (anything!) let alone pass it on to others, so that’s made my day!

      Now, we need to pray that Donald Trump lives up to his pro-life promises.

      A little later that same day…

      One of the news channels showed a clip of Pope Francis saying that those who build walls are not Christian” here’s a report from the time to refresh memories.

      I couldn’t help but smile a sardonic smile. It’s not Christian to build a wall, but it’s perfectly Christian to flout Christ’s own words about divorce and “remarriage” in order to encourage adulterers to approach for Holy Communion? This must be from the latest edition of Theology for Dummies. I need to buy a copy (say nothing…!)

      • Editor,

        I’ll be quite comfortable at High Court, considering I was occasionally rather high during my misspent youth…

        As for Francis, I hope someone reminds him that the Church herself used to build walls – against heresies and heretics and infidels – and that without secure borders, a nation cannot exist.

  16. I checked online around 7.15 a.m. this morning to find Donald Trump leading by 265 against Hillary Clinton’s 216. It seemed that everyone was still waiting on the results of 6 States’ voting. I thought that I was in fact dreaming and had to pinch myself to see if I were in fact awake.

    Yet, as you say, RCA Victor, may America be rebuilt under the Social Reign of Christ the King.


    Is it true to say that Pope Francis has metaphorically put his foot in his mouth?

    • Theresa Rose,

      You could say that Pope Francis nearly ALWAYS puts his foot in his mouth – metaphorically speaking, as you indicate! It’ll be interesting to find out what he says about the Trump victory.

  17. I copied this from The Remnant ( I love the “we got Trump not St Thomas More” – LOL!):

    Well, I guess Mrs. Clinton now knows what it feels like to be aborted so close to her due date.

    Still, ever since I was a boy, it always seemed to me that the thrill of victory is not nearly as powerful as the agony of defeat. If Mrs. Clinton had achieved victory last night, today would have seemed the darkest in history. The future would have seemed beyond dire for a people that knowingly and willfully raised up a corrupt and immoral human being, who hates the laws of God, defends the murder of babies, and zealously works for the destruction of the family.

    Had she been elected it would have said much more about us than about her. We would have shown ourselves a soulless and heartless people, beyond hope, beneath contempt.

    There was so much at stake. Much of our work here at The Remnant, for example, would have been criminalized over the next four years. Our homeschools would have become illegal enterprises in the village Mrs. Clinton had in mind. Even our ability to move about freely would have been exponentially undermined. (As the “leader of a hate group”, according to the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center, it isn’t difficult for this writer to imagine how enthusiastically President Hillary would have enforced hate crime legislation against Christian America.)

    So, yes, like everyone else, we’re still trying to process the news of this truly awesome political and moral and even spiritual upset (if Trump repeals the Johnson Amendment, even the Catholic Church in this country might become relevant again). There’s much to learn from what we saw last night, not the least of which is that the mainstream media, far from omniscient, are in fact clueless ideologues never to be trusted again.

    No matter what happens with a Trump presidency, we now know that a substantial percentage of the American people are not beyond hope—that they still have enough Christian sense left to recognize and reject the demonic when they see it. And what’s the takeaway from that? Demons are not invincible! In fact, last night they had their tails handed to them by a “buffoon” they’d mercilessly mocked for 18 months, and who decided he’d be the first politician in decades to give God-fearing folks a voice again—a comparative small concession that tore a trench through the left-half of this country like nobody’s ever seen. Donald Trump let pro-life, pro-God, pro-family America lose from their shackles—and the demons scattered like roaches.

    And just as many of us voted for Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton, we can celebrate without apology the landside defeat that he handed to The All-Powerful Ones: George Soros, Pope Francis, Planned Parenthood, big media, big Hollywood, the United Nations, the European Union and the rest of the New World Order fanatics.

    Down in the sewer, even the rats lost. Miley Cyrus has to leave the country, as she promised she would if Trump won. Reverend Al Sharpton also needs an offshore realtor, as do Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Ellen and the rest of the “elites” with the long tails and pointy noses. Hollywood is weeping tears of acid this morning, and for that we say thank God for Trump!

    Bad guys, demons, pro-aborts, the anti-family crowd—they all lost last night, and lost “bigly”. And—horror of all horrors! — their defeat was handed to them by folks standing outside abortion clinics running rosary beads through their fingers, begging Heaven to intervene, asking Our Lady to give our nation a little more time to wake up and come back to its senses. They lost, in other words, to the “little people”—folks with minivans full of kids, clinging to their bibles and guns, living out there in that basket of deplorables where God and family still matter more than government handouts and the right to kill babies.

