What’s Going On At Maryvale?

What's Going On At Maryvale?

The acting director of a leading Catholic college has announced he is stepping down and said that other staff have also “made a similar decision”.

Dr Petroc Willey, of the Maryvale Institute based in Birmingham, (Ed: pictured above with Pope Francis) wrote to students this morning explaining that he will be leaving his job for personal reasons.

In his letter to students, Dr Willey, who is also a consultor of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation, wrote: “I am writing to let you know that for personal reasons I will soon be leaving Maryvale. A number of other staff here have also made a similar decision.”

Click on the picture to read the Catholic Herald report in full and note that, unusually, the comments facility has been switched off. So, this seems to be a case, not only of “what’s going on at Maryvale?” but “what’s going on at Maryvale that the Editor of the Catholic Herald doesn’t want us to know?”

Googling around brought up some speculation, including the possibility (remote in my view) that Dr Petroc Willey was just a tad too “traditional” for the likes of the powers-that-be: having worked alongside Dr Willey at Maryvale some years ago, I seriously doubt that. However, as we all know, even a touch of orthodoxy is discouraged these days, so could it be that – minimal though it is, in reality – Maryvale’s reputation for orthodoxy is about to be extinguished altogether?

Interview: Archbishop Cushley – There Is No Crisis in the Church in Scotland…

Archbishop Cushley - No Crisis in Scotland...

This week’s Catholic Herald carries an interview with Archbishop Leo Cushley (St Andrew’s & Edinburgh) Unfortunately, the interview does not appear to have been published on the Herald website, so no link available – extract below.

The dispatch of someone this eminent to Edinburgh is a measure of just how seriously Pope Francis takes Scotland’s troubles. It is said to be the only appointment in the English-speaking world which he has personally directed.

But Archbishop Cushley dismisses talk of a Catholic crisis in Scotland. “I wouldn’t say that at all.” he insists. “The Church has actually grown in recent years, you know. The fundamentals are good. The preaching of Jesus Christ has not changed. And with a new Pope putting new emphasis on mercy, on openness, on healing, on welcome, it’s a great time to be part of the Church.” (interview ‘We are not in crisis’ – Archbishop Leo Cushley talks to John MacLeod about Cardinal O’Brien, witnessing a papal resignation, the X-Factor and his latest culinary adventure.)

I wonder if  Catholic Truth – or anyone else with serious concerns about the very real crisis in the Church in Scotland (and elsewhere) – will be “welcomed” by the new Archbishop?  Will we get to experience some of that famous “mercy” and “healing” and “openness”?  Why do I doubt it?

But never mind what I think –  what do you think, folks. Is the Archbishop right – is there no crisis, after all, in the Church in Scotland?

Orthodoxy Vs Tradition?

Orthodoxy Vs Tradition?

The Flock, a conservative publication edited by Daphne McLeod, has been, for many years now, the mouthpiece of Catholics in the UK, concerned about the dreadful state of religious education in Catholic schools. The current edition, which arrived in my inbox yesterday, is brilliant in its exposé of the latest text-book to be used in Catholic schools in England and Wales. Click on the picture to read it.

However, the thought struck me that it was very late in the day to be still talking about what are essentially “sticking plaster” remedies.  Is it really possible to be an authentic, fully believing  Catholic just by paying lip service to orthodoxy, or must we commit to the entire Catholic Tradition?  Given the recent utterances of Pope Francis alone, the time has surely come to return to the Faith of our Fathers – without compromise. Writing to bishops and Vatican is not making the required difference. Replacing bad textbooks with orthodox textbooks doesn’t change the fact that pupils in Catholic schools are being contaminated with the modernism now endemic in the Church at large. Why, I asked myself, are not all informed Catholics, voting with their feet to receive the traditional Sacraments from the SSPX priests who, whatever their personal shortcomings, have been sent to us by God to see us through this time of crisis?

I asked a reader who doubles as a friend (well, I have to have at least one….) and received a reply by email with the same thought: The Catholic Church has one-ness amongst its four marks and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it, so there is no possibility of the ship sinking altogether. Unfortunately, the present captain of the barque of St Peter, and his 1st, 2nd, 3rd . . . nth officers seem to be having a problem with the ship’s compass just now and they are in need of guidance and assistance from the Coastguard. Whilst there are many people standing on the shore eager to call out directions, most of them are reading from similarly afflicted compasses, and many of them haven’t even got a compass at all. The Coastguard appears to be the only faction which has a reliable compass due to having upheld its connections with traditional sea-faring rules for the last two millenia.

