Phone-a-Pope Francis – Gimmick?

Phone-a-Pope Francis - Gimmick?

In a surprise phone call to a pregnant, unmarried Italian woman, Pope Francis has promised to baptise her child if she cannot find a priest to do it. (Click on photo to read entire report).

The pontiff has responded to a number of letters by telephoning his correspondents.

I’m going to try it. He already receives the newsletter every bi-month, but I think a personal letter with my phone number boldly displayed, might do the trick.

What do you think I should say if and when he rings?

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  1. I may be wrong, but I understand he can’t speak English or French, which is why Mgr Cushley was so valuable to him. But I agree with Petrus – it should be an essential qualification, and if he doesn’t speak English he should start learning! Unless we are all supposed to phone him in Latin?

  2. “What do you think I should say if and when he rings?”

    I guess you’ll think of something!

    I hope you just let rip!

  3. Do we know for sure he actually knows Latin even? There are thousands of priests who don’t.

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that he knows French, as well as well as Spanish and Italian.

    I don’t think English is necessary per se.

    I would say fluency in French, Italian and Latin is most important for the papacy and any high ranking ecclesiastic.

    I remember a lecturer saying to us that to understand the European condition, one must know French, German and Latin.

  4. My friend wrote a letter to a bishop he once met whom he admires. I he received a personal reply (by mail) from him. I believe the letter expressed his sentiments about various religious and ecclesial matters.

    He wrote a similar letter to Pope Benedict XVI and received a reply from an official of the apostolic palace, which mentioned the Holy Father had been made known of my friends concerns and imparting the Holy Father’s blessing.

    When I wrote to the Pope I received no such reply. Perhaps because my letter mentioned a request for the consecration of Russia? It was probably thrown straight onto to ‘mad-trad’ pile. The lower orders of papal letter openers are probably instructed to do this. The popes probably have little idea that they frequently receive such requests in the post.

  5. Wow, the Pope rings people up!!!!!!!!!! I’m after a Papal autograph, if I left my telephone number do you think His Holiness would give me bell? Doubt it- I’m not a pregnant woman. To tell you something I’m going off the Pope, as this whole humility thing is a bit wearing now. I wonder if his successor will dig out the red shoes or the mozzetto? You can be humble and still accept your authority. Look at Pius X who had the most ostentatious Papacy of the 20thC. but still let thousands of earthquake victims into St John Lateran, or Pius XII who ministered to the Romans at the end of WWII.

    Anyway if anybody knows of anybody in the Vatican who could ‘help’ with a wee autograph don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll pray for you (although I do anyway)


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