    Obviously, this must be kept in perspective. Donald Trump was elected last night—not St. Thomas More. There will be disappointments coming out of the Trump White House, I’m sure of it. Let us not deceive ourselves, and let’s be realistic: America has a long, long way to go if she is to return to sanity. Our country is still in de facto rebellion against God. We’re not out of the woods, not even close. But hell suffered a setback last night.

    So let us pray that President Trump can take steps, even baby steps, to reverse engines and change course. Our expectations are modest, to say the least, but not without hope and certainly not without a firm conviction that the alternative comes from the bowels of hell itself and would have dealt a deathblow to Christian America.

    Yesterday’s losers offer the greatest reason for today’s hope. Their defeat proves that the evil ones, though powerful, are not invincible. They can be resisted, even defeated. Whether you like the man personally or not, Donald Trump has proven beyond any doubt that the war for God, family, and the unborn in this country is a winning proposition that is far from defeat.

    That low groaning we hear all across America today is the sound of demon teeth gnashing. And for that, whatever reservations we may have about our new president to be, decent Americans can raise a “joyful noise unto the Lord” today as they breathe a national sigh of relief.

    With cautious optimism moving forward, we thank God for the miracle that is the defeat of the pro-abort, pro-sodomy, anti-American Hillary Rodham Clinton. And we thank Donald Trump for taking a stand on behalf of good people whose voice has been silenced in this country for far too long. Last night they spoke out, and their newfound voice changed history.

    Pray for Donald Trump. He’s not Catholic, and thus doesn’t have the benefit of the Sacraments. And yet all the powers of hell are going to come after him today like there is no tomorrow.

    May God bless America, and may America use this reprieve to get down on her knees and bless God for His mercy on us.

    • Lily,

      That’s a great article. And here’s a little wry humor courtesy of the blog recommended to us by Waterside4:

      Mr. Briggs also points out, in an earlier article, that we can’t have a prolonged celebration because Trump won (at that point he was reaffirming his prediction that Trump would win) – that things would quickly settle back to the usual level of partisan smear campaigns, corruption, etc. No, our victory is just a respite – much like the pontificate of Benedict XVI was a respite, in certain respects, from the VII revolution, which has now been renewed with manic force. One might even say, with desperately manic force – since the agents of darkness seem to know they are running out of time…

  18. Such great news that Trump has prevailed.

    We know he is no angel personally. He is brash, capable of being crude, has amassed a disgusting amount of personal wealth and he has left multiple wives and had multiple affairs. His personal conduct gives poor example in many ways.

    Yet this article (linked below) made me smile, comparing Trump to another individual who previously came to power during a tough time for Christians. He too had multiple wives, he too was very ambitious and was no angel. He became Emperor Constantine, in 312 AD:

    Perhaps the comparison seems a bit much!

    Yet – Trump made some big talk, prior to the election, about the kind of Supreme Court Judges he would appoint and what he expected them to do. He said he would appoint judges just like the recently deceased Justice Scalia (a latin-mass attending Traditional Catholic). The loss of Scalia from the Court was a major blow.

    Trump said he would expect the judges to “automatically” over-turn the abortion ruling roe v wade. He said it would be his “preference” that gay marriage rulings would be overturned too, though did not promise that.

    Is he as good as his word, or all talk? Will he reward those who put him in the White House?

    Here is a run down of his good and bad points:

    For me, that a Republican will appoint new supreme court judges (at least one, but probably 3+) is the best thing about his win. I was filled with horror to think of the standard of judge Clinton would produce.

    Finally, how typically short sighted of the Scottish Political leaders (all of them) to have openly snubbed Trump previously – imagine how Scotland might have prospered by having a half-Scot as US President, keen to invest his (admittedly excessive) personal wealth here, creating jobs etc. Sturgeon has already come out saying the vote “must be respected” as she begins her transparent efforts to toady back into his affections.

    In the lead up, I expected him to win. The Catholic blogger Mundabor (an Italian, whose style is not to everyone’s taste) gave excellent analysis on the election race, contradicting the mainstream liberal media smokescreens with real data. It was clear that Clinton was struggling and the day before the election – when the democrats suddenly cancelled their victory party without explanation – it was clear how things were going to turn out.

    I am not usually a big fan of US politics, but I feel this election was a biggie for Christians.

    Trump! Pence! 8 Years!

    • Therese,

      Looks hilarious but there is something wrong with my sound and I can’t hear what they are saying. Still very funny watching their antics!

    • Therese,

      I did, but can’t hear. I’ve obviously got a problem with my sound settings (although doesn’t happen all the time) but none of us can work out what it is. We will continue to investigate, be assured!