The Coastguard is too wise to come aboard, where its compass might get contaminated by whatever malign influences pertain there, so it is wisely keeping its distance.

Unfortunately, its voice is not being heard amidst the tumult of other well-meaning, but misguided, advice. What is needed is not sticking plaster, but broad-based, militant support from those who are presently not shouting at all, yet who can see what the score is. They need to be marshalled into line behind the Coastguard to add their voices and make themselves heard above all others.

What I am advocating is that the last remaining bastion of Tradition (the SSPX) deserves the support of The Flock and Christian Order and all the blogs et al. Now that Bp. Fellay has nailed his colours so unambiguously to the mast at his week-end Conference in Kansas, he needs to receive assurances of support for greater militancy (à la Militia Immaculata) for the restoration of all things to Christ through Prayer, Penance and Catholic Action from every source that has a platform in the media circus however small.

Only then, when the barque gets back on course, will it be possible to reintroduce Religious Instruction into our Catholic Schools, and all the other aspects of practising, spreading, and upholding the Catholic faith that will eventually lead to the Restoration of the Kingship of Christ. END

Do you agree? Is the battle for the Faith going to be won with sticking plasters? Is it right to continue to expose Catholic children to the drivel through to poison on offer in religious education lessons delivered in the name of the Church, by teachers who are themselves victims of the crisis of faith? Or is it time for something much more radical, as advocated by our reader?

Fatima: Russia Converted…Evidence Overwhelming – Joanna Bogle…

Fatima: Russia Converted...Evidence Overwhelming - Joanna Bogle...

Father Gruner Insulted

One of our readers in England emailed me a link to a disgraceful article penned by Joanna Bogle on her blog. To say that she’s been nasty about Father Nicholas Gruner, well known Fatima priest, is to say that she’s remained silent about the dissenting priests who make up the apostate Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland and every other dissident priest you care to name. Oops! She has! Remained silent, I mean. Her (very posh) ire is reserved, it seems, for the one priest in the entire world who has not failed to publicly promote the Fatima Message in its entirety, despite the unpopularity he suffers as a result.

The Useful Idiots of Vatican II

Lenin, it was, who coined the term “useful idiots” to describe those who went along with and even sought to spread “The Party” ignorant of the fact that it militated against their own best interests.

In his book, The Great Façade (of Catholicism) Christopher Ferrara applied the term to Catholics who, during the current crisis in the Church, accept and spread the Vatican party line on just about everything, Fatima included.

But Joanna Bogle, who describes herself as a “Catholic journalist and author”, just has to be the Vatican II Useful Idiot Par Excellence. No offence intended, of course. Just saying…

Quoting the reader who sent me the links to Joanna’s latest attacks on Father Gruner: she seems to have an obsession with this priest. He angers her, as I’ve already intimated, in a way that all the dissenters in the Church put together, don’t.

Cardinal Burke Attacks Father Gruner

In a recent rant, she could scarcely contain her excitement, her utter jubilation, because no less than Cardinal Burke agrees with her about Father Gruner: on her blog, she quotes him, as follows, from their private correspondence:

“Now – and this is important: Catholics need to know the truth about things (Ed: but only when it suits Auntie Joanna). Cardinal Raymond Leo Buke, prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, wrote to me on September 24th:

‘You are correct that there is much confusion about the message of Our Lady of Fatima, caused especially by Father Nicholas Gruner, a priest who is not in good standing in the Church, and that this confusion is harmful to many good people who are being led astray about the important message of Our Lady of Fatima.'”

Well, I think Fr Gruner will be very interested, not to say puzzled, to read that he’s not a priest in good standing, after all. Not that it’s anything to boast about these days; all sorts of dissenters remain “in good standing” – there’s Monsignor (there was no physical resurrection, no physical Real Presence) Loftus, for example, and Bishop Conry, Arundel & Brighton (conscientious contraception’s just fine and dandy with me…) springs to mind, along with a couple of dozen others whom I could name off the top of my head. Quicker just to recommend any edition of The Tablet – which was sold and promoted, by invitation, at one of Joanna’s daft exhibitions somewhere in darkest London some years ago, take note.

To belittle the Message of Fatima under any pretext, is to attack Our Lady. It is to peddle lies about Fatima. So if you wish to read the source of this latest attack on Our Lady of Fatima under the guise of a nasty attack on Father Gruner – click on the picture of Joanna Bogle…

Now I could – but won’t – quote from correspondence I’ve received myself from a Cardinal in the Vatican, whose opinion on the combined episcopates of the UK is somewhat at variance with the breathlessly gushing views of Mrs Bogle, who is the original Pollyanna with bells on: always something to be glad about… I suspect, had I mentioned Fr Gruner, “my” cardinal would have been at least as supportive of him as Cardinal Burke has been hostile. But, then, who cares what Cardinal Burke thinks about anything? Did he, or did he not, promise Daphne McLeod to address one of her conferences and then, at the last minute, cancel due to his apparent weakness of character-through-to-downright- cowardice in the face of criticism from the Church establishment in England? Suffice to say, I value Cardinal Burke’s opinion of Father Gruner about as much as I’d value (multiple child-killer) Ian Brady’s opinion of high court judges were it ever to reach the public record.

Overwhelming evidence that Russia has been converted

Like all those who believe that, because Russia is “in the world” and popes have consecrated the world to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, everything is as it should be and all’s well with our war-torn, disaster ridden, child abusing, murderous, inter-faith, multicultural, anti-Catholic world, Mrs Bogle has ducked the challenge of demonstrating to the rest of us where on earth (literally) we can find the period of peace promised by Our Lady after the Consecration of Russia carried out, as she asked, by the Pope in union with all the bishops of the world. I, for one, would like to buy a house there. Soon.

Kid yourself not, Joanna Bogle is not going to be worrying about daft details like that. Not at all. “The Vatican” says it’s all been done to order and that’s good enough for dear old Mrs Bogle, who was made a Dame of St Gregory by Pope Benedict – loyalty to the party line does, it seems, pay off, at least in this world. Ever the Queen of Superlatives, she posted the announcement of this worldly honour on her blog, adding: I am overwhelmed and can’t write any more at the moment…  So was I – couldn’t believe it. Where’s MY dame-hood or whatever it’s called? And when it comes, as come it surely must (or I’ll cause a fuss) will Fr Tim Finigan so beloved of the neo-Catholic majority come onto this blog to write his congratulations to me, as he did on Auntie Joanna’s blog: adding that the award is “richly deserved”? No, I don’t think so either. Signed, Shocked & Disappointed, Glasgow

Incredibly, Mrs Bogle continues her attack on Fr Gruner as follows: “The Fatimists have found the going a bit difficult in recent years (because) evidence of Russia’s conversion, which Mary promised would happen after the consecration, is now overwhelming.” Read more here  (and try not to laugh)

Fatima: The Bogle Brush-off – A response…

Christopher Ferrara, the well known American lawyer, penned a first class response to Jeff Mirus of Catholic Culture, one of the better known “useful idiots” in the USA recently and since every word of it applies equally to Joanna Bogle, we suggest you read it. Like Joanna Bogle, Jeff Mirus believes that those of us who seek the Consecration of Russia and publication of the missing part of the Third Secret, are a mere lunatic fringe. Here’s an extract referring to the Third Secret: Ferrara writes –

“Knowing less than nothing about this subject, Mirus (Bogle) would be unaware that the “fringe” conspiracy theorist Archbishop Pietro Sambi, who was merely the Papal Nuncio to the United States, recognized the strength of the case for a missing text. The “fringe” journalist Robert Moynihan, editor of the “fringe” publication Inside the Vatican, reported as follows on a conversation he had with the Archbishop not long before his death concerning my “fringe” book The Secret Still Hidden, wherein I marshal the abundant proofs for the existence of a missing text:

We were discussing the Third Secret of Fatima, the allegations that the Vatican has not published the entire text of the Third Secret as revealed to Sister Lucia, and the response of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, in a book where Bertone states that there is nothing more to be revealed. Sambi said, “Excuse me.” He got up, went out of the room, and came back with a book. “Here,” he said. “Do you know this book? You should read it.” It was Christopher Ferrara’s The Secret Still Hidden.

“Wait,” I said. “You are the Pope’s representative in the US, and you are urging me to read a book that questions what the Secretary of State wrote?” Sambi replied, “All I am saying is that there are interesting things worth reading in this book. And in the end, we are all after the truth, aren’t we? The truth is the important thing…”

Yes, the truth is the important thing. But not for Jeffrey Mirus (or Joanna Bogle). END. Source 

I’m reliably informed that hubby, (Mr Bogle) is of a quite different mindset to his wife on certain matters ecclesiastical. If he’s reading this, and would like to contribute to our “Fly on the Wall” series of reports, we’d love to hear from him.  Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying…

Fatima: The Bogle Brigade Brush Off – what can we do about it?

Well, there’s absolutely no point in wasting time composing a comment to post on Auntie Joanna’s blog – anyone who disagrees with her just disappears into cyberspace. I know – I’ve tried in the past. You can, however, email her to give away a generous piece of your mind.  auntiejoanna@yahoo.co.uk

Above all, however, we must all pray hard for Fr Gruner. It’s the faithful priests like him, who will not compromise with the modernist stranglehold on the Church at the present time, including the Fatima cover-up, who are persecuted and bullied, insulted and calumniated far and wide. Our Lady of Fatima, Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for him.

As for Joanna and the rest of the Bogle Brigade – pray to St Jude.

Angels: An Article of Catholic Faith…

Angels: An Article of Catholic Faith…

As we approach the Feast of the Archangel St. Raphael on 24 October, we will  undoubtedly benefit from  taking some time to reflect on the importance of angels in Catholic belief.  I’ve seen more than one “celebrity Catholic” squirm in TV interviews when asked if they believe in angels, and the waffle answers are painful to behold.  Yet, belief in angels is an article of our Faith. Read more…

St Raphael is one of seven Archangels who stand before the throne of God.  You can read his story here

What about you – do you have a devotion to the angels – perhaps your Guardian Angel or one of the Archangels – Gabriel, Michael, Raphael?

Tell us more – your favourite prayer or hymn, or any story you’d like to share about how one of the angels helped you…

Time For Some Good Clean Fun…

We’ve had some very heated debates recently, and we think it’s time for a break. We’ve never had a “Jokes” thread before, so in the spirit of “there’s a first time for everything” this one is provided for the purpose of enjoying some good clean fun.

We hope you find the above Stanford Nutting video entertaining, and we invite you to post more of the same and/or your favourite jokes. Obviously, the clue is in the title so no unsuitable material please.


A Tale of Two Canonisations: safety of the infallibity in doubt – SSPX…

A Tale of Two (Problematic) Canonisations: the doubts - SSPX

On September 3, 2013, at the consistory held in Rome, the Pope announced that François would proceed to canonization of Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) and John Paul II (1978-2005) in a single ceremony on 27 April 2014. From the beatification of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, September 3, 2000, and Karol Wojtyla, the 1 st May 2011, the Society of Saint Pius X issued a very serious reservations…


“Three serious reasons to justify the Catholic faithful to doubt the validity of the new beatification and canonization. First, the reforms that followed the Council led to some shortcomings in the procedure and secondly, they introduce a new collégialiste intention, two consequences that are inconsistent with the safety of the infallibility of beatification and canonization. Third, the judgment takes place in the trial involves a design for the less ambiguous and therefore dubious holiness and heroic virtue. In the context of the post-conciliar reforms from the Pope and the bishops proposed to the veneration of the faithful genuine Catholic saints canonized but after a weak and questionable procedure. Thus the heroic virtues of Padre Pio, canonized since Vatican II, no doubt, even though we can waver before the new style of trial that led to proclaim his virtues. On the other hand, the same procedure makes possible canonization once unthinkable, where the title is awarded to the holiness of the faithful departed whose reputation remains controversial and in which the heroic virtue does not shine with a brilliance badge. Is it sure that the intention of the popes who have completed the canonization of a new kind of heroic virtue is that it was for their predecessors, until Vatican II? This new situation is explained by the confusion introduced by the post-conciliar reforms. We can not dissipate unless they attack the root and to consider the merits of these reforms. ”  (emphasis added)  Read more 

The first part of this discussion took place here